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Paw Prints SUMMER 2012


Peace of Mind for Military Personnel AHS’ Project Active Duty cares for Staff Sergeant’s cat.



LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Pet Lover, It’s hard to believe it’s already June. This year, the Arizona Humane Society is proud to celebrate 55 years of the belief that every pet deserves a good life. It is because of your continued support, generosity and advocacy that AHS is able to care for the thousands of homeless animals in need. In March, AHS hosted our 14th annual Compassion with Fashion: All You Need is Love event, where 1,000 supporters raised $450,000 to support AHS’ lifesaving programs and services (see below). I would like to thank everyone for participating in this wonderful day that truly celebrates the joy of pets. I also look forward to seeing familiar and new faces for our Pet Telethon in August. Want to take action in the campaign and make a difference in the life of an animal? Here’s how: In July, we kick off our grassroots fundraising campaign, Project 121: Action for Animals. Help us to raise money and awareness by participating in our Virtual Pet Walk or by making a donation to AHS at any Arizona Safeway store. (page 14). Be

sure to also tune in to our live Pet Telethon broadcast on 3TV and CW6 on August 25. In this issue of Paw Prints, we proudly highlight how your donations have helped us to expand our leading edge innovation in Arizona. Whether it is providing peace of mind for military personnel, or AHS’ EAMTs™ rescuing a puppy from a cactus (page 8-9), we strive to do more. Your support allows us to continually grow our programs to better serve our community. As the leading animal welfare organization in the state, we are proud to announce a partnership with the Animal Defense League of Arizona for an innovative spay and neuter pilot program focusing on the free roaming cat population (page 10). Everything we do is made possible by donations and we thank our donors, board members, corporate partners, volunteers and staff for your incredible passion for the welfare of our animals. We are fortunate to have so many caring advocates that support our commitment to homeless pets in our community. Please know that AHS wouldn’t exist without your dedication to our mission. Sincerely,

Guy Collison Executive Director


We are pleased to share the great successes from our 14th annual Compassion with Fashion: All You Need is Love luncheon and fashion show that took place on March 17. With over 1,000 guests in attendance, nearly $450,000 was raised to support AHS’ programs and services! And perhaps most notably, all 16 adoptable dogs and cats found their forever homes. At AHS, we know we could not meet such tremendous benchmarks at our signature events, like Compassion with Fashion, without the extraordinary support of our sponsors. Through the key support of our corporate partners, AHS is able to raise significant funds during our annual and signature events to support our lifesaving programs and services for animals. Thank you PetSmart, and to all of our sponsors for your wonderful corporate stewardship during this year’s Compassion with Fashion.




Ask the Vet Dr. Tom Shackelford has the answers plus tips on how to keep pets cool in the summer.


What’s New Learn about our new August Primp Your Pit promotion, the proposed makeover for Pets on Parade and more!


Planning for Your Pet What would happen to your pets if you were to predecease them?


Donations in Action A special fundraiser, Leo’s 2-1 Picnic for a Paws hosted by an adopter.

Leo enjoying his picnic


Dear Arizona Humane Society,

For Staff Sergeant Mike Moyer, who was new to the Phoenix area, news of deployment was an agonizing quest to re-home his cat, Stratus.


Puppy’s Prickly Predicament Pulled from a Cholla cactus, a little nine-week-old Border Terrier puppy. Programs & Services

10 Innovative spay and neuter pilot program focuses on free roaming cat population.


Humane Education This summer, join AHS for Camp Compassion.


55th Birthday AHS celebrates 55 years.


Compassion in Action Tune into our 14th annual Pet Telethon this summer.

AHS BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Linda Parkis Melinda Gulick Meredith Savage Patrick Loftus MEMBERS AT LARGE Bryant Colman Rob Kort Mary Frances Ray

COMMITTEE CHAIRS Ann Damiano Michael Napier Kimberlee Reimann Padilla

Eileen Rogers Ann Siner Andrew Sussman


Cindy Watts Susan Wissink Patty Withycombe

Ed Troell Tracy Weiss

I moved to Arizona to start my career as a doctor. I worked long hours and spent most of my free time eating or sleeping before heading back to the hospital. After an exhausting year, I’d gained 10 pounds and I missed my family in Chicago. In November, my co-worker Kerry and I visited the Arizona Humane Society’s Petique store at Biltmore Fashion Park. I saw an adorable Beagle and fell in love with her ears — the softest and longest I’d ever seen! I had my doubts about adopting a dog, but before I knew it, we were heading home and Yogi was seated on my lap. Since then, I’ve lost 10 pounds. Instead of stopping at McDonald’s after work and then going to bed, I jog in the evening with Yogi. Several months ago, I didn’t know any of my neighbors, but now they bring their dogs over for play dates and a glass of wine. People tell me how wonderful I am for opening my heart and home to a dog in need, but it’s Yogi who deserves all the praise. She’s given me the purest sense of happiness in this life, and I owe it all to her! Sincerely,

Clare Saha, AHS Adopter

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Q: A:

Can dogs and cats get sunburn?

