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Cover: Cows on pasture north west of Calgary

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Herd Reference 2013*

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Dave’s Desk

Seems like there is no such thing as a normal year. e good news is that for the most part we have been getting a lot more moisture than ‘normal’. It does create some challenges as far as putting hay up, however, there is lots of pasture. Indications are positive for the fall as those who study crop production are saying yields will be up. Increased volume of grains should moderate the price some and allow

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cattle feeders to lower their input costs. is should in turn be an indicator of good things to come when it is time to sell calves. is fall there will be an excellent opportunity to access some very high level genetics from breeders who are reducing the size of their herds or dispersing. In these situations, the core of a herd which normally is not available to purchase will be for sale. It is a time when depending on the need, either volume, quality or in most cases both can be procured. It may be a good time to add some different bloodlines to diversify your herd.

Spring Herd Reference Edition 2013 2013**

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Dave Callaway

Benjamin Franklin

Herd Reference 2013*

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Herd Reference 2013*

Herd Reference 2013*

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Those who work with cattle on the hoof rarely cross paths with the folks who work with beef on the plate, but they each play a vital part in the other’s success. Any gap between them was bridged when 40 distributors, chefs, restaurant managers and retail buyers gathered in Calgary, Alta., this June for a Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) “Canadian Roundup.” They came to learn about the lifecycle of the beef they market and serve, so they are better informed in working with consumers, explained Larry Corah, CAB vice president. “A uniqueness of our brand is we really interface with everyone from the Angus seedstock producers to cow-calf, feedlot, packing, retail, foodservice and all the way to the consumer,” he explained. To get that pasture-to-plate experience, attendees visited Hamilton Farms purebred Angus ranch, Ballco Feeders and Cargill’s High River packing plant. For many, this was their first exposure to cattle production. “I definitely have a much greater appreciation for the amount of time and effort it takes to produce and deliver the Certified Angus Beef we serve in our restaurants,” said Henrique Laier, senior purchaser for Page 8

Angus World

Story and photos by Rosie Templeton Certified Angus Beef Industry Information Intern

JOEY Restaurants, a popular CAB-licensed chain with 22 locations in Canada and Washington in the U.S. Rob and Gail Hamilton, along with their sons Wyatt, Wacey and Joel hosted the group at their 300 cow black Angus ranch in the Alberta foothills near Cochrane. In a Hamilton barn covered in ribbons and banners from fairs and livestock expositions, Rob and Gail talked about why they show cattle: “an opportunity to make industry connections and market cattle on an international scale,” Rob said. Gail said all cows are bred first by artificial insemination (AI), her area of expertise, and then the couple fielded questions about the greater breeding accuracy and timing, as well as calving and the marketing of bulls and females. The family’s well-known herd sire, HF Tiger 5T, was on display along with a first-calf-heifer daughter.

Herd Reference 2013*

In a panel discussion where Rob represented the seedstock segment, Canada Beef’s Duane Ellert spoke for commercial ranchers and Corah held the standard for stocker-backgrounders. CAB Packing Director Clint Walenciak took on the feeder’s role as the group covered basics of production including genetics, nutrition and antibiotic and hormone use. Animal health and detailed records were next for veterinarian and beef industry expert Troy Drake, who explained how producers like the Hamiltons can use data to select replacement heifers and guide every aspect of management. How did all this come across to the people selling beef to consumers? “In terms of the CAB brand, I have learned it is a high-quality product that is well recognized, not only by the people that work in our industry, but also by our guests,” Laier said. “When visiting any of our restaurant locations, our guests know to expect a great product and that is very important to us.” JOEY has been a CAB partner for more than 15 years and features CAB top sirloin on menus across Canada.

Laier was joined by nine others including chefs and managers from the chain’s Alberta restaurants for a roundup that will resonate through the company, he said. “When people have an experience like that, they get excited about what they do. They get excited about serving the product,” Laier said. “At the end of the day I believe that all funnels down to our guests.” Following more Q&A around the cattle with Drake and the Hamiltons, and culinary innovations explained by CAB’s Heidi Schroeder, hungry guests first savored the aroma from the grill and then the flavor of 16-oz. bone-in CAB “cowboy” ribeye steaks. The next morning, it was down to Ballco Feeders near Brant, Alta., where operations manager Mike Pollard explained buying, feeding, health and shipping. He conveyed just what they try to accomplish at a feedlot, how they use well-formulated diets and everything else they do to create animal comfort. Then, over a smoked brisket lunch, Mat Bolduc of Cudlobe Farms, Stavely, and commercial customer Del Giles, Brooks, talked about the importance of continual genetic improvement to ensure production of the best possible calves for delivery to feedlots.

Half of the Roundup group took in the feedlot first and then the tour at Cargill High River packing, while the other half started the day with that disassembly line, sort of touring upstream in the supply pipeline. It began with boxed beef and cutting, “the breaking down of beef in reverse order.” Next it moved to the coolers for a look at grading and uniformity standards before heading onto the main harvest floor where cattle come in one end and carcasses go out the other. It was not the first “roundup” for Roger St. Onge of Longo’s, an independently owned retail chain based in the Toronto area, but he values every chance to stay connected. “These experiences ensure that I’m on top of my game,” he said. “When someone asks me questions, I can say that I’ve been there and I know what happens because I’ve had the opportunity to speak to everyone in the process, from the packer to the farmer.” St. Onge said an understanding of the industry is critical to his role as a meat specialist, where he deals with the selection, placement, price and promotion.

“We always want to be known for carrying the best meat, not the cheapest,” he said. “It needs to perform on the consumer’s plate. And CAB has set the standard.” Longo’s has been a brand partner since 1997, and today their meat cases feature the CAB brand prominently. “I think this experience would be beneficial for everyone at Longo’s,” St. Onge said. “It helped elevate my knowledge and ensure that I can continue to comment on the beef industry, on behalf of producers, to our consumers.” This was the second CAB “Canadian Roundup,” and Corah foresees the need for more such events as the brand presence and influence spreads. “We’re continuing to grow on both production and sales in Canada,” he said. “We want to create better understanding among consumers about how food is produced, but likewise, we can help ranchers better understand consumer expectations.” As of mid-year 2013, Canadian certification rates for the brand were running considerable higher than last year, despite some challenges. “We are optimistic we could see at least a 50% increase in the amount of Canadian-produced CAB tonnage—and that will be well received by our many Canadian CAB retailers and restaurants.”

Herd Reference 2013*

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Calgary Firm Leads Development of BIXS 2

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) has contracted Arcurve Inc, a Canadian-based software development firm, to create the next version of the Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS). The first of a sequence of releases of ‘BIXS 2’ is targeted for the fall of 2013 with each successive release offering additional benefits to BIXS participants. The first release will emphasize easy import and export of data and a tool to help purchasers source important animal attributes within the beef supply chain. Arcurve was the successful bidder in a rigorous request-for-proposals process that solicited responses from software development firms across North America. “Our team is excited to be working with such an experienced, professional and motivated group as Arcurve,” says Larry Thomas, BIXS national coordinator. “We are very pleased to have been selected by CCA to work on the innovative and exciting evolution of BIXS,” says Jay Gohill, President of Arcurve Inc. “We look forward to bringing our technical expertise together with the knowledge at CCA to deliver a state of the art solution for the industry.”

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Angus World

Last winter the BIXS team began a process to evaluate the current version of BIXS to pinpoint shortcomings and decide on a pathway forward. The team interviewed commercial beef industry software development and service firms, packers, feedlots, retail interests, existing value chains and others to discover the precise benefits needed from BIXS. This feedback was used to build a specification of the next version of BIXS. BIXS 2 will be smaller and more nimble than the current version. It will be easier and quicker for users to get onto and get data in and out of. Import and export functionality will be improved and it will handle many thousands of users and millions of records. BIXS 2 will key only on cross-segment data of economic importance and avoid duplicating existing commercial software systems and services. And the next version will enable blind queries using a Sourcer Utility, which enables cross-segment communication based on individual animal or carcass data or health and management protocols. The new version will be animal-centric where actions are applied to animals and recorded across their lifetime up to detailed carcass data acquisition.

Herd Reference 2013*

BIXS 2 will be built for quick, effective and reliable interfacing with existing software systems, and will be significantly less expensive to build, maintain and evolve than the current version, which is critical to the sustainability of BIXS. “An industry-wide information sharing system remains one of the key priorities for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Associations and I am encouraged with the announcement of our involvement with Arcurve,” says Travis Toews, chairman of the BIXS advisory committee to the CCA Executive. BIXS is presently funded through AAFC’s Agricultural Flexibility Fund as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

Coul Angus of Scotland Sponsors Chuckwagon This year the for the first time the Calgary Stampede had an overseas tarp sponsor for the Chuck wagon races. James Arnott of Coul Angus from the county of Angus in Scotland was that person. The law firm Burnett Duckworth and Palmer bought Jordie Fikes wagon and then donated the wagon to the Calgary Food Bank. The Food Bank then sells the advertising rights on the canvas for each night. It is a successful fund raiser for the Food Bank and this year with the flooding in Calgary the Food Bank resources were stretched to the limit. On the first Friday of the Stampede James and friends were entertained at the chuckwagon barn and then witnessed the race. It was a very cold and wet evening but the canvas with "Put the Boots to Hunger and Coul Angus " made a respectable showing. Besides being a generous contribution by James it was also an another positive event for Angus promotion! James Arnott has an angus herd in Scotland as well as a small herd at Belvin Angus.

