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Antique DOLL Collector September 2010 Vol. 13, No. 8

September 2010 Vol. 13, No. 8 $595 / $695 Canada

Madame X Comes to Denver Sunday, September 26

Denver, Colorado

At the Hyatt Regency Tech Center An Estate Antique Doll Auction Well, actually, she’s not Madame X. She’s Madame XI. And unlike other mystery ladies of history that are known as Madame X, the background of this beauty is known. She’s from the German family of Kestner, and she’ll be appearing at Theriault’s one day antique estate doll auction along with 300 other beautiful antique dolls. Also included in the auction is a superb collection of several hundred rare half dolls to be sold in large lots. Antique toys, dollhouses, doll house furnishings, automata, and doll accessories will join gorgeous bisque dolls from prominent French and German doll firms. Too, will be American dolls from the 1930s to the golden age 1950s, as well as folk art dolls, early paper mache and porcelain, small collection of R. John Wright dolls, mignonettes and other allbisque characters, and so many more. The auction will preview at 9 AM Mountain Time, and the auction begins at 11 AM Mountain Time. For more information or to receive a free color brochure about the auction, call 800-638-0422 or email The complete auction will be posted online after September 7 (go to and click on the button for Proxibid.) We hope you can attend the auction, but if you cannot, you can bid live online via Proxibid at the actual time of the auction, or you can call 800-638-0422 with your absentee bids. The auction is conducted at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center, located at 7800 E. Tufts Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80237. From north, south or west follow I-25 and exit at Belleview Avenue. From the east or Denver International Airport follow I-225 and exit at 2A. For hotel reservations call 303-714-4616. For more auction information call Theriault’s at 800-638-0422. If you’re planning to attend the UFDC regional convention in Denver on September 23-25, look for the Dollmasters booth in the salesroom and view the wonderful selection of antique-styled doll costumes in pure silk and cotton fabrics. Make your visit to Denver a fun-filled weekend. Arrive on Saturday and join dozens of the finest doll dealers from throughout the US at the Public Day of the UFDC Regional Doll Conference. The sales room is open to the public on Saturday, September 25 from 10 AM to 3 PM at the Denver Sheraton West Hotel, 360 Union Boulevard, Lakewood, CO. 80220.

the dollmasters PO Box 151 • Annapolis, Maryland 21404 USA • Telephone 410-224-3655 • Fax 410-224-2515 •

Joyce and Vincent Lanza

We buy dolls and sell on consignment. 2137 Tomlinson Avenue Bronx, NY 10461 • 718-863-0373 email:

Visit my website: 1. - 2. 22" French P.D. (Petit & Dumontier) Bebe, magnificent HUGE blue bulging threaded p/w eyes, mauve blushing on eyelids, immaculate pale bisque, full chubby cheeks, ant. Fr. ant. mohair wig, orig. pate, wearing an amazing Fr. ant. dress & hat, orig. undies & ant. boots. On orig. PD body w/metal hands & pull strings. Outstanding modelling & absolutely BREATHTAKING!!! The BEST!!! $25,500. 3. 24" S & H #1249 "Santa", cornflower bl. sl. eyes, mint pale bisque, great ant. long brun. HH wig & pate, wears ant. cotton dress adorned w/ribbons & lace, fabulous ant. straw bonnet & ant. pink leather shoes, on her orig. S & H body. Head incised "Santa". GORGEOUS with tremendous presence!!! $2350. 4. 16" S & H #739 Character, big bl. p/w eyes, early flat brows, mint bisque, full & clean ant. mohair wig & orig. pate, wears a beautiful vintage dress, ant. shoes. On orig. S & H body. This rare character is absolutely GORGEOUS. $2350. 5. - 6. 17" French Joanny #7 Bebe, mint pale bisque, magnificent light bl. p/w eyes, orig. very long silky HH wig & pate, wears beautiful ant. Fr. wool dress, orig. ant. leather shoes & Fr. ant. hat & on orig. early st. wrist body. These are not easy to come by & couldn't be more OUTSTANDING!!!! Very soulful expression!! An AMAZING Bebe. $6750. 7. 10" Gebruder Heubach Pouty Character, beautiful bisque, bl. sl. eyes, ant. mohair wig & pate, wears fabulous Fr. ant. dress, great ant. hat & orig. ant. tiny leather shoes & socks. 4 On her orig. Heubach body. Very pouty mouth. She will melt your heart!!! $1975. 8. 8 1/2" Swaine & Co. DIP Character Baby, mint pale bisque, orig. mohair wig & pate, cl/mo, bl. sl. eyes w/molded lids. Wears factory orig. batiste & lace baby gown & bonnet, orig. diaper & knitted booties. On orig. baby body. Great tiny size & expression w/fabulous modelling. ADORABLE!! $975. 9. - 10. 9 1/2" Incised Jumeau Bebe #2, royal blue p/w eyes, mint pale bisque, orig. mohair wig & pate, 7 8 wearing a Fr. ant. silk very ornate dress, ant. leather shoes w/rosettes marked size #1 & darling ant. Fr. hat & ant. undies. On orig. Jumeau st. wrist "signed" body. Absolutely ADORABLE & is a darling teeny cabinet size. $11,000. 11. 13" Tete Jumeau O/Mo, huge bl. p/w eyes, immaculate pale bisque w/4 upper teeth, fabulous ant. mohair wig in it's original set & orig. pate, wears ant. lace dress & fabulous ant. Fr. velvet hat, orig. socks & orig. ant. Fr. shoes. On orig. "signed" Jumeau body. Absolutely GORGEOUS, very expressive huge bulging eyes & a great tiny cabinet size!! $3550. 12. - 13. 19 1/2" Incised Jumeau Bebe #9, bl. p/w eyes, mauve blush under brows, perfect bisque, orig. mohair wig & pate, magnificent FACTORY Couture costume of rust velvet & silk, fabulous embroidery throughout dress, orig. crocheted socks & "signed" Jumeau Presentation shoes (signed in Gold), orig. hat & undies. On orig. "signed" Jumeau body w/great orig. shiny finish & st. wrists. Incredible & her couture costume is surely one of a kind. SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT with blinding beauty!!! A one owner doll!! CALL for PRICE.








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Two exceptional Triste Jumeaus, both size 13, and in excellent condition. $25,000 each

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BUYING & SELLING QUALITY DOLLS FOR OVER 17 YEARS Factory Original Presentation Simon Halbig for French Boutique - It's laundry day for this 10" Simon Halbig 1078 child w/ her fully jtd., French comp. body, bl. sl. eyes w/ orig. hair lashes, o.m. w/ teeth, and orig. light brown mohair wig. Her finger nails are factory tipped with ivory paint which tells us she is from the Au Nien Blue Paris boutique. She is contained in her original presentation box that, unlike the usual array of toiletries and fancy things, it supplies her w/ everything she needs to launder her orig. wardrobe pieces, dry them, press them and then present them. She has washtubs, soap, towels, a drying rack, an iron and stand, and more. The condition of this package is near pristine, finally making this household chore downright exciting! $5995.

Exhibiting: September 11 - Angel's Attic De-acquisition Sale, Santa Monica CA, Angel's Attic Museum and Happy Dolling Show and Sale, Glendale CA, Civic Auditorium September 25 - Legacy Doll Museum Doll Show and Sale, Billings MT, Legacy Doll Museum October 16 - Forever Young Doll Show and Sale, Pasadena CA, Elks Lodge across from Norton Simon Museum

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Lofall’s Dolls Lovely Simon and Halbig 18” Lady Doll #1159, perfect bisque, no rubs, damage or repairs. Original Heinrich Handwerck stamped lady body with original finish. Domed trunk holds the Lady and her extensive wardrobe. $2500

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1. 21” classic from the Gebrüder Heubach firm. This extra-special shoulderhead model bears blue-painted intaglio eyes, beautifully painted and twice-shaded lips and blond painted hair. His oilcloth body is in very good condition, including the lower bisque arms, and he wears a flattering mariner ensemble of tan and cream wool. $1450. 2. 22” Kestner Bru 14 with a perfect head, brown glass sleep eyes and amazing modeling and painting. She retains her lovely antique human hair wig and the original Kestner plaster pate with the impressed size number. On her original composition body with straight wrists and the original paint finish, she wears an original chocolate brown wool coatdress with gorgeous cutwork decoration, plus lovely original leather slippers, and a fantastic straw hat. $6500. 3. 9-1/4” K & R Elise, the 109 model with a perfect bisque head and very nice modeling and coloring. The original mohair wig, which is styled in twin braids, is an especially great feature. On a jointed composition body with the original finish in perfect condition, Elise retains her original factory presentation, including crisp cotton underthings. An all-original rare character – what a find! $4500. 4. 15” K & R Marie, the 101 model with a perfect bisque head (scattered wig pulls covered by the wig) blue-painted eyes that have a faraway look, and a darling human hair in strawberry blonde – a perfect match to her brow color. On a jointed composition body that bears the original paint finish in good condition, Marie wears an original dress of cranberry and cream printed cotton, with lace accents. $3600.

5-6. 10-1/2” Kewpie Googly from the J. D. Kestner firm that is so much more than a doll – check out her trousseau! This darling child has “dresses for days” at over ten, plus there are accessories. She’s got a perfect bisque head with a perfect top-knot, great painting, side-glancing brown glass eyes, and don’t miss that w-i-i-i-de smile! Her classic chubby Kewpie body in composition is too cute for words and it has a very nice paint finish, too. $9800. 7. 27” J. D. Kestner 237 Hilda in the largest size known – 20. Even better, this child is the toddler version of the popular and beloved German character child. Details include a perfect bisque head with indescribable modeling and bisque quality, plus glass sleep-eyes, an open mouth with two upper teeth and even her original skin wig. The chunky Kestner toddler body is in excellent condition and Hilda is beautifully costumed in a classic white dress with tucking and lace, and it is topped off with a challis wool coat and matching cap – exquisite! $7900. 8. 25” long J. D. Kestner 211 (Sammy) model in size 20 – the largest size. Details include a perfect bisque head, blue glass sleep eyes, an open mouth with two lower teeth and even his factory original curly lamb wig. His bent limb baby body is pristine. Of fine white cotton, his christening gown is simply amazing with its rows of insertion and tiers of lace – among the best in existence. $3500. 9. 28” S & H child marked S16H 759 DEP. Details of this character child, in a seldom found extra-large size, include a perfect head with gorgeous bisque tone and painting, early out of the mold modeling, rich brown paperweight eyes, an

open mouth with teeth, pierced ears and a spectacular antique mohair wig in lovely blonde. Her straight-wrist, jointed composition body is in remarkable condition and she is beautifully costumed. $4800. 10. 13-1/2” J.D.K. Hilda – the seldom-found black version, featuring a perfect bisque head with beautiful coloring, early out of the mold modeling and deep markings, including the name Hilda and mold number 245, brown glass sleepeyes with wax in perfect condition and the original black mohair wig. Her Kestner baby body retains the original finish and she wears a sweet cotton baby dress with tucking and lace. $4800. 11. 20” S & H 1159 Gibson Girl in a fabulous presentation, with a perfect bisque head with lovely painting, brown glass sleep-eyes complete with the original lashes, an open mouth with teeth, pierced ears and a fantastic original wig in blonde mohair. On the requisite slim waist, long-limbed lady body, the paint finish of the body is gorgeous and the dress could not be more perfect in design and fit. $3250. 12. 13-1/2” K & R 114 Hans and what a handsome fellow with his perfect bisque head with super coloring, early out of the mold modeling that shows a dimpled chin and very pouty lips, plus deep blue painted eyes, and a darling original mohair wig. On a jointed composition body in excellent condition, he wears a black wool tuxedo with tails, starched linen shirt and silk ribbon tie. $2850.

September 2010 Volume 13, Number 8




Photos Courtesy United Federation of Doll Clubs Photos taken at the 2010 UFDC National Convention by Keith Kaonis


by Bernice Millman Doll collectors are familiar with the commonly found Chase stockinet dolls, yet this doll maker also made a limited number of rare, special dolls.

About The Cover

We’ll probably never know the inspiration for Martha Chase’s Mammy dolls, but collectors agree they are wonderful character portrayals. Even rarer are the doll maker’s black children, some made with strongly molded ethnic features like those on our cover and others black versions of her typical stockinette dolls.

14 14 52 63

News Mystery Doll Emporium Auction Gallery


Eighty years ago this month marks the introduction of Blondie, Chick Young’s comic character. Movie stardom and dolls soon followed.



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UFDC ANTIQUE COMPETITIVE EXHIBIT 2010 BLUE RIBBON WINNERS PART I Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs National Convention by Keith Kaonis



by Penny Hadfield The author showcases a variety of all bisques, identifying characteristics that are attributable to individual makers.

72 66


by Debra Gulea A regal parian peddler has patiently sat behind her table stocked with wares for some 130 years.


by Susan Grimshaw A look at some of the important dolls’ houses and shops to be offered at the Noel Barrett sale of the Toy Museum of Old Salem.












M 11




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Nancy A. Smith Buying and selling quality antique dolls. Specializing in early cloth dolls.

Pat. Pend. Patsy. Doll in beautiful condition. Some original and some vintage clothing. $600. Member NADDA

Box 462, Natick Mass. 01760-0005 Phone: (508) 545-1424 E-Mail: 8

WITHINGTON AUCTION, Inc. Dolls at Auction Last Call for Dolls!!

DOLL AUCTION SCHEDULE 2010: Saturday – September 11th • Annual Doll & Toy Extra-va-gan-za • OVER 500 LOTS Dolls, Toys & Collectibles – Antique to Modern: Parts, Wigs, Accessories, Clothing, Textiles, Doll House – Furniture, Miniatures, Toys, Trains – Bargains Galore!! Calling all Doll Clubs – Have your September Meeting Here – then Attend the Auction!!


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E&G Antiques y We Bu Dolls



P. O. Box 296 1966 San Dimas, CA 91773 Phone (909) 599-2723 • Fax (909) 599-4355 Please visit my website:



1. 13" German doll - She is a very sweet German girl with pretty blue eyes. This doll is nicely dressed & in excellent condition. $550 2. 11" Ernst Heubach #286 - This adorable little character has molded bows in her hair. She is a little cutie ready for display. $1150 3. 12" Heubach # 7622 - This sweet little boy has deeply molded dimples & intaglio eyes. He is dressed in vintage clothes & has his fully jointed body. $850 4. 26" K * R #116A - This adorable character doll has his fully jointed toddler body. He is in excellent condition & is dressed in a wonderful costume. $3950 5. 24" Simon Halbig #1488 - This is an outstanding character doll in excellent condition. She is wonderful in this large size, a real treasure. $5950 6. 12" Belton - She is a lovely girl with huge blue p.w. eyes. This doll is dressed in lovely antique 13 clothes. $1550 7. 12" x 7" Bull - He is a very early straw stuffed bull in great condition. Wonderful to display with dolls. $850 8. 14" Milliners Model - She is in good condition for her age. $950 9. 16" Simon Halbig - She is a lovely little girl with old wig & clothes. $285 10. 26" P.D.- This outstanding & rare doll was made by Petit & Dumoutier. She has the rare metal hands & is in wonderful condition. She has her tailed mohair wig that is so hard to find & is costumed in a beautiful dress. Please call or e-mail for price. 11. 13" Gebruder Heubach #8192 - She is a lovely German girl in good condition. - $585 12. 10" Lady doll #556 - This lovely lady has her original wig & is nicely dressed. $585 13. 11" Schoenau & Hoffmeister - This lovely cabinet size doll is dressed in her original costume. She is in very good condition. $1150 14. 15" Closed Mouth Doll - This lovely clothed mouth, turned head lady has some patches on her body. The head is perfect & she is very reasonably priced at $485.

Member UFDC, NADDA • Visa, Mastercard • 1 year Layaway Satifaction Guaranteed • Doll Stand and Shipping Included


Phone: 718-859-0901 email: MEMBER: UFDC

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1. 27” ETIENNE DENAMUR FRENCH BEBE Circa 1889 Blue PW eyes, Closed mouth, sweet antique-style dress. Restored hairline to the forehead & another curves under chin. GORGEOUS! ............................................................................................................................................. $2900 2. 24” ETIENNE DENAMUR FRENCH BEBE Circa 1889 Blue PW eyes, open mouth, FJ body. Restoration under the wig, right side of head does not involve facial features. HAUNTING!... $2200 3. 14” DEPOSE INCISED JUMEAU BEBE Lovely blue PW eyes, Some damage. FABULOUS! ...SOLD 4. 21” EDEN BEBE 9 ALL ANTIQUE In Factory Chemise.Great condition A BEAUTY! ..................POR 5. 14” ARMAND MARSEILLE 560a CHARACTER CHILD PERFECT! ........................................... $1050 6. 23” GORGEOUS TETE JUMEAU BEBE blue PW eyes, open mouth, original signed Jumeau body, antique dress, French antique shoes. PERFECT! A REAL TREAT! ........................................ $3600 7. 25” CUNO & OTTO DRESSEL“MEIN LIEBLING” ALL ORIGINAL Gorgeous blue sleep eyes, FJ composition body, pretty antique silk dress, wonderful original wig. VERY NICE! ................ $1000 ALSO! MORE FRENCH BEBES, FASHIONS, BLACK BISQUE, GERMAN CHARACTERS & DOLLIES, PLUS++++ DOLLS FULLY GUARANTEED IN WRITING - 3 DAY RETURN PRIVILEGE! ASK ABOUT OUR GENEROUS 8 MONTH LAYAWAY POLICY!


Marion Maus Specializing in Dolls and Miniatures Ellicott City, MD • Phone 443-838-8565 Email Member NADDA, UFDC

KÄTHE KRUSE dolls from the collection of Laraine Freisberg. A group of exceptional Käthe Kruse dolls in original clothing. We are always interested in buying single dolls or collections of similar quality: Käthe Kruse; Marion Kaulitz (Munich Art) and German Character. Call (859) 885-1833 or email


Do You Have a Mystery Doll ?

UFDC Officers


ere are the current UFDC officers, taken at the 61st annual national convention, held this year in Chicago, IL. Nearly a year of planning goes into each convention and these ladies, along with help from other dedicated volunteers, made this year’s event a stellar success.

Karen Rockwell, President

Linda Edward, Second Vice President, Director Convention Services

Jan Foulke’s Guide to Dolls


he premiere reference book for antique, vintage and modern dolls will soon be back in print with a release date planned in time for the 2010 holiday season. Jan Foulke’s Guide to Dolls will be available from or directly from the publisher, Synapse Publishing, LLC of Lancaster, PA. The new guide will include approximately 300 pages with some 500 top quality color photographs of dolls from renowned collections.

Doll Show at Legacy Doll Museum


he Legacy Doll Museum 3206 6th Avenue North, Billings, Montana is having a Doll Sale on Saturday, September 25th from 12-5pm to celebrate its third anniversary. Both local and out of state dealers will be attending. On September 24th Mary Ann Spinelli will be lecturing on Wooden Dolls at 7pm at the museum. Please call 252-0041 or check the website at for more details. 14


“ Ada Diedrich, First Vice Present, Director ReAL Services

Janet Gula, Treasurer and Director New Membership

Perhaps there is a doll in your collection that you and others have never seen before. Send us a high resolution photo and any information you have to (you may also send a print photo to Antique Doll Collector P.O. Box 39, East Petersburg, PA 17520). If you can identify a mystery doll, write to us at address or email above.

have a mystery doll that we can’t seem to identify. The doll looks like a Bubbles or a Baby Dainty but does not have any marks at all. She is 19 inches.” Dee We asked composition American doll expert Ursula Mertz, who replied, “it looks like Amberg’s Vanta Baby to me. See my book, Collector’s Encyclopedia of American Composition Dolls Vol. I, page 72. Though, I don’t know if their doll was ever made with the full shoulderplate seen here.”


ritzi Martinez of Fritzi’s Antique Dolls wrote us in response to Sandy Bullock’s inquiry concerning the wigged piano baby. She has seen a similar doll in Jan Foulke’s book, Kestner, King of Dollmakers, page 229. “What you have is a version of this only with an open crown with sleep eyes which would be much harder to find. Kestner made many dolls with painted eyes, then when sleep eyes became the rage they made sleep eyed versions of the same mold. It’s unusual to have a sleep eyed version of this sitting all bisque doll with molded clothes. Her quality, detail, shape of her brow and one curved arm suggest Kestner. However without an old catalog showing this exact doll one I not say the company for sure. So to sum it up, she’s German, all bisque, molded clothes, sitting and of very fine quality with hard to find sleep eyes! Most likely a Kestner. Thanks Fritzi

1 P.O. Box 283, New Concord, OH 43762 740-607-8157 •



Call or visit my website for additional dolls and more detailed descriptions.