Although cats and dogs do not sunburn as easily as humans, your four-legged friend can suffer from sunburn. The areas on animals that are most sensitive to the sun are their bellies, the tips of their ears, inner thighs or any areas that do not have a lot of hair. Similar to first-degree burns in humans, most dogs sustain a superficial partial thickness burn. A good indication of this burn is that the skin appears red while no blisters are seen. Contacting your veterinary care provider is recommended if you suspect your pet has a sunburn. After diagnosis and initial treatment, your pet can be treated and cared for at home.

Tom Shackelford, DVM, joined the AHS veterinary team in 2011 bringing 19 years of veterinary experience. He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1992, practiced for five years in Indianapolis, IN, then moved to the Valley of the Sun in 1997 to escape cold Midwestern winters. After working in the full-service veterinary world, he found that his passion lies in providing affordable spay/ neuter services to the public. For the past 15 years, he has been working throughout the Valley spaying and neutering dogs, cats and rabbits. Outside the veterinary field, Dr. Shackelford spends most of his time with his six-yearold daughter, Amelia; his dog, Bean and his cat, Dot. He also likes golf, hockey and airplanes. He loves living in Phoenix and has yet to tire of the hot summer days. AHS is lucky to have Dr. Shackelford.

To help prevent sunburn, keep pets in the shade and apply sunblock. Be sure to also use sunscreens made just for pets. Do not use human sunscreen since these products contain ingredients like zinc oxide - which can be toxic to your pet if ingested.

Q: A:

Why do dogs pant?

Dogs are unable to sweat, therefore the primary way dogs cool off and regulate body temperature is through panting. Dogs pant for many reasons, but excessive panting, especially during hot weather, may be a sign of distress. The normal body temperature for a dog is between 101-103 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature difference of just three degrees to 106 Fahrenheit can lead to early signs of heat stroke. Besides excessive panting, other signs of heat stroke include: dry mouth and nose, heavy drooling, nausea and/or vomiting, seizures, weakness and lethargy, deep red gums and tongue, accelerated or abnormal breathing and heart rate. If your dog is demonstrating symptoms of heat stroke, cool him down immediately by placing cool, wet towels on the body – especially the pads of the feet and around the head and immediately take your dog to a veterinary clinic.

View all Arizona Humane Society veterinarian bios at

Keeping Pets Cool in the Summer As the summer’s temperatures soar to triple-digit heat, it is necessary to adjust your pet’s lifestyle to keep them cool and safe. The extreme temperature can make for some unique summer pet care challenges, but with proper planning, you can still enjoy summer activities with your pet. TIPS:

1 Respect the heat: As all Arizonans know, the early morning and late nights are the cooler parts of the day. 2 3 4


Exercising and walking your dog during this time not only makes it comfortable for you but also for your dog. Keep pets cool and hydrated: Since pets can quickly become dehydrated in the heat, make sure to always provide fresh, cool water in plastic spill-proof bowls at all times. Because dogs cool from the bottom up, spritzing water on the paws and stomach keeps them happy and refreshed. Cat Care: Matted cat fur traps heat, but brushing your cat daily allows air to flow freely. It will keep cats cool and contentedly purring throughout the day. Pool Time!: If you are swimming with your dog for the first time, start in shallow water and encourage your four-legged pal with toys or treats. Be sure to also monitor your pets around water just as you would children. In the water, make sure that your dog knows where the stairs or ladder is located so that they can get out of the water as easily as they got in.


New Happenings at AHS adoptable pets and lets them post these images to their own pinboards. Check us out:

Shop for Paws & Cause In addition to adoptable pets, AHS retail stores are tax-free and have great prices. From pet supplies to unique items for pets and pet lovers alike, shopping at our AHS retail stores is not only fun but it also benefits our homeless animals. RABBIT STARTER KIT $54 (Petopia) The Rabbit Starter Kit makes it easy to create a comfortable living space for your newly adopted rabbit. Everything you need to care for your rabbit is included in the kit, such as treats, toys and a kennel. RESCUE ‘57! $25 (Petique) Step up to the plate and show off your rescue pride in our new “Rescue ‘57” baseball tee. DOG T-SHIRTS $12-22 (Petique) Your dog has their own unique attitude and personality and these dog tees help them show it off! BARKI CARDS $3-4 (Pet Emporium and Petique) Barki Cards are greeting cards from the dog to a loved one. The perfect way to say “I’m Sorry” after an accident in the house, or “Thank You” to the vet or groomer.

On the set of Pets On Parade

AUGUST PRIMP YOUR PIT PROMOTION With eight million homeless pets entering U.S. shelters every year, the Arizona Humane Society is helping to solve the problem with the “Primp Your Pit” spay and neuter promotion sponsored by PetSmart Charities®. During the month of August, and based on availability, AHS will spay and neuter pit bulls for a special rate of $20.

