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Location: Cos 207 Date: 06.11.2018 Time: 5-6pm

Forum Minutes – 06.11.2018 Minutes I.

What’s Coming Up? - ARU Faith Societies Present Chill Out Tuesday: Karaoke – 27th November - Societies Showcase at The Academy – 29th November - Rent Survey - Carers Awareness Tea Party – 30th November - Grant Spending Deadline – 7th December - Christmas Forum – 12th December

II. New societies spotlight - Anime and Manga - Jewish Society - First Love - Marrow - Achievement Unlocked - Anglia Ruskin Space Agency - Electronic Music Society - Popular Music - MMA - Coding Society -PENSA - Boxing III. First Aid Courses and Mini bus test forms of interest -Both Free for committee members! (£20 returned deposit to secure your place) - Find them both on the committee hub under skills and training - Course dates allocated on a first come, first served basis IV. Checking memberships - How check your memberships: Go to page admin > (Society Name) admin tools > members and check for new names on the list. - Also a great way to check who has and hasn’t paid their memberships! - Make sure to contact new members and to have relevant contact details on your society page -Reminder that committee members also must purchase a membership – any committee

members who have not bought their membership by Tuesday the 13th of November will have their admin rights removed! V. Risk Assessments - Reminder that all societies must fill out a ‘blanket’ form to cover their regular meetings, blank forms can be found on the committee hub. - Your coordinators will be chasing these up over the next few weeks! VI. Guest Speaker Process - Any requests must be made at least 4 weeks in advance! -Screenshot your submission as confirmation VII. Society-run events - Reminder to include your society name, time, date, location and a short description of what the event is so that members know which event they’re looking for! VIII. Conflict Management Compromise Involve every committee member in decisions Involve your coordinator Make sure every committee member knows their roles and responsibilities Regular committee meetings

Discussion Items Minibus renewal

Points made by attendees/coordinators Society members were concerned that they would not be able to travel or function as a society without the buses The limitations on taking the test prove a problem for many students Members were concerned that the cost of coach travel would cause their societies to fold

Plan of Action Coordinators will be organizing a forum specifically to discuss the buses with all concerned parties. All society members will be invited to attend.

General Grant Feedback

Things to think about for the next round‌ 1. Be specific! 2. Events need to take place in the corresponding semester 3. Be clear on how the purchase will benefit all of your members 4. Not part of SU policy to fund Christmas meals etc. 5. Fill in the appropriate sections 6. First aid kits are FREE if you have at least one trained committee member 7. Get organised early!

Networking Events Feedback

Students thought these events were worthwhile but needed better staff attendance

Clubs and Societies in Attendance

Apologies for absence

MMA Vegan Society Psychology Society Tai Chi Cheer Dance Game Dev. LASAR Wildlife Law Society Sustainability Education Society TaGS Ruskin Journal Marketing

Anglia Ruskin Space Agency LGBT Yoga Pole Fitness

Harry Potter Society Forensic Society Marrow Believers Loveworld K-Pop Biomedical Society Graphic Design Society ACS Pokemon Film Viewing Music and Performing Arts Arts and Craft

Date of next forum: Wednesday the 12th December 5-6:30pm Lab006

Location: LAB 006 Date: 04.10.2018 Time: 5-6pm

Forum Minutes – 4th October 2018 Agenda items IX. What’s coming up? - Course rep. elections – Now Closed - Grant Round 1 Applications – Now Closed - Part-time jobs fair: 30th October 2018 - Societies Showcase: 29th November 2018 ( X. First Aid courses and Midas Testing - Free for committee members! (£20 deposit required which will be returned after the course) - Sign up for the next course at the SU Front Desk XI. Funding - Green Fund discontinued: Set to return in 2019 (action is being taken by your coordinators and SU staff team) XII. Important reminders - Risk assessments: Societies must submit a risk assessment for their weekly meetings – coordinators will be chasing these up if they are not completed. - Society Lockers: Reminder to only store society items in these lockers, and that food should not be kept in them! Let us know if your society no longer needs their locker as there is a waiting list.

Discussion Items Society Accreditation System

Points made by attendees 

Rewards were not widely known about

Attendees felt that rewards for the accreditations was not worth it

Plan of Action 

System is up for review over the semester

Possibility of a points-based system with broader criteria which can be adapted to cater for all clubs and socs.

Freshers Fair

Peterborough Nursing Society

Criteria is unclear/ not achievable for some societies/clubs

Some societies felt that their placement requests were not listened to

Societies and clubs would prefer to be grouped so that people can find them more easily

More publicity for the upstairs area

Members and committee feel excluded from SU events

Committee members travel long distance to be at forums

SU will attempt to take all requests into account

Meetings will take place within staff teams on the effectiveness of the layout

Work being done within the SU as a whole to include Peterborough students in all events including SU Awards etc.

Possibility of committee members skyping into forums etc.

Clubs and Societies in Attendance

Apologies for absence

AMT Biomed Creative Writing Cue.5 Forensic and Criminal Investigations Game Development HR and Management International Business Soc. Law Soc. Marketing MPA

Yoga K-Pop Christian Fellowship ACS Film Makers

Psychology Peterborough Nursing Wildlife Pole Fitness Cheerleading Christian Music Dance Film Viewing Harry Potter LASAR Pokemon TaGS Tai Chi Vegan Marrow

Date of next forum: Tuesday 6th November 5-6pm Cos207

November Forum Minutes  
November Forum Minutes