1. 18” LENCI 1500 SERIES GIRL, BOXED - Lenci label attached to front of dress. Original mohair wig in braids, cloth torso with disk-jointed felt arms and legs. Totally original clothing; doll carries yellow plush duckling. Unplayed-with in original box. A scarce scowling child in a colorful felt dress typical of the Lenci factory. $1950 2. 13” K * R 114 - Rare painted brown eyes, antique mohair wig, jointed wood and composition pink K * R body. Ethnic style clothing, antique underclothing, socks and black oilcloth shoes. Few minor wig pulls, with two longer ones at right rear crown, light wear on body, lower arms and hands touched-up. An appealing cabinet size of the popular pouty character, with rare brown eyes. $2650 3. 21” GEBRUDER HEUBACH 7246 - Set blue eyes, replaced mohair wig, jointed wood and composition Handwerck body. Antique blue gingham dress with cross stitch embroidery trim on skirt, antique underclothing, socks and blue keystone shoes. Few minor wig pulls, tiny inherent flaw at end of number near crown. A wonderful scarce glass-eyed character in a nice large size with the appeal typical of Heubach. $2750 4. SUPER UV BLACK LIGHTS - An extraordinary black light that can be used in regular lighting!! No more crawling under tables or trying to find a dark area to black light a doll when at a show or an auction!! Fits in the palm of your hand or in your purse; uses three triple A batteries. To be used on the outside of a doll head to show cracks and hairlines; shows repaint on cloth and composition. PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. $49.95


The Special and Rare Dolls of

Martha Chase T

by Bernice Millman

o recount a history of Martha Jencks Chase’s career would be redundant. This illustrious doll maker has been celebrated in many excellent published books and magazine articles. Her factory in Rhode Island turned out hundreds upon hundreds of cookie cutter like dolls. The charm and workmanship of these dolls is not to be discounted, however, examples of these are easily found today. Throughout the years of production many special dolls were created at her factory. These offerings are outstanding for their rarity, uniqueness and appeal.


A difficult example to locate is the size referred to as 00. This child measures a mere 8” in height. Lore regarding the creation of this doll tells us that Martha Chase was active in community service and gave herself freely to helping others. At one juncture of her life she volunteered to teach sewing classes to young girls at the nearby Church Hill School. She gave instructions to her pupils for creating this wee doll as a classroom project. This doll is a perfect miniature duplication of Martha’s larger dolls. A sateen covered body with stitched shoulders, hips, elbow and knee joints, painted arms and legs and even separately applied ears and thumbs are features difficult to imagine in a doll so tiny. After the dolls were sewn by the students, they were sent to the Chase factory for painting and finishing. A lovely and generous gesture on the part of Mrs. Chase was the return of each doll to its small makers. To quote Marjorie Bradshaw in her book The Doll House, “I met a woman, now 90 years old, who was one of her (Martha Chase’s) pupils. She was delighted to see my doll because hers had disappeared many years ago.”



Chase made several dolls based on American, literary, and historical figures. Her representation of George Washington created in 1921 (and possibly earlier) was the most impressive and I think the most expensive doll that Chase made for mass distribution. The cost was the whopping sum of $25.00. George was only made in one size, 24”. This doll is a true portrait of The Father of Our Country. His face bears a stern expression but behind those blue eyes and slightly smiling lips, there is serenity in his gaze. White hair in the usual heavily painted impasto style is very bouffant and features side-burns ending in a queue (or pigtail). His sateen and muslin body has fully jointed and painted limbs with elbow and knee areas stitched across for flexibility. His large hands are beautifully molded. A paper label firmly attached to his back identifies him as a Chase. This oneof-a-kind example wears clothing different from the often found blue and gold costume of other issues. Each impeccable item of clothing is made of ecru cotton or woolen fabric. From his black felt tri-cornered hat to his shirt with its lace jabot and cuffs to the woolen vest with matching knee length trousers, brass buttoned jacket and his high-heeled slippers, George is elegantly dressed in authentic colonial attire. His clothing is believed to be the only outfit made in these colors. Martha Chase made this doll as a gift to her grandson, Julian C. Chase Jr. According to the provenance that accompanies the doll he never left the Chase family and was passed down for decades from one generation to the next.

Below: Rarely seen is this diminutive 8 inch child by Martha Chase. All the details of the larger dolls in a small package. Left: A 24 inch George Wasington comes from the Chase family and is the only known example in this costume.

The impressive Chase Mammy doll measures 27” tall. Three black Chase girls measure 17”, 16 1/2”, and 13 “ tall and show a variety of paint and modeling.

He was most recently owned by Thomas B. Chase. George came packed in a tan cardboard box bearing a label that reads: CHASE STOCKINET DOLL Style, Size, Color. No written words fill the gaps on the box ends. He has not been fully undressed so body marks other then the label are not known. George was recently sold at auction and is now in a notable private collection.

Mammy wears an original nursemaidtype dress. Her young charges have strongly molded features.


What was the inspiration behind Martha Chase’s design of a black Mammy doll? Was the creation of this Mammy and her Pickaninnies meant as a tribute to a beloved family servant and her children or was it her interpretation of a character out of the writings of the author, Joel Chandler Harris (1848-1908)? This impressive 27” Mammy doll was made around 1921 and is indeed a rare find. Her artistically painted ethnic features display a wide grin. A black wig made of rough woolen cloth that resembles fur (but is still washable) sets her apart from the usual painted hair Chase dolls. Her brown sateen body with matching painted and fully jointed limbs is meant to be barefoot. Simple cotton clothing covered with an apron and wearing a bandanna on her head is appropriate for her station as a woman of servitude. The boy and girl Pickaninnies feature dark complexions and black rough woolen wigs that match Mammy’s. Brightly painted red lips smile a friendly welcome. Their cotton clothing is simply constructed. Several other equally rare, black children were issued by the Chase Doll House, some with ethnic features and some black versions of her typical stockinette dolls.



A bright red mohair wig covers her head. Comic facial features include a broad pink tipped nose, a wide slash of No words written about Chase dolls would be complete mouth, dimples, double chin and highly rouged cheeks. without mentioning the rarest of the rare, the surreal The Duchess wears a colorful costume consisting of a coat characters of the Alice in Wonderland group. A small Chase with bell shaped sleeves, worn over a dress. Her “V” shaped pamphlet gives a simple explanation of these dolls as the cardboard crown has a net veil. Black oil cloth shoes are tied factory described them. This grouping originated in the early on with twill tape at her ankles. 1900’s and continued to be distributed for many years. The Possibly the most difficult character to execute in the “Alice” group was based on the book by Louis Carroll and created in series is the 12.5” Frog Footman. His molded and painted head the image of the books illustrator, Sir John Tenniel. Who could features bulging eyes, a large snout and small frog like mouth, possibly have known the importance this set of dolls would attesting to his amphibian origin. His face, shoulders and hands assume? are painted green with grey painted swirls, lines and dots Obviously the Alice in Wonderland group was meant for accenting his frog-like skin. His wig extends into a pony tail and mass distribution. Why else were they advertised in the Chase is tied with ribbon at the back. His sateen body, made in human pamphlet? There is a price range for the dolls. It is apparent form, is dressed in pants, they were meant to be a weskit and cut-away sold as individual items jacket all accented by a as well as complete large bow tie at the neck. sets. Perhaps this might On his feet are found be the answer to the cotton socks and German puzzling question made leather shoes. of why only a few Tweedle Dee and complete sets and a Tweedle Dum, two handful of incomplete characters who could sets are known to exist. be called “Ditto and One complete set is Ditto”, since they are held at the Margaret identical in every way. Woodbury Strong Alice meets these fat little Museum and one other fellows in Chapter IV. is held at the Rosalie They are identified by Whyel Museum of Doll their names embroidered Art. The remaining on the collars of their complete/ incomplete shirts. The dolls look sets are in private very much like naughty collections. school boys. They share I will begin with the the same painted facial largest, character in features that include this series, my favorite, grey-blue eyes, a funny the Mad Hatter. He broad, nose and a slash of is 15” with a painted pink to indicate a mouth. cloth head and sateen Their wigs are made of body. His arms and embroidery floss and legs are jointed at poke out from beneath shoulders and hips twin baseball caps. They and stitch jointed at wear the same outfits the elbow. His legs are consisting of white pants striped cotton, meant that button onto blue to simulate stockings. shirts. Very prominent His wig is yarn and his Characters could be ordered individually or as a set. Few complete sets are shirt collars are exaggerated features known to exist. This pamphlet dates to the early 1920’s, although some of emblazoned with their include painted eyes, these dolls were being manufactured as early as 1905. names Tweedle Dee and heavy brows, a very Tweedle Dum. They share the same style cloth bodies that are prominent nose and a mouth that curves upward in a slight jointed at the shoulders, elbows and hips. Their legs re covered smile. He wears a suit, jacket and a huge bow tie at his neck. in striped cotton to simulate stockings. The most outstanding piece of his clothing, however, is his The heroine of this series is of course, Alice who tumbled oversized top hat made of felt. A cardboard sign tucked into down the rabbit hole and into a land of wonder. Of all the the ribbon band advertises the price of the hat. He wears dolls in this group, she is the simplest in design. At some slipper type shoes. point in time her appearance changed. Several examples that The 13.5 inch Duchess, whose muslin body is stuffed and I believe to be the original version of Alice have a round face heavily padded in the front, is meant to give the impression and child-like features. Her hair is brushed back from her face of an amply built woman. Her head and arms are painted in and is styled with short bangs with an area for Alice’s hair a pink-beige tone but her legs are made of striped cotton to band as well. Her hair is painted a dark shade of blond. Her represent stockings. Both arms and legs are jointed at shoulders dress is appropriate for a little girl and can easily be identified and hips and stitch jointed at elbows.


The Frog Footman, the Duchess, Mad Hatter and the early version of Alice.

as one Alice might wear. I feel this rendering of Alice was later substituted by the Little Nell (the Dickens character) doll. This was done, perhaps, to simplify manufacturing and to cut down on production costs. This more often found Alice has the usual Chase cloth body and stitch jointed limbs. Her lightly textured hair is bright blond, center parted, ending with two braids down her back. Her clothes are fashioned after the character illustrated in the “Alice in Wonderland” book. According to information passed down from the Chase family, Martha used existing dolls heads to create her own molds. This was a secret she never revealed during her lifetime. It was discovered only after the business was closed and dolls’ heads, that had been copied, were found hidden away in her attic. Keeping this in mind, except for Alice, the other character heads in the set could not have been copied from already existing dolls’ heads. It seems doubtful that there were dolls made in those so intricately executed images. I wonder how Martha Chase developed them. Did she find another artist with more capabilities to develop and sculpt them? The creation of Alice and her cohorts leaves no doubt that Martha Chase surpassed her other masterful accomplishments.

The twins – Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.


15” Sairey Gamp is the friendly sort who enjoys a drink now and then. The lovely Little Nell was also used in place of the earlier roundfaced Alice in the Alice in Wonderland series. Wilkins Micawber, based on Dickens’ own father, was known for his optimistic outlook.


Martha must have been an appreciative reader and admirer of Charles Dickens (1812-1870), since she manufactured a series of dolls to represent some of that author’s most beloved characters. One delightful individual appears in the novel “Martin Chusslewit.” She is Sairey Gamp, a woman of ample dimensions and one who loves her liquor. The doll representing her is 15”. Her very round matronly face shows a prominent nose, a wide smiling mouth and rosy cheeks. Sairey had heavily lidded brown eyes (sans painted lashes) brown impasto hair that is center parted and severely pulled back and twisted into a bun at the back. This example wears a simply styled black dress over white lawn drawers and slip. The costume is completed with the addition of a white cotton apron, cotton socks and black and white German shoes. Her body is sateen covered with painted limbs that are stitched jointed at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. She carries the ink stamped Chase logo on her left hip. Another Dickens character, made to represent Wilkins Micawber, is described in the book, David Copperfield “as a “stoutish, middle aged person with a large and shiny bald head.” His painted face is rosy and his broad nose adds dimension to the face as does the slight indentation in his chin. He has applied ears and brown painted eyes that lack the usual heavy lashes. His pink mouth carries just the hint of a smile. Hair styled around his bald pate create wisps of curls,


the same shade of brown as Mrs. Gamps. His costume consists of a pleated white lawn shirt with a high collar that covers his neck. A black tie is held in place by a blue opalescent pin. A handsome tan velvet vest is worn beneath a black woolen jacket with tails and brass buttons. A pair of matching trousers, blue cotton socks and black leather shoes completes his costume. A paper label sewn to his back and a stamped Chase mark on his hip clearly identifies him. A third and well loved Dickens character is Little Nell (Trent) from the book “The Old Curiosity Shop”. Martha’s rendition follows the book’s portrayal describing Nell as a good and angelic girl. The doll is 15” with a sateen body and fully stitch jointed limbs. Her lovely features are painted with a soft and gentle touch. Bright blonde impasto hair, center parted, ends in two braids down her back. She wears simple cotton undergarments and a lace trimmed dress. Her shoes are black leather ballet slippers. As mentioned earlier Little Nell has often been substituted for Alice in the Alice in Wonderful set. I have seen the Dickens characters in variations of these costumes; presumably they were dressed differently during their production years. To this date and to my knowledge, no further Dickens characters created by Mrs. Chase have surfaced. It is pure conjecture, but is it the possible that many of Dickens characters were of such unsavory appearance and repute that Martha felt them unworthy of granting them recognition? Martha Chase continued on page 42

François THEIMER

Expert & French Doll & Toys Historian

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International PRESTIGE Auction

at the Ambassador Hotel - PARIS (France)

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Saturday September 25, 2010 at 1.30 p.m Public view: Saturday: September 25, 2010 from 10 am to 1.30pm

Bébé JUMEAU with character face, mould 211 (1891), sitting on a child armchair by Leopold HURET junior (1867) in front of a rare children’s piano forte by SCHOENHUT. Rare and perfect Louis XVI Men’s Court costume (circa 1785).

Reserve the auction Catalogue: 20 euros Yearly subscription: 55 euros (postage included) Credit card accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD & AMEX Contact: François THEIMER (see above for address.)



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Cartoonist Chic Young


S D A E T S M B U cker’s Comic Strip Family Knickerbo

hough she turns 80 this year, Blondie still doesn’t look a day over 30. Blondie made her debut in cartoonist Chic Young’s classic comic strip in September 1930. But, like other successful comic characters, she didn’t become a real doll until after she found movie stardom. Eight years later, Hollywood produced the first Blondie film, and not long after that box office success, the Knickerbocker Toy and Doll Co. added the Bumstead family to its line of licensed movie character dolls. Blondie’s story, though, begins in the twilight of the Flapper Era. Young’s original concept portrayed her as something of a floozy, a golden-haired gold digger with a collection of wealthy boyfriends. Among this parade of playboys was a particularly dimwitted fellow named Dagwood. Originally, Blondie (she dropped her maiden name, Boopadoop, when she became Mrs. Dagwood Bumstead) was just another flapper comic strip. And without Young’s flash of inspiration, she might soon have disappeared from newspaper pages, as did the then better-known Betty Boop, after the Roarin’ 20s plunged into the Great Depression. The cartoonist realized that to survive, Blondie had to find a new life. It was time for her to get married and settle down with a baby son and a comical hubby, a comic relief that ordinary Americans could relate to in the hard-times ‘30s. As Young re-scripted the Blondie storyline, Dagwood’s father, railroad tycoon J. Bolling Bumstead, disapproved of his son’s marriage and cut him off without a penny. That set the stage for the Bumsteads’ middle class lifestyle. By 1935, Blondie and Dagwood were comic strip stars. And they are still going strong today, at least with many older readers. The strip appears in more than 2,300 newspapers in 55 countries around the world. Its success caught Hollywood’s attention and, in 1938, Columbia Pictures released its first Blondie comedy. In the title role, Columbia cast a good looking blonde starlet, Penny 24

By Don Jensen

Singleton. As Dagwood, the studio chose Arthur Lake, a comic actor who had been born into a circus family. Child actor Larry Simms, now 75 and retired in Thailand, played Baby Dumpling in all the films. For all three, their roles dominated their entire “B” movie careers, which lasted through a dozen years and 28 films, finishing with “Beware of Blondie” in 1950. From Shirley Temple and Jane Withers to Skippy and Snow White, screen success seemed a sure ticket to dolldom. Manufacturers such as Ideal, Effanbee, Madame Alexander and a number of smaller doll making competitors were quick to spot a popular film character and jump in with a doll to match. The Knickerbocker Toy and Doll Co., founded in Brooklyn in 1922 and previously known mostly for teddy bears and stuffed animals, had started to make composition dolls based on popular Hollywood animated characters. Knickerbocker president Leo L. Weiss – later he would change his name to White – moved quickly and cut a licensing deal with Young’s comic strip syndicator, King Features. Soon the company had a Dagwood doll on the market. Knickerbocker never revealed the artist who sculpted the spoton prototype, but stylistically, and because he created three of every four American dolls in the 1930s, a good guess would be the recognized doll master, Bernard Lipfert. Lipfert, or whoever the artist was, truly captured Young’s Dagwood. Knickerbocker’s Brooklyn factory made him as a 14-inch doll with composition hands and a flange head, with molded, painted hair and painted eyes. He has a cloth body, arms and legs, and his brown oil cloth shoes are sewn onto his feet. Dagwood is dressed in black pants and jacket with white shirt and red bow tie. Knickerbocker also produced 9-1/2-inch Baby Dumpling, the Bumstead’s first born, who bears a strong comic resemblance to his “father.” Baby Dumpling got an infant “sister,” Cookie, who first appeared in the comic strip in April 1941. Thereafter, he insisted

upon being called by his given name, Alexander. This dates the tagged Baby Dumpling doll to before that year. Baby Dumpling is all composition, jointed at the neck and shoulders only, with molded shoes, blue shorts with big yellow buttons, and a red trimmed shirt and tie. He has an exaggerated grin and oversized ears, just like dear old Dad. The third doll in Knickerbocker’s set is, of course, Blondie herself. For her, the doll firm took an easy route, choosing an existing fully-jointed, all composition girl doll from its line. She has, of course, a blonde mohair wig, painted blue sideglancing eyes and a closed mouth. Unmarked Blondie is nearly impossible to distinguish from countless similar dolls of the period unless she still has her distinctive horseshoe-shaped hangtag. At 11-inches, she is an attractive and nicely scaled companion to Dagwood and Baby Dumpling.. Knickerbocker never produced a composition Cookie doll, but original hang tags suggest the company did market a version of the family dog, Daisy, but the author has never seen such a doll. Blondie, Dagwood and Baby Dumpling are themselves very rare dolls, suggesting that limited numbers of them originally were

Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake played Chic Young’s comic strip characters Blondie and Dagwood.

sold. A mint set, complete with original boxes and tags, would probably sell today for over $2,000. Knickerbocker’s dollmaking days lasted until 1983, when the firm was sold to Hasbro, which continued using the brand name for a few more years, before selling it to performerdollmaker Marie Osmond. Today the name is owned by her Charisma Brands company. Cartoonist Murad “Chic” Young died in 1973, but under the guiding hand of his son, Dean Young, and a series of talented artists, the Blondie comic strip, after 80 years, lives on. And so, too, do Knickerbocker’s classic Blondie, Dagwood and Baby Dumpling dolls.


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16” Bru Jne Bebe $25,000.

Pair all original Marklin beds 6” long $995.

15-1/4” brass and walnut English longcase clock $395. 9” long, large scale all original walnut bed $795.

