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Spring 2010

For supporters of the mission and vision of the Anne Carlsen Center

8-year-old ACC student reaches series of milestones in recovery from devastating swimming pool accident Page 6

Unique Skill Set ACC employee creates oneof-a-kind gifts in workshop Page 12

Soulful Gestures Family develops special connection with the Anne Carlsen Center Page 14

One of the released butterflies finds a perch on top of the ACC gazebo.

After bursting from its cocoon in the solarium, a monarch lands on an outstretched finger.

Teacher Simone Leigh and Nikki watch butterflies fly around in one of the release cages prior to the butterfly release event.

G r o w i n g

a t


No matter how hard the North Dakota winds blow … or how low the mercury drops … it’s warm and comforting inside the ACC solarium. Anne Carlsen Center students gather to soak up sun and knowledge in this glassed-in, state-of-the-art structure. Learning here is always hands-on. Science, home economics and math are just a few of the subjects covered, as the children and young adults served by the Center savor the soothing environment. Students help take care of the plants that spend the winter in the solarium. Dutifully, they water each, adjusting the intensity of the spray using the misting nozzles. In late March, seed planting of vegetables and flowers begins in earnest. Students enjoy the tactile experience of working the soil in their hands, carefully planting the seeds and learning how to ensure adequate growing conditions.

Alex points out specific plants in a magazine to ACC employee Diane Brandenburg as they relax in the solarium.

Ben smiles as he spots a butterfly up close.

Taylor savors the sensory-filled experience of placing her hand on the solarium’s water feature.

Carrie Grimes, a Life Skills Assistant, and Jacob closely examine one of the butterflies. Anna traces her finger along a rocking bench used by students and staff to relax in the solarium.

Teacher Amy Kollman Hanson looks on, as Brandon opens a container of butterflies, releasing dozens of the fluttering creatures as part of the “Pay It Forward” Celebration.

Many of the released butterflies settled into the hands of those in attendance.

The solarium has been home to a wide variety of organisms, which in December, included the winged variety. An Anne Carlsen Center classroom participated in University of Kansas’ Monarchs in Space project. As NASA studied the butterfly life cycle in space, ACC students also learned about butterflies. Inside the solarium, they turned spinach salad containers into metamorphosis chambers for the larvae they received from the university. The students carefully observed how the larvae, suspended in cocoons, made their dramatic transformations.

Cade and Pat Albrecht, a Life Skills Assistant, trim the leaves on a plant that is wintering in the ACC solarium.

On December 14, the first of the butterflies burst through the cocoon wall and unveiled its brilliant colors. One by one, they all emerged, fluttering from flower to flower in the solarium, as students and staff watched in awe.

This butterfly found a satisfying snack in the middle of a sunflower head.

Jimmy bends over to lightly touch a butterfly that has landed on the soft grass by his feet. Adam and Delton Heil, a Life Skills Assistant, enjoy the warmth of the solarium while discussing a question on one of Adam’s tests.





Board of Trustees appoints leader with experience, passion to CEO post

The Anne Carlsen Center has a nearly 70-year history and distinction of touching lives with hope. Over the years, quality leadership has helped guide the Center to a position of influence and inspiration. The Board of Trustees’ recent appointment of Eric Monson as Chief Executive Officer will help us build on this tradition of excellence. Eric has a meaningful history with the Anne Carlsen Center and the Jamestown community. He has served as the interim Chief Executive Officer of the Center since August 2009. Previously, he served on the Center’s Board of Trustees for five years. Before the Anne Carlsen Center became independently owned, Eric oversaw its operations as a senior executive with Banner Health System, and its predecessor, Lutheran Health Systems, for 12 years. He served as the founder and managing partner of Novus, LLC, a Fargo-based consulting company providing strategic, marketing and operating services to health care and health-related organizations for eight years. The Board of Trustees determined, as part of a thorough process, that Eric is highly qualified to assume leadership of the Anne Carlsen Center. His extensive knowledge of the Center, his visionary leadership, and his passion for the work of this organization make him an excellent fit for this position. We are confident his expertise in strategic planning, health care financing and operations, leadership development, and fundraising will help promote the expansion of programs and services. Under Eric’s leadership, the Center will continue to thrive. Your prayerful support and heartfelt generosity are also instrumental to the success of this life-changing organization. Thank you for filling a vital role in this legacy of hope.


Thomas Rohleder ACC Board Chair

Giving Hearts Day

24-hour online fundraising event raises support, awareness for ACC

February 11 was Giving Hearts Day—a day in which supporters of the Anne Carlsen Center took advantage of a unique fundraising opportunity organized by Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF). Nearly 200 donors opened their hearts and pocketbooks to make a difference for the remarkable individuals and families the Center serves. DMF selected the Center, along with other health-related nonprofits across the region, to participate in the 24-hour online fundraising event. Contributions of $10 or more— up to $4,000—were matched by DMF. In total, the Center raised more than $27,000.

2 The Ambassador

“It was a great day for the Anne Carlsen Center,” says ACC Foundation Executive Director Dan Kunzman. “We are grateful to Dakota Medical Foundation for the opportunity to participate in this unique event. It was exciting to challenge ourselves to activate donors who appreciate the convenience and immediacy of donating online.” Gifts from donors have made a variety of enriching programs and projects possible at the Anne Carlsen Center: our stateof-the-art solarium, the therapy pool, our nature trail and nearby gazebo, and ACC Week at Elks Camp Grassick. Our donors empower us to daily achieve our mission: Nurturing abilities. Changing lives. Thank you for your support!

MeSsage from the CEO LI F E ’ S


ACC staff partners with individuals, families to see dreams fulfilled You often hear people say, “Life is what you make of it.” In other words, we each have the power and responsibility to shape our lives. At the Anne Carlsen Center, our philosophy is more of a team approach. We partner with individuals and families affected by disabilities as they endeavor to make the very most of life. Our highly-trained staff equips and empowers, as the individuals we serve persevere and inspire. Yes, our students and clients have high degrees of medical, sensory and/or behavioral challenges. But like you and I, they desire and benefit from meaningful experiences and friendships. Throughout our nearly 70-year history, the Center has specialized in creating a range of opportunities for individuals with disabilities to build relationships, develop skills, and reach their full potential. Distinguished as a leader in providing residential, therapeutic and educational services, the Center has further developed its expertise in recent years to address critical and diverse needs. Since 2008 we have been expanding our community-based services throughout North Dakota, meeting the needs of individuals and families where they are. While maintaining our wellestablished campus in Jamestown, we now provide client-centered, multi-disciplinary care to children with developmental disabilities living with their families, and adults with developmental disabilities living in communities of all sizes. Through the Center’s In-Home Supports, our expert staff works with families in their homes, providing individualized tools and training. Goals include helping children communicate more effectively, learning safety skills, understanding how to make choices, developing social skills, and advocating for themselves. ACC staff also provides community-based services to adults living in communities across the state. Our Community Day Supports consist of community access, individualized skill training, community-based programming, guidance in daily living activities, and special assessment of areas of need. Michelle is one of the remarkable individuals succeeding with support from the Anne Carlsen Center. This 21-year-old woman with cerebral palsy is an ACC client, but lives in her hometown of Wimbledon, N.D. She’s developing skills and building relationships in her home community—where people know and love her. I wish you could see her sparkling smile when she greets people at the bank in Wimbledon or when she rolls silverware at the local café. Michelle also comes to Jamestown twice a week, helping out in the Early Childhood Education classroom at the Center and lending a hand at the Buffalo Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross. Across the state, the Anne Carlsen Center is working with people, like Michelle, who have been touched by a disability—but not defined by one. Since opening our Grand Forks office in 2008, we have been serving a growing number of clients in that part of the state. In November, the Center opened a Fargo office to provide a base of operations for staff serving individuals in five communities in southeastern North Dakota. Later this year, we will have a presence in Bismarck. In total, ACC has 45 community-based clients in 14 communities. Our donors play a major role in helping us extend our expertise to those in need across the state, while also supporting our well-established Jamestown campus. You have created many smiles of satisfaction and stories of achievement. Through your generosity, the Anne Carlsen Center is empowering families, and meeting critical needs one-on-one. Because of you, individuals with disabilities are playing active, important roles in their communities and developing skills for independence … and for the future.

With heartfelt thanks,

Eric Monson Chief Executive Officer The Ambassador 3

Students learn valuable skills for the future, while achieving record-setting year


dam smiles at a nearby cart. It carries dozens of jars filled to the brim with the fruits of his labor … and that of his friends. He and his classmates at the Anne Carlsen Center tended—for many months—to the tomatoes and onions that became key ingredients in the Center’s salsa. Despite a challenging spring, seeds were dutifully planted and grew into large, flavorful vegetables. The veggies were picked, sliced and simmered before being canned as the delicious dip.

There are plenty of educational and therapeutic benefits to gardening, and as Ben learned— gardening can be lots of fun! Here, he wears a “jalapeño mustache.”

Each filled jar is a statement of resiliency, a reminder of a special place, and the proclamation of a future filled with hope. Getting Back To Normal During the final weeks of March 2009, ACC teachers Corby Maddock and Mary Lewis were in the planning stages for that year’s garden. Plans changed quickly, however, when the Center was forced to evacuate on March 23 due to the threat of overland flooding. Students, staff and medical equipment were relocated to a variety of sites throughout Jamestown for nearly three months. In the weeks following the move, Maddock and Lewis began talking about what to do with the garden.

Nikki, an ACC student, and teacher Simone Leigh scoop salsa into a container for people to taste test at Otter Tail Power Company’s “Pay It Forward” event on August 25.

They decided to plant seeds in ACC’s solarium and begin growing many of the ingredients to the Center’s salsa. “In the spring you don’t really know what is going to happen,” says Maddock. “In the end, it all worked out, and it was another successful year in which we made more jars than we had the year before.” Following the return to the Center, students helped make salsa for the Otter Tail Power Company’s “Pay It Forward” event, hosted on the ACC Jamestown Campus on August 25. “It was nice to jump back in … once we all got back,” says Maddock. “We were able to get that sense of normalcy and get things back to usual with a

4 The Ambassador

routine. It was nice to be able to open that side door and go into the garden plots or into the solarium.” The Rise of Fall Over the next eight weeks, students in Maddock’s classroom filled 485 jars of salsa. Students in Lewis’ classroom helped produce another 50 jars, pushing the 2009 total to over 100 gallons produced. Once the salsa production stops, plants in the ACC gardens are pulled from the ground, and organic hay is placed over each plot to reduce weed emergence. Uprooted plants are taken to the city compost site. “When we get into February and March, we order seeds and get things started in the solarium, and the cycle starts once again,” says Maddock. Now in its fifth year, the Center’s salsa endeavor is a true success. A hit with the students, staff and everyone who has bought a jar of the chip dip, the salsa is here to stay. Just 32 jars of salsa were made that first year—all during a home economics session that began when students got to class and ran until 1:30 in the afternoon. Today, an average of 60 or 70 jars can be made by ACC’s proficient students—before lunch. Nine different flavors were made this season: Mild, Medium, Hot, Hawaiian, Garlic Cilantro, Lime Cilantro, Garlic Garlic, No Onion and Mean Bean. “Each one is a little different,” says Maddock. “It is a dumping process, and each jar is an original—that’s for sure.”

ACC Planned Giving Specialist Shelley Nannenga presents Barb Jager with the Star 129 Diamond. Jager’s winning ticket was selected as part of the Sparkle! New Year’s Eve Gala diamond raffle.

