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contents } Issue 1 November 2008 WIN! One lucky reader will find a voucher inside worth €300 to enjoy spa treatment at The Retreat in Aphrodite Hills see page 63

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How do I get a glossy monthly magazine every week for free?

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The must have items for the new season

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Fashion designer Elena Stongyliotou is on the way up

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Advances in cosmetic surgery make a nip and tuck more appealing

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It’s a trendy world, get with it

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The definitive guide to the best shops in the nation’s capital

22 Myria Stavraki It’s a wonderful life for the woman who beat cancer

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A living, breathing national treasure

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Dynamic and feminine in black and white

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by Soteris Charalambous

Keeping up with changing fashion trends can be a thrilling but neverending pursuit, however, knowing what you like is so much more satisfying.

A monthly magazine … every week Few things excite journalists and editors as much as the launch of a new magazine. It’s an opportunity to be part of something fresh, to work with new people and to take on the challenge of connecting with new readers. Some might suggest this was more than enough excitement - especially for our more senior members of staff - but this is the Cyprus Weekly and we’re set on always going one better. So instead of launching a new magazine, we’re going to bring you four in as many weeks. Flair brings you the very latest in fashion, beauty and health. We’ll offer you advice on where to shop, what’s hot and what’s new. We’ll also introduce you to fascinating people with some remarkable stories. Next week we’ll bring you Flavour, our magazine which whets the appetite for better living. And with Christmas rapidly approaching we’ll give you plenty of advice on what you need to be doing to get ready for the festive season. In addition to the wonderful varied recipes you’ll be able to use menu ideas from first class chefs, get advice on choosing wine and be taken around the world with samples of culinary delights. Just before we enter December we’ll bring you Choice, our going out and entertainment guide. There you’ll find more than enough excuses to get out of going to the tedious soirees you get invited to but could never avoid. The fourth magazine we’ll bring you is Home. It will provide you a bounty of ideas on how to liven up your living space as well as an insight into what is being offered in the market. You’ll also get exclusive access to some of the most beautiful homes in Cyprus. When I asked my wife what she was looking forward to reading most in this issue she said it was the Nicosia shopping guide, and so I’m bowing to her good judgement (as she always tells me she’s right) in advising you not to miss out on that, but my personal favourite this week is Tasoula Hadjitofi’s inspirational story. 4 THE CYPRUS WEEKLY FLAIR NOVEMBER 2008

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Talented Phillip Lim

Icon bag

Something old

3rd Gen Sex & The City

A fashion label that should find its way into every wardrobe this season comes under the name Phillip Lim. Having presented his first collection in 2005, Lim has since received a number of newcomer awards and his label is now featured in 250 stores across the world. Meanwhile, two boutiques have also been opened in the designer’s name and his success has been further strengthened by the support of fashion icon, Anna Wintour. Designer clothes by Lim can be found at Splash boutique (25345222) in Limassol.

Dominique’s elegance conveys a sense of glamorous clarity when it comes to its design, making it stand out among other Max Mara accessories. Created by combining cashmerelike deer and crocodile skin, the Dominique bag can be personalised by requesting the owner’s name be printed discreetly on it. 16b Stasscratous street (22670388)

Convinced it was restricting her creativity, Liana Pattichi escaped from the realm of interior design and joined her children at university, graduating with first class honours from the Jewellery Design Department at Middlesex University. Even before she had even completed her first exhibition, renowned designers were approaching Pattichi to ask about her work, and specifically the new method she had discovered involving welding precious metals with enamel. Since then, Pattichi has been invited to some of the most important jewellery exhibitions in the world and her work is considered to be art bijoux, the term for jewellery, which, much like other art forms, is intended specifically for collections.

“One Fifth Avenue”, the latest novel by Sex & the City creator, Candace Bushnell, comes as a pleasant surprise, promising to become a permanent fixture on every nightstand. Focusing on actors, writers and New York’s elite, the novel revolves around a special building believed to enrich the lives of those who are ‘lucky’ enough to secure a place there…


Metal detector As the highlight of this season is emogoth it becomes obvious that one should invest in black and metal. A good way to start is by purchasing this Burberry clutch bag!

Sitting pretty It did not take long for the Bijoux café bar in Limassol to become one of the city’s hot spots. Boasting an impressive design, (created by designer Pericles Liatsos), the café has the ability to capture the attention of every passer-by. Once inside, the warm ambience, delicious strawberry margaritas, as well as an extensive menu offering anything from coffee and a sandwich, to wine and platters, should be more than enough to keep you satisfied. (Bijoux Café Bar, 25329100)


Blank canvas As you sit in your house staring at the white, empty walls that surround you, you may feel an urge to pick up a marker and start sketching… however, unless you hold a degree in Art it’s probably best to leave it to the experts! ΟΙΚΑΔΕ (IKADE) offers unique vinyl stickers specially created for interior decoration which feature designs by a number of established and new designers. One thing’s for certain, you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling when you see the transformation!

face }

by Athena Karsera


On the way up ypriot fashion designer Elena Strongyliotou’s name has long been synonymous with exquisite bridal gowns but she has more recently become just as popular for her prêta-porter creations. Strongyliotou’s collections this year have already received critical acclaim at Athens Fashion Week and in Cyprus. The designer said that she had been inspired “by a combination of the romantic woman of the 1950s combined with the dynamic female of the 1960s”. Details inspired by the architecture of Imperial Japan are also present while Strongyliotou selected natural tones for her colour pallet. Strongyliotou said that while her collection contains elements of many of the season’s trends, she believed that “every designer had their own interpretation of what fashion means”. She lists participating in two local fashion weeks and Athens Fashion Week as being two highlights of her year in design so far. Other highlights include coverage of her designs in US and Australian as well as Greek newspapers. These included an item in the prestigious New York Times following her Athens show. More coverage is expected in international fashion publications over the coming months. Earlier achievements include Strongyliotou showing her first prêt-a-porter collection in 2007. While the clothing was critically acclaimed, the show itself went down in fashion history for it’s innovate style. Strongyliotou presented another prêt-a-porter collection in April this year, covering the Spring-Summer 2008 season, the collection was called ‘Metamorfosis’. Amongst many other fashion accomplishments, Strongyliotou also participated in the world’s most important bridal wear exhibition in 2006, Milan’s Sposa Italia. Strongyliotou noted that it was always a challenge for designers to work away from their studio but that her experiences at high profile fashion shows this year had been positive. “Once you overcome the stress it is a rewarding experience,” she said. On her plans for the future, Strongyliotou said that she was always designing and full of plans but preferred not to talk about them until they were ready for presentation.



TE racelet OXET

th e


trench-c tton oa Co t,


MAX&CO 99, €2

n€ 130 , SESSIL

at Le



ta Me


ther bag, F Lea er e

trends } fashion | beauty | accessories r ln Ke eck lace, Dyrberg/

ostas Theodor ,C o tti

coffee & chocolate

du or

roy trousers,

€ 86


he €9 rb allerina shoes,


If you wish to paint with nature’s palette, the best results will come from earth tones. Add a dash of brown and start creating!

ther belt, O as Lea i Co a, tton pashmin


at ch w

a str


cb 0 yM 06 arc Jacobs, €1


e Su

, de es an oti d T l e ather bo IS €550, AMICC

W UD alter Steiger, IO

€7 0, S WATCH

r Ma Leather bag,


e es Am and l oti ule eather bo ti J, MATITA



3.5 0, D

ith leather



7.59, DEBENH €3 A s,

e Su



d jacket, Koa itte n Kn



s, DE Jaspe r Conran BE N H A MS

I llen ,P Vest, €190


t, ele Brac


Ba E la B ,D ooste €10.95

grey moods


k l ac 5 ew 19 ith crystals, €

gs, €7.95, S rrin TR Ea

Woo lly

trends } fashion | beauty | accessories



ve glo , Woollen 50 €20.

Cotton s kir t, LAIN MAN OU 7, A €9

One of the favourite colours for this winter season, grey, is taking a leading role in this year’s fashions.


trousers, €2 llen oo 7 W


coat, O asi ollen s Wo 77, DEBENH AM 53. €1

m ps Pu

, €85, S AX


celet, Bala B oo Bra

95, PINKO t, € ha

c ne Metal


D 7.95, EBENH A e€ t s

Pu m ps


, €85, SAX

Ring, €80,



fashion news }

It’s a trendy world

by Ioanna Constantinou

• Post-it Note The grunge look has been lingering on the catwalks for quite a few seasons now, but this year especially, it seems plaid is enjoying its moment in the limelight. Before your mind is bombarded with images of milking cows and collecting eggs, this year’s selection of supple plaid shirts found at Replay stores are a far cry from your typical farmer’s attire. Choose from the wide variety of shirts on display and tie it around the waist of your boyfriend jeans for the coolest of casual looks this autumn. Download some Nirvana tunes onto your i-pod and you’re good to go!

FASHION RADAR Mary Katrantzou Received with enthusiastic praise for her work on several high-profile publications and websites in the fashion world, such as Dazed & Confused, British Vogue, Wallpaper and ShowStudio, Greek designer Mary Katrantzou has burst onto the London fashion scene to become the hottest name on everyone’s lips. Of her trademark imaginative trompe l’oeil prints of large, chunky jewellery, she says: “I always wanted women to wear large jewellery. But if they wore necklaces as big as I imagined them to be, they’d be too heavy! So, I printed them straight onto the clothes instead!”

quote of the month “Tom had a very precise vision of the company that didn’t challenge women. Tom is talented but not gifted. That’s the way he managed the business. Why do you want to be safe? I’m more like: why don’t you wear grey flannel for an evening dress? I find that fantastic. Not Tom, never!” Catty statement by Stefano Pilati, head designer of Yves Saint Laurent, on his predecessor and former boss, Tom Ford. Claws come out on the fashion front…Meow!