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Herd Reference 2013*

Herd Reference 2013*

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e Western Beef Development Centre begins weighing production systems impact on beef quality Nobody knows all of what John Termuende saw when he surveyed his three sections of land from the cupola of the round barn he built east of Lanigan, Saskatchewan, a hundred years ago. But it may have been a vantage point for a future where his 1,900 acres would remain intact as a tool for agricultural science to use for improving beef cattle. That’s what came to pass when the family gave it to the University of Saskatchewan in 1974, forever dedicated to mixed farming, beef and forage research. It operated as a University/government/producer research farm for two decades before incorporation as the Western Beef Development Centre (WBDC) in 1996. Ten years later it became a division of Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), and made a few other changes.

WBDC heritage goes back to the pioneers, but the cow herd and research they channel is as current as today. Part of being current is the ability to conduct genetic research on the breed of cattle with greatest influence in the area. That’s why the Centre’s advisory committee decided in 2006 to disperse its herd of 300 or more mixed commercial cows and restock. “We purchased purebred Angus cattle from about a dozen different breeders around Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta,” says Paul Jefferson, vice president of operations. “The purpose of this new herd was to allow us to have a purebred herd and to do some genetics research as well as our production, grazing and nutrition research.”

Story and photos by Rosie Templeton Certified Angus Beef Industry Information Intern

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Angus World

Herd Reference 2013*

Joint funding for the new herd came from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. The stock were mostly bred heifers and younger cows, selected from the “average” of several leading herds in order to get a good representation of the breed locally. “Angus cattle were kind of a no brainer to use because out of the five important breeds in Canada, they would be one of the more popular,” explains Dr. Bart Lardner, senior research scientist with the Centre. “If we would’ve gone to a lesser breed, we would not be representative of the western Canadian beef cattle industry. We don’t have to justify it very often.”

The Western Beef Development Centre (WBDC) is a division of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) that plays a unique and vital role in the development of the Western Canadian cattle industry. As a link between "the lab and the land", WBDC communicates directly with the research community and the cattle industry. Practical and applicable research is used to provide technologies that enable producers to become increasingly competitive in today's marketplace.

The herd currently includes about 370 black Angus and Angus-influence females. Though most are purebred, the Centre sells all cattle as commercials as to not compete with producer-owned registered purebred operations. “We’re really an applied beef research facility,” says Lardner, who is also an adjunct professor of animal and poultry science at the University of Saskatchewan. “So the results of what we do can hopefully be integrated by the producers as soon as possible. A lot of the work we do is in some capacity supported by the industry.” Much of the research being conducted at the Centre is in grazing and feeding techniques, particularly those that can help producers lower their costs or reach desired gains in their cattle. Jefferson lists winter feeding systems such as bale grazing, swath grazing and crop-residue feeding as focus areas. “Producers ask us, ‘If I go to this lower cost feeding system, am I going to affect the performance of the calves?’” Jefferson says. “The cow-calf industry is about more than just selling calves. There’s more interest now in knowing performance all the way through the system.” That includes beef quality on the product side.

Round Barn at Termuende Ranch

Recently, feeding trails have expanded to follow calves through to slaughter. A project last fall looked at 120 steer calves that grazed standing corn over the winter compared to a group that swath-grazed barley. All calves were sent to the University of Saskatchewan feedlot for finishing, and carcass data will be compared after slaughter in late summer. Jefferson says this project, funded by the province’s Agriculture Development Fund and Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency, will be a great opportunity to look at the whole system and use data “to make more improvements on the feeding end.” “We're interested in whether or not these different forage programs affect the carcass grade, yield and marbling of these cattle not only in the background phase but all the way to the feedlot finish phase,” Lardner says. He notes the decision to go after this knowledge, much like the one to switch to Angus cows, was largely based on deliberations of an advisory committee. Made up of one-quarter academia and three-quarters producers or industry group representatives, the committee meets biannually. Lately the group has taken note of apparent increases in the price of grains. “I believe forages are going to be more important going forward,” says Lardner. “It’s all about input cost, cost of production, cost of gain and

feed-cost per cow per day—we need to find ways to displace some of the $8 corn and $4 barley with an adequate type forage or roughage in the diet of that ruminant.” His research has centered on finding ways to feed ruminants at a lower cost through more extensive backgrounding, while still maintaining a high-quality carcass. “If we in Canada can say that our beef is not simply commodity beef but it’s superior quality beef that’s aged and marbled for a unique eating experience, then we’re ahead of the game,” Lardner says. “With our research, if we can show alternative management systems utilizing opportunity feeds as well as roughages, and use that animal in our short-summer, long-winter environment, we will continue to produce quality calves that will perform in the feedlot and produce quality grades.” The pioneer spirit never dies. It just shifts priorities to keep up with the new frontier.

Right Dr. Lardner Ph.D. P.Ag. Senior Research Scientest Below Paul Jefferson Ph.D. Vice President of Operations

Herd Reference 2013*

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Herd Reference 2013*

Herd Reference 2013*

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Showdown 2013 - Conformation Results

Judge: Phil Brown, Princeton, BC Peewee Division ___________________________ Female born in 2013 1) Red Ter-Ron Alice 55A (Red Lazy MC Kingman 16W) Kasey Adams, Forestburg, AB Female born in 2012 1) SY Postively Cool 64Z (Bushs Cool Runnings) Cheyenne Symens, Claresholm, AB 2) Red Redrich Satin 216Z (Red MRLA 23W) Lexi Dietrich, Forestburg, AB Open Division ____________________________ Female born in 2013 1) Red ATCA Annie 203A (Red CRSL Maxima 123) Samantha Meerdink, Telkwa, BC Female born in 2012 - Split 1 1)McGillivray Rosebud 11Z (Sealin Creek Big Deal 26X) Amanda McGillivray, Kamloops, BC 2)SY Postively Cool 64Z (Bushs Cool Runnings) Colton Symens, Claresholm, AB 3) Red SY Ziva 27Z (Wynnbrook's Unbelievable 9U) Becky Domolewski,Taber, AB 4)Red Redrich Satin 216Z (Red MRLA 23W) Bailey Dietrich, Forestburg, AB Female born in 2012 - Split 2 1)Arete Lavender Lady 152R 3'12 (MCATL Pure Product 903-55)Miranda Brownell, Falkland, BC 2)Sealin Creek Rosebud Lass 25Z (Sealin Creek Bar Lad 110X) Shelby Wolzen, Falkland, BC 3) GGRR Sapphire 3Z (SAV Camaro 9272)Katelyn Dietrich, Forestburg, AB 4)Lorenz Blackcap 12Z (FV Pioneer 83X)Chad Lorenz, Markerville, AB 5)Lazy Daze Freelancers Magic 101Z(Poplar MDWS Free Lancer 4T) Shawna Williams, Houston, BC Junior Champion Heifer McGillivray Rosebud 11Z Amanda McGillivray, Kamloops, BC Reserve Junior Champion Heifer SY Postively Cool 64Z Colton Symens, Claresholm, AB Female born in 2011 1) Summit Angus Eline 80Y (Blacktof Eric 15S calf by Section One Triton 68Y)Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Female born in 2010 or earlier 1) Arete Miss Emulous 215P 9'10 (Ankonian Werner Wild Fire 96 calf by MCATL Pure Product 903-55) Miranda Brownell, Falkland, BC 2) Red Moon Tess 31W (Red Northline Crush 59R calf by Red CRSL Maxima 123) Samantha Meerdink, Telkwa, BC 3) Lorenz Fairlass 8X (Remitall Stockade 579S calf by LAF Wanderlie 46Y) Chad Lorenz, Markerville, AB Senior Champion Female Summit Angus Eline 80Y Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Reserve Senior Champion Female Arete Miss Emulous 215P 9'10 Miranda Brownell, Falkland, BC Grand Champion Female Summit Angus Eline 80Y Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Reserve Grand Champion Female McGillivray Rosebud 11Z Amanda McGillivray, Kamloops, BC Page 18

Angus World

Owned Division ___________________________ Female born in 2013 1) Red Ter-Ron Alice 55A (Red Lazy MC Kingman 16W) Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Female born in 2012 - Split 1 1) Red Ter-Ron Duchess 83Z (Red Ter-Ron Realdeal 01W) Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB 2) Bandura Miss Carol 80Z (SAV Campbell 0065) Cayley Peltzer, Rosemary, AB 3) Sealin Creek Burgess 117Z (Angus Acres Heads Up 187T)Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC 4) McGillivray Rosebud 15Z (Sealin Creek Big Deal 26X) Matthew McGillivray, Kamloops, BC 5) Belvin Echo 88'12 (Ring Creek EL Tigre 9X) Heather Fisher - LeBlanc, Williams Lake, BC 6)McGillivray June 35Z (Sealin Creek Big Deal 26X) Meghan McGillivray, Kamloops, BC Female born in 2012 - Split 2 1) Red Lauron Dalmistu 24Z (Red Lazy MC CC Detour 2W)Travis Hunter, Didsbury, AB 2) Red K Adams Zaria 091Z (Red Ter-Ron Realdeal 01W) Halley Adams, Forestburg, AB 3) Lorenz Caroline 1Z (FV Pioneer 83X) Chad Lorenz, Markerville, AB 4) Cudlobe Beauty Lass 38Z (WMR Timeless 458) Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB 5) Red Redrich Alice 76Z (Red Redrich Glory Road 248X) Tyler Dietrich, Forestburg, AB Junior Champion Female Red Lauron Dalmistu 24Z Travis Hunter, Didsbury, AB Reserve Junior Champion Female Red K Adams Zaria 091Z Halley Adams, Forestburg, AB Female born in 2011 1) Red Ter-Ron Alice 31Y (Red Ter-Ron Realdeal 01W calf by Red Lazy MC Kingman 16W) Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB 2) Cudlobe Enchantress 36Y (Sydgen C C & 7 calf by Cudlobe Upward 22Y)Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB Female born in 2010 or earlier 1) MLLL Eline 10X (HF Unrestricted 83U calf by McGillivray Eric 23Y)Meghan McGillivray, Kamloops, BC 2)Red Redrich Candy 98X (Red Redrich Topflight 171T calf by Red Wilbar Longitude 646Y) Tyler Dietrich, Forestburg, AB 3)Summit Angus Eline 44T (Angus Acres Heads Up 188L calf by Blacktof Eric 15S) Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Senior Champion Female Red Ter-Ron Alice 31Y Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Reserve Senior Champion Female Cudlobe Enchantress 36Y Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB Grand Champion Female Red Ter-Ron Alice 31Y Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Reserve Grand Champion Female Red Lauron Dalmistu 24Z Travis Hunter, Didsbury, AB