Anne Carlsen Center supporters ring in 2010 at New Year’s Eve Gala Friends of the Anne Carlsen Center celebrated the promise of a new year at the Seventh Annual Sparkle! New Year’s Eve Gala. “It was another wonderful evening—the food, the music and the company were all spectacular,” said Dan Kunzman, the ACC Foundation Executive Director. “We owe such a debt of gratitude to our volunteers, our staff and the Gladstone Inn for all they did to make sure this event remains an elegant evening for all.” More than 140 people attended the gala. Attendees—including Community Partners, donors, staff and other ACC friends— danced to live music from the group “Joe Dresch,” and bid on more than 30 prize packages during a silent auction. Among the packages were tickets to a UND hockey game, artwork, golf passes to Thumper Pond Resort, and a massage/spa package. The highlight of the evening was the diamond raffle, and the winning ticket holder took home an 81-point diamond. Barb Jager, a Home Team Leader on the Center’s Jamestown Campus, was stunned when her name was drawn by last year’s winner: Jennifer Lettenmaier. “I never win anything,” Jager said. “When I first heard them call the winner, I thought there had to be another ‘Barb’ in attendance. I could not believe I won.” Money raised from the event is being used to purchase specialized equipment that will support the Center’s most medically fragile students.

The Ambassador 5

As Trinity recovers from some of the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury, her sparkling personality is shining through. Here, she gets a little one-onone time with Santa.

Girl experiences healing, friendships at ACC following tragic accident


ourteen first-graders sit forward attentively in their desks as their teacher, Mrs. Hegland, leads them in a vocabulary lesson set to music. Today, they are learning about words with long a’s and silent e’s. The students sing a story about a Nate who likes to bake a cake. This first-grade Language Arts classroom at Louis L’Amour Elementary School in Jamestown is a colorful, interactive place, where students learn about language, spelling, grammar and reading. At the end of the first row of desks is Trinity Dickerson, an 8-year-old Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) student. Her eyes light up and her smile broadens as she raises her arm when Mrs. Hegland asks for a volunteer. The task? Circle a word in the song—printed on a poster-size laminated sheet—that has a long a and silent e. Trinity carefully grips the blue marker and circles the word ate. Her eyes sparkle with satisfaction, as Mrs. Hegland praises her for choosing a correct answer.

Early Childhood Education classroom. There, she’ll see the faces and hear the voices of the people she’s come to know very well since the summer of 2008. In an Instant It was June 13, 2008, and Trinity was an active 6-year-old who loved singing, dancing, and playing with her sister. A quick learner, she excelled in school. Tests confirmed she was reading at a third-grade reading level. But later that day, during an outing to a swimming pool with her summer daycare program, Trinity’s life took a tragic turn. The 6-year-old suddenly vanished from sight, and was under water for a dangerously long time—between four to seven minutes—before being rescued. The near drowning caused a severe lack of oxygen to Trinity’s brain, resulting in hypoxic brain injury. She was in a coma following the near drowning, and spent the first month of recovery in the Intensive Care Unit at a Bismarck hospital.

“When Trinity first joined our class in September, she was physically hardly able to raise her arm. You could tell she wanted to, but wasn’t able to do so on her own,” says teacher Elaine Hegland. “She’s stronger now, and so eager to participate.”

Trinity, still in an early stage of the coma, arrived at the Anne Carlsen Center in July 2008. Therapists utilized tactile, visual and auditory items to try to draw a response. “Trinity responded to auditory items first,” remembers Stephanie Nelson, an ACC speech and language pathologist. The girl’s heart rate would change when she listened to music from some of her favorite movies, and at times, her eyes would open.

Trinity will spend about an hour with her classmates at Louis L’Amour, before heading back to the Anne Carlsen Center, where she will rejoin the students and staff in the

In early November 2008, Trinity smiled for the first time since the accident, and in December, another milestone was reached when staff, for the first time, heard her laughter.

Trinity savors this moment with a smile. She has spent months preparing for it.

6 The Ambassador

Trinity’s therapy sessions have focused on skills such as sitting, moving her limbs, gripping and releasing items, holding her head up, using a manual wheelchair, and driving a power wheelchair. Staff has implemented an eye-gaze communication technique to aid in communication—also known as eye-pointing—by which Trinity has demonstrated, to the delight of many, her comprehension and reading abilities. The Wonder of Words “Trinity loves to go to the library on Mondays,” says Sharon Olson, the Special Education teacher in the Early Childhood Education classroom at ACC. “She likes anything involving books and reading. She loves chapter books, like ‘Amelia Bedelia.’ She likes to look to see how many words are in a book … the more words, the better.” Trinity first joined the Center’s Early Childhood Education class in January 2009, after she had overcome some of the effects of the Traumatic Brain Injury. Throughout the year, she grew stronger and more alert, providing quicker responses, enjoying greater participation, and exhibiting more endurance. All the while, her outgoing personality continued to shine through, as well as the ability to make friends easily. “During a classroom activity, we asked Trinity a series of questions, including whether or not she wanted more friends,” recalls Olson. “The choices were yes, no, maybe, or not sure. Trinity quickly told us yes, using her eye-gaze communication techniques.” In late September, Trinity got her wish. The Anne Carlsen Center arranged for her to begin to spend about an hour each Monday with children her age at Louis L’Amour Elementary. “I like having Trinity in our class because she’s fun,” says 7-year-old Taylor Williamson, a classmate at Louis L’Amour. “She wants to learn, and she’s nice. I invited her to my birthday party.” And the many friendships Trinity has made at the Center have also blossomed. “She has always been so caring toward her friends,” says Marlena Maddock,

one of Trinity’s teachers at ACC. “She has grown even more in that area over the last six months.” In all settings, books continue to be a huge motivator for Trinity. Although not able to speak the words, she follows the stories with her eyes, as teachers and direct care staff read to her. “She chuckles and smiles when we get to the funny parts,” says Olson with a smile. Trinity has started vocalizing more throughout her day. These vocal sounds, although not words, have improved her ability to communicate with staff and fellow students. “The frequency and volume of her vocalizations have increased,” says Nelson. “The goal right now is for her to be able to make a high-pitched sound and a low-pitched sound. We want her to understand that she can vocalize in different ways.” It is a process that excites Trinity’s father, Brandon Dickerson. “She’s really becoming more vocal,” says Brandon. “Just the other day, I talked to her on the phone. She’s trying so hard to say hello. It is very nice to hear that.” More Independence Early on, one of the greatest medical challenges for Trinity was the impact of the Traumatic Brain Injury on her respiratory system. For breathing, she relied on a tracheostomy—an artificial opening in the wind pipe. Now, that opening is capped, with the goal of weaning her off the tracheostomy tube and restoring her voice. Although Trinity is still fed through a gastrostomy feeding tube inserted into her stomach, she has been eating more orally, as she relearns how to move food around in her mouth. After Trinity participated in several trials with portable eye-controlled communication devices, ACC staff determined the technology, with its limitless vocabulary options, was the perfect fit for her needs and abilities. With the ACC therapy department’s recent purchase of this device, Trinity is now able to utilize the technology from time

to time. Staff is working to acquire a second device—to be used exclusively by Trinity in her communication needs, from morning to night. “Sometimes we feel that Trinity is ‘locked in’ when communicating with us,” says Val Bakken, Trinity’s Individual Program Coordinator. “We have to guess, at times, what she is trying to say. This device will give her more independence and active participation in learning.” Along with communication goals, Brandon has other goals for his daughter ... including her eventual return to her hometown of Bismarck. Bakken says in about two years time, Trinity may be able to—with nursing assistance— move back home with her family. Another option might be placement with a Bismarck provider of residential and medical services. Brandon and Trinity’s older sister, Angel, are eager to see the family reunited. Trinity smiles as she interacts with two Great Pyrenees dogs during a therapeutic classroom activity. ACC teacher Sharon Olson and volunteer Donna Badal, the dogs’ owner, look on.

“It is very exciting,” says Brandon. “I have thought about it quite a bit. It would be great to have the girls back together. Their whole lives they have been inseparable—they have always looked out for each other. I am looking forward to seeing them redevelop that sisterly bond. They’ve always been so close.” In the meantime, the Anne Carlsen Center staff continues the labor of love of restoring Trinity’s health, strength and abilities. With each milestone reached, this 8-year-old girl offers inspiration and hope in the power of determination. “She’s not a quitter,” says Brandon. “She never quits. She’ll never give up.”

The Ambassador 7

across the country, have shared their artistic talents through this project.

Jamestown salon and spa blended color and creativity in a fun event in December that brought joy to many clients served by the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC). It began when the owner of Face to Face for Wellness & Beauty wanted to spruce up the walls of the salon, which opened in 2008, and dreamed up the idea of a charity art contest. “We wanted to help an organization in the community, and the Anne Carlsen Center immediately came to mind,” said Lori Froemke, the owner of Face to Face. “A lot of our clients are employed at the Center. They are such positive people … so caring. You can tell they love their jobs. Even during the flood, they put the individuals they serve first. That really touched my heart.” Beginning in October, the salon invited people to submit their photographs, paintings, sculptures, and other artwork in the contest. The pieces were displayed at the salon, and voted on by community members, until December 10. That evening, Face to Face hosted a holiday party, during which attendees could participate in a silent auction and bid on their favorite works of art. The money raised, nearly $370, went to the Anne Carlsen Center. “We had heard about the Center’s Accessing the Artist Within program,” said Froemke. “We appreciate what the Center is doing to make art accessible to people of all abilities. We really recognize the importance of that. A child may not be able to talk … or see … but he or she can be a great artist, given the right tools.” Accessing the Artist Within is an artistic endeavor created by Mark Coppin, ACC’s Assistive Technology Director. The idea behind the project is to showcase how assistive technologies and adaptive equipment empower individuals with disabilities to explore the artist within. Clients of ACC, along with individuals 8 The Ambassador

“I just moved here from Columbus, Ohio,” said Katharine Heitman, a Face to Face stylist and one of the organizers of the art contest. “I didn’t know an organization like the Anne Carlsen Center existed until I came to Jamestown. The level of care and expertise is outstanding.” Dan Kunzman, the ACC Foundation Executive Director, and Deb Backer of Jamestown hold artwork created by Backer’s daughter, Brandi Kastet of Bismarck. Kastet’s horse-themed photo art on canvas received 1st place in Face to Face’s charity art contest benefitting ACC.

Heitman said the salon was pleased by the number of works submitted, the number of people who turned out to vote, and the attendance at the December 10 event. The works of art, which were taken home by those with winning bids, included a colored pencil drawing by 13-year-old Mikka Prosser. “I really wanted to help raise money for the Anne Carlsen Center,” said Prosser, who contributed a favorite drawing from her sketchbook. The winner of the art contest was 23-year-old Brandi Kastet, formerly of Montpelier. The Jamestown College graduate, now living in Bismarck, had submitted horse-themed photo art on canvas.

Salon & spa finds creative, colorful way to raise support Employees of Face to Face for Wellness & Beauty spent months planning the charity art event benefitting ACC. Pictured, from left: Owner Lori Froemke, Stylists Katharine Heitman and Kelli Schultz.

