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Fall/Winter 2012

For supporters of the mission and vision of the Anne Carlsen Center

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Saige participates in the relay race, and crosses the finish line in record time! Karmel, an ACC teacher, cheers her on.

Arianna enjoys the fresh air and sunshine.

Jonas and Donna team up to try to win the tugof-war contest during the ACC Olympic Games.

Sander looks out to where his discus throw might land.

Gift to ACC Inspires E ven t o f Ol y m pic P r o p o rt i o n s


he world watched as the 2012 Olympic Games unfolded in London this past summer. But even before the first medal was won, the students at the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) showcased their abilities July 23 in Olympic-style events on the ACC Jamestown campus, in honor of the world’s foremost competition of athleticism.

wanted to pass along some of the excitement that centers around the Olympics,” says Richard. “We have always cared deeply about the Center. It goes back to my mom, Margaret, being a life-long friend of Dr. Anne Carlsen’s.”

There were the team events of tug-of-war and relay races (with wet sponges, instead of batons, to help everyone stay cool), and three individual events: discus throw, shot put and softball toss. Students also participated in Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

“Richard and Rose Ann Splitter have been wonderful supporters of the Center for many years, contributing time, talent and treasure in many areas of our organization,” says Anne Carlsen Center CEO Eric Monson. “We are extremely grateful for the relationship with them.”

The event was inspired by Richard and Rose Ann Splitter of Springfield, Mo. – faithful supporters of ACC who provided students with a tangible way to celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games. They gave each student a navy blue, Team USA Olympic Games jacket. “We

CEO Eric Monson starts off the Games by welcoming participants and thanking Richard and Rose Ann Splitter, who donated the Team USA banners and official Olympic jackets.

ACC purchased gold medals to distribute along with the jackets. It was a fun-filled day that provided plenty of smiles and a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Many students, including Jaxon, were excited to receive their official Olympic jackets.

Joseph pulls with all his might during the Olympic Games held at ACC in July.

Tyler says “thank you” for his Olympic gold medal, and shares a smile with Donna.

Brady prepares to give it all he’s got at the softball throw.


Building social skills enriches holiday celebrations The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it, innumerable ways to celebrate and savor this special time of year. While food, gifts and decorations may each play a role in your festivities, all pale in comparison to the other tangible ingredient: people. The warmth and meaning of the season is best shared with others — family, friends, classmates, coworkers and community members. From caroling to Christmas shopping, the activities that characterize the holiday season are rarely performed in isolation. At one time, individuals with disabilities were limited in their participation during this time of year. Issues such as limited mobility, communication impairments, sensory overload, or behavioral disorders often got in the way. Thankfully, the story is different today; the Anne Carlsen Center is a leader in equipping individuals with the skills, tools and experiences they need to participate fully in the activities and celebrations of life. The Center recognizes and taps into the talents of each person we serve, tailoring our services to maximize abilities. One of the many ways we accomplish this is through our TechnoCamp. Working in partnership with Elks Camp Grassick, we provide unforgettable adventure and fun each summer to about 25 teens with disabilities from across the state. Participants enjoy a host of traditional camp favorites — like campfires and talent shows — and have access to an amazing array of adaptive tools and assistive technology. The confidence and skills gained at TechnoCamp have helped these individuals succeed in many areas of their lives. One of the marvelous benefits is the number (we’ve lost count) of friendships made. I encourage you to read Adam VanCamp’s story on page 12 of this issue. Though a little shy his first year at Haley camp, he has really come Schallmo out of his shell! One of childhood’s greatest joys, camp is a vehicle for providing unique, hands-on experiences that promote fun, enhance learning

2 The Ambassador

and build important skills. This summer, the Anne Carlsen Center held our first social skills camps in North Dakota for children with autism and autism-related disorders. Held in Fargo and Dickinson, these camps provided opportunities for children to interact with each other, strengthening their social and communication skills. Highly-trained staff guided children through activities like field trips, arts and crafts, horticultural therapy, and technology-supported learning. The Center held these camps in response to a growing need for autism-related services across the state. Families and professionals, hungry for additional services and support, have been proactive and persistent. This has certainly been the case in Dickinson (page 4), where residents raised funds and awareness to bring a social skills camp for children with autism to their city. We were honored to help make their dream come true. Kristi Schallmo of Dickinson knows all about dreams coming true. Her 8-year-old daughter, Haley, has an autism-related disorder that has impacted her ability to make friends. At camp, Haley learned socially appropriate behaviors and — much to her mom’s delight — experienced the gift of friendship. With your support and encouragement, the Center plans to expand our social skills camps next summer, while also continuing to expand our Community Based and Autism Services across the state. We are so thankful for you, our faithful donors, for supporting us financially as well as in prayer. Your commitment enables us to nurture abilities all year long, helping make the holiday season more enjoyable and memorable for the remarkable individuals we serve. The entire Anne Carlsen Center family wishes you and yours a Christmas filled with joy and peace. With gratitude,

Eric M. Monson Chief Executive Officer Anne Carlsen Center


he need to express oneself is a fundamental part of daily life. How we express ourselves to others not only dictates the fellowship and intimacy we experience within our personal relationships, it plays a major role in determining our overall health and happiness. People with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are no different. But due to varying challenges in the way they process language and information, these individuals need the right tools and support in place, so they can develop the social skills necessary to express their personalities and develop meaningful relationships.

load off. We weren’t sure which services would help. Now we feel like no stone has been left unturned.” Through field trips, music, playground time, technology, arts and crafts, and other enriching and educational programs, campers had the opportunity to interact with one another, honing their social skills in a variety of environments. Becky Cheney, a Mapleton resident and grandmother of 3-year-old camper Ryan, says the camp was a very positive experience. “Ryan loved the social interaction with the other children. He’s made wonderful gains. He now is able to control himself in situations better … He’s turned into a completely different child.”

Equipping for

Social S uccess

That’s why the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) has begun offering social skills summer camps for children with autism and autism-related disorders. ACC held four weeks of camp in Dickinson (see story on pages 4–6). Another camp was held for Fargo-area children in August at the Prairie Heights Community Church Ministry Center in West Fargo. Administered by highly-trained ACC staff, the two-week curriculum for preschool-aged children focused on developing social skills and peer interaction in a fun, traditional camp format.

The results of the camp were nothing less than extraordinary. Wade Nagel, whose 2-year-old son Watson was diagnosed with autism last winter, said the camp exceeded his expectations. “[Watson] benefited by being introduced to new people and new social situations,” he explains. “We’ve seen huge improvements in the last week. It’s a huge

There was a picnic celebrating the conclusion of camp, with food provided by Prairie St. John’s in Fargo, the co-sponsor of the camp. In addition to the banners, barbeque and wonderful artwork adorning the tables, there was a tremendous feeling of pride and accomplishment that hung in the summer air. “Because of camp,” says Kristin Sharbono of Fargo, their 3-year-old son Jens is “now greeting other people. He will say ‘hi’ to his siblings and use their names.” Ryan plays with fellow campers on the playground following the picnic celebrating the conclusion of camp. His grandmother, Becky Cheney, says the Anne Carlsen Center has helped transform 3-year-old Ryan “into a completely different child.”

According to Program Coordinator Dave Kemper, “All the parents stated that they wanted their child to be able to interact appropriately with people familiar to them, as well as strangers.” By that measure, the camp (and more importantly, the campers) delivered. The Ambassador 3

ften called “The Western Edge,” Dickinson, N.D., is known as the gateway to the great American West. It is strong economically, with energy, agriculture and manufacturing taking the lead. But there’s something else that should come to mind when considering this community of about 20,000 people: relentless determination and compassion. When community members wanted a summer camp and other enriching opportunities for area children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), they took action. There were meetings, fundraisers and countless phone calls and emails. No obstacle would leave them daunted or dispirited. And a man who had been personally impacted by autism would lead them in their mission ... United in Purpose Nick Gates doesn’t have a lot of free time. He’s a busy family man, and a Senior Patrol Officer with the Dickinson Police Department. But he had a dream – to one day see a summer camp for children with autism come to the Dickinson area. Gates has a lot of experience seeking answers about autism. His 10-year-old son, Noah, was diagnosed in 2006. He and his family have dealt with a lot of frustrations along the way, not always finding the programs that fit Noah’s specific needs, and — at one point — fearing they might lose their house because of the out-of-pocket expenses for services for their son. These challenges have prompted Gates to look out for the interests of others in similar situations. A summer program, he figured, was the perfect way to start.

