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VOL. 43, NO. 28 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2012

All That Glitters Is Gold...And Mor e The Works Of Johann Christian Neuber ince antiquity, gemstones ury items and the (also known as hard or natural sciences, semiprecious stones) remain prized have been cut and pol- t r e a s u r e s ished for Johann Christian Neuber use in jewelry, in (1736–1808) Chatelaine, the creation of Dresden, c. 1775–85 Watch vases and cups, signed “Hoendschker” Gold, and in the decora- jasper, agate, chalcedony, tion of palaces. carnelian, and lapis lazuli. Rediscovered and The Drexel Collection, Photo: developed in six- Philadelphia. © Michael t e e n t h - c e n t u r y Bodycomb Florence, pietra dura (hard stone) objects were collected and sometimes used as political propaganda among the t o d a y, Medici. A sign of wealth, taste, but have and power, they were also offered n e v e r as diplomatic gifts or acquired by before foreign sovereigns. In the followb e e n ing centuries, they not only s h o w n aroused admiration at major together in a European courts but also promptmonographic exhied artists to work with gemstones. bition. The exhibiIn eighteenth-century Saxony tion, “Gold, Jasper, and (part of Germany), the technique Carnelian: Johann was revived again by Johann Christian Neuber Christian Neuber (1736–1808), at the Saxon one of Dresden’s most famous Court” offers goldsmiths. Examples of his mas- visitors to the terpieces are on view currently at Frick the first The Frick museum in New York comprehenCity. sive introducJohann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) was one of Dresden’s most famous goldsmiths. Sometime before 1775 he was named court jeweler to Friedrich


remarkably, have never before been shown together. European and American audiences have had much more exposure to exhibitions relating to commissions by the contemporary French court. We are delighted to introduce our visitors the oeuvre of this ingenious artisan through the exhibition, which together with our current Portico Gallery show, “White Gold: Highlights f r o m the

lazuli for the forget-me-nots; amethyst for the irises; white agate for the gardenias; carnelian for the primroses; and various shades of green jasper for the The Breteuil leaves. This mosaic Table on view in is inlaid into a backThe Frick ground of burnished Collection’s gold, which gives the Oval Room; box a particularly luxphoto: Michael urious appearance. Bodycomb. LUXURY, TASTE, J o h a n n AND SCIENCE C h r i s t i a n N e u b e r BROUGHT (1736–1808) TOGETHER Breteuil Table, During the 1770s 1779–80 Wood, and 1780s, Neuber’s gilded bronze, naturalistic designs semiprecious evolved into a more stones, fauxclassical style. In 1786 pearls, and Meissen Neuber advertised in porcelain plaques W: the Journal des Luxus 28 inches, D: 25-1⁄2 inches, H: 32 inches. und der Mode of Leipzig, an influential monthly Collection of the magazine that reported trends Marquis de Breteuil, Château de of German cultural life: “M. Breteuil Photo: © Michael Bodycomb Neuber, jeweler to the court of the Elector of Dresden, has invented a very nice way to make buttons that are likely to be imitated in Paris. As incredible as it seems, in fashion, Germany could offer a model for this great capital.” The advertisement continued: “An older Johann invention of this clever Christian artist, still largely unknown, Neuber is a kind of snuffbox made of gold (1736–1808) Breteuil and all kinds of precious stones Table (detail of top), Dresden, from Saxony, known as 1779–80 Gilded bronze, wood, semiprecious stones, glass, and Steinkabinettabatiere [literally Meissen porcelain plaques W: 28 ‘stone cabinet snuffbox’]. The inches, D: 25-1⁄2 inches, H: 32 stones are numbered and none inches. Marquis de Breteuil, appears twice, while a small Chäteau de Breteuil booklet that accompanies (Choisel/Chevreuse) Photo: © the box provides Georges Fessy their scientific are displayed with their original names. Thus, luxury, taste, booklets. Certainly the most charand science are acteristic works by Neuber, the brought together steinkabinetts earned him a great in this fashion- deal of recognition. For many able object of years, they were considered to jewelry, which perfectly reflect the wealth and makes them refinement of Saxony, simultaneously representing both the beauty of nature and the scientific spirit

Arnhold Collection of Meissen Porcelain,” offers them a sense of the important contributions made by those at work for the Saxon court at Dresden. And, I am pleased to announce that the Meissen porcelain exhibition will now be extended through January 6, 2013. MASTER GOLDSMITH AND COURT JEWELER Johann Christian Neuber was born in 1736 in the town of Neuwernsdorf in Saxony and at the age of sixteen registered as an apprentice in the Dresden workshop of goldsmith Johann tion to Friedrich Tectaon, where he this remained for six years. In 1762 he became a master of the Dresden guild of goldsmiths and, around 1775, the official jeweler of the Saxon court. A small oval box decorated on all sides with landscapes is an excellent early examJ o h a n n ple of Neuber’s extraordinary Christian skill. Using tiny pieces of cut N e u b e r stones, he crafted a complex (1736–1808) Oval box decmosaic depicting elaborate scenes orated on the of pastoral life: on the lid, a couple top with a hard accompanied stone medallion by their featuring a relief of d o g master fruit, and on the bottom a craftsMeissen porcelain plaque man’s oeu(view of top), Dresden, c. 1775–80 L: 3by 1⁄2 inches, W: 2 inches, H: 1-1/3 inches. Private collection vre Photo: © Éditions Monelle Hayot /photo Thomas Hennocque highlighting approxAugustus III, elector of Saxony, imately thirty-five boxes and and in 1785 he was appointed other objects from the Grünes curator of the Grünes Gewölbe Gewölbe of the Staatliche (Green Vault), the magnificent Kunstsammlungen Dresden, The royal collection of Augustus the Johann Christian Neuber Strong, the founder of the Meissen (1736–1808) Steinkabinettabatiere Porcelain Manufactory. (or gold box forming a stone cabinet), A travel book published in Dresden, c. 1765–70 L: 2-2/3 inches, H: 1-1/3 1782 that listed Dresden’s notable inches. Private collection Photo: © Éditions Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Box inlaid with sights praised Neuber’s “extraor- Monelle Hayot /photo Thomas Hennocque semiprecious stones and a dinary dexterity,” noting that “his miniature of Friedrich pieces worked in mosaic are espe- Metropolitan Museum of Art, the sit under a tree with individAugustus III, Elector of cially admired by all connois- Walters Art Museum, and private ual leaves made of green Saxony, attributed to seurs.” For more than thirty years, collections in Europe and the jasper. An antique ruin and a Dolst, gold, carnelian, Neuber created small gold boxes, United States. Included in the village with a castle on top agate, moss agate, jasper, chatelaines, and watchcases deco- exhibition will be several quartz of a hill can be seen in the petrified wood, fauxrated with local semiprecious specimens from the American distance, while the decorapearls, and watercolor on stones such as agate, jasper, and Museum of Natural History to tions on the box’s sides paper, Signed “Neuber à Dresde,” Dresden, c. 1775 carnelian. He fashioned enchant- illustrate the raw materials used include a shepherdess tending L.: 3-1⁄4 inches, W: 2-1⁄2 ing landscapes, elaborate floral by Neuber in his work. The exhi- her sheep. Such virtuosity is inches, H.: 1-1⁄2 inches. Private designs, and complex geometric bition is accompanied by a publi- extremely rare, even for a master collection Photo: © Éditions patterns using cut stones, often cation and related public pro- such as Neuber. More characterisMonelle Hayot/Thomas Hennocque incorporating Meissen porcelain grams. tic, but equally exquisite, are plaques, cameos, and miniatures Comments Frick Director Ian Neuber’s boxes decorated with d e s i r into his pieces. These one-of-a- Wardropper, “These unique and colorful flowers. In one example, able for every wealthy amateur.” of the Enlightenment. The boxes’ The exhibition presents twelve success led Neuber to seek his kind objects, which reflect the inventive objects were treasured Neuber used yellow, orange, and Saxon court’s interest in both lux- in the eighteenth century, but, red jasper for the tulips; lapis steinkabinetts, several of which own source for the stones and, in (Continued on page 2)

The Works Of Johann Christian Neuber teenth- century furniture ever

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1775, Friedrich Augustus III awarded him the concession of a mine near Schlottwitz, south of Dresden, a region famous for the diversity and superior quality of its rocks. ON VIEW FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE U.S.: THE BRETEUIL TABLE In addition to the steinkabi-

Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Box inlaid with semiprecious stones, Dresden, 1765–70 L: 2-1⁄2 inches, H: 11⁄4 inches. Private collection Photo: © Éditions Monelle Hayot /photo Thomas Hennocque

Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Breteuil Table (detail of side and l e g ) , Dresden, 1779–80 G i l d e d bronze, wood, semiprecious stones, glass, and Meissen porcelain plaques W: 28 inches, D: 25-1⁄2 inches, H: 32 inches. Marquis de Breteuil, Chäteau de Breteuil (Choisel/Chevreuse) Photo: © Georges Fessy

netts, the exhibition features Neuber’s masterpiece, the Breteuil Table. This small table is regarded as one of the most extraordinary pieces of eigh-

Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Box decorated with landscapes, gold and semiprecious stones (view of bottom), Signed: “Neuber à Dresde,” Dresden, c. 1770–75 L: 3-1/3 inches, H: 1-1⁄2 inches. Private collection Photo: © Hugues Dubois

Breteuil, a French diplomat, as recognition for the role he played in the negotiation of the Treaty of Teschen. This agreement officially ended the war of Bavarian Succession fought between the Habsburg monarchy and a Saxon-Prussian alliance to prevent the Habsburg acquisition of the Duchy of Bavaria. The table has a mosaic top inlaid with 128 semiprecious stones and decorated with five Meissen porcelain plaques depicting scenes that celebrate peace and the glory of the Baron de Breteuil.

Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Box decorated with a geometric pattern and a bouquet of flowers, gold and semiprecious stones, Marked: “NEU/BER” and “DRE/SDE,” Dresden, c. 1775–80 L: 3-1⁄2 inches, H: 1-1⁄4 inches. Private collection Photo: © Éditions Monelle Hayot /photo Thomas Hennocque

Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Chatelaine, Dresden, c. 1775–85 Gold, carnelian, and faux-pearls L: 9-1⁄4 inches. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Grünes Gewölbe, Photo: © Michael Bodycomb

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Still owned by the family who received it nearly 250 years ago, this stunning object has almost never been exhibited outside the Château de Breteuil (some twenty-five miles west of Paris) and has never before crossed the Atlantic. For the

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Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Box decorated with landscapes, gold and semiprecious stones (view of top and side), Signed: “Neuber à Dresde,” Dresden, c. 1770–75 L: 3-1/3 inches, H: 1-1⁄2 inches. Private collection Photo: © Hugues Dubois

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temps perdu, the table served as the inspiration for “the famous mosaic table” owned by the princess of Iéna. The Frick exhibition also includes two bases designed and crafted by Neuber for the display of Meissen porcelain groups. One base is now in the collection of the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, while the other is from a private collection in Paris. These bases were part of a much larger diplomatic gift from Friedrich Augustus III to Nicolai Wasilijewitsch Repnin, the Russian emissary involved in the negotiation of the Treaty of Teschen. The gift originally


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Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Stand or base for a figural porcelain group from the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, Dresden, 1780 Gilded bronze, agate, carnelian, glass, and marble L: 16 inches, D: 13-1/3 inches, H: 5-3⁄4 inches. Private collection Photo: © Hugues Dubois

Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Stand or base for a figural porcelain group from the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, Dresden, 1780 Gilded bronze, amethyst, agate, jasper, petrified wood, carnelian, glass, and marble D: 19-1⁄4 inches, H: 6-1/8 inches. Walters Art Museum, Baltimore Photo: ©The Walters Johann Christian Neuber Art Museum, Baltimore (1736–1808) Box decorated with a geometric pattern and boxes, he compiled a manu- sponding Meissen groups crean enamel miniature of an script to document the name of ated for them, both of which unknown woman by Christian each stone he used and the loca- are now part of the Porcelain Friedrich Zinke, gold and semiprecious stones, Dresden, tion where it was quarried. Collection of the Staatliche c. 1775–80 L: 3-3⁄4 inches, H: 1- Since its creation, the table has Kunstsammlungen Dresden. The bases and their 2/3 inches. Private collection been widely admired and has Photo : © Éditions Monelle contributed to Neuber’s interna- groups have been reunited for Hayot /photo Thomas tional recognition. In Marcel the Frick’s exhibition, the first Hennocque Proust’s À la recherché du time in nearly a hundred years

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included a Meissen porcelain service of several hundred pieces and an enormous centerpiece composed of seven bases of varying heights, each supporting an allegorical group made of Meissen porcelain. Of the seven bases, only these two have been definitively identified. Preparatory drawings for the bases recentJohann Christian ly uncovered in the N e u b e r archives of the ( 1 7 3 6 – 1 8 0 8 ) Royal Meissen Bottom view of P o r c e l a i n Oval box decorated on the top with a hard Manufactory made stone medallion featur- possible their attriing a relief of fruit, and on bution to Neuber the bottom a Meissen porcelain and clarified their plaque (view of bottom), Dresden, c. original function 1775–80 L: 3-1⁄2 inches, W: 2 inches, H: 1- and provenance. 1/3 inches. Private collection Photo: © Édi- S u b s e q u e n t tions Monelle Hayot /photo Thomas research has identiHennocque fied the corre-

made, distinguished not only by the materials used in its construction and for the remarkable skill of its creator, but also for its prestigious history. It was presented in 1781 by Friedrich Augustus III to Baron de

Johann Christian Neuber (1736–1808) Steinkabinettabatiere (or gold box forming a stone cabinet), Dresden, c. 1785–90 L: 7 inches, W: 3-1/3 inches, H: 1-1/3 inches. Private collection Photo: © Éditions Monelle Hayot /photo Thomas Hennocque

Editor - Denise Sater, Ext. 2540 Advertising Sales John Barilla, Ext. 2536 Beth Funk, Ext. 2537

table’s design, Neuber employed his concept for his steinkabinetts, but enlarged the size of the stones nearly ten times. As he did with t h e

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that they will be displayed together. The exhibition is accompanied by a lavishly illustrated publication in English by Paul Holberton publishing, London, and in French by Editions d’Art Monelle Hayot, under the direction of Alexis Kugel. For more information on the book at the Frick’s Web site (, and by phone at (212) 547-6848. The Frick is located at 1 East 70th Street, near Fifth Avenue. Hours: open six days a week: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays; 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Closed Mondays.

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(SINCE 1859) Lambertville’s Oldest & Largest Antiques Center Quality Antiques, Fine Art, Furniture & Accoutrements

Corner of Union & Church Streets (1 block off Bridge St.)

Displaying the Largest Selection of Fine-Quality Antiques and Collectibles in the State

Accepting New Dealers. Limited Space Available


609-466-9833 Open Daily 10-5, Sun. 11-5


Clocks Rugs Primitives Stoneware


Open 7 days a week, 11 am to 5 pm Free Parking

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10-7 And Sunday 10-5

POINT PLEASANT BEACH / NEW JERSEY 08742 800-322-8002 / BAY & TRENTON AVENUES / (732) 892-2222


Open Every Day 10-6

CAWMAN’S MALL Antiques & Things on Consignment

529 Rt. 49 • Salem, NJ 08079 Over 40 Vendors 12,000 Sq. Ft. Shopping Space

403 North Third Street, Columbia, PA 17512

(717) 684-5364 S725370


608 Arnold Ave. Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ

2 Floors 2 Explore


Two Floors With Over 100 Quality Antiques & Collectibles Dealers Dealer Space Available

Point Pavilion Antique Centre


44 North Bedford St.

(908) 218-1234



OPEN SEVEN DAYS - CLOSED HOLIDAYS Mon. Thru Sat. 10-5 and Sun. 12 (Noon)-5


ANTIQUE CENTER Over 150 Dealers




NJ & New York

31 Street


6 46 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Just minutes from Exit 102, Garden State Parkway

732.774.8230 E411409



Harrisburg Rt. 78 ALLENTOWN

Lehigh Street

Antique and art dealers of fine European and American furniture, art, bronzes, statuary, porcelain, glass, china, silver, primitives, jewelry, clocks, decorative items, linens, collectibles, and much more!

MON - SAT. 11 TO 5, SUN 12-5


Located Just Off Rt. 78, Lehigh St. Exit 1 ⁄4 Mile South To 31st Street On Left.

Antique Center Hours: Monday Thru Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 11-5


Antique Emporium of Asbury Park


2200 31st St. SW,


Regular Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 10-5


Primitives, Country & Victorian Furniture, Art Pottery, Postcards, Stoneware, Glass, China, Jewelry, Advertising, Silver, Lighting & More


Over 70 Exhibitors

Walter Baum, Winter Snow, oil on panel, 6 x 9 inches

230 Main St., Benton, PA 17814 570-925-5186

Both shops open 10 am - 5pm Thurs. - Sun.

Benton Antiques, Etc.