Herd Reference 2013*

Bred & Owned Division ____________________ Female born in 2013 1)Summit Angus Eline 82A (Blacktof Eric 15S)Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Female born in 2011 1)Cudlobe Mistress 1Y (TC Total 410 calf by Cudlobe In Focus 5S) Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB Grand Champion Female Cudlobe Mistress 1Y Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB Reserve Grand Champion Female Summit Angus Eline 82A Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Bull Calf born in 2013 1) Sealin Creek Tradition 5A (Section One Triton 68Y) Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC 2)Cudlobe Upward 16A (Cudlobe Upward 22Y) Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB 3) Lorenz Wildside 44A (LAF Wanderlie 46Y)Chad Lorenz, Markerville, AB 4) Cudlobe Total Focus 9A (Cudlobe In Focus 5S)Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB 5)McGillivray Eric 1A (McGillivray Eric 23Y) Meghan McGillivray, Kamloops, BC 6) Red Redrich Honest Abe 98A (Red Wilbar Longitude 646Y)Tyler Dietrich, Forestburg, AB Grand Champion Bull Sealin Creek Tradition 5A Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Reserve Grand Champion Bull Cudlobe Upward 16A Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB Commercial Division _______________________ Female born in 2012 1)Sugar, Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK 2)Rosella, Crystal Pellikaan, Salmon Arm, BC 3) Tilly, Brianna Pastor, Salmon Arm, BC 4) Mary, Shay-Lyn Steiger, Salmon Arm, BC Grand Champion Female Sugar Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK Reserve Grand Champion Female Rosella Crystal Pellikaan, Salmon Arm, BC Finished Steer 1) Boy Blue, Colton Symens, Claresholm, AB 2) Bernie, Cody Schweb, Salmon Arm, BC Prospect Steer 1)Arson, Heather Fisher - LeBlanc, Williams Lake, BC 2) A-Patchy, Kayla Stump, Malakwa, BC 3) Ted, Tristan Wintrup, Kamloops, BC 4) Barney, Tori Brawn, Kamloops, BC Grand Champion Steer Boy Blue Colton Symens, Claresholm, AB Reserve Grand Champion Steer Arson Heather Fisher - LeBlanc, Williams Lake, BC Canadian Class - Split 1 1)Summit Angus Eline 82A (Blacktof Eric 15S)Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC 2)Sealin Creek Burgess 117Z (Angus Acres Heads Up 187T) Allison Speller, Monte

Lake, BC 3) McGillivray Eric 1A (McGillivray Eric 23Y) Meghan McGillivray, Kamloops, BC 4) Sealin Creek Tradition 5A (Section One Triton 68Y) Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC 5)McGillivray Rosebud 15Z (Sealin Creek Big Deal 26X) Matthew McGillivray, Kamloops, BC 6) Red Redrich Honest Abe 98A (Red Wilbar Longitude 646Y)Tyler Dietrich, Forestburg, AB Canadian Class - Split 2 1)Red Ter-Ron Alice 31Y (Red Ter-Ron Realdeal 01W) Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB 2) Summit Angus Eline 80Y (Blacktof Eric 15S) Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC 3)McGillivray Rosebud 11Z (Sealin Creek Big Deal 26X) Amanda McGillivray, Kamloops, BC 4) Red Ter-Ron Duchess 83Z (Red Ter-Ron Realdeal 01W) Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB 5) Sealin Creek Rosebud Lass 25Z (Sealin Creek Bar Lad 110X) Shelby Wolzen, Falkland, BC 6)Summit Angus Eline 44T (Angus Acres Heads Up 188L) Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Grand Champion Canadian Red Ter-Ron Alice 31Y Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Reserve Champion Canadian Summit Angus Eline 82A Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC

Champion Female Open Division

Reserve Champion Female Open Division

Champion Female Owned Division

Reserve Champion Female Owned Division

Champion Steer

Champion Female Bred & Owned Division

Reserve Champion Female Bred & Owned Division

Reserve Champion Steer

Champion Bull Bred & Owned Division

Reserve Champion Bull Bred & Owned Division

Champion Canadian

Champion Female Commercial Division

Reserve Champion Female Commercial Division Herd Reference 2013*

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Showdown 2013

Print Marketing _________________________ Junior Print Marketing Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Reserve Junior Print Marketing Hillary Sauder, Hodgeville, SK Intermediate Print Marketing Halley Adams, Forestburg, AB Reserve Intermediate Print Marketing Meghan McGillivary, Kamllops, BC Senior Print Marketing Thomas Glascock, Pilot Point, TX Reserve Senior Print Marketing Michael Hargrave, Maxwell, ON Sales Talk ______________________________ Junior Champion Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Reserve Junior Champion Crystal Pelikaan, Salmon Arm, BC Intermediate Champion Matthew McGillivary, Kamloops, BC Reserve Intermediate Champion Heather Fisher-Leblanc, Williams Lake, BC Senior Champion Stacey Domolewski, Taber, AB Reserve Senior Champion Austen Anderson, Swan River, MB Showmanship ___________________________ Junior Champion Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Reserve Junior Champion Crystal Pelikaan, Salmon Arm, BC Intermediate Champion Cayley Peltzer, Rosemary, AB Reserve Intermediate Champion Meghan McGillivary, Kamloops, BC Senior Champion Chad Lorenz, Markerville, AB Reserve Senior Champion Tyler Dietrich, Forestburg, AB Supreme Champion Showman Chad Lorenz, Markerville, AB Judging Competition ______________________ Junior Champion Amanda McGillivary, Kamloops, BC Reserve Junior Champion Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Intermediate Champion Micheala Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Cayley Peltzer, Rosemary, AB Senior Champion Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Reserve Senior Champion Matthew Bates, Cameron, ON Show Ring Team Judging __________________ Junior Champions Amanda McGillivary & Colton Symens Reserve Junior Champions Sierra Zmurchuk & Shawna Williams Intermediate Champions Halley Adams & Megan McGillivary Page 20

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Reserve Intermediate Champions Cayley Peltzer & Brooke Bablitz Senior Champions Allison Speller & Katelyn Dietrich Reserve Senior Champions Becky Domolewski & Travis Hunter Team Grooming _________________________ Junior Champions Hillary Sauder & Crystal Pelikaan Reserve Junior Champions Amanda McGillivary & Colton Symens Intermediate Champions Halley & Keely Adams Reserve Intermediate Champions Kayla Stump & Cody Schweb Senior Champions Tyler Dietrich & Travis Hunter Reserve Senior Champions Riley Schweb & Allison Speller Photography ____________________________ Junior Champion Amanda McGillivary, Kamloops, BC Reserve Junior Champion Hillary Sauder, Hodgeville, SK Intermediate Champion Bailey Dietrich, Forestburg, AB Reserve Intermediate Champion Owen Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Senior Champion Michael Hargrave, Maxwell, ON Reserve Senior Champion Tyler Dietrich, Forestburg, AB Literature Competition ____________________ Junior Champion Amanda McGillivary, Kamloops, BC Reserve Junior Champion Shawna Williams, Houston, BC Intermediate Champion Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK Reserve Intermediate Champion Owen Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Senior Champion Micael Hargrave, Maxwell, ON Reserve Senior Champion Shawna Sullivan, Elmeale, ON Art Competition _________________________ Junior Champion Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Reserve Junior Champion Hillary Sauder, Hodgeville, SK Intermediate Champion Owen Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Senior Champion Becky Domolewski, Taber, AB Reserve Senior Champion Shawna Sullivan, Elmeale, ON Scrapbook ______________________________ Junior Champion Amanda McGillivary, Kamloops, BC

Herd Reference 2013*

Reserve Junior Champion Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Intermediate Champion Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Megan McGillivary, Kamloops, BC Senior Champion Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Reserve Senior Champion Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB Graphic Design __________________________ Junior Champion Keely Adams, Forestburg, AB Reserve Junior Champion Shawna Williams, Houston, BC Intermediate Champion Michaela Chalmers, Shanty Bay, ON Reserve Intermediate Champion Bailey Dietrich, Forestburg, AB Senior Champion Thomas Glascock, Pilot Point, TX Reserve Senior Champion Michael Hargrave, Maxwell, ON Farm Sign _______________________________ Junior Champion Amanda McGillivary, Kamploops, BC Reserve Junior Champion Crystal Pelikaan, Salmon Arm, BC Intermediate Champion Kodie Doetzel, Lipton, SK Reserve Intermediate Champion Samantha Meedink, Telkwa, BC Senior Champion Tyler Dietrich, Forestburg, SK Reserve Senior Champion Allison Speller, Monte Lake, BC Public Speaking _________________________ Junior Champion Shawna Williams, Houston, BC Reserve Junior Champion Amanda McGillivary, Kamloops, BC Intermediate Champion Cayley Peltzer, Rosemary, AB Reserve Intermediate Champion Meghan McGillivary, Kamloops, BC Senior Champion Kaitlynn Bolduc, Stavely, AB Reserve Senior Champion Michael Hargrave, Maxwell, ON Angus Cook-O __________________________ Best Dressed Team Alberta Dynasty Most Original Taste Team Roadkill Best Taste Team Beach Boys Overall Team Team Pladiators Herdsman Award __________________________ Allison Speller, Shelby Wolzen, Kayla Stump Spirit of Youth Award Erin Toner