Kyrie Brenneise enjoys an arts and crafts activity during one of ACC’s social skills camps.

4 The Ambassador

“I started a nonprofit organization, the Southwest Child Enhancement Center, with the goal of it establishing and running a summer camp for children with autism,” says Gates. “We even had an advisory panel for this nonprofit.” The advisory panel was made up of Gates, an attorney, a teacher (who has a child with autism), a therapist, a doctor and an accountant. Gates wrote a business plan and testified before a committee of the North Dakota Legislative Assembly. Their primary fundraiser was a benefit golf tournament at the Bully Pulpit Golf Course, three miles south of Medora, N.D. “We couldn’t quite pull it together,” he says. “We wanted to make the camp free or very low-cost for those attending. We found, however, the costs were great in putting on the kind of camp we envisioned. We just didn’t have the resources.” That’s when the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) entered the picture. Earlier this year, Gates and his group met with CEO Eric Monson and COO

Community Rallies for Children with Autism

Marcia Gums. “The Center liked our plan, and they clearly have the resources to implement it,” says Gates. “They have been providing autism services for years, and they are — without a doubt — the best choice for bringing this experience to Dickinson.” Gates’ group gave ACC a donation to help cover the costs of staffing and materials, and other Dickinson residents took notice. The organizers of an annual memorial volleyball tournament in Dickinson donated the funds they raised to the summer camp as well. It wasn’t long before the Anne Carlsen Center started hiring camp staff from around the Dickinson area for ACC’s first-ever social skills camp for children with autism. Dream Becomes Reality The four weeks of camp began July 9. The focus of each daily session was to provide opportunities for children with autism to interact with peers, enhancing their social skills, communication abilities and confidence. There were two different age groups, each consisting of five children. A one-week camp was for children ages 3 to 5, followed by a three-week camp for children ages 6 to 11.

Erickson says the camps also provided an assessment of each child’s skills and needs. “Before the camp started,” she explains, “we met with each of the families to identify areas to work on for each child. We asked parents what kind of results they would like to see.” Once camp started, a letter was sent home each day detailing the progress each child was making and the projects in which he/she was participating. Throughout the summer, the positive response by the community made a big impression on the Anne Carlsen Center. “Heart River Elementary let us use their building free of charge for all four weeks of camp,” says Gums. “We have been so grateful for the amount of support and generosity the Dickinson community has shown.”

Eight-year-old Haley was diagnosed with atypical autism in January. Her mom, Kristi, says ACC’s camp provided much-needed guidance.

Activities each day included playground time, gym time, music, arts and crafts, technology (iPads were incorporated into many learning activities) and snacks. The grade school campers also took field trips, which gave them opportunities to apply their new skills in the community setting. Each week of the grade school camp there was a theme, such as “Horticulture.” During that week the campers learned the parts of a plant, made a collage out of leaves and twigs, and — thanks to a Dickinson florist who donated carnations — learned all about how flowers absorb water. “During ‘Camping Week’ we had a large tent in the gym that campers would sit under and read stories and have snacks,” says Martha Erickson, the operations manager for ACC Community Based Services in Western N.D. “They also worked together to help assemble a small tent. It was such a fun time for everyone involved.”

Nick Gates, meanwhile, couldn’t be more pleased with the results of what started as a grassroots effort. “I talked with parents and staff, and I watched some of the activities,” he says. “Parents got some really good ideas, better access to resources, and the opportunity to connect with each other.”

The camp would make a huge difference for the family of an eight-year-old girl who had already faced more challenges than most people will experience in a lifetime. Hope for Haley Eight-year-old Haley Schallmo is a survivor. Born with a rare birth defect known as Heterotaxy syndrome, she has undergone multiple surgeries since birth to correct abnormalities in the structure of her heart, specifically the heart walls, valves and great arteries. The problems with her heart have strained her lungs, and like others with Heterotaxy syndrome, Haley was born without a spleen, which affects her ability to fight infections. Because of complications from a heart surgery she had when she was 11 months old, Haley experienced trauma to the brain that resulted in a seizure disorder. Thankfully, medication has helped to control the seizures that were previously having a negative effect on her learning and memory. Continued, next page The Ambassador 5

In January of this year, Haley was diagnosed with atypical autism, also known as Pervasive Developmental Disorder — Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). Haley struggles with many of the same challenges as do those with classic autism, such as sensitivity to loud noises, aversion to certain textures and foods, and ritualistic behaviors. “She can be extremely inappropriate socially. She has no boundaries,” says her mom, Kristi. “She loves people and wants to have friends, but everything must always be on her terms. The end result is that no one wants to be her friend.” Haley is a 2nd grade student at Heart River Elementary. Unlike many others with autism-related disorders, this eightyear-old is extremely verbal and has a large vocabulary. Some misunderstandings arise, however, because Haley doesn’t always understand the meaning of the words she uses.

able advice. Talking to other parents was also helpful. I feel less alone now, knowing that others are going through the same things.” Haley brought home photos, paintings, gardening projects, and more from camp. But Kristi says what meant the very most was “the day she came home and said, ‘Mom, I made a new friend.’ I could tell that brought her so much happiness.” Changing Lives Plans are in progress to expand the Dickinson camp and also offer additional camps around the state. In addition to Dickinson, ACC held a successful camp in Fargo (see page 3) this summer which was attended by five preschool-aged children. “We couldn’t be more pleased with how the camps went this year,” says Gums. “We saw dramatic improvements in language skills and social skills. The campers really blossomed.”

When Kristi found out Gums and Erickson During “Horticulture Week” at camp, Haley learned about Anne Carlsen Cenall the parts of a plant and, here, how to make both credit the Dickinter’s social skills camp in a decorative planter. son community for their Dickinson, she couldn’t persistence and passion. wait to sign up her daugh“They are very proactive ter. Haley also was eager. “She was very excited and determined to find what is best for their kids,” about camp,” remembers Kristi. “She had the opporsays Erickson. “They trust the Anne Carlsen Centunity to enjoy activities that she wouldn’t normally ter to implement these services. They knew ACC have the chance to do. She had exposure to kids would provide the highest quality camp because of similar to her in many ways. The staff was great — the reputation that preceded us.” she knew the camp staff really cared about her.” Most of the families with children enrolled in camp The camp staff, Kristi explains, provided constant expressed an interest in receiving autism services and consistent reminders of what is appropriate from the Anne Carlsen Center year round. Those behavior and how to treat friends. As a result, there services could begin as early as next spring. have been improvements in Haley’s behavior in a “I would love for Noah to be involved with that, variety of settings. especially the social component. We really need Kristi adds that the camp also helped her as the those services,” says Gates. parent of a child with an autism-related disorder. And Kristi is hopeful her daughter will receive “As a parent this can be a very frustrating road,” additional services from ACC, to continue progress she says. “You feel helpless. Sometimes it feels like made during the three weeks of camp: “More than nothing will work. This camp put me in contact anything I want Haley to have the ability to be as with people who are experienced. The staff at the independent as she can be. I want her to have a Anne Carlsen Center understands the challenges happy, fulfilling life.” and the complexities, and they have a lot of valu6 The Ambassador

Abilities Shine at ACC Benefit Golf Tournament


n the game of golf, every serious player can speak the language of the sport. A “bogey,” for example, is when a player shoots one-over par. An “eagle” is when he or she scores two-under. A golfer’s “short game” refers to their performance between the drive and the putt. Their “handicap” is … a term that seemed out of place during the 30th annual Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) Benefit Golf Tournament in August.

Adam, an ACC student, gets set to sink a birdee on the illusive 9th green.

That’s because the focus was on the abilities of the golfers, including two talented individuals served by ACC who joined the 132 players on the links at the Jamestown Country Club. Adam, an 18-year-old ACC student, was one of them. Undaunted by a brisk wind swaying the 9th hole pin flag like a pendulum in a clock, Adam used adaptive equipment to help sink putts for teams. Using just his keen eye and a modified putter wired to an automatic ball returner, Adam would wait as players loaded their ball into the device. Then, pushing a button mounted on his putter, Adam would activate the returner and watch in delight as the machine spit out the ball, following its way into the cup and earning each team one stroke off their scorecard. What a natural! And then there’s Ty, a 21-year-old ACC Day Support client from Grand Forks. Ty inherited his love for the game from his dad, who was so passionate to share the sport with his son that he customized a special seat in his golf cart so they could enjoy a round together. An active volunteer, Ty can be found most summer weekdays at King’s Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks, where he donates his time greeting fellow golfers with a happy spirit and an infectious smile. “I would say, on average, at least half of the golfers know him by name,” says Rachael Buss, an ACC Direct Support Professional who works with Ty. “He is so popular!”