WE HEARD YOU! PETS ON PARADE IS GETTING A MAKE-OVER! “Pets on Parade,” the longest-running local television show in Arizona, is getting a makeover this summer! Since debuting on December 8, 1958, the show features a parade of pets that need forever homes, special guest interviews and useful animal-care tips. The show, produced in partnership with 3TV, is devoted to people and the pets in their lives, will include a new opening introduction, video components and ways to interact on social media. Be sure to tune in every Saturday at 12:30 p.m. MST on 3TV.

Pit bull parents who wish to take advantage of this offer must mention the “Primp Your Pit” promotion when they schedule their appointment. Visit for more information.

PINTEREST Are you a follower of AHS on Facebook and Twitter? Did you know we are on Pinterest, too? Pinterest is a new virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share things you find on the web. The AHS page allows users to visually share and discover AHS’ fun pet-related events and

ANNUAL REPORT The 2011 AHS annual report has been published online and is available at

AHS’ NEWLY DESIGNED WEBSITE! AHS is excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website, which goes live this summer and is located at the same address: With over 100,000 hits a month, the site’s homepage welcomes supporters and visitors by better showcasing adoptable pets, and creates a more user-friendly experience. As the leading animal welfare organization in the state, the purpose of the website is to provide visitors with the most updated and accurate information on programs, events and animal care services. 5


Take Care of What Matters Most To You. INCLUDE AHS IN YOUR FINAL GIVING PLANS AND BE ELIGIBLE FOR CONTINUING CARE, A WAY TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR PETS SHOULD SOMETHING HAPPEN TO YOU.          Remembering AHS in your will, trust or other estate plans allows us to help hundreds of thousands of animals through our leadingTAKE CARE OF Circle is edge programs, rescues, and clinics. The Legacy our specialMATTERS way of recognizing those whose planned gifts WHAT MOST TO YOU. ensure a healthy financial future for our organization and the homeless pets in our care.  ®

HOW CAN I JOIN THE LEGACY CIRCLE? · Name AHS as a beneficiary in a Will or Living Trust · Make a gift of cash or appreciated securities to establish a Charitable Gift Annuity with AHS · Create a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) and name AHS as the beneficiary · Name AHS as the beneficiary of a paid life insurance policy or a retirement account     TO INCLUDE AHS IN YOUR PLANS, YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Legal Name:      Arizona Humane Society Legal Address:  1521 West Dobbins Road Phoenix, AZ 85041 Federal Tax ID:  86-0135567

CONTINUING CARE What happens to your pets after you are gone? Such uncertainty can weigh heavily on your mind, but AHS’ Continuing Care program allows you to rest easy knowing your pets will be cared for and loved.   The Continuing Care program is a special benefit of membership in the Legacy Circle. Pets enrolled in the program whose owners predecease them are placed with new forever families that are carefully selected by our staff. Continuing Care is one of the best and most simple ways of planning ahead for animal companions who depend on you for care. To join the Legacy Circle and enroll your pets into Continuing Care, simply notify us of your intentions. Call Lauren Martich at (602) 997-7586 x1136 or email to let us know of your plans. We would be honored to list your name on our Legacy Circle Donor Wall, and you’ll receive special event invitations and more. Being a Legacy Circle member promotes awareness and encourages others to join, although you may choose to remain anonymous.    

Why We Give We believe that animals transform us, and we usually adopt the hard luck cases – the animals that no one else wants. We have seven rescued pets: a dog, four cats and two parrots. Our cat, Tigre, was adopted from AHS after treatment in Second Chance Animal Hospital™ in 2002. After our beloved cat died, we drove to AHS to adopt and met Tigre, who had a large wound that penetrated the muscles along his spinal column in the outline of a knife. He took one look at us and decided we should adopt him! He stuck his paw through the bars of the hospital cage, tapped Steve on the shoulder, meowed, and effectively stole our hearts. Years later, he ‘diagnosed’ Kris’ cancer and was featured on Fox 10 news for that accomplishment! As a veterinarian, speaker and author, Kris celebrates the human-animal bond each and every day. We are leaving a legacy to AHS to support Second Chance Animal Hospital, to ensure that animals like Tigre will have these resources in the future. We hope our gift will allow future generations of people and animals to experience the joy we do with our rescued pets. Truth be told, they rescued us, and truly bring meaning to our lives. -Dr. Kris and Steve Nelson, Legacy Circle Members 6



On a beautiful spring day in April, more than 75 friends, family members and 30 dogs gathered at Scottsdale Ranch Park for “Leo’s 2-1 Picnic for a Paws.” Leo, a Shih Tzu mix, celebrated his second birthday and one-year adoption anniversary with his best two-and four-legged friends, all while raising funds for AHS’ programs and services.

He was trained, socialized, potty-trained and had knowledge of basic commands. It made it so much easier for a first-time fur mom like me! Most of all, he was loved, safe and in good hands before coming to my home. We really appreciate all of the AHS volunteers who work tirelessly for all animals like Leo, as well.”

