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This magazine, as you probably guessed by the name, will be released everyday - Monday to Friday. Its purpose will be to relay to you the highlights of the days’ news in music and in film. We will endeavour to publish an issue every evening. We’re currently looking for unsigned bands and artists to feature in this magazine. To have a news piece written about something you have coming up- be it a new record, a massive tour, something you’ve released that you want streamed, whatever- or to have something reviewed, just email us at The layout of this magazine was designed by Tori Olson of Victoria Olson Photo & Design. This issue contains written work submitted and edited by Andrew Nicholls, Finn Baker, Sam Smith and Adam Towers. The majority of the photographs are by Lee Edwards, unless stated. Photographs situated on advert holding pages are by Tori Olson. The Balcony Session videos were shot and produced by Josh Paine-Lewis. Today’s coverstar is Bahar Dopran- photo by Lee Edwards


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WHAT ARE THE BALCONY SESSIONS? We work from an office with a balcony surrounded by stunning views of the cityscape around it. As the sun sets that view is absolutely fantastic, with beautiful architecture in every direction. We couldn’t waste that. Every week we take performers outside for a professionally filmed and recorded acoustic session with great sound and visuals. Above is just one of those videos, you’ll find more on our website.




Shannon Lawless


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NEWS: typesetter release video Chicago punks Typesetter have released a brand new video. The video for Death Cycle, a brand new and unreleased track, features footage of the band’s East Coast tour with Living Room that took place back in May this year. Check it out via the image.

NEWS:press to meco release new single Crawley alt-rock band Press To Meco have released a new single, Means To An End, and a video to go with it. The single comes ahead of the release of their debut album Good Intent which is set to be released through Best Before Records on October 16th. You can check out the video via the image.

NEWS: sundressed announce new ep Arizona punks Sundressed, who take influence from the likes of Conor Oberst, Ben Kweller, Bob Dylan, Rocky Votolato, Branches, Jenny Lewis, Chuck Berry, Sam Beam,Tim Kasher, Anthony Green, max bemis, Tigers Jaw, Weatherbox and The Front Bottoms, have announced a new EP, The Same Condition, and are streaming a new track, Beck And Call. The EP follows last year’s Dig Up A Miracle and will be released through Take This To Heart Records on October 23rd. Listen to Beck And Call via the image.

NEWS: bad pollyanna announce album details Their name alone reminds us of the late and grate Jack Off Jill, Yorkshire dark rockers Bad Pollyanna have announced details of their second album, The Broken Toys. The band recently launched a pledge campaign to help fund the new album. Bad Pollyanna are something truly special. They’re sponsored by llamasque, a make-up brand, with whom they recently released Invincible Girl, a charity single for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The single has raised over £3000 so far. Check it out via the image.

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FEATURED music featured track:star tropicsswept away Chicago indie pop foursome Star Tropics use a sweet mix of male and fe-

male vocals to create uplifting, touching and instantly likeable music. Their interesting and somehow thought provoking sound, packed with fuzzy rhythms and driving beats, comes together in a sleepy, yet passionate way. Swept Away is a beautiful piece of music, one we can’t help but adore. Check out the track by clicking the image on the left.

Featured track: car seat headrest-america(never been) Car Seat Headrest may be the least evocative moniker ever imagined, but its owner, Seattle’s Will Toledo, is more than deserving of your attention. Check him out on Bandcamp and you’ll find twelve releases going back to 2010. Impressive right? That’s more than most bands release in their entire career. None of it is rushed or sloppy either. Our chosen track, America (Never Been) is a seven minute long masterpiece that we couldn’t help but be taken aback by. It’s simple beguiling and quite mysterious. It somehow makes you want to explore more of Toledo’s creations, and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Listen to the track on the right

FEATURED video: crepes-size of your town Hailing from the Australian town of Ballarat, which is intriguing in itself,

Crepes are a band slowly moving onto the radar of, well, everyone. Their debut EP Cold Summers is a record packed full of breezy and relaxed tunes that leave us feeling quite thoughtful. There’s something friendly about their sound. In some ways we’re reminded of The Shins- Tim Karmouche’s soft and dreamlike vocals share a breathy quality with James Mercer and the mix of keys and unassuming guitars seem to send us off on a journey. Size Of Your Town is a definite stand-out track on the EP, with a video that defies explanation.

