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Summer 2010

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Zach smiles as he receives his corsage before formal pictures.

Nikki lights up the grand march, as she and her date are introduced.

Twilight in Ce


very two years at the Anne Carlsen Center, students ages 16 and older don stylish suits and sparkling gowns for a rite of passage to adulthood—their very own prom. This year, 25 couples attended the event, dancing the night away in Central Park-themed surroundings. Students from area high schools and Jamestown College were the dates for the majority of ACC students. The couples took formal pictures in the Solarium in the afternoon before enjoying a staff-catered dinner as late afternoon gave way to dusk.

Marissa enjoys the music and dancing of Prom 2010.

Jonas and his date, Elizabeth Taylor, smile for photos in the ACC Solarium.

Ty smiles as an ACC teacher pins a corsage to his jacket.


Pa r k

Following a cheesecake dessert, it was on to the grand march and a formal introduction to a packed auditorium. After the final voting tally for prom king and queen, the first dance of the evening began. Strings of lights around the perimeter of cardboard buildings created a soft glow on the dance floor. The first dance transitioned into another ‌ and another ‌ and another. Twists, twirls, swinging, swaying and countless smiles made Prom 2010 a memorable, magical night for all involved.

Pascal receives twin kisses on the cheek from his dates, twin sisters Amanda and Alyssa Johnson.

Shining Moment Graduates celebrate with family, friends at ACC Graduation

Nearly 15 combined years of memories—smiles, growth and milestones—were remembered at the Anne Carlsen Center Auditorium on May 21 as two students completed an important chapter in their lives. What follows is limited only by each graduate’s imagination and determination, as they take the next step into a world filled with possibility. Nicole Blackler and Jimmy Brown each received diplomas from the Anne Carlsen Center. Both students had a tremendous impact on the Center during their enrollment, touching lives with their distinct abilities and personalities. Both were voted ACC student body president during their time at the Center. Each loved participating in special events, such as prom, and the more frequent events, like the vocational training experiences throughout Jamestown. “Nicole and Jimmy, this is a special day as we celebrate with you and recognize your hard work and accomplishments,” said ACC Chief Operating Officer Marcia Gums. “This is, for you, a significant transition to adulthood. We know that the time you have spent here at the Center has given you the tools and strength you need to do the best and be the best in all that you pursue.” Focus on Individuality Facets of each graduate’s personality came to the forefront of the ceremony, from the song choice of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” during a slideshow, to a Star Wars background on a poster near the graduates’ photos. Each graduate lit the ACC auditorium with smiles, especially when Jimmy waved to the audience after taking the stage, or when Nikki received her diploma and promptly raised it above her head and exclaimed, “I did it!”

2 The Ambassador

Celebrations for these remarkable individuals have been in the works for a long time. Both graduates achieved many milestones during their time as students at ACC. “Nikki has been enrolled with the Center for 10 years,” said her grandmother Rita Reisenauer. “She lived in all three cottages and loved a lot of things here, especially the personnel. Her grandpa and I, and her family, will never forget the Anne Carlsen Center.”

(Above) Teacher Tom Kenna looks on as Jimmy waves to the audience. (Left) Nikki and teacher Corby Maddock share a laugh.

Looking Back, Looking Forward Nikki and Jimmy have witnessed exciting changes at the Anne Carlsen Center over the years. As the Center has experienced a growth in its programs and services, it has been working diligently to reduce its footprint through recycling and other Green efforts.

“I call Jimmy the Chairman of the Board of ACC Recycling, Inc.—he has played a huge role in the recycling efforts at the Center,” said ACC Chief Executive Officer Eric Monson. “Jimmy first came here in June 2006. In the last four years, he has made the world greener and more wonderful.” Nikki and Jimmy have both moved to new homes outside of the Anne Carlsen Center. Nikki is now residing in Bismarck, while Jimmy has returned to his hometown of Grand Forks. “Nikki and Jimmy, may God continue to bless and guide you,” said Monson, who delivered the graduation address. “You are well-prepared for what is now a more inclusive world. Congratulations on your life milestones. We will continue to hold you close, but we know that new adventures and growth await you.”

C e l e b r a t i n g S u cc e ss Graduation stirs feelings of pride, joy and hope for the future A M e S s a g e f r o m t h e C EO May is a beautiful month around the Anne Carlsen Center. The green grass deepens in color, the trees look full once again, and students are busy learning in the gardens.

supported valuable programs and services, creating smiles and satisfaction along the way. We are extremely thankful for you, as you partner with us in Nurturing abilities. Changing lives.

Signs of growth abound inside the Center, too. The classrooms, the therapy pool, the Learning Center … everywhere you look, students are gaining strength and knowledge.

What an honor it is to see the individuals we serve celebrate milestones such as graduation, and enter the next part of the journey of life.

For two of our students, the Center’s auditorium was the setting on May 21 for an exciting and pivotal moment in their lives. Nicole Blackler and Jimmy Brown graduated from the Center in a ceremony that involved tears and laughter. As speeches were delivered and diplomas presented, the graduates’ smiles sparkled from the stage. Vibrant and independent Nikki … gentle and cheerful Jimmy ... each considered a true friend by many staff and students in the audience. In the front row, family members sat with proud smiles and hope in their eyes. Jimmy and Nikki have a strong foundation for future success. During their time at ACC, they each received a combination of educational, therapeutic and vocational services—individualized to help achieve optimum growth. Staff, thank you for the role you have played in the lives of these remarkable individuals. Your expert care has been fundamental to the growth and well-being of all of our students. Your kindness, compassion and dedication are greatly appreciated and vital to the mission of this life-changing organization.

Sometimes, that journey takes the students we love away from the ACC Campus in Jamestown. Inevitably, there are feelings of sadness, as we miss Nikki’s bubbly personality and Jimmy’s handshake and ‘hello.’ But those feelings this graduation season are overshadowed by the joy and promise in the future of those receiving their diplomas. Rich, meaningful experiences await the graduates of the Anne Carlsen Center. They have the tools and training they need to thrive in the world—a world that has become more welcoming and inclusive for individuals with disabilities. Congratulations to Jimmy and Nikki, and all past and future graduates of the Center. The world is a better place because of your determination, talents and zest for life. Sincerely,

Eric Monson Chief Executive Officer

Donors, you also have played a critical role in our graduates’ success. Through your generosity, you have

The Ambassador



sther Grabanski has lived a life in motion. As a child growing up on a farm near Minto in northeastern North Dakota, she and her siblings would clamber up hay stacks playing an assortment of made-up games. Surrounded by prairie and fresh air, Esther sought and craved movement.

Tools for Success ”I received a wonderful education at the Crippled Children’s School,” says Esther. “I had many memorable experiences and made some very good friends. I lived in a dorm with seven other girls. We had picnics and went to concerts. Christmas was always very special.”

But a diagnosis at age 9 made it apparent that the little girl would have some challenges in the quest to continue her active life.

In addition to educational and residential services, Esther received physical and occupational therapies that helped keep the Rheumatoid arthritis from slowing her down. She remembers sessions in the school’s Hubbard tank—a large stainless steel tank in which a person could be easily assisted in exercises while in the water—that “really helped me.”

“I had been in a lot of pain and my wrists were swollen and reddish after playing outside,” she remembers. “I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (Minnesota).” Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, systematic inflammatory disorder that may affect many tissues and organs, but mainly affects the joints, causing pain, swelling and reddening. Typically, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis appears between the ages of 6 months and 16 years. For several years after her diagnosis, Esther continued to attend the one-room school house near her family’s farm. But in 1946, when she was getting ready to enter the seventh grade, her parents decided their daughter needed more individualized care and support. Esther began the school year as a student at the Crippled Children’s School in Jamestown (now called the Anne Carlsen Center).

Accomplished alum provides love, support to Anne Carlsen Center students

4 The Ambassador

She recalls caring and compassionate staff members who treated the students “like their own kids, really.” She adds, “We actually called some staff Mama, Papa and Dad.” Teacher Anne Carlsen was a mentor and a friend. During Esther’s enrollment, Anne became the principal of the school and earned her Ph.D. in Education. Born without forearms or lower legs, Dr. Anne was a world-renowned disabilities advocate and received countless awards over her lifetime—including the Handicapped American of the Year Award for 1958. The school she dedicated her life’s work to was named after her in 1980.

Esther attended the Anne Carlsen Center (then, the Crippled Children’s School) from 1946–1950. She returned, in 1953, as the assistant to the principal and development director— a position she held for more than a decade.

“Dr. Anne was an inspiration to me,” says Esther. “I really marveled at her accomplishments.” Esther left Jamestown after her sophomore year to study at St. Aloysius Academy in Oakwood, N.D., and then attended the North Dakota State School of Science in Wahpeton, but her friendship with Dr. Anne, who passed away in 2002, remained strong through the years.

not even alive. The more you move with arthritis, the less pain you suffer.”

Esther (right) established a Charitable Gift Annuity with ACC in early 2010. ACC’s Shelley Nannenga is pictured here with Esther, during one of their recent visits.

“I enjoyed playing bridge with her from time to time,” recalls Esther. “I also had the fortune of traveling with her on a car trip to New York City for the 1964-1965 World’s Fair. That was so much fun!”