Herd Reference 2013*

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Photography Competition Champions

Literature Competition Champions

Art Competition Champions

Scrapbook Competition Champions

Cook-O Competition Champions

Sales Talk Competition Champions

Public Speaking Competition Champions

Team Judging Champions

Judging Champions

Graphic Design Champions

Farm Sign Champions

Print Marketing Champions

Herdsman Champions

Aggregate Champions

PeeWee Competitors

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Herd Reference 2013*

Champion Junior Team Grooming

Champion Intermediate Team Grooming

Champion Senior Team Grooming

Reserve Champion Junior Team Grooming

Res Champion Intermediate Team Grooming

Reserve Champion Senior Team Grooming

Champion Junior Showman

Champion Intermediate Showman

Champion Senior Showman Supreme Champion Showman

Reserve Champion Junior Showman

Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman

Reserve Champion Senior Showman

Pee Wee Team Grooming

Pee Wee Team Grooming

Spirit of Youth Award Erin Toner

Herd Reference 2013*

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Herd Reference 2013*

Herd Reference 2013*

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Page 26

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Herd Reference 2013*

Prairie Growers Face Volunteer Canola Challenges

Many Western growers are facing mounting issues with volunteer canola. Presenting a grower with many of the same challenges associated with traditional weeds, volunteer canola competes for light, water and nutrients and can also introduce unwanted traits and oil profile. A second annual Ipsos poll by BASF Canada reveals 54 per cent of growers in Saskatchewan, 53 per cent in Manitoba, and 43 per cent in Alberta report that canola volunteers are becoming more difficult to manage. Prairie growers have been facing volunteer canola problems for years, but soon canola companies will be offering varieties with two herbicide-tolerant traits built in. Although stacked herbicide-resistant traits reduce the threat of other glyphosate-resistant weeds

Page 28

Angus World

such as kochia, they increase the chance of stacked volunteer canola — canola that contains two herbicide-tolerant traits. However, when it comes to managing stacked volunteers, the management principles of volunteer canola require even more planning and attention to herbicide rotations. Minimizing volunteer canola needs to be a long-term plan. While most of the seed in the seed bank is eliminated after two years, it’s important that growers plan follow crops to reduce the chance of volunteers occurring and apply herbicides at the two- to four-leaf stage before volunteers have a chance to put serious pressure on the crop. Using a combination of best practices, growers can control volunteers and maximize their yield potential. Planning follow crops, maintaining accurate planting records of past crop rotations, and selecting proper herbicide applications help reduce the chance of volunteer crops occurring in a field. “Rotating crops and chemical systems not only decreases the chance of volunteers, they also manage disease and improve the overall health of the soil,” says

Herd Reference 2013*

Harley House, Brand Manager for Clearfield Crops, BASF Canada. Starting off with a Clearfield canola product such as Ares is an excellent way to control volunteer canola from other systems. Ares controls glyphosate-tolerant (Roundup Ready) and glufosinate (Liberty InVigor) canola volunteers and has residual activity for control of tough, shallow, germinating seeds without compromising seeding the following year. When it comes to controlling volunteer canola, grower Keith Nachtegaele from North Battleford, Saskatchewan understands the importance of a timely herbicide application and crop rotations. “I think it will be a real sustainability issue for the farmers to rotate their herbicide groups around their canola. Growers really have to be diligent in moving their groups around and changing their crops from one to the other,” says Nachtegaele. “BASF has been helping us with our rotational issues with the products they’ve been bringing out. They have a good variety of fungicides and herbicides to address our rotation issues.” Without appropriate crop rotations and herbicide applications, volunteer issues arise. Following best practices, including a well-timed herbicide application, will control volunteer canola and lead to better crop quality and yield. © 2013 BASF Canada Inc.

Herd Reference 2013*

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Page 29

Research Stations Closing

Forage and pasture research seems to have taken a disproportionate hit in recently announced research program cuts by Agriculture Canada, say some involved in forage and grazing. The department announced plans to close the Grassland Applied Technology Centre in Kamloops, B.C., close the research facilities at One Four and Stavely, Alta., transfer beef grazing systems work from Brandon to Lacombe, Alta., and consolidate rangeland activity research in Swift Current, Sask. Nine former Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration offices that provided additional support for range and grassland will also close. “It seems as though there’s a bit of a target that’s going toward range and forage research, in the fact that it’s the facilities at Stavely, Onefour and Kamloops all had that focus,” said Alberta Forage Industry Network president Don McLennan. He said valuable research into forage, rangeland management and livestock genetics has been done at all three locations, although Stavely and Onefour may have been underused in recent years because of earlier staff reductions. Rich Smith, executive director of Alberta Beef Producers, concurred. “Stavely and Onefour were not being used to their full potential as stations, so it’s hard for us to … suggest that they needed to stay,” said Smith. “That’s another symptom of a situation where you have a declining number of researchers, which then leads you to having less work being done at a station,

which then you see the station isn’t being used to its full potential.” Smith said forage and grasslands research has been neglected for some time, but beef research at Lacombe is serving beef producers well. “Having a position come from Brandon to Lacombe to work on forages will be a benefit for us,” Smith said. Up to 700 jobs will be lost in Agriculture Canada across the country, and McLennan said that means staffing for research projects will continue to be an issue. “They still need to maintain a staff and a research budget and program to go forward,” he said. “If (this is) a step in the process, one step where they shut some stations down and then not support the research in the existing ones that are left, so that there’s another step down the road where they’ll make another cut, that’s a problem.” Doug Wray of the Canadian Forage and Grasslands Association said his group sent a letter to federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz several months ago expressing concern about forage research funding and succession planning for researchers. Wray said the long-term nature of forage research and lower potential profits relative to cereals research makes it less attractive for private partnership research agreements. “In the pasture game, particularly, and a lot of hay acres too, are lower input dynamics, so there isn’t the opportunity for somebody to make a dollar on it.”

In contrast, private companies have developed vast research networks for cereals, canola, corn and other crops, he added. “It perhaps falls to the government to get involved a little more on (the forage and grassland) side,” he said. “We think there’s a public benefit from forage and grasslands, in terms of environmental goods and services, biodiversity, clean air, clean water, less erosion, all those kinds of things, that maybe warrants public investment in their management.” Wray said the beef industry realizes the importance of forage and grasslands research and has increased its funding for it. As well, there is merit in the idea of concentrating resources at one location, such as Swift Current, rather than understaffing facilities over a wider area. However, significant geographical differences could affect the value of research. Wray said vision is needed in forage and grassland research, and that does not appear to be the current federal focus. “You can’t shut down a research station for five years and then start it up again. There’s a long-term continuity thing there,” he said. “Governments are kind of guilty of chasing the latest rabbit that runs by, and short-term thinking, and we’re encouraging them to take the longer view on this one and recognize the value of just staying with it, being patient and persistent, and getting good people in place.”

First established in 1927 as the Dominion Range Experiment Station, Manyberries, the Onefour Research Farm is primarily provincial land under long term lease for research purposes to the federal government. Onefour encompasses about 17,000 ha within the Dry Mixedgrass Natural Subregion of the Grassland Natural Region.

Conservation Attributes * Approximately 70% (12,000 ha) of Onefour is native grassland * Located within the Wild Horse Plain ecodistrict which supports the highest remaining proportion of natural cover in the Prairie Ecoregion in Canada * Supports one of the highest densities of rare species occurrences in the Prairie Ecoregion

* High value to endemic grassland songbirds as breeding habitat * High value for at least 23 federally listed species at risk * A legacy of research dating back nearly a century directed at maintaining healthy native rangelands grazed by livestock * A portion of Onefour has protected area status as a Heritage Rangeland Natural Area

Closing the Onefour Research Farm is part of plans the federal government has announced. The current federal lease for the research farm operations does not expire for some time, however the federal government

may choose to surrender the lease back to the province of Alberta at any time. AWA believes the announcement, the time we have before the lease expires and the pending South Saskatchewan

Regional Plan provide both threats and opportunities for conservation of this vastly important native prairie grassland.

The opportunity exists to ensure Onefour receives protected area status whether it ends up under federal or provincial management. Under the existing lease arrangement with the Federal Government, designating this area as a National Wildlife Area makes sense. Vitally needed prairie research could continue. In addition, grazing

could continue providing an opportunity for local ranchers. The existing research and livestock facilities would continue to be used. The already designated heritage rangelands adjacent to the research farm would facilitate the transition of the research farm lands to protection under the Alberta Government. If Alberta will designate and

protect the area, co-management much like the Milk River Management Committee, by ranchers, government, grazing academics, and conservationists would succeed based on experiences in other rangelands in this part of Alberta.

Onefour Research Farm

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Herd Reference 2013*

Herd Reference 2013*

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CBBC Announces New Executive Director

Canadian Beef Breeds Council announced today that Michael Latimer will be their new Executive Director. Latimer brings an extensive range of experience in the beef cattle industry including roles

in brand marketing and management. He leaves his current position as General Manager of the Canadian Angus Association having participated in a number of breed promotional activities including strategic planning sessions for the Canadian Beef Breeds Council. "We are delighted with this addition to the Executive Director role of CBBC and look forward to working with Michael," says President David Bolduc. "Our focus for Canada's purebred beef cattle producers continues with ongoing projects such as international market development through the Canadian Cattlemen Market Development Council and the Legacy Program, CBBC-BIXS value chain system and with the view to promoting the purebred sector both domestically as well as internationally." Michael is a fifth-generation purebred cattle producer. After graduation from the University of Alberta, he worked as a partner with Remitall Cattle Company of Olds, Alberta. He served as President of the Olds Agricultural Society and has also served as a

judge and a mentor in the Cattlemen's Young Leaders Development Program. The Canadian Beef Breeds Council (CBBC) represents, supports and promotes the Canadian purebred beef cattle industry.Their members include national breed associations that collectively represent more than 10,000 producers of purebred beef breeding stock. Associate CBBC members are exporters and sector service providers. "As disappointing as it is for Canada's largest beef breed Association to lose a valued staff member like Michael, he's staying very much involved in our sector and moving into a stronger leadership position that will serve all breeds including Angus," says Canadian Angus Association CEO Rob Smith. "Michael's four years with the Association have been marked by program growth and his tremendous dedication to serving Canada's Angus fraternity. He moves forward with the thanks of a grateful Angus industry supporting him in his new challenge."