Located just across the street with over 50 exhibitors and thousands of antiques and collectibles on two oors. 235 Main St. Benton, PA 17814,



Abstract • Ashcan School • Brandywine School California Impressionists • Cape Ann • Florida Scenes Genre Scenes • Hudson River Valley Modernists • New England Painters Newport, Rhode Island Painters • Pennsylvania Impressionists Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Philadelphia Ten • Revolutionary War Scenes • Western

Quality European works are of interest, as well

Investment is a Fine Art™

68 S. Main St., Doylestown, PA 18901 (215) 348.2500 / Wed. through Sat. 10 - 6, Sun. 12 - 6, and by appointment




Vintage Clothing Paintings Silver Porcelain Jewelry

4,000 Sq. Ft. Park Free Weekends

Hopewell, NJ 08525

125 Booths Filled With Unique Specialties: Victorian Furniture Pewter Cut Glass Dolls/Toys Quilts

Open Every Day 11-5

38 Dealers 2 Somerset Street


(609) 397-9808

29 Division St. Somerville, NJ 08876


Point Pleasant Antique Emporium


OPEN EVERY DAY 10 AM to 6 PM 3 FLOORS Lambertville, NJ 08530






& Lodging Directory


6 - - Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012


All ads in guide are listed in zip code sequence within each state. All other ads have zip codes. To find out where advertisers are located, check the first three digits of the zip code against the locator list below. The first three digits tell you which part of each state the advertiser is located in. (We suggest you circle in advance the advertisers you plan to visit. Then locate and mark the towns on your driving map).

19809 N. Wilmington 302-792-0555 THE ZEPPELIN & THE UNICORN AT THE RED BARN, 400 Silverside Road, Sun., Mon., Wed. 12-5, Closed Tues., Thurs. thru Sat. 10-6. Antiques, unique items. 19933 Bridgeville 302-337-3137 ART’S ANTIQUE ALLEY, Rt. 13 South. 60 dealers. Open 7 days 9am-6pm. 20,000 sq.ft. Collectibles. A/C, restrooms, snacks 19958 Lewes 302-645-2309 HERITAGE ANTIQUE MARKET, 16168 Coastal Hwy. (RT1), 2mi. N. of Five Points, Lewes. Roseville pottery, furniture, books, dolls, china, glass, jewelry, art & more from 49 dealers! Always looking for new Dealers in the Beach Resort. 11-5 daily. 19963 Milford 302-424-1288 RIVERSIDE ANTIQUE MALL 34 N. Walnut St. Mon-Sat. 10-5. Featuring diversified antique dealers sure to satisfy any collector. Civil War, Lionel Trains, Quilts, Glassware, Furniture, Jewelry, etc.


21028 Churchville 410-734-6228 YE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, Route 22 & Aldino Rd. Minutes from I-95. Oak furniture, advertising, toys, militaria, glassware, general line. Hrs daily 10-4


21028 Churchville 410-734-6267 DENNY’S OLE CALVARY POST OFFICE 1100 Calvary Rd. Purveyors of hard to find items. Antiques & Collectibles, yarn & handmades, preserves & jelly, fresh baked pies. Hrs. Mon.-Fri. 7-7, Sat. 7-5. 21043 Ellicott City 410-465-4444 TAYLOR’S ANTIQUE MALL, Historic District. Cor. of Frederick Rd & Old Columbia Pike. 16,000 Sq.Ft. of Antiques & Collectibles. Mon.- Sat. 10-5 & Sunday Noon-5. 21078 Havre de Grace 410-942-0701 SENECA CANNERY ANTIQUES, 201 St. John St... Largest Mall in Havre de Grace with 50+ quality dealers. Open 7 days, M-S 10-5, S 11-5. Wide Selection of antiques & collectibles. 21157 Westminster 410-857-4044 WESTMINISTER ANTIQUE MALL 433 Hahn Rd 25,000 s.f., furn., military, toys, silver, coins, comics, glassware. Generally open 7 days/ week Mon. - Sat. 10-6; Sun. 12-6. 21211 Baltimore 410-467-0329 AVENUE ANTIQUES/ THE IDEAL, 901905 W. 36th St in Hampden. From fine antiques and art to vintage clothing, collectibles, furn, jewelry. 60+ merchants. Space Available. M-Sa 10-7, Sun 10-5 21901 North East 410-287-8318 5 & 10 ANTIQUE MARKET, 115 S. Main St. Daily 10am-6pm. Cecil County’s largest! Buying/ selling antiques & collectibles. Gourmet chocolates. 21921 Elkton 410-398-0954 IRON BRIDGE FARM, 2953 Appleton Rd. Antiques and collectibles. Three full floors. Seven days week, 10-5. Rush & cane chairs. Mins. from I-95 near Fair Hill area.

07874 Stanhope 973-347-7373 BLUE HERON ANTIQUES, 34 Main St. Roseville Pottery, Perfumes, Art Glass, Lamps, Jewelry, Paper Weights, Watches, Clocks. CLEARANCE SALE. Open Wed.- Sun. 10-6. Tues. by chance. 07901 Summit 908-273-9373 SUMMIT ANTIQUES CENTER, 511 Morris Ave. 2 floors, 60+ dealers. Antiques, collectibles. Smalls to furniture. Open 7 days 11-5. Free parking. 07930 Chester 908-879-7836 CHESTER ANTIQUE MALL, 30+ Dlrs, no reproductions. 427 Rt.510 (old RT24) between Mendham & Chester, Tues -Sat 10:30-5:00, Sun. 11:30-5:00. Furniture, primitives, glass, jewelry, art, etc. 08005 Barnegat 609-698-3020 BAY AVENUE ANTIQUES 349 S. Main (Route 9). Open Tues.-Sun. 10am-5pm. Book Seller: New Jersey Books, Maps, Prints, Baseball, Ebbets Field, Chess, Railroad, Titanic, Lincoln, LBI items. 08006 Barnegat Light 609-361-8039 THE SEAWIFE, 1901 Bayview Ave. at Viking Village. Country primitive antique furniture, quilts, folk art, architecturals & garden. Open weekends. 08033 Haddonfield 856-429-1929 HADDONFIELD ANTIQUES CENTER, 9 Kings Highway East. Multi-dealer co-op, Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4. Antiques, collectibles, vintage merchandise, art, books, brass, copper, furniture, glassware, jewelry, pottery, silver, toys, etc.

16159 W. Middlesex 724-528-2490 ANTIQUE & FLEAMARKET & AUCTIONS OF W. MIDDLESEX RT18 S. Open Wed. thru Sun. 9am-5pm. Monthly Auctions. Largest Antique Market in Western Pennsylvania. 16686 Tyrone 814-684-5088 I-99 ANTIQUES, conveniently located off the Tyrone Exit of Interstate 99, 1222 Pennsylvania Avenue. Quality antiques & collectibles. 40 dealers. Open Daily 10-5, Sun 12-5. Dealers welcome. 16801 State College 814-238-2980 APPLE HILL ANTIQUES, Rt. 26N to 169 Gerald Street. Distinctive antiques in a gallery setting. Over 60 dealers. Open daily 10 to 6. Wide variety. 17025 West Fairview 717-732-7680 WE DABBLE, 73 2nd St. (on Rt 11-15) . 3500 sq.ft. We buy/ sell for you. Marbles wanted. 17062 Millerstown 717-589-7810 STITCH IN TIME ANTIQUE & GIFT MALL 43 N. Market St. Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Quality Handmade Crafts & Gifts. Open 7 days 10-5, Fri. til 8. Millerstown exit off RT322. 17090 Shermans Dale 717-582-3457 HEARTS DESIGN AT NEEDFUL THINGS 5800 Spring Rd. Open 7 days/ week 106. Antiques, Gifts & Custom Embroidery, 17552 Mount Joy 717-653-9026 STONE BARN ANTIQUES, 21/2 miles east of Mount Joy, on Chiques Road, across from Liederkranz. Oak & pine furniture & general line. Call for appointment.

08310 Richland Village 856-697-2170 SHORELINE VINTAGE, 1343 Rt. 40. Antique Furniture & More, Open Thurs. thru Sun. or by appt.

17745 Lock Haven 570-893-1650 MARKET HAUS & GROVE, U.S. RT 220 Lock Haven, PA exit RT 120. Open Thurs. - Sun. 9:30-5. 22,000 sq. ft. of antiques, crafts, collectibles, furniture & such. A trip you’ll always remember.

08505 Bordentown 609-298-1424 SHOPPE 202, 202 Farnsworth Ave., Exit 7 NJ Turnpike, 206 N-1 mile. Antiques, custom framing, collectibles, art & furniture. Tues. thru Sat. 11-5, Fri. till 8.

07701 Red Bank 732-842-7377 MONMOUTH ANTIQUE SHOPPES, 217 W. Front St. 40 Dealers located in the Antiques District of Red Bank (6 Lg. Multi-dealer shops). Open 7 days 11am5pm. 2 blocks from RR. 1.5 miles off Garden State Parkway ext. 109.

17810 Allenwood 570-538-1886 BALD EAGLE ANTIQUE CENTER, Rt. 15approx 10-12 mi. N of I-80, Exit 210B or 9 mi. S of Williamsport, PA. Full general line. Dlrs Welcome. New Hours: Open Sunday 10am-5pm only.

08525 Hopewell 609-466-9833 TOMATO FACTORY ANTIQUE & DESIGN CENTER 2 Somerset St. We Have It All! Open Mon. thru Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. We have 38 Dealers.

18071 Palmerton 610-826-4200 NOW & THEN ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES 636 Delaware Ave. Toys, Advertising, Autographs, Primitives. Hrs. Mon.-Fri. 9-5; Sat. 9-4

07801 Dover 973-989-4470 DOVER ANTIQUE CENTER Corner of Warren & Bassett. Furniture, pottery, jewelry, toys, glass, books, records, clocks, art, trains, coins W 11-7, F/Sat 11-5, Su 10-5.

08876 Somerville 908-218-1234 ANTIQUES EMPORIUM, 29 Division St. Open 7 days 11-5. Municipal parking free on weekends! Be sure to come in for all the special discounts ongoing! Lots of fresh merchandise daily!

18080 Slatington 610-767-8400 BUS STOP INDOOR FLEA MARKET 8281 RT 873, every Fri., Sat., Sun. 9am-5pm. Crafts, Antiques, & Flea Market items. Former Keystone Lamp Factory. New vendors welcomed.

07701 Red Bank 732-224-0033 MONMOUTH ST. EMPORIUM, 27 Monmouth St., Multi-Dealer, vintage furniture & accessories, jewelry, home decor, lighting, art, glassware, shabby. Open 7 days/ week. Space available.

de Antique l O f

C s o Come Spend The Day! e 16,000 Sq. Ft. of Unique and Exciting Antiques and Collectibles

er nt

Da y

020-027 Southeastern NEW JERSEY 070-079 Northern 085-089 Central 080-084 Southern

Antique & Vintage Furniture • Jewelry • Sterling Silver Fine China • Crystal • Coins • Books • Dolls • Trains Decorative Paintings • Fine Art • Glassware • Figurines • Pottery Quilts • Rugs • Linens • Bottles • Tools • Musical Instruments Sports Memorabilia • Vintage Clothing • & Much, Much More.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. The Jersey Shore’s Largest Co-Op



Open Mon.-Fri. 10AM-4PM, Sat. 10AM-5PM & Sun. 12-5PM

Exit #82 Garden St. Parkway Rt. #37 East


First Light right 1/2 mile on Main St. Dealer Business Welcomed


Grist Mill Haddon Heights Antiques Center Antiques Center


80 Dealer Co-Op

Space available at the Shoppes at the Arcade.

Clements Bridge Rd. & E. Atlantic Ave.

Reasonable Rents including heat, A/C and maintenance. Located in the Heart of Cookman Avenue adjacent to the Antique Emporium with 60 dealers. Be part of the Success at the Shoppes at the Arcade

PEMBERTON, NJ 08068 Limited Space Available Route 616, 127 Hanover Street

Haddon Heights, New Jersey

Head east on Rt. 38; turn left at light after Rt. 206 intersection




18940 Wrightstown 215-598-8837 NOSTALGIC NOOK, Rt413, Carousel Village at Indian Walk. China, Stangl, Pennsbury Pottery, Glass-Cut & Pressed, Silver, Primitives, Furniture, Frames, Lamps. M-Sa 10-6. Sun 11-5.

18337 Milford 570-409-8636 OLD LUMBERYARD ANTIQUES 113 7th St. 2 large Multi-Dealer Shops, 10,000 sq. ft. Mon., Thur-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5.

18944 Perkasie 215-257-3564 TREASURE TROVE, 6 S. 7th Street. Estate jewelry, furniture, linens, vintage clothing, glass, china, books, toys, kitchenware, advertising, postcards. Primitives to Deco. Dealers Welcome. Mon.-Sat. 10-5. “Since 1980.”

18360 Stroudsburg 973-590-0574 TIMELESS TREASURES 1845 W. Main St. Antiques, primitives, collectibles, old toys. We buy and sell gold. Open: Thurs.- Mon. 11-6 or by appt. 18655 Shickshinny 570-542-4489 JAKE’S OUTPOST 51 W. Union St. Antiques, Collectibles & Militaria. Hrs. Thursdays & Fridays 9am-6pm. Reopening March 15th. 18657 Tunkhannock 570-836-8713 APPLE WAGON ANTIQUE MALL, Rt.6, 5 miles west of Tunkhannock. Primitives, furniture, glassware, pottery, toys, books, linens & coins. 25+ vendors. Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 11-5. 18705 Plains 570-270-3107 COOK & COOK ANTIQUES & Home Furnishings. 29 E. Carey St. Quality multidlr shop. Antiques, furniture, lighting, jewelry, collectibles. Open Tues.-Sat. 10-5 vendors welcomed 18901 Doylestown 215-348-4864 ANTIQUES IN DOYLESTOWN 35 E. State St. Great better & costume jewelry, art, kitchenware, pottery, smalls, clothing. Mention Ad for add’l discount. Wed. 11-5 Thurs.12-6 Fri.11-8 Sat 11-6 18914 Chalfont 215-997-3227 BUCKS COUNTY ANTIQUE GALLERY, 8 Skyline Dr. Just off Rt. 202, S of Rt.152. Antiques & more. Old/ new accessories, consignment furniture. 12,000 sq ft. of Bucks County’s Best. Tu.-Sa. 10-5, Sun 12-5 18930 Kintnersville 610-847-1966 GRISTIES ANTIQUES AND ODDITIES, Rt. 611 near Rt. 32. 30 Dealers. Smalls and primitives to fine furniture. Open every day 11-5. Free parking. 18938 New Hope 215-862-5454 COCKAMAMIE”S 15 N. Main St. Specializing in Art Deco lighting, Furniture, Home Accessories, Celebrity Autographs & 1950’s. Authors of Art Deco Lighting & Popular Art Deco Lighting: Shades of the Past. Open Thurs.-Mon., appts. call 215-534-2169. With Ad receive additional discount.




18947 Pipersville 215-766-7145 BUX-MONT CONSIGNMENT SHOPPE 6719 Easton Rd. Over 75 vendors with Antiques, Collectibles & Consignments. Specializing in Military & Auto. Open Daily 9-5, closed Tues./ Wed. 18951 Quakertown 215-536-4547 ANTIQUES AT 200 EAST, Rts 212 & 313. Multi-DLR shop; EAST BROAD ANTIQUES, 141 E. Broad St. 215-5364408. One Stop 2 Fantastic Stores. Shop Where Dealers Buy! Open 7 days. 18962 Silverdale 215-453-1414 THE FACTORY ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES, 130 West Main St, Rt 113, Bucks County. Featuring over 40 fine Buck’s County Dealers. Open Wednesday thru Sunday 10am to 5pm. 19128 Philadelphia 215-482-1033 KITCHENIQUES 646 Roxborough Ave. Antiques, collectibles, specializing in kitchen, dining & restaurant decor, Chef’s tools, etc. Hrs. Thurs.-Sat. 114pm, 19343 Glenmoore 484-888-1009 CRICKET’S GARDEN MARKET 1641 Horseshoe Pike. Antique & Vintage Garden Accents along with Plants Galore! Hours 10am-5pm. Wed. thru Mon. 19343 Glenmoore 610-458-8964 VILLAGE EMPORIUM, Ludwigs Village Shoppes, Rts 100/ 401. Antiques, lighting, collectibles, jewelry, furniture, local artists. Tues.-Sat. 10-5. 19355 Frazer 610-651-8299 FRAZER ANTIQUES. -Best kept secret on Phila. Main Line- Open daily 10am5pm. 2 mi east of Rte 202 on Rt. 30.

AT T E N T I O N Shouldn’t your SHOP or B&B be listed in this guide?

CALL 1-800-428-4211, ext. 2561 or

717-653-9848 Monday- Friday 8:00am-4:30pm




MARKETPLACE In Frederick, Md.

110 Dealers a great source for ... ) Antiques & Collectibles Furniture Art & Prints Advertising • Textiles -HZHOU\ ‡ &RLQV ‡ 7R\V Quilts • Pottery • Books


(856) 546-0555 (609) 726-1588

Sitar Realty Company, TCN

658 Cookman Ave., Asbury Park, NJ 07712




Select Dealer Space and Showcases Available

18251 Sybertsville 570-788-1275 HAL’S ANTIQUE FLEA MARKET, 732 State Rte. 93, Exit 256 off I-80, take 93 S. or Exit 145 off I-81, take 93 N. Sundays 9am-4pm.