Kastet, along with the second- and thirdplace artists, received prizes from the salon. Also announced on December 10 were the winners, from amongst those who participated in the voting, of Face to Face’s “Day of Wellness and Beauty.” “We are extremely grateful for the hard work, creativity and generosity of the Face to Face staff,” said Dan Kunzman, the executive director of the ACC Foundation. “Many people participated in this event and helped make it a success. Thank you for making a meaningful difference in the lives of the individuals we have the pleasure of serving.” Face to Face employees say they look forward to holding the charity art contest next year and hope to see this labor of love continue to enrich the lives of the students and clients of the Anne Carlsen Center.

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS BENEFACTOR SOCIETY These individuals have made provisions for the Anne Carlsen Center in their wills or estate plans. While some have made the Center a life insurance beneficiary, others have established a charitable annuity or a trust. There are 101 individuals and couples inducted into the Circle of Friends Benefactor Society. Through their thoughtful planned giving, they are helping the Center provide nurturing care and meaningful experiences to individuals touched by a disability, but not defined by one. Morris and Shirley Werzel Mrs. Harriette J. Wagman Phillip and Mildred Hart Ms. Unamae S. Stoyka Steve and Avonne Fagerland Mrs. Viola C. Ost Ms. Anna Moran Rolf and Esther Erickson Mrs. Carol Dunker Robert and Ann Lee Mr. Ray R. Rylander Mr. Norman D. Gust Ms. Arlene D. Ziemer S. Eugene and Jan Bundy Ms. Lana Vorland Dean and Alicia Vorland Mr. Elmer Ellwein Todd and Jolene Sjostrom Ms. Esther R. Grabanski Ms. Elaine D. Baron Ms. Katherine S. Stauffer Jon and Connie Lillejord Ms. Myrtle I. Oeder Ms. Eunice Kanne Mr. Thomas H. Trimble Mrs. Dorothy B. Stover Mrs. Isla E. Herdahl Ms. Martha Winter Mrs. Sarah Luithle Arthur and Grace Dietze Ms. Evangeline M. Quam Calvin and Shirley Rolfson Mr. Arnold Winter Mr. Ernest E. Slagg Jr. Richard and Rose Ann Splitter Maron and Charlotte Davis Jerry and Jean Ebertz Mrs. Esther M. Crabtree Mrs. Bertina Thorvig James and Joanne Kack Mr. Arthur H. Nordman Tony and Anne-Marie Goh Mrs. Clara P. Fadness Mrs. Alice C. Nelson Douglas and May Nelson Mrs. Harriet R. Lowe-Berg Emil and Mable Banderet Mr. Phillip Berggren Mrs. Karen Birnbaumer Marilyn Brunson Mrs. Elaine Caldis Mr. Angus Campbell

Rev. Delmar D. Dahl Mr. James Duff Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edinger Warren and Ruby Ernie Merlin and Doris Flesner Mrs. Clarine M. Fredrickson Ms. Mavis Gaines Mrs. Evelyn Galt Michael and Marie Gillen Mr. Theodore R. Goll Mr. Robert Green Ms. Barbara M. Handelmann Mrs. Eunice Helfenstein Roland and Janet Hinrichs Daniel and Lori Howell Mr. Glenn Ista Ms. Clara E. Iverson Ms. Blanche P. Kelley Mr. Norman L. Kissick Ms. Joy L. Kjellbotn Mrs. Irene Koehn George and Ruth Litke Ms. Pauline Mauser Mrs. Estelle Mc Gillis Mrs. Eldora E. Mc Laughlin Mrs. Dorothy E. McCormack Mrs. Shirley R. Meidinger Claire and Opal Mueller John and Myrtle Nickelson Mr. Alvin C. Nordsven Mrs. Ruby Patton Mr. J. Brayton Person Mrs. Helen F. Peters Mrs. Marilyn A. Quanbeck Mrs. Hazel M. Rasmussen Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Reichert James and Marilyn Rexin Mr. Wendelin Scherr Mrs. Ella M. Schlundt Mr. David R. Schumm Mr. Larry Seeger Mrs. Nettie M. Storhaug Mrs. Ivy M. Streu Mr. Paul Tiede Robert and Gladys Timmerman Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Williams Mr. Frank W. Wilson Mrs. Stella J. Wingert Ryan and Diane Zakopyko

NEW TO THE TREE Members of this group have made significant lifetime gifts to support the Anne Carlsen Center. They are recognized on our Tree of Life—a work of art and focal point at the Center, with leaves, apples, stones and clouds bearing the names of those who have given. The Tree of Life recognizes those who have given at least $5,000 in their lifetime to the Center. In 2009, 22 individuals and businesses became part of this tribute. As the Tree of Life continues to thrive, these generous donors are helping the remarkable individuals we serve do the same. Those who joined the Tree in 2009 are: Harriet J. Westwick Dorothy E. Kaseman Reuben A. Kruggel Anonymous Constance A. Boler Robert C. Schwaderer Vance Goodmanson Valley Sales Company Inc. Harley E. Schmidt Justin Spickler Westfield Hope Reformed Church Women’s Ministry Donald W. Jensen Lila D. Fitzpatrick White Drug St. John Lutheran Church Marcelle M. Strinden John Krabseth R. M. Stoudt, Inc Ardean John Harstad Carl W. Reed Halverson Family Foundation Tarek Ismail

The Ambassador 9




ndividuals and businesses which generously support the Anne Carlsen Center belong to our Circle of Friends. Their gifts of love help sustain the life-changing mission and vision of our namesake, Dr. Anne Carlsen. Since its founding, the Center has had a symbolic and spiritual connection to the butterfly. This beautiful creature represents hope, transformations and new beginnings.

MONARCH ($1000+) Anonymous Bakken, Mildred E. Baron, Elaine D. Berg, Elmer H. Berg, Mary T. Bergene, Kent Bergene, Marlys A. Boe, Oford Boler, Constance A. Borstad, Gerald E. Carlsen, Anne H. Carlsen, James R. Claus, Robert John Coe, Marie L. Collins, Gerald A. County Market Craychee, Greg G. Dahley, Lloyd E. Dakota Central Telecommunications Cooperative Dakota Medical Foundation Don Wilhelm, Inc Donor Awareness Softball Tournament Dunker, Carol Ehmann, Darcy D Eigenrauch, Mabel C. Ellwein, Elmer Ennen, Rick Faith Lutheran Church Farmers Union Ins. & Service Ass’n Finocchiaro, Ray First Presbyterian Church FirstGiving Franke, Sandra Franz, Paul A. Fredrickson, Steve Geske, Robert H. Gieseking, Henry Goodmanson, Vance Grady, Ainslee S. Greenwood, Alan Gums, James A. Halverson Family Foundation Harstad, Ardean John Hellyer, Margaret S. Herman, Robert E. Hillerud Construction Inc. Huber, Harvey Hugo’s, Inc. Innovis Health Ismail, Tarek

10 The Ambassador

Ista, Glenn Jack, George Jamestown Implement Jensen, Donald W. Jones, Bryan Kaseman, Dorothy E. Kauk, Donald D. Kelter, Glen E. Krabseth, John Kramlich, Gary Kruggel, Reuben A. KSJB/KISS 93 Kulla, Judy L. Larson, Gordon A. Larson, Monty D. Lifetime Eyecare Associates Loegering, George Lommen, Peter J. Lueck, Roselyn Lyon, Jr., John B. Maple Creek Farm & Ranch Mayer, Ronald L Melroe, Dorthea E. Midland National Individual Matching Gift Program Miller, Marvin L. Mitchell, Robert B. Moeller, Jo Anne Mohr Family-Dacotah Paper Co. Moline, E. A. Montana Dakota Utilities Nierling Jr., John J. Nierling, Don Nierling, Richard B. Nierling, Richard D. Niewoehner, Henry A. Noridian Norsteby, Carl Nova Fire Protection, Inc. Novus LLC Olson, Glenn H. Otter Tail Power Company Overland, Hans P. Pardau, Fred Paul, Joseph E. Paxton, Inc Pederson, Jerry Powers, James W. Purcell, Laurence Rasmussen, Kurt D. Reed, Carl W. Refling, Dorothy A. Rouzie, John S S K Peightal Engineers, LTD Scheel, Fred B. Schmidt, Harley E. Schneidermann Bros. Schwaderer, Robert C. Serfass, George E.

F R I E N DS It symbolizes the positive changes we see in the remarkable children and young adults in our care. Appropriately, the levels of giving within the Circle of Friends are named after some of the world’s most beautiful butterflies. Thank you, donors, for supporting the Center’s programs and services, while encouraging individuals with disabilities to grow, learn, and reach new heights of independence.

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The Ambassador 11

ACC’s Kollman Uses Unique Abilities to Empower Students


hen a wheelchair at the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) breaks, Todd Kollman is your man. He’s the one staff calls when there’s a toy that needs to be adapted … or a tool to be created. Kollman, the Center’s Adaptive Equipment Specialist, has worked at the Center for about 25 years, sharing his unique skill set with countless students and staff. He begins every day with the mantra—“Throwing it away doesn’t work here.”

“I do a lot of repair work, and sometimes I make it work the first time,” says Kollman with a laugh. “Sometimes I cross two things to make one thing. Sometimes I use a lot of parts from a lot of different items to make one item.” As the technology in the toy industry has become more sophisticated, more parts have become part of Kollman’s workshop. The jobs that come into his workshop are as varied as the people the Center serves. During one two-hour stretch of a November afternoon, Kollman was asked to fix a chair, repair a child-sized table, and create a concept for a student who likes to sit on tile floors and not carpet.

12 The Ambassador

Early Childhood Education teacher Sharon Olson was one of the ACC staff members who called on Kollman’s expertise that day. “Todd is a miracle worker,” she says. “When students come here for an adapted item, they go home with a finished product. He makes my job so much easier.” A Team Effort While Kollman is often lauded for the products he creates, he is quick to point out it is far from a oneperson show. “I call it my A-team—all the people I rely on,” says Kollman. “That is something that you have got to have … or everything just doesn’t work.” A wide variety of staff is involved in each step of the product repair and creation. When someone brings in a broken item, Kollman discusses the item from top to bottom, taking into consideration a wide array of issues, including safety measures, dimensions, weight and cleanliness. He then goes to work crafting or repairing the item. In recent years he has created tools that flip through stacks of paper, roll dice, and transport and spray water. Each item goes through at least one round of testing before it is delivered to the student or staff who requested it.

“I try and live it, no matter what the item is,” Kollman says. “If it is a chair, I get right into it. I try to simulate using it as much as possible. If it is a deal where a person is tough on things, I build more endurance and padding into it.” Staff members say the dedication Kollman shows to the Center and its students isn’t limited to the items he creates. “When we have tours and we bring in high school or college students or interns, he is always willing to show and demonstrate some of the switches and items he has made,” says Connie Lillejord, ACC’s Director of Rehab Services. “When we talk about safety for the kids, that is always the number one priority for him. He is so dedicated to the kids here. He loves to design and create, and he impacts everybody here at the Center—he is a person that works with virtually every department.” The ACC Way The rewards for a job well-done come in a variety of forms at the Anne Carlsen Center. From a “thank you” … to a smile … to a student simply being able to do something he or she couldn’t do before … the rewards are priceless and limitless. “You do change people’s lives and that is a huge part of this job,” says Kollman. “I can’t count the number of lives I’ve impacted. That isn’t a prideful statement— it is a really big deal. But it couldn’t happen without the whole team effort.” Along with that team effort, Kollman says it helps to be flexible and to excel at multi-tasking. “You never really know what will come in next—whether it will be used inside or outside or where it will come from,” he explains. “You need to work your schedule around others, and you have to prioritize. Most importantly, you never believe it can’t be done.” By doing his job and doing it well, Kollman is a key ingredient to what makes the Anne Carlsen Center a uniquely inspiring organization. “This place has always been and is top-notch at changing people’s lives,” says Kollman. “Anyone who needs a little extra help, they need to come here and see that the word ‘can’t’ doesn’t exist.”

