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Joyce and Vincent Lanza

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Visit my website: 1. - 2. 22" French P.D. (Petit & Dumontier) Bebe, magnificent HUGE blue bulging threaded p/w eyes, mauve blushing on eyelids, immaculate pale bisque, full chubby cheeks, ant. Fr. ant. mohair wig, orig. pate, wearing an amazing Fr. ant. dress & hat, orig. undies & ant. boots. On orig. PD body w/metal hands & pull strings. Outstanding modelling & absolutely BREATHTAKING!!! The BEST!!! $25,500. 3. 24" S & H #1249 "Santa", cornflower bl. sl. eyes, mint pale bisque, great ant. long brun. HH wig & pate, wears ant. cotton dress adorned w/ribbons & lace, fabulous ant. straw bonnet & ant. pink leather shoes, on her orig. S & H body. Head incised "Santa". GORGEOUS with tremendous presence!!! $2350. 4. 16" S & H #739 Character, big bl. p/w eyes, early flat brows, mint bisque, full & clean ant. mohair wig & orig. pate, wears a beautiful vintage dress, ant. shoes. On orig. S & H body. This rare character is absolutely GORGEOUS. $2350. 5. - 6. 17" French Joanny #7 Bebe, mint pale bisque, magnificent light bl. p/w eyes, orig. very long silky HH wig & pate, wears beautiful ant. Fr. wool dress, orig. ant. leather shoes & Fr. ant. hat & on orig. early st. wrist body. These are not easy to come by & couldn't be more OUTSTANDING!!!! Very soulful expression!! An AMAZING Bebe. $6750. 7. 10" Gebruder Heubach Pouty Character, beautiful bisque, bl. sl. eyes, ant. mohair wig & pate, wears fabulous Fr. ant. dress, great ant. hat & orig. ant. tiny leather shoes & socks. 4 On her orig. Heubach body. Very pouty mouth. She will melt your heart!!! $1975. 8. 8 1/2" Swaine & Co. DIP Character Baby, mint pale bisque, orig. mohair wig & pate, cl/mo, bl. sl. eyes w/molded lids. Wears factory orig. batiste & lace baby gown & bonnet, orig. diaper & knitted booties. On orig. baby body. Great tiny size & expression w/fabulous modelling. ADORABLE!! $975. 9. - 10. 9 1/2" Incised Jumeau Bebe #2, royal blue p/w eyes, mint pale bisque, orig. mohair wig & pate, 7 8 wearing a Fr. ant. silk very ornate dress, ant. leather shoes w/rosettes marked size #1 & darling ant. Fr. hat & ant. undies. On orig. Jumeau st. wrist "signed" body. Absolutely ADORABLE & is a darling teeny cabinet size. $11,000. 11. 13" Tete Jumeau O/Mo, huge bl. p/w eyes, immaculate pale bisque w/4 upper teeth, fabulous ant. mohair wig in it's original set & orig. pate, wears ant. lace dress & fabulous ant. Fr. velvet hat, orig. socks & orig. ant. Fr. shoes. On orig. "signed" Jumeau body. Absolutely GORGEOUS, very expressive huge bulging eyes & a great tiny cabinet size!! $3550. 12. - 13. 19 1/2" Incised Jumeau Bebe #9, bl. p/w eyes, mauve blush under brows, perfect bisque, orig. mohair wig & pate, magnificent FACTORY Couture costume of rust velvet & silk, fabulous embroidery throughout dress, orig. crocheted socks & "signed" Jumeau Presentation shoes (signed in Gold), orig. hat & undies. On orig. "signed" Jumeau body w/great orig. shiny finish & st. wrists. Incredible & her couture costume is surely one of a kind. SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT with blinding beauty!!! A one owner doll!! CALL for PRICE.








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September 2010  

Special Chase Dolls • All Bisques • Meet the Bumsteads • Dolls’ Houses from the Old Salem Toy Museum • UFDC Salesroom • Antique Blue Ribbon...

September 2010  

Special Chase Dolls • All Bisques • Meet the Bumsteads • Dolls’ Houses from the Old Salem Toy Museum • UFDC Salesroom • Antique Blue Ribbon...