Ty is also something of an entrepreneur. “Ty’s Tees,” a business Ty set up to raise money for local charities, supplies quality plastic golf tees in a bag branded with the official “Ty’s Tees” logo (which Ty personally designed). And those tees would come in handy for Ty’s golfing party; clad in their matching T-shirts, “Ty’s Teemates” traveled all the way from Grand Forks to play in the golf tournament and cheer Ty on. “Ty’s Team members sported yellow T-shirts and were a force to be reckoned with,” says ACC Interim Development Director Donna Zimmerman. “Our Grand Forks staff truly raised the bar this year — it was awesome to have them participate.” All in all, 33 teams took part in this year’s tournament, which also featured a hole-in-one contest, putting challenge, raffle prize giveaway, and dinner banquet. More than $30,000 was raised to help send teens with disabilities to TechnoCamp, making it one of the most successful tournaments in the history of the state’s longest-running benefit golf tournament. So on behalf of Adam, Ty, event organizers and staff, the Anne Carlsen Center would like to personally thank all the generous sponsors, volunteers and players who participated in this year’s tournament. Your dedicated support empowers the wonderful individuals we serve to grow, succeed and play! To watch one of Adam’s incredible putts, visit the Anne Carlsen Center’s Youtube Channel: The Ambassador 7

mem o r i a l

G i f t s

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

The Anne Carlsen Center is honored to receive gifts from donors in memory of family members, mentors and friends. These memorial gifts help support the Center’s work of nurturing abilities and changing lives. Gifts given between March 1 and August 31, 2012 G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

Ms. Deborah A. Sandford Irwin and Judy Swanson Mrs. Nancy Mosser Mrs. Anna L. Adix Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson Gary and Arlys Mathis Milton and Danene McLaen Mr. Oscar R. Anderson Mrs. Margarete E. Skurdal Renee and Royce Nelson Senster and Janet Vangsness Mrs. Hulda E. Anfinson Glen and Nathlie Miller Mr. Dennis R. Murphy Ms. Marcia Hoplin Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Ms. Harriet E. Olson Dave and Kay Krueger Mr. Warren H. Ernie Arnold and Mary Knight William and Rosene Faul Gerald and Elenore Borstad Karter and Vernis Krogh Scott and Rhonda Donaldson Mrs. Sherry Mischke

Rev. Gordon N. Berntson C. William and Patricia Dennert Mrs. Marjorie Andre Mrs. Betty A. Whitmore Mr. Arvid Dalby Nancy Frankel Wayne and Janet Clingman Mrs. Sherry Mischke Gary and Arlys Mathis Alvin W. Berndt Francis and Alice Kuehn Melvin and Ruth Skjerseth Mrs. Velma P. Martin Kermit and Arlys Sorby Melvin and Ruth Skjerseth Mrs. Alice Bloms Mrs. Lorraine J. Boehler Mr. James D. Nowatzki Mrs. Mertis Hill Mrs. Velma P. Martin Mrs. Lorna J. Boreson Larry and Carmen Svenningsen

Thelma Aarestad Thelma Aarestad Rodney Adams Carlyn A. Adix Claude J Albers Ingvald Anderson Arden Anderson Oscar & Beatrice Anderson Owen Anderson Robert L. Anderson Mrs. Adeline Andvik Mervin Anfinson Jerry Arenson Roger Arneson Olga C. Asheim Olga C. Asheim Olga C. Asheim Leroy C. Backberg Mary Ann Backer Wallace Backlund Kristene Baier Frank Bailey Katie D. Bakkum John Banish James Barnes

Elaine D. Baron Evalyn C. Bauer Larry Bekkedahl Jean Benedict Darcy G. Bennett Darcy G. Bennett Ole and Ella Berg Synnove Berge Kenneth Bergerson Darlene Berndt Roy Berndt Ruth Bina Simon Bjerke Simon Bjerke Harold Blanchard Martin Bloms Claryce Boehler Claryce Boehler George Bonnett Anna K. Bonnett Duane Boreson Winnifred A. Borg

Donors Respond Generously to Back to School Appeal Earlier this year, 244 donors stepped forward to double their impact, and help provide amazing learning tools in the Anne Carlsen Center classrooms. Their Back to School Matching Challenge donations were matched, dollar-fordollar, up to $10,000. Donors gave a total of $28,351. These financial gifts are being used to purchase additional technology tools for our learning environments … such as computer hardware and software, iPads and iPod touch devices, and desktop and laptop computers. This technology is enhancing the learning experience and helping maximize the abilities of students 8 The Ambassador

of all ages — from those in our Early Childhood classroom to our high school students. Thank you for opening your hearts to help provide outstanding, specialized care and schooling. Your generosity is making a lifetime difference for the remarkable individuals we serve!

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

Gerald and Elenore Borstad Gerald and Elenore Borstad Curtis and Betty Mc Cabe Charles and Mary Bovee Arne and Janie Boyum Mrs. Alma A. Johnson Gerald and Loy Stutrud Orville and Sheryl Kjelland Ralph and Carol King Richard and Sandra Checel American Legion Aux. Post # 96 James and Linda Kimball Robert and Donna Lagein Norman and Donna Lorentzsen Mrs. Audrey Barnes Marvin and Laverne Schulz Beverly L. Frericks Thomas and Sandra Sheets Senster and Janet Vangsness Brian and Kim Engstrom Scott and Janet Davis American Legion Post #116 Mrs. Velma P. Martin Dale and Bev Brunsch Mrs. Martha Coleman Judy and Gerald Ringdahl Karl and Linda Hagen Dave and Kay Krueger Mrs. Ardeth E. Coward Mr. Warren H. Ernie Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson Ms. Judy L. Kulla Glenn and Connie Schwinkendorf Ernest and Shirley Hanson Vera and Frank Fraass Mrs. Eloise A. Boppre Orville and Sheryl Kjelland Renee and Galen Larson Renee and Galen Larson Craig and Alane Grosz Mrs. Magdaline L. Giesen Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Ernest and Edith Jelleberg C. William and Patricia Dennert Ms. Delma Dyk Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Mr. Dennis L. Anderson Mrs. Joyce S. Rudel Harvey and Marlene Skaare Gregory and Hilda Eldevik Lowell and Amy Anderson Byron and Ardyce Ellingson Donald and Carol Odenbach Dale and Arnola Savelkoul Karter and Vernis Krogh Glen and Nathlie Miller

Bill M. Borstad Charles W. Borstad Margaret A. Botnen Steven C. Bovee Jr. Cecilie J. Boyum Margaret Braniff Margaret Braniff Dorothy K. Bratlie Mary L Braun Evelyn Braus Betty Breding Selma Brorby Selma Brorby John and Clara Broten Syble J. Brown Fern Bueligen Cheryl A. Buisker Robert Burchill Robert Burchill Joyce Bye Tom E. Cameron Dwayne Carlson Darlene M. Chesley William H. Clark Kenneth Coleman Sheila Coleman Gerry Collins Jack Cooner Stuart Coward Joan Cysewski Dorothy Y Dahl Gerald D. Dahm Gladys A Dailey Margie M. Dalen Marion Dartman Everett Davis LeRoy DelMain Dorothy Dietrich Donald Dietrich Willard Dietz Tilile T. Dobrinski Leonard Dodgson Christian Drangsholt Glenn Durr Arlo W. Dyk Porter Eddy Daniel L. Egstad Ellery Ehni Bob Ehrens Frances Eldevik Agnes Ellingson Agnes Ellingson Eunice Emo Milton Engebretson Brenda Enger Alfred Engle