Rolling Recliner Kollman Creates Special Gift for Student Most of the requests fielded by ACC Adaptive Equipment Specialist Todd Kollman come from ACC staff and students. But around Christmas, a special request came in from one student’s mother. Carmen Gunderson wanted to see if it was possible for her son, Michael, to have a mobile reclining chair. Michael’s foot was in a cast, and he was faced with the prospect of spending most of his time in bed until he healed. Three times a day, he would spend about an hour and a half in his wheelchair. The Gunderson family’s Christmas celebration at the Center prompted Carmen to think of the idea of a mobile reclining chair. “We had Christmas in the Sunroom. When Michael was given a recliner to rest in, he just snuggled right in.” Kollman set to work immediately to fashion a chair that would give Michael comfort and mobility. “It was a Christmas present, but it wasn’t something you could go out and buy,” explains Kollman. “Where could you get it because of the uniqueness of it? His mother wanted to get him something out of the ordinary.” Kollman knew a rolling recliner was more than possible— he had built one before. But there were a number of variables to address before the chair could be modified. It would require more alterations than just putting wheels underneath the frame. The bottom of the chair would need to be widened to keep it stable. The reclining rail would also need to be altered. “Todd was great to work with—I just told him what I would like the chair to do, and he adjusted the chair to fit Michael’s needs,” says Carmen. “If he had any questions, he asked me, and when he was done with the chair, he had me look at it, sit in it, and made any adjustments that needed to be made.” To make the chair, Kollman used wood and paint that had been donated to the Center and completed the project with wheels from a hospital bed that was no longer being used. The only items purchased by Kollman were the screws and glue to bring the project together. “If Michael did not have the modified chair, he would most likely have had to stay in bed,” says Rene Otto, one of Michael’s teachers at the Center. “He would not have that opportunity to be in class.” “It is a present that made him very happy. You can see that when he is in the halls,” says Kollman with a smile. “Michael had a very thankful mother. She was very overwhelmed.”

The Ambassador 13

Couple Makes Special Connection with the Anne Carlsen Center


he day before a blizzard swept through much of the Upper Midwest, Kim and Jerry Pederson made the journey from their home outside Fergus Falls, Minn., to the Anne Carlsen Center’s Jamestown Campus.

Adam was diagnosed with Batten Disease, a degenerative disease that shares some similarities with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. When Adam was diagnosed, he was only expected to live to be 6 or 7 years old. Instead, he would live to be 15.

Rearranging their schedules to beat the storm, the couple was determined to celebrate Christmas with students from the Center. Jerry was going to play Santa Claus … Kim would be one of his elves. Along with bags of gifts, they brought their Great Pyrenees dogs to play with the students.

“It seems worse when it attacks children,” says Kim. “They don’t understand what is happening to them. They stumble when they used to be able to walk. Then Adam started having seizures and had a kind of strange gate when he was walking.”

The couple stayed at ACC for a few hours, sharing laughter and love, before returning safely to their home. A day later, snow and high winds blasted North Dakota, shutting down travel throughout much of the state. The Christmas visit is one of many Kim and Jerry have made to the campus since becoming supporters of the Center. Their gifts have provided many unique opportunities for the individuals the Center serves. But, they are quick to point out, ACC students have provided much for their family. Adam Kim and Jerry’s story is rooted in the life of their son, Adam. The Pederson’s only child was the picture of normalcy when he was born in 1991. But, when the bright and smiley boy was about 18 months old, the family would be changed forever.

14 The Ambassador

The symptoms continued to worsen, and after years of seeking answers, the Pedersons received word on the final diagnosis.

Kim and Jerry Pederson have formed a special relationship with the Anne Carlsen Center in loving memory of their son, Adam.

“At first you thought, there was no way to live with this ... and the journey it will take you on,” says Kim. “But you have to because your child depends on it. Life with Adam took many twists and turns.” Adam’s parents were determined to have their son live as normal a life as possible. “He is your son, and there is nothing more valuable,” says Jerry. “We always said Adam would never be without one of us, and we would care for him to the best of our abilities. It was a very tough disease. But we tried to do as many ‘normal’ things that you could do.” Adam, much to his parents’ delight, embraced every experience he encountered. “Adam’s favorite thing was to steer and bounce,” remembers Jerry. “He was a bulldozing machine with me. Doctors attributed him living until he was 15 to us having him upright, bouncing and having fun.” Adam passed away on February 15, 2007, about six weeks before his 16th birthday. That first birthday without their son, Jerry and Kim made their first visit to the Anne Carlsen Center.

Adam’s spirit lives on through the deeds of his parents. “What Adam did with his life was a testament to whoever watched him,” says his mother, Kim.

The First Visit “We just went kind of crazy when we were there,” says Kim. “We were allowed in the classrooms, and the teachers were so great—they let us play with the kids.”

didn’t just say the weather was bad, and they couldn’t make it. They just decided Santa’s sleigh would come a little early. What made their visit so special was not just the gift of presents, but the time they spent.”

The couple had been aware of the Center as their employer, Otter Tail Power Company, is one of ACC’s Community Partners and regularly donates to the Center. Their first opportunity to experience the Center hands-on ignited a brilliant fire in their hearts. They witnessed the individualized attention and the difference a caring staff makes.

The Pederson’s have made about 10 visits to the Anne Carlsen Center in the three years since their son passed away. Each one is filled with laugher and smiles, and maybe a tear. The Christmas visit was especially poignant.

“When I saw the Anne Carlsen Center,” says Kim, “I knew what they were doing was the right thing ... and a good thing, and it was going to carry on.” “We think the world of the Anne Carlsen Center,” adds Jerry. “We have special feelings for all the kids there. When you watch the kids and the staff and how they interact—I’m so impressed. I can’t even describe it. It is a one-in-a-million place, as far as I’m concerned.” A Place to Grow When the Anne Carlsen Center began planning its solarium, the Pedersons knew they had found a project Adam would loved to have been a part of. “With Adam’s love of gardening and love of dirt, we felt the solarium was a great project, and we wanted to be part of funding it,” says Kim. “Bad things happen when good people do nothing. There were times when I would have liked to do nothing, but we knew Adam never quit. And so, we can’t quit.”

“Kim was off to one side with her elf costume on, and she started dancing in front of one of the students,” remembers Jerry. “You could see the smile on his face. His face was saying, ‘You took time for me.’ That is what it is all

about—treating people with respect and giving them opportunities.” Kim adds that, while the students do enjoy the visits made by her and her husband, it’s the students who are making the biggest impact. “When we got into the car after playing Santa and drove home, it was kind of quiet,” says Kim. “For the time being, the voice inside you is quieted, and the sadness is replaced with peace. For the kids at the Anne Carlsen Center, if you give them a little bit of help, they will do the rest. That is the Center—working to make these kids’ lives the best they can be. Look at what we are getting in return. It is passion.”

The Donor Difference Your financial gifts make a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities. The opportunities you provide through your generosity are changing lives … every day. Thank you for creating joy and satisfaction in the smiles of the people we serve. Consider making a gift today. You can donate online using our secure Web site, Or, send your gift of love in the enclosed envelope. For information about planned giving options, please complete the request form on the inside of the back cover.

The Pedersons joined other major donors in helping the project come together. In March 2008, the state-ofthe-art solarium was completed. Recently, the couple spent time in the solarium with an elementary class raising butterfly larvae and learning about the transformation of a monarch butterfly from egg, caterpillar, and chrysalis to butterfly. The first butterfly that burst from its cocoon that day was named Adam.

Adam enjoyed love and laughter with his mother and father throughout his life.

Then came the Pedersons’ visit with the students as Santa and the elf. “They persevered because it was important to them,” says Shelley Nannenga, ACC’s Planned Giving Specialist. “They The Ambassador 15

Given in Memory of... The Anne Carlsen Center is blessed each year with gifts given in memory of parents, grandparents, friends, mentors and many others. Memorial gifts help the Center fund services, programs and projects that have a life-changing impact on children and young adults with disabilities. While these donors honor the memory of their loved ones, they also help create meaningful and lasting memories for all the individuals we serve. Given By

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Thomas and Henrietta Burgess Mr. Robert W. Martinson Tim Dwyer Sr. Farm Account Donna M. Burkhardt

Mrs. Magdaline Giesen

Herbert H. Anton

Ms. Margie A. Lane

Burdette Burt

Mr. Cleo Eberhardt

Clarice Eberhardt

Ms. Alice E. Thompson

Marvin Friedland

Stephen and Berniece Froiland Leander G. Anton

Steven and Jeri Cahill

James Cahill

Mrs. Borgni Edin

Charles Edin

Larry and Edith Raatz

Julia Friend

Mr. Dennis R. Murphy

Mrs. Sherry Mischke

William J. Carlisle

Francis and Alice Kuehn

Luke G. Ehle

Mr. Leslie Fritz

Ollie Fritz

Rev. and Mrs. Wells H. Gage Jr. Katherine Attanasi

Mr. Sidney E. Smith

Albert Carlsen

Wilmer and Esther Richter

Simon Ehlis

Mrs. Esther Fuchs

Edwin Fuchs

United Methodist Church & Sunday School

Dillan R. Bader

James and Beth Carlsen

Dr. Anne H. Carlsen

Emma Eide

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Phyllis M. Fuglie

Rodney and Betty Hanson

Dr. Anne H. Carlsen

Valley Chordsman SPEBSQSA, Inc.

Mrs. Kay J. Kvasager

Ida Bakke

Mrs. Olivia A. Johnson

Dr. Anne H. Carlsen

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Carol J. Elsbernd

Mrs. Marjorie D. Sundstrom

Keith Bakke

Mrs. Berdella Johnson

Dr. Anne H. Carlsen

Gilbert Elsen

Karter and Vernis Krogh

Katie D. Bakkum

James and Mary Kieley

Dr. Anne H. Carlsen

C. William and Patricia Dennert

Ms. Wanda V. Nissen

Lillian H. Barmoen

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Dr. Anne H. Carlsen

Tamara Emery

Robert and Sharon Anderson

Marion A. Barnick

C. William and Patricia Dennert

Dr. Theodore and Linda Renna

Dr. Anne H. Carlsen

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Frances W. Barrett

Mrs. Irene Haugaard

Mr. Sidney E. Smith

Dr. Anne H. Carlsen

Glen and Nathlie Miller

Roger Bartel

Louis and Gladys Larson

Donald and Connie Mc Kay

Mary E. Bartholomay

Mrs. Vivian J. Bartlett

Roger Arneson

C. William and Patricia Dennert Robert Fuller Willmar and Janette Peterson

Florence A. Funk

Mr. Myron K. Gader

Mercedes A. Gader

Mrs. Donna E. Gaffaney

James Gaffaney

Mrs. Marilyn F. Galazen

Paul B. Galazen

Tamara Emery

Raymond and Ann Herman

Carol Garske

Tamara Emery

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Carol Garske

Dora Carlsen

Larry and Carmen Svenningsen

Mrs. Stella T. Gast

Warren Gast

Mr. Sidney E. Smith

James A. Carlsen

Manley and Linda Truchan

Gary Engebretson

Mr. Dennis L. Anderson

Darlene J. Gerszewski

Robert Bartlett

Randy and Karen Striefel

Aaron Carlson

Henry and Erma Engesather

Mr. Jack A. Gibson

Ethel A. Gibson

Ernest and Neva Miessel

Albert A. Bauman

Mrs. Irene E. Carlson

Clarence Carlson

John and Audrienne Engesather

Mrs. Frances Barnard

Denise Gilbert

Floyd and Ellen Orr

Harry Becker

Randy and Karen Striefel

Marc J. Carlson

Ms. Lola G. Fried

Gordon Enget

Mrs. Betty D. Johnson

Fay Gilchrist

Mark and Nichole Schmidt

Verna K. Bell

Mrs. LaVerne M. Bengtson

Pauline Cartwright

Mrs. Marilyn F. Nissen

Lloyd Erickson

Mrs. Berniece Benson

Norval Gochanour Jr.