3 piece ormolu parlor set $795.

Uncut framed 1910 muslin Christmas stocking - frame 27” x 17” $795. Pair 8-1/4” early childs skates - signed O. Sanford $595.


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Barrois fashion with trunk ad accessories, $9800. Dolls Etc., email: Margaret Benicke holds a pair of Laplander dolls. Email:

Franz Schmidt character, $3975. Ann Lloyd, email:

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Rohmer fashion with wardrobe, $12,500. Karen Rockwell, email: Long face Jumeau, Tore Scelso, email:


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A. Thuillier, marked A 6 T, $55,000. Sandy Kralovetz, email:

Portrait-type marked M1 Germany, $2650. Yvonne Baird, email:

Painting the Roses Red, a recent release by R. John Wright.

28 inch early papier mache with leather body, $4400. Nancy Smith, email:

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A group of chinas includes a KPM Meissen, $5500, Alice type, $6500 and a Kister baby with a tauing body, $4500. Ann Coleman, email:

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13” Lovely Jumeau 0 Fashion Doll, bisque swivel head on kid gusseted body, brown glass eyes, original satin, crushed velvet and lace walking suit and hat, antique slippers, original mohair wig, pierced ears, 13 x 8 ½” Embossed Antique Trunk with original photo on inside lid $2350.00

36” Kestner #142, mohair wig, antique dress, unders, molded eyebrows, brown sleep eyes, original body marked Excelsior, missing middle finger right hand $1695.00 16” K * R 116 on toddler body with celluloid hands, great expression, blue stat eyes, small eyeflake lower right eye, o/c mouth w/ molded teeth $2500 Now $1995.00

27” Simon & Halbig #1009 fabulous smooth bisque and wonderful facial sculpture, original HH wig and body (paint on lower arms & hands as is), antique dress, slip and boots, pierced ears $1000.00

20” Truly fabulous Shirley Temple in Rare “Our Little Girl “ tagged dress, combination, shoes, socks and pin, wig in original set, composition in wonderful condition, small eye chip under right eye $995.00

5 ½” All Bisque #259 “Cupid”, jointed arms & legs $75.00

19” 1892 - 1893 Rare C/M French CTF Cosman & Freres, lovely blue paperweight eyes with shading above eyes, French body professionally repainted lower legs and hands, eye lobe chips professionally repaired, antique dress, unders, shoes, velvet hat and blonde mohair wig $2995.00

4 ¾” #208 C/M All bisque, blonde mohair wig, pink dress & bonnet, jointed arms & legs, brown sleep eyes Sold 5” #208 2 O/M All bisque, brown sleep eyes, brown mohair wig, black slippers, jointed arms & legs $225.00

6 ½” All Bisque jointed arms & legs (left leg repair), molded clothes and hair, painted eyes to the right, adorable $85.00 Now $75.00 4 ½” Pink all bisque, molded hair, painted blue eyes to the right, nicely molded hands & feet $150.00 4 ¾” Frozen Charlotte (left toe chip), molded bow in black hair do, cute face $150.00 Now $125.00 15 ½” Pink Luster Frozen Charlie, great molding on hair and blue eyes, sculptured hands and toenails $725.00

4” #236 All Bisque, blue sleep eyes, dark mohair wig, jointed arms & legs, chip by arm hole $145.00 5 ½” C/M All Bisque w/ painted blue eyes, jointed arms & legs, HH wig, brown slippers, toe as is, cotton dress $80.00 25” O/M Bergman Walterhausen 1916, blue sleep eyes, HH wig $525.00 Now $450.00 12” Maude Tassle Fangle painted face baby, oil cloth body, original dress & bonnet as is, really adorable $450.00 Now $390.00

36” Heinrich Handwerck Simon & Halbig size 7, blue sleep eyes, o/m, mohair wig, pierced ears, antique dress & slip, body marked Heinrich Handwerck $1195.00

16” Gotz Series Sasha “No Nose” Gregor all original in brown corduroy overalls and white shirt, 27” 1890 Armand Marseille #390, original sandals 1 strap as is, hand blue sleep eyes, o/m, smooth painted eyes & face $850.00 bisque, original body w/ repainted hands, HH original wig, antique 16” Rare Sasha Frido 1966 – 68 dress $415.00 with no philtrum, blue hand painted eyes, super full blonde hair, all original blue corduroy dress & pants, blue shoes Call

#850 Mint w/ box, Blonde Bubble cut Barbie, beautiful hair & coloring, original wrist tag (as is), liner, stand, catalog $375.00

25” All Original 1938 Deanna Durbin in tagged rust velvet jacket & wool skirt, HH wig, compo really great, a delightful addition, new pin $725.00 Madame Alexander’s 1965 – 72 20” All Original Deanna mint in box Durbin in tagged floral 8” #798 Tyrolean Girl, bent knee print cotton dress, unders, $65.00 gold strap shoes, HH wig, 8” #799 Tyrolean Boy, bent knee great condition $825.00 walker $65.00 Now $725.00

8” #755 Laurie Little Women , bent knees $65.00

1965 Brownette Bendable Leg Midge mint with box, suit, hair ribbon, stand $595.00 Now $500.00 1965 NRFB American Girl Ash Blond Barbie with box, bendable leg body, wrist tag, suit, catalog, beautiful hair and facial coloring $1695.00 Now $1250.00 #850 Mint w/ box, Ash Blonde Bubble cut Barbie, beautiful hair & coloring, original liner, stand, catalog $325.00 #1160 Twist N’ Turn Red Head, 1966, great facial coloring, eyelashes & hair $475.00 Black Francie in original swim suit, beautiful hair, makeup and facial coloring $995.00 #1588 Sears Exclusive 1970 P.J. Swingin In Silver Giftset - silver coat & boots with white fur trim, pink dress with silver skirt $475.00

8” Betsy McCall all original Bride with veil stapled on original hair clip, bouquet, shoes, slip & panties $175.00 Red hair Jill tagged pajamas and robe, original heart earrings, blue eyes, great coloring $95.00 #9208 Little Miss Revlon tagged pedal pusher outfit, blonde hair, original earrings, shoes & stockings $95.00 #87 1940’s Bridesmaid NASB doll Pudgy Tummy, jointed arms & legs, all original, missing hat $165.00

Comic Strip “Pillow” Dolls from the 20’s period: 13 ½” Skeezix by King $75.00 Now $35.00 12 ½” Rare Chester Gump by Sidney Smith $65.00 26” Uncle Walt by King, patt applied for 1923 $55.00

Book - Take Me Home by Dare Wright, copyright 1965 by Random House, fabulous photos and story $75.00

18” Ideal Howdy Doody, hard plastic head, 1953-58, cloth body, moving eyes, scarf & boots missing & string for mouth, original shirt & pants $175.00 Now $120.00 11 ½” Composition Charlie McCarthy molded paint as is $55.00 15” Effanbee all original Charlie McCarthy, compo head, hands & feet, cloth body, some soil on jacket & shirt, original Effanbee pin and monical (no hat) $235.00 19 ½” Effanbee Charlie McCarthy compo head, hands & feet, cloth body, no hat or cummerbund, has monocle, slight craze on nose $250.00

20” Hard Plastic head, cloth body, felt shirt, original scarf, moving eyes, 1953-55, Ideal Howdy Doody $195.00 Now $150.00

7” Little Betty composition, painted eyes to the right, mohair original red wig, bride dress and bouquet, slip & undies, no veil $225.00 Now $190.00 6” Effanbee composition painted blue eyes, brown mohair wig, all original “Fairy Princess” $175.00 Now $150.00

16” Howdy Doody Puppet, compo head, feet & hands, all original with boots & scarf, needs restringing $125.00 Now $99.00 13” Molded vinyl Howdy Doody, small split by right hand $22.50 20” Emmett Kelly coat tagged ‘Baby Berry NYC, all original (pants faded and no patches), original clothes pin tie clasp, shoe string tie and hat $70.00

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16 ½” 1930 Little Lulu all original dress, beanie, hair & unders, some repaint on face $175.00 23” Sterling Co. compo head, painted wonderful molded features, Johnny “Call for Phillip Morris”, velvet body and oil cloth shoes, slight repair on back of jacket $125.00


by Penny Hadfield


his project has been such fun! I really have enjoyed this opportunity to pick out favorites from my collection, photograph them and share them with other doll lovers. So many collectors turn to the little all bisque dolls only when they have run out of room for any more large dolls…by contrast, I started off loving the little ones…at least that is my excuse for having so many of them now! You might think that I have photographed every doll I have…not so… many of them are feeling insulted and neglected because they were not included, but to include them all would require a book! I really enjoy finding dolls with similar characteristics and trying to figure out the relationships and who made them. Sometimes

1 1 – A Factory Original Pair of Kestner 178 Toddlers - These are 7” darling rosy cheeked toddlers in their wonderful factory original detailed outfits. They have swivel necks, plaster pates, sleep eyes (hers are blue, his dark brown), brushed brows and great open/closed mouths with 2 molded lower teeth and tongues behind. The heads are marked “178 / 1.”. I had to carefully remove all their clothes to restring these, but that was many years ago, and I did not note markings on other body parts. Their arm positions are interesting with the sharply bent right arm and almost straight left. I remember that they have beautifully molded bare feet. 2 – A Mystery Toddler – This 9” toddler is marked ‘203 / 7’ on his head and ‘7’ on his arms. His leg joints are kid lined and I partially peeled back one but found no mark. His legs look identical to those found on my pair of Kestner ‘178’ twins (picture 1), with great fat creases, knee caps, and beautifully modeled feet. His arms are quite similar also, although the left arm is bent more than the right… the reverse of the pair. Could this be a doll made by Kestner for Catterfelder Puppenfabrik? The eyebrows are not typical of Kestner but the dimple in the chin sure is. He has dark brown sleep eyes and an open/closed mouth with molded tongue. His thick blond mohair wig is on a gauze cap over a cardboard pate. Love to hear other ideas!


3 – 3 Early Kestner Babies. These are essentially 3 different sizes of the same early Kestner baby, but the hefty big 13” edition uses the odd early stringing method displayed in the baby in picture #16 of Part 1. The arms and legs are connected with elastic cord through smooth tubular channels inside the body. It 3 had to have complicated the molding process incredibly! Genevieve Angione calls this baby the “13 mold infant”. Jan Foulke calls the whole doll a “work of art” in her book on the Kestner firm (pictured nude on page 219). He is just that! Starting at the top, his hair is a bright golden blond full of soft curls with fine comb marks. His eyes are gorgeous…they are bright glossy cobalt blue with incised lines surrounding the iris and the pupil…making them very intense. The upper lids are sharply molded and black lash lines follow the edge with red lid lines above. His mouth has a protruding upper lip and is painted coral red with a dark center line…a dimple is centered on his chin. His hands and feet are both very finely modeled with super detail even on the palms and soles of his feet…all digits show nails and dimples. He is marked only with a size ‘10’ on his legs and arms. The two smaller versions are 3” and 5-1/2”…both are brass wire jointed and have layers of exquisite clothing. The 3” doll has very dark hair and features, and has both hands molded in fists, while the 5-1/2” one is quite soft in her coloring and has her right hand in a fist and the left one open. So typical of Kestner…they use these closed fists in any combination! 33

4 – Kestner Baby with Jointed Animals. This factory original lovely baby is later than those shown in picture #3 and this version was also made in many sizes. This doll is 7-3/4” tall and she seems quite heavy for her size. I love the modeling and painting of her open/closed mouth…it shows a pale lower gum line and a dark red upper interior. Her blue intaglio eyes have fine red lid lines. Her plump cheeks are very rosy and she has a pronounced double chin with a dimple. Her large ears are well defined. There is no mark on her head or torso, but on the inside joint of her legs she is marked ‘10 J (or P). / 8.’ Her arms are marked ‘8’. She wears a luxurious factory outfit with rows of lace and blue silk ribbon trim. She holds a 2-1/4” Hertwig dressed in original net and blue ribbon. Vying for her attention are 3 wire jointed bisque animals…2 dogs and a cat! The cat and white dog are both 2” long and have their tails molded up on top of their backs…a bit odd for a cat! The bulldog is 2-1/2”, earlier, and shows much more detail with a darker muzzle and many typical bulldog wrinkles painted on his face…and his jowls are actually molded! I think all of these animals were probably made by Hertwig.


I think I have really determined the maker, but other times, it is just wild speculation. This is the case with the dolls in pictures #1 and #2. Kestner made the first pair, but who made the other…so similar, and yet not! It is also interesting to see the wide range of sizes that a maker used as in picture #3 – the Kestner babies from huge down to tiny! One of the fun aspects of collecting small dolls is the fact there are oodles of wonderful doll house sized pets and accessories that can be used in displaying them. These can be another fun pursuit and can make your doll displays much more interesting than just lining up dolls on shelves. I use furniture items and/or little braided rugs to group dolls and they can sit (if they do so well) and play with little bisque, fur


5 – Tiny Kestner Baby with Toys – This 4-1/2” Kestner baby took my fancy because of her wonderful embroidered net outfit and quilted bib. She has the same open/closed mouth as the one in picture #4 with a lower light line to appear as toothy gums. She holds a pair of 1-1/4” Carl Horn babies in crocheted dresses and bonnets in their original bunting. An Italian segmented wooden duck stares with interest into the tiny splint cradle holding a 1-1/8” immobile bisque also dressed in embroidered net.

6 – Kestner 150. This is an 8-1/2” version of one of the most popular and easy to find all bisque dolls – the Kestner 150 mold. She was made in every size up to 12”. I have larger and smaller versions, but this one is my favorite. She is undoubtedly a lovely child, with pretty coloring, blond wig, brown sleep eyes, and four upper teeth. Her head is marked ‘150 /3’…arms and legs have matching numbers. She has blue shirred stockings…they also were done in pink and lavender. She keeps her old brown velvet Teddy close at hand. She is not unusual, but she is unusually nice and original.

6 34

7 – Kestner 150 in Original Box. This is a factory original and totally lovely 5” example of the perfect German child…plump, pretty and very healthy looking. This is a closed mouth version of the 150 mold. As I have mentioned before, this 150 mold is very plentiful and easily found, so look for a nice example. This was a luxury model with brown sleep eyes, fine lashes, nicely brushed eyebrows, plaster pate under a gauze cap, and a very full blond mohair wig. Her tiny outfit is exquisitely made with one piece underwear, tucked petticoat, and tucked organdy dress…all with matching lace and pink silk ribbons. Her head is marked ‘150 3/0’. Her body is hidden, but I would expect all parts to be marked at least ‘5/0’, her legs most likely the same as her head. The box lid has a paper label with the crown and streamers ‘J.D.K. Germany’, and ‘Biscuit Babies’, ‘Made in Germany 1/12 Dz. 357/1179Z No. 3/0’. 7

8 – Young Girl with Blue Bows. This 7” child may look like your ordinary girl with blue hair bows, but she is earlier and quite different. Notice how square and solid her face is…she a sober and thoughtful child! She is big and heavy, wire jointed and marked only with a ‘6’ on her back. Her blue bows are larger on the left than the right. Her arms are large, long, and quite straight with detailed hands with long fingers. Her stocky legs have low white molded socks with an unusual texture and blue slippers with straps that “button” at the top. Her flattering dress appears to be made from a very fancy and delicate hankie.



9 – Two Girls with Blue Bows. On the left is a 7” Kestner character child marked on her back ‘168 6’ and ‘Germany’. She is related to the ‘155’ and ‘156’ character faces that Kestner made, and she wears the same brown one-strap flat maryjanes that the others wear. Her arms and legs are loop strung and marked ‘155 6’. This was typical of Kestner to use the same limbs on several models. She is distinguished by her hair, which is braided and tied up on both sides with blue bows (larger on her left side)…the back of her head shows a part and two little curls at the nape. She has a painted open mouth in a slight smile and side glancing blue intaglio eyes, black lash lines and red lid lines. Her arms are pretty with graceful flared hands showing the traditional raised fingers (forefinger and pinky). Her little 2-1/4” wire jointed ‘doll’ also has two blue bows…she was made by Hertwig. The 6-1/8” sober child on the right is one of those oddities…I have never seen another one like her! She has a swivel neck but it has a flat base with a bottom loop for stringing…she is marked ‘569/3’ on the neck. Her hands show more detail than Kestner generally used…perhaps a later S & H? Her light blond hair is nicely molded with curls all around, tied back with same sized bows on both sides. Her small closed mouth has a dark red straight center line. Her blue eyes have black pupils, lash, and lid lines, and single stroke brown brows. She wears an airy dress of net and lace over the palest blue cotton. 11 – 5-3/4” Kestner “Max”. This charming little fellow is amazingly heavy for his size… probably because of his large head. And what a wonderful head it is…a watermelon mouth, fat rosy cheeks, side glancing blue eyes with highlight dots and molded lid lines, arched brows and that crazy glossy brown hair with brushed bangs. He was carefully designed and is so well balanced that he stands alone. The parts are unique to this doll…two different arms… right with only a separate thumb, the left a starfish type, and legs with no socks and big brown flat-bottom shoes with tan soles. Arms and legs are all marked ‘2/0’…there are no marks on the head or body. There are pictures in a Kestner catalog from the 1930’s showing another variation with molded clothes. His crocheted outfit appears to be original.

10 10 – 3 Gebruder Heubach Children. There are no markings on any of these wonderful children… I wonder why they didn’t mark their all bisque dolls? On the left is a very rare 8” boy… he is not pictured in the Richter Heubach book. He has an adorable expression and the typical Heubach hands and feet. The 6” girl in front, with three aqua bows in her hair, wears her original dress, as does the 9” “Coquette” on the right. All three of these have stiff necks and loop strung jointed arms and legs. The two girls wear factory outfits…the boy’s clothes are suitable but not original. The girls can be found with different colors of hair ribbons.


and wood toys…such as those in pictures #4, 5, 12, 13. In collecting these little dolls, I have always sought to keep the best examples I can…looking for original clothes in nice condition, original wigs, and dolls in generally good condition with 35

12 – Googlies! Left: A 5-1/2” Kewpie-type, marked ‘Germany 11 040’, legs ‘040’. This sweetie has nicely molded hair that comes to a cute peak, and blue eye ‘whites’ with highlight dots. Middle Left: 4-3/8” Kestner 179 with a darling original outfit including a silk lined straw hat…I was hooked by her red striped socks! Middle Right: Another Kestner, 5-1/2” tall, legs marked ‘179 2/0’ but no other marks on body. Far Right: 4-3/4” glass-eyed Kestner with a swivel neck…her head is marked ‘180’ and her legs ‘179 4/0’. All going to prove what is seen over and over again…Kestner and other companies too, I’m sure, used legs and arms on several similar dolls…a practical measure! Their little toys are 1” tall Hertwig animals…quite art-deco with their polka dots…they are faintly impressed ‘Germany” and have #s that are un-readable.


nice quality bisque and finely painted details. I am just as fond of painted eyes as glass, and I think that sometimes they are preferable as the glass eyes are sometimes not very realistic looking…being too large to be in scale. I know for many collectors the fun of small dolls is in making clothes for them…easy to take with you and not requiring much in the way of materials…just nimble fingers (which I am now lacking!) The doll in picture #8 illustrates a lovely dress apparently made from a very fancy and delicate hankie.