PHONE: (732) 349-5764 VISA/MC ESTABLISHED SINCE 1969 ★ 12 Quality Dealers Under One Roof ★

GALLOWAY, NJ 609-652-7011

WEST VIRGINIA 254 Northeastern 260-268 Northern 247-259 Southeastern

“We’re Bigger ★ Than We Look”



1 Mile S. of Historic Smithville Village and 9 Miles N. of Atlantic City

VIRGINIA 220-229 Northern 230-239 Southern 240-246 Southwestern

5862 Urbana Pike (Rt. 355 So.) Frederick, MD Open Daily 10-6 “Late” Thursdays ‘til 8 pm

24 hours a day Your ad will be processed on the next business day

E-MAIL Submit your ad to us at Deadline: Wednesday 4:00pm for Fridays edition



ANTIQUE MALL 35,000 Sq. Ft. Over 130 Booths

Everything From Antiques To Collectibles

(301) 447-6471 Open Daily 10-5 P.M. 1 Chesapeake Ave. (Off Main St.)

Emmitsburg, MD


19711 Newark 302-733-7677 MAIN STREET ANTIQUES, 23 Liberty Plaza. Open Mon-Sat. 10-8, Sun. 11:305:30 Over 45 Showcase & Room Dealers selling Quality Antiques & Collectibles.

and Eastern Shore 207-8-9 GreaterD.C. MASSACHUSETTS 010-016 Western& Central 017-019 Northeastern

MARYLAND 215 & 217 Western 210-12 Northern 214 & 206 Southern 216-218-219 Northeastern


19711 Newark 302-454-8007 AUNT MARGARET’S ANTIQUE MALL 294 E. Main St. Mon- Sat. 10-5, Sun 12-5. 2 floors. Antiques, collectibles, primitives, much more.

DELAWARE 197-8 Northern 199 Southern D.C. 200-205


CONNECTICUT 060-1-2 Central & Northeastern 063 Southeastern 064-9 Southwestern

PENNSYLVANIA 190-1 Philadelphia 189-196 Southeastern 100-109 Metropolitan 180-188 Northeastern 110-119 Metropolitan 170-171 Central NEW YORK & Long Island 172-179 South Central 140-149 Western OHIO 166-169 North Central 130-139 Central 120-129 Northeastern 437 & 455 East Central 160-165 Northwestern 441 East North 150-158 Southwestern & Eastern Central


Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012 - - 7

SHOWS & MARKETS 50th Wayne County Antiques Show ture from Waverly, Pennsylvania; Sandy Kobovitch “The Glass Hat,” Hamlin, Pensylvania; Kathleen Kissel “Homestead House Antiques of Madison, New York; David Hoffman of David’s Fine Glass & Porcelain” of Factoryville, Pennsylvania. Eva Seid and Paul Gruberg of “Sleepy Bear Antiques” specializing in American Indian artifacts from Freemont Center, New York; George & Tedi Hahn of “Doorway to Glass” of Pottsville, Pennsylvania; Julia Ann Brennan “Estate Jewelry” of Scranton, Pennsylvania; Marilyn Costa “Glenverly Antiques” of Waverly, Pennsylvania; Rosemary Fritz “Fritz-Dakey” of Allentown, Pennsylvania; Marilyn Bakula “L.M.B. Antiques” of Annapolis, Maryland; Elinor Fehr and Carol Alfred “Fehr’s Antiques” of Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. Kurt Reed of Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania; Robert Young “Country Cabin Antiques” of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania; Linda and Bill March “The Carpenter’s Shop” of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Dan and Peg Drawbaugh “Cobblestone Collectibles of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania; Teresa Wilkinson “Terri’s

Sat., July 14, 2012, 9:00 to 4:00 Lanc. Host Resort, 2300 Lincoln Hwy. East,


• Antique & collectible padlocks • Railroadiana • Antique hardware • Doorknobs • Much More FREE admission + FREE padlock for kids under 16 with adult. Others $5.00 For more info., early bird admission or to display or call Mike Mastros (717) 371-3690

New Berliin Day

Selinsgrove, PA

In the heart of Central Pennsylvania: a celebration of heritage, artists, and craftsmen.



Summer Wade Fest 2012 Camp Hill/Harrisburg, PA 17011



46th Annual

For more info. contact Sara Brooks at 540-982-2554 or

The cost is a $6 donation or $5 with a discount coupon or this article. Homemade refreshments will be available for purchase. Free parking. Air conditioned. For further information, contact the General Chairperson Paula Roos at (570) 253-2492.


NEW DEALERS WANTED for the D.A.R. Antique Show JULY 27, 28, 29 in ROANOKE, VA

Antiques” of Freeland, Pennsylvania; Gerry Brooking “From The Attic” of Scranton, Pennsylvania; Cindi Trumbull from Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Terry Bitner “Terry’s Antiques” from Belleville, Pennsylvania; Josie Smull “Auntie Pips Antiques” from Easton, Pennsylvania; David Lowe “Across the Pond” from Hackettstown, New Jersey, and London, England; Erwin and Becky Selleck of “Breakable Collectibles” from Heuvelton, New York; C. J. Brown, Staten Island. This year, Linda Roberts, a renowned and certified antique appraiser from Media, Pennsylvania, will appraise up to 3 items per person at a nominal cost of $5 each item on Saturday and Sunday.


“Jolene’s Attic Treasures” of Easton, Pennsylvania; Barbara Hegedus of LeMoyne, Pennsylvania; Denise McDonough of “Dusty Corners” Wharton, New Jersey, with primitives; Joan Polishook of “Joan’s Patchworks” of Lords Valley, Pennsylvania; John Eagle specializing in Americana from Warrensberg, New York. Harry DeVrieze of “Antique Emporium” of Honesdale with furniture restoration, caning, rushing and lamp repair; Ernest Kionke of

“The Dropped Shop” of Orchard Park, New York, specializing in restoration of china, pottery and porcelain; Elaine Cook of “Cooks Collectibles” of Drums, Pennsylvania; Joel Firestone of “P & J Antiques” of Wallingford, Pennsylvania; Susan Marcero of “The Jeweler’s Corner” from Hazelton, Pennsylvania. Lyn Astinger of “Ann Street Antiques” from Milford, Pennsylvania; Anne Visoky of “Anne’s Treasures” from Plains, Pennsylvania; Miriam Randazzo of “Tillies Antiques and Trinkets” from Dallas, Pennsylvania; Pat Kern Antiques from Factoryville, Pennsylvania; Kimberly K. Shafer from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania; Paul Daugevelo of “RosAl Antiques and Floral” from Forest City and Hawley, Pennsylvania. John and Emmy Lou Varcoe of “Endless Mountain Coins and Collectibles” from Brackney, Pennsylvania; Katherine Wynne of “Wake Robin Antiques” from Lakewood, Pennsylvania; Janet Taylor “Bittersweet Antiques” specializing in furni-




always...the 4th Saturday of August!

8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Rain or Shine

Over 100 Dealers • Free Admission

Free Parking in County Parking Garage on E. Catherine St. Exit 110 Of PA Turnpike Sponsored By The Somerset County Chamber Of Commerce & Somerset Trust Co.



Camp Hill Radisson Hotel

E-mail: 814-445-6431



Saturday, Free Wade With $5.00 Admission Sunday, FREE Admission


ANNUAL 570-966-2677


On the streets of Somerset, PA

Sat., July 28, 2012, 9-3 Sun., July 29, 2012, 10-2

PA Turnpike Exit 236 Route 15 N. 6 Miles On Left For More Info.: 717-292-4820

1978 in the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States; Maryann Roughley, “Little Shop of Treasures” Mt. Arlington, New Jersey; Rex Unger, Cattawissa, Pennsylvania; John Tyler, “Colophon Books and Antiques” of Layton, New Jersey, featuring antiquarian books as well as early brass microscopes and scientific items. Joanne Feinberg of


The Women’s Club of Honesdale’s 50th Anniversary Wayne County Antiques Show will take place at the Wayne Highlands Middle School located on upper Grove Street in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, Saturday, July 14th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, July 15th, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This year the Wayne County Antiques Show will celebrate 50 years - 50 years of extraordinary antique dealers and their diverse collections. 50 years of giving back to the community. All monies raised by the Honesdale Women’s Club support the club’s scholarship program, including a summer camp scholarship, local charities, fire companies, art and literature in the schools, as well as an ongoing program for the beautification of the community. On Friday, July 13th, the Women’s Club will host a 50th Anniversary Celebration & Preview Gala from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The price is $15 per person and includes food, drinks and a weekend pass to antiques show. We have limited tickets, so please contact Joan Green at (570) 253-3625 to order your ticket soon. This year’s dealers include: C.J Brown, “Linens and Textiles” of Staten Island; Lydia Gadman of Newburyport, Massacusetts; Monika Hoffmann of “Monika’s Antiques” Owego, New York; Jamie’s Antiques, Croton-on-Hudson, New York; Linda Keyser, “Becoming Antiques” West Orange, New Jersey; Pat Konzman, “Gypsy Girl” Forest City, Pennsylvania; Sebastian Lamicella, “Time & Again” Hawley, Pennsylvania, featuring Cambridge and Depression Glass. Sue Brown who has been featuring antique jewelry since

Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM Rain or shine • Early set-up New Berlin Town Center For detailed travel instructions & schedule of events, please visit

POTTERSVILLE 59th Anniversary

Antiques Show & Sale THURS., FRI. & SAT., JULY 26, 27 & 28, 2012 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. Daily • On Site Appraisals 1-5 Daily At the Schoolhouse and Firehouse, Rt. 512, Pottersville, NJ 07979 S749850

Refreshments, Lunch, and Dinner Available Daily For The Benefit Of The

POTTERSVILLE FIRE COMPANY Admission - $6.00 With Ad - $5.00 Admits 2 • Free Parking For complete details, click on events.

Phone (908) 439-2544

Orange County Antique Fair &

FLEA MARKET NEW! Yet already considered the fastest growing Com antique flea market in the area! e J oin U

Orange County Fairgrounds NOWN OPEG THE IN DUROUNTY C AIR F

100 Carpenter Avenue, Middletown, NY Free buyer admission & parking.

Info: 845-282-4055




Saturdays & Sundays 8AM - 5PM April-November, Weather Permitting


Earlyrs Buye me! o Welc


8 - - Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012

ANTIQUE SHOW & FLEA MARKET CALENDAR 7/13-15/12, ATLANTA, Antiques & Collectibles, Atlanta Expo Center 8/10-12/12, ATLANTA, Antiques & Collectibles, Atlanta Expo centers

8/05/12, BARNEGAT LIGHT, SUN 9 AM-5 PM, Antique & Collectible, 19th & Bayview Ave, Historic Viking Village

7/13-14/12, BRIMFIELD, FRI 8 AM-4 PM SAT 9 AM-3 PM, Antique, 35 Main St, J & J Promotions

8/25/12, SALEM, SAT 10 AM-4 PM, Antiques, Antique & Exhibition Cars, On The Streets of Salem, Salem Market Street Day


NEW YORK 7/15/12, NORTH BLENHEIM, SUN 9 AM-4 PM, Antique, 1378 State Rt 30, Antiques In Blenheim


7/15/12, EWING, SUN 11 AM-3 PM, Doll & Bear, 40 W Upper Ferry Rd, West Trenton Vol Fire Co #1

7/11-15/12, BRIMFIELD, WED 6 AM-5 PM THURS-SUN 8:30 AM5 PM, Antique, 30 Palmer Rd, New England Motel

7/26-28/12, POTTERSVILLE, THURS - SAT 11 AM-9 PM, Antique, Rt 512, Schoolhouse & Firehouse

7/11-15/12, BRIMFIELD, WEDSUN 9 AM-5 PM, Antique, 37 Palmer Rd, Brimfield's Heart-OThe-Mart

7/28-29/12, WHIPPANY, SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN 11 AM-5 PM, Antique, 111 N Jefferson Rd, The Birchwood Manor

8/13-19/12, BOUCKVILLE, MON-SUN, Antiques & Collectibles, Scenic Rt 20, Madison-Bouckville

7/14-15/12, ALLENTOWN, SAT 9 AM-4 PM SUN 9 AM-1 PM, Antique & Modern Arms, 17th & Chew Sts, Agri-Plex Allentown Fairgrounds

7/15/12, BREINIGSVILLE, SUN 10 AM-4 PM, Dollhouse & Miniatures, 7736 Adrienne Dr, The Holiday Inn

7/14-15/12, HONESDALE, SAT 10 AM-5 PM SUN 11 AM-4 PM, Antique, Grove & Terrace Sts, Wayne Highlands Middle School

7/15/12, SELINSGROVE, SUN 9 AM-3 PM, Antique, University Ave, On The Avenue

7/14-15/12, PHILADELPHIA, SAT & SUN 9:30 AM-5:30 PM AUCTION EVERY SAT 11 AM, F/M & Auction, 1600 S Warfield St, Pennsy Flea Market & Country Auction


7/14/12, LANCASTER, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Lock, 2300 Linclon Hwy E, Lancaster Host Resort

7/13/12, MILFORD, FRI 9 AM-3 PM, Vintage Costume Jewelry Trunk, 123 Log Tavern Rd, Mount Haven Resort

7/14/12, SCHNECKSVILLE, SAT 9 AM-3 PM, Indian Artifact, Rt 309, Schnecksville Fire Co

7/21/12, ALLENTOWN, SAT 9 AM-6 PM, Advertising, Book & Paper, 1929 Chew St, Allentown Fairgrounds Agricultural Hall

8/11/12, LANCASTER, SAT 9 AM-1 PM, Hunting & Fishing, 1383 Arcadia Rd, Lancaster Farm & Home Center 8/11/12, SOMERSET, SAT 8 AM4 PM, Antique, On The Streets 8/18/12, LANCASTER, SAT 9 AM-5 PM, Postcard Expo, Arcadia Rd, Farm & Home Center 8/25/12, NEW BERLIN, SAT 9 AM-4 PM, Antiques, Arts, Crafts, New Berlin Town Center

7/28-29/12, CAMP HILL, SAT 9 AM-3 PM SUN 10 AM-2 PM, Summer Wade Fest, Rt 15, Camp Hill Radisson Hotel

8/31-9/01-02/12, YORK, FRI 10 AM-6 PM SAT 10 AM-6 PM SUN 11 AM-5 PM, Antique, 334 Carlisle Ave, York Fairgrounds Conv & Expo Ctr Memorial Hall East

8/11-12/12, EAGLES MERE, SAT & SUN 9 AM-5 PM, Arts & Crafts Festival, on the Village Green, Eagles Mere Historic Village

7/28-29/12, MIDDLEBURG, Antique, 130 S Madison St, The Hill School Athletic Center



The Forks of the Delaware Historical Arms Society, Inc.


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2060 Northampton St. #1 - Easton, PA 18042 Phone 610-438-9006 - 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. Come See Military Collectibles, Firearms, And Firearms Related Items From All Countries And All Periods Of Time. Forks Of The Delaware Historical Arms Society Is A Nonprofit Organization Running Some Of The Finest Gun Shows In The Northeast Since 1960. To learn more about our shows & our organization, or to find directions to our events visit:

Directions: 3 miles East of Atlanta Airport on I-285 at Exit 55 (3650 & 3850 Jonesboro Rd.)


All Facilities are Heated & Air Conditioned ~ Luxury Shuttle Buses & Showcase Rentals in Georgia ~ Table & Chair Rentals Available in Georgia & Ohio



7/12-14/12, BRIMFIELD, THURS-SAT 9 AM, Antique, 10 Palmer Rd, May's Antique Market, Inc.