“A Gift from God” After completing her education, Esther returned to the school in Jamestown in 1953, this time as an employee. In that year, Dr. Anne was the administrator, and construction of the industrial arts department, homemaking department, and new kitchen and dining room facilities was underway. Esther was hired as a secretary in the principal’s office. For 14 years, she served as an assistant to the principal and the development director. Still living with Rheumatoid arthritis, she refused to let the disorder interfere with her busy life. The key, she found, was to keep moving. She excelled at typing and was responsible for typing lengthy progress reports for each student at the school. She was later recruited to work for the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction in Bismarck. Two years later, Esther became the supervisor of the Steno Department at Deaconess Hospital in Grand Forks. The responsibility of the position doubled when Deaconess merged with St. Michael’s Hospital, and Esther began supervising ten medical word processors in the Medical Word Processing Center. Meanwhile, she was also pursuing her educational goals, spending summers studying at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minn. In 1987, she graduated with her degree in health information administration. With her new degree and an impressive resume of work experience, Esther took advantage of a career opportunity far from home. She was hired for a position in the federal government at the VA Medical Center in Danville, Ill., where she worked for five years as the assistant chief of medical records. In 1994, Esther retired. She returned to North Dakota and now lives in Grand Forks, but she hasn’t stop moving. “I am currently involved with 13 organizations, and I take an active role in leadership in many of those organizations,” she says. As she looks back on her life, Esther describes each step in her career path as a blessing … a chance to contribute to the world, while keeping her body strong and agile. “I feel like work has been a gift from God,” she says. “I guess I always wanted to be like other people. That is what kept me going. I think if I hadn’t worked all of those years, I probably would today be bedridden, and maybe

Giving Back Esther credits the Crippled Children’s School (now the Anne Carlsen Center) with providing a strong foundation for future success. The school, she says, equipped and empowered her to lead an active, productive life. The former student … and former employee … is now connected to the Center as a donor, providing financial support for life-changing programs and services.

“I really wanted to do something special for the school,” Esther says. “I honestly believe I would not have had a normal life without the foundation I received there. Because of my experiences, training, education and therapy, I was able to go on to accomplish so many goals in life and make so many friends.” Esther chose to establish a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) with the Anne Carlsen Center. Through the CGA, Esther supports the Center’s mission, while receiving steady payments during her retirement years as well as an income tax deduction. Through a simple contract, Esther agreed to make a donation (options for donors include cash, stocks or other assets), and the Center agreed to pay her a fixed amount each year for the rest of her life. “It came at the right time for me,” she says. “I wish everybody who is able to do so could do that for the children of the Anne Carlsen Center. “The Center is a wonderful place. A loving staff provides support when it’s needed most. I am thankful that such a place exists.”

Benefits of Charitable Gift Annuities:

In addition to providing a gift to the Anne Carlsen Center and receiving fixed payments for life, you also receive these benefits: • Your initial gift is partially income tax-deductible. • Your Charitable Gift Annuity payments are partially income tax-free throughout your life expectancy. • Your payments are not affected by ups and downs in the economy. • The annuity can be for one or two people, so your spouse or loved one can also receive payments for life.

CGA Rates are Rising!

Did you hear? The American Council on Gift Annuities recently reviewed its maximum suggested Charitable Gift Annuity rate and approved slightly higher rates for most ages, effective July 1. The last time they were adjusted was February 2009. What does this mean? As of July 1, donors not only receive great satisfaction from supporting the Anne Carlsen Center, but they also receive greater payout rates on their gifts! To learn about the new rates, contact: Shelley Nannenga ACC Interim Development Director 701-952-5109, toll free 1-800-568-5175

The Ambassador


ACC unveils successful first year of community-based services in SE North Dakota


arcy Peyerl likes to keep busy. She bakes birthday cupcakes for members of the American Legion, shreds paper at Harwood (N.D.) City Hall, brings ice tea and baked goods to share with customers of a Harwood bank, serves as the lunchroom monitor at an elementary school, and helps out with a nonprofit horse riding program. When she’s not volunteering, the 21-year-old likes to cruise around in her three-wheel bike with a license plate that reads “Rock on.” Marcy takes her I-Pod and portable speakers with her everywhere she goes, so she can jam to her favorite tunes. She doesn’t miss a single beat in the rhythm of life.

introduce the Center’s community-based services in southeast North Dakota, and share the success stories that have shaped the Center’s first year in the region. The Gift of Independence The setting for the June 10 event, which included a news conference and breakfast, was the Heritage Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, Minn., where Fargo-area clients volunteer in a variety of capacities, including baking cookies and greeting visitors. “It is great to see the clients be productive and have fun at the same time,” says Julie Marxen, program coordinator for Senior Connections at the Hjemkomst Center. “There are many ways that the partnership between the Anne Carlsen Center and the Hjemkomst Center has been mutually beneficial and rewarding. I look forward to it continuing for a long time to come.”

Marcy—who is nonverbal and utilizes a wheelchair—began receiving Community Services Lori Peyerl, parent of an ACC client, speaks during from the Anne Carlsen Center last summer. the news conference portion the ACC Community Vocational training and volunteerism The West Fargo High School graduate lives in Services public celebration on June 10 at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, Minn. opportunities make up one component Harwood, a rural community in eastern Cass of the Anne Carlsen Center’s ComCounty, and was one of the first ACC clients in munity Services. ACC offers a wide range of support in the the Fargo area. Her family says she is thriving, thanks areas of daily living, self-care and behavior management, to the Center’s individualized services and support. while making it easier to build lives of dignity and well“If I could write my own program for Marcy, it is what she is being. Its staff is specially equipped to work with individudoing now,” says Marcy’s mom, Lori Peyerl. “The Center has als with autism, behavioral and sensory challenges, and/or given her a purpose. She has something to look forward to medical fragility. each day. She’s a productive citizen, and that means a lot.” “The Center exists to make the world a more inclusive Lori was one of the speakers at the Anne Carlsen Center place,” CEO Eric Monson told attendees of the June 10 Community Services Celebration, held on June 10 to publicly event. “Independence is our gift for all.” 6

The Ambassador

The Center’s expansion of Community Services into the Fargo area, Monson says, is part of a comprehensive plan for bringing the organization’s resources and professionals closer to individuals and families whose lives are affected by a developmental disability. The expansion began in 2008, and the Center is already providing services in and around Grand Forks … and in and around Jamestown. All the while, it continues to strengthen its original, well-established Jamestown campus. As part of the June 10 celebration, Ambassadors of the Fargo-Moorhead Chamber of Commerce led a ribbon cutting ceremony, which culminated in a round of applause and beaming smiles on the faces of the clients in the front row. The clients played an important role in the day’s events, and following the ribbon cutting, they demonstrated the skills and abilities they contribute as volunteers for the Hjemkomst Center. They baked dozens of chocolate chip cookies, which were served—fresh out of the oven—to appreciative attendees.

“The unique, personalized services the Center offers are a step in the right direction,” says Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker. The Skills to Soar By offering individualized support and training, the Anne Carlsen Center helps North Dakotans with disabilities thrive at home and in their communities. Marcy and her family are excited about the opportunities and the possibilities. “Marcy loves to be out in the community and have a variety of things to do,” Lori says. “The community of Harwood has supported us, and now she’s thrilled with the chance to give back. As a parent, the Anne Carlsen Center has given me peace of mind. There is something for Marcy to do that I am comfortable with. I didn’t want her to end up in a program where she would be stagnant. I wanted her to be active … and now she is.”

Marcy, one of ACC’s first Fargo-area clients, played important roles in the June 10 celebration, helping with the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the cooking-baking demonstration.

The audience consisted of individuals from a wide variety of vocations and connections to the Anne Carlsen Center. Many expressed an appreciation for the Center’s work to empower individuals with complex medical and/or behavioral disorders.

And Marcy isn’t about to slow down anytime soon. While developing meaningful connections, she’s building skills for the future—a future filled with hope.

The Anne Carlsen Center’s Fargo Community Services Office is located at 1323 23rd Street South, Suite K. For more information, visit or call 701-364-2663, or toll free at 877-873-4507.

“Every child can learn, and every child deserves a chance,” says Nancy Jordheim, the assistant superintendent of Fargo Public Schools. “The Center is specially equipped to provide another level of service.” The Ambassador



hildren of all ages were on hand at the Anne Carlsen Center’s Family Literacy Event on May 10. The Jamestown Campus buzzed with activity as students, staff and their families read books, wrote books, watched books being performed, and learned a variety of fun and exciting ways to be literate. The day’s activities were made possible through a literacy grant from Prairie Public Broadcasting. Prairie Public is sponsoring eight of these special events in 2010 in North Dakota communities (Jamestown, West Fargo, Fargo and Hillsboro) and Minnesota communities (Frazee, White Earth and Fertile). Lifelong Learning ACC staff brought their young children to the event, enjoying all of the fun and excitement together. Parents of students also spent the afternoon with their children on the ACC Jamestown Campus, helping reinforce the importance of literacy. “I think this is a great event,” says Rebecca Kjelland, who was visiting her son. “We read the Cat in the Hat and Clifford the Big Red Dog. It is so much fun to see the kids’ eyes light up.”

“When we heard about the event, we knew it would be a fun day,” says parent Andrea Rolstad. “Our kids love all of the books and the characters.” Prairie Public Broadcasting presented attendees of all ages with a book, and Otter Tail Power Company presented a hardcover copy of their book, Ollie’s Otter Tail River Adventure, to the ACC Learning Center. 2nd Street Art Center Troupe, an acting troupe with the Jamestown Arts Center, performed the book Noelle the Bulldog. “I really liked the acting performance,” says Nikki, an ACC student. “But there were a lot of fun things. I saw the fire truck, I got a (temporary) tattoo on my left hand, I got a free book and saw Clifford and Ollie.” Jamestown Heroes As part of the celebration, attendees showed their appreciation for the heroes of the Jamestown Fire Department.