13 – Limbach Babies. On the left is a 7-1/2” laughing baby with an open/closed mouth showing his tongue and 2 painted teeth. He is nicely molded with great ears, different arms…similar to the other 2 shown here, and extending wisps of hair, but his bisque is rather glossy and his forehead has been rubbed a lot…he was probably loved to this condition! His eyes show the same tiny highlight dots as the big baby. He is marked on his back ‘11439 / 3’…there is no clover mark as on the other 2. He may just be a later model as his number is higher. The big boy in the middle is 10” tall and has a soft expression with a pleasant smile. He also has an open/closed mouth with molded tongue. His hair is lightly molded with gentle curls and waves around his face. The focus of his face are his unusual eyes…the irises are intaglio, gray/green, and have tiny white highlight dots at the very top of the pupil…definitely makes him appear to be looking up at you! The molding around his eyes is nice too with deep puffy lower lids…he looks quite real! He is marked on his back ‘9028 / 1’ and beneath that is the 3-leafed clover that Limbach used. On the right is a 6-1/2” swivel neck version…the head is attached with a loop at the bottom of the neck. As you can see, this baby has a smooth round opening in his mouth…for a bottle I assume. The face is very similar to the larger version but the eyes are not intaglio and do not have the highlight dots. This one is marked ‘9027 / 4’ on his head and limbs, and ‘Germany / 9027’ followed by the cloverleaf on his back. All three are elastic loop strung, and all three display the same arms…the right hand flares outward at the wrist while the left hand turns gracefully inward. Nails are delineated on all and the only real difference in the hands is seen on the left-hand baby (probably later than the other two)…his thumbs are not as free as the other two. They each enjoy their own toys…a 2-3/8” Hertwig jester, a 3-1/2” fully jointed glasseyed German celluloid tabby cat, and a 2-5/8” immobile bisque Kestner in a striped sailor suit with a metal anchor.

13 14 – Kicking Kewpie. I can’t imagine any doll collection not having at least one Kewpie in it! This little “action” Kewpie is my favorite! She just has such a carefree way about her…loves tumbling about on her mini sheepskin rug! She is 4-1/4” long and is marked ‘3318’ on her back above a small drain hole…all hidden under her old peach satin bloomers and skirt. There is of course an incredible variety of Kewpies…enough to keep any collector busy if that was all they cared to collect! 36



15 – Character Toddlers. Left: A happy 5-1/2” Kestner googly with starfish hands. Legs are marked ‘538 /4-1/2 / 0’, arms and back are marked ‘4-1/2 / 0’. He has a great little body with blushing on tummy, knees, and fingers, rumpled white socks and tan mary janes. He wears a great little blue romper and matching cap. He is similar to a stiff-legged version pictured in the 1930s Kestner catalog. Middle: The object of much derision…a squalling toddler in his great old tin bath tub…most unhappy! He is 3-1/2” tall seated. He has no marks, but is perhaps by Heubach…his hands are molded in their fashion. Right: This is the 5-1/2” un-jointed Kestner “Peterkin”…a chubby toddler in his Dr. Denton PJs with 5 molded buttons down the back. He is unmarked, but in the 1930s catalog he is number 195.

16 16 – Character Babies – On the left is another one of those dolls I have never seen before in this glass eyed version…I also have one with painted eyes. It looks like a Bye-Lo copycat but the face is entirely different when you really look closely…the face is heartshaped, not square like the Bye-Lo baby, and the eyes are a bit larger, though still quite small…they are blue and sleep. She is 5” tall. The head is marked ‘835 / 4’, the arms ‘830’, and the legs ‘830 / 4’…this connects her with the more commonly found ‘830’ baby, and with the familiar Kestner hands and feet. In the middle is the always sweet Bye-Lo Baby…this one is 4-3/4” with a swivel neck, brown sleep eyes and a fabulous original and very detailed outfit. Her flange neck is impressed in front ‘12’…her size in centimeters. On the right is my favorite little baby…Tynie Baby! She was designed by Bernard Lipfert for E.I. Horsman in 1924. She is 5-3/4” tall with an absolutely adorable body…just can’t cover it up! She is the wigged version (there is also a solid dome version with molded hair) and she has tiny blue sleep eyes, and super fat cheeks. The small mouth has a dark red fine center line that turns down a bit at the corners, giving her a slightly unhappy look! The arms and legs are very distinctive with blushing on the hands and elbows, knees and feet, tush and around her belly button. Her head is marked ‘©1924 by / E.I. Horsman Inc / 41’. Body is marked ‘Germany’. Arms and legs are all marked ‘35’…why the difference? They are correct.

Character all bisque dolls are of special interest to me, but are few in numbers, probably for the same reason as their larger doll counterparts…the children didn’t seem to like them…they wanted pretty little girls to play with! So dolls like the Gebruder Heubach children in picture #10, and the Kestner “Max” in picture #11, are rare and hard to find…but worth the search…they are great! Their faces are interesting and the modeling is wonderful! The little googly eyed dolls are many and diverse…from the Campbell Kid type faces to Kewpie…you could make an entire collection of nothing but googly eyes or side glancing dolls and

17 17 – Wee Ones – On the left is a peg jointed 2-7/8” Simon & Halbig baby, with a rather awkward body with long arms and legs…but a sweet little face! I had two of these and sold one – it was marked 874 4/0’. In the middle is the 3” adorable toddler known as ‘The Thumbsucker’, as his two thumbs are molded separately and the left almost fits into his mouth. He has elastic strung arms and un-jointed legs. He wears his factory original romper. He is marked ‘Germany’ down his back. On the right is a rather funny looking (but very cute) 3” baby, wire strung, and marked ‘Germany’ across his shoulders. His face has great molding with fine features and tiny little blue eyes. His rather elongated head has delicate brush stroked blond hair. The belly is fat, the legs skinny, and both hands are nicely molded with clenched fists with long fingers…really well done and quite realistic on a mini scale! 18 – Black Babies, Cats & Mouse. On the left is a 5” painted bisque baby of very nice quality, well finished and with a pointing forefinger, marked ‘Made in Japan’. On the right is another 5” Japanese baby with unusual textured hair made of grout (like the “Snow Babies”). He is oblivious to all the action! In between is a pair of German pot metal googly cats…and on the far right is a delicate 1-1/2” bisque mouse made by Kling… the cause of all those shifting eyes!


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1. Another rare wonder from the world of Heubach - totally adorable laughing little mechanical boy - mold # 7664 - solid dome pink bisque head w/ mold locks of hair - deep blue intaglio eyes - open/closed laughing mouth w/ two molded lower teeth - wind him up and he waddles across the floor just like a little baby - excellent working condition - all original - 8” tall - $1,495. 2. Desirable and very unusual biscaloid young lad - we don’t know who made him so he’s somewhat of a mystery but a very handsome one - well detailed and finely molded head w/ side parted blonde hair - wondrous hand painted facial features w/ fawn shaded brows over heather blue glass eyes - closed very pouty mouth w/soft rose shading - original fully jointed German compo body - 15” tall - $995. 3. We always bring you the very best unique and most original dolls - look what we found for you this month extremely rare wax over papier mache Motschmann “Alice In Wonderland” - wonderful all original condition with blond molded hair pulled away from her face - held back with a black band - early deep dark paperweight eyes - exceptionally well detailed female Motschmann body - jointed ankles and wrists - wonderful all original condition - 18” tall - $2,495. 4. Wonderful large size covered wagon China w/ those always desirable chestnut brown eyes - she has a delightful pink luster tint and utterly amazing hand painted facial features - well rounded face w/ such a secret little smile - lovely old hand made body - 27” tall - $1,995. 5. Wonderful petite shelf size “Peter” by Kammer & Reinhardt (mold#101) - soft as butter bisque w/ first out of the mold quality - wondrous hand painted facial features w/ soft arched brows over icelandic blue eyes - that always desirable closed pouty mouth w/ soft amber shading - original mohair wig - original fully jointed Kammer & Reinhardt body - 12” tall - $2,995. Ou-oh-h-h - we found a hairline in the back of the head - s-o-o-o-o - this wonderful lad is only $1,500. 6. Wonderful very early compo Oriental young lad that appears to be a little angry - a truly wonderful face w/ great detail & well modeled features - lovely hand painted facial features w/ exaggerated eyebrows over very dark paperweight eyes - closed pouty mouth w/ soft rose shading - solid done head w/ mohair cue - original clothes - straw filled body w. comp arms & legs - 16” tall - $795. 7. Just as precious as she can be is this all bisque Googlie - mold #299 - pristine high quality bisque w/ wondrous hand painted facial features - exaggerated arched brows over enormous heather blue glass eye - that always desirable watermelon smile - five piece all bisque body w/ black Mary Jane shoes - swivel neck - 5” tall - $1,295. 8. Extremely rare and always desirable mid-period “EJ” Jumeau - wonderful early face with applied ears - soft as butter bisque - with first out of the mold quality - breathtakingly beautiful hand painted facial features - with soft arched feathered brows - over early dark outlined almond shaped eyes - enormous heather blue paperweight eyes with that soft hue of mauve eye shadow that is so easy to get lost in - closed slightly smiling mouth with that always desirable pouty upper lip and soft amber shading - fully marked early straight wrist Jumeau body - 29” tall - $12,500. 9. Wonderful brown bisque Kammer and Reinhardt # 126 toddler - beautiful light cocoa colored bisque - w/ wondrous hand painted facial features - lovely dark arched feathered brows over wistful lashes surrounding chestnut brown sleep eyes - open laughing mouth with treble tongue - and soft amber shaded lips - extremely rare fully jointed toddler body - 20” tall - $2,995. 10. Extremely rare & wonderful French art deco boudoir doll - exceptional pale white mask face w/ wondrous hand painted facial features - sad & forlorn but such a wonderful face - early straw filled body - all original - 25” tall - $995. 11. Another lovely French Bebé this one is by S.F.B.J. mold #301 - excellent high quality hand poured French bisque w/ wondrous hand painted facial features - soft arched feathered brows over enormous azure blue sleep eyes w/ human hair upper lashes - open smiling mouth w/ soft amber shading - original fully jointed french body - 23” tall - $995. 12. Wonderful Chase character boy of superior quality - excellent original facial painting w/ a very unique round face wondrous chestnut brown eyes - original clothes - 19” tall - $995. 13. Another wonderful dark eyed French beauty from the amazing world of Jumeau - lovely size 12 open mouth Tete - pristine hand poured French bisque w/ superior quality hand painted facial features - soft arched feathered brows over enormous chestnut brown sleep eyes (original signed Jumeau eyes ) - slightly open smiling mouth w/ soft amber shading - upper bisque teeth - applied ears - original Jumeau body - 27” tall - $3,495. 14. Rare & wonderful lovely round faced Jumeau Pope fashion from the mid - period - wondrous hand poured pale French bisque w/ artist quality hand painted facial features - soft arched feathered brows over wistful lashes surrounding enormous heather blue paperweight eyes - outlined closed pert pouty mouth w/ soft amber shading - wonderful early original firm erect body - 16” tall - $4,295. 15. Extremely rare - never ever found - black Rollinson young lad - from Holyoke, MA - exceptionally beautiful hand painted facial features with heavy layered hair - enormous dark hazel eyes - closed somewhat pouty mouth with soft cherry shading - exceptional all original condition - 16” $4,495. 16. Well - talk about something rare & special - take a look at this somewhat amazing Skookum’s baby - in twenty plus years - this is the very first one of this type that we have ever found - we did have one very similar in a papoose this one however is smaller and actually has the look of a bye-lo baby - I’m quite sure they did that because of the popularity of the bye-lo compo head w/ hand painted facial features - side glancing eyes - pouty closed mouth compo hands - cloth body - adorable - 11” tall - $995. 17. Rare & wonderful as she can be is this exceptionally beautiful “Miss Curity” - near mint condition w/ great compo gorgeous blue sleep eyes w/ that always desirable eye shadow - original tagged clothes - breathtaking - 20” tall - this one is twin sister to the one we had last month - breathtaking - $995. 18. Another rare beauty from the wonderful world of Jumeau - this lovely open mouth Tete has the biggest eyes in the universe - wow - hand poured French bisque w/ wondrous hand painted facial features - soft arched feathered brows over enormous heather blue paperweight eyes - slightly open smiling mouth w/ soft amber shading - original fully jointed Jumeau body - 23” tall - $2,995. 19. Well do we know cute - look at that adorable face - this lovely Edwardian young lad is a Judda character child by Cuno & Otto Dressel - soft as butter bisque w/ first out of the mold quality - wondrous hand painted facial features w/ soft arched feathered brows over heather blue sleep eyes - open laughing mouth w/ two upper teeth - to make him all the more delightful he’s on a fully jointed toddler body - just precious - 28” tall - $1,495. 20. Another very handsome brown bisque young lad - this one by Schoenau & Hoffmeister - lovely dark cocoa brown bisque with exceptional hand painted facial features - feathered brows over wistful lashes surrounding dark chestnut brown eyes - slightly open mouth with soft amber shading - original early fully jointed straight wrist body. 17” tall $1,495. 21. Wonderful early closed mouth #949 character by Simon & Halbig - exceptional bisque w/ that ever present first out of the mold quality - wondrous hand painted facial features w/ soft arched feathered brows over exceptional heather blue spiral treaded paperweight eyes surrounded by that early dark outline - closed exaggerated pouty mouth w/ that look we dearly love - soft rose shaded lips - original fully jointed early straight wrist body - breathtaking beautiful - 16” tall - $2,995. 22. Wonderful rare pair of the seldom found Belton character Indians by Bahr & Proschild - mold#244 - even though they are the same mold number - please notice the unique difference in the two faces - she has a much rounder face & a truly different face w/ a slight difference in color - soft as butter bisque w/ first out of the mold quality - wondrous hand painted facial features w/ soft arched feathered brows over chestnut brown paperweight eyes - closed pouty mouth w/ just a hint of amber shading - both are in all original condition - he’s 15” tall - $1,995. She’s 13” tall - $1,795. Better price for the pair 23. Here’s even more cuteness - all original set of Dionne Quints by Alexander - original tagged clothes - excellent compo - original pins in a factor original very rare to find scooter with the Quints’ names - each Quint is 7” - entire scooter is 17” long - $2,995. 24. Extremely rare and ever so beautiful early Jumeau portrait fashion Poupee with rare to find early bisque hands exceptionally high quality flawless bisque with amazing hand painted facial features - soft arched feathered brows over early dark outlined almond shaped eyes - spectacular spiral threaded heather blue paperweight eyes - closed slightly pouty mouth with outlined twice shaded lips - original Jumeau body with well detailed lower bisque arms - 22” tall $8,500. 25. Just as rare & wonderful as he can be is this cute as a button compo character boy - notice how he looks exactly like the Kammer & Reinhardt - mold #100 - the little Kaiser boy - very early compo on cotton stuffed body w/ compo hands - 16” tall - $795.















26. Wonderful open mouth “Dep” by Jumeau in a rarely found large size - pristine hand poured French bisque with just a hint of dewey patina - lovely hand painted facial features with soft arched feathered brows over enormous heather blue sleep eyes w/human hair upper lashes - slightly open mouth w/ soft amber shading - original Jumeau body - 28” tall $2,295. 27. Just as precious as she can be is this ever so sweet shelf size Belton w/ the most adorable French face soft as butter bisque w/ artist quality hand painted facial features - soft arched feathered brows over early dark outlined heather blue paperweight eyes - closed pert pouty mouth w/ soft rose shading - original fully jointed compo body w/ straight wrist - 12” tall - $1,995. 28. Wonderful & oh so rare Cloth Character gentleman - exceptional condition - all original - this handsome elderly man is dressed as a Greek monk - wonderful detail to his costume and his character face is just amazing - 19” tall - $995. 29. Just as rare & wonderful as she can be is this very desirable “WD” Bebé - by Wilhelm Dehler - for centuries this was believed to be a French doll because of the amazing high quality of the bisque and the wondrous detail of attention that was paid to the hand painted facial features of every doll - each and every mold was such perfect perfection - soft arched feathered brows over wistful lashes surrounding enormous heather blue paperweight eyes w/ just a hint of glorious eye shadow - closed pert pouty mouth w/ just a slight smile & a soft hint of amber shading - original fully jointed body - rare tiny size - only 11” tall - size 2 - $3,995. 30. Extremely rare - uniquely different laughing Character by Swaine & Company marked BP - lovely high quality bisque with superior hand painted facial features with soft fawn shaded brows over deep intaglio icelandic blue eyes - rare open/closed laughing mouth with molded teeth and soft amber shaded lips original fully jointed body 14” tall- $5,500.





Photos by Ziggy

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31. Breathtaking all original “Cindy” by Dewees Cochran - pristine condition in her original box - her outfit is just amazing w/ her original little cashmere sweater - yes that’s her original little hand sewn leather purse w/ matching brown shoes just precious & pristine - 15” tall - $1,495. 32. Rare & wonderful pressed cloth face all original character children by the Maya Doll of Germany - wonderful expressive hand painted faces w/ adorable pouty look and just in such pristine condition - dressed in Holland attire (she has wood shoes ) - perfect in every way - w/ hanging tags - 10” tall - $1,495 for pair. 33. Rare & wonderful is this very early almond eyed fashion Poupee by Francois Gauthier (FG) - wondrous hand poured French bisque w/ soft delicate pale color - artist quality hand painted facial features w/ soft arched feathered brows over the most amazing almond shaped spiral threaded heather blue paperweight eyes - closed slightly smiling pouty mouth w/ twice shaded lips - firm upright original kid body - 17” tall - $3,995. 34. Full length of the Lovely French Poupeé. 35. Wonderful extremely large life-size #126 baby by Kammer & Reinhardt wondrous high quality bisque w/ big flirty baby blue eyes - open laughing mouth w/ treble tongue 0 original five piece baby body - 25” tall $1,295. 36. Two wonderful all original “Campbell Kids” by Horsman - excellent compo - all original - he’s dressed in his original blue one piece playsuit - she’s dressed in her original pink playsuit - both have their original hangtags - $795. each 37. Extremely rare top - knot Googlie by Gebruder Heubach - wonderful exceptional

38. 39.



high quality pink bisque with classical comical googlie features - high arched brows over enormous baby blue googlie eyes - uniquely different triangular shaped surprise mouth - original five piece papier mache body - 7” -$1,295. Wonderful extremely large life-size #126 baby by Kammer & Reinhardt wondrous high quality bisque w/ big flirty baby blue eyes - open laughing mouth w/ treble tongue 0 original five piece baby body - 25” tall $1,295. Utterly breathtaking all original French beauty by Venus - exquisite hand painted facial features w/ soft arched feathered brows over soft brown side glancing eyes w/ that always demure eye shadow - closed pouty smiling mouth w/ soft rose shading - excellent condition - 17” tall - $1,495. Rare and extremely unique leather over wood all original “ Blue Boy” and “Pinkie” flawless copies of the original painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence - this amazing pair of dolls have hand carved wood heads under hand pressed French leather w/ exceptional high quality hand painted facial features - fantastic detail to each and every feature - hand sewn soft cloth bodies with individual fingers made for the Hudson Dept. store circa 1920’s - 26” tall $3,500 for the pair. Unique & very early all American school boy - 1880’s tinted bisque shoulder head - this one has the most amazing bisque w/ first out of the mold quality lovely glorious molded locks of well defined hair - wondrous hand painted facial features w/ soft arched feather brows over enormous chestnut brown paperweight eyes - closed slightly pouty smiling mouth w/ soft amber shading - original straw filled body w/ compo arms & legs - 17” tall - $995.

42. Rare & wonderful early mission Oriental doll from the WPA era - exceptionally per hand painted ink on cloth facial features w/ almond shaped eyes & smiling slightly rose shaded mouth - beautiful all original condition w/ an outstanding extremely elaborate costume and amazing hand made shoes - 16” tall $995. 43. Beautiful dark brown bisque open mouth French bebe by Jumeau - lovely high quality bisque with wonderful hand painted facial features - dark arched feathers brows over deep chestnut brown paperweight eyes - slightly open smiling mouth with soft amber shading - original fully jointed Jumeau body - 11” tall - $1,995. 44. Rare & wonderful & just as cute as she can be is this open mouth French Bebe by Etienne Denamur (ED) - exceptional high quality bisque w/ that ever so desirable dewy patina - lovely hand painted facial features w/ soft arched feathered brows over enormous early dark outlined azure blue paperweight eyes - slightly open mouth w/ outlined twice shaded amber lips - original fully jointed French body - 17” tall - $2,495. 45. Let’s start this month off with an amazing automaton lady all original wonderful condition - excellent movement - her beautiful head is a Simon & Halbig #1300 lady w/ molded feathered brows over heather blue eyes - as the music plays she turns her head from side to side and then fans herself - then her lead goes forward she lifts her other bisque hand to look thru her spectacles - not once but twice and then goes back to turning her head & fanning herself - total height 21” she’s 15” tall - $4,995.