•Sandals and poetry In his interview with Another Magazine, Marios Schwab has revealed the most well-kept secret of the Athens in-crowd: Stavros Melissinos’ shop on Agias Theklas Street, in Monastiraki. Known to his famous customers as ‘the sandal poet,’ Melissinos’ shop is frequented not only by the fashionistas of Athens but has also welcomed customers of the likes of the Beatles, Maria Callas, Sophia Lauren and even Jackie O. And the best part? No need to break the bank; Melissinos’ creations never surpass the €30 mark. 14 THE CYPRUS WEEKLY FLAIR NOVEMBER 2008

{ home alone by Demetra Molyva photos by Stefanos Kouratzis years ago, when he was still a medical student. “I like the statues of horses because, in fact I’m terrified of them. I would love to be able to ride, I would love it. So, for me the statue represents a big fear and horses are such elegant and intelligent creatures.” It wasn’t long before Anni returned to her passion in life and we started to talk about the evolution of Cyprus, as she has known it since the 70s. “When I first came here of course, it was a very troubled time. So I have seen a lot of change over the years. The evolution, let’s say, for good and bad because I went through the troubles, I went through the invasion and when I came here, of course, it was beautiful, it was quiet but now it is more sophisticated. Cyprus has changed so much over the years and my life has changed accordingly. I am very happy that I have been able to witness the evolution of the island.”

The diary of Anni Fessas “


honestly love my life in Cyprus,” said Anni Fessas after we’d settled into her comfortable living room. The Welsh wife of renowned cardiologist Charis Fessas was brought up and educated in London but has lived in Cyprus since 1970, reveals that she has kept a diary since arriving, which she hopes to bring out soon. “I’ve been writing my observations and since from 1970, when I arrived in Cyprus and I have never stopped writing them. I have literally on record all the daily happenings here, political, social, emotional.” She impresses without trying, exuding an effortless elegance while she showed me around her home. Her charm left me feeling genuinely at ease, before we settled into the living room, which is filled with modern and antique pieces and furniture, marrying the old with the new. There was sugar- white everywhere, with dashes of bright yellow and black and plenty of fresh flowers, plants and wooden furniture - the effect was relaxing yet interesting. One of her favourite pieces was a large bold-coloured painting by Glyn Hughes, “because it is full of life” she said, as she proudly showed me a large collection of works by Cypriot painters. There were statues and icons everywhere, mostly statues of horses. One of them was very precious as it was given to her by her son Christian, one Christmas many


Anni successfully combines the old with the new to stylish effect


fashion | beauty | accessories

{ trends


ather jacket,


€690, LA BE rre Fe L

e th Lea p p e Giuse

black is beautiful

rb all erina oes, Za sh I no IN tti, € 430, VIC

You simply cannot get away from it, no matter how hard you try. This year black again proves there is no such thing as the new black – it’s always been around and here to stay.



Metal brace let

strass detaili ith ng , sw


kir t, S


€2 ia B 95, MATITA

y So nia

ni m

r Ho

et ail s, € 140, PINKO

trous , C’N’C ers IO DE SIGNER STUD

€2 59

Ry kiel

nb sd rac elet with stras


Ring, .9 €9



nt Pate


the r


€38 0, KULT

u Mi


sus €860, S ES Ver

ri Ear


r the Le a

O’ S

e Fre Jumpsuit,


€5 9.80, CUBE

,C , Celine €883





Leathe rb a

Mi u

Fo ,J rH umanity, €98


{ trends

24.95, MA


ffashion | beauty | accessories

kl ac e, €

happy colours

c Ne

Woolle n €42 .72 ja ,

Redherring e t, ck NHAMS BE DE

This season’s colours bring a touch of brightness to the autumn dullness and are as impressive as ever.


nit ted eJ dress, Versac

ea ns S , €2 38, LABEL


chino os CARA , 90




b ag

, Mulberry ,P

nd silk sk ol a irt , Wo p and Ch a ic € e h C 4

Co tt o



us tro

ers, €288 ,M

Leather bag ,J €617.70, D es i

alliano nG di o oh er Stu gn

Le at h G Pa

, ag LS

er leath clutch nt te re €260, LA b r BE Fe F

in Sat

, ba ller .09 ina shoes, €17

o bo L Crocodile 0, €43

tie AB s, G F Ferre EL S



canvas bag tive Ac L ACTIVE ME CA

Cam €7 el 7

e st



y li f e

wind br


fashion | beauty | accessories


ea k e

n shirt, €29 tto 5Y co 2K

Just Ca va lli

spoil him }

t lea C’N’C

he R rb NE elt € 115 DESIG

chic & casual

ath e


€ 2 00 G U C C I

Gucci le

e tiv Camel Ac

jea A ns €109 CAMEL .95

Tips to create a discreet yet elegant look that will make an impression any time of the day.

elt rb


Celio jack et

€5 9.9 9 CELIO

Co d O GL e je ans €44.90



att Bag



B shoes €99

cc i

ca n





€9 9B

vas bag €4


the r




tt lea

th e r s h



GLOU MENSWEAR Flana Ltd, 170 Anexartisias, Limassol, Cyprus, Tel.: 0035725344323


life is


Story by Tonia Stavrinou Photos by Demetris Vattis


o you believe everything happens for a reason?” “I don’t know. What do you think?” She could have responded in a number of different ways but instead she tells me the story of how she managed to beat breast cancer just a few months before her husband was appointed Finance Minister and then joined the Anti-Cancer Society’s council becoming a worthy advocate for the welfare of cancer patients. It’s around noon. The minister’s car is backing out of the garage and, as it stops to let me pass, I get a glimpse of Charilaos Stavrakis who no doubt must be on his way back to the office. His wife greets me at the door. “I didn’t know ministers take lunch breaks,” I say, and she smiles knowingly. “It’s rare but it happens.” She leads me to a flood-lit sitting room, decorated with wood and different shades of beige and brown. Now that her husband has become a minister, she must have more leverage to push for the issues faced by cancer patients, I say. “It’s true,” she replies. “Something comes to mind every day. And if I happen to come across the Minister of Health, I pester him too. I am afraid that pretty soon the poor man will run when he sees me!” She throws back her head and laughs heartily. “It all happened over the past year and a half. My illness and Charilaos’ new position as minister…If I had not become ill I wouldn’t have been able to relate to the problems cancer patients face and would have limited my contribution to the Christodoula March to a donation like most people.” She discovered the tumour in her breast during a routine visit to the gynaecologist. “After I had the smear test my doctor advised me to have a mammography. ‘Is this necessary doctor’, I said, ‘let’s leave it for another time; I’m really busy these days.’ He wouldn’t take no for an answer though and pushed me to make an appointment. Thank goodness. And thank goodness I was too embarrassed to cancel it. “On my way out I told the nurse to send me the results later on as usual. My doctor caught up with me at the exit. ‘You have to stay, we need to do all the tests again – I’ve detected something.’ “My first reaction was that the equipment must be malfunctioning. The doctor’s fears, however, were confirmed. I couldn’t believe it. I’d ask myself over and over again, ‘How on earth could this happen?’ “I always exercised, ate healthily, I never got sick, I had never been through any serious crisis in my life and there was no family history of cancer.” She started treatment immediately: surgery to remove the tumour, six months of chemotherapy, followed by two months of radiation.


“My father came to all my treatments but when I told him one day ‘Come and see the room where I have my chemotherapy,’ he refused. ‘I don’t want to see the place where you have to suffer’ he said”. “The Oncology Centre is a remarkable facility. To begin with, the building is clean, tasteful and you won’t come across a single dirty blanket, or oldfashioned plaid curtain. “Everything is carefully appointed and there is nothing that resembles the image of a traditional hospital. The staff are exceptional and the doctors convey a sense of trust and security. You can sense the nurses’ positive energy and I felt instantly that I was in good hands.” She cuts a small slice of chocolate cake. “We rarely have cakes at home, but I will have a piece with you.” I ask if their family has a history in politics. She replies that they were never really involved in political parties. Her father, Dr Amerikos Argyriou, was one of the most well-known and loved paediatricians in Limassol and he had always been a member of EDEK. “My father came to all my treatments but when I told him one day ‘Come and see the room where I have my chemotherapy,’ he refused. ‘I don’t want to see the place where you have to suffer’ he said.” “I avoided putting my family face to face with my illness. My husband would drive me to the centre and when we reached the entrance I would tell him to get back to his work. I didn’t want him there with me. If he had been there I would have worried about how he was feeling. “You don’t want to put your loved ones through that. I, at least, wanted to keep them away from all of it, both my husband and my children.” “Sometimes, seeing the pain of someone we love we become nervous