Saige and teacher Karmel Wanzek squish their faces as part of a fun activity at the Family Literacy Event.

The event spanned four hours, taking place at locations throughout the ACC Jamestown Campus. Each area focused on a different aspect of literacy, including reading, writing, counting and color coordination. “We know that learning begins at birth,” says Cindy Van Brunt, an education services assistant with Prairie Public Broadcasting who visited ACC for the event. “Kids who are prepared have more success in life.”

“The firefighters fit in perfectly with the theme because it helps to show children how they are literate and how they use literacy in everyday situations in their job,” says Van Brunt. “And firefighters are such important members of the community.”

“The best part of my job is getting to see the kids,” says Sheldon Mohr, the training officer with the Jamestown Fire Department, who gave participants a tour of a fire engine and all of its firefighting components. “Depending on the age of the kids, usually the best part for them is seeing the lights up close. With parents around, it is kind of a special deal where they are able to climb into the truck.” After reading about characters such as Ollie the Otter and Clifford the Big Red Dog, the children were delighted to see and hug six-and-a-half-foot-high costumed versions of the characters. “It was such a family day,” says teacher Sharon Olson, who along with teacher Marlena Maddock, applied for the Prairie Public grant. “Everyone that came was able to find one thing—at least—that they enjoyed. It was a great day.”

Sander looks at a special book at the Family Literacy Event at ACC.

Grant Creates Learning Opportunity for ACC Families 8 The Ambassador


Heie was diagnosed more than five years ago with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by muscle rigidity, tremor, and a slowing of physical movement. His day-to-day experiences have given him an even stronger bond with many of the individuals served by ACC—those living with some degree of physical impairment. “My legs don’t always operate the way they should,” he says. “It has made me more aware of what it is like for others who have physical limitations.”

om Heie has dedicated his life to making a difference in the lives of others. For more than 35 years, he taught English and French courses to junior-high and high-school students in the Anoka-Hennepin, Minn., school district. After his retirement in 2000, Heie spent nearly a decade volunteering once a week as a classroom aide, tutoring students at a South Minneapolis school in math and reading.

But Heie knows that with the proper training and tools, individuHeie’s desire to foster growth als of all abilities can grow, learn and learning in young people and achieve. The inspirational was first cultivated when stories of ACC over the years have he himself was very young. given him a deep satisfaction in He lived across the street knowing the impact of his gifts. from his grandparents, immigrants from Norway (his grandfather) and Sweden (his “Tom Heie is a kind man who gives grandmother). When he was from the heart,” says Shelley Nan10 years old, his grandfather nenga, ACC Interim Development passed away, and not long Director. “He is doing wonderful A family’s support of ACC after, his grandmother began things with his gifts. It is very movbecomes a legacy of love making contributions in ing and gratifying to see the genermemory of her late husband ous way in which he lives his life.” to the Anne Carlsen Center. For many years, Anna Heie provided financial support to the Touched by ACC Center (at that time, called the Crippled Children’s School). As Heie faithfully carries on the family legacy of generosity When she received the Center’s quarterly publication, The to ACC, he has started to find ways to spread the love of Ambassador, in the mail, she would read every word, and giving to his children—two daughters and a son. then encourage her grandson to do the same.

Across the


“My grandmother always shared The Ambassador with me,” remembers Heie. “She told me that the Anne Carlsen Center had a special place in her heart. She said it was a good place to send money when a person is able.” Anna Heie passed away in 1974 at the age of 91. Her legacy lives on, however, and her grandson never forgot his grandmother’s dedication to ACC and the individuals it serves. “She was a woman of great compassion,” remembers Heie. “She didn’t have a lot in the way of worldly goods, but she was very generous with what she had.” Giving from the Heart When Heie grew up, he followed in his grandmother’s footsteps, becoming a donor and loyal friend to ACC in 1982. A man of deep faith, he has become a strong supporter of the Center’s Chaplaincy Care program. The spiritual component, Heie says, is one of the many ways ACC addresses the whole person when fostering growth and development. “The Center has a holistic approach,” he explains. “Each individual is important, and they have the same experiences that other kids have, such as Vacation Bible School, summer camp, prom and graduation.”

“I make donations to three charities at Christmas—one in each child’s name as a Christmas present to that child,” he says. “The charities I selected have a special connection to my daughters and son. I choose to give to the Anne Carlsen Center in honor of my daughter, a physical therapist, who understands people’s physical needs. She was very excited about the significance of her gift.” “The Anne Carlsen Center is so blessed by donors, like Tom, who take the time to educate and inspire the younger generations,” says Nannenga. “We are a recipient of many wonderful gifts like these. That is what has kept us going strong.” And Heie says he intends to help keep the Anne Carlsen Center strong, as he himself is strengthened and inspired by the determination of the students and clients served by the Center. “They are so remarkable,” he says. “The Anne Carlsen Center focuses on their abilities and not their disabilities. That’s uplifting to me, especially considering all of the negative things that go on in the world.”

The Ambassador


In Memory Of... The Anne Carlsen Center is blessed each year with gifts given in memory of parents, grandparents, friends, mentors and many others. These memorial gifts help the Center fund services, programs and projects that have a life-changing impact on children and young adults with disabilities. By remembering your loved ones in this special way, you are helping create meaningful and lasting memories for the individuals we serve. Memorials gifted between January 1, 2010 and April 30, 2010: Given By

In Memory Of

Harvey and Marlene Skaare George Albert Mr. Robert W. Martinson Lillian Allison Norm and Sue Goehring Mat Alo Edward and Carol Anderson Agnes M. Anderson Kermit and Arlys Sorby Alice E. Anderson C. William and Patricia Dennert Archie H. Anderson Bert and Diane Anderson James Anderson Mrs. Nettie Peterson Doris L. Anderson Morris and Edna Mae Erickson Edna Anderson Ms. Shirley Jensvold Edwin Anderson Mrs. Marilyn F. Nissen Dr. Anderson Clinton and Donna Lindberg Myrtle C. Anderson Mr. Oscar R. Anderson Beatrice Anderson George and Jule Fredrickson Ruby Anderson James and Judy Engstrom Ryan L. Anderson Julie Hess Jon Anderson Mrs. Hulda E. Anfinson Mervin Anfinson James and Linda Kimball Chrystal Applegren Raymond and Marilyn Myers Charles B. Askew Mrs. Shirley D. Hintz Allan M. Axness Cleo and Claire Berdahl Phyllis J. Baesler Mr. Robert W. Martinson Betty L. Bain Mrs. Dolores Landblom Jacob Bakke Harvey and Marlene Skaare Frank Bar Mrs. Marcella Haakenson Winston A. Barnes Don and Charleen Roger Bartel Schermerhorn Ms. Betty L. Nelson Margaret C. Beaucage Charles and Priscilla Anklam Yvonne M. Beaver Kelly and Judith Hintz Preston Beckman Ms. Esther Strausburg William I. Bennett Mr. J. K. Benson Norma Benson Arlin and Karen Oas Lyleen Berg Clifford and Velma Martin Lester W. Bergeman Robb and Deone Kulla Mae Berglund C. William and Patricia Dennert Jean Berntson Ms. Donna M. Sanders Alice M. Berstler Mrs. Iris Bighley Anne L. Bighley Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Sorenson Elaine Blake Mrs. Marilyn F. Nissen Idalene A. Boehne Harvey and Marlene Skaare Betty Boland Mrs. Sherry Mischke Ardella C. Boman Douglas and Sharon Bonsness Leroy and Anna Bonsness Mrs. Frances E. Whitaker Richard H. Borchert Mrs. Lorna J. Boreson Duane Boreson Gerald and Elenore Borstad Bill M. Borstad Gerald and Elenore Borstad Charles W. Borstad Mr. Robert W. Martinson Viola A. Bosch Allan and Cheri Lacock Doris A. Boulet Barry and Marie Bourquin Nathan A. Bourquin Osborne and Joanne Groethe Betty Boxrud Mrs. Della L. Braaten Eugene Braaten Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Gene Braaten Ms. Margaret A. Anson Ellen Brandvold Mr. Larry Brandvold Ellen Brandvold Al and Anita Sanchez Ellen Brandvold Dr. Theodore and Linda Renna Dennis Braus Rodney and Betty Hanson Denny Braus C. William and Patricia Dennert Raymond H. Breitkreutz Larae Podoll Raymond H. Breitkreutz Rodney and Joanne Tennyson Jean Bronderslev Orville and Sharon Helgeson Clara L. Bunk Robert and Donna Lagein Shirley M. Burner Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Brinda K. Calheim Dean and Patricia Bahr Grace Carey Mrs. Berdella Johnson Dr. Anne H. Carlsen Mr. Dennis R. Murphy Dr. Anne H. Carlsen Soren and Tara Orley Dr. Anne H. Carlsen Mrs. Barbara Gillespie Frances J. Carter Ms. Helen E. Baker Buddy Christopherson Mrs. Bette A. Brand Eileen A. Colton Vernon and Marcy Grant David Colville Mr. Lloyd C. Sheldon Thad Conway Mr. Lloyd O. Cook Marie Cook 10 The Ambassador