Ms. Ione J. Quenzer Mr. Clarence J. Martin Mrs. Katherine Paschke Orville and Sheryl Kjelland James and Kathryn Johnson Vernon and Eileen Vigesaa Mrs. Donna L. Espeseth James and Linda Kimball Robert and Donna Lagein Mrs. Lois Lundgren Mr. Kenneth D. Fandrey Ms. Correen K. Brewster Frank and Stephanie Jensen Ms. Judy L. Kulla Rachel and Ryan Schafer Greg and Darlene Shanenko Bob and Evanda Staigle Dean and Sylvia Fatland Mrs. Sharon I. Sullivan Mr. Rodney L. Tennyson Mrs. Lorraine Kirschenmann Mrs. B. Sophie Loftsgard Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Jack and Marcene Malusky Vera and Frank Fraass James and Judy Engstrom Irving and Janice Thompson Paul and Lois Franz Alvin and Emma Bluhm C. William and Patricia Dennert Mrs. Jacqueline Froehlich Ms. Shirley Jensvold Mrs. Donna E. Gaffaney Scott and Janet Davis Gladys S. Gage Paul and Marilyn Gage Reta M. Gage Mrs. Marilyn F. Galazen Apollo Hair Clinics Larry and Edith Raatz Donald and Elizabeth Shaw Daris and Mabel Bittner Mrs. Joyce S. Rudel Mrs. Lorna J. Boreson Mrs. Velma P. Martin David and Cecelia Collins Ray and Elaine Gerlinger Ms. Wanda V. Nissen Craig and Alane Grosz Roy and Esther Peterson Dale and Arnola Savelkoul Reed and Ruth Danuser Bette and Robert Johnson Ms. Esther R. Grabanski Mrs. Donna L. Collins Lynn and Jeanette Kieper Gary and Phyllis Torske Richard and Ethel Grieson Mrs. Thelma L. DeBilt Scott and Janet Davis Mrs. DiAnn L. Loll Ms. Shirley Jensvold C. William and Patricia Dennert Tom Haffner Vernon and Eileen Vigesaa Mrs. Carol Rinde-Lewis Anonymous Roger and Patty Skarphol Mrs. Irene B. Meyer C. William and Patricia Dennert

David Enyart Florence Ereth Doris O. Erickson Jeremy J. Erickson Richard Erickson Richard Erickson Vernon Espeseth Marlyn Evenson Marlyn Evenson Darlene Fallgatter Lurline D. Fandrey Jasmine N. Farsdale Jasmine N. Farsdale Jasmine N. Farsdale Jasmine N. Farsdale Jasmine N. Farsdale Jasmine N. Farsdale Jan M. Fatland Darcy J. Feickert Wilma Feland Marvin Fiechtner Stephen E. Flaten Allan Fletcher Cyril F Flicek Frank, Duane & Billy Bradley Fraass Harold Fragodt Harold Fragodt Marcella I. Franz Anna E. Franzen Gregory Freeland Leo Froehlich Joe Fuka John Gaffaney Edward F. Gage Yvonne Gage Yvonne Gage Yvonne Gage Paul B. Galazen Blanche M. Garland Blanche M. Garland Irene W. Garrett Douglas Geier Marion Geist Marjorie D. Geiszler Patricia Gemar Fred and Kay Gerber Anna Gerlinger Henry J. Gervais Bill Gilbert Marguerite and Reade Gilbraith Marguerite Gilbraith Eric Gilsrud Randy Goldade Isabelle and Vincent Grabanski Dorothy Graf Marie Graner Ronald E Gravgaard Sharol A. Grieson Jeannette Gunderson Ernst M. Gunkel Gary Gutzmer Harold E Haaland Ruth Haas Janice Haffner Harlow R. Hagel Kristin Hagen Gerry Hallberg Oscar Halvorson Martha H. Hankel Arlis Hanson

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

Mrs. Beatrice Overlee Norm and Sue Goehring Larry and Edith Raatz Gordon and Ida Mae Smith Dennis and Margaret Lonski Ms. Susan K. Harris Lyle and Lois Borders Rex and Wilma Carnes Lenore Colpitts Steven and Lynda Ege J.L and Betty Fenstermaker Gerald and Joanne Hart Laurie Kelly Mary Lou Krogh Jane Krueger Dan Larson Dave and Treena Milano Paul and Gail Miller Sheila Motzko Sonja Nelson Barbara and James Olson Mary Schlagel G.H and Hilda Schlutz Maridee and David Schroeder Janet and Robert Turner Ms. Betty L. Nelson Ms. Mary A. Hill Mrs. Lucietta Hashbarger Mrs. Lucietta Hashbarger Mr. Rodney L. Tennyson Gordon and Ida Mae Smith Mrs. Irene Haugaard Ms. Irene Reinhardt Mrs. Pauline Koehler James and Kathryn Johnson Apollo Hair Clinics Ms. Myrtle Henrichs Ernest and Shirley Hanson Robert and Becky Herman Robert and Becky Herman Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Ardelle I. Hillerud Ernest and Shirley Hanson Gene and Brenda Guthmiller Margaret Sam Mrs. Mary L. Johnson Mrs. Lucille A. Rotz Dennis and Judy Gumke Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson KicBac Bar & Grill Mrs. Lucille H. Olson Mrs. DeLores Ust Mrs. Patricia Bahr Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Ms. Marcia Hoplin Ms. Harriet E. Olson Mrs. Amie Torgerson Scott and Rhonda Donaldson Robert and Betty Hovey Calvin and Loretta Isaak Dale and Bev Brunsch Mrs. Juanita J. Dura C. William and Patricia Dennert Mrs. Carol Rinde-Lewis Orville and Sheryl Kjelland Ms. Jacquelyn R. Schulte Mrs. Mavis Enochson American Legion Post #116 James and Linda Kimball Ms. Ruth N. Hall Mrs. Mavis A. Wold Michael and Bonita Ensrude Mrs. Carol Rinde-Lewis

Erwin Hanson Bill Hanson Bill Hanson Ramona J. Hanson Patricia Harrington Larry Harris Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Mildred Hart Marilyn Hart Rae F. Harvey Kelley N. Hashbarger Lucy Hashbarger Karen Haskins Karen L. Hass Harry M. Haugen Lucile. Heaton Martha M. Heihn Harry Helmstetler Dolores Henninger Mr. and Mrs. Henry Henrichs Sr. Travis E. Herdebu Sharon G. Herman Todd Herman Millard Hill Stener Hillerud Rodney Hirschkorn Frances W. Hoersch Frances W. Hoersch Evelyn V Hoffelt Alvena Hoffman Darlene Hogan Marguerite A. Holland Howard Holmgren Kermit Holte LaVerne A. Holte John Holten Glenn C. Hoplin Glenn C. Hoplin Glenn C. Hoplin Robert Hoseth Anna Hosford Donald & Jeanette Hovey Dean Howell Betty B. Huss Alvina J. Hystad Willie Jarvi Donald E. Jaster Bridgette Jehlicka Joseph Johnson Family Betty J. Johnson Clarence V. Johnson Clarence V. Johnson Kathy Johnson Jerry Johnson Lorraine C. Johnson Lorraine C. Johnson

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

Dean and Carol Oen Ms. Artha Travers Jerald and E. Bonnie Erickson Mrs. Alma A. Johnson Gerald and Loy Stutrud Mrs. Velma P. Martin Glen and Nathlie Miller Vernon and Marcy Grant Allen and Donna Keller Larry and Carmen Svenningsen Mr. Charles C. Kennedy Mr. Alvin Kessel Ms. Eloise A. Erickson Roy and Esther Peterson Richard and Marlene Quanrud Mr. Dennis L. Anderson Charles and Eileen Erickson Reuben and Shirley Smith Doug’s Auto Body, Inc. Stanley and Sophie Bell Vernon and Marcy Grant Larry and Carmen Svenningsen Ms. Marcia Hoplin Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Susan and Gerald Simonson Mrs. MarJean Schauer Cheryl and Mitchell Guss Deb Kritzberger Ms. Dolores Davis Willmar and Janette Peterson Mrs. Dorothy B. Stover Mrs. L. Elvira Lokken Mrs. Joan Lindvall Mrs. Phyllis M. Bethke Ms. Jacquelyn R. Schulte Reed and Ruth Danuser James and Linda Kimball Gudny Larson Waldo and Marion Platte Ms. Virginia Jeanotte Mrs. Mavis A. Wold Mrs. Lois Lundgren Renee and Galen Larson Eric and Amy Anderson Ms. Shirley Jensvold R. L. and Betty Wood Walter and Beatrice Reinke Senster and Janet Vangsness Lois D. Leom Mrs. Mary Seim Ms. Joy R. Kundert Paul and Alice Janke Thomas and Sandra Sheets Eldon and Clara Jo Conant Mrs. DiAnn L. Loll C. William and Patricia Dennert