“We continue to grow our sales of live cattle and frozen genetics into the United States, and we continue to see more opportunity in the U.S. market specifically. With this in mind, we felt it would be important to have consistent representation from Blairs.Ag on the ground to attend livestock shows and fairs, purebred and commercial sales, association events, herd tours and the many junior events around the United States and in key international markets”, stated Kevin Blair. Kent McCune of Dallas, Texas is a graduate of K-State University and has spent most of his life working in the U.S. livestock industry as a herd manager or livestock consultant for many leading breeding stock operations in the United States. In recent years, Kent has spent considerable time consulting at livestock shows and sales across Canada, and has gotten the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with many Canadian seedstock

producers. “Kent’s extensive network of people and knowledge of the North American livestock industry makes him a great fit for providing insight and direction into our genetics program and for ultimately growing sales of Blairs.Ag genetics. We look forward to the expertise he can provide to our business”, said Kevin. One of Kent’s first assignments will be to represent Blairs.Ag Cattle Co. at the Palermo Agriculture Show in Argentina. Blairs.Ag Cattle Company of Lanigan, Saskatchewan is focused on the production of Red and Black Angus cattle that can perform consistently from pasture to plate. The herd includes over 450 purebred Angus females, 50 purebred Hereford cows and over 250 recipient females for their extensive embryo transfer program.

Blairs.Ag Cattle Company Announces Director of International Marketing

Blairs.Ag Cattle Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Kent McCune as Director of International Marketing effective immediately. Kent will be based near Dallas, Texas and will lead the sales and marketing efforts for Blair’s in the United States and in other international areas of opportunity.

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Herd Reference 2013*

Herd Reference 2013*

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Canadian Junior Angus Association

60 Canadian Junior Angus enthusiasts from seven provinces and one visitor from the United States traveled to scenic Armstrong, BC for 2013’s Showdown. A special thanks to the breeders and juniors for hosting us. The CJAA is very appreciative of the support and sponsorship for the event from breeders and businesses across Canada. Showdown is moving east in 2014 to Virden, MB from July 17 to 19. A special thanks to Erin Toner, Rebecca Gilby and Kevin Bolduc, who all retired from the CJAA Board of

Directors. I’m pleased to welcome Katie Olynyk (SK), Stacey Domolewski (AB) and Patrick Holland (Maritimes) to the Board. The 2013-2014 CJAA Executive is Austen Anderson as Vice President, Allison Speller as Secretary, Katie Wright as Treasurer and myself, Michael Hargrave, as President. Three recipients of the CJAA were announced at Showdown. Becky Domolewski from Alberta received $2,000, Katie Olynyk from Saskatchewan received $1,500 and Allison Speller from British Columbia received $1,000. We will once again be fundraising for the scholarship at Agribition with a heifer donated by Double C Red Angus at Foam Lake, SK. The heifer will be dutch auctioned at the Masterpiece Sale. We really appreciated the support of our breeders for this initiative. More information about the CJAA scholarship is available at The CJAA Board is now shifting our focus to planning the 2014 GOAL Conference. It will be held in Calgary, AB from February 15 to 17, 2014. The GOAL Conference is a great opportunity to meet and network with other junior members outside of the show ring in a fun and friendly environment. There will be four bursaries provided by the CJAA to assist members

with travels costs to the conference. Applications and additional information will be available online at The Canadian Angus Foundation also has a bursary available for travel assistance for GOAL. Check out their website for more information: and watch for details in our newsletter this fall. Once again the CJAA is printing a calendar for 2014 as a fundraiser. We are offering business card ads as a part of the calendar for $150 each and months are available on a first come first choice basis. Single dates are available for $50. Advertise your sale or celebrate a birthday with the CJAA. Contact your provincial CJAA director or myself at if you are interested in supporting this initiative. Best of luck and safe travels to the junior members representing Canada at the World Angus Forum in New Zealand this October. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to represent our breed and our country at this world class event. Wishing everyone a bountiful harvest and successful fall show season. Michael Hargrave President , Canadian Junior Angus Association

Alberta at Showdown and they will host their 38th Annual Provincial Show in Bashaw August 11 – 13. To round out the summer will be the Canadian Junior All Breeds Show August 14 – 17 where the juniors will crown their “Triple Crown Champion”. This is an award where animals entered in ALL 3 Alberta summer shows (Synergy, AJAA Show & All Breeds) accumulate points and the highest point animal wins. This encourages juniors to participate in all the opportunities during the summer in Alberta. Feel free to contact any of the AAA directors with your thoughts or ideas for 2013.

Well, hasn’t this been quite the spring or shall we say extended winter! With lots of moisture throughout the province, though be it in the form of snow, it has pushed back

seeding – but pastures & hay land should be lush! Alberta had a very successful bull sale season. It is fantastic to see that Angus are still in high demand. The Alberta directors are working hard after their Strategic Planning meetings in May. They are preparing for the 40th Anniversary of Farmfair this fall and hosting the National Angus show. If interest stays high the AAA will be funding a liner for the Alberta Junior cattle to go to Showdown in Armstrong this summer. Join us August 13 in Bashaw – in the morning will be the 38th Annual Alberta Junior Angus Show then in the afternoon is our AAA AGM and round out the evening with our Hall of Fame Awards Gala. It will be a great event! The Alberta Junior Board of Directors has another busy summer ahead of them starting with - hosting an Angus Show at Summer Synergy in Olds July 8 – 12. Then a group is heading out to Armstrong to represent

Yearling Class - Split 1 1) Bannockburn Valley Rose 4Z (JS Kodiak 1T) Hannah Dixon 2) Alllegra of Drynoch 3Z (Grubbs Mackenzie)Patrick Holland 3)Bannockburn Maples Anne 10Z (SAV Clark 8374) Melanie DeLong 4) Worth-A-Bit Queedy 7Z (Worth-A-Bit Frontier 1U) Breanna Curry 5) MFG 4Z, Quentin Lawless 6) Worth-A-Bit Pride 1Z (Double AA Old Post Bandolier) Jake Matheson Yearling Class - Split 2 1) Wheatley River Coreen (SAV Bismarck 5682)

Justin Ford 2) Red Wheatley River Omeron (Red Lazy MC Gridiron 66S) Logan Ford 3) RG Zera (DMM Ambush 03M) Rebecca Gilby 4) Red Wilbar Tinsel 837Z (Red Howe Finest Tradition 20W) Allison Booth 5) Dusty Breeze Nibs 2Z (Dusty Breeze Tim 1X) Beverly Booth 6) Red Lorcain Zerena (Red YY Equinox 13X) Mason O’Brien Yearling Class - Split 3 1) Bar-H Hope 2Z (Bar-H Balancer 14X) Sarah Manthorne 2) RG Zoey (DMM Ambush 03M) Jennifer D’Eon 3) Brantnor Daisy 16Z (Brantnor

Predominent 10W) Ben Bacon 4) DMM Blackcap 89Z (Soo Line Kodiak 0126) Nicole Booth 5) Garvies Lady Erica 11Z (SAV Bismarck 5682) Taylor Welch 6) HMF Primrose 14Z (SAV Bismarck 5682) Nic Goodwin 7) Red Lorcain Soo’s Wildflower (Red YY Equinox 13X) Michelle Larkin Cross Bred Class 1) Highliner, Logan Ford 2) Mz Biz, Patrick Holland 3) SM Zoey, Sarah Manthorne 4) Penny, Wes hunter 5) Ziggy, Nicole Booth

Alberta Angus Association Message

Maritime Angus Junior Show

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Herd Reference 2013*

Sincerely, Carol High President - Alberta Angus Association

Herd Reference 2013*

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Manitoba Gold Show & Field Day

Judges: Bruce Rosling, Richie Joynt & Wes Olynyk Heifer Calf Class - Split 1 1) AW Esther 23A (GDAR Game Day 44) AW Angus, Gainsborough, SK 2) CZH Rosebud 2A (N/A) Naomi Best, Harding, MB Heifer Calf Class - Split 2 1) N7’s Tibbie 10A (N7’s Elvis 9Y) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB 2) N7’s Blkwood Lady 8A (Tokach Update 9009) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB Heifer Calf Class - Split 3 1) Red Maple Lake 3032A (Red Six Mile Win-Chester 745W) Maple Lake Stock Farm, Hartney, MB 2) Maple Lake 3527A (N/A) Maple Lake Stock Farm, Hartney, MB Heifer Calf Class - Split 3 1) HBH Tibbie 301A (Connealy Consensus 7229) HBH Farms, Rivers, MB 2)TSN Miss Shaun 1A (SAV Brand Name 9115) TSN Livestock, Brandon, MB Champion Heifer Calf N7’s Tibbie 10A Reserve Champion Heifer Calf HBH Tibbie 301A Yearling Heifer Class - Split 1 1)N7’s Blackbird 191Z (N7’s Outlook 26X)N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB 2) TVA Queenette 63Z (Topview Net Worth 36U) Topview Acres, Grandview, MB Yearling Heifer Class - Split 2 1) TVA Lady Di 33Z (Sitz Upward 307R) Topview Acres, Grandview, MB 2) Red Mar Mac Lady Trooper 114Z (Red Cockburn Ribeye 346U) Mar Mac Farms, Brandon, MB