Mrs. Berniece Benson

Arthur Benson

Ralph and Carol King

David Caufman

James and Carol Erkens

Thomas J. Erkens

Mrs. Natalie Wade

Dora C. Goetsch

Mrs. Delores B. Benson

Dale Benson

Mrs. Juanita J. Dura

Vickie L. Chadwick

Mrs. Mabel Dahl

Marvin Eslinger

C. William and Patricia Dennert Erna Goldammer

Mrs. Delores B. Benson

Allan Benson

Robert and Bette Johnson

Renae Champagne

Anthony and Jean Peszko

Marvin Eslinger

Vera and Frank Fraass

Annabelle O. Goodman

Mr. J. K. Benson

Norma Benson

Daniel and Loretta Wentz

Donald Cherney

Mrs. Donna L. Espeseth

Vernon Espeseth

Dakota Finnish Society

Kelly A. Gordon

Robert and Dorothy Sommerville

Mabel E. Benthin

Mr. Albert M. Christopher

Louise Christopher

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Alta Evans

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Kelly A. Gordon

Mrs. Dorothy L. Bentley

Donald Bentley

William and Margo Pappa

Kelly A. Gordon

Donald and Elizabeth Shaw

Marvin L. Benton

Pacific Paper Products

Bertha Berg

Leon and Evelyn Fergerson

Emil and Bertha Berg

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Sharon Berg

Craig and Alane Grosz

Randy Bergquist

Gerald and Deborah Bergstrom Sarah Bergstrom Mrs. Carol J. Bertelsen

Charles Bertelsen

Richard and Linda Mc Bride

John Bethel

Gordon and Loretta Domier

Richard A. Bjerke

Gregory and Verna Alverson

Marjorie ‘Rae’ Bloom

Lynn and Jeanette Kieper

Marjorie ‘Rae’ Bloom

John and Ann Lynch

Marjorie ‘Rae’ Bloom

Mrs. Constance B. Skarphol

Marjorie ‘Rae’ Bloom

Norman and Rosalie Stromstad Marjorie ‘Rae’ Bloom Ms. Marie Thompson

Marjorie ‘Rae’ Bloom

Ernest and Opal Bloomgren

Esther Bloomgren

Rod and Karen Backman

Saige E. Blotske

Happy Hair Salon

Albert A. Blume

Mrs. DiAnn Loll

Esther Bohn

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Oliver Borlaug

16 The Ambassador

Ms. Shirley Jensvold

Sue Ciesynski

Curtis and Lynne Kennedy

Lorraine “Rainie” Evans

Ms. Shirley Jensvold

John Ciesynski

Mr. Kenneth D. Fandrey

Lurline D. Fandrey

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Alice Goughnour

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

John Clement

Ms. Virginia Jeanotte

Bernard Fandrich

Darin and Sue Plutowski

Vincent Grabanski

Mrs. Winnifred L. Syverson

Harriet Clemetson

Mrs. Magdalena M. Lautt

Bernard Fandrich

Robert and Ruby Proctor

David Graeff

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Gary Cleveland

Mrs. Cordy Farsdale

Wade Farsdale

Ms. Loriena Graf

Bertha and Peter Graf

Mrs. Marvel Lindstrom

Bud Cline

Dean and Sylvia Fatland

Jan M. Fatland

Vernon and Marcy Grant

Wayne E. Grant

Mrs. Shirley D. Hintz

Vernon Coffey

Mrs. Winnifred L. Syverson

Cecilia M. Feist

Joel and Karen Nelson

Elaine A. Gravseth

Rev. Ernest W. Collard

Ruth Collard

Ms. Lorraine Tisdel

Gary B. Ferguson

Mrs. Marguerite Gray

Arlo Gray

David and Cecelia Collins

David and Agnes Collins

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Dorothy J. Finken

Ms. Doris M. Oeder

Anna J. Green

Mr. Lloyd O. Cook

Marie Cook

Marjorie Finley

Bryan and Gloria Jones

Lemore Greenshields

Mrs. Ardeth E. Coward

Stuart Coward

C. William and Patricia Dennert

Mary Jane Gregg

Michael Cremers

Erick Fiss

Mr. Thomas N. Gregg

Jerome and Barbara Cremers

Albert and Solveig Bartz

Amber Grindeland

Robert Crosby

Wilfred Fitterer

Mrs. Agnes R. Stewart

Mr. Calvin L. Martin

Ms. Ruth M. Fitterer

Ella M. Gronbeck

Myron W. Dahl

Jeannine Flaten

Raydon and Betty Workin

Curtis and Susan Fallstrom

Marvel Flaten

Myron W. Dahl

Gordon G. Forester

Bernice M. Grundyson

Rodney and Betty Hanson

Alexandria Classic Clippers

Mrs. Sherry Mischke

Robert B. Dahl Sr.

Gordon G. Forester

Theodore Guderjan

Ms. Virginia Jeanotte

Rod and Phyllis Andersen

Mrs. Leah W. Guderjan

Mitch Guenther

Neil Dahl

Gordon G. Forester

Mrs. Florence Footitt

Byron and Ardyce Ellingson

Edwin and Darlene Bjerke

Mary K. Gulmon

Serena V. Dahlke

Gordon G. Forester

Vernon and Marcy Grant

Francis and Alice Kuehn

Mrs. Juanita J. Dura

Gottlieb Gunsch

Robert L. Dalke

Gordon G. Forester

Mrs. Elsie Gunsch

Ms. Margaret Murphy

Mrs. Lois B. Florhaug

Alma Danielson

Gordon G. Forester

Mark Haagenson

Mr. John H. Downs

Kenton and Susan Forester

Ms. Alice E. Thompson

Jack Davis

Gordon G. Forester

Louis H. Hagerott

Adrian and Marlyne Priester

Martin and Rhoda Huber

Mrs. Jacquelyn R. Schulte

Louis H. Hagerott

Jim Davis

Gordon G. Forester

Mrs. Eva Schulte

Mrs. Betty D. Johnson

Todd and Denise Humes

Ken and Carole Black

Mary M. Hamby

Given By

In Memory Of

Given By

In Memory Of

Given By

In Memory Of

C. William and Patricia Dennert James Hamilton

Given By

In Memory Of

American Legion Post #116

Mabel L. Iverson

Mrs. Lois Lundgren

Jerry Lee

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Norma Novak

Mr. Allan W. Hankel

Luella A. Hankel

Mrs. Mary L. Johnson

Mabel L. Iverson

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Jerry Lee

Mr. Richard A. Novak

Bernice Novak

Mr. Ivan J. Hansen

Helen M. Hansen

Tracy and Jennifer Peterson

Kathy Jacobs

Mrs. Frances M. Lee

Bennie Lee

Mr. James D. Nowatzki

Awanda Nowatzki

Mr. Duane Riskedahl

Otto Hansen

Kenneth and Betty Erickson

Rev. Reuben B. Jacobson

Mrs. Verdean K. Hofer

Warren Lee

Mrs. Muriel Hoplin

Lester W. Ogdahl

Mrs. Barbara L. Perleberg

Signe Hansen

Mrs. Lois Lundgren

Martin Janke

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Warren Lee

Mrs. Lucille A. Rotz

Louise Olafson

Bob E. and Dee Hanson

Kathlene A. Hanson

Mrs. Margie K. Jansen

William Jansen

Mrs. Mildred E. Schmidt

Elizabeth Leimer

Irving and Janice Thompson

Doris Olderr

Mr. Craig Hanson

Lois and Vernon Hanson

Daniel and Bryce Jasper

Beverly Jasper

Bryan and Gloria Jones

Duane Lemm

James and Sharon Meidinger

Lloyd Olin

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Sylvia Hanson

Lions Club

Eldo Jenner

Ms. Susan M. Lender

Ruth Lender

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Charles Olmsted

Edgar and Lorraine Schmidt

Steven Harris Jr.