ESTATE AUCTION ANTIQUE DOLLS • OCTOBER 23, 2010 Location: American Legion Hall - 499 SW 7 Highway, Blue Springs, Missouri A very nice collection of French & German antique collector dolls circa late 1800’s and early 1900’s being offered for sale at auction. All of these dolls were collected pre-1990, no replicas. Various makers include Armand Marseille, Borgfeldt, Heinrich Handwerck, Hertel Schwab & Co, J.D. Kestner, Kewpie, Heubach, Simon & Halbig, S.F.B.J., Cuno & Otto Dressel, Kuhnlenz, Bahr & Proschild, Unis and others. Over 100+ lots are being offered for sale to the highest bidder. Viewing from 12-5 on Friday Oct 22nd. Auction begins Saturday @ 1 pm, Oct 23rd. Lunch will be served. Please consider attending this great auction. Auction Presented By Browne Auction Specialists Ron Browne NAA-CES - Tulsa, OKLAHOMA Buyers Premium - Discount for Check Or Cash With Proper ID


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Martha Chase continued from page 22

Each 15”, the little molded hair girl and boy were purchased at different times, and have been reunited. 14” girl with molded bobbed hairstyle.

An unusual 16” molded hair Chase with a different look.



My friends and fellow doll club members are aware of my passion for cloth dolls. They are constantly alerting me when the opportunity to own one arises. Keeping that in mind, a friend emailed me to let me know about the offering of a seldom found molded hair Chase boy on eBay. I jumped at the opportunity to own him and own him I did. Since his arrival several years ago, I have been looking for his companion sister doll. This female counterpart is much easier to locate, yet, the chance to own her continued to elude me. An auction that was being held at Skinners outside of Boston in early October, 2009 featured the exact sister doll in its catalogue. An airline ticket and a hurried one day trip to Boston found me holding that very same Chase girl. In person, she was even more adorable. I was overjoyed to place the winning bid. The doll was carefully wrapped and hand carried back home to be joined by her brother. Upon unwrapping her I noticed something that I had missed earlier. On the front of her cotton frock was a tiny enamel pin featuring the American flag. I was glad to know that she had come from such a patriotic family. When I reached into my doll case for her brother I was astonished to note a duplicate American flag pinned upon the little boy’s collar. Imagine my excitement as I realized that these two dolls had obviously been a pair long ago and had spent time together in another collection. The balance of my day was spent in wonderment at the circumstances that brought these special dolls together after so many years of separation. It is my fondest hope this pair will never again be separated. Both dolls are 15” tall and belong in the category of the molded hair children. They feature sweetly painted faces with

pert noses, petal pink cheeks and closed lips. Bright blue eyes accented with astonishingly heavily painted upper lashes are a characteristic trade mark of the Chase dolls. The dolls have side parted impasto painted blonde multi-layered hair styles. The girl’s ears are hidden beneath her puffed pageboy but the little boy’s applied ears are easily revealed. The boy has a charming “spit” curl on his forehead and the little girl wears her hair swept across her forehead with a tiny wispy “spit” curl also on her forehead. The boy’s heavily painted cloth body is tightly filled with cotton batting and is unmarked. Arms and legs are tab jointed at shoulders and hips only. The lack of stitched jointing at the elbows and knees confirms that he is of a later issue. His hands are large with stitched fingers that curl inward and have separately attached thumbs. His feet feature molded and stitched toes with the hint of “rosy” toenails. His clothing consists of white cotton one piece underwear. He is dressed in a two piece cotton romper suit, once a shade of pale blue but now faded to a soft ivory. His shirt features a Peter Pan collar and top stitched cuffs. The matching shorts attach to the shirt with large pearl buttons. White cotton ankle socks and tan leather sandals completes the clothing for this sweet doll. Little sister, whose unmarked body is identical to her brother (except for molded knees painted a soft blush), wears white cotton panties and a matching yoked slip. Her one piece striped cotton dress, also age faded, buttons down the front with tiny pearl buttons. Edged by a blue band down the front and at the cuffs the dress features a matching inset at the neck giving the appearance of a coordinating under slip. White cotton ankle socks and an unusual pair of tan leather sandals indicate this little girl is dressed to represent a school child.

A rare “snap head” doll with molded hair. The design for the snap own bow was patented by Martha’s daughter.

My dolls were made after 1920 when the factory advertised washable and overall painted bodies as being sanitary. This coincides with the factory’s attempt to simplify manufacturing procedures by replacing stitch jointed limbs with arms and legs jointed only at shoulders and hips. Several rare molded hair examples with this same body style were introduced during this time span. One outstanding example in this group of molded hair children is a 14” girl with bangs and a Dutch bobbed hair style. All the dolls I have seen with the molded hair style have the sateen body, jointed at shoulders and hips. The lower arms (curved at the elbows) and the lower legs (with shaped knees) are painted in a pale flesh tone. Her hands are large with individually stitched fingers and a separate thumb. Heavy impasto painting highlights her blonde hair. Multi stroked lashes and blue eyes beneath blonde brows, a pert little nose, a sweet pink closed mouth and blushed cheeks give this child a tremendous charm. As if these well recognized features were not enough to identify the doll as a Chase, for further validation, a paper label is firmly stitched to her back. It reads: THE CHASE STOCKINET DOLL // Made of Stockinet and Cloth // Stuffed with Cotton. // Made by Hand // Painted by Hand // Made by Especially Trained Workers This model is most often found in the 16” version. Recently, a rare 28” example, one of the largest known was sold at auction in February of 2009. This very beautifully preserved doll was hammered down at a price of $2,300 plus buyer’s premium. A seldom seen and interesting 16” molded hair child has dark blonde hair, side parted and swept across her forehead

with deeply molded waves that frame her face. Large blue eyes, heavily accented lashes and one stroke brows, a pert nose and full blushed cheeks describe this girl. Her pink lips are slightly parted (a feature not often found in Chase dolls.) Her body is sateen covered with curved arms jointed at the shoulders and painted legs jointed at the hips with molded detailing at the blushed knees. No marks are found on this doll, however, a large stitch just above her waist, is obviously all that remains of a label. Her dress, shoes and socks fit her very well but are not original. An even more rare example of molded hair Chase is a little child that was patented by Martha’s daughter, Anna Chase Shelton. Patent, #1,439,846, was issued to Mrs. Shelton on December 26, 1922. What sets this doll apart is a feature the others don’t have. Inserted into the side of her head is a metal snap that receives a partner snap, attached to a hair bow. The color and style of the bow could be changed to complement any outfit worn by the doll. Anna Shelton must have manufactured a goodly number of these dolls, since they are also pictured in the small sales pamphlet. To date, my research tells me only a handful of examples are known to exist. They are held in museums and a few private collections. The rarest example is held at the Strong Museum at Rochester, New York. This little girl is different from the others since her arms and legs are swivel jointed instead of stitched to the body. Her hair style is also different, resembling the girl with puffy side parted hair, while other examples have hair styled with the Dutch bob and bangs. This doll must have been a prototype that never made it to the factory floor.



This doll, owned by Nancy Smith, is believed to be one-of-a-kind. She is 16-1/2” tall, and is dressed in an 18th century style. The clothing is original to the doll and goes with the hair style. The hair is very different than that seen on other Chase dolls, with tendrils surrounding a very sweet face, the hair pulled back and hanging loose and two sausage curls on either side of the face. Could this doll have been made for a special exhibit? If anyone has a Chase with period clothing that perhaps came from this same exhibit, or if anyone might have more information about the doll, contact Nancy at or this magazine at


With her wonderful tendrils surrounding her face and the all original costume, this 16-1/2” doll is believed to be one-of-a-kind. The owner, Nancy Smith, is hoping for more information about this doll. Could she have been part of a special Chase exhibit? These two boys are definitely characters and were obviously made as special orders. Even though both of these boys proclaim their own distinctive look, they definitely bear the mark of having been painted by the same artistic hand and carefully monitored by Martha Chase herself. The small boy in the photograph is also a Chase character child. The two larger dolls are definitely characters and no doubt made as special orders by Martha Chase.


Martha Chase often created custom-made dolls for special events or upon special request from customers. The next two examples surely fit into that category since they look nothing like the more common Chase babies/children. A wonderful example of a large Chase character boy with unusual facial painted features is a delight to behold. He has fly-away applied ears and a very round face with a deeply molded dimpled chin. His hair is an unusual shade of brown showing only lightly textured painting. His large brown eyes under deeply molded and outlined lids are close-set but the usual heavily painted lashes are absent. A rather prominent nose and very pink lips match his deeply blushed cheeks. His sateen body with painted and fully stitched jointed arms and legs is enhanced by his amazing factory original outfit. A pale blue cambric one-piece garment is topped with a matching nautical styled shirt. Not wanting to disturb his clothing I couldn’t determine if he is marked. A treasure was found, tucked into his shirt. A factory issued pamphlet, printed in black and white is a small piece of advertisement that displays a variety of Chase dolls being manufactured and offered for sale. (See page 20.) Pictured are dolls both rare and mundane. The cover of this small tri-fold publication proclaims: “ THE CHASE STOCKINET DOLL. Beautiful, Durable, The Best.” Unfortunately, there is no issue date to be found on this document. Research of the dolls pictured dates the publication to the early 1920’s. It should be mentioned that some of these dolls were also being manufactured as early as 1905. A second example of a Chase doll with unusual facial features is a 19” boy. His head is very wide at the temples becoming narrow at his chin. The shape of his head sets him apart from the very round headed most often found Chase dolls. His rather prominent nose, large brown close-set eyes with deeply molded lids and heavy stroked lashes set off a slightly smiling mouth. Pink cheeks soften his face giving the impression of a young lad. Large applied ears and pale brown hair, with lightly impasto painting is brushed towards his face. His body style consists of the usual sateen covering with fully jointed painted limbs. His clothing is replaced. This fellow is not marked but shows indication of a paper label that was once attached to his back.


I spotted a little cloth doll sitting alone on the shelf at an auction preview. His condition was so poor it was difficult to tell who or what he was. Not surprisingly, there seemed to be little interest shown by the browsers. Out of curiosity (or pity) I bought him. He sat in a cabinet for weeks, waiting for me to find a few moments to really look him over. Once I took him into my hands, it did not take long before his origin began to emerge. Even though his facial features had almost been obliterated, a pair of bright blue eyes with multi-stroked lashes stood out. There was also the tell-tale” baseball like” seaming at the back of the head as well as applied ears and thumbs. The soiled sateen body, painted and fully stitch jointed arms and legs, gave further evidence the little boy was a Chase doll. Having survived either too much love or too much neglect, this doll is a testament to the durability and never ending appeal the Chase Dolls came to be known for. Any Chase collection would be greatly enhanced by the addition of even one of these remarkable dolls that represent the zenith of the artist, Martha Chase’s creativity.


The dolls could be purchased dressed or undressed. Clothing for these dolls could be bought directly from the factory. Outfits available for girls, boys and babies consisted of suits, bloomer suits, rompers, dresses and underwear as well as shoes and stockings. The shoes were commercially made. In 1903, F.A.O. Schwarz advertised two Chase dolls, a 16” at $ 3.75 and 20” at $ 4.50. In 1913, the dolls were available in sizes from 9” to 30” from $3.00 to $10.00. The 16th Blue Book of Dolls and Values by Jan Foulke (2003) gives a range for the more rare and unusual character dolls to be from $1,200.00 for a molded hair child up to $67,000.00 for a complete set of Alice in Wonderland. The Chase factory offered “Seconds” (dolls not meeting the criteria of the Chase standards) for a reduced price (Readers can see an example of a “second” in The Art of the Doll by Madeline Osborne Merrill on page 422.) The eyes were always painted blue or brown. In most instances, heavy, curly lashes accented the dolls’ eyes. The hair was always painted with a textured quality and except for special orders, always in a shade of blond. Two or three specialized painters were employed and closely supervised by Martha Chase to paint the detailed facial features. Chase dolls were distributed throughout the United States in some of the most prestigious department stores. The dolls were also sold in many other countries throughout the world. The purchaser was told the dolls could be returned to the factory for refurbishing. This is verified by reading the Chase pamphlet with the preamble that declares: “When old and worn they can be repaired and repainted at small cost by sending to the makers directly or through your dealer.” This claim makes a fine case for accepting a nicely repainted Chase into your collection. Chances are it was sent back to the factory for “a redo”.

A well-loved little Chase has found a home with the author.

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German All Bisque Dolls continued from page 37 still fill cases! See pictures # 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 22, 23… there are so many! There are those who love baby dolls, and there are those who don’t…I do! Again, it is because of the wonderful variety and the great little bodies; some are just too nice to cover even if they have fabulous original clothing. Who could bear to cover up the great body of the Tynie Baby in picture #16? Not me! Aren’t they all cute…pictures #16, 17 & 18? I realize that the two babies in picture #18 are made in Japan and not Germany, but their quality is nice and the German manufacturers seem to have skipped this niche! I have included three pictures of flapper dolls (pictures #19, 20 & 21). Quite a few of these were made for doll houses and

19 – Mother & daughter wigged flappers. I do not know the maker of these dolls. The mother is 6-1/4” and if she is marked, it is buried under her fragile clothing, or firmly glued wig. She wears her original silk and lace dress and undies topped by an aqua wool coat and a white straw hat. Her daughter is a 4” blond version of her mother and wears an almost identical lace dress. Both of them sport high yellow stockings and heeled dark brown one-strap shoes. The daughter holds her tiny 2-1/4” Hertwig flapper “doll”.

19 20 – Twin flapper girls girls. These two lovely little girls are so 1920’s with their bobbed hair and big silk bows. They wear matching factory original organdy dresses with silk ribbon trim…one in burnt orange, the other a pale sea foam green. They are elastic loop strung and marked ‘378’ on their backs. They have molded white socks and tan one-strap slippers. Unknown maker but nice quality dolls. 20

21 21 – Hertwig Flapper Lady and Kids. All four of these are all-original and have wire jointed arms and legs. Left, a 2-5/8” girl dressed in a darling brown coat with belt and faux pockets, cotton, undies, and blue flat slippers. Mom is a classy 3-1/4” lady with a molded blue cloche wearing a matching 2 piece blue cotton suit with a ‘fur’ stole and cuffs (some loss). She has high yellow stockings and high heeled black pumps. To her right, a 2- 1/8” boy with red/brown flat slippers, felt pants and a silky top, and a 2-3/16” girl with a pink molded cloche, pink stockings and darker pink slippers, wearing a crocheted top with leatherette belt over cream cotton shorts. With all of these sewn on clothes it is impossible to see markings… they usually just say ‘Germany’ down their backs.

22 22 – Kestner Googly Characters – These are odd and quite rare little googly characters made by Kestner and apparently sold mostly to South America…at least that is where I have gotten mine. The bisque quality is superb as is the decoration… even in the tiny size. These are 7-3/4” and 3-3/8” tall…I have also had at least one other intermediate size. The hair is sculpted in a wonderful fly-away deco hairdo, painted with shading from medium brown around the face to almost blond in the back. In the larger size, the eyes are glazed and have white highlight dots just into the black, giving her a very bright and alert look. Her open mouth showing all the upper teeth (molded) in her smile is delightful. By contrast, the mini versions have rather scowling eyebrows…making them look a little less happy-go-lucky! 47


23 23 – Unusual Limbach Pair. I hate to keep repeating this, but I have never seen either of these dolls before! She is a bit taller at 4-1/2” and he is 4-1/4”. They are definitely by Limbach, marked clearly ‘P60’ on their backs…same number, so they were meant to be a pair. Dolls marked with a ‘P’ and number, have been identified as made by the Limbach company. The “whites” of their side glancing eyes are gray/blue. The molded hair on the boy and the wonderful big pink bow on the girl are most unusual. They have matching sturdy legs planted in a wide stance so they stand well…the lavender socks and cute brown shoes with bows are unique to them. The hands on the boy are more delicate than hers, with uplifted fingers. A very cute little pair!



25 – SHEbee & HEbee. I love these little characters…such comic little round faces! Their trademark was registered in 1925 by Horsman. They represent the “Twelvetrees Kids” that were drawn by Charles Twelvetrees. They are both impressed ‘Germany’ on the under side of their nightshirt on the back. SHEbee has her original paper label which reads ‘HEbee SHEbee Trademark COPYRIGHT BY CHAS TWELVETREES’. If you look carefully, you will notice that they are a bit different. He is 4-1/2” while she is 4-3/4”… the difference being in the head…hers is higher and a bit narrower. Also note that the molded shift is narrower on her and the molded wrinkles at the bottom are different as well. On the back side, SHEbee has extra fat creases on the back of her neck. Her nose and mouth are also more sharply defined than his. I would guess that SHEbee is the earlier of the two and that the molds were simplified later.


24 – Happifats Family. I guess I have an unusual family! Baby is bigger than Mom and Dad, and I know there is a smaller baby but I can’t find one to go with my larger couple, so we’ll just pretend they gave birth to a whopper, okay? Borgfeldt registered the trademark in the USA and Germany in 1914. The dolls were based on drawings by Kate Jordan. Mom and Dad are 4-1/4” tall. Their elastic strung arms have molded sleeves to their costumes. Baby is 4-3/8” tall and wears only his/her undies…but aren’t they cute with eyelet trim top and bottom? Also interesting are the different shoes…sweet black slippers with bow straps and white stockings with blue bands. The arms are nicely molded with cute hands and blushing. This child was lucky to be given a great little tan cotton knit suit – shorts and jersey with a red “H” appliquéd to the top…kinda looks like a boy now, huh?

they can often be found in their original outfits of felt, silk ribbon and lace. The lady dolls usually have high yellow or blue stockings and heeled shoes. They can have bobbed mohair wigs or painted bobbed hairdos, or molded hats…all are very cute. The dolls in picture #22, are very rare, and according to our much-missed Richard Wright, were made by Kestner and for some reason sold mainly to South American countries. I bought a couple from him years ago that he got in collections from Mexico and Argentina. I think the Limbach dolls in picture #23 are in the same category…

26 – Bonnie Babes. These Bonnie Babes are variations on a theme…each a little different. They were designed by Georgene Averill and made by Alt, Beck & Gottschalck. All three have blue sleep eyes, wonderfully crooked smiles with two big lower teeth, and swivel necks. On the left is a 7” boy…one of those “first out of the mold” with incredible modeling displayed…his head is a light brown mass of very well defined curls and tendrils framing his face. At this large size, the hands are well modeled with distinct wrists and different arrangements of fingers on the two hands. His neck flange is impressed ‘17’, and his legs ‘897/17’. He also has his paper chest label – ‘Bonnie Babe –Copr. By Georgene Averill – Reg. US Pat. Off. Germany’. In the middle is a smooth headed 5-3/8” girl. She has really sharply molded features, including very nice ears and deep lines around her nose and cheeks. Her neck flange is marked ‘13’ and her legs ‘897/13’. She wears an adorable flowered organdy dress and a lace trimmed slip. Her molded slippers are deep pink and her socks have sharp ribbing with a molded thick edge at the top…much better defined than on the 6” girl. On the right is a very unusual 6” version marked ‘15’ and ‘897/15’ on her parts. She has detailed curly hair and tendrils like the boy, but they are not as sharp, giving her a softer more feminine look. This doll is most commonly found as a 4-3/4” - 5” doll marked with size ‘11’. The little Kilgore cast iron carriage totes their toys including a 2” Kewpie with heart labels on his back and tummy, and a pair of 2-1/8” wire jointed Limbach girls with side glancing eyes marked ‘P.61/0 Made in Germany’.

27 – Baby Bo Kaye Twins. Here is a darling pair of one of the rarest breeds of all bisque dolls - “Baby Bo Kaye”. The doll was designed by Joseph L. Kallus in 1925, made by Alt, Beck, & Gottschalck, and distributed by George Borgfeldt & Co. Both flange necks are impressed ‘11’ (the size in cm.), and the hip joints are marked ‘897/11’. You will notice from the leg numbers that they use the same legs as the Bonnie Babes (picture #26). The boy with blue slippers has his original paper chest tag, but all I can decipher is ‘Baby Bo Kaye’. Both have blue sleep eyes. It is interesting to note that her head looks plumper than his, but I measured and they are identical…it must be that his deeper complexion tint makes it seem smaller. Both have 2 tiny lower teeth…quite hard to see. His mouth is painted with much higher peaks to his upper lip…giving a different look. Variety is nice, isn’t it? Their little 2-1/2” white fur pet pig (with an old blue Germany label on its tummy) enjoys walks with them.