DELAWARE 8/26/12, NEW CASTLE, Antique, Battery Park, On The Waterfront

Directions: I-71 Exit 111 (17th Ave.) to the Ohio Expo Center (Ohio State Fairgrounds)

q14.'šU $4)(U5 105*.:0'11405+36(*18U> 9LVLWZZZ6FRWW$QWLTXH0DUNHWFRP

Antiquing in Central PA’s Susquehanna River Valley: Every Turn a Treasure

ALLENTOWN SPRING Antique Advertising, Book & Paper Show

JULY 21ST, 2012

UPCOMING EVENTS July 15: Antiques on the Avenue, Selinsgrove

Saturday 9:00 to 6:00

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August 24-26: Middlecreek Valley Antique Association’s Fall Show, Old Colony Road, Selinsgrove

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7/14/12, AUDUBON, SAT 11 AM, Antiques & Collectibles, 100 W Merchant St, Audubon's Auctioneers 7/21/12, ALLENWOOD, SAT 11 AM, Staffordshire, Flow Blue, furniture, lighting, pottery, brass, stoneware, metalware etc., OnSite 2383 Ramshorn Dr, Kravetz Auctions PENNSYLVANIA 7/13/12, KEMPTON, FRI 10 AM, Antiques, Seeburg Jukebox, split oak baskets, old toys, silver coins, furniture, advertising, Kempton Community Ctr 82 Community Dr, Arner Auctioneers LLC


Bodnar’s Auction Sales

7/14/12, ABBOTTSTOWN, SAT 4 PM, Antiques, collectibles, tools, toys, modern & antique furniture, box lots, 38 E King St, Olde Tyme Auctions

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7/14/12, DUNCANNON, SAT. 2 PM, Collectibles, comic books, glassware, electric clocks, stamps, coins, sterling jewelry, Chandler books, die cast, Longaberger, furniture, Rts 11/15 midway between Marysville & Duncannon, Cindy Fenton 7/14/12, LANCASTER, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, collectibles, furniture, 2127 Creek Hill Rd, John M. Hess

7/14/12, PENNSBURG, SAT 9 AM, Antiques, collectibles, clean modern furniture, household goods, milk bottle collection, hand & power tools, toys, guitar etc., 929 Main St, Arn B. Malmberg 7/15/12, CAMP HILL, SUN 11 AM, Antiques, quality furnishings etc., Lower Allen Plaza 2228 Gettysburg Rd, Costea's Auction Service 7/15/12, HARRISBURG, SUN 10 AM, Cars, collectibles, toys & dolls, ceramics, glass, housewares, box lots etc., 1500 Paxton St, Cordier Auctions & Appraisals 7/17, 7/19/12, HATFIELD, TUES 3 PM THURS NOON & 3 PM, 7/16 - home furnishings online only 7/17 - Steiff bear online only bidding ends 3 pm 7/19 - home furnishings online only bidding ends 3 pm; Estate Auction - furniture/furnishings, Orientella, artwork, collectibles etc.; Discovery Art Noon, 501 Fairgrounds Rd, Alderfer Auction & Appraisal 7/17/12, BRISTOL, TUES 4:30 PM, Quality Antiques, 216 Mill St (rear entrance), Bristol Auction, Inc. 7/18/12, POTTSTOWN, WED 10 AM, Antiques including furnishings & decorative accessories, costume jewelry, horse figures & figurines, vintage paper & ephemera, patio furniture etc., Third Street Gallery 132 E Third St, Mauer & Wilson

7/19/12, ELIZABETHTOWN, THURS 4 PM, 1927/28 vintage color movie cards, furniture, primitives etc., Country Meadows Restaurant Pavilion 81 Hershey Rd, C. Buck Hoffmaster Auctions & Appraisers 7/19/12, FRANKLINTOWN, THURS 5 PM, Tools, household, guns etc., 26A S Baltimore St, Hardy's Auction 7/21/12, HANOVER, SAT 9 AM, Sled, Hess trucks, Hot Wheels set, Ertle trucks, baby blocks, marbles, household items, tools etc., Penn Grove Retreat 6419 Pamadeva Rd, M & J Auction Rick Kress Sr. 7/21/12, MOUNT JOY, SAT 8:30 AM, Furniture, toys, household goods, glassware, china, Mount Joy & Elizabethtown advertising items, 1969 16 ft. Glastron boat/trailer, 59 Marietta Ave, Enterline Auction Service LLC 7/21/12, NAZARETH, SAT 10 AM, Antiques, coin & currency, Nazareth Auction Ctr 330 W Moorestown Rd (Rt 512), Dotta Auction Co., Inc. 7/21/12, SHAMOKIN DAM, SAT 10 AM, Coin, Econo Lodge Rts 11 & 15, Adams Auction Sales

dd A

7:00 AM - Glassware & Outside 10:00 AM - Furniture Large amounts of oak, walnut, mahogany, glassware and collectibles


NEW 15,000 Sq. Ft. Building with very large loading dock. LOW COMMISSION RATES CONSIGNMENTS ALWAYS WELCOME 15% Buyer’s Premium 356 Swedesboro Avenue Exit No. 17, Interstate 295 PHONES: (856) 423-6800 OR 423-6801






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ESTATE VEHICLES (12 NOON): 1981 Volvo Sedan. 96K miles. 4 Door, Auto Trans., A/C, AM/FM, inspected through 6/13. 2004 Nissan Infiniti Q45. 56K miles. Auto Trans., GPS, Bose Stereo CD, Leather, Sunroof, Alloy Wheels, Minor Body Damage, inspected through 7/12. Pop Up Camper. Nimrod Camelot 1968, Sleeps 5. COLLECTIBLES: Folk Art Figure Carvings incl. Andre Bourgault; Watchman’s Clock; Enola Memorabilia; Old Tools; Hunting Licenses 1950s - 1960s; Oil Cans; Miner’s Lights; Movie Stills; Saturday Evening Post Magazines; Victorian Glass Egg Collection plus Ceramic Tin; Cybis & More; NASCAR Cars, Cards & More; PRR: Special Clock, Medal, Tools, J.W. Woltcheck Drawings; Slate Mantel Clock; Hot Wheels; Fire Extinguisher; 6 Printed Fraktur; 1939 World’s Fair Vases; Crocks; Heineken Beer Display; Radio Tubes; Hess Trucks; Basketball Cards; 8 Quilts; Milk Bottles incl. Harrisburg; Disney Planter; Pinocchio Puppet; Magazines; Traps; Inuit Carving; Butter Churn; 90+ Salt & Peppers - Some Rare; Reel to Reel Tape Recorders; Stereoviewer with Cards; Postcards; Harrisburg Crystal Bottling Works Bottle; Tintypes; Mahjong Set; Books on Movies. TOYS & DOLLS: Cast-Iron Motorcycle; Chein Ferris Wheel; Star Wars: Kenner Large & Small Figures, Turret & Probot Play Sets, X-Wing and Y-Wing Fighters, Blister Packs, Carry Cases & Pop-Up Book; Tonka Trucks; Singer Sewing Machine; Barclay Winter Figures; Mutt & Jeff and Building Penny Banks; Dolls: Character, Fashion, Souvenir, Ethnic, Annette Funicello Bear; Toy Stove & Stroller; Kachina Dolls by V.V. Blessings; More! CERAMICS: Hobe Candlesticks; Pisgah Forest Vase; RS Prussia Bowl; Nippon Chocolate Set; More. GLASS: Fenton; Fostoria American; Depression incl. Blue Royal Lace; Cranberry Hobnail; Candlewick; Cut & Pressed Glass. HOUSEWARES: Silver-plated incl. Flatware Sets; Rosenthal Plates; Chrome Deco Coffee Urn; Pfaltzgraff; Aluminum Christmas Tree with Color Wheel; Oreck Vacuum; 2 Dahon Stainless Steel Bicycles; More. BOX LOTS at 10:00 A.M.! A Large and Varied Multi-Consigner Auction Visit for photos & more details. David Cordier, AU005321 Directions: From 83 South 17th St. Exit, Left onto 17th St., Right onto Paxton; From 83 North 13th St. Exit, Right onto 13th Street, Right onto Paxton. 10% Buyer’s Premium. Terms: Cash, PA checks. Out-of-state checks w/prior 717-731-8662 approval. All major credit cards accepted. Food concession by Taste of the Nations.


Doors Open 2:15 P.M. Dollar Sale 2:45 P.M. Gallery Sale 4:30 P.M. ANTIQUES VINTAGE COLLECTIBLES: Glassware, China, Jewelry, Toys, Artwork, Ephemera, Furniture. Always a nice assortment of Unusual Smalls. Quality-Antique Sale Third Tuesday Of Every Month 216 Mill Street (Rear Entrance)





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10 - - Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012


An Unlikely Source To Many Radio Star Autographs Enliven Your Collection Durante Show”; and Variety writing and granted a number Oregon. 1910, also struck a pioneer“Jumbo,” broadcast over of interviews, while also In 2002 he sent a picture ing mark in radio. He proNBC. Although his mobility attending the Old-Time and letter from his Roseburg, duced and directed notable was compromised Oregon, home. programs, including by a stroke in his Himan Brown, born in (Continued on page 12) twilight years, Durante clearly enjoyed reaching out to his numerous fans and gladly obliged a fan letter with a signed photo. 2:00 P.M. TWO HOURS OF BOX LOTS Carlton E. Morse Auction To Be Held On Rts. 11/15, Just 6 Miles North Of I-81, Exit 65 (1901-1993) made Midway Between radio history. Originally a newspa17020 per reporter and Beside Leonard’s Oak World columnist on the COLLECTIBLES - COMIC BOOKS - GLASSWARE West Coast, he subELECTRIC CLOCKS - STAMPS - 50 LOTS OF COINS sequently decided to STERLING JEWELRY - CHANDLER BOOKS venture into radio, where he was writer DIE-CAST - LONGABERGER® - FURNITURE for Drama “His COLLECTIBLES: Turn Of The Century Decoys, Sessions Mantel Clock, Early Tin/Rubber Toys, Child’s Schoenhut Piano, 1926 Honor, the Barber,” German Books, Tin Noisemakers, Opera Glasses (Paris), Marxman first heard over NBC Pipe, DeLaval Milk Can, Early Kitchen - Utensils - Flatware, Radio’s productive Carlton E. Morse, in 1945; in addition especially with record-setting “One Graniteware, Wagner Dutch Oven, 2 Qt. Dandy Ice Cream Maker, to creator-writer Man’s Family.” Dovetailed Coffee Mill, Buck Saw, Metz Beer Bank, Wild Frontier Lunch Box, Cast-Iron Soldier Figures, Cedar Lined Wood Jewelry Mystery-Adventure Boxes, Vintage Ceiling Lamps, Early Oriental Runners, Cigar Felts, “I Love a Mystery,” Granny Glasses & Cases, Early Sewing, Tabletop Showcases, US debuting over NBC Red in Radio (OTR) Conventions Military Flatware, US Navy Blanket, 1930’s PP&L Employee 1939 and also heard at that paid him homage. Pinbacks, Early Christmas, Chalk Carnival Pig, Golden Books, Rooster Items, Framed R. Atkinson Fox, Signed Canvas Paintings, various times on NBC By his late 80s, Morse Pocketknives, 1970’s Baseball Cards, Fisher Speakers D-16, Blue and CBS. sent both picture and letter Kenwood Receiver - Tape Deck - CD Player & Advent Prodigy ll But it was with through the mail from his Speakers. Chandler Books: 1970 A History Of Perry County Railroads (Signed). GLASSWARE: Decorated Amethyst Glass, Mystery-Drama “One California home in 1990. Head Vases, Art Glass, Goebel W. Germany Figures, Lenox Man’s Family” that he Actor Page Gilman, from Nativity Set, Limoges, Nippon, Depression, Perfume Bottles, Fireset new standards, the “One Man’s Family,” was King, Jadeite, Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes, Royal Star Butter Lid, pinnacle of which was Jack Barbour. His character Toby Mugs, Glass Candy Containers, King Tut, Paperweights, Fiesta, Stangl, Milk Bottles, Westmoreland, Silver Crest. its 1932 to 1959 run, likewise enjoyed durability, ELECTRIC CLOCKS: Early Kitchen, Mickey Mouse, Looney during such time lasting for the serial’s duraTunes, Coke, Dr. Pepper, Miniature Grandfather Clocks, Pocket Morse amassed over tion. With a very early start, Watch Wall Clocks, Big Ben & Little Ben Alarm Clocks, Miniature 3,200 written scripts in Gilman had childhood roles Clocks. JEWELRY: Sterling, Costume & Many Tray Lots. DIECAST: NASCAR, Ertl, Motor Mint Museum Vehicles, Cabbage all. The landmark pre- in “Memory Lane” and Patch & Ashton-Drake Dolls MIB, Boyds & Longaberger® sentation revolved “Penrod and Sam” prior to Baskets. FURNITURE: PA House Drop Leaf Table/3 Boards/6 around the Barbour’s, the big opportunity of the Captain Chairs, Cochrane One Piece Corner Cupboard, Nichols & the fictitious family major program. The only Stone Rocker, Oak Rocker, Drop Leaf Table w/4 Chairs, Piano Stool, Black Furniture, Black & White Argyle Chairs, Folding Iron through which scores thing that kept him from Board Cabinet, Olevia 27” Flat Screen TV. MUCH MORE!!! of listeners identified “One Man’s Family” was a FULL LISTING & PHOTOS ON WEBSITE with and faithfully fol- stint in the United States COIN - JEWELRY - STAMPS LISTS ON WEBSITE!!! lowed through the Army during World War II. MANY WONDERFUL COLLECTIBLES!!! HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!!! clan’s good and trying Following retirement of times spanning several the program, Gilman venCindy Fenton Auctioneer #AU003412-L generations of family tured into newspapers on the For Info: (717) 957-9399 members, at that. corporate side and advanced TERMS: Cash, PA Check, Visa, MC. No Buyer’s Premium The program boast- in the ranks. The final phase Coins & Jewelry Approx. 4:00 P.M. Absentee Bids Accepted ed upward of 100 cred- of his life ushered in a third Furniture 7:00 P.M. Food Available ited performers across career of sorts: farming in its hearty lifespan. Morse actually juggled two successful shows simultaneously. The industrious craftsman saw his much-herOF FURNITURE - ANTIQUE TOYS alded “I Love a Mystery” first air on the NBC West HOUSEHOLD GOODS - GLASSWARE & CHINA Coast network as a daily 15MOUNT JOY & ELIZABETHTOWN ADVERTISING ITEMS minute serial in 1939. It, too, was to embody one of the 1969 16 FT. GLASTRON BOAT w/TRAILER field’s longer runs, lasting until 1952. AT 8:30 A.M. Morse’s other work included “NBC Mystery Sale To Be Held At 59 Marietta Ave., 17552 Serial,” a show whose sub(Take Rt. 230 West Into Mount Joy, Bear Left On Marietta Ave. To Sale) jects ranged from episodes Across From Mount Joy Memorial Park Captain Post: Crime Food Served. Specialist to Case of the One Eyed Parrot. “Adventures by Sale By Enterline Auction Service LLC Morse” was a 52-week run of Betty J. Gainer Estate Robert L. Enterline (717) 872-1948 mysteries written by Morse Auctioneer (AU-003690-L) that broadcast from 1944 to Rick Jones (AU-003811-L) 1945 in 30-minute, weekly episodes. Morse also wrote “I Love Adventure,” a 30-minute, 13episode series confined to a single season, the summer of 1948, on ABC. “His Honor, the Barber,” first heard over NBC in 1945, was a Morse-written drama LOCATION: Econo Lodge, that ran for a year. “The Routes 11 & 15 near Sunbury, PA Family Skeleton” was another soap opera styled in the Wide Selection Rare & Key Dates • Cents thru Silver Dollars “One Man’s Family” flavor. Gold • Silver (Including Gold & Silver Eagles) It appeared for one season on Silver Rolls & Rounds • Commemorative, Proof & Mint Sets CBS from 1953 to 1954. Morse is also linked to For Complete List See ID#14590 the radio programs No Buyer’s Premium Inspection Of Coins 8:00 A.M. “Chinatown Tales,” “Musical Miniatures,” “Illustrated AUCTION BEGINS AT 10:00 A.M. Tales,” “Split Second Tales,” “House of Myths,” and ADAMS AUCTION SALES “Barbary Coast Nights.” Conducting coin auctions since 1963 Despite shifting into AY-000143-L Steven E. Adams AU-001705-L retirement, the writer, proMervin W. Adams AU-000002-L ducer, and director would E-mail instead add a new title to his list of crafts: novelist. At his retreat in Woodside, California, he indulged in his




ly on the subject at hand, their radio work.) Mercedes McCambridge (1916-2004), a multifaceted actress in show business, counted films, television, and theater projects in her travels. For radio, she certainly made a name for herself, too, such as with “Abie’s Irish Rose,” first heard on NBC in 1942; Serial Drama “Betty and Bob,” with its first appearance on the NBC Blue Network in 1932; Serial Drama “Big Sister,” debuting over CBS in 1936; Adventure Serial “Dick Tracy,” first heard over the Mutual Network in 1935; Serial Drama “The Guiding Light,” with its start over NBC in 1938; Mystery-Adventure “I Love a Mystery,” beginning over the NBC Red Network in 1939; Serial Drama “Midstream,” beginning on NBC in 1939; Serial Drama “A Tale of Today,” a weekly presentation on NBC; and

Jimmy Durante, legendary showman.

Serial Drama “This Is Nora Drake,” which debuted over NBC in 1947. She gratefully complied with my researched letter of seven pages by sending an 8-by-10 autographed picture. Seasoned composer; singer; and vaudeville, film, and television performer Jimmy Durante (1893-1980) also gained exposure through the radio world with credits like these: Variety “Atlantic Spotlight,” which was heard on NBC; Variety “Camel Caravan”; Comedy-Variety “The Chase and Sanborn Hour,” with a 1928 start; Comedy “The Jimmy




By Mike Parker

Nope, you couldn’t see them. In fact, there was hardly any chance at all of spotting them. Their voices, however, took care of it all. During the “Golden Age” of radio (principally acknowledged as running from the 1920s to the 1950s), many a household set the radio console to that favorite serial, comedy, drama, adventure, or soap, to keep apace of the latest story and character thread. Even though the technology, as we know it, was far from advanced, fans seemed largely unfazed and, actually, happy to have these programs to follow. The essential ingredient was one’s imagination: It painted the scenic picture, so to speak, upon hearing the dialogue and putting the words to images. Just as in the other, vital forms of show business entertainment, the personnel who composed the radio field were very much alive and integral to the healthy beat of productions. They were to prove quite appreciative of their public and, as I have discovered, welcoming of fan letters and willing to correspond. My research of and correspondence with these people is but one component of my hobby, since 1975, of contacting celebrities. The collection now embodies around 4,000 signed items, mainly photographs, but also letters, cards, books, and some pamphlets and the like. Here, it is with much pleasure that I share some core examples of radio’s prized figures (show creators and actors and actresses alike), who represented some of the lifeblood of the medium. (Please Note: The following account is by no means all-inclusive. It captures a cross-section of my personal correspondence with the celebrities, and, while most of these people enjoyed busy careers elsewhere in entertainment stage, movies, television rather than attempt to list all their credits, I focus primari-




The multi-skilled Staats Cotsworth, whose prime radio portrayal was of a crime photographer.


Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012 - - 11

JULY CATALOG AUCTION SATURDAY, JULY 28TH, 2012 AT 9:00 A.M. Preview Friday, July 27th from 1:00 P.M. till 5:00 P.M. & Day of Sale from 8:00 A.M.

MANHEIM, PA Tin Litho Advertising Trays, G.A.R. Collection, Paintings, Prints & Frames, Tramp Art & Woodenwares, Metalwares, Wrought Iron, Brass Andirons, Copper, Pewter, Match Safe Collection, Sterling, Coin, Silver Plate, Stoneware, Redware Pottery, Lighting Including Miniature Fluid Lamps, Architectural Devices - 18th and Early 19th Century Doors and Fireplace Mantels, Painted & Period Furniture.

Call, Write or E-mail for $30.00 Color - Catalog:

CONESTOGA AUCTION COMPANY, INC. 768 Graystone Road, PO BOX 1 - Manheim, PA 17545


Phone (717) 898-7284 - 18% Buyer’s Premium - AH287 Catalog also available online at



HAAR’S AUCTION SCHEDULE Located at 185 Logan Rd. (RT. 15),

DILLSBURG, PA 17019 FRIDAY, JULY 13TH, 2012 AT 6:00 P.M.

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Buttons Autographs Documents Display Pieces Gum Cards

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Photographs World Series Items Pre-1900 Baseball Posters ETC., ETC….

Please Note: Item pictured will be sold in a future REA auction.

ROBERT EDWARD AUCTIONS P.O. Box 7256, Watchung, NJ 07069, 800-766-9324

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Directions: From Rt. 663 & Rt. 29 Take Rt. 29 East To Auction On Right. Watch For Signs. Antiques & Collectibles, Clean Modern Furniture & HH Goods, Lg. 400+/- Milk Bottle Collect., Hand & Power Tools, Toys & Guitar Incl. Gov. Winthrop Desk, Pine Dry Sink & Corner Cupboard, Oak Washstand & Carved Dresser, 3 Parlor Tables, 6 Drop Leaf Tables, 3 Curio Cabinets, 2 Curio Tables, Pathé Victrola & Records, Lg. 400+/Milk Bottle Collect. From All Over Penna. & The Northeast, Old Fruit/ Canning Jars, Milk Bottle Caddies, 3 Milk Cans, 2 Milk Benches, Nice Chamber Set Collect., Art Glass & Paperweight Collects., Dep. Glass, Knickknacks, Pressed & Cut Glass, Assort. Child’s Mini Furniture, 2 Rocking Horses, Matchbox Cars & K-Size, Sizzlers, Hot Wheels & Sizzlers, GI Joe Dolls & Jeep & Trailer w/Spotlight, Cap Guns, Stuffed Animals, Holiday Decor., Quilts, Fancywork Linens, Purses, Norma Folk Guitar, Framed Picts. & Mirrors, 5 Assort. Rockers, 2 Swivel Rockers & Dressers, Cigar Box Vise, 6 Pc. Breakfast Set w/Hutch & Other, CI Shoe Lathe & Irons & Doorstop, Pitcher Pump, Oil Lamps, Pedestal Stand, Lady’s Metal Bed, Old Trunk, Blanket Chest, Assort. Kitchenwares & Books, Pots/Pans, Sm. Appliances, Kitchen Gadgets, 2 Cookie Jars, 1960’s-80’s Records, 45 Records & CDs, Waterfall & Cedar Wardrobes, Art Deco Floor Model Radio, Dep. Style China Cabinet & Desk, 2 Recliners, Sofa, Lamps, Cobra CB Radio, Coleman Sleeping Bags & Coolers, Dehumid., 2 Window A/C, Turkey Fryer, Taylor Made Golf Clubs, Exercise Bike, Nice Assort. Of Brand-Name Hand Power Tools & Sets & Kits, Propane & Acet. Torches & Tanks, Bench Grinder, C-Man Stack On Toolbox & Air Compressor, Rem. Masonry Gun, Copper Fittings & Hardware, Plumbing Supplies, Ridgid Shop Vac, Leaf Blower, Reddy Torpedo Heater, 3 Ladders, Hand & Garden Tools, Stihl Gas Weed Eater, Transit & Tripod, Shopmate, Worktables, Dolly Cart, Tubs, Hose, Vise, Tow Chains, Bug Zapper, Trouble Light, Ext. Cords, 2 Box Traps, Fuel Cans & More. See Auct. ID #5172 For Photos & Full Listing. TERMS: CASH/GOOD PA CHECKS

ARN B. MALMBERG P.O. Box 404 Bally, Pennsylvania 19503








FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012 AT 10:00 A.M.



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Detective “The Affairs of Peter Salem,” which was first heard over the Mutual Network in 1949; MysteryAdventure “Bulldog Drummond,” beginning over Mutual in 1941; Drama “City Desk,” with its debut on CBS in 1940; Science-Fiction Adventure “Flash Gordon,” its foray on Mutual in 1935; Drama “Grand Central Station,” on the NBC Blue Network from 1937; Drama “Grass Valley, USA”; Comedy-Drama “The Gumps”; Drama “Hilda Hope, M.D.”; Mystery “Inner Sanctum,” beginning over the NBC Blue Network in 1941; Serial Drama “Joyce Jordan, Girl Intern,” first airing on CBS in 1938; Serial Drama “Little Italy,” with its start over CBS in 1933; Serial Drama “Marie, the Little French Princess”; and Detective “The Thin Man,” which came to radio on NBC in 1941. The Radio Hall of Fame inductee and New York City resident sent a signed photograph during the early 1990s. With his unmistakable nasal-sounding approach, actor-comedian Arnold Stang (born 1926) carved a prosperous niche in radio and a presence that gained surefire familiarity with the public. The bespectacled performer was to be seen in the major genres of the performing medium, too, in a career spanning decades. His radio-days endeavors included Serial ComedyDrama “The Goldbergs,” which first appeared over the NBC Blue Network in 1929; Comedy “The Henry Morgan Show”; “The Adventures of Archie Andrews”; Children’s Variety “The Horn and Hardart Children’s Hour”; Comedy “The Milton Berle Show,” first heard over NBC in 1939; and Situation Comedy “That Brewster Boy,” beginning on NBC in 1941. His signed picture was accompanied with a flattering letter of positive response to the work put in, for which he declared “super research.” A classically trained actor, Staats Cotsworth (1908-1979: first name pronounced like “states”) was groomed for the theater where he embarked in a series of portrayals beginning in the late 1920s. But it was the lure of a flourishing medium, radio, that led to somewhat of a hiatus from the stage during the 1940s. That decade, in particular, the actor was recognized as one of the busiest performers in radio, mixing both lead and guest roles in programs. His radio days resulted in credits that practically read like an almanac, holding down a presence in as many as 10 daytime dramas in which he maintained running parts. He was on “Lone Journey,” which originated in Chicago, Illinois, and first heard over the NBC Network in 1940; “The Right to Happiness,” which started out in 1939 and was alternately heard over NBC and CBS; “When A Girl Marries,” the serial drama first heard over CBS in 1939; “Mr. and Mrs. North,” the mystery-adventure debuting on NBC in 1942; “Front Page Farrell”; “Big Sister,” which began in 1936 over the CBS Network; sharing the prominent part of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the documentary “The March of Time,” 1943 to 1945 over NBC and ABC; “Cavalcade of America,” NBC, 1943 and 1944; “Amanda of

Honeymoon Hill,” CBS, 1944 and 1945; “The Second Mrs. Burton,” this program began over CBS in 1945; narrator of “These Are Our Men,” NBC, 1947; “Great Plays,” NBC, 1948-1949; “Macbeth,” NBC, 1949; “The Disenchanted,” NBC, 1949; “You Are There,” CBS, 19481949; “Mark Trail”; and “Marriage for Two,” NBC and ABC (1949 to 1952). When he managed some additional spare time, Cotsworth also turned up on such series as “The Man from G-2,” first heard over ABC in 1945, plus “Rogue’s Gallery,” debuting on NBC in 1945. Despite such a steady volume of input, Cotsworth was perhaps best recognized by listeners as the nighttime supersleuth Casey, in “Casey, Crime Photographer” (CBS, 1944-1945). He was the ace cameraman for the “Morning Express,” a crusading newspaper. Sandwiched around this top-rate radio work, Cotsworth continued to mix in theatrical portrayals, added to television and a few motion pictures. Amazingly, the actor took on yet another dimension. As an illustrator and a painter, Cotsworth achieved a oneman show at the Hammer Gallery in New York City in 1954. The award-winning personality and New York City resident sent a nice collagetype autographed photo in 1978. Mary Jane Higby (19151986) was no stranger to the airwaves, either. Her ambitious journey through the medium has spanned roles in Comedy-Drama “Joe Palooka,” a story broadcast out of Chicago; Serial Drama “John’s Other Wife,” first heard over NBC in 1936; Serial Drama “Joyce Jordan, Girl Intern,” which debuted over CBS in 1938; Serial Drama “Linda’s First Love”; Drama “Listening Post,” first heard over ABC in 1944; Variety “Parties at Pickfair,” which originated from the legendary, fabled Beverly Hills, California, estate of silent film superstar, Mary Pickford (1893-1979); Serial Drama “Perry Mason,” first airing over CBS in 1943; Serial Drama “The Romance of Helen Trent,” that made its



Allenwood, NJ 08720 732-261-3269 E-Mail To:


ALLENWOOD, NJ 08720 NOTE: for GPS directions use zip code 08736

The estate of DAVID MIDDLETON.

Mr. Middleton and his wife were in business for years trading as “POT O GOLD ANTIQUES”. They were internationally known dealers, specializing in Staffordshire and Flow Blue. We are privileged to have been chosen to sell at auction items from their personal collection including Staffordshire, Flow Blue, a pine corner cupboard, dry sink, hanging shelves, lighting, pottery, brass, display cases, reference library, stoneware, metalware and more. Photographs of some items are on (we are auctioneer #1431).

Start with Porches weather permitting w/2 auctioneers, 3rd starting at 6:30 P.M. (1 smalls/collectibles, 1 furniture, 1 tools/box lots). Nice furniture; Hallmark Ornaments; tools; etc. Selling items from Mary Orse Estate Mechanicsburg and other consignments. NOTE: ONLY a very partial listing. Check, 717-432-8246 for consignments or 717-432-3779 for on-site sales.

Doug, Vickie & Scott Hardy Auctioneers, AH000010L Restaurant & Doors open at 5:30 P.M. Terms: Cash or good PA Check. MARK your calendars: Thurs., July 19th, Public Sale at 26A S. Baltimore St., Franklintown, PA at 5:00 P.M. Nice selection of Tools & Households. S752770


RADIO STAR foray over CBS in 1933; future generations came to Variety “Shell Chateau”; rely upon, but rather from the Serial Drama “Stella Dallas,” spoken word. Minus a screen, first heard on NBC in 1937; the medium’s devotees still Serial Drama “The Story of were true and large in numMary Marlin,” originating on ber, eager and appreciative to WMAQ Chicago in 1934; follow the coming episodes of Serial Drama “Thanks for their favorite programs. The Tomorrow”; Serial Drama performers, likewise, showed “This Is Nora Drake,” which their gratitude to the public by began on NBC in 1947; as responding to fan mail with well as Serial Drama “When autographed pictures and leta Girl Marries,” originating ters, even long after the era’s over CBS in 1939. heyday. In a realm immersed The New York City resi- in expression and representdent also authored the book, ing the values typically more “Tune in Tomorrow” (1966), sound from the period, they in which she reminisced openly conveyed how much about her making serials like their following meant to the preceding and her interac- them. tions with colleagues. Would you like to learn She signed and returned more about the radio veterans the picture I supplied her and who is still with us for a around five years prior to her chance to contact them? passing. Books such as “The Gale Gordon (1906- Encyclopedia of American 1995), primarily a supporting Radio,” “The Big Broadcast,” actor, nevertheless gained “Radio’s Golden Age,” considerable career power “Radio’s Golden Era,” and playing the curmudgeon, the “The Great American blustery-type character. He Broadcast” make for highly particularly struck gold later useful, informative tools in as the irascible boss of leg- your celebrity name and proendary comedienne Lucille gram research. Ball (1911-1989) in her own Have Internet access? See landmark television works. The Friends of Old-Time For radio, his path was Radio. It sponsors an annual soundly carved with convention that has been held Adventure “Big Town,” a in Newark, New Jersey. program first heard over CBS Moreover, the links on its in 1937; Comedy “Burns and website (accessible via Allen”; Mystery “The Case Book of Gregory Hood”; talgia/fotr/) inform you of the Comedy “Fibber McGee and radio-era survivors invited to Molly,” originally known as the shows, which automati“The Smackouts,” starting cally yields potential to grow out on NBC in 1931; Science- your autograph collection by Fiction Adventure “Flash getting your letters out to Gordon,” which began over these people. Mutual in 1935; Serial Drama “Glorious One”; Serial ABOUT THE AUTHOR Drama “Jonathan Trimble, The author is a writer and was a Esq.”; Comedy “The Judy Canova Show,” with its 1943 reporter and lead editor of two weekforay over CBS; Situation ly newspapers covering South Jersey Comedy “Junior Miss,” first towns in Camden County. heard on CBS in 1948; Subsequent years as an editor in the Situation Comedy “My IT industry were complemented with Favorite Husband,” with a being a columnist on the silent film CBS debut in 1948; Situation era through much of the 1990s, for a Comedy “Our Miss Brooks,” publication with readership in the beginning over CBS in 1948; United States and abroad. In the Drama “Stories of the Black present decade, media focus also Chamber”; along with Serial shifted to the online world and writDrama “Those We Love,” ing about vintage show business figwhich began on the NBC ures for electronic sites. He has been inducted into volumes of Who’s Who Blue Network in 1937. Of the central facets of in America and Who’s Who in the show business entertainment, World and resides in Pennsauken, radio, in particular, sparked Camden County, New Jersey. the imaginations of fans. Listeners had to rely on the imagery generated not from pictures on their television, as


12 - - Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012

American Music, Pop Culture Expo On Tap For March 2013 USA Theatres, which operates a portable drive-in and outdoor movie theatre in Central Pennsylvania, is spinning into the world of vinyl records and pop culture memorabilia, with the launching of the American Music & Pop Culture Expo in March 2013. According to the company, the expo will feature numerous vendors buying, selling and trading a variety of popular culture merchandise, such as DVDs, tapes, posters, books, magazines, autographs, comics, trading cards, photos, artwork, jewelry, t-shirts, toys, games, pins, buttons, lunchboxes, advertising items, rare LP vinyl records, CDs, albums and singles (33s, 45s, 78s), players and musical instruments. Previous shows and conventions, organized by USA Theatres, included a non-sports card convention, which featured various exhibitors from the nonsports industry, and an antique toy and coin-op show, which featured quality exhibitors of fine antiques and collectible toys, including coin-operated items such as jukeboxes. “All of the events that we organize exhibit the retro factor,� said Ronald M. Vastola, Outreach Coordinator of USA Theatres. “From the King of Rock and Roll to the King of Pop, from Star Trek to Star Wars, through Beatlemania and Batmania, Pac-Mania and Hulkamania, the American Music & Pop Culture Expo will appeal to all age groups.� According to Vastola, the event is also expected to feature media guests from music, television and movies. Attendees will have the

unique opportunity for a chance to win a brand new classic style full-size jukebox (MSRP: $1,495.95), provided by, an online retailer of Crosley Radio products, according to Vastola. The American Music & Pop Culture Expo is set to debut on Friday and Saturday, March 29 and 30, 2013, at the Granada Avenue Gymnasium, located at 30 East Granada Avenue in Hershey, Pennsylvania. “Hershey is a great geographic location to host an event,� Vastola said. “It is conveniently located to most major metropolitan areas in the Northeast, and can easily attract pop culture enthusiasts from Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and of course, Pennsylvania.� Although it is early, Vastola anticipates 75 vendor spaces to be utilized. “Vendor space will sell out fast,� he said. Early buyers are welcome Friday evening at 5:00 p.m. and also Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. for $25 per person each day, while general admission on Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., is $7 for adults and $5 for seniors, college students and active military (Photo I.D. required). Children 11 and under will be admitted for free, accompanied by a paying adult. Parking is free. “The show will be promoted and marketed through various media outlets, such as television, radio, Internet websites, newspapers, trade publications, and direct market mailers,� Vastola said. “We will also be promoting this event all

summer long on the 40 foot tall ‘Turkey Hill Screen’.� A variety of food and beverages will be available for purchase at the show, provided by Joemomma Foods, Inc. of Hershey, Pennsylvania. “It’s going to be another brisk and fantastic show,� Vastola added. “Want to exhibit?� 6 foot by 9 foot vendor spaces are currently available for $65 each and include one 6 foot table, two chairs, and two exhibitor badges (discounts offered for larger vendor spaces). For more information, call (717) 542-0567 or e-mail For a downloadable PDF contract,go to . For hotel accommodations, attendees are encouraged to contact the Hilton Garden Inn Hershey, the official hotel of the American Music & Pop Culture Expo. The hotel is located 3.3 miles, 8 minutes from the expo. Mention the show to receive a special room rate of $79 per night. Visit their website or call the hotel directly at (717) 566-9292. A woman stands next to a Crosley Full-Size iJuke Jukebox CR12-2. The jukebox comes complete with an AM/FM radio, CD player that reads MP3 and WAV files, and an iPod docking station. Attendees of the American Music & Pop Culture Expo will have the opportunity for a chance to win this jukebox (List Price: $1,495.95). Crosley jukebox and photo courtesy of, an authorized reseller of Crosley products.

Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012 - - 13

SEEKING VINTAGE SPORTS CARDS AND MEMORABILIA As the World’s Largest Collectibles Auctioneer, only Heritage Auctions can supply the market strength to provide the highest possible ďŹ nancial return for your vintage trading cards and sports collectibles. Cash advances, ďŹ nder’s fees and outright purchase offers are always available for quality material, and we are happy to provide free appraisals. And Heritage has never been late with a single consignment settlement check in our thirty-ďŹ ve years in operation. That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.








Call 800-872-6467 to discuss opportunities Free catalog and The Collector’s Handbook ($65 value) for new clients. Please submit auction invoices of $1000 + in this category, from any source. Include your contact information and mail to Heritage, fax 214-409-1425, email, or call 866-835-3243. For more details, go to

Annual Sales Exceed $800 Million | 700,000+ Online Bidder-Members 3500 Maple Avenue | Dallas, Texas 75219 | 800-872-6467 | DALLAS | NEW YORK | BEVERLY HILLS | SAN FRANCISCO | PARIS | GENEVA TX Auctioneer licenses: Samuel Foose 11727; Robert Korver 13754; Andrea Voss 16406. This auction is subject to a 19.5% buyer’s premium.

15� Lenox Porcelain Eagle

Lt.18th/Er.19th C. Hinges

Gamewell Fire Alarm Bell Wesley Webber 19th C. Oil on Canvas Fereghan Sarouk Rug




Navajo “YEI� Rug 19th C. Carrara Marble Mantel


1896 Automatic Light Switch

Brush McCoy Pottery Jardinière


TUESDAY, JULY 17 , 2012 • 4:30 P.M. 216 Mill St. (REAR ENTRANCE) BRISTOL, PA TH

1984 “Matchbox � Display


Sm. Burial Vault Mold



“Buddy L� Ladder Truck

••www. B ristol A•• TERMS: 10% Buyer’s Premium For Cash Or Approved Check w/Proper I.D. 13% Buyer’s Premium For Visa, MC, Amex, Discover. Inspection - 2:15-4:30 P.M. Day Of Sale. Info. Call: 215-788-6700 Or 215-499-7023 (Cell) AU-003580-L DIRECTIONS: 5 Min. Off Exit 358 Of PA Turnpike, 5 Min. Off Exit 40 - I-95 (Bristol 413 Exit). A Sample of Stoneware & Redware

Vintage Collectibles Every Tuesday • Quality Antiques 3rd Tuesday Every Month Danish Modern Table & Chairs


“Hamilton� Oak Drafting Table


14 - - Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012



At Maurer

By Patrick van der Vorst

132 East Third Street,


made of a variety of gums, spices and resins such as frankincense and myrrh, and gives off a fragrance when evaporated or burnt. It was used in the home primarily during social gatherings and certain religious festivals or it was presented as a gift. The use of incense has been widely spread and many incense burners have been produced, in all sorts of materials. This one is a good recent example. We valued it at $60 to $90.

Hepplewhite chest-of-drawers with flared French feet. Brass-mounted French curio cabinet. Small Hepplewhite style buffet having eight inlaid rosettes. 18th century French tilt-top breakfast table (5 ft.). Banded mahogany dining table. Eight piece mahogany dining room set. Pair of Baker cameo back chairs. Chinese mother-of-pearl inlaid teak four panel screen. Bird’s-eye maple high chest. Washstand. Mirror w/reverse painting. Victorian oak high back dry sink. Dough box. Candlestand. Blanket chests. Dome top trunk. Large painting “Lago D’orta” signed E. Margrotti. Ronald Clark duck print. Dutch Boy paint lamp. Bronze bust. Six asst. semi-antique oriental throw rugs. Dozen handmade quilts. 1919 needlework. Coverlets. Linens vintage clothing. 100 Lots of VINTAGE COSTUME JEWELRY from the Estate of ADELENE TRIEVEL. Rhinestones! Beads! We will continue to sell for the Trievel Estate in September, with a larger offering at that time. Victorian porcelain doll. 1887 advertising scrapbook. Cigar boxes. Old baskets. Cast-iron waffle and fluting irons. Weller planter. Stangl Thistle dinner set. Wedgwood “Colonnade” dinner service for 12. Celadon bowl. Tang Dynasty (2) earthenware horses. Large Satsuma urn with foo dog handles. Satsuma rose jar and Dragon teapot. Kutani teapot. Baccarat Pelican Orrefors glass. Steuben dish. Blown glass decanter. Atmosphere clock. Sterling & Sheffield mustard pots and serving pieces. Gold washed sterling ladle. Mappin & Webb 1881 Salad set. 500+ Horse figures and figurines. Metal and porcelain horses. Vintage Easter & Halloween decorations. Christmas houses. 40 Belsnickel by Margaret Yerk. Carved and decorated rocking horse. Popeye and Felix Flickers by Sonwell. Marbles. Tin litho toys. Tru model construction toy. Pressed steel Structo elevator and dump truck. “Sweet Orange Slice” banded box. Toleware trays. Copper chocolate kettle. Lg. selection of tinware. Atwater-Kent radio. Brass fireplace tools. Scrolled andirons. GE Suitcase radio. Zithers. J.W. Pepper clarinet. Biergarten Band Folio. 16 Book of First Day covers. Quantity of vintage paper & Ephemera. WWI helmet & gas masks. U.S. bayonet. 1910 band ribbons. Military buttons. 2 yard-long 1915 military photo. Arrowheads. Horse buckles. Patio Furniture. Troy-Bilt tiller. Yard vacuum. Air compressor. Four Winds Lite 18 ft. Travel Trailer w/Pop-Out: List Price $4,000, to be Sold w/o Reserve. PREVIEW: Tues., July 17 from 4 P.M.- 6 P.M. or from 8 A.M. day of auction. All items as-is, where-is. Cash or approved check. 10% Buyer’s Premium. (AY 001999).

Maurer & Wilson Auctioneers 610.970.7588 Kathy Maurer Wilson Auctioneer-Gemologist

Curtis Wilson Auctioneer


Valuing An Incense Burner

PUBLIC AUCTION C. Buck Hoffmaster Auctions and Appraisals, LLC Auction Under The Pavilion


STARTING AT 4:00 P.M. PREVIEW AT 2:00 P.M. DAY OF SALE Country Meadows Restaurant, 81 Hershey Road


1927/28 Vintage Color Movie Cards (with reserve) 1927/1928 framed color movie window cards from the “Strand and Victoria theaters in Sunbury, PA” Hangman’s House with Victor McLaglen, The Sunset Legion with Fred Thomson. The Drag Net with George Bancroft, Sorrell and Son by Warwick Deeping, Rose Marie by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures, Victoria Theater week of April 16-21 movie card featuring three movies: “Becky” with Sally O’Neal and Owen Moore, “The Merry Cavalier” with Richard Tallmadge, Zane Grey’s “Under the Tonto Rim”. Print of Hans Herr House by T.F. Henderson. C. Carson canvas prints, 38 Norman Rockwell collector plates of Americana and Christmas from 1979 to 1983, Boehm figures of birds. Furniture - Hinkle-Harris dining room table, early turn-of-the-century Kittinger five piece dining room set with 6 chairs, Baker sideboard and butler/bar from the 50’s, Six piece dining room suite with 6 shield back Chairs from “Union National, Inc. - Makers of Fine Furniture of James Town New York. Retro recliner chair and ottoman and lamps, gold gilded lighted glass display cabinet. Early two piece corner cabinets, grained painted jelly cupboard, New England Schoolmaster’s desk, blanket chest, plantation desk. Victorian sofa, 2 piece bookcase/desk, 8 side chairs. Primitives early country tables, chairs, cabinets, cupboards, early oak server.

This is a partial listing. Go to for additional listings and pictures: Auction ID #30348 Food and drinks provided by Country Meadows Restaurant.

Auctioneer - Clair M. Hoffmaster, Jr. - AU005753 C. Buck Hoffmaster Auctions and Appraisals, LLC - AY002134 Elizabethtown, PA | 717-435-3401 Terms: All buyers need proper ID. 10% Buyer’s premium. Cash, approved checks, Visa/Discover/MasterCard accepted.


ture. It was made circa 1920. Koro is the Japanese name for incense b u r n e r. Incense is an expensive commodity that has been traded and used for about 3,000 years. It is still used today. Incense is


Furnishings and Decorative accessories from a Main Line Estate.

Value My Stuff ™ is a unique online appraisal service providing valuations and expert opinions on art, antiques, and collectibles. Value My Stuff™ was founded in London in 2009 by Patrick van der Vorst to provide high caliber valuation services to a wide audience. Although the appraisals are available to anyone with an Internet connection and a camera, the company has opened a New York office to provide better customer service to the United States. For more information, visit; or email AAN Editor at This week’s item was sent. It’s a Japanese porcelain koro (incense burner) and cover, of globular form. It has a pierced cover and kylin handles and finial. It is painted in thick enamels with warriors in stylized landscapes. It bears red enamel marks: ‘Great Japan’ followed by the maker’s signa-

& Wilson’s Third Street Gallery,


Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012 - - 15

Julia Auctioneers Receives Special Business Excellence Award quality lamps and glass offered including rare Tiffany, Handel, Pairpoint, Quezal, and other lamps, exquisite French and English cameo glass, high-end art glass including Tiffany, Durand, Quezal, quality Victorian glassware, rare paperweights, silver, and jewelry. 1. Rare Toy, Doll, and Antique Advertising Division is one of the top three of its type in North America today. In 2010 it set the new world’s

services. Just as the economy was beginning to get very tough and auctioneers were faced with a declining number of goods being offered to them, Julia’s invoked his 0 percent stimulus plan. Essentially, he set up a commission structure for sellers that declined as the average value of their consigned good increased. Therefore, a consignor with expensive goods could expect as little as 0 percent commission charge. While other auction houses

was awarded, by the MidMaine Chamber of Commerce, a Certificate of Achievement and some years earlier, he was awarded by the Gowie-Normand House, the title “New England Auctioneer of the Year”. The company regularly travels all over North America and sometimes into Europe for consignments for their up-coming auctions. For more information about James D. Julia Auctioneers, visit their website at or contact them at James D. Julia’s on Route 201, mailing address: #203 Skowhegan Road, Fairfield, Maine 04937, telephone number (207) 453-7125.

Antiques, Collectibles, Tools, Toys, Modern and Antique Furniture, Box Lots

Saturday, July 14, 2012

4:00 P.M. Doors open at 9:00 A.M. for Preview 38 East King Street

Abbottstown, PA 17301 See us at or Auctioneer ID#6276 Food available. Terms - No Buyer’s Premium Cash, PA Check, Visa, MasterCard. For more information call 717-487-6708

Auctioneer - Chris Eugene Sprigle AU-5329-L Accepting Consignments - Great Rates! Firearms, Antiques, Toys, Stoneware, Real Estate, Coins, Automobiles, Furniture, Tools, Civil War and Military. Services offered - On-site Estate Auctions, Liquidations, Auctions at our facility, Pick up and Pack out service. One Piece or an Entire House


At a formal ceremony on Monday, May 14th, Governor Paul LePage presented James D. Julia Auctioneers of Fairfield, Maine, with the 2012 Governor’s award for Business Excellence. This was the 22nd annual awards which are administered by the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development and sponsored by Fair Point Communications. The award recognizes Maine companies that demonstrate a high level



record for the most expensive antique toy ever sold at auction anywhere in the world. It being a small early American Santa Claus and sleigh being pulled by goats that realized just over $160,000. 1. Fine Arts, Antiques, and Asian Division. This division is one of the leaders in the country today, and their new Asian Division recently featured a number of items which had come from the descendant of the last Emperor of China. In February of 2010, they sold Washington’s hand-drawn map of the siege of Yorktown for nearly $1.1 million dollars. Julia also started a rare decoy auction division many years ago, and sold that to his two partners some years back. At the time, it was the largest decoy auction house in the world. It still is the largest decoy firm in the world, and while Julia no longer owns that division, he still serves as a consultant and auctioneer annually for this firm. The Julia Company has always been aggressive in marketing their clients’ goods, and has been innovative in marketing techniques and special services. Some of their approaches are unique in their industry. In 2008, when the economy began to go sour, Julia was prepared. Anticipating the decline in the economy and in consideration of the strength of his company at that time, he invoked a new approach to commissions. All auction houses charge the seller a seller’s commission and the buyer a buyer’s premium. The auctioneers keep both of those commissions for their

were scurrying to cut costs and services, Julia increased services and cut their commission fee, and as a result stimulated greater response than normal and continued to attract not only a large quantity of consignments but a greater quantity of high-end consignments. Last year Julia’s initiated their Estates and Collections Division, a unique division in the auction industry in that it works with antique collectors to formulate eventual plans for a collector’s collection. This year, Julia’s started a new satellite office in Woburn, Massachusetts, to better serve those clients in the greater Massachusetts area and further on. Their new office is located in the elegant and historic 1790 House located at 827 Main Street, Woburn, Massachusetts. In receiving the award, Jim and his wife Sandy made it very clear that they were accepting this special recognition on behalf of their company as a whole. Julia credits the success of his company to what he calls in his opinion the finest auction crew in North America. “It is a team oriented organization and we all pull together to generate the success that we do.” Julia is a member of the Waterville, Rotary Club where he was honored with a Paul Harris Fellow a few years back, and his firm was also selected by the Waterville, Maine Chamber of Commerce in 2003 as the Business Person of the Year. In 2006, Jim Julia was installed in the Maine Auctioneer Association’s “Hall of Fame”. In 1993 he Auction for: Dorothy M. Salvaggio


of commitment to the community, employees, and to manufacturing or to service excellence. Only six Maine companies received this award this year, and as per Governor LePage, “This year’s honorees represent businesses that are regional, national, and International leaders in their fields”. Governor LePage came into office with a promise to focus on expanding job bases in Maine. His approach is to minimize cumbersome regulations and to encourage business development in general throughout the state. As such, the awards and what they represent were very much a part of LePage’s philosophy for the State of Maine. The company conducts specialty catalog auctions of high-end antique collectibles, and is divided into four primary divisions: 1. Rare Firearms and Military Division. Based on the sale of high-end quality firearms, Julia’s is currently the leader in the world today. They do not sell the most firearms; they sell the greatest number of valuable firearms at auction. For approximately eight years now, their auctions have averaged just under $10 million dollars each with the recent March 2012 auction generating nearly $18 million dollars, which is by far the largest grossing firearms auction conducted by an firm in the world. 1. Fine Lamp and Glass Division. Julia’s rare lamp and glass division is one of the top three in the world today. It regularly features one of the finest array of

Rick Kress Sr. Auctioneer & Family

SATURDAY, JULY 21ST, 2012 9:00 A.M. Penn Grove Retreat, 6419 Pamadeva Rd., HANOVER, PA 17331 717-968-3994