Surrendered by his owners to AHS, timid Leo was adopted by Regena Frieden last year at AHS’ Compassion with Fashion. Over the past year, Leo has gone from a frightened little pup to a courageous two-year-old who loves to chase his tail and is happy simply curling up next to his pet parents…as long as he has his chewies or toys.

In lieu of gifts, human guests made donations to AHS while enjoying Short Leash Hot Dogs. But the real VIP guests were the canines, hanging out at the “Puppy Parking Station” complete with homemade pup-cakes (peanut butter and carrot cakes topped with low-fat cream cheese and sweetened with a little agave nectar), water bowls, dog biscuits, tennis balls and potty bags. Each dog even received a doggie bag with Stella & Chewy food samples, biscuits and other treats.

“Leo is a special part of our family and brings joy to our life every day,” says Regena. “We wanted a way to give back to AHS, so we turned Leo’s party into a fundraiser. Arizona is fortunate to have an organization like AHS to protect and promote the adoption of animals. Leo was in foster care with AHS for several months before he was adopted by our family.

Leo’s 2-1 Picnic for a Paws raised a wonderful $856 for AHS, and will support our everyday programs and services as we rescue, shelter, heal and adopt homeless, injured and abused animals. On behalf of all of us at AHS, thank you to Regena, to Leo, and to all of their generous friends for this special gift!  

Vehicle Donations


Are you having trouble selling your car? Too costly to repair your boat? Tired of your gasguzzling truck? Donate your car, truck, van or boat to the Arizona Humane Society! It’s fast, easy, tax-deductible, and your donation supports our life-saving programs and services for homeless, injured, abused and abandoned animals

HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. C all Amy Krisch at (602) 997-7586 x1034 to provide make/ model/year/VIN # and your contact information.   2. Drop off your boat or vehicle, or schedule a pick-up at Arizona Auctioneers. 3. Your boat or vehicle will be auctioned, and proceeds will benefit the animals. 4. After the auction, you’ll receive documentation for your tax purposes. 

Tribute Gifts Honor or remember your loved one, human or pet, with a one-of-a-kind tribute gift at our Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion. Proceeds benefit the animals, and make the most thoughtful, permanent gifts for animal lovers.

Tribute Brick $150 each

Garden Plaque $500 each

Buddy Wall Plaque $300 each

Bench with Plaque $2,000 each

CHOOSE FROM: Tribute Brick, Garden Plaque, Buddy Wall Plaque and Bench with Engraved Plaque. or call Amy Krisch at (602) 997-7586 x1034 to purchase a tribute gift. 7


Peace of Mind for Military Personnel AHS’ ALTERNATIVE PLACEMENT DEPARTMENT Provides several unique programs to provide a safe place for animals until they are to be returned to their owners or placed for adoption. The Alternative Placement Program also includes: • PROJECT SAFEHOUSE: providing a safe shelter for pets of individuals who have experienced domestic violence and are transitioning into a non-abusive environment • FOSTER PROGRAM: foster volunteers who open their homes and their hearts to help animals find temporary respite from the shelter as they heal

FOR MANY ACTIVE MILITARY PERSONNEL, THE NEWS OF DEPLOYMENT BEGINS A WHIRLWIND OF ACTIVITIES DEVOTED TO GETTING THEIR AFFAIRS IN ORDER AS THEY PREPARE TO SAY GOODBYE TO LOVED ONES. For Staff Sergeant Mike Moyer, it became an agonizing quest to re-home his cat, Stratus. With deployment to Iraq just weeks away, Mike reluctantly found himself at the admissions department of the Arizona Humane Society. Surrounded by emotional pet owners and confused pets, Mike waited quietly with Stratus for his turn to speak with an admissions specialist. As he waited, his thoughts drifted back to when he learned of his deployment and the incredibly bad timing. New to the Phoenix area, Mike had no one to ask to watch his beloved cat while he was away. After all, it wasn’t as if he was only going to be away for the weekend. However, he did have a sister in Virginia and he thought that might be the answer. But his search landed on heightened airline fees and little hope.

Puppy’s Prickly Predicament Has Many Happy Endings AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technician™, Nicole McCormick, had already begun her day of rescuing homeless animals off of Valley streets when she heard the call over the two-way radio. A puppy had just been pulled from a Cholla cactus near Seventh Avenue and Dobbins Road in Phoenix and was covered in cactus spines. Nearby, Nicole radioed dispatch letting them know she was en route. As she made her way south, Nicole, a Midwestern transplant, tried envisioning exactly what shape the little puppy might be in. After all, in Indiana animals stuck in cacti are not a problem. As she pulled up to the scene, Nicole was greeted by the Good Samaritans who had heard the puppy’s cries over their backyard fence. She was also greeted by what appeared to be a porcupine… with a wagging tail?! As she got closer she found the little animal was, in fact, a 8