and that can lead us to resort to humour…” “I had the operation on a Friday and on the Sunday Charilaos came to pick me up. Thinking of it now makes me laugh. He felt that the sooner I got out of the clinic, the sooner everything would be over. He brought the doctor over and said ‘Look at her, isn’t she fine? She’s fine. So now let’s just go home.’ “You know, when a woman is ill it interferes with the family dynamics. What they needed was to see me at home so they could feel that it was over. Of course, nothing was over then. It had actually just begun.” Smiling from ear to ear, she begins to tell the story of the six months of chemotherapy that she went through with her friends by her side. “We were like a girl band!” She tells me a series of stories of how they were able to transform the pain into laughter. “I was so lucky. My illness was divided into six equal pieces and each friend of mine took one.” “They would all sit together in the chemotherapy room - in fact they would have all been lying down with her if they weren’t reprimanded by the staff.” “During the treatment, I had to wear this awful hat to prevent me from losing all my hair. It was like having a piece of ice on your head, that’s how much you could feel it sting. “So I called one of my friends and asked her to bring me a jacket on her way there because I was cold. So she brings me a polo-neck which of course would not go over my head. We laughed so much at that. And then she said to me ‘Let me put it on and sit across from you so you can get warm just by looking at me’. “I had two amazing wigs, which at times I would also share with my friends. One night, when I went to pick up one of my friends from her house so we could go out, her hair was in such a mess that I gave her one. We got into the car, which was a convertible, and we both had to hold on to our wigs all the way to Protaras so they didn’t blow away. “Another time, I asked them to bring me some perfume because I couldn’t stand the smell of chemicals in the chemotherapy ward. It was during the 26 24THE THECYPRUS CYPRUSWEEKLY WEEKLY FLAIR NOVEMBER 2008

“My friends would bring several different home-made pies and we would share them with the others on the ward. I think I gave my friends the opportunity to experience another side of life, and for me they were the strongest medicine.” summer and the heat was unbearable. “They took a bottle of perfume and they more or less emptied it on my clothes. After a while we couldn’t breathe and neither could the rest of the patients. “So we evacuated the room and went outside. I must mention that the other patients and I felt like a group. “My friends would bring several different home-made pies and we would share them with the others on the ward. I think I gave my friends the opportunity to experience another side of life, and for me they were the strongest medicine. I never lost it and when it was all over we were left with a bond that cannot be compared to anything else.” They have been friends for years now. Some of them are classmates from her old school in Limassol who ended up marrying men from Nicosia. “At the wedding of the last one, from the Limassol group, I said that I wanted to find someone from Nicosia so that I could follow them and that was the night I met Charilaos.” “When I want to feel good, I put on my trainers and walk. I can walk for hours without getting tired. It’s as if my battery is being recharged. At first I felt that God sent me something that I could beat, and that’s a great feeling. I thought thank goodness this is the only thing I have. “From the moment that this adventure ended for me my mind was on those that were left behind. The hope that you keep alive inside you that they will get better is so strong it keeps you connected to them. You can’t turn your back on them.” Recently, she became a member of the Anti-Cancer Society’s council. She feels the most important thing is that more should be done for awareness. The money that is spent on treating patients who did not detect the problem earlier could be used for an awareness campaign. “For instance, one woman had to go to England four times for operations. If I could have warned her so that she would be aware of the problem and deal with it early on, she would not have to go through all that she did. Plus all that money could have been used to increase awareness for others as well.” She tells me that she had been able to deal with it all so well because she knew that her suffering had an end date. Others don’t know when it will end. Or how. “When you get through it you just want to forget. Never again did I dress in the clothes I wore then and I no longer use the bag I used to take with me to the Oncology centre. I never want to smell the perfume I used then”. She kisses me on both cheeks even though I spoiled her mood by telling her that she will be photographed alone. “But can’t my friends be in the picture too?” Her request was politely refused but she insisted, until deciding that this is one battle she would let me win.


A national treasure 28 THE CYPRUS WEEKLY FLAIR NOVEMBER 2008

It wasn’t just artefacts of Cypriot heritage that was taken overseas. We also lost someone who was invaluable to the Cypriot community but whisked away to foreign lands. Tasoula Hadjitofi has had quite an amazing time during her years abroad - so much so that she is a nominee for the ‘Woman of Europe’ prize. Speaking with her about her adventures, the pleasure is all ours. Story by Tonia Stavrinou Photos by Marina Shacola


he year is 1976. The place, London. As a young woman exuding an irresistible combination of assurance and coyness, Tasoula Hadjitofi has men stopping in their tracks as she walks past. Tasoula’s memories of London are of a time when a breath of fresh air was sweeping across the nation; the hippy movement, The Beatles, new fashions, changes in politics and feminism were in full-swing. The world she had left behind however was a far cry from this atmosphere of revolution. A refugee with war wounds still very fresh, Tasoula had left family and loved ones far away. “There were four of us, three daughters and a son. We had lived on Esperidon Street in Famagusta. I came from a family of breadwinners, and my mother, who hadn’t even graduated from high-school, was one of the wisest people I have ever known. She had embedded deep within us the ability to tell right from wrong.” Tasoula studied Computer Science in London, and her stunning Mediterranean looks allowed her to add modelling to the list of jobs she undertook during her studies. After completing four years of schooling, she decided to leave for Holland. “I was twenty-one years old, and I found my first job by going through the phonebook. I worked through all the listings in alphabetical order and called every single company I found. Naturally, no one was interested. I couldn’t even speak the language. So I decided it would be more effective if I began knocking on doors instead. “I would wake up every morning, dress to the nines, and show up at the different companies. But my efforts proved fruitless as I never had an appointment, and time after time I was sent away. Until one day, a beautiful, brunette lady from Israel took pity on me. ‘Poor girl,’ she had said. ‘I don’t have an opening for you but I will create a position simply because you are so stubborn and refuse to give up. You remind me of myself.’ I have never been unemployed since.” To say that she has never been without work is an understatement. In fact, it proved to be the launch pad for a career that was about to soar. She has since founded her own company, Octagon Support, which works as an employment agency for Computer Science graduates. “We have people from all over the world and we sell their services to companies such as Shell, Europol, BP, ING Bank.” Three years ago, she expanded her business and founded Octagon Investments, which acts as a mediator for company collaborations. “I’m sort of like a matchmaker for companies,” she laughs.


“On the outside, he looked completely British; blond, fair-skinned… Imagine my surprise when I discovered that he was, in fact, half Cypriot.”

And it was her job that acted as a matchmaker for her own marriage. She first caught sight of her future husband as he sat behind a computer at the Shell offices, where she had gone for a business meeting. “On the outside, he looked completely British; blond, fair-skinned… Imagine my surprise when I discovered that he was, in fact, half Cypriot. He had just started working at Shell and had come from England to train in Holland. He would only be working there for a year, and when I met him he was already in his second month. It did not take long for the romance to blossom.” They were married in 1989. Tasoula chose to defy conformity and her wedding dress of choice was a fuchsia skirt and jacket with black buttons - the very latest in 80s fashion. With the groom in a navy blue suit, the couple were a sight to behold. Together they had Andreas, who is 18, Sophia, who is 16, and eight-year old Marina. “My son feels Dutch when he is with his friends, supports British football teams, and loves our family in Cyprus.” But if there is one thing that troubles her, it is that her children do not speak Greek. “My second daughter has special needs, and it is already difficult for her to speak both English and Dutch. Our doctors have warned us against introducing a third language into the household.” Her experience with a child with special needs has taught her to reevaluate what she calls the truths of life, and has brought her closer to its real essence. “My time with Sophia is precious. She has taught me a lot about what my priorities are, and it is in situations like these where you begin to realise how unimportant many of life’s grievances are. The real value lies in the things we usually take for granted.” Tasoula explains how happiness is, after all, merely a decision one makes. It all boils down to the age-old story with the glass… and for Tasoula her’s is always half full. “When something tragic happens, something


shocking, we each find our own means of survival. Mine is to lock away in my mind the things that hurt me and never re-visit them until I feel I am truly ready. This is what I did when I left Varosi.” Tasoula was fifteen years old at the time of the invasion, and for two years before her departure for London, her family lived in Limassol. She recalls how difficult it was to settle in her new surroundings. “I remember how hurt I felt when our landlady named her cat Refugee. And I remember she would tell her grandchild ‘eat your food or I’ll give it to the refugees!’ I felt like an inferior citizen. “And in England I became an immigrant, another word that has stigmatised me. In Holland, again, I was a foreigner.” These unwanted labels became, in time, the point from which she drew strength. “I began to analyse my otherness. My motive was my need to belong somewhere. And that’s when I began to realise that what makes me different is not my dark hair, nor my accent. It’s my history, my culture, my language, my habits, my religion. And the only way we can feel strong, and stand on our own two feet without the insecurity that we are weak and unimportant is not through nationalistic exaltations, but instead, simply, knowing our history. Our heritage is a great one, and that should definitely make us feel proud, equal to all other nations, neither superior nor inferior.”

“It was the greatest honour for me. Keep in mind that I am a woman, and not even a woman who attends church every Sunday. And yet he believed in me and assigned me this huge responsibility.”

