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Anteater - streetwear label from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

stores, some of them agreed to sell our products. After maybe five-six prints on tees and History of Anteater clothing pair of hoodies that have been brand began in 2006 year, one sold so fast in that shops, we year before that I have started understood that it can be a web site creammag dot ru brand, not advertising stuff for this project is about extreme web site - it can be powerful sports and street culture. Me as independent project. a graffiti kid, dude that always loved to skate and snowboard, is really so deep interested in street culture. In 2006 year my Dad and I decided to produce some t-shirts branded with logo of creammag. We have discussed it with frendly skateshops and streetwear

First t-shirt of Anteater brand was made in the beginning of 2007, is was ÂŤTrue Fake WalkerÂť tee with Chuck Norris. In that time Jart skateboard team came to Saint-Petersburg to make some photos, autograph sessions and demos. I spent all time with this team as a photographer, one day i presented tee to Mathieu Dupuy and took some pictures with him in that t-shirt. Later these photos were published in Afisha magazine, very popular media between youngsters. It was a great start for our PR

company, we began with nice skateboard crew that included dopest skaters: Maxim Kruglov, Kirill Ivanov and Pasha Mushkin, this dudes ride so hot on skateboard. And also with photo of Mathieu, there was introduction of a brand and image of large poster which were made by Endier, streetart artist from our city.

Maxim Kruglov, bs tailslide filmed by Vanya Chuprakov. < Max wearing our first hat V And on photo below in t-shirt collaboration with George Langham (UK).

We got nice responce from street community, because we were always trying to help perspective riders, give stuff as a gift for big extreme events, give clothing to our frends who were insiders in this movement! As example our friend Dj Bazil from True Flavas, crew of a famous russian Djs, He is a vinyl collector, fun of funk of 45s, hip-hop and in my mind one of the greatest Djs in Russia. He always plays on our events CREAMparty. > Vasiliy Ostroumov aka Dj Bazil is wearing our first hoodie.

< On this photo Vasiliy is in t-shirt collaboration with Sergey Sbss, illustrator and designer from Moscow. V On photo below - Creamparty.

< Maxim in our first hat on contest, this is photo from time when he rose up as a skateboarder, V On photo below he is in Creammag ad tee.

> This is Kostya Berejevskiy from Kamchatka, a place where winter is super long and full of snow. He was our first snowboard rider. Trick: switch tailpress.

Im lucky that when I opened web site I was involved in the world of photography, It is still not clear for me how much money I could have spent if I didnt know how to shoot. I was shooting best riders of SaintPetersburg wearing Anteater. Even if they had another sponsors, I always tryed to make some photos in which they were dressed in clothes of our brand.

This is a little part of collaborations with Sicksystems, I want to say thanks to Aske for support and for that he belived in our brand. Aske was the one who inspired us to make collaborations and he also is the author of our new logo.

We also produced very tall tees and hoodies which are popular between snowboarders, new school ski riders, hip-hopers,

b-boys, here are some pictures of our friends & riders Dima Makrushin, Vitalik Kensman and Anton Seleznev.

Cike is a painter, illustrator and designer from Belarus, now he lives in Germany and some days ago he had his own exhibition there. We are proud to work with him, because he is a great artist, really high talanted! Together we have made so much collaborations, his prints are everywhere. And soon we will get some fresh designs. > Pasha Mushkin wearing collaboration with creative group ÂŤDo plu doÂť, this dudes from Russia / Sweden - super creative style.

This Anteater t-shirt on Viktor Photos on top - piece from Demidov aka MC Kirpich, is Cike exhibition in Germany. designed by ÂŤNakaÂť, Russian illustrator Nastya Razbegaeva. < True Flavas at work

< Anteater Knows t-shirt > Maxim Kruglov again

Photo from top - one of the many Damions exhibitions.

< Pasha Mushkin, Roma Drozdov and Maxim Luckichev for Anteater.

< Damion Silver. a very famous American artist, produced one design for us, we are so proud of this, he was a skateboard pro-rider when I was born.

Collaboration with Cobr > Dima Rondikov, fs 50-50 < Some looks in flannels

On top - our hoodies, very popular product between extreme addicted people and b-boys. < Anteater x Flexfit for springsummer 2010 we have produced caps based on Flexfit 210 model and classic design.

> Cikes sketch and printed t-shirt, fresh grey colorway V Anteater bags with tag

Co-work with Elna, designer and skateboarder from Israel, now he lives in Barcelona. Very interesting style! > New schooler Ura wearing Anteater hoodie x Cike One,

This is only a part of Anteater history and co-works with artists, creative groups and graffiti writers. For more information - visit our blog: Thanx for your attention!

History of Anteater clothing