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Collaboration Saucony & Anteater, September 2011

The idea of design:

Description: The streetwear brand Anteater and famous American manufacturer of sport shoes Saucony recently introduced a very unique project for the whole Russian market – a limited pack of the Jazz model. This collaboration is really special. Firstly, it is the first example of partnership between a world-famous Western company and a Russian brand. Russia has always been outside of the international streetwear market. Futhermore, Saucony as a respected brand which has more than a hundreed year history and greatly cherishes its reputation, hardly ever participates in such projects, not like New Balance or Nike. Saucony usually collaborates with world famous boutiques from Europe and the USA, not with any clothing brands. That’s why the partnership with the underground streetwear label from St. Petersburg is a really outstanding project.

Design: The model which we like most of all in Saucony Originals line is Jazz O, especially with the white sole, so we decided to base the new design on it. So we added some details: changed a little the trendy gum-sole, and managed to design the river silhouette in harmony with it. The colorway was really good, it looked original because of the Jazz LowPro Vegan sole, such a nice variant for the Russian autmn.

Sneakers and t-shirt: To make the project more recognizable, in addition to kicks, we produced the special t-shirts with the same design. For each pair of sneakers we gave this t-shirt as a present. “This collaboration is really crucial. The project with Saucony is a real achievement for the independent Russian brand, it seems to be the beginning of great development. We are happy for this guys from St. Petersburg and of course we’d like to get this pair of kicks. By the way, this pack includes only 120 pairs.” – GQ magazine (

Information about Anteater: Anteater is a streetwear brand from St. Petersburg, which was established in 2007. It became famous because of its prints, created by well-known Russian and foreign designers, illustrators and graffitti writers. In addition to t-shirts it produces hoodies, windbreakers, coats, bags, caps, waistcoats and so on. The collaboration with Saucony is the first experience in producing kicks. “The Russian brand Anteater, which nearly started from hand-made tees, for the short four-year period managed to become very active in producing collaborations with young designers, graffiti writers and other members of the underground culture.” – Website Etoday ( php) “Anteater is a kind of streetwear uniform, created together with like-minded people, from Belarussian hip-hop musicians to American proskaters.” – “Afisha“ magazine (

Jazz model: For its more than a hundreed year history Saucony produced a great number of athletic shoes. The most famous model, which is often associated with the whole brand, is Jazz, which in 2011 celebrated its 30 years anniversary. It appeared in 1981 and immediately became an example of perfect running shoes with good amortization, lightweight upper of nylon and suede. These sneakers became the classics of runnin shoes.

The history of Saucony brand: Saucony is one of the oldest sport shoe companies. It was founded in 1898, in 1906 Saucony opened its first factory located on the banks of Saucony river. The picture of this river with three stones is still used as the symbol of company. In 1910 Saucony produced 800 pairs per day. In the same time on the bank of the other river in Cambridge, Russian immigrant Abraham Hyde opened his own shoe store. He was selling baseball, bowling shoes and skates. What is more, in 60s his company was producing shoes for NASA, so the first steps in space were taken by cosmonauts wearing shoes by Hyde. By the year 1968 Saucony started to produce running shoes. Soon Abraham Hide bought the Saucony company and transferred it to Cambridge. For a long period of time Saucony was nothing but a company producing running shoes for a limited number of professional sportsmen. In 1977 the journalists of U.S. Magazine awarded to Saucony the nomination “Best quality�. As the result, Saucony gained the perfect reputation and its running shoes were considered to be the best.

Results: The results of collaboration are really outstanding. Firstly, the publications about this project appeared in the most respected Russian and foreign blogs, such as Sneaker Freaker (Australia, Germany, Russia), Complex, Kicks on Fire, Shoe Buff, Sneaker News, RadCollector, GQ, LookAtMe, Creammag, Аfisha, SneakersBR, LaceBag, UndergroundSoles and so on. Secondly, this pack was sold out in a rather short period (less than two months). Even foreign sneakerheads from Europe and the USA made orders of this kicks, so we managed to send them this collaboration. So, the results of this project, beyond all doubts are great: a lot of publications in different types of mass media, and, as a result, the successful advertising campaign. It is the first project of this kind for the Russian market, so it really caused great interest. “In a historical move from beyond the former Iron Curtain comes this collab from Russian brand Anteater and Saucony Originals. Even as China has blasted to the top of the commercial pryamid, Russia has languished behind which makes this project even more interesting. Not only is it Saucony’s first venture with an indy Russian brand but it marks Anteater’s first foray into footwear.” – RadCollector ( “Russian street culture label Anteater is proud to present the first collaboration of its sort with footwear brand Saucony. While most wouldn’t picture Russia as a haven for street and art culture, Anteater has been educating and elevating the scene for the last five years, starting as a DIY t-shirt label that eventually transformed into a fully-fledged clothing line. Limited to 120 pairs, the Jazz O Saucony Anteaters plus t-shirt will hit and selected stores in September”. – Sneaker Freaker (

Publication in “Afisha“ magazine:

The interview for Russian version of Sneaker Freaker magazine: “... Not so long time ago we had nothing to do but to admire great foreign collaborations with Patta, Bodega, Undefeated, Stussy, Hectic, Mita, etc. The time was passing by, and there was no Russian brand that could participate in such projects. But finally it happened. The streetwear brand Anteater managed to collaborate with Saucony. So, that’s for sure a great event for the Russian market. The Jazz model, made of neylon and suede, was chosen for this project. Certainly, we could not forget to inform you about this great achievement and asked Nikita Vilkin, one of the leaders of Anteater, several questions about the collaboration”.

Preview of project and interview on LookAtMe website. Articles on SneakerFreaker. com and Russian streetwear brand Anteater is pleased to announce a collaboration project with Saucony Originals. For the first time ever recognized footwear company teams up with local brand from Russia, that usually stays under the radar of international community and industry. Anteater is underground streetwear brand from St. Petersburg, Russia, founded in 2007 as a small DIY t-shirt label. Today Anteater is well known in Russia for it’s art prints featuring graphics by some of the most interesting artists, designers and graffiti writers from Russia and Europe. Besides artists, from the very beginning brand supports Russian street culture activists of all kinds, including photographers, musicians, DJs, skaters and snowboard riders. «It’s a great event for the brand Anteater. We have already had such projects with famous artists and companies, but Saucony, beyond all doubts, is a new level for us and for whole Russian market. The process of working on this project lasted for more then a year period».

Project Saucony x Anteater was included in the list of 10 best collaborations of the year by FurFur (LookAtMe):

GQ magazine mentioned the collaboration Saucony x Anteater as one of 10 best projects of the year in men’s fashion:

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English version of the web-mag about Anteater and Saucony  

Presentation about the collaboration Anteater x Saucony Jazz O

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