As his name was called, Mike was jarred back into reality as the magnitude of having to say goodbye to Stratus hit home. Little did he know that the news was going to be good. That day, Mike learned of Project Active Duty, just one of AHS’ alternative placement programs that helps place pets of active military families into loving AHS foster homes for the duration of their deployment. After weeks of agonizing over his decision, there was finally hope and comfort. Before Mike even walked out the door that day, AHS’ alternative placement team was already searching for a foster home for Stratus. They didn’t have to look far when they came across Marty Buck, a 15-year AHS foster volunteer who cherishes her Project Active Duty fosters. Marty provided Mike with updates on Stratus throughout his deployment and, one year later, Mike and Stratus were reunited just in time for the holidays.

nine-week-old Border Terrier puppy who undoubtedly had gotten himself in quite a predicament. Next to him was a five-gallon bucket filled with cactus spines which had been removed shortly after he was pulled from the cactus to which he was stuck. Unsure of how he got there, Nicole loaded the little tail wagging puppy into the EAMT™ ambulance and headed to AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital™. Once at the hospital, AHS veterinarians provided the puppy with pain medication and removed the remaining spines from his little four-pound body. Further examination revealed that the puppy’s corneas and mouth were clear of any abrasions, and with some antibiotics he would soon be on the road to recovery. Over the next 72 hours, AHS vets continued to monitor the little puppy as he patiently waited out his 72-hour stray hold time. During that time no one came forward for the puppy, now appropriately named, Cactus Jack, and it turned out that his

HELPING HOMELESS ANIMALS AHS’ alternative placement department works with over 125 local animal welfare agencies and organizations to meet the specific needs of homeless animals by transferring animals to breed-specific rescue groups that can better place them with the right families or releasing wild animals to organizations that specialize in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

story was just beginning. As photos of Cactus Jack and his predicament surfaced, he became a national celebrity, and his adoption day drew over 70 interested adopters. At the end of the day, it was Sara Messerschmidt of Phoenix who became Cactus Jack’s new, and overjoyed, pet parent. However, the special day wasn’t over yet. Cactus Jack’s story not only inspired people from as far as Europe and Canada, but he also inspired people to open their hearts to other shelter pets whose stories of survival are just as meaningful. That day, eight families – initially on hand to adopt Cactus Jack – found their own special someone within our shelter walls making their families complete. Although not all shelter stories make national headlines, it doesn’t mean that they are not deserving of such. Just as inspirational as the over 46,000 animals who enter our doors each year, are the people who follow closely behind to save their lives and make a difference. 9


AHS and ADLA Combat Cat Overpopulation Crisis Recognizing this need has led to an innovative partnership between AHS and the Animal Defense League of Arizona (ADLA), an organization whose Spay and Neuter Hotline’s Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program is designed to humanely and effectively stabilize feral cat populations. While ADLA’s TNR program helps to sterilize over 10,000 cats per year in Maricopa County, AHS and ADLA’s spay and neuter pilot program targets neighborhoods in the greater Phoenix metro area who rank highest in owner surrenders to AHS’ Sunnyslope shelter.

Innovative Spay and Neuter Pilot Program Focuses on Free Roaming Cat Population Last year more than 25,000 cats, mostly strays, were surrendered to AHS. As pet overpopulation in our community continues to soar, the Arizona Humane Society is committed to decreasing the number of homeless pets entering Valley shelters. While AHS’ public clinics and mobile clinic were able to provide a record number of spay and neuter surgeries last year on both owned and shelter pets - equaling over 21,000 surgeries - the need to do even more is still far too great. This need extends into our communities and neighborhoods where an estimated 200,000 stray, free roaming, and primarily feral cats make their homes.

The success of the volunteer-based, AHS funded program will weigh heavily on the community’s involvement; however, AHS and ADLA will provide support, education, and resources to those communities. For more information on TNR or how you can become involved, please visit or e-mail

AHS and ADLA’s spay and neuter pilot program targets neighborhoods in the greater Phoenix metro area who rank highest in owner surrenders to AHS’ Sunnyslope shelter.

AHS’ New Veterinary Clinic Makes an Impact In November of 2011, AHS’ vision of broadening the scope and standards of care available to pets and their owners became a reality, courtesy of a very generous start-up grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. The Margaret McAllister Brock AAHA-accredited veterinary clinic now accommodates those who may not be able to consistently afford comprehensive veterinary care for their companion animals. The intent is not to replace full-service clinics, but to provide pet owners facing the difficult decision of having to surrender their pets to a shelter due to medical conditions and costs, the option of affordable vet care. Our vision is one in which the number of pets being turned in to our shelter decreases as the number of pets getting to stay with their loving owners increases. In just under six months, AHS’ expanded veterinary clinic has seen over 1,100 patients showcasing just how often the need outweighs the resources available. One of those patients was Nolla, a kitten whose leg was severely fractured. When Nolla’s family discovered AHS’ clinic, they were down on their luck and had been given no hope for a positive outcome without a huge vet bill. A visit to AHS’ clinic offered a solution at a quarter of the price and for the first time they had hope - both financially and emotionally. Today, Nolla is racing up and down the stairs, running over the furniture and intimidating the other cat in the home. For more information on AHS’ veterinary clinic, please visit or call 602.997.7586 and select option 4. 10