In 1986, she was appointed honorary consul of Cyprus for Holland. She was the first woman consul and, at 27, the youngest to have ever been appointed. The effect of her identity, which had once tormented her, had become her own personal crusade. In 1995, when she called the late Archbishop to tell him that she had spotted some icons in Holland from occupied churches in the north of Cyprus, she expected the Church to appoint lawyers to handle the matter. However, the Archbishop summoned her and gave her carte blanche authorisation to deal with the situation herself. “It was the greatest honour for me. Keep in mind that I am a woman, and not even a woman who attends church every Sunday. And yet he believed in me and assigned me this huge responsibility. And it is because of this trust that my efforts bore fruit.” Tasoula managed to repatriate 60 archaeological treasures. This story, and many others is the reason behind her decision to write her autobiography. She wanted to tell the world the true story of the artefacts, the way the situation was handled, operation Munich, and the pettiness of certain civil servants. “I have a lot bottled up inside. And I feel it’s time to speak the truth. At the time, I naively thought that by bringing the Cypriot authorities into the affair – police, district attorney, even the foreign office – there would be cooperation amongst us, that I would no longer be working alone. However, I was sorely disappointed. I encountered people who put their greed for promotion above the cause. “That, for me, was the biggest blow and has torn me apart. It is because of reactions such as these that ten years on, pieces of our cultural heritage are still out of our reach.” Her nomination for this year’s ‘Woman of Europe’ award couldn’t have come at a better time. “I felt like it was a homecoming gift. My nomination has opened up doors which will enable me to continue my work.” Under her counsel, legislation in Holland has changed and she can now lay claim upon the four icons from the Antiphonal Church. Following this positive development, she has picked up where she left off in 1999, when the matter of the stolen Cypriot artefacts fell solely into the hands of the District Attorney, and remained stagnant. Fear, of adversity I discover, was never an issue for her. “You must not let neither fear nor pain paralyse you. A positive stance is a strong weapon. If I wasn’t the way I was, I would have keeled over and died by now!” she laughs out loud. “Life is so wonderful. Full of exploration and amazing discoveries. If you simply sit and look towards the past, the best things in life pass you by and you don’t even notice. It’s a shame.” 32 THE CYPRUS WEEKLY FLAIR NOVEMBER 2008




The new season has created a domino effect of new trends, new pieces, new accessories and, in turn, new desires and new dilemmas. To keep things simple, we took it upon ourselves to search, scrutinise, choose and compartmentalise the 20 must-have pieces for your wardrobe this season.

1 Guillotined shoes 2 Suit by Yves Saint Laurent 3 Cocktail dress Alber Ezar. 4 Jeans Lou Doillon for Lee. 5 Bag by Yves Saint Laurent. 6 Rodarte. 7 Tuxedo jacket by Calvin Klein. 8 Platforms by Louis Vuitton. 9 Jacket by Gucci 10 Jacket by Burberry 10

2 9

By Ioanna Constantinou

1 Guillotined shoes

Finally, the all-purpose shoe we’ve been searching for all winter. Whether it’s with wide-leg trousers, austere tweed dresses or pencil skirts, these pumps effortlessly add class and elegance to any outfit.



A suit from the Yves Saint Laurent collection This sea-

son’s ultimate look is Stefano Pilati’s new slinky suits. The freshest concept we have encountered on the catwalks in years, and a true indication of what we can expect as this season progresses.

3 Lanvin cocktail dress

Who can resist this torrent of silk cascading freely on the shoulders? And if the silken waterfall is adorned with the label of Alber Ezar, it immediately becomes one of the hottest items of the season! 34 THE CYPRUS WEEKLY FLAIR NOVEMBER 2008

by Lou Doillon for 4 Jeans Lee

The it-girl of the Paris fashion scene also happens to be the daughter of British-born Jane Birkin. If this alone isn’t enough to convince you of her fashion expertise, then pick up a pair of jeans designed by Lou for Lee, and bring some brightness to the dull days of winter that await us.

Yves Saint Lau5 Tricolour rent bag

Classic and beautiful, this bag is every fashionista’s crutch. You can’t go wrong with a bag like this under your arm.

knitted and 6 Something woven by Rodarte

Rodarte leggings, specifically, which give a slight gothic edge to any outfit and are a funkier substitute to boring stockings. Or take a look at the brightly-coloured woven cardigans, perfect for snuggling into as the months turn colder.

4 5

7 Calvin Klein tuxedo jacket

Tuxedo jackets are the new it-bag and the all-purpose object of our desire. Invest in an elegant tuxedo jacket and it will always have your back.


8 Mongolian Gucci jacket

This jacket takes the boho trend one step further, towards the East, in fact, bringing a breath of fresh air to a wardrobe bogged down with the sameness of minimalist chic. After all, who doesn’t need a bit of extravagance in their life?

7 6

platforms by 9 Towering Louis Vuitton

Move over, mousey girls. Glamorous women are back in the limelight, making bold statements with the newest creation from Marc Jacobs. Indeed, if the designer hadn’t taken the initiative, we would have designed these shoes ourselves. Slip your feet into the Louis Vuitton platforms anytime you want to feel like you’re starring in your own personal Helmut Newton photo shoot – and don’t forget the handcuffs!

jacket by Burb10 Feathery erry Prorsum

We never say no to luxury, especially when luxury looks this fabulous. Feathers are here to stay this season as well, continuing to provide evening outfits with a touch of the roaring ‘20s. 35 THE CYPRUS WEEKLY FLAIR NOVEMBER 2008

hot BUYS

11 Bag by Prada. 12 Boots by Ann Demeulemeester. 13 Pumps by Prada. 14 Dress by Comme Des Garson. 15 Versace. 16 Chains by Givenchy. 17 Sweater by Max Mara. 18 Collection by Dolce & Gabbana. 19 Dress by Jil Sander. 20 Dress by Marc Jacobs

11 Lace bag by Prada

Undoubtedly the bag of the year, the new Prada creation takes the lace trend to new levels. A winner among fashion-lovers everywhere.


Demeulemeester 12 Ann lace-up boots

Simply because they work with everything! These versatile boots are both punk and Victorian, both smart and casual, and can be worn with anything, at any time, depending on your mood.

pumps by 13 Shark-fin Prada

These stylish pumps are a perfect match to the lace pencil skirts which have appeared this season, as well as to the straight-leg Yves Saint Laurent trousers, cuffed to just above the ankle.


13 14

Punky, trashy dress by Comme Des Garco

Treading precariously on the thin line between attention-grabbing and kitsch makes this dress all the more enticing, and few women can truly pull it off. As is always the case with things that are just out of our reach, this puts the dress even higher on the must-have list!

12 15

one-shoulder 15 Dramatic top from Versace

Who does drama better than Donatella Versace? Her entire collection for this season has proved incontestable, offering not only bold jewel hues that dramatically brighten anyone’s mood, but also have the ability to be sexy without being strident. Channel a bit of Donatella into your life. Excessive tanning salon usage optional.


16 Givenchy chain waterfall

Don’t be fooled by the harsh, rocker-chick appearance of these chain necklaces by Givenchy. When draped around your neck in countless layers, they immediately turn even the most mundane outfit into a Boho masterpiece.

Mara evening 17 Max sweater

This multipurpose sweater has the rare combination of warm and sexy, and that’s all we need to become completely smitten.

Britannia by Dolce 18 Cool and Gabbana






Britain is cool again, there’s no doubt about it. Dolce and Gabbana pay homage to the British Isles with their new collection of smart plaid and tweed skirts, trousers, bags, even jeans and shoes, all in true British fashion.

dress by Jil 19 Smart Sander

It seems femininity has acquired a stern façade and an aura of mystery this year, and no one does it better than Raf Simons of Jil Sander. He has dug deep into his pocket and invested fearlessly in this new trend in austerity, eager to pave the way for his daughter’s entry into the business.

little black dress 20 Leather by Marc Jacobs

It appears that this LBD is here to stay, still lingering on the catwalks, making sure that if you missed it last season, you can snap it up this time around. The leather gives the cuteness of this shift dress a harder edge, while a simple switch of shoes and accessories means it will carry you through both day and night.


Day therapies that can make wrinkles disappear, state-of-theart equipment that puts an end to cellulite and new silicone implants that last for a lifetime… the only reason to let your age show is if you want it to!


hen I look in the mirror I always discover the extremist in me, a Mujahideen ready to exterminate the black pores and age spots in the name of the Allah of beauty. Equipped with the most innovative cosmetic products I have so far been able to achieve two things: (a) to move from the stage of acne to the stage of wrinkles and (b) spend an exorbitant amount, about the size of Nigeria’s debt, on creams and lotions. It’s all been in vain. The enemy shows no signs of retreating. The hateful oily skin of puberty simply gave way to the (even more) hateful dullness of a 30 year old’s skin. Just before abandoning all hope I found myself in a café chatting with long lost friends and heard about hyaluronan acid and the miracle of mesotherapy. Being the last to hear about these treatments I had to endure comments such as “What world are you living in?” Nonetheless, I grabbed a notebook and rushed off - ready to be converted – to pay a visit to two scientists with the intention of asking the simple question “What’s new?”