Mrs. Le Nora E. Malm

Eldo Jenner

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Florence Lenhardt

Mrs. Marilyn F. Nissen

Don Olsen

Leonard and Bonnie Didier

Enid and Kermit Harstad

Ms. Virginia Jeanotte

Arthur F. Jensen

Mrs. Agnes Lennick

Oscar Lennick

Mr. Robert C. Olson

Evelyn M. Olsen

Ardean and Diana Harstad

Merlin C. Harstad

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Dennis Jensen

Mr. Robert L. Wagner

John Lessner

Mr. Arland A. Olson

Myron Olsgaard

Mrs. Lucietta Hashbarger

Kelley N. Hashbarger

Ms. Virginia Jeanotte

Samuel Jeske

Bob and Sandra Taylor

Art and Sally Liebelt

Mrs. Amy C. Nelson

Anna Olson

Mrs. Lucietta Hashbarger

Neil Hashbarger

Wayne and Sandra Aamoth

Erling C. Jodock

Dr. Charles L. Lindberg

Phyllis A. Lindberg

Ms. Alice E. Thompson

Anna Olson

Mrs. Carol R. Hasse

Clarence Hasse

Mrs. Elaine K. John

Kent John

Mr. Michael J. Litzinger

Bernard Litzinger

Mrs. Dolores Landblom

Russell Olson

Mr. Adolf W. Hauf

Wanda L. Hauf

Ben and Patricia Johnson

Dean Johnson

Francis and Alice Kuehn

Nancy Livingston

Mrs. Kathy R. Ashe

Helen A. Olson

Donald and Inez Olson

Albin Haugen

Mrs. Margaret Sam

Mary M. Johnson

Donald and Elizabeth Shaw

Edna Logue

Lowell and Amy Anderson

Henning Olson

American Legion Post #116

Gary Haugen

Marlin and Lois Ness

Dr. Richard and Lois Johnson

James and Judy Engstrom

Norma L. Long

Glenn and Charlotte Olson

Mark Olson

C. William and Patricia Dennert Carol A. Hawkins

Vernon and Marcy Grant

Don Johnson

Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson

Gordon Lubbers

Mr. Robert C. Olson

Ruth Olson

Mr. William Heck

Mildred Heck

Mrs. Ruth J. Johnson

Kenneth Johnson

Mrs. MarJean Schauer

Gordon Lubbers

Royal Neighbors of America #9673 Deceased members

Mrs. Bette A. Brand

Carol Heflin

Mrs. Mary L. Johnson

Sean A. Johnson

Mrs. Sarah Luithle

John Luithle

Mrs. Iris Bighley

Loved ones

Mrs. Dolores Landblom

Carol Heflin

Richard and Dorothy Homstad

VernaAnn G. Johnson

Daniel and Loretta Wentz

Paula R. Luther

Mrs. Lorna J. Boreson

Loved family members

Marvin and Laverne Schulz

Donna Heid

Keith and Joyce Jongeward

Cy Jongeward

Mary Lou Luttschwager

Arlan and Fern Haiby

Relatives in Jmst area

Jeffrey and Jamie Heider

Pat Heider

Mrs. Irene Koepplin

Rueben Just

Stutsman County Housing Authority

Claire and Evelyn Hermes

Deceased parents

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Danny Heintzman

Raydon and Betty Workin

Lucille Kaatz

Mrs. Muriel Hoplin

Alphield Lyng

Mr. Albert Maier

Loved ones

William and Lois O’Hara

LaVerne A. Heiraas

Mrs. Virginia L. Homan

George Kaftan

Le Roy and Darlyne Brenna

Margaret Lyng

Lorene Schield

Owen Willis & Lisa Margaret

Ms. Norene G. Strid

Homer Hensley

Immanuel and Lola Roesler

Noel Kanne

Mr. Arthur J. Silseth

Bernie Mahrer

Carl and DeLores Turnquist

Loved ones

Mrs. Isla E. Herdahl

Erwin Herdahl

James and Loyce Rauser

Bernice A. Kehn

Mr. Dennis L. Anderson

Todd A. Manthei

Mrs. Mary Eva Wanner

Parents, sisters & brothers

Hon. Lyle A. Podoll

Paul G. Herther

Cinema Twin & Bison Twin

Loren Keim

Merlin and Ruby Munson

Todd A. Manthei

Mrs. Astrid Ongstad

Walter Ongstad

American Legion Post #116

Jacob D. Hertz

Lou Jean Kelley

David A. Kelley

Mrs. Shirley Ledahl

Chester Marsaa

Harley and Gloria Schmidt

Byron Opstad

Mrs. Ellen Nygard

John Heuer

Ms. Norma J. Dillenburg

Donald W. Kelley

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Ruth M. Martens

Mr. Orville R. Ose

Margaret Ann Ose

Mrs. Juanita J. Dura

Stuart Higginbotham

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Rudolph Kempf

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Stella C. Marthaller

Mrs. Vivian Hoghaug

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Osen

Dr. G.H. Hilts

Flora Elaine Hilts

Happy Hair Salon

Duane Kenley

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Mavis Martinson

Gerald and Donna Collins

Marnold Ostby

Ms. Shirley Jensvold

Harley Hinrichs

Aloha M. Kercher

Emma B. Kercher

Mr. Charles W. Maxine

Edward J. Maxine

Mrs. Margaret Sam

Shirley Oswald

Dr. Phillip and Vivian Dahl

Alice M. Hjelle

Mrs. La Faye Krenz

Marvin Ketterling

Tom and Beth Mc Cauley

Michael T. Mc Cauley

Durward and Phyllis Otterness

Oscar & Myrtle Otterness

Lenora and Leona Dohrmann

Alice M. Hjelle

Clifford and Velma Martin

Marvin Ketterling

E. Hugh Mc Cutcheon

Mr. Arthur Wall

Mildred Otterstetter

Rick and Susan Herndon

Alice M. Hjelle

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Creighton Kettleson

Bosard, McCutcheon & Rau, Ltd.

Myra M. Ovind

Alice M. Hjelle

Ms. Claudia Jo Christ

Dr. Martha M. Kilander

Floy Mc Millan

Ms. Kay Glynn

Mrs. Viona L. Lutness

Mr. William W. Mc Millan

Loretta M. Parfit

Alice M. Hjelle

Bryan and Gloria Jones

Ellen L. Kinsella

Fred McCormack

Mrs. Marlyn Domek

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Dale and Lois Ferebee

Alice M. Hjelle

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Frank D. Kirchoffner

Fred McCormack

Eythel Patera

Mr. W. Alan Van Vleet

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Rodney and Fayne Bell

Ruth M. Hock

Mrs. Marie E. Kirkham

Douglas Kirkham

Irene McCormack

Otto Patzer

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Mr. Sam A. Kleinsasser

Alice Hoeckle

Curtis and Beth Odegard

Margaret and George Kjellin

Nancy McCormack

Lars and Minnie Paulson

Arlan and Fern Haiby

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Milton and Hannah Paulson

Bev Paulson

Phillip and Elta Hoeckle

Vernard and Bernita Frederick

Alberta Klein

Esther McCormack

Mr. Lloyd W. Paulson

Arlan and Fern Haiby

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Marvin and Judy Skogen

Milo Payette

Ms. Carol L. Christianson

Eva Hofer

Mrs. Lorraine Wasem

Alberta Klein

Donald and Inez Olson

Gene Pearson

Stanley and Donnis Benson

Darrel Hoff

C. William and Patricia Dennert Howard Knecht

David and Theresa Drexler

Adam Pederson

American Legion Post #116

Ruth Hoff

Donald and Inez Olson

Douglas Knight

John and Jana Emery

Adam Pederson

John and Janet Olson

Arnold Hoffman

Mrs. Jacquelyn R. Schulte

Diane M. Knopf

Mr. Jon H. Fabre

Adam Pederson

Max and Devra Zurcher

Luther P. Hoffner Sr.

Bernard and Marian Sateren

Kenneth Knudson

Roger and Cheri Hanneman

Adam Pederson

Stubbe & Associates

Jake W. Hofmann

Mrs. Gloria Knutson

Arlen Knutson

Ms. Nancy K. Heck

Adam Pederson

Gerald and Lea Oswald

Jake W. Hofmann

Vivian R. M. Knutson

Daniel and Nancy Nelson

Adam Pederson

Mr. Richard K. Hofstrand

Dorothy and Leslie Hofstrand

Gordon and Theoline Gunderson

Adam Pederson

Mrs. Juanita J. Dura

Pat Hoggarth

Marvin and Laverne Schulz

Robert and Peggy Paul

Jaydon Hohbein

Stanley and Sophia Bell

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Tyler Hoherz

John and Karen Holien

Lawrence and Connie Anderson Joan L. McDonnell Loren and Marian Richards

Patti McKee

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Gale J. McVay

Jeff and Eileen Pfarr

Paul Meidinger

Daris and Mabel Bittner

Chester Meier

Mrs. Phyllis R. Lura

Chester Meier

Mrs. Judy Goettle

Jordan E. Melgaard

Mr. Robert C. Olson

Julie Merte

Hattie Kobs

Durward and Phyllis Otterness

Marvel & Herbert Meyer

Mr. Wayne A. Sandahl and Brenda Umlaug-Sandahl

Ida Koester

Mr. Vernon H. Meyer

Luella Meyer

Ms. Rebecca M. Wentler

Adam Pederson

Thomas and Jolyne Wegner

Hulda Konrad

C. William and Patricia Dennert Elaine Meyers

Mrs. Dolores Landblom

Agnes M. Pekas

William Holien

Raymond and Mary Heupel

Donna Kopfmann

Mrs. Blossom G. Schnabel

Wesley Michelson

Mr. Wesley Pepple

Alice Pepple

Marlin and Lois Ness

Chuck Holsworth

Mrs. Ann E. Knecht

Donna Kopfmann

Vernon and Marcy Grant

Jeff Milender

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Kathryn A. Perry

Monafay Anderson

Arlene M. Holt

Anthony and Kathleen England Elaine Kreutz

Michael and Amy Steinke

Jeff Milender

Raydon and Betty Workin

Gladys Peterson

Donald and Inez Olson

Richard C. Holte

Mrs. Elizabeth I. Kristjanson

Brian Kristjanson

Dr. David E. Miller

Viola and Clement Miller

Joe and Laurel Bagan

Lloyd Peterson

Ralph and Carole Taylor

Patricia E. Holupchinski

Mrs. Marjorie Krogstad

Joe Krogstad

Mrs. Verna Minges

Ronald Minges

Mrs. Coralee Schuster

Lloyd Peterson

Charles and Eloise Jones

Joanne T. Homuth

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Fern Kubischta

Mrs. Verna Minges

Harlan Minges

Dan and Bea Faust

Lila Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Fischer

Harvey Hoops

Daris and Mabel Bittner

Leonard O. Kuehn

Romeo and Mary Boucher

Adrien S. Mongeon

Wayne and Diana Jacobson

Lisa D. Peterson

Edward and Elaine Boehm

Burton Hoovestol

Loren and Marian Richards

Beatrice Kummer

Mrs. LaVerne M. Bengtson

Myron Monson

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Robert Pfiefle

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Ian M. Hopfauf

Raydon and Betty Workin

Beatrice Kummer

Mrs. Dolores Landblom

Myron Monson

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Leo Pfiefle

Mrs. Marjorie E. Hoppe

Melvin Hoppe

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Lee G. Kuntz

Mrs. Phyllis R. Lura

Robert Montgomery

Ms. Dee Heinrich

Larry S. Piatz

Lavonne Horowitz Char Foundation

Lavonne Horowitz Char Foundation

Mrs. Elizabeth Kalhagen

Barbara J. LaBarre

Marlin and Lois Ness

Henning Moorhead

Robert and Ruth Wedman

Carol Ann Wedman-Pioske

Evan and Marie Moe

Daryl Lahren

Mrs. Ruth Morkve

Clarence Morkve

Ms. Anna K. Plante

Harvey Plante

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Howard Hove

Kenneth and Maxine Rostad

Daryl Lahren

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn D. Thompson Harold Morrison

Rev. and Mrs. Wells H. Gage Jr.