‘Leave No Feline Behind’ Campaign to Help Overcrowding

On any summer day, a walk through our shelter will expose stacked crates where litter upon litter of kittens are being turned in to our shelter. So many, in fact, that it amounts to a cat or kitten entering our doors every seven minutes. This sheer volume of felines often jeopardizes space, resources and precious life. But, what if it doesn’t have to? What if saving a life, while enriching your own life, outweighed the cost of an adoption fee? At the Arizona Humane Society it does. AHS’ Leave No Feline Behind campaign encourages people to save a life by offering a monetary donation that is meaningful to them and the life they are saving. In doing so, we hope to never have to turn away another cat or kitten due to a lack of space or resources. We hope to see every cat and kitten find their forever homes so everyone can experience the joy that pets bring to our lives. While that joy is priceless, the donations are critical in allowing our nonprofit organization to provide the best standards of care for these animals. Although the needs of the animals in our care differ, the average cost of care amounts to $314 per animal while the average adoption fee for cats and kittens is $48. Please consider changing your life and theirs today. Be sure to share your special adoption story by emailing us at To learn more and to donate, please visit www.azhumane. org/feline.

Happy 55th AHS! On June 20, 1957, a group of Valley animal lovers established the Arizona Humane Society in the Sunnyslope area of Phoenix to help end animal suffering in the community. Since opening the shelter doors, AHS has continuously fostered the belief that every pet deserves a good life and has been passionately committed to doing what’s best for pets and the people in their lives. In honor of our 55th birthday, we share with you some of our accomplishments and achievements: 1958 AHS debuts the first “Pets on Parade,” AHS’ own television show starring adoptable pets from the shelter.

2005 Animal Planet’s new original reality TV series, ‘Animal Planet Heroes Phoenix,’ internationally highlights AHS EAMTs™.

The first AHS ambulance fuels up and heads out into Valley communities.

AHS extends aid to the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina by sending 48 staff members to New Orleans.

1963 The first thrift shop opens its doors, thanks to the AHS Auxiliary. 1972 AHS successfully lobbies for a City of Phoenix Ordinance that prohibits leaving dogs unattended in vehicles on hot days. 1994 Dedicated volunteers join the Foster Pets Program. 1996 AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital™ is founded. AHS veterinarians are now able to treat extremely ill or injured strays, literally giving these animals a second chance at life. 1999 Animals throughout Arizona and the Southwest receive much needed veterinary care from AHS’ first Mobile Spay/Neuter and Animal Wellness Clinic. 2004 AHS selected as the 2004 National Shelter of the Year.

2007 Circle of Friends, a special group of passionate donors, is organized to raise funds specifically for spay/neuter initiatives. 2010 Through the support of a generous donor, AHS launched its Spay/Neuter Incentive Program (SNIP), to make spay/neuter services even more affordable for pet owners who currently receive state assistance. 2011 AHS provides emergency shelter operations for the Wallow Fire, the state’s largest wildfire as well as the Monument Fire; both of which occurred in the same month. AHS introduces expanded vet services to the community in an effort to provide veterinary care to those people who are forced to surrender their pets due to medical conditions. 11



WHERE CHARACTER COUNTS! SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER! JOIN AHS’ SUMMER CAMP! Held during the second and fourth weeks of June and July, respectively, our summer, service-learning based Camp Compassion — Where CHARACTER COUNTS!® — continues to be a much awaited annual event! Our family-oriented camp schedule of three, mid-week, half-days was structured at the request of parents who wish to have Mondays and Fridays open for summer travel and family fun!

Companion Animals, Farm Animals, Wild Animals, Endangered Animals and Service Animals.

Located at our beautiful Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion, camp activities and crafts blend the very best principles of Humane and Character Education — in fact, Mom! AHS Summer each camp day is Camp Rocks! dedicated to a particular Pillar of Character®: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship which is then coupled with a complimentary group of animals. While they vary, animal groups might include: Shelter Animals,

In an effort for campers to develop a deeper understanding of the plight of homeless animals in our community, we invite local rescue groups and other key contributors to participate. Last year’s friends included: Any Rat Rescue, Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary, Piggie Poo Small Animal Rescue, Gabriel’s Angels, Bramble Hedge Rabbit Rescue, Amazing Aussies, Phoenix Tarantula Rescue, Fallen Feathers Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education Horses, craft and author Debra White, s and fun! I can’t wait just to name a few. Campers for camp. :) from ages 8 to 12 enjoy the experience of a lifetime and play an integral role in the very important task of helping to spotlight our adoptable animals....and meet several special animal friends along the way! For more information, or to register, visit