Lorraine C. Johnson Lorraine C. Johnson Olive Johnson Theresa Jordan Theresa Jordan June Jorgenson Chad E. Jutz Dillion Kapaun Helen and Amos Keller Alys H. Kennedy Roselynn Kennedy Emma Kessel Louise M. Kimbel Verland Kissner Robert Kjelland Mary Klinicke Lorraine L. Klundt Gerald and Helen Knote Duane Knudtson Ida Koester Ken Kohler Ken Kohler Walter Kozojed Walter Kozojed Lois H. Kozojed Jean Kringen Lynn Kritzberger Lynn Kritzberger James R. Kruse Bonnie La Crosse Richard LaBaumbard Lester Lalim Robert J. Lamb Sarita Ann Lanning Alfred & Eva Larsen Cynthia Larson Erling Larson Erling Larson LeRoy Larson Mayo Larson Norman Lee George Lee Sonia Lee Mary V. Lehman Clayton Lehmann Joseph C. Leier Delores Leinius Lamae C. Lemley Kenneth M. Leom Clifford L Lerud Joan Lillestol Sharon Lippert Louise Loberg Donald Loder Lillian R. Loll Gene E. Longden

Memorials continued on page 14 The Ambassador 9


H o n o r


Living tributes to the Anne Carlsen Center honor family members and friends on special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and holidays. Recognizing loved ones in this special way helps the Center provide comprehensive care to individuals of all abilities, equipping them to experience life to the very fullest. Gifts given between March 1 and August 31, 2012 Given By In Honor Of

Lloyd and Phyllis Anderson Marcia and James Gums Mrs. Murriel A. Carlson Mary A. Cory Marcia and James Gums Mr. Steven R. Sarafolean Julian and Emily Braaten Ms. Sandra Franke Mr. Douglas Schnase Annetta and Larry Knecht Noren and Audrey Meland Ms. Colleen M. Moreland Randy and Penny Gengler Mr. Gary Glass Mr. Steven R. Sarafolean Valerie and Dustin Bakken Sheila and Peter Dewey Dana and Justin Kolden Mrs. Erin J. Zalumskis-Sand Marcia and James Gums Lori Palmquist Eugene and Marilyn Hinman Raydon and Betty Workin Ambra and Daniel Warcken Matthew Forman Marcia and James Gums Ms. Martha K. Barker Doug’s Auto Body, Inc. American Legion Post # 37 Roger and Patty Skarphol Jerry and Kay Gnoinsky William and Margaret Leech Raydon and Betty Workin Leif and Cynthia Peterson Marcia and James Gums Ms. Alice M. Alexander Leon and Dawn Helstad Ms. Reesa Webb Olivieri Birthday Bash Robert and Elizabeth Gibb Mike and Denise Heglie Mario and Elaine Olivieri Kenneth and Ellen Simmons Douglas and Marcia Olson Gary and Debra Hobert Richard and Dorothy Homstad Mrs. Katherine Paschke Gregory and Brenda Tappert Ms. Reesa Webb St. Jerome’s Catholic Church Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Tangsrud Jr. Lynn and Jeanette Kieper Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer

10 The Ambassador

JoAnne Anderson Val Bakken Ms. Jeannine K. Colburn Olivia Cory Sheila Dewey Diane & Doug and granddaughters Mrs. Nina Erickson Natasha Ms. Joan Fitzgerald Ms. Phyllis Fletcher Aubrey Fredrickson Mrs. Evelyn Galt Jordan Gengler Ty Patricia Gromak Marcia Gums Marcia Gums Marcia Gums Marcia Gums Ms. Ramona Gunderson Ms. Gail Hanson Mr. Michael E. Hinman Lester and Shirley Johnson Luke Mrs. Carol L. Kahn Stefanie Kaiser Charles McKenzie Kost Christopher Christopher RomaKay Ms. Sarah M. Leech Verna’s 85th Birthday Keaton Ms. Gail Loftsgard Saige Saige Bob Montgomery Lucas Lucas Lucas Lucas Lucas June Olson 4 healthy grandchildren Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren Mrs. Charlotte Payette Arletta Penny Dr. Myra Quanrud Casey Eunice Tangsrud Jalynn Vollmer Allen and Robyn Wagner

Mark Your Calendars! The Anne Carlsen Center’s New Year’s Gala will take place Jan. 5, 2013, at the Quality Inn in Jamestown. The evening of elegance will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a social hour, and at 7:00 p.m., the dinner and entertainment will begin. Magic by Nicholas, the strolling magician, and the band Hollywood Nights will share their musical talents with gala attendees. “This year’s event is going to have a very different look than in years past, but it’s sure to please,” says ACC Interim Development Director Donna Zimmerman. “Save the date and join us to celebrate another amazing year of growth and providing services that continue to change lives all across the state!” There will be a variety of fun raffles and games in which gala attendees can participate. Each activity will include chances to win great prizes donated or sponsored by businesses from across the state that support the mission of the Anne Carlsen Center. All of the gala proceeds will go toward helping purchase additional medical equipment for the River’s Bend home living area at the Center. This is where we provide state-of-the-art care in a comfortable environment for children and young adults with complex medical disorders.

Make sure to reserve your spot for this great event today! For tickets, contact Donna Zimmerman at (701) 952-5108.


here are a variety of ways to give financially to the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) and positively impact the lives of individuals with disabilities. Donors enjoy a growing number of giving options that help them achieve their charitable giving goals, while also aiding in tax planning and wealth management.

One of these giving options is an alternative to direct giving or starting a private foundation. Donor-advised funds (DAF) are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for charitable giving in the United States. A DAF is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity, and according to the National Philanthropic Trust, entails the following: 1 You make an irrevocable contribution of personal assets.

2 You immediately receive the maximum tax deduction that the IRS allows.

3 You name your donor-advised fund account, and identify advisors, successors and/or charitable beneficiaries.

4 Your contribution is invested and can grow tax-free.

5 At any time afterward, you can recommend grants from your account to qualified charities.

The donor-advised funds can be set up immediately, and donors do not incur the expenses of establishing and administering a private foundation — including the staffing and legal fees. Account holders can take a federal income tax deduction up to 50% of adjusted gross income for cash contributions and up to 30% of adjusted gross income for appreciated securities. Because DAFs are managed by sponsoring public charities, account holders have minimal administrative responsibilities.

Leaving a Legacy Establishing a DAF, as opposed to a one-time gift, enables the donor to leave a legacy. The donor may name an account successor who takes over the account after the donor’s death. The successors, in turn, can name future successors to someday take over the account. For more information about donor-advised funds and other methods of giving to the Anne Carlsen Center, contact ACC Interim Development Director Donna Zimmerman at 701-952-5108 or toll free at 1-800-568-5175, ext. 108. Your gifts help provide an array of meaningful experiences for individuals of all abilities, ensuring a future of greater independence and success. The Anne Carlsen Center reminds you to always seek the advice of a competent financial advisor with any questions you may have regarding a financial matter.

The Ambassador 11


sk Adam VanCamp the number of days until TechnoCamp 2013, and he’ll immediately provide the answer. The 15-year-old Fargo resident has been looking forward to next year’s camp since the moment TechnoCamp came to a close this summer with hugs, tearful goodbyes, and promises of ‘see you next year.’

Adam, a high school freshman, joined 24 other campers from around the state for a memorable time at TechnoCamp — a partnership between Elks Camp Grassick and the Anne Carlsen Center. Highly-trained staff, assistive technology and adapted equipment combine to empower campers to fully participate in the summer camp experience and become more proficient in their communication and computer skills. The camp, held every summer near Dawson, N.D., also gives teenagers the opportunity to enjoy traditional camp activities like hayrides, campfires, pontoon rides and talent shows. “Adam loved the talent show,” says his mom, Mendi. “When he came home, he told me all about it and how they all dressed up.” Fishing was a highlight for Adam, too, and he

12 The Ambassador

Assistive Technology Designer has “Amazing Experience”at TechnoCamp

didn’t mind one bit that his biggest catch wasn’t a fish at all. “He enjoyed getting teased by his friends and the counselors about what he pulled out of the water,” says Mendi with a laugh. “It was actually a big stick!” To look at Adam this year, you’d never guess he was a little uncertain about things his first year of camp. “He did really well last summer, but naturally, it was somewhat difficult for us all since it was the first time he had been away from family for that long.”