Barbara A. Poch

Clarence and Mary Steffen

Larry J. Hovel

Mrs. Margaret Sam

Bryan and Gloria Jones

Merle Moxness

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Rev. Doris L. Potter

Rodney and Joanne Tennyson

Doris Howery

Leonard and Doris Landenberger

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Christine L. Mullen

William and Betty Jane Preuss

Katherine A. Preuss

Mr. Jay A. Hoyt

Patricia Hoyt

C. William and Patricia Dennert Eugene C. Larson

Cynthia Schreiber-Beck

Jack A. Mumm

Milton and Hannah Paulson

John and Bertha Prince

Mrs. Eleanor Huebner

Carol J. Huebner

C. William and Patricia Dennert Kenneth G. Larson

Mrs. Jacquelyn R. Schulte

Viola W. D. Munsterman

Mrs. Dolores Landblom

Jerry Radcliffe

Mrs. Eleanor Huebner

Les Huebner

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

John Larson

Henry and Lorraine Richter

Elias Nagel

Lowell and Amy Anderson

Ruth L. Rangen

Arlan and Fern Haiby

Bruce and Elsie Hunt

Mrs. Frances Latt

Allen Latt

Alan and Linda Wiley

Tayeb Nash

Mrs. Lucille A. Rotz

Virgil V. Rask

Robert and Donna Lagein

Lynn Hysjulien

Mrs. Winnifred U. Laumann

Robert Laumann

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Max Neilan

Mr. Kurt D. Rasmussen

Ruthanna and Fred Rasmussen

Mrs. L. Elvira Lokken

Lynn Hysjulien

Ms. Virginia Jeanotte

Joyce E. Lausch

Raydon and Betty Workin

Bruce Nelson

Mrs. Delores M. Rath

Alvin Rath

Mrs. Ruth E. Idso

Percy Idso

Ms. Shirley Jensvold

Irma A. Lawrence

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Gail Netzer

Herbran and Lorraine Read

Kristi Jo Read

Ms. Joan Y. Redmann

Emanuel and Esther Redmann

Myron and Gertrude Pryor

Robert E. Redmann

Scott and Janet Davis

Tom Ihry

Mrs. Ivy E. Johannesen

Marie M. Lay

Hazel G. Hovde

Mary Neubert

Vernon and Marcy Grant

Tom Ihry

Harold and Vivian Joos

Evelyn Le Sueur

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Emerson Neumann

B. Martin and Betty Jo Gray

Tom Ihry

Dean and Kellie Bjornson

Dwayne Leadbetter

Mrs. Ella Nickolay

Frank Nickolay

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Jim Inman

Mrs. Bernice Lee

Julean Lee

Mike and Janeen Norland

Josh M. Norland

Gary and Phyllis Torske

Amie J. Iverson

Ms. Shirley Jensvold

Jerry Lee

Bert and Helen Egstad

Helen M. Novak

Memorials continued on page 18 The Ambassador 17

Memorials continued from page 17 Given By

In Memory Of

Given By

In Memory Of

Given By

In Memory Of

Given By

In Memory Of

Bruce and Lucinda Vantine

Agnes Reed

R. L. and Betty Wood

Hailey Sattler

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Margaret Sorenson

Duane and Kaye Natzke

Fred Totzke

Gary and Laurie Gathman

Lori J. Regenold

Robert and Bette Johnson

Irvin Schauer

Orville and Lilly Bratvold

Ruth Sorlie

Ms. Helen E. Baker

Charles Trittelwitz

Wayne and Coleen Rehovsky

Cheryl Rehovsky

Grant and Donna Schmidt

Irvin Schauer

Fredrick and Janaan Tyler

Luella Spelhaug

Donald and Abner Tufto

Mabel and Christ Tufto

Michael and Loretta McConnell Paul Reichenberg

Bruce and Marlene Solberg

Bernice and Alvin Schepp

Donald and Ruth Garnas

Howard and Clara Spiers

Jerome and Evon Praus

Vincent Tuhy

Mrs. Virginia C. Reichert

Dr. Reichert

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Karen D. Schilling

Ms. Dorothy A. Briss

Ken Stangeland

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

John Turn

Dr. and Mrs. Larry K. Hoffman

Frances M. Reid

Ms. Muriel Otterberg

Laila Schjeldahl

Alfred and Joann Frappier

Ken Stangeland

Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer

Florence Turner

Mrs. Mary Jean Ben

Carmen Reinke

Perry and Sylvia Schlagel

Violet and Raymond Schlagel

Mrs. Phyllis R. Lura

Ken Stangeland

Mark and Lynn Turnquist

Alice Turnquist

Gereld and Marian Gerntholz

Carmen Reinke

Mrs. Aletha I. Vossler

Theodore Schlaht

Ms. Lucille Starck

Willard H. Starck

Mrs. Dorothy Ufkes

Albertus Ufkes

Bill and Marilyn Hughes

Rodney Reitmeier

Mr. Elroy Schlenker

Laura Schlenker

Edward and Elaine Boehm

Kathryn Staudinger

Mrs. Evelyn Delmore

Delores Undem

Ray and Janet Thielman

Aaron K. Richardson

Mrs. Margaret Sam

Alice Schlosser

Ms. Celeste Hanson


Wally and Myrle Thingelstad

Luella Vangsnes

Mrs. Vivian E. Irmscher

Robert Richman

Craig and Alberta Pankow

Vonnie Schmaltz

Mrs. Stella E. Wheeler

Jean L. Stelter

Dale and Arnola Savelkoul

Sis Vesey

Norman and Belle Kvale

Phyllis R. Riddle

Thorson Investments

Evan Schmidt

Gerald and Elenore Borstad

Marie Stevens

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Ralph Vinje

Mrs. Evelyn R. Rients

Tjark Rients

Dave and Dolly Gowan

Evan Schmidt

Rev. Henry G. Stolz

Amelia Stolz

John and Erna Vinje

Edward & Donna B. Vinje

Steven and Jennifer Borelli

David O. Rife

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Evan Schmidt

Ms. Shirley Jensvold

Lois Strege

Diane K. Voeller

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Raymond Riskedahl

Mrs. Dolores E. Williams

Evan Schmidt

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Marcelle M. Strinden

Richard and Donna Mae Bilquist

Raymond and Frieda Plesuk

Hilbert Rittenbach

Mrs. Betty J. Schmidt

Kathryn Schmidt

Mrs. Lillian Stromme

Morris Stromme

Mrs. Elizabeth Hatter

A.D. Volbrecht

Romeo and Mary Boucher

Dorothy Robert

Myron and Lois Schmidt

Rev. Russell C. Schmidt

Scott and Miriam Danielson

Bernice L. Strutz

Mrs. Delfena Ballweber

Elizabeth R. Waclaw

Clifford and Velma Martin

Nova V. Roberts

C. William and Patricia Dennert Ella R. Schnabel

Mrs. Myrtle Styf

Arnold Styf

Alice A. Wade

Harvey and Marlys Johnson

Marie and C.L. Robertson

Mrs. Helen B. Schroeder

Fred Schroeder

Lyle and Della Sundeen

Leanne L. Sundeen

Marvin and Mary Ann Michelson

Ms. Dorla J. Hill

Donna M. Robson

Mrs. Phyllis A. Berntson

Randy J. Schuldheisz

Mrs. Helen McCormack

Clara Svendsen

Donald and Elizabeth Shaw

Don Walin

Vernon and Charlotte Baenen

Inez E. Roe

Clifford and Velma Martin

Wilma I. Schultz

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Amy M. Svihovec

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

James E. Walker

Kirk and Carol Cowan

Margaret L. Rohrer

Arthur and Leona Bollinger

Sister Mary Francis Schwankl

Glenn and Bedvi Swanson

Ellard S. Swanson

Ray and Peggy Wicklander

Gerald Warnke

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Viola M. Rolfson

Leslie and Carma Branch

Alma and Carl Schwarz

Glenn and Bedvi Swanson

Gregory K. Swanson

Mrs. Fern L. Watkins

John Watkins

Ms. Margaret E. Medd

Brandilyn Y. Romfo

Kent and Bonnie Eicholtz

Hilda J. Sell

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Robert Swenson

Jon L. Way, D.D.S., M.S.

Helen Way

Harold and Vivian Joos

Ida C. Romsos

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Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Kurt T. Weber

Mrs. Mavis A. Wold

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Zena J. Selmanson

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Berniece L. Tanner

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Julius Wedman

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Gordon Wedman

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Anda Construction Co.

Kathy Whitford

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Margie Semchenko

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Alon and Merle Wieland

Eldora K. Wieland

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Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Sorenson Margie Semchenko

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Mary A. Ruhland

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Gerald A. Semler

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Hon. Lyle A. Podoll

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Warren Rust

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Edith M. Sheldon

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Donald and Inez Olson

Daniel W. Wiltse

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Jon and Kathy Wiltse

Daniel W. Wiltse

C. William and Patricia Dennert Grace Wilson

Mrs. Phyllis A. Berntson

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Mrs. Edna M. Simon

Ben Simon

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Mr. Robert W. Martinson

Donald Ryckman

American Legion Post #116

Timothy A. Slaaen

Clarence and Fern Rau

Mary Thon

Dan and Bea Faust

Glenn A. Wolhart

Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer

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Ms. Delma Dyk

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Mrs. Doris P. Selander

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Wesley Wolsky

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Ms. Luella D. Martin

Amber M. Smart

Terry and Sonya Bendickson

Roger Thune

Mrs. Juanita J. Dura

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Lorraine L. Wright

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Julian and Rowena Wysocki

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Mr. and Mrs. Jon Paulson

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Harlan Salmonson

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Russell E. Tollefson

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Veth Santos

Mrs. Winnifred L. Syverson

Pamela M. Solseng

Mr. Daniel J. Kenna and Beverly G. Schons

Mr. Steven R. Sarafolean

Dorothy Sarafolean

Ms. Dorothy A. Briss

Clarice L. Somerville

Kenneth and Betty Erickson

Betty J. Toppen

Ben and Amy Gunkelman

Jerome Zalumskis

Ms. Bernice A. Haakenson

Helen and Donald Sathe

Michael and Amy Steinke

Curt Sorby

Karter and Vernis Krogh

Wendell Torgeson

Mrs. Dorothy L. Zimmerman

Randal J. Zimmerman

Given By

In Honor Of

Given By

In Honor Of

Given By

In Honor Of

Clinton and Nancy Kee Mickey Brisco Norman and Ruth Michaud Rachel Mickelson Mrs. Mary Ann Pedersen Guy and Martha Rosenberg Christopher and Elizabeth Keys David and Carol McCarthy Ms. Cynthia M. Stecher Harvey and Darlene Kluvers

Kyle & Andra Ruby K. Kelley Mary Lewis-Kenna Mary Lewis-Kenna Mary Lewis-Kenna Mary Lewis-Kenna Charles Kennedy

Mr. Craig Hanson Amos and Audrey Krebs Harold and Evelyn Grosz Ms. Susan K. Harris Mr. Thomas A. Heie Mrs. Helen F. Nordling Hannaford Homemakers Guy and Martha Rosenberg Ed and Roxanne Marker Mrs. Helen McCormack Les and Gloria Reister Dale and La Donna Christopherson Mrs. Muriel Christopherson Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson Kyle and Marianne Hanson Neil and Mary Ann Narum Manley and Linda Truchan Mrs. Helen McCormack Gordon and Ida Mae Smith Eugene and Carol Hanson Dale and Arnola Savelkoul Ms. Joy Stoerker Robert and Geneva Sones Edward and Elaine Boehm John and Inez Larson

Eric Monson Jayma Odermann Anne Carlsen’s family Nieces & Nephews Children & Grandchildren Family Kelvin Opp Mary Ann Pedersen Kenneth L. Peterson Karen Rath Brian and Brenda Reister Jaxon A. Rolstad

In Honor Of...

Living tribute gifts to the Anne Carlsen Center honor family members and friends on special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or holidays. This is a meaningful way to recognize those you love, while helping provide caring and comprehensive care to children and young adults with disabilities. Because of your faithful support, individuals served by the Anne Carlsen Center can beat the odds and experience life to its fullest.