27 28 – Hertwig Children with Pets. I can’t sing the praises of the Hertwig company enough…they made so many darling little dolls for children! Here are just four of a series of 3” immobile bisque children they made…each with their pets attached by a length of green pearl cotton, tied through a hole cut through their bent arms (done in the unfired green ware stage of manufacturing). These dolls have painted (unfired) surfaces and are often found with a lot of paint loss. I have seen them with different animals attached, so many may have changed pet mid-stream! They are all impressed ‘Germany’ on their backs…none has a number.

28 29 – Hertwig Children. I call these 2-1/2” little ones all “Goldilocks” as she is the perfect accompaniment to the jointed bears. They all have molded blond hair with a loop for a ribbon bow and happy smiling faces, but you will note that their legs are different. All three wear original outfits. The girl on the left has a crocheted pink and white dress with a flower basket on her arm, and her socks are molded but almost the same color as her legs. The lucky child in the middle has her pet dog attached by a yellow strand of pearl cotton (you will notice that this is the same dog that Papa Bear has in picture # 30). She has blue shoes with white pompoms, and wears a blue felt dress with an oilcloth type pinafore over it…I have also had this doll with a pink dress and pink shoes. On the right is their brother (?) version all dressed for ice skating with tiny lead skates attached with that same yellow strand, and a scarf wrapped around his neck. You will notice that his socks are very white and his shoes more carefully painted…perhaps he is earlier? They are all wire jointed.


sold to South America. The girl came from Uruguay! Haven’t seen any of these in this country! All of the character toddlers are great…the Happifats (picture #24), SHEbees and HEbees (#25), Bonnie Babes (#26), and Baby Bo Kayes (#27) all just darling and amazingly, all always look a little different because of the molding and painting processes…that’s a good excuse to keep pairs, don’t you think? Nearing the end with all the great Hertwig items…immobile bisque children with their pets on ‘leashes’ (picture #28), jointed little girls with molded loops for hair bows (picture #29), and all of the fabulous jointed animals in the crocheted outfits (pictures # 30-36). I’m still missing a couple…the pig and the squirrel… someday they will join the gang! The mouse was my first (20 years ago) and I was hooked then…I’m still searching! They are lots of fun

30 30 – Hertwig Bear Family. My bear family now has five members plus their two pets. On the left is big brother…he is 2-1/4”, has BIG white shoes with pink pompoms, and has his bunny attached through the hole of his right paw. Next is 1-3/8” baby brother…he is barefoot. In the middle is 2-1/4” Mama with her basket of flowers and a big smile on her face. Next is 2-1/2” Papa Bear in his splendid molded bowler and flashy checked pants…he is walking his dog and has a wire cane through that hole in his right paw. His shoes are also BIG and blue with white pompoms. He came still tied into his original box. On the right is 1-5/8” little sister. All wear their original outfits. Those huge shoes on the 2 big guys, make them stand very well…the others can be tricky!


31 31 – Hertwig Bunnies and Friends. On the left is a 2-1/2” fur covered bunny with a carrot with a blue ‘Foreign’ tag on its tummy. Leaning against him is a Carl Horn / Hertwig boy in a crocheted bunny suit complete with a mini basket of carrots on his back. Next is an adorable 3-1/8” Hertwig girl with a pink edged cap with bunny ears…she wears pink shoes with white cuffs and pompoms and her original silk ribbon dress with cotton panties underneath. She is faintly marked on her upper back ‘D40’ (I think!) Next up is Momma Bunny…she is 2-1/2” tall. She has blue shoes with white cuffs, and carries a basket of flowers. Standing in front of another German fur bunny is Junior…he is 2-1/8”, and beside him is Poppa Bunny…he is 2-5/8” and splendid in his bright duds with a pack on his back. Junior and Poppa are barefoot…they are more into nature!

to display…I have them on little rugs with their tiny toys. I’m sure that the larger bisque bears in picture #37 are earlier than the little dressed ones…maybe that started the idea? We’ll probably never know for sure! They came in different sizes and colors. The dressed boy bear shows different paws…he was made to walk upright…maybe he is the one that led to the small jointed ones? Finishing with just a small assortment of the tiny Carl Horn/Hertwig miniatures. There were at least 120 different ones made, so if you were severely hard up for space, you could conceivably have a collection of 120 dolls that would fit into a small glass topped box for display! The ultimate collection of miniature dolls! It would be fun to try to gather them all, wouldn’t it? I’ve probably had most of them over the years, but they have since gone to new homes… guess I’ll settle for what I have now. 32 – Hertwig Cats and Mouse. On the left is a 2-1/4” mouse in a gray romper…he was my first jointed Hertwig animal and is very special to me, as I have collected mice since I was 10. How excited I was when I saw him in the flat glass case of a jewelry dealer at an antiques show! Thus began my quest for more! Big black Papa Cat is rather prissily dressed in a pink and white suit and wears white shoes with pink pompoms! Not exactly a macho Tom! The white stripes on his face are meant to be whiskers! The Kitten boy and girl twins are 1-3/4” each…she has pink pompoms and his are blue. To the best of my knowledge, the cat family is the only one in this series to have these green glass eyes… all the others have painted eyes.



33 33 – Hertwig Chimps & Indian Children. Hertwig made two variations of these 2-3/4” Indian (?) children. This pair has tiny cloth clothing with painted hair decorations and red and green painted shoes…compare them to the pair in picture #36. Between them are 2 adorable Hertwig chimpanzees…the bodies on these are so correctly proportioned with long arms, and big hands and feet! Junior is 1-5/8” and Dad is just over 2”…I have yet to find Mama! 50

34 – Hertwig Puss ‘N Boots & Pal. Towering over the two Hertwigs is a 3-3/4” segmented wooden Puss ‘N Boots. The Hertwig Puss ‘N Boots dad is 2-1/8” tall in his great big shiny black boots. He wears a crocheted cutaway coat of light green and carries his lead rifle across his back…has he been hunting for my mouse? His 1-1/8” daughter looks a bit silly in her boots I think! This pair only has jointed arms, and both are missing their tails which were inserted into holes. The mouse also had a tail…they were probably rubber or cord and were easily lost.


I hope I have shown you some dolls that will inspire your searches, and given you some ideas on displaying your dolls. There are lots out there waiting to be found and added to your collection. THINK SMALL…it’s fun! Bibliography:

35 – Hertwig Black Children & Duck. Both wear their original ribbon clothes and have white shoes with blue cuffs and pompoms…both also have tiny turquoise bead earrings (she has lost her right earring). She is 2-5/8” while he is 2-3/4”. The 1-3/4” duck has jointed wings and wears a yellow and white crocheted dress. The ducks are not often seen…being so small, they were probably easily lost.


36 – Hertwig Indian Children & Frog. This pair of children is a variation on the pair in Picture #33…these have painted clothes and necklaces instead of cloth. They are a little over 2-3/4” tall. Between them is the 2 1/8” frog…she is one of the rarer Hertwig animals and really quite charming in her glossy lime green skin! Got to love those big red eyes too! She has slim little feet in pointed white slippers (quite un-frog-like) and carries a faded red cloth flower in the hole of her right hand. Her crocheted orange and cream dress is belted in black and has a brass bead buckle.

All-Bisque & Half-Bisque Dolls, by Genevieve Angione. Kestner, King of Dollmakers, by Jan Foulke. Hertwig & Co. Archives–1890-1937, by Florence Theriault. The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Dolls, Vols. 1 & 2, by Dorothy, Elizabeth, and Evelyn Coleman.

If you would like to do so, please contact the author at her website: 38 – Carl Horn Miniatures – This is just a very small sampling of the wonderful tiny dolls sold by Carl Horn, of Dresden, Germany from at least 1927, when an ad illustrated 18 items but said there was a collection of 120! The dog and the teddy bear are both included in that illustration. More of these appear in the Hertwig catalogs of the 1920s including a teddy bear…were they made by Hertwig and dressed by the workers of Carl Horn? Made entirely by Hertwig and distributed by Carl Horn? Hard to know now I guess! The little school boy with his red-trimmed apron on the far left is 1-1/2” overall including his hat with long red streamers. Next is a 1-1/2” once-white teddy bear. A 1-1/2” lady in blue with matching hat pushes a 1” painted wood buggy with tin wheels. The dog is 1-1/2” from tip to tip and very cute! The boy in the rabbit suit is 1-5/8” tall. The black girl is rare…I’ve had a few others but not many…she is 1-5/8” tall and her friend on the right is slightly less than 1-1/2”. The variety is endless… fun to watch for these! Just so you know for sure…the teddy bear and dog both have a wire jointed bisque doll inside. I have also had a cat and a lion…and there were probably others too!

37 37 – The FOUR Bears. Before Hertwig made all of the cute little animals, so desirable now in their crocheted suits, they made larger jointed animals. These wire-jointed bears can sit, walk on all-fours, or with support, stroll along on two legs! They have textured bisque “fur” and more realistic bear-like heads. The big guy on the left is 6-1/8”…I think this was the largest size made…at least I haven’t seen any larger ones. He is all white but has painted brown eyes, black nose and black whisker dots. In the blue and white romper is a 3-3/16” fellow that is a bit different…he has a shorter nose, friendly expression, and his arms are shaped for walking upright…not flattened like the other two sitting on the couch. The two couch potatoes are each 3-1/4” tall with longer noses. I have seen these with speckled coats…black and white, and brown and white. The eyes on the three smaller ones are just painted black dots.

38 51

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8 inches 847-927-0319 DM’s Collectibles, your best choice for fine Antique French Dolls in Paris . . . Purveyors of fine French Dolls and their accessories, presented for you on-line at tel: +33 624392311 PARIS The doll is marked S.F.B.J., 238 Paris. She has a bisque head, glass eyes, an open mouth with teeth. She is on a composition body (jointed) and her clothes are all original, including her shoes. Her price is $4500. Esther Schwartz – Items of Antiquity. Visit my website: Antique Dolls, Compacts, Purses, Jewelry & Collectibles. Phone 203-387-2893 or email:

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Early Alice Visit my website and view Quality Dolls at affordable prices. 100’s of pictures and prices. Phone 732-536-4101 Email

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Early, Rare Schoenhuts. Clockwise from left, Gorilla, exc. $3850; 1903 Clown, 2 part head and boat toes, a rare, early example, $425; rare 2 part head Cat, $1250; extremely rare glass eyed Wolf with fuzzy cloth tail, still has felt tongue, exc. $4250. Keith Kaonis 717-519-6868; email: Always Buying and Selling.

Babes from the Woods Ph. 705-489-1046 Hand carved wooden Queen Anne style dolls by Kathy Patterson A darling round face Steiner with wonderful stubby fingers marked 2/0, only 12”. She has a very faint factory firing line in back, totally covered by her wig. This doll books at $13,000 . . . only $4800. Norman Von Essen, The Enchanted Doll, Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007. 760-634-3518. Email: Phenix *88 - by Alexandre 16-1/2”, closed mouth, blue paperweight eyes, original light brown human hair wig, original shoes, compo. ball jointed body. $3800. Call 215-794-8164 or email Member NADDA & UFDC. See more at

Photographed at the United Federation of Doll Clubs National Convention by Keith Kaonis

WOODEN Grodner Tal peg-wooden with or without tuck comb may have alien head of plaster or papier-mache, prior to 1920. Right, Audrey Fanning Below, Robyn Katz

UFDC Antique Competitive Exhibit 2010 Blue Ribbon Winners Part I A

lways our favorite part of each convention, this year’s competitive exhibits were, as always, outstanding. It is a wonderful opportunity to view rare dolls, and to see what factors determine the judges’ final decisions. The generosity of UFDC members who bring their dolls to share is a major contribution to this all important weeklong convention. And for those lucky blue ribbon winners, they go home with a special souvenir to savor! WOODEN Schoenhut doll with carved/ molded hair or bonnet. Barbara Stone

WOODEN Pre-1920, handcarved, usually one-of-a-kind, body and limbs may be of other material. Kate Reed

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WOODEN Late 1600s to early 1800s, English or European, including Queen Annetype and others of this period, exclude figures with religious connotation. Margaret Kincaid


WOODENSchoenhut doll with wig. Shirley Butzin

WOODEN - Schoenhut baby with wig or painted hair. Must have wooden bent-limb nature body. Rose Morrill WOODEN Springfield, Joel Ellis, Mason-Taylor, or other of this type. Lillian Barlow


WOODEN - Door of Hope doll representing an adult. Ruth Garrison

WOODEN - Schoenhut human figure less than 10”. Barbara Close

WOODEN - Door of Hope doll representing a child. Karla Moreland

WOODEN - Other commercial doll with wooden head produced prior to 1930, such as Bebe Tout en Bois, from manufacturers such as Schilling and Schneider, etc. Motchmann body, Becky Hawkins

PAPIER-MACHE/COMPOSITION - European, glass or painted eyes, molded hair or wigged, such as Superior, Holz-Masse and others. Robyn Katz

PAPIER-MACHE/ COMPOSITION - Frenchtype, glass or painted eyes, closed or open mouth. Above, Alicia Carver Right, Louis Cohorst

PAPIER-MACHE/ COMPOSITION - American, glass or painted eyes, molded hair or wigged, such as Judge and Early, Lerch, Greiner, and others. Autoperipatetikos, Barbara Kouri

PAPIER-MACHE/ COMPOSITION Milliner’s model-type on typical body. May have special features. Jackie Willman

POURED WAX Inserted hair or wigged. Above, Carole Cameron Right, Michael Albanese 55

POURED WAX Molded or painted hair. Carol Cameron

JAPANESE GOSHO NINGYO, 19th century or earlier: big-headed, chubby young boy with gofun skin, painted eyes. Dodi Becker

WAX-COATED - Wigged and/or hair in slit, molded or painted hair. Left, Carol Cameron Right, Angie DeFiore

CHINA/ GLAZED PORCELAIN Decorated, molded or applied special features on hair, head and/ or shoulders. Carol Hansen

CHINA/GLAZED PORCELAIN KPM, Meissen, Sclaggenwald, Jacob Petit, Royal Copenhagen. Left, Jacob Petite china, Lynda Christian Right, 28 inch Schlagenwald china, Kathy Turner


CHINA/GLAZED PORCELAIN Molded black or blond hair, late 19th century china having body printed with flags, flowers, numbers, games, alphabet, etc. Yvonne Barrett. Note there were two other blue ribbon winners in this category: Lisa Madsen and Julie Bray.

CHINA/ GLAZED PORCELAIN China head on peg-wooden body. Lillian Barlow

CHINA/GLAZED PORCELAIN - Decorated, molded or applied special features on hair, head and/or shoulders, must NOT be painted in contrast to surroundings. 25.5 inch child with bare sculpted feet, Kathy Turner

CHINA/GLAZED PORCELAIN German low brow style china with decorated shoulder plate. Janis Silberhorn

CHINA/GLAZED PORCELAIN China representing infant or young child, molded or smooth painted hair. Angie DiFiore

CHINA/GLAZED PORCELAIN China with bald head, may have black spot on head. Left, Shirley Snare Right, Sherryl Newton

CHINA/GLAZED PORCELAIN - China with molded hair without decoration or molded or applied special features, painted eyes. Michael Albanese CHINA/GLAZED PORCELAIN - Frozen Charlotte/Charlie, all china, may have molded clothing and/or hair decoration. Linette Heinlin

CHINA/GLAZED PORCELAIN - French Fashion doll with glazed porcelain head and shoulder plate. Barb Patrick


PARIAN, CIRCA - White skin tone. Molded hair, molded or applied special features on hair, head and/or shoulders, must be painted in contrast to surroundings. Kathy Turner

PARIAN - Male with white skin tone or slightly tinted skin tone, molded hair. Lynda Christian 58

PARIAN - White skin tone. Molded hair, If decorated, it must NOT be painted in contrast to surrounding. Left, Michel Albanese. Right, Peggy Obereck

PARIAN - German bisque female, with slightly tinted skin tone, from ďŹ rms such as Kling and ABG. Above, Kathy Turner Top to bottom: Linda Cantwell Margaret Kincaid Nancy Splitstoser

DOLL WITH HEAD OF LEATHER, RAWHIDE OR RUBBER Commerciallymade doll. Michael Albanese

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD Fashion-type on traditional stuffed cloth or leather body with cloth or leather limbs. Doll by George Most. PRESIDENT’S CHOICE, Julie Blewis

DOLL WITH HEAD OF LEATHER, RAWHIDE OR RUBBER - Native American doll, pre-1920. Right, Connie Kileen Below, Kathy Turner

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - Fashiontype on traditional stuffed cloth or leather body with other than cloth or leather limbs. Becky Hawkins

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - Fashiontype on wooden, Gutta Percha, kid-over-wood, or blown leather body. Kathleen Crescuillo


FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - Jumeau with closed mouth, excludes characters with exaggerated facial features and Tete Jumeau. Left to right: Margaret Kincaid, Mary Wolande, Christine Klemm

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD Any French doll on composition French lady body. Kathleen Zimmermann

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD French doll marked Tete Jumeau and Paris Bebe, marked with red stamp, closed mouth. Above, Mary Wolande, Right, Julie Blewis FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - Bru with closed mouth. Gail Cook


FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - Jules Steiner with closed mouth. Left to right: Denise Buese Cynthia Orgeron

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - H., A.T., Schmitt, and Mothereau, closed mouth. Mothereau, Julie Blewis

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - French doll with open mouth. Circle Dot Bru, Gail Cook

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - FalckRoussel, Petit & Dumontier, Pintel et Godchaux, Delcroix, Mascotte, and Pannier, closed mouth. Mascotte, Karla Moreland

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - French doll with open mouth, in original ethnic costume. Barbara Close

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD - F.G., R.D., Jullien, Denamur, Danel, closed mouth. F.G., Pat Dutchman

FRENCH DOLL WITH BISQUE HEAD French doll by other French ďŹ rms such as Lanternier, Leon Prieur, Verlingue, Damerval & Laffranchy, Leon Couty and Tanagra, etc., closed mouth. Julie Blewis


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Auction Gallery

Auction Preview: François Theimer September 25


rançois Theimer’s Saturday, September 25 auction in Paris at the Ambassador Hotel features an impressive array of French bebes and fashion dolls, toys, automatons, antique fashions and interesting curiosities. Here is a small sampling of dolls to be offered – see his ad in this issue. For more information go to François Theimer, Tél (33) 3 86 74 31 76 Fax (33) 3 86 74 32 13 4 rue des Cavaliers 89130 TOUCY France - email:

L-R: Bébé STEINER size 36”, figure A Léon Casimir BRU parisienne with smiling face, H 24” Parisienne by François GAULTIER, H 24” Bébé JUMEAU CARRIER BELLEUSE size 13 Above: Male parisienne by Auguste DEHORS, H 18”

Auction Preview: Galerie de Chartres September 25


very year the Galerie de Chartres holds one of its four annual Exhibitions on Friday, September 24th from 3 pm till 5 pm sales of dolls the last weekend of September; this year the date is and from 8:30 pm till 10 pm. On Saturday, September 25th from Saturday, September 25. 9 am till 10 am. Besides games, antiques bears and German and French baby The catalogue may be ordered for 8€ on inquiry or on dolls in celluloid, it will present an interesting collection of more and than eighty pieces of doll dishes in earthenware of Sarreguemines 15 days before the beginning of the auction. including tea, coffee sets and sweet boxes, all in polychromatic Galerie De Chartres: 10 Rue Claude Bernard ZA Le Coudray BP 70129 decoration of scenes of children’s games or family life according 28630 Chartres Le Coudray to the famous English draftswoman of the 19th century, Kate Phone: A collection Greenaway and the French illustrator Fromentin Richard. Fax: of more than Beautiful French dolls from the end of the 19th Email: chartres@ eighty pieces century will be also be offered: bebes Steiner, Bru and of earthenware Jumeau among them, two fine models, one a Jumeau doll dishes from “Portrait” and a Jumeau “long face”, as well as Sarreguemines will be offered. fashion dolls. The catalogue will also present character dolls including a large Asian doll Simon and Halbig mold 1129, open mouth dolls, doll Bebes and doll furniture. furniture and clothing.