Estate of Randy A. Markle of Bonneville, PA From Hanover Square ~ Take Rt. 116 East 3 miles till you pass Hanover Brands Inc. on your left. Go over RR tracks and make a right on Cannery Rd. Go to stop sign and make a right, go 1⁄4 mile to next road on left (Pamadeva Rd.) to end. Partial Listing ~ Large Estate, Sled, Hess Trucks, Hot Wheels Set, Ertl Trucks, Baby Blocks, Marbles, Littlestown Yearbooks -1925-1941, 1928 Littlestown Class Reunion Photo, Hanover Phone Books - 56, 60, 75, Nesting Bowls, Trivets, Hanover Bottles - Bupps, P.F. Bowman, Bortners, Pfaffs, 4 - 3 ft. Safes, Porch Swing, Roadmaster Bike, Lots of Other Early Toys and Games, Lots of Miscellaneous Household Items. Hundreds of Lionel, Kline, MTH, Rail King, Cars, Engines, Transformers, Track, Literature, Signs, Buttons, Train Books, Service Manual for American Flyer Trains, O Scale Freight Cars K-Line, Lionel Transformers, Rail King Train City, Lone Star O Scale Gauge Switches, Marx Lamp Post Set, 042 O Gauge Switches, Plasticville Houses and Etc., Postage Stamp Train Aurora, 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s Reproduction Catalogs and Originals for Lionel, Gilbert American Flyer Trains, OL Timer Train Set, Tracks, 100s of Parts in Drawers, Wood Houses, Brunel’s N Gauge Cars, Lone Star Treble O Trains, The HO Line True to Blue Print, Army Barracks Marx Toys, 30 Assorted Miniature Set, 1937-1948 Model Builder Magazines, Midge Trains, Railroad Cap Buttons, Led Zeppelin 1968 Bill Poster, Books: The Railroad Car Builders, Pictorial Dictionary, the Pennsylvania Railroad C T 1000 May 1, 1945, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 1927, Pennsylvania Book of Time Tables 1913, Railroad Magazine June, February, December 1946, August 1947, Rail Fan, Trains 1973-1980, Toy Train Magazine 1952 and 1953, Louis Marx and Co., American Flyer Train Magazine 1961-1962, Lionel Literature, 1919 and 1917 Reproduction, Ives Trains Since 1868 Boxes, Tie-Tack and Lapel Railroad. Lionel Nutcracker Route Christmas Train, Lionel Lube and Maintenance Kit 927, Lionel Trestle Set No. 111, Lionel Billboard Set No. 310, Lionel Liner Early Ara Insk V 10 6-28477, Log Loader Lionel No. 164, Lionel Remote Control No. 397, Coal Elevator Lionel, American Flyer Frontier’s Man Electric Train, American Flyer Overland and Express No. 24730, Lionel Flatbed Toy Truck 18416 with Diesel Locomotive, Lionel Flatbed Toy Truck with 3 Dome Tank Car TMT 18410, Lionel Box Trailer Toy Truck TMT 18018, TMT 18126, 18011, 18410, 18418, 18405, Holiday Expansion Pack 630011, Valley Express Train By Marx, Lionel 6-25196, 6-35173, 6-35135, 6-25197, 6-35134, Railroad Fun Book, American Flyer Train and Gilbert Toy Magazine, Lionel Die-Cast Steam Locomotive and Tender, Yard Chief 1502, North Pole Central Christmas Pass Expansion 30039, and Lots More. Tools ~ Name-Brand Electric and Air Tools, Sioux, Ingersoll, CP, Makita, Milwaukee, Stanley, Porter Cable, Black and Decker, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Vises, Grinders, Chop Saws, Belt Sanders, Angle Drills, Screw Guns, Power Saws, Air Compressor, Table Saw, Tire Changer, Workbench, Chain Saws, Edgers, Garden Tools, and Lots More. We will be selling with two Auctioneers, One with Box Lots and Tools at 9:00 A.M., The other Auctioneer will sell Household Goods and Trains at Approximately 9:30 A.M. Cash, Good Check, Announcements Made Day of Sale Supersede all written advertising. Pictures: ID#25979 Rick Kress: AU005675


Governor Paul LePage, center, congratulating Jim Julia on the receipt of his Business Excellence in Maine Award. To the extreme right is Jim’s dad, Arthur Julia; to Governor LePage’s left is Sandy Julia; and to the extreme left is Fred Olsen, General Manager of James D. Julia, Inc.

From Rt. 30E take Greenfield Rd. exit, R onto Greenfield Rd., L onto Willow Rd., R onto Creek Hill Rd., watch for sale sign. ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: Horse Drawn CI Ladder Wagon; Rug Beater; Winchester Model 80-A .22 cal. Rifle; Wooden Butter Churn; Copper Wash Boiler; Mantel Clocks; Christmas Dec.; Tilbury China Mantel Clock; Fluid Lamps; Copper Teakettles; Paintings; Wood Checkerboard; Bucksaws; Umbrella Stand; Milk Can; Good Sel. Cookie Cutters; 12-Tube Candle Mold; Tin Teapots; Coffee Grinder; Store Scales; Wooden Country Wares; Anchor Wringer Washer; Lobster Trap; Sm. Copper Candy Bowl; Copper Measurers; Cookie Jars; Good Prints; Pattern Glass; Stoneware Crocks; 3 Pc. Hull Art Pottery Tea Set; Punch Bowl; Ironstone China; Cup & Saucer Collect.; Willowware; 5 Pc. Silver-Plated Tea Set; Glass Swan; Violin; Gone With The Wind Lamp; Stoneware Salt Box; Hummels; Aladdin Lamp; Dietz Lanterns; Miniature Wooden Boxes; Bulldog Doorstop; McCoy Pottery; Books; Wattware Bowl; Textiles. FURNITURE: School Desk; Grandmother Mahog. Clock; Vict. Marble Top Table; Steamer Trunk; Uph. Recliners; Mahog. Telephone Table; Bookshelves; Oak Music Cabinet; 5 Pc. Dinette Set; Iron Garden Furn.; White Wicker Furn.; Potbelly Stove; Mahog. Depr. China Closet; 8 Pc. Amer. Craftsman DR Suite; Softwood Lift Top Dry Sink; Pine Open Corner Cupboard; Mahog. Drop Leaf Table; Mahog. Drum Table; Marble Top Coffee Table; Mahog. Gov. Winthrop Desk; Spinning Wheel; Mahog. Jewelry Chest; Mahog. Desk; Airline Floor Model Radio; Oak Desk; Cedar Chest; 2 Pc. Oak BR Suite; Oak Washstand; Cherry Queen Anne Style Highboy; Mahog. Canopy Bed; 3 Pc. Mahog. BR Suite; Dome Top Trunk; Uph. Wingback Chairs; Cedar Wardrobe; Oak Ext. Table. Auctioneers: John M. Hess AU003484L John Carl Jr. AU005263L Phil Nissley AU002874L AY000253L 717-664-5238 or 877-599-8894


Morphy’s Announces September Auction Of Adolph Grenke Breweriana Collection Dan Morphy, CEO of Morphy Auctions, has confirmed that the renowned Adolph Grenke breweriana collection will be auctioned in its entirety at M o r p h y ’ s Pennsylvania gallery on September 21 to

22, 2012. “No other consignments will be added. The entire two-day sale will be devoted exclusively to this outstanding singleowner collection, which we anticipate will bring well over a million dollars,” said Morphy. Amassed over a From the Adolph period of more than Grenke collection, 40 years, the an early-1940’s Grenke collection Gibbons Bock Beer includes as many as can, considered the nicer of two known examples. Morphy 500 highly collectible vintage beer Auctions image.

cans. The can collection is regarded as one of the finest collections of its kind ever assembled, with some of the cans expected to sell for $20,000 to $60,000 each. The collection also includes over 400 beer taps with many expected to realize more than $1,000 each and a bevy of colorful advertising signs. Highlights include over 50 Gillco glass light-up signs, and two examples of late-19th-century Anheuser-Busch signs of such rarity that they are not even represented in the famed St. Louis brewery’s archive.

“What makes the Grenke collection so exciting as a whole is its condition. Mr. Grenke always adhered to very strict buying guidelines. He bought only items that were in near-mint-plus condition or better. Even when something extremely rare was offered to him, he would pass if it did not satisfy his standards for condition,” said Morphy. Because of the importance of the Grenke collection, Morphy has enlisted the services of two noted specialists to handle the grading and

DOLL AUCTION to be held at RockMeyer Auction Parke 9 Brooks Avenue (off Rt. 272),

Willow Street Pequea Twp., Lancaster Co., PA 17584 SAT., AUGUST 4, 2012 at 10:00am 500+ Lots of Dolls Antique - Modern - Collectible Supplies and Books Some Steiff FREE list available at List $5.00 at auction or by calling 717-464-3541 TERMS: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards 10% Buyer’s Premium 6% Sales Tax

AUCTIONEER AY245L Jessica Shaub Meyer PHONE 717-464-3541 Photos and details at


16 - - Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012

(Continued on page 19)

Audubon’s Auctioneers

100 West Merchant Street, AUDUBON,



GALLERY AUCTION ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES 3 National Brass Cash Registers Including 2 Small Size 313’s


AT 11:00 A.M. Preview: Friday, July 13th From 10 A.M. To 7 P.M.

AUDUBON, NEW JERSEY A partial list includes: Large collection (over 500 pieces) of Lionel, Rail King, M.T.H and other fine model trains mint in box (most sold in large lots) from the collection of Roland Lavoie Part ll. , 2 Antique candy store (small size) National 313’s cash registers and other antique brass cash registers, antique dental cabinet, fine carved Eastlake Victorian desk attributed to Hale and Kilburn, rare American silver and gold coins, vintage Eagle Boy Scout badge and patches on sash, 4 antique oak wall phones and 2 candlestick phones, Rare vintage Britains metal soldiers incl. rare US Navy marching band, antique toys and banks, several sets of antique china including Limoges, KPM and Villeroy and Boch, vintage 35mm cameras, early American fine silhouette, antique and vintage sterling silver jewelry, vintage watches, and other fine decorations coming in daily. 450 lot sale of fresh estate antiques and collectibles. Building fully air conditioned with comfortable seating. Complete illustrated catalog online.

Roseville And Other Art Pottery

Fenton Glass Table Lamps Online Bidding Available through

Check web site often for updates.

“Come join us on the second Saturday of every month for fresh to the market estate antiques & collectibles” Amazing Painted Silhouette In Period Bird’s-Eye Maple Frame

Terms: Cash, Approved Check, Visa, MasterCard, & Discover. 15% Buyer’s Premium Building Fully Air-Conditioned

Desirable Travel Poster Of “The Golden Arrow” In Excellent Condition

Just A Small Sampling Of Lionel MTH And Rail King Trains (Over 100 Lots And 500 Pieces)

Antique Mahogany Dental Cabinet

Over 75 Fine American Silver And Gold Coins Including Rare Carson Cities And Trade Dollar

A Sampling Of Vintage Britain’s Sets Including Rare Navy Marching Band

Fine Victorian Walnut Drop Lid Desk Attributed To Hale And Kilburn


Fine 20x30” O/C By PAFA Artist Francis Cohen With Academy Label On Back 1938


Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012 - - 17

A Collector’s Passion For 1950s and 60s Catalogs

They should also be incorporated into every study of American material culture because they supply imagery and information relevant to just about any aspect or dimension of American life. As a bonus, many are also strikingly beautiful, cover and contents. This article seeks to demonstrate catalogs’ documentary value and usefulness to collectors and scholars. I attempt this through the exercise of examining, rather casually, an arbitrary group of catalogs: those from the year I was born. (Studying catalogs at greater depth yields unique insights about their era because catalogs reproduce goods shown nowhere else, and describe them with unusual commercial candor and comprehensiveness.) My catalog collection

stream appeal. The lavish, layered color that the Toledo Desk and Fixture Co. used still suggests luxuriant delights, which women could enjoy through installing a Lavanette bathroom. Anyone interested in the Western frontier can savor the Franklin Serum Co.’s panoramic, photographic wrap-around cover showing round-up time on a ranch, complete with a campfire to heat branding irons, and a

ingrained fear of rapid change but the threat of nuclear annihilation, and Cold-War issues in general.

Western, American Sandlot, and Lively Leagues. Castle offered a whole page of Hopalong Cassidy films Hoppy was my cowboy favorite - along with the same cartoons, especially Woody Woodpecker and Mighty Mouse, that I watched most Saturday mornings. The

remember getting green their redemption centers, a stamps at just about every place that dazzled me like an store, and I grew up within Aladdin’s cave. walking distance of one of (Continued on page 19)

Hey Auctioneers! Don’t miss getting the best bids for any ephemera items you may be auctioning for your clients.

PACM gets the word out to ephemera and country store collectors. Call Arlene at 800-800-1833, ext. 2561 or 717-492-2561


covers could be lush or spare; photographic or line drawing; nostalgic or modernistic. The catalog/almanac that the 45year-old Lancaster County Seed Co. sent customers resembles those that it issued during the 1940’s, and even the 1930’s. (Almanacs should be included in collections of catalogs if they carry ads for the issuer’s products and were the issuer’s chief selling tool. They are usually much cheaper than “pure” catalogs, even those issued between the Civil War and 1920 that have striking covers and exciting full-page illustrations.) By contrast, Columbia Records’ “Folk Music” catalog employed a spare abstraction to conjure the spirit of a music that was just beginning to enjoy main-

Among the products that NEXT DEADLINE: Castle Films offered in ‘52 AUGUST 2, 2012 FOR THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE! was half a page of “Official Federal Civil Defense Motion Pictures,” illustrated goods offered by the S & H with an atomic mushroom catalog also stir distant memcloud. Humor writers my age ories and feelings because I like Dave Barry and P.J. th O’Rourke joke 11:00 A.M. about “Duck and DOORS OPEN AT 9:00 A.M. Cover” - getting LOCATION: 2228 Gettysburg Road, Lower Allen Plaza, under your school CAMP HILL, PA 17011 desk to survive a DIRECTIONS: Going North Or South On Route 15, Exit At nuclear blast - but Highland Park. Auction Is On Left Side Of Road. in a cartoon of that name, Bert Area’s Premier Auction House, the Turtle taught Accepting Collection Of Antiques, Estates, children what And Quality Furnishings For Future Auction steps to take in the event of atomPhone For Free Consultation ic or other attack. Check w #1832 For Updated Photos The rise of suburPhone 717-737-0000 bia called for TERMS: Cash, Visa/MasterCard, Checks. brighter, and airi12% BUYER’S PREMIUM (Discounted To 10% w/Check Or Cash). er, open-plan AUCTIONEER: Michael Costea AU-1759-L Telephone (717) 737-0000 houses complete S753772 with Youngstown Kitchens; middle-class men such as those shown on this catalog - men confined increasingly to offices and grey-flannel suits - could not have helped feeling some ambivalence about their changing place and status in ONDAY ULY the American home. The rise of the Civil-Rights HOME FURNISHINGS! ONLINE ONLY AUCTION! Movement - Brown vs. Board (Lansdale, PA) For more details visit of Education was making its way up the federal courts UESDAY ULY seems the most likely reason why the Delta Ceramics Co., STEIFF BEAR AUCTION! ONLINE ONLY AUCTION! of Alexandria, LA, printed Bid now at! Bidding closes on Thursday, July 17th at 3 P.M. a huge Confederate flag on 35 lots of Steiff Bears all mint in box. From the Estate of Anne Doorley (Lancaster, PA). A former Steiff Dealer. the back cover of its cataA great collection! This is the 4th and final Steiff auction from this particular dealer! log. Americans beginning to fly cross-country and UESDAY ULY around the world, both for business and pleasure, REAL ESTATE AUCTION: needed luggage like that 14 Properties in NJ offered by the U. S. For more details visit Luggage & Leather Products Co. You don’t HURSDAY ULY hear much about trusses these days. I remember that HOME FURNISHINGS! ONLINE ONLY AUCTION! my father, long ago, had to (Souderton, PA) wear one. Could his have Bid now at! Bidding closes Thursday, July 19th at 3 P.M. looked anything like those Furnishings: Custom made Log design furniture made by John’s High Country offered by the Ohio Truss Furniture, Colorado including an executive desk and entertainment center with Co., implements that look Optoma large screen TV; Custom made Log design BR suite made by Mark Bonay, to me more like torture Erie PA; Ashley Furniture Living Room and Dining Room sets; Chain saw carved wood bears; Bear Them end tables and decorative rugs; Picnic Set; Hoosier instruments than prosthetics. Cabinet; Brunswick “The Decorator” Pool table; Eddy & Sons pine chest style The catalogs that I relate refrigerator; Floor Lamps. to, of course, are those offerLawn and Garden Equipment: Toro Titan Z 5200K Zero turn mower with 52” ing goods meant for the kids deck only 300 hours; MTD Chipper/Shredder; MTD Rototiller; John Deere Broadcast spreader; Fimco lawn sprayer; Stihl/Echo chain saws; Wheelbarrows; of my day. The Worth Brand Little Giant Ladder; Werner Aluminum Extension Ladder; Lawn Cart; Lawn of baseball equipment from Sweeper.

COSTEA’S AUCTION GALLERY Sunday, July 15 , 2012




16, 2012



17, 2012




focuses on the years up through 1945, but along the way I have also acquired around 40 catalogs dated 1952. They provide a representative look at: a) popular graphic design of the day; b) Americans’ aspirations (and fears); and c) the material goods, including examples of new technologies, that made up the physical environment and provided the recreations and comforts of the world I joined. Let’s consider these three factors in that order. The graphics of catalog

chuck wagon. The covers that S & H Green Stamps used throughout the early 1950’s still suggest refined elegance. The America that lives on in these catalogs was beginning to enjoy a level of diffused prosperity such as the world had never before seen, but was also grappling not only with humanity’s

17, 2012


19, 2012


PREVIEW 8 A.M. Furniture/Furnishings, Orientalia, Collectibles, Sterling, Antiques, China & Glassware, Match Safes Silver-plated, Vulcanite, Abalone, Brass. 1966 Hess Tanker Ship in the original box.


the Lannom Mfg. Co., of Grinnell, Iowa, included many kinds of Little League hardballs and softballs, including those for the

501 Fairgrounds Rd., Hatfield, PA 800.577.8846 ext. 3023

Unable To Attend Our Auctions? Bid Online At: CHECK US OUT ONLINE AT: ALDERFERAUCTION.COM AUCTIONZIP.COM ID #4273 Find Us On Facebook


by Saul Zalesch, Louisiana Tech University Catalogs are, by and large, the prime, surviving, contemporaneous documentation for items that began as consumer goods but have become collectibles. No collection is complete without some of these documents.