18 The Ambassador

Mrs. Ellen T. Bjella Richard and Donna King Ms. Dorothy M. Kunzman Mr. Robert B. Mitchell Jr. Leo and Margaret Schall Mrs. Carolgene E. Wolf Mrs. Carol E. Anderson

ACC Staff ACC Staff ACC Staff Grand Forks Staff ACC Staff ACC Staff Emily, Kaylee, Josiah & Hannah Anderson Orval and Elaine Benson Kaitlin Anderson Stephen and Ruth Carnal Rosalie W. Anderson Kenneth and Murlyn Smith Gary and Yvonne Baillio Ms. Mandy Brekhus Lenny and Karen Behm Mrs. Marlys A. Bergene Margo Bergene Kent and Margo Bergene Marlys A. Bergene Ms. Dolores E. Panser R. Cyril Bieger Mrs. Thora Bloom Diana Bloom Mr. Rick Ennen Cade Brademeyer Douglas and Abbi Magnus Chelsea R. Brown Mrs. Muriel M. Argus Norma Catanzaro Lyle and Jean Sevre Muriel Christopherson Mrs. Murriel A. Carlson Jeannine K. Colburn Ms. Sandra Franke Natasha Esch Ms. Jeanette L. Stone Ruth Franzen Tom and Margie Holmes Kurby D. Frey Thomas and Mariol Knapp George and Ruthmary Gillespie Gary and June Glass Ty Glass Darin and Sue Plutowski Esther R. Grabanski Mrs. Helen McCormack Ruth M. Groninger Ms. Renae C. Southwick Marcia Gums Ms. Reesa Webb Marcia Gums Ms. Roberta M. Schulte Tara Halverson Dr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Cowardin Louis Hansen Lori Palmquist Gail Hanson Donald and Lillian Hofmann Zachary Hofmann Gary and Jill Schroeder Zachary Hofmann Monafay Anderson Jesus Christ Mrs. Marilynn E. Johnson Alice M. Johnson Arvin and Marlene Larson Kristi Johnson Amos and Audrey Krebs Gloria Jones

Mrs. Betty R. Buxa Gary and Gloria Kramlich Ms. Reesa Webb Wm. and Patricia Dowell US Bancorp Foundation Gordon and Jean Lund Roger and Patty Skarphol Galen and Terri Skarphol Robert and Judith Lake Ms. Dorla J. Hill John and Inez Larson John and Inez Larson Ronald and Lynda Mayer John and Inez Larson John and Inez Larson John and Inez Larson John and Inez Larson John and Inez Larson William and Margaret Leech Bob and Helen Lewis Leif and Cynthia Peterson Mavis Walhood Mr. Jason Matthews Mrs. Marilynn E. Johnson Mr. Robert M. Reiley Terry and Sue Anderson Ms. Judy L. Kulla

Charles Kennedy Benjamin P. Kilzer Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Kluvers and Family Joseph M. Kramlich Joseph M. Kramlich Judy L. Kulla Tyler LaCroix Christopher LaCroix Christopher LaCroix Christopher LaCroix Christopher LaCroix Crystal J. Lake Carolyn Lara-Braud Alan and Gillian Larson Chet and Amanda Larson Howard and Catherine Larson Jeffrey, Kristi & Haley Larson Matthew and Krista Larson Paul and Rebecca Larson Todd and Judy Larson William and Colleen Larson Sarah M. Leech Keaton Lewis Keaton Lewis Arthur Matson, Jr. John and Marlinda Matthews Victoria Mikkelson Henry Mishima Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Rev. Jo Anne Moeller

Jaxon A. Rolstad Jaxon A. Rolstad Jaxon A. Rolstad Jaxon A. Rolstad Jaxon A. Rolstad Mary Sandbo Dr. and Mrs. Charles Sarabun Jr. Casey Savelkoul Casey Savelkoul Julia and Sam Schowalter Mary J. Sones Kathryn Staudinger Barbara, Ron, Katie, Co Co, Jamie & Luke Stensgard Judy Thomson Terry Tiseth Amanda B. Tufte Matthew and Megan Vaniman Lucinda Vantine Gabriella Wagner Vernon and Barbara Wenger Arlyn and Janet Will Jeffrey and Paula Withuski

Mike and Janeen Norland Ted and Agnes Hoversten Erling and Elizabeth Tufte Morgan and Mabel Simonson Mr. Charles R. Vantine Vernon and Geraldine Glass Mrs. Helen McCormack Raydon and Betty Workin Employees of Drs. Jeff Withuski & Paula Sabbe John Withuski Jeffrey and Paula Withuski Katie Wold Mrs. Helen McCormack





FINANCIAL BREAKDOWN Dietary Services: 1.8%

Expenses Education






Property & Household


Community Services


Rehabilitative Therapy


Public Information


Dietary Services




Total Expenses

Public Information: 4.8%

Education: 13.9% Taxes/ Depreciation/ Property Insurance: 4.2%

Rehabilitative Therapy: 7.8% Community Services: 6.5%

Transportation: 0.5%


Home Life Services

Other Expenses

Administration: 8.5% Other: < .0%

5,495 $16,810,570

Property and Household: 4.7% Home Life Services: 47.3%


Bequests/Trusts: 3.61% Memorials: 0.47% Contributions: 2.97%

Interest: -5.51%

Tuition: 19.54%

Other: 1.69% Community Services: 7.99%

Resident Care: 60.24 %

Rehabilitative Services: 8.98%

Operating Revenues Tuition Resident Care


Rehabilitative Services


Community Services


Other Revenues Before Deduction Deductions Net Operating Revenues

277,411 $16,160,544 (1,349,387) $14,811,157

Non-Operating Revenue Contributions Memorials Bequests/Trusts Other

$487,469 77,931 593,128 401

Interest on Endowment


Net Operating Revenue:


Net Gain




PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Education • 9 Month School • 10 Week Extended Summer Program • Adaptive PE • Library Services • Transition Support • Assistive Technology • Behavior Support • Vocational Training Home Life/Residential • Advanced Medical Care • Nursing • Physician • Dietary • Psychological/Behavior Support Services • Recreation

Therapeutic Support • Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy • Speech Therapy • Sensory Motor Integration • Aquatic Therapy • Dysphasia Treatment • Adaptive Equipment Community Services • In-Home Supports (birth to 21) • Community Day Supports (21 & over) • Assessments • Program Coordination Outreach • Evaluations/Assessments • Outpatient Therapy • Employment Support/Training • Professional Development • Consultations • Summer Camp The Ambassador 19

Dear Friends, What do hunting, softball, and a day at the spa have in common? They are a few of the many creative ways in which people have come together to raise support for the Anne Carlsen Center’s life-changing programs and services. A charity pheasant hunt near Underwood, N.D., raised thousands of dollars for Center programs, while a softball/ golf tournament on Labor Day weekend at LaMoure County Memorial Park in Grand Rapids also raised needed support. The fun-filled weekend included a 4-person 18-hole golf scramble and a men’s open softball tournament. In the Summer/Fall 2009 issue of The Ambassador, we told you about 30-year-old Greg Warcken of Missoula, Mont., who ran the 2009 Fargo Marathon (a total of 26.2 miles) in honor of his nephew Luke and Luke’s friends at ACC. Luke, who lives in Fessenden, N.D., was born with spina bifida and receives physical therapy services from ACC to help him improve his muscle strength and coordination. More than two dozen of Luke’s family and friends participated in the marathon, with adults participating in the 5K, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay, or Full Marathon, and children participating in The Fargo Youth Run. In addition to increasing awareness about the Anne Carlsen Center’s programs, Warcken’s race team encouraged people to donate to the Center, inspiring $4,855 in gifts to ACC, with donations coming in from as far away as Vail, Colo.

Most recently, as you saw in the story on page 8 of this issue, a Jamestown salon and spa inspired creativity and generosity with its first-ever charity art contest. Determined to raise funds for the Center’s adaptive art program, Face to Face for Wellness & Beauty staff spent dozens of hours organizing their event. Artists responded enthusiastically, donating paintings, drawings and photographs. Jamestown residents showed their eagerness to help the Center, by bidding on—and in many cases, taking home—beautiful works of art. It is inspiring to see the creative and caring ways in which individuals and businesses are supporting the work of the Anne Carlsen Center. Thank you for everything you do to empower individuals whose lives have been touched by a disability, but not defined by one. Your imagination, paired with your desire to make a difference, has brought lasting joy to the lives of the children and young adults we have the honor of serving. With warmest regards,

Dan Kunzman ACC Foundation Executive Director

Pennies for Peace

Connect with the Anne Carlsen Center on Facebook today! Become a fan, learn about upcoming events, and meet people dedicated to the Center’s mission of “Nurturing abilities. Changing lives.”

Students and staff of the Anne Carlsen Center celebrated the 100th day of class by learning more about individuals in need on the other side of the planet … and giving back. Money in the form of change was collected for the Pennies for Peace project, an international program that helps raise money for schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A total of $167 was raised by students in the eight classrooms on the Center’s Jamestown Campus. The 100th day of class celebration also included a number of educational activities for students and staff. Stations were set up around the gymnasium perimeter that displayed detailed maps of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Students listened to the traditional music of that region, and enjoyed tasting foods like humus and flat bread.

Teacher Mary Lewis shows students and staff the region of the world benefitting from the Pennies for Peace project. 20 The Ambassador

Board of Trustees

Our Community Partners

Thomas Rohleder Chairperson Fargo, N.D.

The Anne Carlsen Center enjoyed a memorable 2009, partnering with area businesses to help strengthen community ties and improve the lives of others. These nine businesses have helped the Center carry on the legacy of our namesake, Dr. Anne Carlsen, and continue to provide life-changing programs and services for individuals with disabilities.

Tim Flakoll Fargo, N.D. Joel Fremstad Moorhead, Minn.

Robert Montgomery, M.D. Fargo, N.D. Sue Offutt, Ph.D. Bemidji, Minn. Janet Seaworth Bismarck, N.D.

Harvey Huber Jamestown, N.D.

Pat Traynor Vice Chairperson Fargo, N.D.

Bruce Iserman Fargo, N.D.

Reesa Webb Denver, Colo.

Pat McCullough Edina, Minn.

Myra Quanrud, M.D. Ex Officio Jamestown, N.D.

SENIOR MANAGEMENT Eric Monson Chief Executive Officer

Judy Kulla Chief Financial Officer

Marcia Gums Chief Operating Officer

Margie Johnson Human Resource Director

Dan Kunzman Executive Directorâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Foundation

Thank you, Community Partners. Through your dedicated support, you have empowered us to touch lives forever.

Save the Date

the ambassador

The Anne Carlsen Center is gearing up for its 28th Annual Benefit Golf Tournament on June 5, 2010 at the Jamestown Country Club. Registration will be held at 8 a.m., followed by a 9 a.m. shotgun start.

Published by: Anne Carlsen Center 701 3rd St. N.W., P.O. Box 8000 Jamestown, ND 58402 1-800-568-5175

A meal will be served following the tournament, and prizes will be given throughout the day. Golfers will also have the chance to meet and interact with ACC students and staff.

Brenda Scholten, Editor Kalen Ost, Assistant Editor Paul Johnson, Designer The Ambassador is mailed, free of charge, for supporters of the mission and vision of the Anne Carlsen Center. Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy: Anne Carlsen Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age or disability in employment or services. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please call 1-800-568-5175, ext. 167. Eco-friendly Ambassador At the Anne Carlsen Center, we are taking steps every day to be kind to the environment. The Forest Stewardship Council logo you see here means we are printing The Ambassador on an environmentally-certified paper. Each page has a 10% post-consumer waste content, and the inks utilized are Soy Inks.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-568-5175. Proceeds from the event help support the summer camp experience for teens throughout North Dakota living with disabilities.

Make a Lasting Impact I would like to visit with an Anne Carlsen Center representative about: __ Making a retirement plan gift. __ Establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity. Name _______________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip _______________________________________________ _________________ Phone _______________________________________________________________________

Cert no. BV-COC-070703

E-mail _______________________________________________________________________

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID FARGO, ND Permit #684

701 3rd St. N.W. P.O. Box 8000 Jamestown, ND 58402

Ben and teacher Corby Maddock help care for the plants that spend the winter in the ACC solarium.

The Ambassador: Spring 2010  

Shooting for the Stars

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