Scout Sundays! Designed for whole-troop I didn’t realize how much the animals attendance, this threeneed us — or how big a difference I hour program, held on could make. pre-scheduled Sunday mornings or afternoons, (and weekday afternoons if preferred) is open to Boy and Girl Scout troops and includes a tour of our beautiful Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion; a service-based, Humane Education presentation; service-themed crafts and activities and a special animal visitor. Inspiring a sense of service toward the homeless animals in our community, Scouts learn how to create sustainable change for animals in need. Our very reasonable tuition of $15.00 per Scout directly funds programs which support our shelter animals. Additionally, AHS will begin to offer Pet Care Badge fulfillment classes for Junior Level Girl Scouts in the Fall. Email or call 602.997.7586, x1015 for more information. See you at a Scout Sunday!  12



offered donation opportunities at their points of sale donated a percentage of proceeds organized a school or work fundraiser participated in employee giving matching gift opportunities hosted events to benefit AHS

Recently, we’ve partnered with several local and national businesses, to raise much-needed funds and awareness for AHS. We are proud to highlight these partnerships, which have resulted in some of the most memorable events and monumental benchmarks for AHS to date! 98 KUPD In 2011, AHS was lucky to “land a gig” with 98 KUPD. KUPD’s John Holmberg, along with his radio team, played a powerful role in our 2011 Project 121: Action for Animals campaign by airing daily announcements throughout the campaign, and taking part in our Pet Telethon phone bank. KUPD had also named AHS as the beneficiary of proceeds from their highly-anticipated concert, Playdio, which highlights upcoming artists. AHS is fortunate to have an amazing group of media partners who truly believe in our mission, and through these generous acts of advocacy, we are able to reach audiences both far and wide! PEORIA SPORTS COMPLEX AHS and Peoria Sports Complex partnered for the third annual Dog Day at the Park event on March 24. Patrons attended spring training festivities with their four-legged friends, and hundreds of families and their dogs attended, with a percentage of proceeds benefiting AHS’ programs and services. Families and their canine companions sat in the grassy “paw-tio section” for a fantastic view of the entire field, and watched as one of AHS’ own pooches threw the first pitch. Be sure to stay updated on all of AHS’ events at

MY SISTER’S CLOSET The Valley leader in consignment, My Sister’s Closet has been an ongoing supporter of AHS in many wonderful ways. From the eye-catching presence as the sponsor of the Compassion with Fashion fashion show, My Sister’s Closet is the pioneer of taking the new out of the old! When one of the AHS thrift stores relocated into an astounding 8,500 square foot space in Tempe, My Sister’s Closet again came to the rescue. With open arms, they donated truck-loads of fashions from their stores. If you have new or gently used items to donate to our thrift outlets, please visit and click the “shop” tab for more information, or call 602-997-7586 and press “0” for an operator. GODADDY.COM is certainly the leader in websites and domains, and is one of AHS’ most steadfast supporters. For the last six years, GoDaddy has been a key player in our Pet Telethon and we’ve been fortunate to expand our partnership in their Round Up For Charity program. GoDaddy customers may round their bill up to the nearest dollar to benefit AHS. We would like to thank all of our corporate partners who support AHS year-round. We certainly couldn’t do what we do without your advocacy and generosity to support our many lifesaving programs and services. If you have questions on how your company or group can get involved, or to schedule a behind-thescenes tour of how your support impacts AHS, please call Karen Scott at (602) 997-7586 x1039. We would be delighted to discuss meaningful opportunities for you and your team!


COMPASSION IN ACTION IMAGINE TURNING AWAY 121 ANIMALS A DAY. ANIMALS ROAMING THE SWELTERING VALLEY STREETS THIS SUMMER. DOGS AND CATS WHO ARE THIRSTY, HUNGRY, TERRIFIED, AND IN NEED OF A SECOND CHANCE AT A GOOD LIFE. WE CAN’T. WE WON’T. But we need your help in these critical summer months to rescue, heal and shelter homeless, injured and abused animals. Project 121: Action for Animals is AHS’ community engagement and fundraising initiative to support our everyday services. 121 represents the average number of animals we take in on a given day. It is a monumental task to provide ongoing medical, rehabilitative, shelter and adoptive services for 121 new arrivals daily, especially considering we receive no federal or state funding.  Project 121 is critical to the survival of AHS: we rely solely on private donations to care for the 46,000 animals that come through our doors each year. We need your help to make a difference in the life of an animal – take action by joining Project 121: Action for Animals and 14th annual Pet Telethon.



PET TELETHON August 25, 2012 Please tune into our live broadcast on 3TV and CW6

» In the cool comfort of your own pad, “walk” across the internet for the Project 121 Virtual Pet Walk. Every dollar raised equals one mile “walked!” Starting July 2, visit to start a pack, join a pack, or register as an individual walker. » Join us for our Project 121 Kick-Off Rally on Thursday, July 12 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Petique at Biltmore Fashion Park » From July 5-31, shop at any Arizona Safeway store and donate to AHS at check-out! » Tune in to AHS’ 14th annual Pet Telethon Saturday, August 25 on 3TV and CW6 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.! »D  onate now. Visit to see how your gift makes the difference in the life of an animal, and meet this year’s incredible Faces of Project 121.