Have Something to Sell? Looking For Something? Have a Service to Offer? Let us show you how to reach 60,000+ collectors & dealers in the EAST! Call Arlene in Classified Sales 717-492-2561 or 1-800-428-4211 x2561

ART- OLD OIL PAINTINGS wanted, any condition, New Hope School artists, PAFA artists, gold leaf frames and mirrors. 20 years experience. Immediate payment. Call 215-348-2500. BUYING: VINTAGE PHYSIQUE/MALE photographs. Entire collections, single prints. (212) 274-0525

WANTED: ROYAL BAYREUTH FEEDING DISH- Sunbonnet Babies feeding dish with the BAKING (Saturday) Scene. Mike Young 662-983-2348 or email

AUTOMOBILE OWNERS MANUALS Wanted most years and models. Also sales brochures, service manuals, etc. TMC Publications, 6308 Deer Park Rd., Reisterstown, MD 21136. 410-526-4495.

SHEET MUSIC WANTED, any era. Sandy Marrone, 113 Oakwood Drive, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, 856-829-6104 E-mail

AUTOMOBILES WANTED. LOOKING to buy old foreign cars, especially British. Will purchase in any condition, also buying parts. Call Ed, 856-816-7321.

WANTED OLD RADIOS, Tubes, Hi-Fi Equip., Amplifiers, Speakers, Ham Radios, Tube Testers & related items. Large and small collections. Call Rich 484-948-8044, Pottstown, PA.

CARNIVAL, CIRCUS, FREAKS, Sideshow, Fairs, Amusement Parks, Coney Island, Nude Photos, Fireworks, Pinups, Strippers, Burlesque, Auto Thrillshow. Nostalgia Enterprises, Box 300, Lockport, NY, 14095. 716-433-9418.

WANTED: MUSIC BOXES, slot machines, old Wurlitzer Juke boxes, any cond. Call or write Frank Zygmunt, PO Box 542, Westmont, IL 60559. 630-985-2742.

COMIC BOOK COLLECTIONS. Contact me for FREE Appraisals if you wish to sell your comics or just determine their current value. I’ll provide you honest recommendations based on three decades experience and will assure you receive the fairest and highest prices whether it’s 1 book or a 1,000. Call Ed 215-351-5392 or email I BUY RUSSIAN Samovars (brass, copper, silverplate, nickelplate, coin silver). Also interested in other fine Russian antiques. Please send photos to: Attn. Igor, 14814 Palmerston Sq., Centreville, VA 20120, 301-919-2798. KEYSTONE TELEPHONE COMPANY of Philadelphia Wanted. Telephones and related items, signs, telephone books. Call Andy, 732-986-2637 or MILITARY & SPORTING FIREARMS- all periods Wanted, Bucks Co. Collector will pay more for single items or collections. Call 215-858-5506 or email Will travel. OCEAN LINER MEMORABILIA china, glassware, silver, paper, souvenirs, posters or models. Cunard, French Line, White Star Line, Italian Line, etc. 607-625-3947 TIFFANY DESK PIECES, lamps, glass. Bill Holland 610-470-5925 or Renningers Sunday Antique Market, Booth A-53, Adamstown, PA 8am-1pm. email TOP DOLLARS PAID for Carbide Cap Lamps, oil wick/ lard lamps, blasting cap tins, scatter tags, carbide lamp parts and small mining artifacts needed in my collection. Larry Click 703-241-3748 or email

1880 TO PRESENT MOVIE POSTERS, Highest Prices Paid for Lobby Cards, 1-Sheets, Window Cards, Glass Slides, Dwight Cleveland, PO Box 10922 Chicago, IL 60610-0922 Fax 773-525-2969, 773-525-9152,

GUITARS, VIOLINS, MANDOLINS, banjos, early brass & woodwinds. We buy, sell, & appraise. In business since 1974. Vintage Instruments, Philadelphia, 215-545-1100. HAMMOND ORGANS WANTED. Leslie speakers & console pianos. Pottstown, PA 610-495-5234 or Also Orlando, FL Area.

ALWAYS BUYING PHOTOGRAPHS, Archives, Albums, Snap-shots, Collections. Call Jim 800-872-9990. AMERICAN INDIAN OLDER Items, particularly pre-1940 pottery (which is typically unsigned) and baskets. I buy and sell. Please call Lou at 610-647-7198. ANTIQUE/ OLD GUNS WANTED Collector buys old muzzleloaders, pistols, shot guns, Kentucky rifles, knives, swords, hunting licenses & photos, animal traps, hand forged & bear traps, old ammo, antiques, military items. One piece or collections. House calls made. PO Box 83, New Tripoli, PA 18066, 610-298-3180.

OLD TOY TRAINS, collector will pay generously for well-kept (1900-1970) Lionel, Flyer, Marklin and Ives, trains & accessories. Dr. Bob 215-348-0944 PEZ COLLECTOR PAYING top dollar. Buying 1 to whole collections of Pez or Pez related items Pre-1980’s. 484-3353693 or Email PURCHASING HO TRAINS- Please call Barry McKeon Cell: 610-506-5961, or email:

ANTIQUARIAN, VINTAGE & Used Book Collection for Sale, 530+ books. Mylar book rolls, etc. included. Optional five wood book cases. May be viewed at - links to left on home page. $4,800 obo pick up only New Jersey 08405. 609-513-2193

B.C.INDIAN RELICS $1 for color catalog. Indian, PO Box 246, Independence, KY 41051

AUTHENTIC SHIRLEY TEMPLE Photo 10x13, is in a frame, in excellent condition, call Bud 717-244-3870.

ASIAN ANTIQUES FINE Chinese, Japanese- jade, porcelain, snuff bottles. RAB Collection at the German Trading Post, RT 272 Denver/ Adamstown, PA.

ATTENTION OLD RAILROAD POLICE BADGES WANTED: Collector buys old railroad and Coal & Iron police badges, any railroad police artifacts. Contact Chip at or call (201) 390-7372

ANDY WARHOL original, signed, LIZ litho call 908-930-0909.

ADVANCED COLLECTOR PAYS Top Prices. Older Better. Toy Trains, Bats, Gloves, Uniforms, Trophies, Photo’s, Balls, All Sports, Philadelphia Athletics, Yankees, Ruth, Cobb, Cards, Whole Collections. Tom Kaczor, 267-243-2379. SPORTS CARDS AND other sports related items. Publications, pins, pennants, tickets, etc. Pre-1975. Philadelphia items especially wanted. Ellis, 158 Stratford Dr., Philadelphia, PA 19115, 215-934-5618. TIRED OF EBAY? Sell your Sports Cards and Memorabilia to a Collector. Ken Domonkos 848-448-4709, WANTED BASEBALL & Boxing Cards & memorabilia. Tobacco packs opened/ unopened, pre-war, before 1970. Valuable collections only. No appraisals 610-9990131,

FOR SALE: Large Collection of Italian Pottery pieces. Plates, vases, souvenirs, etc. Want to sell as collection. Call for more information. 717-625-4310

OIL PAINTING by Richard George Hinchliffe, British, 1868-1942, 20x30 inches. Flapper era girl, nude, outdoors. $750. Phone 717-625-4310

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I BUY OLDER TOYS & TRAINS please call Marty 301-753-4959 11560 Magnolia Ct., Swan Pt. MD 20645

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SERVICE OR SUPPLIES 4 MATCHING ANTIQUE Iron Chairs, original green paint, very unique & beautiful, great for garden setting, asking $650, call 717-866-5192. 6 STICKLEY LADDERBACK Chairs, cane seats, excellent condition, will deliver, call 570-780-0852.

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18 - - Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012

MUSIC BOXES WANTED Buying and Selling Cylinder & Disc Music Boxes, Bird Cages, Bird Boxes, Phonographs, Automatas. Specializing in all Antique Resortation Services for over 60 years. Ask for Gerald Wright. Rita Ford Music Boxes, 1253 Springfield Ave. #304, New Providence, NJ 07974, 908-377-3225, 212-535-6717. MUSIC BOXES WANTED, highest prices paid. Gems to junkers- we buy, sell, repair. Chet Ramsay Antiques, 2460 Strasburg Road, Coatesville, PA 19320. 610-384-0514

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Dates Set For The Return Of The White Plains Antique Show The prestigious White Plains Antiques Show will once again return to the Westchester County Center on February 9 to 10, 2013, announced Allison Kohler, the energetic President of JMK Shows & Events. The show will feature 60 high end and diversified exhibitors in a fully walled fine quality setting. Merchandise will range from select American and Continental furniture to paintings, prints, ceramics, silver, glass, fine jewelry, art pottery, Asian antiques, and decorative accessories. The Show hours are on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and admission is nine dollars. The White Plains, New York, area is known to have an affluent, well educated customer base with a very strong interest in collecting. When JMK Shows last produced the White Plains Antiques Show it resulted in a very strong positive reaction from the visiting public, with many exhibitors doing

MORPHY’S (Continued from page 16)

description of its contents. Dan Morean of will catalog the beer cans, while dealer/collector Les Jones will be in charge of the breweriana and advertising section of the sale.

very well. During this last year we have received many requests from exhibitors as well as show goers to add the White Plains Show to our permanent itinerary of quality shows. We have responded accordingly. It is our intention to produce a balanced, diversified antiques show which will once again give the buying public the level of quality that they have always cherished when they attended the White Plains Antiques Show in the past. To make this event a resounding success, we are planning an extensive advertising, marketing and public relations campaign that will attract all the right people - the dealers, the decorators, the investors, the collectors and the people who just like to buy, own and live with antiques and fine art. White Plains is the latest venture from JMK Shows, who in the last 2 years have revived the Atlantic City Antiques Show & have established 3 shows in the

Alexandria & Arlington Virginia market. The firm is dedicated to bringing quality events to the general public. An extensive advertising campaign stands behind each and every show. JMK Antiques Shows are wellestablished venues with a great track record in the industry. JMK maintains an extensive mailing list as well as an e-mail list and prides itself in being responsive to attendee and dealer needs. “We want our customers and exhibitors to know that fulfilling their needs is of paramount importance to us,” stated Ms. Kohler. The Westchester County Center is conveniently located at 198 Central Avenue in White Plains, New York, just off the Bronx River Parkway and just 35 minutes by car from New York City. For further information, contact Allison Kohler at JMK Shows & Events, 6 Pilgrim Drive, Succasunna, New Jersey 07876, (973) 9272794,,

Morphy Auctions will display highlights of the Adolph Grenke breweriana collection Aug. 1 to 4 at the 41st Annual National Assn. of Breweriana Advertising Convention, at the Springfield Hilton, Springfield, Illinois; and the Brewery Collectibles Club of America’s 42nd

“CANvention,” August 30 to September 1 at the Sheraton Springfield in Springfield, Massachusetts. Further details about the auction, as well as catalogordering information, will be available soon on Morphy Auctions’ website,

Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012 - - 19

CATALOGS (Continued from page 17)

The catalogs illustrated here are of average quality. I do not consider them as interesting or beautiful as catalogs

derisively-low, cost. Often these days, in fact, the shipping costs that I pay, even reasonable ones, can be double the final bid for a volume - especially an almanac. But although I enjoy getting catalogs for way below what I consider the value of their documentary content, I would like to encounter broader competition because this would validate efforts that I have made over the past 15 years to get collectors and scholars to prize catalogs. I

will be contented when collectors automatically include relevant catalogs in their collections and scholars consult them routinely when researching American life!

tended to be before World War II. Nevertheless, these rather routine specimens often preserve the only surviving pictures of and information about contemporary products, details that will be helpful to even the most advanced collectors and scholars. Books like these, and many catalogs of superior age, beauty, and documentary significance, sell daily online at low opening bids. They are sleepers. I buy them regularly and love getting wonderful specimens at nominal, even

Your Numb One Source fo er rP Advertising aper, ,R Books, Post ar e cards, and Mor e!

0 AUGUST 201 .8 VOL. 32 NO advertisingcoll www.paperand

Smithsonian Art Museum Is Sole Venue For Rare Rockwell Exhibition. Check out this story, and more, inside this issue of P.A.C.M.

erg, lberg Spielb of Steven Spi cti um. 1936, Collection 1936 ican Art Muse d Reporters, vie Starlet aand Smithsonian Amer Movie ell, M rights reserved. : Norman Rockw apolis, IN. All guee cover, Imageby Curtis Publishing Indian C talogu Catalo sed Licen : SEPS © 1936

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20 - - Antiques & Auction News — July 13, 2012

Nazareth Auction Center


Antiques Auction and Coin & Currency Auction




(11 Miles N. of Bethlehem and Rt. 22 or 4 Miles S. of Wind Gap and Rt. 33) This Auction Will Include a Nice Clean Selection of Merchandise from a Local Estate as-well-as Select Additions. Some of the Auction Highlights are as Follows: FURNITURE: We will be offering a large selection including the following. Mahogany tall case/Grandfather nine tube clock made by Waltham Clock Company for Bailey Banks & Biddle Co.; (2) oak hall racks; oak bow-end china closet; oak bowfront side-by-side; round oak dining room table with large ball and talon feet; oak dry sink w/two door cupboard top; mahogany Chippendale highboy w/large carved ball and talon feet on front and rear legs; set of six mahogany Chippendale style D.R. chairs; antique cherry high chest w/graduated drawers; oak double bed; mahogany secretary desk w/bookcase top; Victorian era parlor chairs w/needlepoint seats, French marble top sideboard, French two door (knockdown) wardrobe w/mirrored doors; 7 pc. Eastlake parlor suite; mahogany dresser top shaving mirror; Victorian era parlor tables w/marble tops; (2) walnut five section stack bookcases; Victorian era walnut washstand w/ marble top; cast-iron garden bench; Victorian era walnut writing desk w/gallery top; Victorian era walnut pump organ w/spoon carvings; antique cherry jam cupboard w/splash back (approx. 60” high); French style curio cabinet; mahogany slant-front desk; several pieces of “twig” furniture; oak dresser w/mirror; oak high chest w/splash back; walnut spool cabinet; plus more! SELECT SMALLS: Waterford crystal; Lladro and Hummel figurines; large selection of sterling silver including flatware pcs., plus more; 14k gold jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc.); (3) stained glass windows; nice selection of framed prints, engravings, oil paintings, J.J. Audubon “Blue Jay” engraved print; Haitian oil painting and watercolor, etc.; antique clocks including Waterbury banjo clock (Willard No. 5); Ansonia china mantel clocks plus others; antique quilts; pair of “rainbow” design satin glass ewers; Phoenix Glass pcs.; DeVilbiss blue aurene glass atomizer; W. Nutting “A Perkiomen October” framed print; Venetian glass stemware and candy jar; Mt. Washington pieces; Fulper pottery 31⁄2” handled vase; signed Sabino glass owl (Paris); 2 pcs. Moser glass - decanter w/stopper and dresser jar w/lid; Limoges oyster plate; gold aurene art glass sock darner; Pilkington Pottery bud vase (England - circa 1904 to 1914); hand painted and artist signed portrait plates; Icart style prints by Lamour and Cervenka; large carved thigh bone w/elaborate and detailed scrimshaw carvings; two art glass Tiffany sherbets, each signed: LCT, Favrile; 160+ pcs. of Franciscan “Desert Rose” dinnerware; 170+ pcs. Theo. Haviland Limoges dinnerware; plus other dinnerware sets; (3) antique Asian watercolors of Samurai Warriors (circa 1840); antique SWISS ORCHESTRAL MUSIC BOX by Langdorff & Fils w/13” brass cylinder, six bells, etc.; French A.D. Mougin bronze & marble clock w/columns and urns; 91⁄2” gold favrille bowl; antique barometer in carved oak case; Roseville pottery including Wisteria and pinecone vases, etc.; pair of French opera glasses; Singer Featherweight sewing machines; nice selection of Carnival glass; selection of antique portrait plates; plus lots more! MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND OUR SPECIAL “SUMMER” AUCTION OF COINS AND CURRENCY WHICH BEGINS AT 10 A.M. IN OUR SECOND AUCTION ROOM. THE AUCTION WILL CONSIST OF OVER 260 LOTS OF VINTAGE GOLD AND SILVER COINS, TYPE COINS, PROOF SETS, COMMEMORATIVES, CURRENCY, FOREIGN COINS AND MORE. Some of our highlights include: A 1911 $2.50 Indian Head Gold coin; (2) 1883-CC Morgan Dollars GSA issues w/original boxes; key date Morgan Dollars: 1893, 1893-O, 1893-CC, 1894-S; 1879-CC; 1890-CC & 1891-CC plus many choice and high grade Morgan Dollars; 1796 Liberty Cap Large Cent; 1913-S Barber Dime; 1921-D Mercury Dime; nice selection of early date type coins including some very high grade examples; rolls of silver quarters and half dollars; selection of Whitman folders with Standing Liberty and Washington Quarters; also Standing Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy Halves, U.S. Proof sets; selection of foreign coins plus United Kingdom Proof sets and much more! TERMS: 13% Buyer’s Premium Discounted to 10% for Cash or Good Check. SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILED CATALOGS & PHOTOS

330 W. Moorestown Road, Rt. 512 Nazareth, PA 18064 (610) 759-7389 Fax: 610-759-3992 PA Lic. #AY-1950-L Web Site: E-mail:

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