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Nova X-Dry Hygiene powder Hygiene control High quality

NOVA X-DRY Nova X-Dry is a hygiene powder which is used in stables for cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, minks and poultry. Can be used for moisture absorption and for reduction of the bacteria pressure in connection with all animal species.


Nova X-Dry has great absorption ability (up to 200% of the net weight).


Nova X-Dry gives a very dry environment around the animals by which the risk of infection is reduced due to the special composition of the product.


Nova X-Dry contains biological ingredients which hinder the living conditions for bacteria in the stable.


Nova X-Dry has an almost neutral pH-value of 7.7 and is not aggressive to the skin, joints, udder or other parts.


Nova X-Dry makes the floor less slippery.


Nova X-Dry can be emitted in the slurry without causing problems, does not contain environmentally dangerous substances. – The product is based on biomass among other things.


Nova X-Dry improves the air in the stable and binds ammonia vapours.


Nova X-Dry does not clump when stored normally.


Nova X-Dry reduces breeding grounds for fly larva and other insects.


Nova X-Dry can be used in dry hoof baths. •

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APPLICATION Cattle • In sleeping boxes and in connection with all resting areas, be aware of dosing under the udder. • Everywhere in the calf and young stock boxes.

Pigs • On resting places. • In areas with piglets. • Eating and drinking places.

Minks • In the mink nest boxes. • In cages to ensure a drier environment, also in the breeding period. • In walking areas, under cages and in slurry connections.

Sheep and goats • In resting areas and especially around drinking bowls.

Horses • Everywhere in the horse stable. • Be aware of the drinking area.

Poultry • The whole floor area. • Around drinking areas. • In nests and cages etc.


50 gram pr.

1 – 4 times

is dosed w m 2,

a week dependen t on the size and type o f stable. When starti ng up, use 4 times the fi rst week.


Novadan is an innovative, Danish production and service company which was established in 1980. Novadan has its own modern laboratory and production machinery, where a wide selection of cleaning agents, laundry detergents and disinfectants are developed and produced. In that field, our products are among the market leaders. Novadan is a competent partner in the solution of any cleaning task. We supply cleaning and hygiene solutions to both farming, private and public companies where quality cleaning is of great importance. To us, it is very important to give our customers a high level of service in the form of technical service and guidance from our experienced advisors.

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