Given By

In Memory Of

Given By

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Ms. Gigi Cox Mrs. Marlys Perleberg Larry and Edith Raatz Jack and Marcene Malusky Mrs. Mabel Dahl Anthony and Jean Peszko Paul and Barbara Jennett Mr. Robert W. Martinson Ms. Judy L. Kulla Ms. Leah D. Schaaf Keith and Beth Liudahl James and Linda Kimball Robert and Donna Lagein Arlin and Karen Oas Gregory and Hilda Eldevik Dale and Bev Brunsch Clarence and Fern Rau Ms. Virginia Jeanotte Mr. Bert J. Dunn Manley and Linda Truchan Joel and Karen Nelson Mrs. Sherry Mischke Dr. and Mrs. Henry D. Edwards Gregory and Hilda Eldevik Mrs. Phyllis A. Berntson Oral and Ruth Elhard Martell and Luella Stenberg Mr. Bruce Emery James and Judy Engstrom Ms. Ione J. Quenzer Raydon and Betty Workin Ms. Eloise A. Erickson Mrs. Shari L. Jaques Mrs. Mavis Erlenbusch Harold and Alvina Schlenker George and Debbie Greshik Alfred and Joann Frappier Mrs. Glenna Mae E. Larson Harvey and Marlene Skaare Mr. Rodney C. Anderson Ms. JoAnne M. Purdue Ms. JoAnne M. Purdue Mrs. Rosanne M. Farrell Dean and Sylvia Fatland Otto and Irene Fink Mrs. Frieda Steinke Gary and Arlys Mathis Michael and Loretta McConnell Curtis and Betty Hahn Mrs. Eleanor Forseth James and Veronica McGinnity Gerald and Marian Rasmussen Mrs. Marilyn F. Galazen Mrs. Ella E. Gebhard Mrs. Lorna J. Boreson C. William and Patricia Dennert Mrs. Faye M. Mc Ginnity Robert and Donna Lagein Mr. Robert W. Martinson Mr. Theodore R. Goll Bryan and Vickie Dahlstrom Raymond and Mary Heupel Raydon and Betty Workin Edroy and Faye Kringstad Mrs. Donna L. Smith Mrs. Mary Griffin Mr. David Grimsted C. William and Patricia Dennert Osborne and Joanne Groethe Mrs. Pauline Koehler Roger and Patty Skarphol Mrs. Prakseda E. Dick Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Ms. Harriet E. Olson

Randy Cox Randy Cox Norman Cross Katie Culver Larry Dahl Larry Dahl Jerry Dahlen Judith C. Dehne Kenneth DeVillers Kenneth DeVillers Dr. Gordon W. Dewald Duane Dihle Duane Dihle Duane Dihle Connie Doll Bjarne Dramstad Mark Duchsherer Marvin Duletsky Dorothy Dunn Agnes V. Dvorak Gerald Dyste Albertha Edgeton Ruby and Roy Edwards Frances Eldevik Elvera B. Elhard Irene L. Elhard Minnie C. Ellenson Tamara Emery Elaine Engstrom David Enyart Alice Erickson Roy H. Erickson Ruth H. Erickson Lloyd Erlenbusch Lloyd Erlenbusch Ruby Ernie Robert Evensen Robert Evensen Dolly Everson Marcella L. Ewoldt Gerald D. Fagerlund Karen L. Fagerlund Gerald Farrell Jan M. Fatland Mr. and Mrs. John K. Fink John Fisher Howard Flateland Brigetta J. Flemmer Tony Foltyn Barbara Forseth Jacqueline Frank John J. Gaasland Paul B. Galazen Arlo Gebhard Marjorie D. Geiszler Travis J. Geranen Martha Gifford Merle T. Glasoe Elfrieda Goetz Florence M. Goll Rev. Goodfellow LeNora Graf Doris Graff Rollie Greeno Leona Griepentrog Raymond Griffin Almon and Beatrice Grimsted Phyllis J. Grisham Alfred Groethe Ralph E. Gross Robert Grundstad Dorothy A. Guderjahn Charlotte Gunderson Charlotte Gunderson

Dale and Bev Brunsch Arlin and Karen Oas Mrs. Muriel B. Smith James and Judy Engstrom Dale and Bev Brunsch Eva and Debra Dodds Mr. Robert W. Martinson Eldon and Clara Jo Conant Mr. Gerald L. Bergquist Mrs. Edna Helfenstein Robert and Bette Johnson Ms. Judy L. Kulla Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Grant and Donna Schmidt Wayne and Betty Rockne Mr. Robert W. Martinson Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Mrs. Carol R. Hasse Orville and Sharon Helgeson Clifford and Velma Martin Robert and Eunice Tangsrud Harvey and Marlene Skaare Robert and Bette Johnson Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Arlin and Karen Oas Mrs. Muriel B. Smith Raydon and Betty Workin Mrs. DiAnn Loll Larry and Janet Schaaf Mr. Robert W. Martinson Dr. G.H. Hilts Ms. Betty L. Nelson Glen and Nathlie Miller Mrs. DiAnn Loll Arlin and Karen Oas Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Douglas and Violet Quick Lynn and Jeanette Kieper Kermit and Arlys Sorby Clifford and Velma Martin Marvin and Mary Siedschlag Mrs. Mertis Hill Mrs. Muriel Hoplin Alfred and Geraldine Johnson Robert and Betty Hovey Dale and Bev Brunsch Thomas and Donita Johns Clifford and Velma Martin Mrs. Mertis Hill Mrs. Edna L. Anderson Clarence and Fern Rau Mr. Daniel L. Jasper Otto and Irene Fink Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Ms. Shirley Jensvold Mr. Thomas A. Heie Mrs. Barbara Gillespie Ms. Virginia Jeanotte Ben and Patricia Johnson Kent and Bonnie Eicholtz Raydon and Betty Workin Mrs. Irene A. Johnson James and Linda Kimball Ms. Shirley Jensvold Mr. Robert W. Martinson George and Debbie Greshik Mrs. Mertis Hill Clifford and Velma Martin Mrs. Frances E. Whitaker Jurgen and Barbara Suhr C. William and Patricia Dennert Hon. Lyle A. Podoll Alvin and Emma Bluhm Vernon and Charlotte Baenen

Arnold Gust Leonard Gustafson Leonard Gustafson Esther Haagenson Donna M. Hafner Emma Halquist Emma Hamers Chyavana A. Hampton Yvonne Hanzal Yvonne Hanzal Yvonne Hanzal Yvonne Hanzal Yvonne Hanzal Yvonne Hanzal O.L. ‘Hoot’ Harr Nancy J. Hart Walter W. Haseleu Clarence Hasse Henry W. Hassebroek Henry W. Hassebroek Marilyn K. Hatch Helen L. Hauge Muriel M. Haut Borghild E. Haven Dale Hawbaker Dale Hawbaker Katherine J. Hedland Irene A. Hedtke George Heldt Lorraine Hettich Flora Hilts Llewellyn Hitchcock Quinten Hjelter Eugene Hoeft Norman Hoff Rose Hoggarth Pat Hoggarth Lois L. Hohbein Eileen Holkestad Bill Holmstrom Bill Holmstrom Edna Hopkins Dorothy H. M. Hopllin Pamela Houle Donald & Jeanette Hovey E. Roberta Huss Lynn Hysjulien George L. Ick Mima M. Ihme Amelia Jackson Virgil M. Jaeger Beverly Jasper Elsie and Gottlieb Jenner Arthur F. Jensen Dave Jentz Ingwalda Joecks Elmer Johannsen Carl I. Johnson Dean Johnson Elnor H. Johnson Elnor H. Johnson Wesley Johnson Jim Johnson Curtis Kackman Emma E. Kadrmas Jewell J. Karn Ted Kempel Ted Kempel Ron Kenney George Killoran Wallace S. King Wallace S. King Rose Kizer Ervin E. Klein

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Lowell and Amy Anderson Glenn and Connie Schwinkendorf Mrs. Mertis Hill Harvey and Marlene Skaare Ms. Joyce M. Lillemon Evelyn Brandvold Mrs. Donna E. Gaffaney Mrs. Mary Ellen Kulla Ms. Judy L. Kulla Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Grant and Donna Schmidt Vernon and Eileen Vigesaa Jack and Marcene Malusky Wilbert and Mary Ann Scheffler Gregory and Hilda Eldevik Ms. Esther Strausburg Dave and Kay Krueger Mrs. Edith Kudrna Mrs. Betty Martin Ms. Kathy A. Kvislen Grant and Donna Schmidt Mr. Robert W. Martinson Evan and Marie Moe Raydon and Betty Workin Mr. Lloyd C. Sheldon Mrs. Phyllis M. Bethke Francis and Alice Kuehn Mrs. Dolores Landblom Mrs. LaVera M. Edick Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Vera and Frank Fraass Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Sorenson Jack and Marcene Malusky Mrs. Prakseda E. Dick Ms. Dorothy A. Briss Clarence and Fern Rau Reed and Ruth Danuser Jim and Ellen Redding Mrs. Gayle E. Lee Clifford and Velma Martin Donald and Elizabeth Shaw Ms. Betty L. Nelson Herbert and Isabel Groninger Robert and Karla Schwanz Lowell and Joan Overbo Friends and Family Merle and Lois Bentson Mrs. Phyllis A. Berntson Douglas and Lu Anne Swenson Software Solutions LTD Jack and Marcene Malusky Jerry and Edie Schmidt Glen and Nathlie Miller Mr. Robert W. Martinson Terry and Lois Mortenson Mrs. Mary M. Martin Mrs. Mary M. Martin Harold and Bernice Mattke Mrs. DiAnn Loll Bosard, McCutcheon & Rau, Ltd. Mrs. Joan E. Burns Knox Presbyterian Church Donald and Inez Olson Glen and Nathlie Miller C. William and Patricia Dennert Ms. Lorraine Meland Mrs. Muriel Christopherson Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson C. William and Patricia Dennert Douglas and Carol Anderson Lowell and Amy Anderson Mrs. Dolores Landblom Mrs. Karen Zajic Mrs. Kathleen Wyum Mrs. Sherry Mischke Curtis and Betty Hahn Conrad and Agnes Christianson Mrs. Olive Olson Dale and Bev Brunsch L. Don and Nancy Stanger Mr. Lyder Nord Jim and Ellen Redding Ms. Doris Graf C. William and Patricia Dennert