Jumeau, size10, in original box. Rare Jumeau “long face”, size 12.


Auction Gallery Theriaults in Chicago, July 18


Huret poupee with a complete trousseau and documentation as the doll given by Victor Hugo to his granddaughter, arguably the most historically important doll ever offered by Theriault’s, was sold at their recent auction in Chicago. It was a standing room only crowd as the bidding intensified between a phone bidder and a member of the audience. The absentee bidder finally won her prize for $160,000. The largest single day auction held by the firm, it also included the private doll collection of author Anne Rice, featuring classics by Bru and Jumeau, as well as selections from other notable collections. (Prices do not include buyer’s premium)

A petite Bebe Steiner, figure C, 9 inches, wearing her early seaside costume, $8,000.

A poupee by Adelaide Huret with an extensive trousseau, given by Victor Hugo to his granddaughter Jeanne sold for $160,000. The doll was the inspiration for the heroine Deruchette in Hugo’s novel, Travailleurs de la Mer. The doll remained among Jeanne’s belongings for most of her life and was eventually given to her god-daughter in whose family the doll remained until being consigned to Theriault’s.

A rare poupee attributed to Adelaide Huret with painted teeth, signed Huret gutta percha body and wearing the original costume brought $58,000. A gilded fire screen by Huret, 42 inches, circa 1860, sold for $3400 and the Huret gilt metal canopy swinging cradle, $4000. 64

Stuart Holbrook wears the “special” hat, auctioned off for $2200. The winner of the hat, a floor bidder, was able to select the charity of her choice and Theriault’s in turn wrote a check to them in the same amount.

Portrait Bebe by Emile Jumeau, 23 inches, $31,000.

More AUCTION RESULTS on page 70 From the Anne Rice collection, this 31 inch Bebe by Leon Casimir Bru brought $40,000. The doll was pictured on the back cover of her novel, Interview with a Vampire.

The very rare wooden bodied Bebe Musique by Leon Casimir Bru, having a two-tune musical box hidden inside the torso, 17 inches, brought $44,000.

A wooden girl by Schoenhut, 21 inches, original union suit, and possible original dress, $6250.

Patricia A. Vaillancourt

Directions to shop: PA Turnpike Rte 272 at exit 286 turn right go a mile to Stoudtburg Village and visit all the doll shops.

PO Box 326, Adamstown, PA 19501 • CELL (561) 512-7193

Come visit my shop in Adamstown, PA! I offer a full array of dolls and accessories. Find me at and or e-mail: 1. 19 Inch Simon Halbig 1329 Oriental. She is a beauty with the most wonderful creamy bisque. She has a red silk kimono and wonderful headdress. In perfect condition, she even starred on the cover of a magazine. A really special doll. $2500 2. Parian Fashion with molded black hair brushstrokes encircling her head, abundant at face to give a windblown look. The eyes are typical with this doll two blues, grey and black at eyes, pink cheeks, beautifully painted lips. On wonderful old body with lovely dress, old shoes, parian hands. This doll is marked T on shoulder plate. It is meant to be boy or girl according to apparel customs at the time, although you can’t look at him and not see a boy with the loveliest haunting look. $1600 3. 12 Inch Kestner 143 is so sweet! They always have lovely bodies and wonderful character faces. This is a perfect example! $995 4. 29 Inch Kestner 171, an unusual mold number. A lovely doll with molded upper eyebrows, Kestner jointed composition body, wonderful original wig and original plaster pate. She is beautifully dressed in pink with matching original silk ribbons in her hair. A fabulous large doll priced reasonably at only $795. 5. 20 Inch Kestner Mold 152. Brown sleeping eyes, long multistroke eyebrows, human hair wig, lovely vintage purple dress, my favorite color. She is on a Kestner body. $850 6. Jumeau Fashion on marked body and marked head. She has on an elaborate dress that beautifully complements her exquisite portrait like face. She has the red Jumeau mark on head and blue stamp on body. For full picture look at my site on Ruby Lane. $4300 7. 19 inch Kestner. This is an early Pouty Kestner marked at rim with an x.






It has the look of an XI, beautiful eight ball body with straight wrists. A great body and the face is one in a million. $2300 8. Miniatures for you Marklin bed with decorative acorns; the sides go down, $950. Celluloid baby $750. Little trunk with three miniature all bisques (boy,





girl and baby in original outfits) totally original $550. A pair of French Lilliputians all bisque, rare French Figures $650. 9. Rare ball jointed Swiss “Bucherer/Saba” clown, very difficult to find, c. 1922, all original, $750.


Study of a Parian Peddler and Her Wares



by Debra Gulea

or those of you who know me well, you know that I am notorious for not maintaining a private collection. It seems that every old doll I meet is transient: even those I intend on keeping end up boarding with me for a short time, before packing their bags and happily moving on. For example: a lovely fashion recently left me for another woman on Saturday. When I have the opportunity to sell, I sell. When a doll wants to move on, I let it go. So it might come as somewhat of a surprise when I clearly state right from the start that this doll, which we will be examining today, is from my (gasp!) personal collection; and sorry dear reader, she will not be for sale. The object of my affection is this regal parian peddler (alternatively called a pedlar, stall-holder and vendor in some sources). Her pale blond molded hair is swept up, exposing her delicate ears, and then falls in thick sausage curls to her shoulders. She has a petite gold luster comb (or small crown) perched on the top of her head. Typically, parians are quite matte in finish, but my fair lady has what I have heard termed as “soapy finish”: that radiant, dewy glow promised to those who use Dove soap on a regular basis. Her hair style is consistent with the mid 1870’s, and though I am unsure of her maker (as it seems many German companies produced heads somewhat similar to hers), I feel confident about the date. Poor gal, she has been sitting at her table of wares for 130 odd years, her table is still fully stocked, and judging by her stern expression, she hasn’t had a single sale.

Parians have always had a soft spot in my heart; I tend to be partial to molded hair dolls of all mediums. Often the same hairstyles were produced by German doll factories both in un-tinted and unglazed bisque (called ‘parian’ by today’s collectors) and in china (which has a glazed, high gloss finish). I have often thought that it would be fun to assemble a collection of parians and chinas featuring the same hairdo, posed side by side in the cabinet; but alas, I always seem to sell off one before I find the other that goes with it. Peddlers are always a source of amusement for me. I have always loved miniatures, and would never be able to fit a large, fully-stocked, dollhouse in my home. Peddler dolls are a way to enjoy dollhouse miniatures and miniature dolls in a small setting. As peddler dolls always come with a table or tray of wares, there is usually much to be admired. My own gal’s table is crowded with glass grapes, candle sticks, drinking glasses, sea shells, pin cushions and sewing implements, a clock, many knit and lace items, purses, and of course many miniature dolls of her own, including eight Frozen Charlottes, which we will get to later. I never tire of looking at her assortment. It is usually impossible to determine what miniature items are original to the peddler and which ones have been added. It seems that peddlers suffer two fates equally: having their treasures raided, to be sold separately for a higher price, or having their tables embellished over the years by enthusiastic collectors who love to see the tables jam-packed with stuff. It is possible that the same peddler doll has had her table raided and re-stocked more than once. It used to be thought that these whimsical dolls were all handmade, lovingly assembled during idle evening hours by crafty Victorian homemakers. It has since been learned that many of the peddlers on the market were actually factory made during the Victorian era, particularly those standing & affixed to wooden bases and carrying little woven baskets of goodies. Indeed, these are often stamped with the company name on the base, which attests to their commercial heritage. Perhaps it’s just my own romantic notions, but I like to believe that my own parian peddler lady was one of the homemade ones; many of her wares look decidedly “homespun”, and her table isn’t very sophisticated in its design (being just stiff paper affixed with lace). She is also more regal than the commercially made peddlers one usually sees: the commercial ones usually have a red flannel cape over a patterned skirt, whereas my lady wears the finest deep blue velvet walking suit. Not to brag, but I’m also enchanted by the unusual natural beauty of my peddler. Most peddlers look like hags: their heads are made from wax, kid leather, dried apples, or wood; and they have a shriveled, wicked expression like those witches from the Brothers Grimm, or women living in Florida who shied away from sunscreen. Indeed, real eighteenth and nineteenth century peddlers were usually suspicious vagabonds (or gypsies), who made their living traveling from village to village, selling their wares. They were stigmatized (as gypsies still are today in many parts



of the world), and often viewed as cons and thieves. When they would arrive in a new village, they were met with an equal amount of excitement (over the exotic wares they brought with them from the bigger cities) and fear. I am quite confident that my parian peddler was never a traveling sales woman; rather, she looks like a doll dealer having a bad show, and thus lies her appeal for me. Frozen Charlottes are another one of my favorites, and my dear lady has no less than eight offered on her table, including two black ones, a clownish gentleman with a funny hat and mustache, two blondes, and three very tiny ones adored with jewelry and homemade lace clothes. These stiff, immobile dolls were produced in Germany between 1850 and 1930, and probably found their way to my lady’s table of wares fairly early in their lives. Though hard to believe, Frozen Charlottes were truly play dolls – they have the amusing ability to float in the tub. (Anyone who has a child knows how popular bathing dolls and toys remain with today’s toddler class). Indeed, they were originally called (most properly) “Bathing Dolls”, until sometime during this century they became associated with a whimsical little morality poem about “Young Charlotte”, a vain socialite who froze to death on the way to a winter ball because she refused to cover her fine clothes in a heavy woolen blanket. (As an interesting aside, Young Charlotte is said to have “laughed like a gypsy queen” at the suggestion of bundling up in the cold; this really should tell you something about how gypsies and peddlers were viewed during this time period). While Frozen Charlottes are clearly “dolls”; are peddlers dolls too? Well, most people define a doll as a “child’s plaything in human form, either jointed or un-jointed” (at least, this is the definition that I go by on my web site). Frozen Charlottes fit that criteria, as they were played with in the bath by children – but what about peddlers? There is little evidence to suggest that “peddlers” were ever played

with. If you look at them, firmly attached to their tables or baskets, their wares sewn on glued in place, there is little opportunity for “play”- you really can’t do a thing with them. Yet, the parian at the heart of the scene was indeed made by a doll factory, and she was made to be a child’s plaything. However, this “former doll” was forced to take her seat at the table of wares, and in doing so, ceases to be a doll. (I threw in this interesting psychological question about the nature of dolls so that you can see how seriously I study doll-ology). At any rate, in her present form, I would call my beloved parian peddler more of a “Victorian novelty”, a curiosity that perhaps graced some upper class woman’s parlor or mantle, a conversation piece for friends who came calling during leisurely afternoons. So it’s ironic that I, a doll dealer who does not usually collect dolls, am absolutely enthralled with this doll who is also a doll dealer, but ironically, not technically a doll at all! Why did I decide to keep her? Why could I never let her go? Is it because of her beautiful parian head? Because of the many Frozen Charlottes she displays, which I have always admired? Is it because she’s unusual for her type – the sole parian peddler in a sea of wax-over and wooden head ones? No, dear reader, it’s far more simple than that. I think that I keep her because she reminds me of me. I know what it’s like to sit at a doll show, peddling my wares. I know what it’s like to have a good show, where you sell everything and wish you brought even more, and what it’s like to have a bad show, when it seems like no one is interested in what you brought (fortunately, I haven’t had one of those in a long time, knock on wood, but one never forgets the dreadful feeling). I keep her because she’s not a doll, but because she’s a doll dealer, like me. Now if only I could look so well-coiffed and well-attired at my next doll show! Author Debra Gulea is the owner of Debra’s Dolls of Mullica Hill, NJ.

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(back row) 1. Beautiful 22” Phenix Steiner - perfect bisque - original body finish - antique outfit - marked * 93 - $5,750 2. Striking Simon & Halbig Asian lady #1329 - rare doll in perfect condition - 22” - extra outfit - $3500 3. Wonderful all original 18” E. J. Beebe in original couturier dress designed by Ernestine Jumeau with matching bonnet - size 8 - perfect - $12,500 4. Dreamy 29” E.J. Jumeau - size 13 - creamy bisque rare size - beautiful outfit, perfect - $18,000 5. Rare early Kestner child - square cut metal teeth 8 ball jointed compo body - exc. condition - $2900 6. Stunning example of an early “Paris Bebe” by Jumeau - 16” - perfect bisque - original body and wig - impeccably dressed. Head marked Paris Bebe - Tete Depose 6, Body - Eiffel Tower - $8750 (front row) 1.Gorgeous “Circle Dot” Bru 19” - marked 6 on head and shoulderplate - circa 1880 - large size - perfect bisque hands beautiful antique outfit. $27,750 2. 19”Smiling Bru Fashion - totally original (original outfit included but frail) - beautifully redressed in period fabric - perfect condition kid body - bisque arms and hands. $6750 3.Adorable 22” Hertel and Schwab Googly Toddler - rare large size - marked 165 - 12 - original wig and outfit. $13,000. 4. Smallest size Shirley Temple - 11” - all original - decal eyes - great condition. $995 5. 16” Premiere Jumeau Bebe - beautiful doll - great outfit - outstanding condition. $8750 6. Cutest little Kestner all bisque in presentation box - extra clothing - sleep eyes, generally excellent $895 7. Handsome 16” center seam Steiff teddy bear - sought after cinnamon color - original underscored button exc. Condition - $7500

Auction Gallery T

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delightful K*R Simon Halbig 131 googly, 31 cm (12.2 inches), brought approximately $7600 at the Ladenburger’s summer doll and toy auction.

his rare Simon & Halbig from their roman numeral series of dolls, 16 inches, marked S&H I, with her excellent original composition ball jointed body, realized $13,200 at the Frasher July 17 auction.



27 inch red stamp Depose Tete Jumeau Bte. S.G. D. G. 19, with original factory chemise and marked Jumeau shoes, plus an additional antique outfit, brought $5,367.50 at the August Alderfer doll auction.


arbara Frasher of Frasher Doll Auctions stands behind a rare 24 inch china with unusual brown hair, deeply molded eyelids, a muslin body with porcelain hands, and wearing an antique dress. It sold for $8,400 at Frasher’s July 17 auction in Chicago, IL. We would like to thank the following auction houses for their participation: Alderfer Auctions, 501 Fairgrounds Road, Hatfield, PA 19440. Phone 215-393-3023. Frasher Doll Auctions, 2323 S. Mecklin School Road, Oak Grove, MO 64075. Phone 816-625-3786. Email: Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion GmbH Lustgartenstraße 6 - D-68526 Ladenburg Phone +49(0)6203/13014 Email:

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1. Scarlett - 32” A.M. Large Impressive Girl - Chunky body. Vintage Burgandy Velvet and Lace Dress - Black Jet Beads. Deep Blue Sleep Eyes - Light body repaint - “Gone With The Wind” Southern Hospitality - $1,395. 2. RARE 27” Hertel & Schwab - Chunky Bent Limb Body - Blue Sleep Eyes - 4 Teeth - Open Mouth - Molded Tongue. RED Hair - All Original - SUPERB $2,300. 3. Darling - 30” Simon & Halbig C.M. Bergman Child. Spiral Blue Sleep Eyes. Pierced Ears. Rose and Cream Lace Bonnet and Dress. Comes with platform horse toy. A Mother’s Favorite - $1,650. 4. Charmer - 20” A.M. Brown Sleep Eyes - Leather like body. Riveted Joints. Perfect Playmate for your doll - $325. 5. Soleful - 30” C.M. Bergman S&H. Angelic Girl. Pierced Ears. Blue Sleep Eyes. Original Dress. Replaced “Full” Wig. Comes with Antique Porcelain Portrait Broach - Perfect - $1,450 6. Daisy - 30” Kestner - PERFECT - All Original - Lace Outfit and Wig. Blue Sleep Eyes. Complete with Original Garters - $1,750

Dolls’ Houses from The I

Collectors of early toys favor the typical paint colors of this early Christian Hacker grocery store. The pale seashell pink and the contrasting cobalt blue ring all the right bells (as the expression goes) and the graceful arched roof is an uncommon and very pleasing feature. There is great charm in this small package.

It seems there are many grocery, millinery and dry goods shops to be found, but how often do you encounter such a shop as this? Not only is this Tobacconist’s Shop very rare, but the condition is noteworthy as well. It is remarkable that so many of the contents are intact and the handsomely dressed gentleman dolls look quite appropriate in this setting. 72

by Susan Grimshaw

f you didn’t make a pilgrimage to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to see the antique dollhouses in the Toy Museum at Old Salem before it closed, you’ll get a last chance when they are auctioned by Noel Barrett Antiques and Auctions in New Hope, PA the weekend before Thanksgiving. Six major antique dolls’ houses, along with several fully furnished German shops and kitchens, will be offered and approximately 200 lots of furniture and accessories will be removed from the houses and sold to collectors. The houses include several wellknown miniature edifices including the lovely mid-18th century Van Haeften house formerly belonging to the late British dolls’ house connoisseur and author, Vivien Greene, and the Spanish Second Empire house that for many years belonged to early collectors Donald and Helen Mitchell. Both these houses have been featured in earlier publications and were substantially restored before earning their places in the Museum. They were acquired by collectors Tom Gray and his mother, Ann, who together founded the museum in 2002. The Van Haeften house already had a well-documented history when it resided in Mrs. Greene’s famous Rotunda Museum outside Oxford and it was the only major house she left unfurnished so that its remarkably pure Georgian features could be better appreciated. It was in rather shabby condition when she purchased it in 1966 from Baroness Ann van Haeften who relayed the story of how her own mother had saved her pocket money to purchase it from a second-hand shop in 1885. Eighty-two years later, Mrs. Greene had much of the missing trimwork replaced but left all the restoration work unpainted so visitors could tell what was original and what had been replaced. Before its comparatively shorter time with the Toy Museum, the house was further

Toy Museum at Old Salem restored at great expense by the Museum’s conservator, David Goist. Later coats of interior paint were carefully removed and the delightful surviving original oil paintings within two overmantels were cleaned and conserved to reveal the signature of an artist the museum identified as Johann Martin Schuster (1667-1738). At the same time, the trimwork that was replaced in 1967 was painted over to blend with the rest of the paint finishes but it can still be identified by its smoother texture when examining the house closely. A remarkable social document, the Van Haeften house (or the English Baby House as it was renamed by the Museum) is arguably one of the finest surviving 18th century dolls’ houses on either side of the Atlantic. Along with familiar commercial red-roof dolls’ houses manufactured in Germany by Christian Hacker and Moritz Gottschalk, there is another large English dolls’ house with a neo-Georgian exterior and a solidly Victorian interior identified by the Museum as the Regency House. Three stories tall with an added gabled roof, it features six spacious rooms, a staircase hall, hand-painted wallpapers, elaborate window treatments and it was opulently furnished in the Museum. The contents will be sold separately and include many appealing items including a charming lithographed parlor suite, many pieces of painted tinware and other metals along with a glittering array of ormolu accessories. The tallest house (just over six feet!) is the signed and dated 1888 Spanish Second Empire Dolls’ House that had previously been the jewel in the collection of the late Don and Helene Mitchell. They knew it as “Broadstairs” and joyfully acquired it in Madrid in the 1960’s. The front of the house is richly detailed with stylish window balconies, an evocative shingled mansard roofline with dormer windows, and an

The beautifully executed architectural details of the Van Haeften House set it apart from just about every other house of this era. The scale is perfect and even unfurnished, it is very satisfying to gaze upon it. It is extremely difficult to find 18th century dollhouse furnishings outside museums and that was one of the reasons Vivien Greene left the house unfurnished all the years is was displayed in the Rotunda. For some years it was inhabited by three Victorian dolls’ house dolls representing an estate agent and two prospective buyers, but when I visited the museum the summer before it closed, she told me the interested couple had been stolen so the house was left totally empty. At the Toy Museum, the house displayed an assortment of period doll’s china and other accessories.