Yearling Heifer Class 1) Mar Mac Countess 70Z (Mar Mac Blackberry 155X) Airey Cattle Co, River, MB 2) Greenbush Georgina 39Z (S Chisum 6175) Greenbush Angus, Neepawa, MB Yearling Heifer Class - Split 4 1) DMM Miss Essence 14Z (DMM Riptide 87W) Raina Syrnyk, Ethelbert, MB 2) Northern View Zara Lisa 92Z (TGA Blackman 8311U) Airey Cattle Co, River, MB Champion Junior Female TVA Lady Di 33Z Reserve Champion Junior Female Red Mar Mac Lady Trooper 114Z Two Year Old Cow/Calf Class 1) Brookmore Aleta 73Y (SAV Pioneer 7301 calf by TC Aberdeen 759) Airey Cattle Co, Rivers, MB 2) N7’s Tibbie 52Y (SAV Net Worth 4200 calf by N7’s Elvis 9Y) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB Mature Cow/Calf Class 1) MFI Trojan Erica 146T (N Bar Emulation EXT calf by BC Eagle Eye 110-7)TSN Livestock, Brandon, MB 2) N7’s Blkwood Lady 2T (TC Stout 407 calf by Tokach Update 9009) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB Champion Senior Female Brookmore Aleta 73Y Reserve Champion Senior Female MFI Trojan Erica 146T Grand Champion Female Brookmore Aleta 73Y Reserve Champion Female TVA Lady Di 33Z

Champion Female Judges Bruce Rosling, Richie Joynt, Wes Olynyk, Airey Cattle Co & Dallas Johnston, MAA President

Champion Bull Judges Bruce Rosling, Richie Joynt, Wes Olynyk, N7 Stock Farm & Dallas Johnston, MAA President

Champion Female Judges Bruce Rosling, Richie Joynt, Wes Olynyk, Airey Cattle Co & Dallas Johnston, MAA President Page 36

Bull Calf Class- Split 1 1)N7’s Hound Dog 42A(N7’s Elvis 9Y)N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB 2) Edie Creek Eureka 75A (B.B.A.R. Eureka 9466) Edie Creek Angus, Dugald, MB Bull Calf Class - Split 2 1) Mar Mac Cornerstone 2A (SAV Final Answer 0035) Mar Mac Farms, Brandon, MB 2) Edie Creek Worthy 6A (OCC Worthy Man 967W) Edie Creek Angus, Dugald, MB Bull Calf Class - Split 3 1) RamRod No Fear 302A (RamRod No Fear 921W) Ram Rod Cattle Co, Medora, MB 2) HBH Anchor 303A (TC Aberdeen 759) HBH Farms, Rivers, MB Champion Bull Calf RamRod No Fear 302A Reserve Champion Bull Calf N7’s Hound Dog 42A Yearling Bull Class 1) Red Mar Mac Initiative 31Z (Red Cockburn Ribeye 346U) Mar Mac Farms, Brandon, MB 2) RamRod Provider 214Z (SAV Providence 6922) Ram Rod Cattle Co, Medora, MB Champion Junior Bull Red Mar Mac Initiative 31Z Reserve Chmapion Junior Bull RamRod Provider 214Z Two Year Old Bull Class 1)N7’s Elvis 9Y (Sitz Upward 307R) N7 Stock Farm, Crandall, MB Grand Champion Bull N7’s Elvis 9Y Reserve Champion Bull RamRod No Fear 302A

Angus World

Herd Reference 2013*

Reserve Champion Bull Judges Bruce Rosling, Richie Joynt, Wes Olynyk, Ramrod Cattle Co and Dallas Johnston, MAA President

Herd Reference 2013*

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Saskatchewan Angus Association Message

Greetings from Saskatchewan! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer months. From reports around our province this summer things look very good with good hay crops and fantastic grain crops progressing well, and seems to be lots of grass in the pastures. Lets hope everything continues to come together for the rest of the summer. Well since my last report Shelly and I had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Angus

Association's annual convention in early June which was held in Guelph Ontario and what a great event it was, hats off to the Ontario Association and the CAA staff for putting on a first class, fun and informative convention. We really enjoyed the tours and the Rancher Endorsed Day, great speakers and a very interesting panel discussion. All this has firmly put the pressure on for us here in Saskatchewan to perform as we will be hosting this event in early June in 2014 so please take this as one of may invitations to experience the Annual convention, in the great city of Moose Jaw we would love to have you join us! Some of the things happening within the province this summer - Our summer Junior & Gold Show was held in Prince Albert late July/early August in conjunction with their fair. Congratulations to all those who exhibited cattle there. Then August 29 & 30 Saskatchewan Angus in conjunction with the Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society and some breeders in the south east corner of our province will be hosting a tour and field day. We hope you can find the time to

join us for this event as it promises to be allot of fun with the opportunity to view some cattle and partake in some Angus fun and fellowship in the beautiful south east corner. (I might be biased there). For the tour details call myself at 306-739-28205 or Belinda Wagner in the Saskatchewan office. I should also mention we are starting to put together a new breeders directory to be ready for the Convention next spring so don't miss out on this great opportunity to have your farm listed and send in your info as soon as possible. Well hopefully you continue to have a great summer and fall and if we don't see you before maybe we will see you at Agribition in November for one of the greatest agricultural shows in the nation!

Well, 2013 has sure turned out to be one of the most challenging haying seasons in recent memory in Manitoba along with the rest of the Prairie Provinces. Hopefully everybody is getting things wrapped up and ready to move on to silage season. Here in Manitoba we just had our 2nd Field Day combined with our summer gold show in the pen format, with only Junior Members showing with halters. It is proving to be a popular format with more cattle showing up this year including some members who brought out cattle for the first time. Fall sale season will soon be upon us along with the show season and hope everybody has a successful one. Also the fall calf run will be starting soon and indications according to the experts prices should be strong. Here’s hoping they are right.

Next up in Manitoba is our fall gold show at the Manitoba Livestock Expo on Friday, November 1, 2013 in Brandon. Following that is the 25th annual Keystone Classic sale in Brandon on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at the Keystone Center. This sale continues to be a great opportunity to acquire top Black and Red genetics from breeders in Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. I wish everyone success with their fall sales both commercial and purebred and hope to see you out on the road this fall. Dallas Johnston President, Manitoba Angus Association

Respectfully submitted, Dale Easton President, Saskatchewan Angus Association

Manitoba Angus Association Message

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Herd Reference 2013*

Quebec Angus Association Message

It certainly has been a hot and humid summer in Quebec and earlier in the season we did not think we were going to get any good haying weather but it has been full steam ahead for the past few weeks with many bales of good hay brought in. The QAA had their picnic at my farm on July 11th and there was an excellent turnout of almost 300 cattlemen. It fell on

the second day of good hay weather after a long wet spell and several guests made quick appearances and “dined and dashed” to get back to the fields. There were commercial exhibitors, a MAPAQ demonstration, live country and western music, great Angus burgers and award presentations. Brian Good attended on behalf of the Canadian Angus Association and gave an excellent speech. Awards were presented to Ferme Ghislain Breton of Abitibi for Quebec Commercial Cattleman of the year and to Mario Comtois as Quebec Angus Marketer of the Year. Many door prizes were donated by the commercial attendees. The commercial exhibitors also donated cash and door prizes for the junior show at Expo Boeuf in October. We are currently trying to obtain convenient time slots from Expo Boeuf for industry experts to demonstrate fitting, grooming, clipping, photography and bovine nutrition to the juniors. We will be giving numerous prizes at the junior show this year and hope to have a good turnout.

We are having two Gold Shows in Quebec this year: Brome Fair on Labour Day weekend and Expo Boeuf on Thanksgiving weekend. We would like to thank the many exhibitors at the Gold Shows from Quebec and those that travel a long distance to participate from both Ontario and the Maritimes. They do an excellent job of showcasing the Angus Breed. Wayne Gallup, the Canadian Angus Fieldman for Quebec has arranged five Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed feeder calf sales in Quebec this Fall and Winter. These sales certainly have shown how popular Green Tagged cattle are as they consistently receive higher prices We are having a Quebec Angus Female Sale on September 28th at Brome Fairgrounds. We have selected cattle for the sale and are pleased to report that we have many top quality sale entries. We look forward to seeing you all there. John Donaldson President, Quebec Angus Association

Angus heifers being shown; and lots of friends getting reacquainted. We were pleased to welcome our new Canadian Association president-Kevin Blair, CEO-Rob Smith and Junior Ambassador Stacey Jo Domolewski to the East. Sarah Manthorne had the Champion purebred heifer, and Justin Ford had the Reserve Champion. The first Gold Show of the season will be held in Charlottetown, PEI at Old Home Week on August 15 and 16. With 60 head of Angus cattle shown last summer-hopefully this year’s show will be even bigger. Wayne Gallup (Canadian Angus Eastern Field man) will be visiting a few Maritime commercial herds before and during the Charlottetown show. Next will be New Brunswick’s Gold Show being held in Sussex on September 20 to 22 at Beef Expo. Another great display of Angus cattle will be present, and a great junior show as well. Nova Scotia’s Gold Show will be held again this year in Halifax at Maritime Fall Fair

on October 5 and 6. There are always lots of great junior activities at this event. On behalf of the Maritime Board of Directors and members we would like to congratulate Patrick Holland from PEI, and all other juniors for being chosen to go to the World Angus Forum in New Zealand this fall to represent Canadian Angus. The 15th Annual “Angus in Action” sale will be held this fall in Nappan, NS on October 26, so if you are looking for a great 4-H prospect heifer, a bred yearling, or a nice cow-calf pair come on down to Nappan and have your pick of some of the best Angus genetics in the Maritimes. As always make sure you tag your calves with Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Green Tags and remember to show your Angus pride with the use of these tags in your cattle. Trevor F. Welch President - Maritime Angus Association

Maritime Angus Association Message

Greetings from the East Coast. As haying season should be winding up, many purebred and 4-H shows are going on throughout the Maritimes. Angus cattle are certainly well represented and doing well. The Maritime Angus Field day held June 14-15, in Truro Nova Scotia was a great success, with lots of

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Progressive Performance... Optimum Maternalism!