Turn back the clock By Tonia Stavrinou


Mesotherapy is the latest trend in the world of anti ageing. Mesolift or mesoglow is a series of injections used on every inch of the face and neck. The treatment is recommended for use in people aged 35 to 40 at about the time when the skin begins to loosen and the first wrinkles are visible - even when the face is expressionless. The results are immediate. By the third visit the skin begins to appear fresher and the face is generally smoother and more sculpted. The way mesotherapy works is twofold: First, the minor trauma of the skin during the procedure ‘awakens’ its natural collagen. Second, the various injections that are used act as sculptors, accentuating the shape of the face and filling in the wrinkles. In about half an hour the therapy takes off a few years, a few all-nighters and several hours of sun therapy. Hyaluronan acid is the most well-known and widespread material currently used for this type of treatment. It’s an entirely safe element also found naturally in the body and is involved in water retention. Most of the substances used in the treatments are natural, including vitamins, amino acids, various microelements and antioxidants. In other words, the injections contain all the ingredients used in creams with the difference being that they are guaranteed to reach the desired location (specifically the cells under the epidermis). Beyond its use for wrinkles, mesotherapy can also have an effect on age spots, discoloration of the skin, marks and small veins. A good doctor should create an individualised ‘cocktail’ based on the needs of each patient. “Will it hurt doctor?” I ask. There is hardly any pain. The treatment is administered using an injection gun fitted with very fine needles. That way all the different ingredients get where they need to be without causing any real pain. Directly after the treatment there may be some swelling at the points where the injections were administered that should give way in about two to seven days. Six to nine treatments are needed, of which three are weekly and the remaining are every month. The doctor will usually recommend a repeat of the treatment once a year. Alternatively, diodic laser or ND YAG SYSTEM, a new method using laser, requires fewer visits and has approximately the same results as mesotherapy. The difference with this method is that instead of using needles to reach the hypodermis it does this using heat. The collagen reacts to the heat and the results are impressive, particularly regarding wrinkles around the eyes. In some cases, a second or third treatment may be necessary in two month intervals. At this point I express my second greatest fear: “And what happens if I want to stop the treatments? Will my face droop and my cheeks drop down to my chin?” Absolutely not. The results last for years and afterwards the facial skin will slacken but it will still be in better shape then it would be without any treatment. Mesotherapy, diodic laser and Bottox generally work as intervention methods. Their aim is to delay the need to go under the knife for as long as possible. “Ok, maybe you will turn green and then purple before you transform into a caterpillar but you’ll get used to it.” Silent pause. “I was joking…” I knew that!




technology for breaking down fat is the use of ultrasound. There are internal and external ultrasounds but we won’t go into details as we would like you to finish reading this without nodding off. The only thing you really need to know is that fat is broken down with the smallest of trauma to the tissues, so there is less blood loss, less swelling and bruising in the area and the plastic surgeon can remove more fat with less effort. The new dynamic cannulas that move back and forth thousands of times per second within a very small distance (a few millimetres) make liposuction an easy business. Meanwhile, a subdivision of mesotherapy is Mesosculpting which deals with small quantities of fat in the arms, hips, thighs, neck, chin and other tough spots. The number of treatments can vary from 5 to 15 and can be administered every one or two weeks.

BREASTS For breast lifts and breast reductions there

have so far been two major disadvantages: wearing a bikini would have been out of the question since the scars never fade and a few years later you would need to go through the whole procedure again in order to maintain the results. Over the last few months, these procedures have been implemented using a different type of incision which results in a scar only around the nipple and vertically from the nipple down. Over time the scars will fade until they are barely visible. Apart from the incision, the part of the breast (pedicle) used to create the new one has also changed. Until recently the lower part of the breast had been used (resulting in it submitting relatively quickly to the laws of gravity) whereas now either the upper or middle pedicle are being used in the procedure. Thus, while the nipple could only be raised four to five cm with the old breast lift method, there are no restrictions with the new procedure. Furthermore, the results are also believed to be permanent. You want more? Good, because there is plenty to tell. New silicone! Cohesive silicone is much denser and thus more resilient. Even if the gel bursts it will still stay within the silicone implant. The new silicone’s life is longer and in fact manufacturers issue life-long guarantees. For now at least we will have to take their word for it as the new silicone has only recently entered the market.

We would like to thank specialist dermatologistaphrodisiologist, Dr. Villy Papacharalambous, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Andreas Chimonidis for the information provided.


For any woman, the promise “I can get rid of all your cellulite” is about as convincing as “It’s not what you think sweetheart”. However, there are two new methods that really do produce results. One of the methods uses mesotherapy techniques while the other is performed using suction equipment. The mesotherapy formula is again administered through injections containing drugs that are designed to dissolve the excess stored fat, boost blood circulation in the area and remove fibrous tissue thus improving lymphatic supply. In one word, success! For an average problem it will take about five to ten visits, while for serious conditions it may take up to 15. The liposuction equipment used in the second method was designed by Americans and works using suction receptacles. It is currently considered one of the most effective methods to fight cellulite. How does it work? The receptacles act as ‘plungers’ putting continuous pressure on the tough spots. This narrow marking creates minor trauma to the area resulting in changes in the arrangement of the collagen and elastic fibres. The reason that women have cellulite and men don’t is due to the way the collagen and elastic fibres are arranged in the skin. With the changes in arrangement of these fibres, they are squeezed into bulges resulting in the ‘orange peel’ look of the skin. The liposuction equipment uses both the ‘plungers’ and a special light to restore the natural make-up of the skin. The company that manufactured this equipment guarantees that the results are permanent; however, as it is a new method the true results await to be seen.


the ultimate NICOSIA SHOPPING GUIDE With Christmas rapidly approaching and the social diary starting to fill with events and parties, the need for a new outfit just went to the top of the ‘to do’ list. But with time, an ever-more precious commodity, we thought you might need some help, so we took a stroll around Nicosia’s finest shops to seek out the latest offerings from the world’s best designers. By Demetra Molyva Photos by Stefanos Kouratzis


The Louis Vuitton store offers the complete collection of handbags, leather wear, luggage, shoes for men and women, ties, cufflinks and textiles. Finesse comes as standard making it a long-time favourite of the capital’s women. This season’s collection is sensual, reminiscent of Hollywood stars from the 50s. Accessories cleverly interplay with shapes, materials and colours to create a unique and unbelievably feminine silhouette. Sheer luxury! 29 Stassicratous Street, tel. 22 873787

The Gucci store, has always stood as one of the flagbearers for style with the famous label’s ready-to-wear collection offering a complete range of accessories, including shoes, handbags and watches. This season there is a distinctive ethnic element throughout the store. The influence from Russia in the 50s and 60s can also be seen. Classic designs in black caught the eye while the range of dark green and mauve will tempt the daring. Delectable! 10 Arnaldas street (off Makarios avenue) tel: 22769511 The Amicci boutique for women’s wear hosts a vast collection of designers from Italy and France, including Yves Saint Laurent, Chloe, Stella McCartney, Blumarine, Costume National. Ready-to-wear collections and accessories, like handbags, shoes belts and leather accessories can also be found. The dominant colours this season are based on black, mauve nuances as well blue and emerald green. 28a, Stassicratous Street, tel 22678898

Many top designers can be found at Plantation (also located in Limassol) where modern women can find a wide selection of evening wear, casual wear and day wear that will cover all your needs during the holiday season. Featured designers include Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabanna, Michael Kors, Velvet Los Angeles, Victoria Beckam jeans, Basso & Brooke and Juicy Couture. 79-79a Makarios Avenue, tel 22374451

New in town! The recently opened Versace store houses the complete range, including ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories. Look out for the Berlin themed couture line by Versace for women. This season black is back and is inherent in the Versace fall winter 2008-2009 collection offering extremely feminine lines, along with plenty of mauve, yellow, fuchsia and tweed. The store’s accessories

include a range for men. For this winter, Versace as always prescribes black patent accessories in unique shapes and the Versace classic style. Must be seen! 11a, Themistoclis Dervis street (Corner of Stassicratous), tel 22410022

Cyprus Weekly loves! Exclusive is an outstanding boutique for men and women. This season the store features collections for men and women from Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, D2 Square, and shoes and accessories with a difference.We found unique white and black outfits, checks, zebra trenches, classic trouser suits, jackets with leather and fur combinations, long sexy dresses, and mini dresses, and loads of modern shoes with a character - ideal for making a big impression at a special occasion. 5, Kyriakos Matsis Street, Ayioi Omoloyites, tel 22318778



Cyprus Weekly loves! Cara. A stylish store with selected clothes and shoe collections from Jil Sander, Celine, Moschino, Alberta Ferretti and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Look out for the mauve full length and short pieces. Totally chic! 10, Yiannis Kranidiotis Street, tel 22769610

El Susurro is an ultra modern store with collections from France and Italy, including ready-to-wear, shoes, a vast range of accessories, jewellery, books on fashion and even champagne. Re-discover your femininity. 2b Mnasiadou Street, tel 22753024

Must Boutique is a great choice if you’re looking for style with a twist. It always offers chic and stunning pieces by top labels from Europe and the US that are just a little bit different. The Must collections for Fall-Winter 2008 are from Diane Von Furstenberg, Liana Camba, Nude, Issa, Milly, Joseph, Tibi, Cacharel, Cathrine Malandrino and Milly. The shop is not only strong on ready-to-wear, but also with accessories and unique shoes from Sergio Rossi, Gina, Juice Couture as well as Temperlcy bags. You will also find top quality children’s wear from Marine, Chloe, Paul & Shark, Cacharel, Harmont & Laine, Laura Biagiotti Dolls and Dirk Bikkembergs. 16, Ionos street Engomi, tel 22661301