Featured track: chuck sj hayoh my darling girl A favourite on the Brighton acoustic circuit, Chuck SJ Hay is someone that,

for some reason, we hadn’t taken time to really check out. Until now. Oh My Darling Girl, the most recent posting on her Soundcloud, is really quite something. Hay’s vocals are remarkable and, to be honest, we haven’t really heard anything like them before. They aren’t classically beautiful, but there’s something really honest about them. Her’s is a voice that clearly has a lot of pain behind it. The guitar playing is simple, but exquisite. It compliments her well, never distracting from what she has to say. “It’s alright to be sad”.

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RISING reviews

ALBUM REVIEW: ADAM AND THE PLASTIC-FOXHOLES Adam And The Plastic is a five-piece band from Orlando, Florida. Foxholes is their second full-length release, at just under 40 minutes long. Foxholes is mostly comprised of your regular, run-of-the-mill bedroom rock. Although it’s plenty enjoyable, it’s not reinventing the wheel or anything. But that’s okay. I don’t think that’s what Adam And The Plastic had in mind. This album starts out with a song called The Party that sounds reminiscent of Godspeed! You Black Emperor’s early work. There’s a simple guitar riff that repeats itself for the duration of the song, dragging other elements of the song with it. Other instrumentation slowly begins to appear, such as a playful melody on a lead guitar, drums that have been stripped down to bare necessities, as well as a sample of what sounds like a bunch of people huddled in a room, discussing who-knows-what. This is a good representation of what this album sounds like. Everything blends together, and it can be hard to pick out one thing you like, but all together, it’s really well made and it’s a very pleasant experience. Foxholes, although it’s catchy and melodic and a very peaceful-sounding album, it is not without its flaws. For one thing, the vocals on this album are sometimes too hushed. They can be hard to understand. However, this doesn’t take very much away from the album. This album never had anything to say to begin with. Yes, people are talking, but you’re not supposed to analyze what they’re saying. It’s just some nice company. A good example of this is the song To The Bottom. It sounds fun, catchy, whimsical, like the background music for a weekend pool party. It’s just nice to have some musical accompaniment, and Adam And The Plastic is happy to provide it. The name of the band might seem weird to casual passersby. No-one in the band is named Adam, and who or what is ‘the plastic’ they’re referring to? Well, once you listen to Foxholes, you’ll find out what ‘the plastic’ is. It’s referring to the kind of music the band is creating. If one were to try and dig deeper to find some sort of meaning in their music, they’re probably not going to find anything. It’s fake, in the sense that it’s just some nice music to listen to. It doesn’t have much of a message, it’s not supposed to get you riled up, it’s just there. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

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NEWS: muse unveil ambitous plans for world tour Stadium rockers Muse have revealed their ambitious plans for their 2016 Drones world tour. Last week Matt Bellamy announced the tour, and told fans that the band intend to draw upon Pink Floy’s The Wall Tour for inspiration. Two members of the creative team behind Muse’s live show, Oli Metcalfe and Glen Rowe, have revealed some more details of what’s to come. “We’ve been able to work with a company in the Netherlands that have written a piece of software that can control a whole swarm of drones,” Metcalfe revealed. “So we’re programming them in a different way. They’re not manned, they’re not manned vehicles as in somebody with a controller. They’re controlled by a computer system and tracking system.” The stage will also be most unusual. “It spans the length of the arena,” said Metcalfe of the design. “It’s quite narrow but more importantly for the audience it’s low, so the band will be playing in an intimate space, and have a good relationship in terms of distance from their audience.” “When a boxing match is staged in an arena you think it’s tiny – a little postage stamp in the middle of this huge arena arena. So we thought, let’s make a tiny stage in the middle of the arena so it’s a small circle with two runways with what you call a hammerhead at each end, where things can pop up and we can make technology work. The whole circle moves one revolution per hour. The idea is Matt starts there and an hour later he comes back, so in the show everyone sees him [up close] twice.” The Drones World Tour will visit the UK on the following dates in April next year: April 8th April 11+12th April 17th