Want to learn more about how to help save animals? Last year, over 3,600 homeless animals turned into the Arizona Humane Society were in need of special care before they were ready to go up for adoption.


AHS’ 600 foster volunteers opened their homes and their hearts to help care for these sick, injured, and underage animals until they were ready to begin the next chapter of their lives. AHS is always in need of foster parents! The more foster homes we have, the more lives we can save. SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:   “I work all day. Can I foster?” Absolutely! Most of our foster volunteers work full-time and leave their foster animals at home during the day, just as they do with their own pets.   “How long will my foster animal be with me in my home?” A typical foster case is two to six weeks. We will let you know the estimated length of time before you commit to a foster case.    “Where will I keep my foster animals?” You will want to identify a comfy room in your home where your foster pet can be separated from your own pets for the first ten days of fostering. This separation keeps the animals healthy and reduces stress. As an extra precaution, please ensure that your pets are current on their vaccinations.   “Does AHS provide foster volunteers with supplies?” We provide you with all medical care, medication, and medical supplies through our Second Chance Animal Hospital™. We are also happy to provide you with food, blankets, and toys upon request.    “How do I get started?” To register for a Foster Orientation, simply go to our website at volunteer. or call 602-977-7586 x1040! We thank you for considering this deeply joyful adventure!

When you meet AHS volunteer Margie Abril, you know in an instant that she is a woman with a deep connection to the animals and to the mission of the Arizona Humane Society. Peel back the layers, and she has a personal mission as well: to honor the life of her son Christopher, who passed away last year at the age of 22. 

friends. As a bilingual kindergarten teacher, she especially loves helping with children-oriented programs, including our Humane Ed-ventures and last Fall’s Story Time at Petopia. She also heads out to community events to Margie is a very special represent AHS and person and I love to share her love of animals with other volunteering with her. Arizona families.  She has the biggest

heart I have ever seen in a person...her love of children comes through every time we work together. She is truly a very special person. - Joann Marcott, AHS Docent

Chris was a passionate animal advocate, dedicated AHS volunteer, and future veterinarian. Margie, in the spirit of honoring her son’s life and love for animals, has dedicated herself to continuing his work, and along the way she has impacted the lives of countless human and furry

Foster care is another of Margie’s joys. (In fact, she and husband Eddie recently adopted one of their foster kitties, and named him Eduardo!)

She can also be found lending an extra hand at our weekly Pets on Parade taping. Anyone who meets Margie recognizes immediately where Chris got his kindness, compassion, and joy. The apple definitely didn’t fall far from the tree. Margie, we love you and your family, and we are honored to have you as part of our volunteer team!


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Phoenix, AZ Permit No. 456


1521 W Dobbins Road Phoenix, AZ 85041

online offer! JULY 1 – AUGUST 31, 2012

Support the Arizona Humane Society and be a part of the 2012 Project 121: Action for Animals campaign. With your support, AHS will continue to lead the charge in combating the pet overpopulation crisis in Maricopa County. From July 1 - August 31, 2012, purchase any large pizza with your choice of up to five toppings or a specialty pizza and an order of breadsticks for $14.99. When you order online at use promo code AHS to obtain this deal and $1.21 of each purchase will be donated to AHS. This offer is only available online.

Critter Credit Available in any amount you choose, the Critter Credit™ Gift Card can be used for any Arizona Humane Society service or fee, including pet adoption, spay/neuter or wellness services and special event tickets. Available at any of our adoption locations.

LOCATIONS | SERVICES Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion Adoptions | Public Clinic Pet Emporium 1521 W Dobbins Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85041 (602) 997-7586

Petique at Biltmore Fashion Park Adoptions | Retail 2502 E Camelback Rd. Ste 167 Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 957-3113

Tempe Thrift Store Shop | Donate 755 W Baseline Rd. Tempe, AZ 85226 (480) 366-4617

Sunnyslope Admissions | Adoptions Public Clinic | Thrift Store Second Chance Animal Hospital™ | EAMT™ 9226 N 13th Ave/ 1311 W Hatcher Rd Phoenix, AZ 85021 (602) 997-7585

Petopia at Desert Sky Mall Adoptions | Retail 7611 W Thomas Rd. Ste F008 Phoenix, AZ 85033 (623) 245-6475

Emergency Ambulance EAMT ™ Service Sick & Injured Rescues | Report Animal Cruelty Daily 8am - 7pm 365 days a year (602) 997-7585 x2073

Be a driving force in the battle against pet over population! Arizona’s petfriendly license plate is available for $25 a year online at servicearizona. com or by calling the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division nearest you. $17 from the sale of each plate helps to pay for spay and neuter services for dogs and cats throughout Arizona.

STAY CONNECTED! Visit Us Online Pet Finder | Donate Learn | Share ArizonaHumaneSociety

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