Labels, is a must-see store in the heart of the capital offering collections for women and men from GF Ferre, VJC Versace, Ice Iceberg, Trussardi Jeans, Tru Trussardi and others. Here you’ll find a plethora of dresses, with a variety of shapes for trousers in tones of black, peoni, grey, red, dashes of green and midnight blue. Precious! 65, Makarios Avenue, tel 22375090 Dolci Neri has cute little dresses and ensembles, carefully selected by its owner, from collections from Bologna, Milan and Paris which includes Nana Baila, Motel, Anna Biagini and Nerissino. We loved its bohemian style, which is both neoclassic and trendy in grey, purple, black, and prints. The shop is ideal for dresses for all occasions, but it also offers a vast array of separates, jeans, shirts and accessories, like handbags and belts. So cute! 23a, Spyrou Kyprianou (Formerly Santa Rosa), tel 22760257


Designer’s Studio is the ideal shop for designer labels’ second lines, including Just Cavalli, McQ by Alexander McQueen, C and C by Costume National, Galliano Blugirl ready-to-wear, accessories, handbags and shoes. Modern and chic. 14, Stassicratous Street, tel 22676016 Flexi boutique is one of the places to find top Cypriot designers, including Erotokritos, Elena Pavlou, L+W, and Dora Schabel and Ioanna Louka handmade handbags, as well as Emanuella and Knotty accessories. Bold colours ranging from fuschia, mauve, grey, blue and of course classic black. The shop boasts long and short dresses, blouses, trousers and jackets and one-offs. Extremely you! 23, Aphrodite street, tel 22767003

Brio boutique is a cosy option for men and women for “easyshopping”, with a cautiously selected range of designer pieces for him and her, from Just Cavalli, Gianfranco Ferre, Versace, Galiano, Moschino and Guess. The store is strong on accessories, including fabulous handbags, shoes, foulards, and watches. We loved its long and knee length dresses, soft material tops, belts and jumpers in dark shades, including black, mauve. Très chic! Hilton hotel, 98 Makarios Avenue tel 22761061 Fogal offers an enormous collection of the Swiss brands items, mostly hosiery, some of which come in 200 colours. The shop is also known for it designer lingerie collections from Nina Ricci, John Galiano, Kenzo and Lacroix as well as pyjamas and nightdresses with matching slippers by Louis Feraud and Blumarine. The bathrobes on offer are a great extra touch. Truly intimate! 18b, Stassikratous Street, tel 22677590 Flashback. Nicosia wouldn’t be the same without this top quality vintage store. There’s nothing quite like the special feeling you get when you pick out a classic head turner that has everyone talking at an event. If that’s what you’re looking for get down to Flashback. You’ll find a great range from France with an array of evening dresses, in

bright colours and prints as well as black. You’ll also adore the unique coats and jewellery. The sparkling chandelier earrings caught my eye and we adore the vintage Chanel and Dior handbags. A classic! 10 Kosti Palama, tel 22680350 Any purchase from the Fendi store is an investment for your wardrobe. The shop holds the label’s entire collection for men and women including accessories, and children’s items. Its ready-to-wear line for women is based on the latest trends and is always chic. You’ll find dresses, evening wear especially, furs, jackets, and leather coats. Its main tones are black, red, grey, mauve, purple with a touch of yellow. We found a vast collection of delectable accessories, including some exquisite jewellery. 26a Stassicratous Street, tel 22675236

Equinox is the shop for first class fashion jewellery and accessories by international designers from France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and the US. This season gold and silver plated pieces are adorned with semi precious stones be they amethyst, quartz, aquamarine, turquoise, corals, and pearls; which also decorate gold chain belts together with strass. Ruling colours at the store this winter are mauve, green, black and plenty of gold. Simply regal! 11 Mnasiadou Street, tel 22671441



Ermenegildo Zegna shop for men features all the lines of the Italian label, including ready-to-wear, accessories, leather-goods, sunglasses and perfumes. It also offers a made-to-measure service where clothes are tailored for you in Switzerland. The shop’s lines vary from classic to modern and sporty and offer something for all ages. 28c, Stassikratous Street, tel 22675952

Our soft spot! Tiffany. The classic boutique in Nicosia, established since 1973, offers so much choice it’s the ideal place for creating your own unique style. International collections, including Chanel bags, shoes and accessories are the perfect touch for this Christmas. Other collections include Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci, Missoni, Vera Wang, Amanda Wakekley, DKNY, Philosophy and of course, Sonya Rykel. Style here comes in many shapes, with gothic or romantic lace motifs, androgynous leather pieces and fur combinations. There are classic long dresses and short pieces, in mauves, greys and earth tones - more than enough to create a personal style. 77, Makarios avenue, tel 22374070

Bejewelled! Nicos Ioannou is one of the island’s top jewellery designers and his collections are adored by many with their ultra feminine look. This season’s creations are a balance between yellow, rose and white gold. You’ll find a lot of royal family reproductions, like heavy chandelier earrings, a staple by the jeweller for the last five years. Dazzling! 79, Onassagorou street, tel: 22674925

A. Stephanides & Son Ltd offers an expansive range of branded watches and accessories from famous collections like, Patek Philippe, Vacheron, Constantin, Rolex, Tag Huer, Bulgari, Gucci as well as jewellery by Bulgari and Mikimoto. Tempt yourself with large stoned rings mostly in white gold, or long necklaces, bracelets and bangles, pendants with crosses. Hilton hotel 98 Makarios Avenue and 2 Aphrodite/ Stassandrou Street, tel 22757929 Go to Zara if you’re looking for easy, practical and yet stylish dressing. It’s perfect for browsing around on a Saturday, where fashion and accessories are offered in a wide range of colours and fabrics, and always in line with the latest trends. The shop is a must-see spot this season as its collections feature a classic element. We always find things we love! 20 Makarios avenue, tel 22761111

Camper. The Spanish label offer shoes for men and women and features the latest trends, styles and colours, mainly focusing on darker nuances, such as basic black, grey, brown and fashionable purple. Ultimate style! 24, Makarios Avenue, tel 22466411 Mixage. A charming store with delectable small collections from Italian designers like Rocco Barroco, Byblos 1st line, Anna and Rita N. This season’s collections feature masculine trouser lines and evening dresses, all in earth tones, greens and blues ending in fashionable mauve. Don’t miss it! 45e Stassicratous Street, tel 22752183

Mble is a long established store offering top designer labels from Italy and France like Commes des Garcons, Junya Watanabe, Vivienne Westwood and Plein Suit jeans. You’ll find ready-to-wear and shoes including the famous label Fausto Santini. This year’s trends are based on the shop’s classic choice for black and white with tones of lime, mauve, grey in mini, knee-length and long dresses and trousers in various shapes to suit every feminine silhouette. 10a Vassilissis Friderikis Street, (also in Limassol), tel 22751629


Metaxas Jewellery. One of the islands’ finest jewellers. This season he has focused on the come-back of regal creations using white and red gold. Here, coloured stones are out and diamonds are a girl’s best friend along with some gorgeous pearl creations. So precious! 8, Mnasiadou street, 205, Ledra street, 38c Stassicratous, Laodikias 17 (Strovolos) and The Mall of Cyprus, tel 22451240

So wow! Giuseppe Zanotti. High heels rule here this winter with insertions of French and gothic style with matching handbags. The famous Italian designer’s collection features absolute black with slight additions of mauve, electric blue and cyclamen. There is also a limited edition sandal adorned with grey swarovsky. Delicious! 11z, Mnasiadou Street tel 22668166

Kika Ioannidou boutique, the outlet of the long established Cypriot designer, offers unique women’s wear for the entire festive season and beyond. The prêt-a-porter collection follows a Retrscope, the contraction of traditional textiles with high-tech urban style. Another collection is inspired by Poiretos Art Deco designs and expressed in simple straight lines, rectangles and of course, Kikas’s feature, draping. It’s a fashion fusion mixing retro silk velvets with rough space-suit fabrics, chiffons and wools. Her experimental colour combinations are defined by a timeless simplicity of form juxtaposed to the new element of fashion knitwear, all made on hand-flat knitting machines. The craftsmanship of handmade knits resulting in a rogue vintage concept, wed traditional with modern elements. Exclusive! 14e Papaioannou Street, tel 22765882


SHOPPING MAP Replay is synonymous with casual style for all occasions with top quality collections for men and women. Under the theme “All in one but like no one” the Replay collections for autumn winter 2008-2009, are based on a marriage between the past and future, creating new trends with a personal and authentic style. The women’s collection borrows elements from the country-look to which modern trends are added to create an “urban” style. The menswear lines are inspired from the past reviving a look from the late 19th century and the start of the 20th century. Fabulous! 20a and b Stassicratous Street, tel 22670555 The Wolford shop has just introduced the Austrian design houses’ ready-to-wear line in Cyprus. Apart from stunning accessories, lingerie, bodices, and hosiery, the shop now has superb evening and day wear collections with lots of knitwear and separates, in mauve, cherry red, sugar white and the eternal black. Suits alternate with gallants and tops for a practical and elegant look this winter. 10d, Mnasiadou Street, tel 22672906

Pinko the Italian label’s collection this season focuses on feminity, with dresses inspired from the 20s, 30s and 70s. There are also lots of trousers in all shapes and forms, as well as accessories and shoes. The colour trends this season are black, green, beige, grey and purple. So many must haves here! 38a Stassicratous Street, tel 22756937 At Ma.tita you will find collections from Vivien Westwood, Sonya Rikel, Love, Sex and Money, and Amaleti J, and ready-to-wear for women and men as well as handbags, faux bijoux, ties and shawls. The store this season boasts dresses and plenty of mix and match combinations in black, mousy (grey/beige), wine and purple. 12a Promitheos Street, tel 22338729