TechnoCamp is a Dream Come True for Fargo Family

Mark Coppin, ACC’s assistive technology director, noticed a big difference in Adam’s outlook: “Last year, there was some hesitation and uncertainty. This year, he was so enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to come to camp. He had a wonderful time. We’ve enjoyed seeing how he has really come out of his shell!” Adam’s parents weren’t sure what to expect when dropping him off at camp this summer, but his parting words were music to their ears. “We told him goodbye, and he said ‘see ya!’ He couldn’t wait for us to leave,” his mom remembers. Adam has cerebral palsy, and his parents used to wonder if their younger son would ever

Adam, a 15-year-old student from Fargo, and a camp counselor smile as they spin around the dance floor. The dance is one of the highlights of TechnoCamp.

Adam has made many new friends at TechnoCamp. Here, he and fellow camper Justin Meyer enjoy some conversation and the great outdoors.

receive the same opportunities for summer fun that had been available to their older son. “We are so thankful for this camp,” says Mendi. “Adam and the other campers aren’t missing out on anything. They’re experiencing every aspect of camp, and not just watching others do it.” The VanCamps also appreciate the technology component of camp. “Mark Coppin does an incredible job of showing the campers how to make the most of different technology tools,” says Mendi. The one-to-one camper-to-staff ratio is also important to the VanCamps, along with the depth of training that camp staff receives. “It was a little overwhelming at first,” admits Mendi, “to put 100 percent of my son’s cares in the hands of someone else ... to put my trust in someone else. But they are so responsible and capable at TechnoCamp. We’re so glad we did it — it has truly been life changing!”

Of all those who played a role in the TechnoCamp experience this past summer, Hilde de Wit traveled the farthest. The Interaction Designer for AssistiveWare, an assistive technology software company, lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Designing applications (apps) that are userfriendly is de Wit’s specialty. To gather ideas on how to improve current applications and gain inspiration for developing new ones, she traveled to North Dakota to spend time working with teenagers and young adults with disabilities at TechnoCamp, a joint effort by the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) and Elks Camp Grassick. “Hilde designed the interface for one of the top apps for communication,” says Mark Coppin, ACC’s assistive technology director, who leads the technology-based activities at camp. “We were very excited and honored to have her at camp with us. She has a real interest in seeing how individuals interact with the software she designs. She wants to make sure the applications work in a user-friendly way.”

In addition to observing how campers were using the various technologies, de Wit — along with Mark Coppin and other camp staff — made sure everyone had access to the proper equipment and knew how to use it. “It was an amazing experience, and I learned a lot,” she explains. “I spent a lot of time getting to know the campers and figuring out what they like to do, how they would like to use technologies, and what their capabilities are. It was great for me to see how enthusiastic and motivated they are to learn new technologies.”

Hilde de Wit, an Interaction Designer for an assistive technology software company, spends some time working with Alex, a TechnoCamp participant.

Campers made movies, music and art using iPads, iPods, MacBooks and digital cameras. And they made a big impression on this renowned software designer. “Now when I’m working on a new design, and I’m not sure what the perfect solution is, I think about one of the campers and how they would use it,” says de Wit. “I hope I will have the opportunity to come back next year!”

The Ambassador 13

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

Dale and Bev Brunsch Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Ms. Marcia Hoplin C. William and Patricia Dennert Joel and Lynette Schmitz Ms. Irene Reinhardt Leif and Cynthia Peterson Ms. Shirley Jensvold Beverly A Manley Curtis and Betty Hahn Mr. Clarence J. Martin Mr. Clarence J. Martin Dale and Bev Brunsch Mr. Clarence J. Martin Mrs. Mary M. Martin Mrs. Mary M. Martin Mr. Allan W. Hankel Valerie and Jerome Delzer Sen. Timothy J. Flakoll Quentin and Sharon Bangen Bosard, McCutcheon & Rau, Ltd. Mr. Warren H. Ernie John and Ardyce Argent United Methodist Women of Des Lacs Mr. Ross Argent Reed Argent Ms. Ruth Borlaug James and Gwen Borlaug Mrs. Judy Borlaug Larry and Linda Borlaug Jay and Alice Carr Dennis and Tabitha Cornelius Mrs. Marjorie Davy Robert and Susan Dusky Mr. Leslie T. Evans Mrs. Patricia Fegley Ms. Ruth M. Groninger Karen and Delwyn Groninger Mrs. Shirley D. Hintz Craig McCormack Steven and Penny McCormack Lyla G Paulson Burt and Margo Riskedahl Gonzalo and Lois Sanchez Glen and Diane Stevens Jim and Sharon Tranby Mrs. Natalie Wade Robert and Donna Lagein Roger and Patty Skarphol Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson James and Judy Engstrom American Legion Post #195 Reuben and Shirley Smith Charles and Yvonne Link 14 The Ambassador

Lawrence Loose Paul Lundin Paul Lundin Wayne Lunzman Leo Lyons Mary Malsam Melvina F. Mandigo John Manikowski Lee Manley Delilah I. Marquardt Anna Martin Sister Audrey Martin Merlin Martin Angeline Martin Edward Martin Richard G. Martin Clifford Martin Josephine Martinson Josephine Martinson Darlene Mauer Mrs. June E. Mc Cutcheon Scott B. Mc Millan Fred McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Helen L. McCormack Howard Melby Gene Melgaard Kenneth Melland Bernard Meyer Alan Michel Noreen Miller Rebecca Miller

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

G i v e n B y I n M e m o r y O f

Cynthia Schreiber-Beck Donald and Inez Olson Melvin and Ruth Skjerseth Edwin and Maxine Kallander Mrs. Mertis Hill American Legion Aux. Post # 96 Gereld and Marian Gerntholz Jerald and E. Bonnie Erickson Thomas and Kim Monson Larry and Carmen Svenningsen Ms. Janice Larson Don and Yvonne Williams Bruce and Connie Smith Deborah Rinkel Ernest and Shirley Hanson James and Linda Kimball James and Linda Kimball Arlin and Karen Oas Mrs. Della J. Hoff Ms. Shirley Jensvold American Legion Post #116 Daniel and Brenda Anderson Mr. Dennis L. Anderson Mr. Orville A. Nelson Ms. Vivian Kuipers Gordon and Ida Mae Smith James and Kathryn Johnson Herbert and Donna Nolte Byron and Ardyce Ellingson Gerald and Elenore Borstad Candice and Gary Ruden Gary and Arlys Mathis James and Linda Kimball Ms. Lorraine Tisdel James and Judy Engstrom Joel and Lynette Schmitz Raymond and Beverly Hubbard James and Judy Engstrom J. Gene and Betty Dura M. Keith and Barbara Johnson Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Ms. Marcia Hoplin Ms. Harriet E. Olson James and Linda Kimball Mrs. Olive Olson Mrs. Frances Barnard Glenn and Charlotte Olson Scott and Rhonda Donaldson Mrs. Iris Bighley Duane and Gayle Burchill C. William and Patricia Dennert Mr. Meryl T. Hansey Ms. Carol L. Ness Don and Yvonne Williams Marilyn and William Hughes George and Muriel Vigesaa William and Nancy Ollenburger Alvin and Emma Bluhm Lois Weeks Vernon and Marcy Grant Harvey and Marlene Skaare Ms. Judy L. Kulla Rodney and Fayne Bell Milton and Hannah Paulson Ms. Wanda V. Nissen Mr. Bruce G. Pentland Mr. Wesley Pepple Ms. Kathleen M. Kidd Ms. Helen M. Payne Mrs. Frances Peterson