Katherine Kline Valance J. Klusmann

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Hon. Lyle A. Podoll Bill and Marilyn Hughes Harvey and Darlene Kluvers Mrs. Hilda Sackmann Jodi A. Knudson Larry and Janet Schaaf Joseph Koble Mrs. Verdean K. Hofer Catherine Kolberg Jack and Marcene Malusky Lorraine Kollman Mrs. Janice R. Tate Lorraine Kollman Mrs. Sherry Mischke Lorraine Kollman Mr. Marvin A. Evenson Lorraine Kollman Richard and Margery Pantley Lorraine Kollman Clifford and Velma Martin Lorraine Kollman Mrs. Juanita J. Dura Lorraine Kollman Joyce Lorraine Koushkouski Ms. Virginia Jeanotte Keith and Beth Liudahl Lorene I. Krebs Mrs. Rae Ann Paulson Mr. Harvey H. Pedersen Joe Kremer Mrs. Dorothy L. Pederson Gerald Krueger Bruce and Ellen Pentland Larry Krueger Willmar and Janette Peterson Al Kudrna Kermit and Arlys Sorby Bertha Kulser Clifford and Velma Martin Donald Kvislen Jr. William and Paulette McCann Donald Kvislen Jr. Leonard and Doris Landenberger Mrs. Judy Goettle Allen Langdahl Mr. Bradley S. Pladson Allen Langdahl Mrs. Swanhild M. Morrison C. William and Patricia Dennert Phyllis E. Lanning Larry and Janet Schaaf Sarita Ann Lanning Mr. Jack P. Potter Iva E. Laper Adrian and Marlyne Priester Jean Lash Mrs. Iva A. Prudlik Joseph Q. Lauinger Mrs. Alice M. Johnson Joyce E. Lausch Mrs. Alma A. Johnson Marie B. Lawrence Norman and C. Gaylene Larson Lila Lebahn John and Bonnie Larson Marlys H. Leet C. William and Patricia Dennert Marian F. Lefor Mrs. Marlene Arneson Firemann Legreid Mrs. Mavis A. Wold Esther Leichtman C. William and Patricia Dennert Lyle Lemm Mrs. Marilyn Garrelts Theodore M. Lettenmaier Mrs. Marlene Arneson Bill and Carol Light Robert and Norma Richardson Brady F. Lindquist Gereld and Marian Gerntholz Walter Lindseth Mrs. Vivian E. Irmscher Hughie Linton Jr. Gerald and Elenore Borstad Dale Lokken Mr. Robert W. Martinson Lila M. Lunde Dale and Bev Brunsch Martha E. Magnuson Gregory and Hilda Eldevik Verna Maier Mr. Robert W. Martinson Daniel Malm Ms. Ilean Rohe Daniel Malm Mrs. Mary Ann Engebretson Daniel Malm Mrs. Olive Olson Gregory and Hilda Eldevik Daniel Malm Michael and Loretta McConnell Leona A. Malusky Harvey and Marlene Skaare Leona A. Malusky Dr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Cowardin Leona A. Malusky Dr. and Mrs. Larry K. Hoffman Edna L. Marks Herbert and Elaine Martel Patricia L. Martel Rev. Jo Anne Moeller Marion and Austin Martin Howard and Carol Oppegard Edward Martin C. William and Patricia Dennert Richard G. Martin C. William and Patricia Dennert Harlan H. Mattke Dalin Construction Jerome B. Mauer Leslie and Marlys Brewster E. Hugh McCutcheon Mr. Robert W. Martinson Mary and Laurance McKenna Mrs. Dolores E. Williams Pizza Ranch of Harvey Ida McCann Mrs. Blossom G. Schnabel Daniel L. McKay Leonard and Carolyn Limesand Shirley McTaggart Lance and Karen Bueling Patricia Mehlhaff Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Sorenson Lyle Meland Gregory and Hilda Eldevik Anne Melberg Bert and Diane Anderson Anne Melberg Mrs. B. Sophie Loftsgard Christopher S. Meyers John and Kay Sundquist Katherine E. Miska Mrs. Muriel B. Smith Jerry G. Molgard Jr. Sidney and Ruby Peterson Bruce A. Monson Mr. Lloyd C. Sheldon Donna Mosby Dan and Pamela Kunzman Delores Mund Richard and Nancy Eunice E. Nasset Shermoen Hilma Nehring C. William and Patricia Dennert Harry Nelson Mr. Robert W. Martinson Harry Nelson Mr. Dennis L. Anderson Clarence C. Neumiller Mrs. Marian B. Bergan Herald Nokes Gordon and Ida Mae Smith Gloria Nord Charles and Pam Nelson Cornelius L. O’Keeffe Robert and Gloria Larson Emanuel Oberlander Ms. Luella D. Martin Ivor H. Ochsner

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Ivor H. Ochsner Charley Olson George B. Olson Gladys I. Omodt Eugene Opperman Sr. Frieda M. Orman Gene Orson The Orvedal Family John Orvik Lorraine Ostroot Doris Overbye Herbert Paddock Mark Paulson Mark Paulson Mark Paulson Mark Paulson Shirley Pedersen Lloyd Pederson Virginia Pentland Lisa D. Peterson Clinton Peterson Marvin Peterson Eudora J. Pieterick Doyle Piper Amos C. Pladson Donna M. Pladson Duane Pomplun James W. Poppenger James H. Potter Jr. Gilbert Preciado John Prudlik Edna A. Quanbeck Edna A. Quanbeck Edna A. Quanbeck Edna A. Quanbeck Dale G. Quist Mattie J. Rachel Gladys Randall Donald Rathert Louise Refsell Earl Restemayer Aaron K. Richardson Agnes P. Richman Esther H. Richman Richard Richmond James A. Richter Alice R. Riedel Phyllis P. Ripplinger Karl A. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. F. Rohe Curtis C. Roloff Betty L. Routledge Linda L. Ruland Hubert Sailer Hilton Scarr Irvin Schauer Irvin Schauer Irvin Schauer Irvin Schauer Irvin Schauer George S. Schaunaman Evelyn V. Schaunamnan Frank Schell Martha M. Schlafman Ardell Schmeling Evan Schmidt Ada C. Schroeder Grace D. Schroeder Frederick Schuler Jr. Yvonne Schulte Ellen D. Schultz George Schumacher Della and Delton Schwanz Everett Seim Lillian L. Selstedt Phalen A. Sem Sharon F. Seneker Donald L. Sheldon M. Roy Sheppard Clarence and Margaret Shermoen Erwin Siefkes James Silbernagel Roger Simundson Doris Skarsgard Doris Skarsgard Gordon R. Skjerven Valborg E. Skorpen Amber Smart

C. William and Patricia Dennert Donald and Elizabeth Shaw Friends and Family Mr. Donald A. Solberg Wilfred and Katherine Ziegler Dale and Bev Brunsch Mrs. Magdaline Giesen Mrs. Phyllis R. Lura Dalin Construction Mrs. Nettie Peterson Marvin and Laverne Schulz C. William and Patricia Dennert C. William and Patricia Dennert Curtis and Betty Hahn Mrs. Phyllis R. Lura Rev. Henry G. Stolz Stephen and Berniece Froiland George and Debbie Greshik Lyle and Della Sundeen Ms. Ina Stadum Alvin and Janet Arstein Mrs. Coleen Sivertson Mr. Glenn K. Swanson Mr. Glenn K. Swanson Mr. Glenn K. Swanson Mrs. Alma Swenson Mrs. Alma Swenson Vernon and Charlotte Baenen Ms. Carol L. Christianson Mrs. Mertis Hill Allen and Diane McDaniel Mrs. Janice R. Tate Gregory and Hilda Eldevik Robert and Donna Lagein Arlin and Karen Oas Vernon and Marcy Grant Keith and Rebecca Solberg Mrs. Evelyn Delmore Raydon and Betty Workin Harold and Lois Westin Orville and Sharon Helgeson Gerald and Elenore Borstad Harley and Gloria Schmidt Ronald and Carol Torgerson Duane and Kaye Natzke Larry and Janet Schaaf Mr. Robert W. Martinson Ms. Marcia Hoplin Mrs. Swanhild M. Morrison Mrs. Betty L. Hegge Martin and Rhoda Huber Marlin and Lois Ness Fred and Marcia Wagner Vernon and Charlotte Baenen Mrs. Bette A. Brand Vernard and Bernita Frederick Robert and Donna Lagein Mr. Robert W. Martinson Mrs. Dolores Landblom Gary and Arlys Mathis Mrs. Swanhild M. Morrison Mrs. Lois Lundgren Mrs. Alice F. Johnson Otto and June Bervik Ms. Virginia Jeanotte Ms. Judy L. Kulla Mr. Clifford L. Wegner Mr. Marvin R. Weispfenning George and Debbie Greshik Vernon and Charlotte Baenen Glenn and Connie Schwinkendorf Lowell and Amy Anderson Mrs. Elsie Whitman Mr. Robert W. Martinson Chester and Frances Jensen Chris and Delores Graff Mrs. Joyce L. Anderson Mrs. Muriel B. Smith Mrs. Shirley Wolsky Mrs. Dolores Landblom Paul and Elaine Carlson Raydon and Betty Workin Harley and Gloria Schmidt Mrs. Betty L. Hegge Marlin and Lois Ness Mrs. Dorothy L. Zimmerman