Cube boutique is perfect for locating the latest trends in accessories, faux bijoux, shawls, handbags and shoes with collections by Lanvin, Marc by Marc, Marc Jacobs and Maria Calderara. You’ll find jewellery to complement any outfit. 28E, Stassicratous street, tel 22675244 Marks & Spencer. Quality has always oozed through everything M&S do and they’ve added a real sense of ‘now’ to their fashion styles. An extensive selection for men, women and children ensures there’s enough choice to please everyone and at great prices. Our faithful friend. 14 Makarios Avenue, tel 22-753078 and 90 Acropolis Avenue, tel 22510900

Max Mara. Style and simplicity go hand in hand in this famous Italian label’s store which offers elegant dressing for men and women for all ages and all occasions. Hasn’t everyone got a favourite piece that are looks good regardless of the current vogue? 16b Stassicratous Street, tel 22670388

Debenhams offers a huge choice of international labels for men’s and women’s clothing including accessories, cosmetics and home items. It is a one-stop shop for those of us who go for simplicity and elegance. 18 Cretis Street, tel 22758801, 171-9 Ledra Street, tel 22679369 and 22 Makarios Avenue, tel 22849000 Baggatt. This favourite Italian brand offers the ultimate in style for footwear with the latest trends and colour combinations. The store always offers top quality and a vast variety with lots of emphasis on details. Sheer finesse! 24 Makarios avenue Tel 22750449 34 the shop is a treasure trove of carefully selected international collections for men and women, including Paul Frank and ED Hardy. Always stylish with a strong sense of individuality. 34, Stassicratous Street, tel 22758428


Most people who go to Mango treat it like a dependable friend – always there to get you out of a difficult spot. You’ll find just about everything for stylish dressing here, from ready-to-wear, evening dresses, party looks and casual wear as well as accessories, including shoes. This winter the look here is focused on severe masculine trouser suits and kneelength dresses as well as a few long ones, in shades of mauve, brown and eternal black. Can’t live without it! 33, Makarios Avenue, tel 22758333

Karen Millen. Classic and elegant women’s wear for all occasions this season, with collections including casual wear, evening dresses below the knee, handbags and boots. The dominant colours are mauve, turquoise, dark green, grey and black. Classy. 32 Stassicratous street, tel 22755770

New entries

Coming Soon!

Kaloghirou is a fabulous store in line with its Athens

Dolce Gabbana’s store will open later this month,

counterpart. It features a huge range of footwear for men, women and children as well as accessories, including handbags, belts and keyrings. In addition to its own classy range you can choose from Jimmy Choo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Tod’s, Casadei, Sonia Rykel, Sergio Rossi, Hogan and Carshoe. Black is king here this season, with some brown, grey and mauve touches. Adorable! 13, Mnasiadou street, tel 22660955

just in time for Christmas, with the designers’ range, including accessories such as glasses, underwear, clothes, swimwear, shoes, bags with unique colour combinations, silk dresses, blouses and scarves, leopard dresses, chic and simple dresses, jeans, blazers and riding trousers. The shop’s deco is prescribed from Italy. We just can’t wait to try it. 36c and d, Stassicratous Street

Marella, part of the Italian Max Mara Fashion group, opened in September with an upgraded autumn winter collection. This season’s trends here transport us back to the 60s, with beautifully designed shapes which are the best expression of the uncompromising character and are the result of the collection’s inspiration. Here we also find shiny jerseys and cotton twill for mini dresses. The shop also boasts a vast collection of accessories, including handbags, shoes and boots. Colour trends this season are based on fuchsia, blue, and ruby red mixed with the lightest ice or neutral nuance stripes that embellish the collection. Sensational! 15 Mnasiadou, tel 22671138


Check MATE Intensely feminine yet dynamic pieces in black and white which accentuate our everyday look. Photos by Angelina Magides Styling by Athena Dianellou

Right page: Skirt with petticoat, worn as dress - MAXMARA, Leather gloves - TIFFANY, Leather peep-toe pumps - Alexander McQueen, CUBE




Left page: Cotton skirt - TOPSHOP, Silk dress, worn as top - Marc Jacobs, CARA, Leggings - TOP SHOP, Leather belt Moschino, CARA, Necklace worn as bracelet - CUBE, Leather pumps - TOPSHOP. This page: Wool jacket - TOPSHOP Cotton trousers - MAXMARA, Purse - Stella McCartney, AMICCI, Leather ballerina shoes - Chanel, TIFFANY, Earring worn as necklace - EQUINOX


This page: Cotton shirt - D&G, PLANTATION, Silk dress - Missoni, TIFFANY, Leather belt - MANGO, Leggings - TOPSHOP, Patent leather pumps - Sebastian, SESSIL. Right page: Cotton dress worn as a top - Love Moschino, PLANTATION, Cotton skirt - Weekend, MAXMARA, Ring with gems - EQUINOX, Stockings - CALZEDONIA, Leather peep-toe pumps - Alexander McQueen, CUBE




Hair by Marios Neofytou (Touch Agency), Make up by Ilona Garanvolgyi, Photo editing by Stella Andronikou, Model: Denice (Ace Models)

Left page: Cotton cape - Moschino, CARA, Cotton shirt - MARELLA, Leggings - TOPSHOP, Leather pumps - Victor & Rolf, CUBE, Leather bag - Victor & Rolf, CUBE, Gem earrings - CUBE. This page: Cotton trousers - Marc by Marc Jacobs, CARA, Cotton blouse - SportMax, MAXMARA, Brooch with gems - EQUINOX, Socks - CALZEDONIA, Leather oxfords Moschino, CARA, Patent leather bag - TOPSHOP


beauty shop }

with Eleni Tsoukala

all about mascara Dangerous curves


We set out on a quest to find the mascara that does it all. We wanted to transform our lashes and create a sexy, seductive look reminiscent of the fluttery gazes from those ultra-feminine 1940s pin-up girls. However, simply choosing the right brand of mascara to boost volume or lengthen stubby lashes is not nearly enough. To make sure your new mascara follows through with its promises of irresistible eyes, we will also provide some foolproof tips and tricks we discovered along the way. It may have become an everyday staple part of your beauty regimen, yet you still find yourself wondering how you can get the most out of your mascara. We’ve got all the answers. In order to obtain that sensuous, sultry look which will have men dropping at your feet, pay special attention to your eyelashes. Mascara is your number one weapon for achieving those lashes you’ve always dreamed of. Problematic eyes If you find that your eyes become inflamed upon application of mascara, beware! You may belong to that unfortunate category of women for whom allergies mean zero tolerance to make-up, or, quite simply your sensitive eyes react to pigment of any kind. The first thing you must do is consult your ophthalmologist to ensure that your inflammation is indeed caused by your mascara and not by some underlying problem. It would also be wiser to purchase eye make-up products, such as mascara, from a pharmacy where you can be sure that the product has passed strict dermatological and ophthalmologic testing. Avoid colourful mascaras such as blue or green, and instead opt for more basic black. And if mascara application results in itchy, watery red eyes then it really isn’t worth the effort. Clear, bright, au naturale eyes are definitely better than risking damage to your delicate eye area. Optical safety Did you know that the most common make-up injury comes from scratches caused by mascara brushes? This is especially dangerous if the scratches don’t heal as this may lead to infection. Such infections can cause damage to the cornea, eyelash loss and even lead to blindness. So be glamorous, and be careful!


Helena Rubenstein’s new mascara, Glorious, featuring the Curl-up system and six-time patented brush brings new meaning to feminine curves. The smooth brush creates both added height and perfect curves, bringing long-lasting allure to irresistibly bright eyes.

Phenomenal lashes The all-new mascara Phenomen’Eyes by Givenchy is set to impress. With its high-tech, revolutionary spherical brush, it separates the lashes one by one, creating perfect curves full of volume.

Dizzying heights Estée Lauder provides even more options for your eyelash ‘wardrobe.’ The new, innovative Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara lifts your lashes to new heights while adding that extra oomph of volume, creating a combination to die for.

Star lashes One of the best beauty items to come from the house of Guerlain, the new double mascara LE 2 DE GUERLAIN, is the must-have item for your make-up kit which you will adore upon first try. One tube, two brushes… the first transforms your lashes with one single sweep while the second smaller brush, designed for the tricky inner corners of the eye, captures the tiny lashes that are usually left behind by the more traditional mascara brushes. Eyes are instantly bigger and brighter.

Brush innovation Dior defies convention with its new Diorshow Iconic mascara, combining top-ranking professional techniques with innovation. The creation of its new sideways brush provides just the right angle and, with the help of its rubber bristles, allows for more fluidity of movement and the creation of crazy curves.

{ beauty shop all about mascara

Application techniques What is the correct way to apply mascara? Everybody has their


own theory behind correct mascara application, and it’s enough to leave even the most experienced users a tad confused. The bottom line is, whichever way happens to suit you best probably also works best. That said, there are a few basic tips and steps that you can take to achieve the best possible results. For starters, never pump the mascara wand in the tube. Apart from letting in bacteria, this also pushes air into the tube which dries out the mascara faster. Before applying, be sure to wipe the brush on a tissue to remove any excess pigment. Apply a single coat of colour to the upper lashes first. Wiggle the brush in a zig-zag motion at the root of the lashes to boost volume and twist the brush all the way to the tips to ensure even application from all sides. Repeat the movement on the bottom lashes with gentler strokes, and add one or two strokes to the upper lashes after the first coat has dried to add that extra bit of length. If clumps remain, run the lashes through with an eyelash comb from the root to the tips to remove the excess colour. Make sure your mascara dries completely before applying other eye make-up or, alternatively, apply mascara last to avoid clumping or smudging from your eye-shadow or eye-liner. If your mascara dries out, immerse the tube in hot water for a few seconds and make sure you replace your mascara every six months.