A pleasing harmony envelops this German double-roombox kitchen with pantry as all the original painted cabinetry remains intact and nicely matched to the colors of the floor and the delicate painted border beneath the rooms’ cornices. All is crisp and fresh in this well-appointed and quite delightful kitchen that lacks nothing.


This photograph shows the interior of the Regency House as it appeared in the museum. The kitchen features an Evans & Cartwright washstand and a pretty set of treenware. All the furnishings pictured in the house will be sold, including a rare ormolu squirrel cage that will likely be an object of fierce desire come November.


The delicacy of the window balconies along the façade of the Spanish Duplex House are echoed in the sublime paint colors that decorate this large house. The imposing double front doors are crafted with care and feature elegantly grained rosewood panels. Each of the façade’s sections slide on runners in the base and are easily removed for access to the interior. Note the handsome balustrade that crowns the top of the house. The table with spool-turned legs and wrought iron bracing came with the house when it was purchased by Tom Gray.

imposing front staircase. The Mitchells originally found the house in poor condition with the balcony railings and more than half the window sashes missing, and the papers were damaged or missing in all but one room. They invested immeasurable hours replacing missing features and redecorating. Some ceiling papers remain intact to hint at the original appearance of the house. Further refurbishment was undertaken before the house entered the collection of the Toy Museum and it is interesting to compare photos of the house as it has been improved by successive owners. One house in original condition is the highly unusual and fascinating Spanish Duplex House. Over five feet in length and placed on its own elegant stand, it has an imposing yet playful façade consisting of sliding panels painted a lovely robin’s egg blue. The panels feature formal French doors with attractive applied decorative moldings. The doors open to the delicately styled Mediterranean balconies and window grates that give the house its Latin flavor. These evocative architectural details extend to the sides as well. The interior is even more fascinating as the house’s two levels are each designed as separate yet remarkably similar apartments, both with identical kitchens and bathrooms and fitted with charming closets and built-in cupboards. An unusual interior courtyard or galleria has been fitted with elegant columns and balustrades. Aside from minor paint touch-ups, everything in this distinctive house is original. In addition to the large dolls’ houses, a varied assortment of classic German shops and kitchens are featured. Among the most appealing examples is an early Christian Hacker grocery shop designed for the English-speaking market. The exterior is painted a delicious shell pink color accented with characteristic Hacker linework and a Grocery sign painted in gold against a vivid cobalt blue background. The interior features several shelves and numerous drawers decorated with original fauxbois paper. In superb condition, the shop is well-stocked with foodstuffs and various containers. A most unusual and perhaps unique shop is the Tobacconist’s

emporium. This clearly masculine establishment features beautifully grained faux rosewood shelves, drawers and counters accented by faux marble columns and gilt Dresden paper decorations. Boxes of cigars are displayed and the original triangular wrapping papers remain suspended on hooks over the counter. The handsome gentleman dolls are included. Who knows? It could make smoking fashionable again. Several German kitchens are included in the sale and, unlike the houses, they are fully furnished. An early Nuremburg kitchen will be offered, as will a larger early 20th century two-room kitchen with pantry. In this engaging specimen, original matched cabinetry and a generous volume of cooking utensils and foodstuffs are accented by gleaming copper pots and pans. Remarkably intact and fresh-looking, it is an example of what was referred to as a “bright” kitchen from the time period when dark and cluttered Victorian interiors went out of vogue and clean, cheerful kitchens became fashionable. It is delightfully complete and one can’t help but imagine how it must have enthralled some lucky young child when it was new. The encased English Butcher’s Shop that Tom Gray purchased at Noel’s auction of the Mary Merritt Museum several years ago has undergone an appropriate and deeply satisfying restoration. While retaining the original glass with its cracked corner, the outside of the case has undergone a remarkable transformation as thick layers of grimy white paint were removed to expose the handsome wood beneath - it practically glows! Instead of detracting from the amazing details of the shop and its many, many beautifully painted cuts of meat, the case now complements the enchanting artistry and craftsmanship of its interior. It is a gratifying example of a successful endeavor to conserve one of the best examples known in this genre. The auction will take place November 19th and 20th at the Eagle Fire Hall in New Hope, PA. The catalogue can be ordered by contacting Noel Barrett Antiques and Auctions, Ltd. at (215) 297-5019 or on the internet at

I had the pleasure (and challenge!) of writing the catalogue description for this stunning British Butcher’s Shop when it was auctioned with the rest of the contents of the Mary Merritt Museum beginning in 2006 and I was simply stunned when I counted all the pieces of individually carved and painted cuts of meat – there are almost 200 pieces! I remember we all hoped it would end up in a museum and… it did!

Just imagine walking into an antiques shop and finding a dolls’ house this tall and imposing - talk about presence! The Spanish Second Empire House not only commands whatever space it occupies, but when opened, the rooms are wonderfully spacious and accessible. When it was in the Museum, it was furnished with many examples of antique German furniture including an elaborate ebonized parlor suite from Waltershausen, handsome chairs by Rock & Graner, and multiple ormolu chandeliers by Erhard & Sohne.


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4 Portland, OR. Doll Show. National Guard Armory. Dorothy Drake. 775-348-7713. 4 Westampton, NJ. Dolls at Auction. Sweetbriar Auctions. 410-275-2094. 8-12 Denver, CO. Miniatures & Dolls & Toys Show. Doubletree Hotel Denver Tech. Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys. 303-651-6856. 9-12 Neenah, WI. Oldenburg & Co. 2nd Annual Convention. Holiday Inn. 920-582-4361. 11 Glendale, CA. Dolls & Miniatures & Bears Show & Sale. Glendale Civic Auditorium. Barbara Kouri. 818-767-4172. 11 Hillsborough, NH. Annual Toy & Doll Extravaganza @ the Dollhouse in Hillsborough. Withington Auction. 11 Las Cruces, NM. Doll Show & Sale. Mesilla Valley Conference Room Days Inn. Gloria Sanders. 575-523-1413. 11 Roseville, CA. Doll Show. Placer County Fairgrounds. Dorothy Drake. 775-348-7713. 11 San Diego, CA. Doll Show & Sale. Al Bahr Temple. Delightful Dolls. 619-265-0443. 11 Santa Monica, CA. De-acquisition Sale. Angel’s Attic Museum. Angel’s Attic. 310-394-8331. 11 Talbott, TN. Doll Show. Morristown Doll Club. W. Hamblen County Volunteer Fire Dept. 423-586-0744. 11 Waldorf, MD. Doll Show & Sale. Thomas Stone High School. Southern Maryland Doll Club. 301-868-6410. 12 Alexander, NY. Doll Show. Alexander Fireman’s Recreation Hall. Fairlands Doll. Sue Spink. 585-591-2841. 12 Chantilly, VA. Teddy Bear Show. Dulles Expo & Conference Ctr. Alex Wilson. 717-993-3041. 12 Erlanger, KY. Doll Show. 1379 Donaldson Rd. Triple Crown Doll Club. Monica. 859-635-1649. 12 Maquoketa, IA. Doll & Toy & Bear Show. Jackson County Fairgrounds. Dora Pitts. 563-242-0139. 12 Nashua, NH. Doll Show & Sale. Holiday Inn Nashua. Nellie Perkins Doll & Miniature Society & Granite State Doll Club. 603-924-6393. 12 Valparaiso, IN. Doll & Bear Show & Sale. Porter County Expo Center. Valparaiso Dolls & Friends Club. 219-476-7384. 17-19 St. Charles, IL. Folk Art Festival. Kane County Fairgrounds. 800-777-4373. 18 Beaverton, OR. Doll Show. Beaverton Elks Lodge. Sharon. 18-19 Gaithersburg, MD. 151st Eastern National Antique Doll Show. The Fairgrounds. Bellman Events. 443-617-3590. 18 Greenville, SC. Doll & Bear Show. Holiday Inn. Knight Southeastern Doll Shows. 803-783-8049. 18 Lawrenceville, PA. Doll & Bear & Miniature Show & Sale. Laurel Doll Club of PA. 570-537-2253. 18 Lewiston, ID. Annual Doll Sale. Lewis Clark State College. Lewis-Clark Doll Club. Carmen Moxley. 509-758-5487. 18 W. Covina, CA. Doll & Bears Show. West Covina Elk’s Lodge. Doll Festival. 831-438-5349. 19 Houston, TX. Doll Show. Hilton Houston Hobby Airport. Carolyn Johnson. 409-945-2796. 19 Milwaukee, WI. Doll & Bear Show. Serb Hall. Orphans In The Attic. Marge Hansen. 920-563-0046. 25 Billings, MT. Doll Show & Sale. Legacy Doll Museum. 406-252-0041. 25 Bremerton, WA. Doll Show. Sons of Norway Hall. Sandy O’Donnell. 360-871-7359. 25 Chartres, France. Doll Auction. Galerie De Chartres. +33(0) 25 Denver, CO. UFDC Region 6 Denver Conference Public Day. Sheraton Denver West. Diane Hoffman. 303-722-8700. 25-26 Golden, CO. 1st Annual Tri State Doll Sale. Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Lorella Farmer. 303-988-8591. 25 Paris, France. Collectible Dolls & Toys & More Auction. Hotel Ambassador. Francois Theimer. 0033 03 86 74 31 76.

26 Ft. Wayne, IN. Doll & Bear Show. The Lantern. B&L Promotions. 419-228-4657. 26 Ottawa, Canada. Doll & Bear & Miniature Show. R.A. Centre. C. McIntosh. 613-829-0041. 26 Willowbrook, IL. Doll & Bear Show & Sale. Ashton Place Banquet Center. 312-919-7135.

October 2010

2 Albany, NY. Doll Show & Sale. St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church. Shaker Doll Club. 518-439-6576. 2 Austin, TX. Doll Show & Sale. Travis County Expo Center. Austin Doll Collectors’ Society. Sharon Weintraub. 512-323-9639. 2 Caldwell, ID. Hello Dollie Doll Club Show. Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church. 209-880-2484. 2 Escondido, CA. Doll Show. Church of the Resurrection. Southwind Doll Club. 760-728-6830. 3 Brooklyn, MN. Dolls & Toys & Bears Show. Earle Brown Heritage Center. Shows by Bernadette. 612-821-0606. 3 Lansing, MI. Doll Show. DeWitt Banquet & Conference Center. Sandy. 269-599-1511. 8-9 Ladenburg, Germany. Big Auction. Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion. Gotz Seidel. 0049(0)6203-13014. 9 Anaheim, CA. Doll Show & Sale. 226 North Helena Street. Anaheim Doll Club. 714-828-5909. 9 Fredericksburg, VA. Doll & Toy Show. Fredericksburg Elks Lodge. Judy Kamerer. 804-448-5060. 9 Memphis, TN. Doll Show & Sale. Agricenter International. Southern Belles Doll Club. 901-377-9353. 9-10 Oaks, PA. Antiques & Collectibles Show. Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Norm Schaut’s Fun Fair of Fine Collectibles. 800-822-4119. Funfair 10 Anaheim, CA. Dolls & Jewelry Show. Anaheim Plaza Hotel. National Doll Festival. 831-438-5349. 10 Dedham, MA. Doll & Teddy & Toy Show. Holiday Inn. Bornstein Show. 978-535-4811. 10 Flint, MI. Doll Show & Sale. Dom Polski Hall. The Flint Barbie Club. 810-659-2351. 10 Hendersonville, NC. Doll Show & Sale. National Guard Armory. Land O’Sky Doll Club. UFDC Region 8. 828-891-8362. 10 Hershey, PA. Doll Show & Sale. Granada Street Gym. Central Penn Doll Club. 717-761-3609. 10 New Hope, PA. Doll Show. Eagle Fire Hall. Mark Lehmann. 215-657-2477. 16 Denver, PA. Cristol/Glickman Collection Auction. Morphy Auctions. 717-335-3435. 16 Palmetto, GA. Peachtree Doll Collectors Annual Doll Show. Campus of Georgia Baptist Children’s Home. 770-579-9404. 16 Pasadena, CA. Doll Show. Elks Lodge. Forever Young. Sandy Kline. 818-368-4648. 16 Phoenix, AZ. Daydreamers Doll Club Show & Sale. No. Phoenix Baptist Church. 480-857-2405. 16-17 Puyallup, WA. Doll Show. Western Washington Fairgrounds. Dorothy Drake. 775-348-7713. 16 Topeka, KS. Doll & Toy & Miniature Sale. Woman’s Club of Topeka. 5221 SW W. Drive. 785-478-9665. 17 Wausau, WI. Doll & Antiques Show. St. Matthew Church Hall. Altrusa International of Wausau. 20-22 Nashua, NH. Doll Auction. Holiday Inn, Nashua. Withington Auction, Inc. 603-478-3232. 23 Blue Springs, MO. Estate Auction Antique Dolls. Browne Auctions. American Legion Hall. 918-629-3739. 23 Sparks, NV. Doll & Bear Show. Holiday Inn. Melinda Natzel. 775-342-7629. 24 Columbus, OH. 39th Annual Doll & Bear Sale. Aladdin Shrine Center. Olentangy Valley Doll Club of Ohio. 614-562-9752.

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“The Boston Show”

SUNDAY October 10, 2010

s s oy how B er oy S m um nd T r a D dy d Te DOLL-TEDDY-TOY ll,



Hours: 10:00-3:00 PM FREE PARKING


Only 15 Minutes South of Boston Jct. Rt. 1 South & Rt. 128 Exit 15A Dedham, MA

A Classic Variety of Antique and Collectible Dolls, Teddys and Toys A DRUMMER BOYS SHOW Show Info: (978) 535-4811

Website: This ad will admit two at $6 each

See website for any show updates. Next Show October 10, 2010 P.O. Box 2204, Peabody, MA 01960

Mary Ann Spinelli will be lecturing on Wooden Dolls September 24th 7pm at the

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• Toys • Miniatures • Doll Molds • Supplies • Calendar continued from page 76 24 St. Charles, IL. Antique & Collectible Toy & Doll Show. Kane County Fairgrounds. Antique World Shows. 773-736-5140. 30-31 Holyoke, MA. Doll & Toy & Teddy Bear Show. Holyoke Holiday Inn. Maven Company. 413-534-3311. 30 Seattle, WA. Seattle Doll & Toy Collectors Club. Antique & Collectible Doll Market. Lake City Community Center. Lisa Pepin. 206-362-8723.

November 2010

5-6 Vallejo, CA. Doll Sale. Vallejo Fairgrounds. Nancy Jo’s Doll Sales. 925-229-4190. 7 Southbury, CT. Doll & Bear & Toy Show & Sale. Crowne Plaza. Jenny Lind Doll Club. 203-598-7600. 7 York, PA. Doll & Toy & Teddy Bear Show & Sale. York Expo Center. Ron & Sue Funk. 717-442-4279. 13 Des Moines, IA. 7th Annual Fall Des Moines Doll & Bear & Toy Sale. Iowa State Fairgrounds. 13 Garden Grove, CA. Annual Holiday Show & Sale. Garden Grove Community Center. California Doll Collectors. 562-596-6790. 13-14 Atlanta, GA. International Black Doll & Gift Show. Holiday Inn Atlanta Capitol Conference Center Hotel. Black Doll Shows. 212-594-2455. 13 Red Bluff, CA. Holiday Faire Antiques to Arts Show & Sale. Fairgrounds. Red Bluff Events. 831-438-5349. 14 Albuquerque, NM. Doll & Bear & Miniature Show. McM Elegante’ Hotel. Melinda’s Dolls. 775-342-7629. 14 Bellevue, WA. Antique Doll & Toy Market. Red Lion Bellevue Inn. Teresa Lehmbeck/Leone McMullen. 425-413-9516. 14 Davenport, IA. Doll & Collectibles. Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. Dora Pitts. 563-242-0139. 14 Santa Rosa, CA. Doll & Toy Show & Sale. Veterans Memorial Bldg. Redwood Empire Doll & Study Club. 707-838-9672. 16 London, England. Fine Dolls & Teddy Bears & Juvenalia. Bonhams. +44 (0) 20 7393 3900. 19-20 New Hope, PA. Toys Auction. Eagle Fire Hall. Noel Barrett Auctions. 215-297-5109. 20 Doylestown, PA. Doll Show & Sale. Dublin Fire Company Hall. Buxmont Doll Lovers. Judy. 215-822-2556. 20 Dublin, PA. Doll Show. Dublin Firehall. BuxMont Doll Lovers. 215-679-6225. 20 San Jose, CA. Doll Show. Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Dorothy Drake. 775-348-7713. 27 Paris, France. Doll Auction. Hotel Ambassador. Theimer Auctions.

Nancy Jo’s Doll SaleS

vallejo, CA Vallejo Fairgrounds

Nov. 5-6, 2010 Friday 12 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. For information sendSASE (2 stamps) to: Nancy Jo Schreeder, 305 Robinson St., Martinez, CA 94553 Phone 925-229-4190 Fax 925-229-5369


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Lovely Large 126 K*R Character Baby.

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'Sublime Beauty' aptly describes the ethereal presence of this serene Bebe from the Emile Jumeau period. Dressed in her original, albeit strengthened, ensemble of lace over spring-tone floral silk with matching lavish bonnet and original and correct signed Jumeau shoes; Mademoiselle is incised Depose E10J and stands 21" tall. Her French HH wig is superb and she has lovely, unblemished applied ears with pink pearl ear drops and her bisque head is pristine. Her original straight wrist body is stamped with the blue Jumeau Medaille d'Or Paris. This is a luscious example of the grace and beauty Emile Jumeau was famed for. Magnifique! $10,500

Ahhhhhhh, Schmitt! What elements were garnered to create you? Spirals of icicle blue in your lovely enamel eyes, hues borrowed from warm, ripened apricots for your rounded cheeks, roses at the height of bloom to grace your lips, and gentle shadings of dusk to shadow your lids. Such a marvel is this 18" beauty, garbed in a period styled antique satin and lace frock with matching bonnet. Twice marked with the shield on head and body, she is truly poetry from days long ago. Her lovely pale bisque has been well guarded and she awaits her next custodian patiently. $17,400.00

Oh, Ma Petite Cherie! What a precious little cherub by the Gaultier firm. Early incised F.2.G. at back crown rim, she stands a mere 11 inches. This tiny princess has the most bewitching blue pw eyes. Her deftly painted face emulates the somber face of a child. Gorgeous antique dress, luscious mohair wig and tiny antique leather shoes make her a charming and delightful package! $5950

The magic of the Emile Jumeau period glimmers in the brilliant lapis blue glow of this petite 15" mademoiselle's gaze. Mystically beautiful with radiant, perfect bisque, original wavy gold mohair wig still attached to her original cork pate; she is incised Depose E6J and residing on her original straight wrist, blue Jumeau stamped body. This bebe has a look that simmers in your memory long after she has left your gaze. She is adorable in her ecru over blue point d'espirit net lace dress and matching bonnet. Simply spellbinding! $8400

When the Hilda Toddler came on the scene, she simply wowed her adoring public. Such an innocent face with such expressive modeling! This priceless morsel has more than most... her original wig, gorgeous original period light blue and ecru wool cap and frock, all in superior condition! This little lass is just a tiny-mite at 13.5 inches, however, she has outstanding presence! $3100

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VILLAGE DOLL & TOY SHOP 24” Jumeau Bebe Phonographe A hard to find Jumeau bebe with working clockwork phonograph and original cylinders. She has her original wig and shoes and replaced chemise. Mold flaw behind ear. $4500.


Open Sunday 9AM - 4PM or by appointment Visa/Mastercard 8 N.Village Circle P.O. Box 705 Adamstown, PA. 19501 (717) 484-1200

September 2010  

Special Chase Dolls • All Bisques • Meet the Bumsteads • Dolls’ Houses from the Old Salem Toy Museum • UFDC Salesroom • Antique Blue Ribbon...

September 2010  

Special Chase Dolls • All Bisques • Meet the Bumsteads • Dolls’ Houses from the Old Salem Toy Museum • UFDC Salesroom • Antique Blue Ribbon...