Doris L. Smith Hazel Smith Bud Smith Lois Solberg Christian Speidel Lucille Speldrich Lucille Speldrich Lucille Speldrich Melva Stanley Melva Stanley Dorothy E. Stayton Irma Stearns Marjorie I. Stewart Hedvig Stockburger Douglas Stokes Amelia Stolz Sanford H. Strand Martha Sund Leanne L. Sundeen Selma G. Sundet Mary E. Svingen Mary E. Svingen Ellard S. Swanson Bedvi Swanson Gregory K. Swanson Robert Swenson Paul D. Swenson Erna M. Swisher Pam Sylling Berniece L. Tanner Berniece L. Tanner The Teigen Family Hilda Thiel Sharon F. Thingvold Sharon F. Thingvold Dante A. Thompson Theodore Thorson Mary Thorstad Mary Thorstad Margaret E. Tiegen Buss Tisher Helen Tollefson Lonnie Tompkins Tara T. Torgerson Marie Totzke Elaine Trottier Opal Tschider Leona L. Ulmer David J. Volk Ellen C. Volk Marion M. Wadeson Rick Wagenfeil Elsie Wagner Ken Wagner Helyn Walerius Esther Wallender Margit Walstad Anna Walth Marjorie A. Warner Geraldine Watland Geraldine Watland Ruth M. Watson Vivian A. Wearne Eunice Weekes Cheryl Wegner Cheryl Wegner Cheryl Wegner Clarence R. Weispfenning Lydia Weisz Mae M. Well Flora Werchau Ralph E. Westby Frank R. Whitman III Jack Wilborn Helen Williams Gary E. Willman Ruth D. Wingerter Douglas E. Winzenberg Sr. Wesley Wolsky Robert Worwa Mary A. Wright Donna Young Therese A. Zahn Alice A. Zemlicka Bob Ziegler Randal J. Zimmerman

The Ambassador


Matt Eggl sinks the first of three legs of the ACC putting contest. Eggl and Jessica Monson each advanced to the second round of the tournament, but each missed on a 30-foot putt that would have qualified them for the final round.

Anne Carlsen Center Continues Tradition with Annual Benefit Golf Tournament

place in the scratch division with their score of 55. Meanwhile the foursome of Hank Telken, Tony Telken, Keith Hess and Todd Hess—sponsored by Knights of Columbus—fired a 53.7 for top honors in the handicap division.


he Anne Carlsen Center continued its tradition on June 5 of the state’s longest-running benefit golf tournament.

This year’s TechnoCamp (June 27 to July 2) will benefit from the $32,000 grossed by the tournament. That money ensures campers get the chance to swim in Lake Isabel, make S’mores over a campfire, enjoy a hay ride … and many other fun camping activities … many for the first time.

During the benefit scramble’s 28th installment, a full slate of teams took aim throughout the June morning and into the afternoon, as the top squads in the scratch and handicap divisions began to distance themselves from the competition. “We are so proud to have sponsors and golfers who come back for the tournament every year,” says then-ACC Foundation Executive Director Dan Kunzman, the golf tournament chairperson. “We have been told this tournament is traditionally the kick off for the benefit golf tournament season, and we are happy to play that role.”

Golfers celebrated throughout the day, as Alex and Adam sank putts that allowed teams to remove a stroke from their day’s score.

Craig Kemmet, Tom Kenna, Cory Wahl and Doug Wahl—sponsored by Spicer Trucking—took first

Special Olympics Awards ACC students displayed their enthusiasm and athletic abilities during the Special Olympics Track and Field district games in early May. Braving chilly spring weather, the athletes responded with a total of five 1st place finishes in Valley City, with 18 athletes taking home awards overall. At the Special Olympics State Finals for Track and Field, students took home two 1st place awards, three 2nd place awards, and three 3rd place awards. Congratulations, athletes, for a job well done! 12 The Ambassador

Jonas receives a blue ribbon in the 25m Walk at the district meet in Valley City.

Adam competes in the 25m wheelchair race during the district Special Olympics meet.

Anna smiles as she participates in the Special Olympics track and field meet.


ACC student takes top honors in regional poetry contest f a picture is worth 1,000 words, Jaxon Rolstad has said a mouthful. The six-year-old student in the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) Early Childhood Classroom created awardwinning poetry that claimed first prize in a regional contest.

the categories of I Spy Rhyming and Haiku/Tanka, respectively. Grades 6-8 were judged on Cinquain types of poetry, while grades 9-12 were judged on Free Verse.

The kindergartner received top honors in an eight-county swath of North Dakota, before competing at the state level.

“Knowing Jaxon, I look at how well he has completed the writing assignment,” says Olson. “Everyone’s poetry takes a different form. But I look at this, and I see Jaxon.”

Artistic Selection Jaxon made some important decisions as part of creating his poem.

“He has grown up and matured,” says teacher Marlena Maddock. “A year ago he may not have been able to complete this.”

“It had to do with his choices,” said teacher Sharon Olson.“We had a lot of tactile items to use such as a backpack, book or brush.”

The Path of Poetry Jaxon’s poem was judged regionally in February, before moving on to the state level in March. Following the announcement of winners April 1, Jaxon’s poem was returned to the Anne Carlsen Center and was on display during the Family Literacy Event on the ACC Jamestown Campus in early May.

“School Is Cool!” was the theme for this year’s Young Writers’ Project. Each year the North Dakota Reading Association develops different themes for contests. The 2009-2010 project was “Positively Powerful and Playful Poetry.” “I was surprised and excited,” recalls Andrea Rolstad of when Olson called her and told her of her son’s poem. “It is a cute idea; they do things like that.” “In the end, Jaxon had to choose between a backpack and a box of colors,” Olson says, explaining that, even though Jaxon is not able to communicate verbally, he was able to provide a definitive selection. “If he likes it, he holds on to it. If he doesn’t, he lets it go.” Each of the five levels of poetry focused on a specific type of the syllabic art form. Jaxon and other K-1 students in North Dakota created Shape Poetry/Concrete Poetry—poems in which its shape refers to its subject, reflecting image and feelings. Grades 2-3 and 4-5 created poems under

“When I first heard Jaxon had won a poetry contest, it didn’t even dawn on me how he would do it,” says Andrea. “I was so interested to see it. Then Sharon sent me photos and explained to me how it was done—it is pretty cool!” The poem will soon move to Fargo, where it will be appreciated fully by the world’s biggest Jaxon fans: his parents. And what began as a classroom project and spiraled into a mini-adventure for one child will conclude … until it is time for the next chapter to be written. Jaxon Rolstad, a student in the Anne Carlsen Center’s Early Childhood Classroom, displays the poetry entry that claimed top honors in an eight-county region.

The Ambassador 13






ndividuals and businesses which generously support the Anne Carlsen Center belong to our Circle of Friends. Their gifts of love help sustain the life-changing mission and vision of our namesake, Dr. Anne Carlsen.

The Center is reprinting this listing, due to errors made in the spring 2010 issue of The Ambassador. Donor names were omitted accidently, and we deeply apologize for the oversight. We are extremely grateful for your dedicated support of our programs and services. Thank you for all you do to help individuals with disabilities grow, learn and enjoy meaningful experiences.

MONARCH ($1000+) ACC Collection Containers ACC Golf Tournament Anonymous Bakken Estate, Mildred E. Baron, Ms. Elaine D. Berg Foundation, Elmer and Kaya Berg, Mary and Harold Bergene, Kent and Margo Bergene, Mrs. Marlys A. Boe, Oford Boler Estate, Constance A. Borstad, Gerald and Elenore Carlsen Estate, Dr. Anne H. Carlsen, James and Beth Claus Estate, Robert J. Coe Estate, Clyde W. Collins, Gerald and Donna County Market Craychee, Mr. Greg G. Dahley Estate, Lloyd E. Dakota Central Telecommunications Cooperative Dakota Medical Foundation Don Wilhelm, Inc Donor Awareness Softball Tournament Dunker, Mrs. Carol Dwyer Sr., Tim, Farm Account Ehmann, Darcy and Mary Eigenrauch Estate, Mrs. Mabel C. Ellwein, Mr. Elmer Ennen, Mr. Rick Faith Lutheran Church Farmers Union Ins. & Service Ass’n Finocchiaro, Ray and Diane First Presbyterian Church FirstGiving Franke, Ms. Sandra Franz, Paul and Lois Fred and Virginia Scheel Fredrickson, Steve and Sharon Geske, Robert and Ruth Gieseking Trust, Henry Goodmanson, Mr. Vance Grady Estate, Ainslee S. Greenwood, Alan and Cleo Gums, James and Marcia Halverson Family Foundation Harstad, Ardean and Diana Hellyer Trust, Margaret S. Herman, Robert and Becky Hillerud Construction Inc.