Willmar and Janette Peterson C. William and Patricia Dennert Turtle Mountain Retired Teachers Mr. Rodney L. Tennyson Red River Electric Terri Frappier Kevin and Nanette Peuser James and Debra Schumacher Mrs. Sherry Mischke Ernest and Shirley Hanson Curtis and Betty Hahn Mr. Dennis L. Anderson Mr. Charles D. Stromsodt Milton and Hannah Paulson Mr. Allan W. Hankel Mrs. Elaine F. Nieland Mrs. Lucille A. Rotz Myron and Kathryn Eidsmoe C. William and Patricia Dennert Marilyn and William Hughes James and Linda Kimball Alvin and Emma Bluhm Roger and Patty Skarphol Gary and Phyllis Torske Joel and Jane Hashbarger Mrs. Lucietta Hashbarger Michael and Amy Steinke Robert and Norma Richardson Ray and Janet Thielman James and Linda Kimball Ms. Shirley Jensvold Mrs. Glenna Mae E. Larson Larry and Edith Raatz Donald and JoAnne Price Mr. Dennis L. Anderson Mrs. Lucille A. Rotz Mrs. Bernice P. Rudnick Milton and Danene McLaen Clarence Rudy Dean and Kathy Rueger Craig and Alane Grosz Mrs. Alice F. Johnson Mrs. Velma P. Martin Mr. Dellas R. Sailer Gordon and Ida Mae Smith Bette and Robert Johnson Randy and Linda Myhra Scott and Janet Davis Larry and Carmen Svenningsen Dale and Arnola Savelkoul Donald and Mildred Abernathey Mark and Julie Adams Bruce and Carolyn Adams Helen and Carroll Albrightson Roger and Connie Backes Robert and Charlene Bangen Mrs. Alice Bloms Joel and Debbie Bloms Gerald and Elenore Borstad Theodore and Peggy Brown Blain and Gail Christianson Jeffrey Cline Lee and Gayle Cunningham Donald J. DeGree Mrs. Ava M. Dufner LaVonne and Keith Elliott Duane and Janell Feiring

Glenda Feiring Steve and Dorothy Feiring Lyle and Ellen Fox Lee and Karen Garaas Eugene and Carol Hanson Kyle and Marianne Hanson Keith and Janell Hauck George and Gail Heller Ms. Mary A. Hill Lonnie and Ardis Huseby Gordon and Linda Krueger Harlen and Evelyn Lahti Timothy and Laura Mihalick Mrs. Pearl D. Nelson Mr. Terry W. Nelson Charles and Roberta Ramberg Pam Rasmussen Jim and Ellen Redding Bernice L. Redding Phyllis and John Richardson Kathy Richter James and Bonnie Ripplinger Clyde and Judith Routledge Candice and Gary Ruden Margaret and Henry Savelkoul Dale and Arnola Savelkoul Mrs. Audrey Savelkoul Ms. JoAnn Savelkoul Jack and Theresa Savelkoul Leonard and Blanche Schaan Alan and Cheryl Scherr Ms. Julie M. Steffens Mr. Phillip T. Swenson and Mrs. Sharon S. Edwards- Swenson Brent and Carolyn Talley Wesley and Marlene Tossett Fredrick and Janaan Tyler Ronald and Peggy Undlin Bonnie Van Sickle Steven and Julie Verry Donna and Dean Wawers Byron and Ardyce Ellingson Mrs. Hazel Schlichting C. William and Patricia Dennert Bonnie Papachek Waldo and Marion Platte Gregory and Hilda Eldevik Dr. Curt and Margret Wagner Stan Puklich Chevrolet, Inc. Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Harvey and Kathleen Huber Ms. Judy L. Kulla Mrs. Eunice Milne Mrs. Velma P. Martin Dale and Bev Brunsch Mrs. Elda Brunsch Mrs. DiAnn L. Loll Ms. Judy L. Kulla Leslie and Carma Branch Mrs. Phyllis R. Lura Edith A. Anderson Sidney and Ruby Peterson Mrs. Ruth Siegert Lesley C. Magnus, Ph.D. Owen and Judy Randle Clair and Nancy Simonson James and Linda Kimball Mrs. Gladys M. Slaby Mrs. Gladys M. Slaby C. William and Patricia Dennert

Robert and Kathleen Jodsaas Ms. Viola Tangsrud James and Lois Aasland David and Beverly Cross Mrs. Edna Danielson Ted and Rachelle Fimreite Ms. Dorothy Janisch Karen K. Kuhn Mrs. Jean R. Laskowski Donna Nibbe James Poppe Dan and Linda Schaefer Jacky Smith Stanley and Kathleen Solberg Ms. Sheryl Solberg Julian and Nijole Fossen Irma Robinson Lowell and Amy Anderson Byron and Ardyce Ellingson Richard and Rose Ann Splitter Mr. Allan W. Hankel Mrs. Mary Lou Stavros Joseph and Dorothy Zdeb Mrs. Jean Alsaker Mrs. Eloise A. Boppre C. William and Patricia Dennert Melvin and Ruth Skjerseth Randy and Linda Myhra Mrs. Virginia A. Strobel Mrs. Lillian Stromme Rhoda and Ed Mickelson Glenn K. Swanson Glenn K. Swanson Glenn K. Swanson Mrs. Mary L. Johnson Mrs. Ruth J. Johnson Mrs. Alma Swenson Ms. Virginia Jeanotte Marvin and Helen Johnson Mrs. Della J. Hoff

Mr. Charlie D. Thompson Valborg Thompson Randy and Linda Myhra Gerald and Marion Olson Jerald and E. Bonnie Erickson Ms. Shirley Jensvold Mrs. Gladys Jondahl-Morton DeLores E. Turnquist Gayle Keeney Ronald and Marilyn Mc Lean Kevin and Eileen Rutherford DeLores E. Turnquist Harvey and Marilyn Burley Cheryl and Mitchell Guss Naomi Vining David and Nance Browdie David and Nance Browdie David and Anabeth Voigts Jim and Ellen Redding Mrs. Beva C. Stringer Mr. Thomas A. Heie Ms. Virginia Jeanotte Ms. Virginia Jeanotte George and Muriel Vigesaa Wallace and Emilee Miller Ms. Joan L. Morris Myron and Gertrude Pryor Mr. Rodney C. Anderson Mrs. Delores M. Blair Mrs. Betty D. Johnson Myron and Kathryn Eidsmoe Mrs. Edith Johnson Mrs. LaVera M. Edick Gary and Jan Wysocki David and Geraldine Yaggie Jerald and E. Bonnie Erickson Glenn and Connie Schwinkendorf Renee and Galen Larson

Rebecca Miller Joseph Milton Kelsey M. Misialek Alicia Mittleider Helen Mlnarik Lucille Moen Harold L. Moll Mylo Monson Robert and Adele Monson Lowell Monson Dorothy Moore Adaire Moore Delores Moser Randy Motz Gloria A. Muscha Mrs. Margaret A. Myers Cal Myers Cal Myers David Nelson Earl M. Nelson Lyle M. Nelson Nancy Nelson Nancy Nelson Lila Nelson Marion L. Ness Harold Neukom Rose M. Nihill Duane A. Nolte Marvin Norell Gladys L. Norstedt Gladys L. Norstedt Kevin Nybo Joan Oakland Gerald Odegaard Wayne Oeffner Pearl H. Oehlke Clyde Olson Ardell E. Olson Michael Olson Craig Olson Evelyn M. Olson Evelyn M. Olson Evelyn M. Olson Roger Olson Rodney Olson Julian Olson Mark Olson Billie Olstad Loved ones Margaret Abraham’s mother Mother of Yvonne Torala All Veterans Martha Johnson’s mother Tessa & Merle Russell R. Onstad Geraldine Ostby Virginia Oster Louis Osterbur Jana Overbo Erma G. Overby Gordon Overland Diane M. Pateneaude Eythel Patera Lars and Minnie Paulson Frank Pederson Virginia Pentland Alice Pepple Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson

Lisa D. Peterson Perry A. Peterson Ruth Peterson Shelly R. Peterson Ardith L. Peuser Ardith L. Peuser Ardith L. Peuser Ardith L. Peuser William F. Pfingsten Jr. Edward Piatz Sam Plorin Bill Porter Cheryl Pratt John and Bertha Prince James B. Printz Dorothy Rance Lulu Rask Adis A Rasmussen Katie Rasmussen James Rathert Mary Ratzlaff Emma Raup Jack Redmond Jack Redmond Marion Richards Marion Richards Marion Richards Aaron K. Richardson Aaron K. Richardson Opal L. Riveland Jeff Roman Clara Ronningen Marilyn Ross Robert Roth Benora Rothenberger George Rotz Robert Rudnick Marcella C. Rudolph Elizabeth Rudy KateLynn A. Rueger Eldon Rund Carl and Agnes Rusten Ernest Saewert Carol Sailer Bettie J. Sampson Verne Sandry Sadie M. Sargent Jeanette Satrom Jeanette Satrom Brian L. Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul

Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Corinne Savelkoul Evelyn Schlenker Dorothy M. Schlichting Arthur Schlosser Shirley A. Schmaltz Vasie P. Schmidt Anthony J. Schneider Wilko Schoenbohm Sherrill F. Schorsch Sherrill F. Schorsch Dan & Sherrill Schorsch Sherrill F. Schorsch Dan & Sherrill Schorsch Vune Schreiner Leonard Schultz Leonard Schultz Connie Schultz Frances L. Schulz Alma and Carl Schwarz MaryLee Scott Margaret L. Scurlock Sharon F. Seneker Marvin Siegert Elizabeth A. Sigloh Elizabeth A. Sigloh Mrs. Mabel Simonson Gudrun Skalicky George Slaby Thomas L. Slaby Ward L. Smalley

Carol Smith Marlyn Soholt Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Bernard J. Solberg Cyril Solin Babe Sorenson Ruth B. Sorenson Ruth B. Sorenson Ed Splitter Franklin Stahlecker Athena Stavros Julia and Henry Steidl Dylan Steigers Ellen Stewart Perry R. Stoddard Ruth Stokke Lara Le Strand Harold Strobel Morris Stromme Oliver R. Stutrud Ellard S. Swanson Bedvi Swanson Gregory K. Swanson Tom Swanson Fern Sweeney Robert Swenson C. Morris Tangsrud Nora J. Teman Melvin R. Teske

Mary Thompson Valborg Thompson Marvin Thorson Marvin Thorson Lorrin Tiegen Harley Trinka Henry F. Tuenge Alice Turnquist Carl Turnquist Carl Turnquist Carl Turnquist Carl Turnquist Myron Ulland Edna L. Vettel William Vining Maarja K. Vogel Mart N. T. Vogel Caryl Voigts Barb L. Wagner Paul Waller Donald Walmann Curt Ward Glenn Ward Myron Watne Delbert Wescom Delbert Wescom Delbert Wescom James Wester Ruth M. Westfield Darla Westphal Mildred P. Wienbar Clarice Wistrom Paula Woodring Julian and Rowena Wysocki Tanya K. Yaggie Greg Young Melvin Zerr Rita C. Zimprich

Donors Help Provide Spiritual Nourishment The Chaplaincy Care Program at the Anne Carlsen Center is a blessing to our students, clients, staff and families. It’s a vital facet of care that relies on continued donor support.

potential and grow in their faith each day.

Students Jonas and Saige could show you what a difference the spiritual component of services at ACC makes! Just spend 5 minutes in Chapel, and you’ll see both students completely absorbed in the beauty and meaning of worship. Perhaps one or both of them will even be leading worship, microphone in hand! Chaplain Lindy is helping students like Jonas and Saige realize their God-given

Recently you received a special mailing sharing these joyful stories and inviting you to partner with us in this important program. Please consider, if you have not already, supporting the Chaplaincy with your financial gifts and prayers. It is one of the most important programs here at the Center, helping us continue our tradition of holistic care — mind, body, and spirit. The Ambassador 15

Board of Trustees

You hear them, before you see them ...


nd when the low-pitched rumble of motorcycle engines becomes audible, the students and staff of the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) smile and cheer. The excitement grows until moments later, the first motorcycle appears around the corner. Much to the students’ delight, it’s Santa! Behind him, a long, steady line of motorcycles makes its way into an ACC Jamestown Campus parking lot, marking the beginning of the 15th annual Christmas in July. On July 21, the members of the Jamestown Individuals and Ladies Individuals Motorcycle Clubs held their special event for ACC students. The first Christmas in July drew about 100 bikers; this year, 200 bikers from all over the area took part. The motorcycle club members shared some early holiday cheer and gifts with

Santa poses with some of the bikers and ACC staff who helped put together the Christmas in July event.

some very happy and appreciative students. They presented each child with a $50 Visa gift card, as well as a tote bag containing a blanket, movie ticket, and a variety of lighted, sensory toys.

Tim Flakoll Fargo, N.D.

Sue Offutt, Ph.D. Arlington Heights, Ill.

Joel Fremstad Moorhead, Minn.

Thomas Rohleder Immediate Past Chair Fargo, N.D.

“The Individuals are so generous. They go all out every year!” says Denise Jensen, the ACC Activities Coordinator. “They also gave each home area a water toy, such as a slip ‘n slide or a sprinkler toy.”

Bruce Iserman Vice Chair Fargo, N.D.

Pat Traynor Chair Fargo, N.D.

Pat McCullough Secretary Edina, Minn.

Reesa Webb Englewood, Colo.

Harvey Huber Treasurer Jamestown, N.D.

Robert Montgomery, M.D. Fargo, N.D.

Janet Seaworth Bismarck, N.D.

Myra Quanrud, M.D. Ex Officio Jamestown, N.D.


Jingle Bells in July

B ri n g J o y to ACC Students

The stop at the Anne Carlsen Center is part of an all-day run that involves stops in numerous communities. The bikers enjoyed lunch at ACC before continuing on their journey.

Eric Monson Chief Executive Officer

Margie Johnson Human Resource Director

Marcia Gums Chief Operating Officer

Sam Brownell IT Director

Judy Kulla Chief Financial Officer

Allan Hartmann Financial Services Director

“There were smiles everywhere,” says Jensen. “Everyone was overjoyed. Watching the kids as they experience that joy is overwhelming ... I’ve had tears in my eyes a couple of times.”

Donna Zimmerman Interim Development Director

Naomi Grueneich Foundation Support Specialist

Jeannie Camarillo Associate Development Director

Logan Little Communications Manager

development Department — foundation • 701.952.5167

Rachel Schafer Brittany Lipetzky Foundation Operation Coordinator Development Coordinator

the ambassador

Making Dreams Come True The most precious gifts the Anne Carlsen Center family receives during the Christmas season are not found under the Christmas tree or hung on the mantel. They come from our faithful supporters and friends, and don’t require any special packaging. It’s become a tradition here at the Center to ask donors for a special Christmas gift, to honor the determination and resolve of the remarkable children and young adults we serve. You’ll soon receive a special mailing from us with inspirational stories 16 The Ambassador

about what your dedicated support is making possible each day at the Anne Carlsen Center. We’ll introduce you to three amazing individuals who were not afraid to dream big, and whose dreams are coming true right before our eyes! What an inspiration it has been to see them accomplish their goals! Thank you for helping make these beautiful dreams — and future dreams — come true for the incredible children and young adults we are privileged to serve.

Published by: Anne Carlsen Center 701 3rd St. N.W. P.O. Box 8000 Jamestown, ND 58402 1-800-568-5175

Notice of NonDiscrimination Policy: Anne Carlsen Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age or disability in employment or services.

Brenda Tappert, Editor

If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please call Brittany Lipetzky, Assistant Editor 1-800-568-5175, ext. 167. Eco-friendly Ambassador Logan Little, Assistant Editor The Forest Stewardship Council logo you see here means we are Paul Johnson, Designer printing The Ambassador on an environmentally-certified paper. Each page has a 10% postThe Ambassador is mailed, consumer waste content, and free of charge, for supporters the inks utilized are Soy Inks. of the mission and vision of the Anne Carlsen Center. On the Cover: Five-year-old Kyrie Brenneise of Dickinson participates in an activity during a social skills camp held by the Anne Carlsen Center.

Cert no. BV-COC-070703


C o mm u n i t y

Pa rt n e r s

The Anne Carlsen Center partners each year with area businesses who share our passion for empowering children, adults and families to lead lives of greater independence and inclusion. We are grateful for the commitment and compassion demonstrated by these Community Partners. This year the following businesses are helping continue the rich tradition the Center began more than 70 years ago — nurturing abilities and changing lives forever.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID FARGO, ND Permit #684

701 3rd St. N.W. P.O. Box 8000 Jamestown, ND 58402

Adam (left) and Justin (right) share a laugh during TechnoCamp 2012 with Mark Coppin, the assistive technology director at the Anne Carlsen Center. The two campers, who have been bunkmates for the last two years of camp, helped Coppin shoot footage for a video before picking a spot under a tree for some time to talk and relax.

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The Ambassador: Fall 2012  

Persistence Pays Off

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