CANADIAN RED ANGUS PROMOTION SOCIETY 6015 Park Place, Taber, AB T1G 1E9 403/223-8009

Custom Service Program

Carey Auction Services Brent W. Carey

▲ Custom Collection ▲ Private Storage

Tel: (403) 226 0666 Semen - Supplies - Nitrogen


Box 5, Site 4, R.R. #1, Olds, Alta T4H 1P3

Phone (403)507-8771 Fax (403)507-8772


(403)549-2478 - Cellular (403)650-9028 Box 27, Stavely, AB T0L 1Z0

"Specializing in Seedstock Sales & Promotion"






P.O. Box 164 Nottawa, Ontario Canada L0M 1P0

Phone: (705)445-4317 Cell: (705)607-4317 E-mail:

get your cattle online with coyote publishing. More than just really great catalogues!

Sid Leavitt: (403) 653-2450 Jana Keeley: (604) 740-5653

Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants Ltd. Davis-Rairdan International P.O. Box 590 Crossfield, Alberta Canada T0M 0S0 Phone (403)946-4551 Fax (403)946-5093 Website email


● On-farm freezing & collection ● Donor care facility ● Recipient herd

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● Licensed facility for embryos exports ● Genetic Marketing & Selection ● International Embryo Sales



RYAN DORRAN 403.507.6483

24 Park Lane Olds, Alberta T4H 1W3 Auctioneer, Ring Service & Marketing

Steve Dorran Auctioneer

P.O. Box 10100, Stn Main, Airdrie, Alberta, T4A 0H4


Gloria Fantin - Independently Offering - Advertising Services for Beef Producers - Advertising & Publication Consulting - Advertising Sales Representation - Writing Services & Distribution

GA Fantin Services / 403.289.3836

Ericson Livestock Services

(780) 352-7630 Dennis & Shelly Ericson

R.R.# 2, Wetaskiwin, Alberta T9A 1W9


Mile 11 on #2 Highway South of Dawson Creek

PUREBRED BLACK ANGUS P.O. Box 132, Steve Aylward (250)786-5031 Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4G3 Dale Aylward (250)786-5478



Bus (250)546-9420 / Cellular (250)558-6789 Comp. 19, Larkin Site, RR 3, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0

Ring Service & Livestock Service

Sealin Creek Ranch Registered Angus

Dan & Janette Speller

Box 128, Hazelet, SK S0N 1E0 (306) 678-4811 ✺ Cellular (403) 357-8104


Box 59, Monte Lake, BC V0E 2N0 (250)375-2268


EMBRYO TRANSFER SERVICES MARILYN BRAITWAITE Box 8265, Saskatoon, SK S7K 6C5 A.H.T. Ph (306)931-2904 ● Fax (306)242-1563 Certified Bovine E.T. Practitioner

ring w Sp s Ran illo


For All Your Angus Genetics


Serving BC, AB & SK

Re us gister ed Black Ang

Owners: Peter & Francesca Cox Managed by: Christy Elliot


All West/Select Sires

Mark Stock


Tel: (250)446-2269 Fax: (250)764-0537

22km Christian Valley Westbridge, British Columbia

Lance Savage - President 4664 Sleepy Hollow Road, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B4 Ph/Fax:250/546-2813 Jack Brown - Fieldman 604/888-0862

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Count Ridge Stock Farm TY



(403)641-2205 P.O. BOX 576, BASSANO, ALBERTA T0J 0B0



Wayne and Peggy Robinson

Box 36 Mossleigh, Alberta T0L 1P0 Phone (403) 934-4083

“A family operation dedicated to the perfection of the Angus breed.”


Flint & Flint

Doug, Joyce, Judy, Cindy and Tracy Allen P.O. Box 4081, Taber, AB T1G 2C6 Phone/Fax: (403)223-8008


est. 1966

New Norway, AB

Jay & Lenore Davis Box 184, Acme, Alberta T0M 0A0 (403) 546-2299

ACHER ANG B US SH Darrel & Wendy Ashbacher & Family

P.O. Box 99, Halkirk, Alberta T0C 1M0

Ph: (403)884-2181 Fax: (403)884-2381

Bar Double M Angus

Bryan & Sherry Mackenzie

Pioneer Red Angus Breeder




P.O. Box 122, Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0 Phone: (403)627-5676 / Fax:(403)627-4653 /

Mark & Rachel Merrill & Family Box 132, Hill Springs, Alberta T0K 1E0

(403) 626-3369

Visitors 12 miles west of Olds Always on Hwy #27, 1/2 mile south on Welcome Range Rd 3.04 email:

Add Our Diamonds to Your Herd!

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Diamond Willow Ranch


Registered Black Angus

Ted & Marci McPeak (403)948-3085

RR #1, Stn. Mn., Airdrie, AB T4B 2A3 From Airdrie Overpass on SH 567, 10km W., 5km N., on SH 772




Harry & Gaylene Irving


(403)938-7754 R.R. #2, Okotoks, Alberta T0L 1T0

Dwayne & Joanne Emery



(780) 674-4410 REGISTERED ANGUS P.O. Box 31, Camp Creek, Alberta T0G 0L0





Wayne Branden & Jane Morrow

Phone: (780)674-2335 ~ Cell: (780)305-4813 ~ Fax: (780)674-4398 P.O. Box 11, Camp Creek, AB T0G 0L0 -

Willard Leeuwenburgh Home: 403-381-3191 Cell: 403-382-1990 Fax: 403-381-9093


Box 25, Lethbridge, AB T1J 3Y3

Lindsay & Donna Penosky & Family

P.O. Box 37, Botha, AB T0C 0N0 Phone: (403)742-4337 ● Fax: (403)742-4341

Lee & Laura Brown

Box 217, Erskine, AB T0C 1G0 Ph: (403) 742-4226 Fax (403) 742-2962


P.O. Box 238, Clyde, Alberta T0G 0P0

Jim Round


Murray and Gloria Fraser 403-787-2341

Box 32, Hussar, Alberta TOJ 1SO


Horned Hereford

Barry Round

Cam and Kim Fraser 403-787-2165

Fleming Stock Farms

Box 1, Granum, Alberta T0L 1A0 Ph: 403/687-2288 Fax: 403/687-2088

Duncan, Cecilie, Cooper & Ricki Fleming “Quality goes in before the name goes on”

R.R. #3, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 1X1 H (780)352-0813 W (780)585-2003

KBJ Round Farms



Dave & Jean Prichard 780-385-2226 Dan & Shelley Prichard Ph/Fax: 780-385-2298 Killam, Alberta

“Visitor’s Welcome”

Doug Noad 403-660-8371

Ron & Laurie Hunter & family “Quality Registered & Commercial Stock”

RR 2 Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0


19th Annual Bull & Female Sale March 14/09

Roy & Cindy Bjorklund

Nagib- Krameddine

Registered Angus

Jack Leeuwenburgh Home: 403-327-9618 Cell: 403-330-6123 Fax: 403-327-9629

- Breeders of Quality Performance Tested Angus -

P.O. Box 2044, Fairview, Alberta T0H 1L0 (780)835-3530




Richard & Joyce Lorenz

(403)728-3285 R.R. #1, Markerville, Alberta T0M 1M0


Breeding 150 Functional Black Angus Females Since 1945

Danny & Conna Warrilow Bill & Barbara Warrilow Ph/Fax: (780) 593-2205 (780) 593-2208 P.O. BOX 39, MINBURN, ALBERTA T0B 3B0

Trent & Kelli Abraham

P.O. Box 22, Linden, Alberta T0M 1J0

Phone: 403/546-2010 Fax: 403/252-0041 Cell:403/803-8035 //


" Our Greatest Asset - Quality Angus"

Robert & Gail Hamilton

Box 11, Site 15, R.R.# 2, Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1A2 (403) 932-5980 ~

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Elllamae & Mike

Box 247, Warner, Alberta T0K 2L0 Ph/Fax: (403)642-2055 email:





Shawn & Cathy






R.R. #3, Site 18, Box 17, Innisfail, AB T4G 1T8


Richard King



Ben & Carol Tams


R.R. #2 Red & Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0 403/309-0905 Black Angus

P.O. Box 4205, Taber, Alberta T1G 2C7 Phone/Fax: (403)223-4118

The Wildman’s

Dave & Gail (780) 785-2091 Kirk (780) 785-3772



Box 610, Delburne, Alberta T0M 0V0 (403)749-2953 email:


Stauffer Ranches P.O. Box 174, Killam, Alberta (780)385-2216




Cattle Co.

Registered & Commercial Red Angus

Murray King





Duane Parsonage


Box 115, Warner, Alberta T0K 2L0 (403)642-2041



P.O. Box 444, Sangudo, Alberta T0E 2A0 Fax 785-3403





Lassiter Brothers


Box 763, Bassano, Alberta T0J 0B0 Ph: 403/641-4467 ~ Fax:403/6412355

Spring Bull Sale ● Female (Private Treaty) ● Embryos Using A.I. program & Embryo transfer to raise well balanced cattle.