14 The Ambassador

Huber, Harvey and Kathleen Hugo’s, Inc. Innovis Health Ismail, Tarek and Patti Ista, Mr. Glenn Jack, George and Lila Jamestown Implement Jensen, Mr. Donald W. Jones, Bryan and Gloria Kaseman Estate, Dorothy E. Kauk, Mr. Donald D. Kelter Estate, Glen E. Krabseth, John and L. Joyce Kramlich, Gary and Gloria Kruggel Estate, Rev. Reuben A. KSJB/KISS 93 Kulla, Ms. Judy L. Larson Estate, Gordon A. Larson, Monty and Jackie Lifetime Eyecare Associates Loegering, George and Marilyn Lommen Estate, Peter J. Lueck, Ms. Roselyn Lyon, Jr. Estate, John B. Maple Creek Farm & Ranch Mayer, Ronald and Lynda Melroe, Mrs. Dorthea E. Midland National Individual Matching Gift Program Miller, Rev. and Mrs. Marvin L. Mitchell Jr., Mr. Robert B. Moeller, Rev. Jo Anne Mohr Family-Dacotah Paper Co. Moline, E. A. and Mabel Montana Dakota Utilities Nierling Estate, Dr. Richard D. Nierling Jr., John and Lucile Nierling Trust, Don Nierling, Richard and Phillippa Niewoehner Estate, Mr. Henry A. Noridian Norsteby Estate, Carl Nova Fire Protection, Inc. Novus LLC Olson, Glenn H. Otter Tail Power Company Overland, Hans and Bertha Pardau, Fred and Leopoldine Paul, Joe and Sandy Paxton, Inc Pederson, Jerry and Kim Powers, James and Dorothy Purcell, Laurence Rasmussen, Mr. Kurt D. Reed, Mr. Carl W. Refling, Mrs. Dorothy A. Rose Metal Products Rouzie, Mr. John S.

S K Peightal Engineers, LTD Schmidt, Harley and Gloria Schneidermann Bros. Schwaderer Estate, Robert C. Serfass Estate, George E. Spickler, Justin and Sara Spickler, Nathan and Emily Splitter, Richard and Rose Ann Steinke, Mrs. Frieda Strinden Estate, Marcelle M. Stroup, Mr. Wayne A. Swedberg, Gordon and Regina Szepelak Estate, Susan T. Tengesdal, David and Carole The Struve Foundation Thorpe Estate, Mary Total Recon Toutges Trust, Edmund E. Trittin, Fred and Barbara Two Rivers Printing Ufkes, Mrs. Dorothy Unison Bank Valley Sales Company Inc. Van Dyke Estate, Lorraine M. Van Erem, Mr. Darrel C. Voelzke Estate, Elsie M. Weidner Estate, William C. Wells Fargo Bank of ND Westfield Hope Reformed Church Women Ministry Westwick Estate, Nels Harriet White Drug Winhofer Estate, Frank W. Woessner, Arvel and Myrtle Zaagsma Estate, Gerrit Zimmerman Estate, Mary J.

EMPEROR ($500–$999) American Lutheran Church Anderson, J. Thomas and Jeanette Anytime Fitness Bakken, Dustin and Valerie Benson, Mr. J. K. Bitz, Darwin and Mary Ann Blessed Sacrament Church Bobcat Company-Ingersoll-Rand Bowdon Santa Day Braaten, Julian and Emily Brooke, John and Peggy Carlsen, Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Carlson, Robert and Sue Cellular Communications, Inc.

City of Minot Employees Collins, David and Cecelia Collins, Mr. Wesley B. Davis, Scott and Janet Deck, Mr. Alfred C. Decorating By Charlie Dewey, Peter and Sheila Employee’s Community Fund of the Boeing Company Engesather, John and Audrienne Evans, Mrs. Debra A. Fargo Lions Club Fincel, Chris Fitzmaurice, Mr. Mike Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Iila D. Franz, Muriel Fuchs, Arlon and Jeanette Galazen, Mrs. Marilyn F. Garrison Community Chest Grumbo, Mr. Charles Health Care Insurance Services Heider, Mrs. Eileen M. Hoggarth, Monte and Tonia Hoghaug, Mrs. Vivian Holden, Mrs. Frances J. Holje, Marvin and Carol Holmes, Dr. Robert and Dr. Emma E. Holy Cross Catholic Church Hoovestol, Mrs. Rachel A. Hoplin, David and Carol Jamestown El Zagal Clowns Janke, Paul and Alice Johnson, Loren and Margie Jones, Patrick and Mary Just, Ms. Martha Kaufman, Dennis and L. Kathleen Keffeler, Ryan and Anne Kieper, Lynn and Jeanette Klatt, David and Rosann Knudsen, David and Ione Kraig, Tex and Lynn Krebs, Amos and Audrey Kristjanson, Mrs. Elizabeth I. Kunzman, Dan and Pamela Lettenmaier, Doug and Jenny Lorentzsen, Norman and Donna Loyal Order of Moose # 822 Luithle, Mrs. Sarah Lund, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. McCutcheon, Mrs. June E. Mid America Steel, Inc. Newman Signs Nicklay, Marvin and LaVonne Nowatzki, Mr. James D. Oie, Mrs. Selma C. Olsgaard, Maurice and May

Paul Johnson Design & Illustration, LLC Pearce & Durick Professional Eyecare & Contact Lens Ctr Putnam, Mrs. Evelyn R. M. Stoudt, Inc Red River Valley Jim Beam Bottles Roehrich, Fr. Andrew Rohleder, Thomas and Mary Rudolph, Arnold and Colette Sand, Erik and Erin Savelkoul, Dale and Arnola Schmitz, Joel and Lynette Sedlacek, Charles Shirley, Mr. Adolph E. Smith, JJ and Maureen St. Alexius Medical Center PrimeCare Tappert, Mr. Gregory P. Thrifty White Drug, Inc. Trinity Lutheran Church & S.S. Umpqua Bank United Methodist Church Ebenezer Wagner, Mr. Robert L. Western Steel & Plumbing, Inc Withuski, Jeffrey and Paula Woitzel, Ronald and Marilyn Workin, Raydon and Betty Wutzke, Alvin C. Yaggie, David and Geraldine Zion Lutheran Church Women

GATEKEEPER ($250–$499) Aandahl, George and Rhonda AgVantage FS Ambers Jr., Mr. Harry American Legion Post # 38 Amvets Post # 9 Anchor Bar, Inc. Anderson, Dr. Linnea M. Anderson, James and Ruth Anne Carlsen Center Assumption Abbey Bank of America Matching Gifts Barnes, MacDonald and Taylor Bentz, Donald and Joyce Berdahl, Cleo and Claire Berntson, Neal and Marla Bighley, Mrs. Iris Bireley, Mr. Dwight F. Boehm, Edward and Elaine

Bosard, McCutcheon & Rau, Ltd. Branch, Leslie and Carma Brantner, Jerry and June Braunagel, Mr. Joseph Bubach, Mrs. Margaret L. Buegler, Paul and Gail Buffalo City Grille Calheim, Cliff and Marla Case New Holland Cave, John and Evelyn Christopher, Mr. Albert M. Dahl, Steven and Linda Dahlberg, Mark and Maude Dahlen, Elbert and Vivianne Dakota Magic Casino & Hotel Danuser, Reed and Ruth Dupper, Ervin and Frances Dwyer, Michael and Patricia Eberle, Ms. Judy Edin, Pastor Bradley P. Eicholtz, Kent and Bonnie Engstrom, Mr. Brian Erickson, Jerald and E. Bonnie Ernster, Dr. Dale J. F.O.E. # 3080 F.O.E. Aerie # 2749 Face To Face Wellness & Beauty Falk, Tyler and Kara Fandrey, Mr. Kenneth D. Fraass, Vera and Frank Galt, Mrs. Evelyn General Equipment & Supplies Germundson, Roger and Jaqueline Gienger, Ross and Jolynn Gilchrist, Elmer and DeLores Gillen, Michael and Marie Glass, Gary and June Golden Hour Circle Graff, Alex and Donna Grant’s Mechanical Inc. Greshik, George and Debbie Haga, Ms. Hope G. Halverson, Judith Ham, Mr. Philip E. Harms, Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Harris, Tim and Melissa Harvey Lion’s Club Haut, Jay and Nicole Heie, Mr. Thomas A. Hi-Acres Manor & Resident Council Hillerud, Trent and Kristie Hochhalter, Mr. Paul Hogue, Kenneth and Carol Holmes, Kim Huebner, Mrs. Eleanor Hurn, Ms. Carla Iserman, Bruce and Dea Ishaug, Michael and Rhonda James River Aviation Jamestown College Johnson, Robert and Bette Kaiser, James and Wendy Kale, Mr. Jim Kenner, David and Karen Ketterling, Art and Alice Kiwanis-Golden ‘K’ Kiwanis-Golden K Club Knight, Arnold and Mary Knights of Columbus # 2205 Knights of Columbus #1883 Kopperud Foundation Krueger, Dave and Kay Labine, Dr. Glenn and Marilyn Lakeview Meadow Resort Larson, John and Inez Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Everett C. Leech, William and Margaret Lehmann, Clifford and Rena Liberty State Bank Liechty Homes, Inc.