Lustrous volume Inspired by the precious metal onyx, highly regarded since ancient times, the new mascara HYPNOSE ONYX by Lancôme creates eyes that are truly hypnotizing and a gaze which will be accentuated every which way you turn your head. HYPNOSE ONYX mascara, with its special concentration of precious pearls and pigments, provides each lash with up to six times more volume.

Extensions for your lashes The future for lengthening mascara comes in the form of eyelash extensions. The new Double Extension Beauty Tubes by L’Oreal Paris provides a whole new dimension to your lashes with up to 60% more length. The lengthening technology found in the Ceramide R base coat builds extensions, and uses conditioning agents which repair, nourish and strengthen lashes. You’ll also be pleased to know that the removal process is just as simple, as the mascara can easily be removed with warm water in just 30 seconds.

Incomparable volume Volume Clubbing, the new mascara by Bourjois promises beautifully accentuated eyes and, according to die-hard clubbers, it delivers, providing intense volume throughout a whole night of hard partying. Volume Clubbing is enhanced with vinyl, and its creamy texture means that it is easily applied and provides full coverage and extra density with just one simple stroke. Especially resilient, this mascara doesn’t run, flake, or smudge even when you rub your tired eyes on the way home.

Catwalk ready Diorshow Blackout Waterproof is the newest member of the Dior family of mascaras. Adding drama to your eyes with its ultra-black kohl-based pigments, this mascara is perfect for creating full, thick lashes and a deep, elegant black that will withstand the most extreme damp conditions, as well as your own waterworks.

Natural coverage The new arrival from the all-natural Greek product line Korres is definitely another musthave in your make-up kit. A creamy mascara packed full of natural goodness in the form of provitamin B5 and rice bran that do wonders for your lashes, it creates extra length, volume and the deepest, most intense colour, giving you instant sparkly eyes. Korres mascara is available in 4 shades, 01 Black, 12 Brown, 03 Grey-green and 04 Blue-black.


{ market MAC-Emanuel Ungaro Paris fashion house Ungaro has given new style and spirit to the creations of young designer Esteban Cortazar, by bringing colour and breathing new life to the collection. This was the perfect time for MAC to strike up a partnership with the fashion label and it went on to produce a new make-up line in pink-purple tones in collaboration with Emanuel Ungaro. Heavenly colours with Paris finesse.


PALAZZO FENDI – Eau de Toilette Much more than just an enchanting perfume, Fendi Palazzo exudes a sense of its birth place, the ancient city of Rome. Impressive, magnificent and irresistible, Rome has rightly been given the title of the muse of perfumes. The composition of Palazzo Fendi was inspired by Mediterranean nature, and citrus fruit, jasmine, rose and orange blossoms have offered up their aromas to create this unique perfume. The perfume’s bottle is simple yet luxurious and stately due to the beautiful portrayal of the Palazzo Fendi building in Rome on the front.

Harness the power of the pomegranate A symbol of fertility and well being, the pomegranate has generously been offering us its health benefits for over 8000 years. The modern occupation of cosmetic science confirms the discoveries made by ancient cultures. Science has discovered one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants in the pomegranate. They can protect the body from the negative affect of oxidants formed daily through cell metabolism. All Nutralead products are based on pomegranate and blended with other natural extracts from herbs plants and fruits to offer a complete line of dermo-cosmetics. Available from Best Life 25871280.

Jewellery with a valuable interior The ladies’ models of the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Collection are extremely elegant pieces of jewellery on the one hand and reliable companions on the other. Their lavishness is inspiring: the dial is made of genuine mother-of-pearl or solid silver, the case and onion crown

are decorated with sapphire or yellow gold cabochons and there are precious diamonds on the bezel and dial. The bracelets are made of crocodile or ray leather in various colours and can be easily exchanged with the aid of an intelligent mechanism. Inside tick lovingly hand-decorated mechanical movements equipped with attractive and useful complications. In sum: These watches are must-haves for sophisticated women. 62 THE CYPRUS WEEKLY FLAIR NOVEMBER 2008

AMICCI: 28A-B Stasikratous street, Nicosia, 22678898, 215 Makariou Avenue, 11-12-13 Maximus Plaza, Limassol, 25582254 AMICCI studio: 11B Mnasiadou street, Nicosia, 22676336, P. Lordos Center, 240 Makariou Avenue, Limassol, 25367738 MANOUKIAN: 5A-B Themistokli Dervi street, Nicosia, 22678726, 4F Thekla Lyssioti street (Harmony House), Limassol, 25749538 BAGATT: 24 Makariou Avenue, Nicosia, 22750449, Debenhams, 22849113, Orphanides, 22514191, 137 Aneksartisias Avenue, Limassol, 25820482, Debenhams Olympia, 25583863, 240 Makariou Avenue, 25740110, 33 Zinonos Kitieos street, Larnaka, 24652600, 100 Makarios III Avenue, 26911669, Debenhams Zinon, Larnaka, 24660048, Korinos, Paphos, 26840629 CAMEL STORE: Nicosia: 102 Perikleous street, Strovolos, 22422271, G27 Evagorou Avenue, 22675786, Larnaka: 52 Zinonos Kitieos street, 24627359, Ayia Napa: 3 Ayias Mavris street, 23730220, Paphos: 15 Apostolou Pavlou Avenue, 26943430. CARA: 10B Yiannou Kranidioti street, 1065 Nicosia, 22769610, 201C Makariou Avenue, Limassol 25747655. CUBE BOUTIQUE: 28 Stasikratous street, Nicosia, 22675244, 205 Makariou Avenue, 25358835. DEBENHAMS: 22 Makariou Avenue, Nicosia, 22849000, DESIGNER’S Studio: 14A & 12Z Stasikratous street, Nicosia, 22676016. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN: 11Z Mnasiadou street, 1065 Nicosia, 22668166, FIOR, 83 Georgiou A street, shops 14-16, 4047 Limassol, 25322527. GUCCI: 10 Arnaldas street, Nicosia, 22769511. KULT BOUTIQUE: 37B Stasikratous street, Nicosia, 22374774, Almyra Hotel, Poseidonos street, Paphos, 26888700, Anassa Hotel, Latsi, Polis, 26888000 LABELS: 65 Makariou Avenue, Nicosia, 22375090 MATITA: Nicosia: 12A Promitheos street, 22338729 MAXMARA: 14B & 14C Stasikratous street, Nicosia, 22670388 MAX & CO: 22 Stasikratous street, Nicosia, 22672570 MANGO: 33 Makariou Avenue, Nicosia, 22758333, 150-152 Anexartisias Avenue, Limassol, 25347306, 69-71 Ermou street, Larnaka, 24659431, 57-59 Makariou Avenue, Paphos, 26911440 PLAYLIFE: 24 Makariou III Avenue, Nicosia, 22766122, Debenhams Olympia, Limassol, 25589788, 111-115 Ermou street, Larnaka, 24828897. STRADIVARIUS: 46 Makariou Avenue, Nicosia, 22750371, 107 Anexartisias Avenue, Limassol, 25350469, 73-79 Ermou street, Larnaka, 24628001 SWATCH: Ledras street, Nicosia, 22673207, MPM showroom, 11 Digeni Akrita Avenue, Nicosia, 22746746, Orphanides supermarket, Limassol, 25387956. Y2K: 16A Nissi Avenue, 23724834, Ayia Napa, Melekkis Centre, 23722503, Paralimni.

win this!

Make time to dream One lucky reader is guaranteed to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing three hour spa treatment by Li’Tya at The Retreat in Aphrodite Hills. • The Dreaming gives you the chance to relax, revitalize and rejoice with the spa’s signature treatment to reconnect body, mind and soul from head to toe and from inside out. The ritual includes a foot treatment, body wrap, body massage, head massage, facial and hand treatment. Embracing traditional Aboriginal healing techniques, these deeply therapeutic treatments work to nurture and heal. The skin of the face

and body is cleansed, invigorated, restored and nourished. Tired muscles are eased and energized and all the body systems are rebalanced and rejuvenated. Renewing your energy and emotions, the soul is left refreshed and smiling with delight. • The Dreaming costs €300 but one lucky reader will enjoy all this pampering FREE if they find the winning coupon inside the magazine - whatever you do, don’t throw it away! If you would like more information about the available treatments you can call The Retreat at Aphrodite Hills on 26828100.

{ object of desire

Omikron’s fashion editor Nicolas Kyriakou has selected for Flair the Python Galleria bag from the latest Louis Vuitton collection.

Classic luxury

The bag is one of the most desired and adored items of the new Louis Vuitton collection. If you’re willing to spend a few thousand euros extra to add this snakeskin masterpiece to your wardrobe, you can only do so by placing a special order, since there is a limited number of these bags available worldwide.



'Flair' was one of the four insert magazines of Cyprus Weekly newspaper, published by Phileleftheros Publishing Group in Cyprus between 2008...