Stacey & Michel Stauffer

Ring 403.627.2511 Fax 403.627.2650 Box 2377, Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0

Stoneydale BLACK ANGUS

Ken & Sharon Chitwood

Ph:(403)948-3094 Fax: (403)948-6329 R.R. #2, Airdrie, AB T4B 2A4

RIVERBEND FARM LTD. Bud, Barb & John McBride Box 51, Benalto, Alberta T0M 0H0 Phone: (403)746-2555 / Phone/Fax: (403)746-2630

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Premium Quality Since 1972

Glen, Dale, Wayne & Terry Elliott

Ph/Fax: (403)832-3774 l Ph: (403)832-3112 P.O. Box 113 Seven Persons, AB T0K 1Z0



Park F w a o ill

Double AA Angus P.O. Box 91, Coleville, SK S0L 0K0 (306) 965-2554

Purebred Black Angus since 1920

Jim & Betty Richardson (403)224-3286

Box 32, Bowden, AB T0M 0K0

Ranches Inc.

Bill Dillabaugh

Annual Rancher’s Choice Spring Bull Sale

Don’t Roll - JustRock

Jon & Shelly Fox

P.O. Box 320 Lloydminster, SK S9V 0Y2

Phone: 306-825-9702 Fax: 306-825-9782 Res: 306-825-9624 Email:


Jim & Peggy Grant P.O. Box 220, Edam, SK S0M 0V0 (306)397-2541





(306) 567-4702




Doug & Lynn McIvor

Box 688, Davidson, SK S0G 1A0

Flying K Ranch Registered Red Angus Since 1972

Brian & Christine Hanel Box 1902, Swift Current, SK S9H 4M6 (306)773-6313 email:

Donna Hanel

R.R. #1, Wymark, SK S0N 2Y0 Ph/Fax: (306)773-6984

10 miles south of swift Current on hwy #4 & 8 miles west



RANCHING LTD. David Flundra

Purebred Red Angus Bulls, Females & Commercial Cattle

P.O. Box 1453, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7N4

16 km east of Walsh, Alberta

Tel: (306)662-2449 Fax: (306)662-2556

Cell: (403)502-4776

Wes & Kim Olynyk (306)876-4420 Irene Olynyk (306)876-4400 Annual Bull Sale First Saturday in April

Box 192, Goodeve, SK S0A 1C0

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Z RED ANGU A R Phil Birnie S W Box 461, Wawota, SK S0G 5A0

Kim Robertson

Box 159, Alsask, SK S0L 0A0 Res: 306/968-2637 / Cell: 306/463-8405

5 miles east of Alsask and 2 miles north on Merid Grid

“Raising Quality Cattle To Work For You”


Ph: 306/739-2988 ~ Fax: 306/739-2137 ~ Cell: 306/577-7440 email: Red Angus Bulls & Females For Sale ~ Commercial Heifers Herdsman: Gordon Murray 306/739-2177 - cell: 306/646-7980




Barry & Marj Young & Family

Box 28, Carievale, SK S0C 0P0 (306) 928-4810

Keith, Linda & Stacey Kaufmann 306/454-2730

Shane, Alexis,

Keaton, Kamrie, Kohen Registered & Korbyn Kaufmann 306/454-2688 Red & Black Angus P.O. Box 130, Ceylon, SK S0C 0T0 ● Fax: (306)454-2643 ●


P.O. Box 183, Luseland, SK S0L 2A0

(306) 834-2844


Luseland - .5 mile W, 12 Miles S & .25 mile W. Kerrobert - 12 miles W, Hwy# 51, .5 mile N, .25 mile W


Box 718 Maidstone, SK S0M 1M0

Les & Ethel Smith & family (306)893-4094

WRed il-Sel Angus

Est: 1980

Black & Red Angus

Bruce, Ione Austen & Breanna Anderson


204.734.2073 - 204.734.0730 Comp 2 R.R.# 2, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0 -

Quality Angus Cattle

Visitors Always Welcome

Jack & Barb Hart

General Delivery, Brookdale, Manitoba R0K 0G0 (204) 476-2607

Doreen 306/263-4407 306/263-4923 Fax Corbin, Lynette, Cole & Conner 306/263-4407 The Selody’s ~ Flintoft, SK S0H 1R0

David & Jeanette Neufeld 204/534-2380

Box 171, Boissevain Manitoba R0K 0E0 Roy & Vicki Forsyth

Eddystone, Manitoba R0L 0S0 (204)448-2245

Registered Red & BlackAngus

Ian Gross

P.O. Box 29, Rush Lake, Saskatchewan S0H 3S0 ● (306)773-6873

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Allen & Merilyn Staheli

Greenbush Angus Fax: (204)448-2126





R.R. #1, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0

Barrie & Bernice Baker (204)966-3822

Herd Reference 2013*

Eddystone, Manitoba R0L 0S0

Tim & Wendy Baker (204)966-3320






Don & Jeannette Currie

R.R. #1, Nottawa, Ontario L0M 1P0 Ph/Fax: (705)445-1526

Rob & Sandy Foubert

613/258-1062 4373 Rideau River Road, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

Rideau Angus (613)258-2762 Farm R.R. #4, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0



12201 TORBRAM RD, CALEDON. ONTARIO L7C 2T4 * (905)843-1236

Rolling Acres

D & C Cattle Co

August 28 - September 1 British Columbia Angus Gold Show, Interior Provincial Exhibition, Armstrong, BC August 29-30 Saskatchewan Angus & Red Angus Tour August 30 Quebec Gold Show, Brome, QC September 1 British Columbia Angus Association Annual General Meeting, Armstrong, BC September 15 Brampton Preview Show, Brampton, ON September 17 - 19 Montana Angus Tour, Great Falls, MT September 18 - 20 New Brunswick Beef Expo, Sussex, NB September 28 Quebec Angus Female Sale, Brome, QC September 28 Pacific Invitational All Breeds Sale, Williams Lake, BC October 4 - 6 Olds Fall Classic, Olds, AB

Stephen & Paula 819-647-3540

Laird & Mary 819-647-3542

Fax: (819)647-3541 //

4L Cattle Holdings ............................................. 26 Belvin Angus ......................................................... OBC Blairs.Ag Cattle Co ................................................... 7 Blue Water Angus Sale ........................................... 28 Bohrson Marketing ................................................ 27 Buck Lake Ranch ............................................... 37 Brookmore Angus ................................................... 10 Brox Stock Farm .................................................. IBC Brylor Ranch ........................................................ IFC Canadian Junior Angus Association ........... 21

Events Calendar

Angus & Hereford

C260 Heath Road, Shawville, Quebec J0X 2Y0

Doug & Carolyn Milne-Smith

Ad Index

Les Fermes

Castlerock Marketing ............................ 28, 29, 35 Chico Ranches ......................................................... 40 Crowfoot Cattle Co ................................................. 31 Cudlobe Angus ......................................................... 1 DJ Henderson & Associates ..................... 10, 13, 31 Farmfair International ........................................... 12 Figure 8 Angus ....................................................... 35 Hamilton Farms ...................................................... 3 Glen Islay Angus ....................................................... 5 Hazel Bluff Red Angus ............................................ 11

October 4 - 19 World Angus Forum, New Zealand October 12 Quebec Angus Gold Show, Victoriaville, QC October 13 Maritimes Fall Fair, Halifax, NS October 19 Red Roundup Sale, Red Deer, AB October 19 Blue Water Sale, Hanover, ON October 21 Justamere Sale fo the Year, Lloydminster, SK October 25 Six Mile Red Angus Female Sale, Fir Mountain, SK October 27 Brylor ‘Tradition with a Vision’ Sale High River, AB October 31 - November 2 Manitoba Livestock Expo, Brandon, MB November 1 Royal Elite All Breed Sale, Toronto, ON November 1 - 10 Royal Ag Winter Fair, Toronto, ON

Johnston/Fertile Valley Angus ............................. 25 Lorenz Angus ........................................................... 6 Majestic Cattle Co ................................................... 13 Mackenzie Sale Management ................................ 11 Montana Angus Tour ............................................. 33 Stryker Cattle Co .............................................. 38, 39 Symens Cattle Co .................................................... 16 WRAZ Red Angus ................................................ 17

November 3 - 4 Brooking Angus Open Book Sale, online November 3 - 10 Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB November 11 - 16 Canadian Western Agribition, Regina, SK November 15 Power & Perfection Sale, Regina, SK November 23 Buck Lake Ranch Dispersal Sale, Strathmore, AB November 25 Stryker Cattle Co Angus Female Dispersal Sale, Medicine Hat, AB November 29 - 30 Crowfoot Cattle Co Red & Black Angus Dispersal Sale, Standard, AB December 4 Cudlobe Angus Bull Sale, Stavely, AB December 4 Atlasta Angus Bull & Seriously Black Select Female Sale, Sylvan Lake, AB December 5 Peak Dot Ranch Bull & Female Sale, Wood Mountain, SK Herd Reference 2013*

December 9 Hazel Bluff Red Angus Dispersal Sale, Westlock, AB December 10 Canadian Legacy Sale, Olds, AB December 14 Johnston/Fertile Valley Bred Heifer Sale, Saskatoon, SK December 14 Angus Collection Sale, Olds, AB December 17 Figure 8 Angus Dispersal Sale, Olds, AB December 21 Majestic Cattle Co Dispersal Sale, Innisfail, AB New Years Resolution Sale, Saskatoon, SK ------ 2014 -----February 18 Symens Bull Sale, Claresholm, AB March 26 Hamilton Farms Bull & Select Female Sale, Cochrane, AB

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Herd Reference 2013*

Angus World Herd Reference 2013  

Angus World Herd Reference 2013 - Volume 21, Issue 3

Angus World Herd Reference 2013  

Angus World Herd Reference 2013 - Volume 21, Issue 3