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SMALL COPPER ($150–$249) AAL Branch #10179-Immanuel Almer, Carl and Merlene American Legion Post #37 Anderson, Monafay Anderson, Mr. Clayton Anderson, Mr. Dennis L. Anderson, Mrs. Rosalie W. Anfinrud, Rev. and Mrs. Arlyn M. Anfinson, Mrs. Hulda E. Anonymous Attleson, Steven and Dustin B.P.O.E. #1199 Backman, Rod and Karen Badal, Robert and Donna Bassingthwaite, Dwight and Marilyn Beck, Mr. Waldemar F. Bendewald, Ronald and Sandra Benson, Mrs. Delores B. Bertelsen, Mrs. Carol J. Berthold, Mr. Joseph M. Bethel Lutheran Church WELCA Bier, Howard and Melvena Bjornstad, Omar and Julia Boothman, Ms. Sandra Bovee, Charles and Mary Brisco, Mickey Bromberg, Ms. Bernice Bully Pulpit Golf Course Burkhardt, Robert and Marilyn Carlson, John and Betty Carlson, Rev. and Mrs. Earl W. Carpio Lutheran Church Women Cecil, Mrs. Lorraine F. Chamberlain, Ellard and Mary Christensen, Don and Arda Jean Christopherson, Mrs. Muriel Cinema Twin & Bison Twin Coppin Family Cornell, Ms. Kathleen K. Cronquist, John and Yvonne Cullen, Ms. Joyce M. Dale’s Service Center Daschendorf, Roy and Jan Dauer’s Trophies & Sportswear Dennert, C. William and Patricia Didier, Leonard and Bonnie Dowell, Wm. and Patricia Ebenezer Lutheran Church Eberhardt, Mr. Cleo Elhard, Oral and Ruth Elhard, Raymond and Carol Emerson, Lloyd and Louise Engebretson, Mrs. Mary Ann England, Sgt. Oscar M. Erickson, Mrs. Esther L. Ernie, Warren and Ruby F.O.E. Aerie #153 Fallstrom, Curtis and Susan Fatland, Dean and Sylvia First Community Credit Union First International Bank & Trust First Lutheran Church First Lutheran Sunday School Fitzer, Richard and Susan Forester, Kenton and Susan Franklin, Terry and Mary Lynn Frantsen, Mrs. Beatrice C. Fricke, Mr. Ronald R. Gaeuman, John and Ruth Gallagher, Mrs. Lorraine E. Gast, Mrs. Stella T. Gate City Bank Geiermann, Mr. Michael J. Goh, Tony and Anne-Marie

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The Ambassador 15

Dear friends,

At Elks Camp Grassick, we support and enhance each camper’s use of communication systems and technology, so that each person can fully participate in the camping experience. Our students use computers to create music, slide shows and photo albums. These teens also enjoy hayrides, swimming in the lake, pontoon rides, bonfires and talent shows.

Childhood is an intriguing and impressionable time in which excitement awaits around nearly every corner. Children and teens with disabilities are equally entitled to this freedom of discovery.

Gardening is another activity that has enriched the lives of our students. Our solarium is accessible for individuals who utilize wheelchairs, as are the raised gardens beds outside. Have you tasted the salsa our students make? In one word—amazing!

At the Anne Carlsen Center, our highly-skilled staff has the resources and passion to ensure that every individual we serve has the chance to participate in the highlights of childhood.

Prom, as you see on the first two pages of this issue, is a beautiful and memorable evening, featuring a formal dinner, grand march, coronation and dance. Our students and their dates enjoy every precious minute on the dance floor.

The Center focuses on each child’s strengths while making the necessary adaptations and modifications. Experiences like sports, summer camp, gardening and prom are an important part of our students’ lives—regardless of the intensity of their medical, sensory and/or behavioral challenges.

And so, at ACC, kids can be kids! Your financial support helps create each of these memorable experiences. Thank you for your important role in providing fun, sensory-rich programs and activities for individuals of all abilities.

Students of all abilities experience highlights of youth at ACC

In adaptive physical education and Special Olympics, our students excel in a variety of sports. You can see the smiles and looks of accomplishment on their faces on page 12 of this issue of The Ambassador.

In Honor Of... Living tribute gifts to the Anne Carlsen Center honor family members and friends on special occasions, such as a birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. Through these generous gifts, the individuals and families served by the Center beat the odds, develop meaningful relationships, and experience life to its fullest. Living tributes gifted between Jan. 1, 2010 and April 30, 2010:

16 The Ambassador

With gratitude,

Shelley Nannenga ACC Interim Development Director

Given By

In Honor Of

Given By

In Honor Of

Mrs. Ann E. Knecht Mr. Lowell E. Colby Sr. Kent and Margo Bergene Herman and Evelyn Bergstedt Mrs. Jean L. Lessner Mrs. Ann E. Knecht Darin and Sue Plutowski Ms. Brenda J. Scholten Mr. Steven R. Sarafolean Paul and Bettie Haverluk Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Arlyn and Sourey Schmidt Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Mickey Brisco Michael and Janice Kester Gary and Shirley Skarphol Lloyd and Mary Jo Odegard Raydon and Betty Workin William and Margaret Leech Leif and Cynthia Peterson Rev. Paul and Vivian Meuser

ACC Staff Adabelle M. Atherton Marlys A. Bergene Michelle Bergstedt Peter and Mary Carroll Phyllis Fletcher Esther R. Grabanski Jean L. Griffin Patricia Gromak Jade Haldeman Peter Heier Zachary Hofmann Mary Johnson Hilda Jones Dick Kelley Christopher LaCroix Christopher LaCroix Phyllis M. Lee Thelma O. Lee Sarah M. Leech Keaton Lewis Louise Machemehl

Mr. Aaron R. Gaffrey Ms. Reesa Webb Ms. Reesa Webb Lyle and Deloreis Blunck

Mary J. Mann Eric Monson Susan Offutt Grandchildren & Great-grandchildren Allen Reierson Sid and Monica Sandstrom Lorene Sateren Austin D. Schmidt Donna Schmidt Lisa Siegel Noah Sjostrom Mary J. Sones Eunice Tangsrud Alice Timmreck Pascal L. Zenk

Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Ms. Ellen Adams Lance and Judith Sateren Mrs. Dolores E. Williams Ms. Reesa Webb Mrs. Gloria I. Fuhrer Randy and Penny Gengler Robert and Geneva Sones Dr. Robert Tangsrud Jr. Mrs. Dorothy B. Stover Ms. Sharlene Paquette

Board of Trustees Thomas Rohleder Chairperson Fargo, N.D. Tim Flakoll Fargo, N.D. Joel Fremstad Moorhead, Minn.

Robert Montgomery, M.D. Fargo, N.D. Sue Offutt, Ph.D. Bemidji, Minn. Janet Seaworth Bismarck, N.D.

Harvey Huber Jamestown, N.D.

Pat Traynor Vice Chairperson Fargo, N.D.

Bruce Iserman Fargo, N.D.

Reesa Webb Denver, Colo.

Pat McCullough Edina, Minn.

Myra Quanrud, M.D. Ex Officio Jamestown, N.D.

SENIOR MANAGEMENT Eric Monson Chief Executive Officer

Judy Kulla Chief Financial Officer

Marcia Gums Chief Operating Officer

Margie Johnson Human Resource Director

Shelley Nannenga ACC Interim Development Director

the ambassador Published by: Anne Carlsen Center 701 3rd St. N.W., P.O. Box 8000 Jamestown, ND 58402 1-800-568-5175 Brenda Scholten, Editor Kalen Ost, Assistant Editor Paul Johnson, Designer

Our Community Partners Here at the Anne Carlsen Center, we believe every individual deserves to experience the richness of life, lived to its fullest potential. We thank our Community Partners for their wholehearted support of this mission. Nine area businesses have partnered with us in 2010 to empower individuals affected by developmental disabilities. Thank you, Community Partners, for helping further the tradition of our namesake, Dr. Anne Carlsen, while raising awareness and support for our life-changing services.

Connect with the Anne Carlsen Center on Facebook today! Become a fan, learn about upcoming events, and meet people dedicated to the Center’s mission of Nurturing abilities. Changing lives.

The Ambassador is mailed, free of charge, for supporters of the mission and vision of the Anne Carlsen Center. Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy: Anne Carlsen Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age or disability in employment or services. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please call 1-800-568-5175, ext. 167. On the cover: Teacher Corby Maddock applauds as Nikki raises her diploma during ACC’s graduation. Eco-friendly Ambassador At the Anne Carlsen Center, we are taking steps every day to be kind to the environment. The Forest Stewardship Council logo you see here means we are printing on an environmentallycertified paper. Each page has a 10% post-consumer waste content, and the inks utilized are Soy Inks.

Make a Lasting Impact I would like to visit with an Anne Carlsen Center representative about: __ Making a retirement plan gift. __ Establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity. Name ___________________________________________________ ______ _ _________ Address _____________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip _____________________________________________ ____ ________ Phone _______________________________________________________________ E-mail ________________________________________________________________

Cert no. BV-COC-070703

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID FARGO, ND Permit #684

701 3rd St. N.W. P.O. Box 8000 Jamestown, ND 58402

Students and staff clap along with “Brenda and Ozzie,” a duo from the Alfred Dickey Public Library that presented during the Family Literacy Event at ACC in May.

The Ambassador: Summer 2010  

Reaching New Heights

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