Manchester Arena London O2 Arena Glasgow SSE Hydro

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NEWS: ellie goulding reveals first single from album Ellie Goulding has announced details of her upcoming album Delirium and is now streaming its first single, On My Mind. The album will be released on November 6th through Polydor records and is her first since Halcyon back in 2012. Goulding said that she sees the album as an “experiment” in making the most mainstream album ever. We’re not sure that’s really something to shout about. “A part of me views this album as an experiment – to make a big pop album,” she says. “I made a conscious decision that I wanted it to be on another level.” You can hear a snippet of the track above.

NEWS: diiv stream new single Four-piece DIIV of Brooklyn, New York have previewed their upcoming album, Is The Is Are, with a stream of one of its tracks, Dopamine. The record will be the follow up to their 2012 debut offering Oshin and is considered by the band to be darker than their first album. Listen to the track via the image.

NEWS: new order share new track New Order have released a new track, Plastic, with synth-pop favourite La Roux. The track is the second single to be released from the band’s upcoming album, Music Complete, which is due to be released September 25th. As well as La Roux the album will feature collaborations with Iggy Pop and The Killer’s frontman Brandon Flowers. Music Complete will be the first album the band have released since former bassist Peter Hook left in 2012 and will feature the return of keyboardist Gillian Gilbert. Check out the track via the image above.

NEWS: parkway drive stream bottom feeder NEWS: PARKWAY DRIVE STREAM BOTTOM FEEDER SINGLE Parkway Drive have released, Bottom Feeder, the fourth single from the upcoming album, Ire. “This is the soundtrack of our existence as a band,” says vocalist Winston McCall. “Every step we have taken has been down a path chosen by no one but ourselves. We write the music we want to hear, we dress the way we want to dress, we look the way we want to look, we go where we want to go and we play the shows we want to play. Our whole existence we have done things our way in the face of a chorus of voices and opinions telling us that it’s wrong and that we don’t belong. This is our answer, plain and simple.” Ire will be released September 25 through Epitaph Records. Check it out via the image above.

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news: bryan singer announces 20,000 leagues under the sea Bryan Singer has announced his next film, an adaptation of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, via his Instagram account. His post read: “It’s my 50th birthday (ouch), and I just put the finishing touches on the script for my next film. A story I’ve wanted to retell since childhood. I promise this will be an epic and emotional adventure for all ages! An adventure very dear to my heart.  Not abandoning the #xmen universe. Very excited about #xmenapocalypse and beyond. #julesverne #20000leaguesunderthesea #nemo” 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is a project that’s defeated many filmmakers before, but with the likes of X-Men: Days Of Future Past already under his belt, he’s bound to do okay.

NEWS: trailer released for point break A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Point Break remake. Luke Bracey plays Johnny Utah, originally played by Keanu Reeves, a young FBI agent tasked with going undercover to take down a gang of criminals pulling off daring heists. Soon he meets their charismatic leader Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez), played by Patrick Swayze in the originally), and begins to learn the struggles that come with getting too close. The remake aims to move away from the originally, reinventing things slightly. Kurt Wimmer’s script sees the thieves get a little more creative with their criminal activties, seeing them using their ill-gotten gains to give back to the people. Directed by Ericson Core and co-starring Delroy Lindo, Ray Winstone and Teresa Palmer, Point Break opens in cinemas January 8th.

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NEWS: dowdle brothers to direct six minutes to freedom The Dowdle brothers, who have churned out such films as The Poughkeepsie Tapes, Quarantine, Devil and As Above So Below, are to continue their foray into the action-thriller genre that started with No Escape by directing Six Minutes To Freedom. Six Minutes To Freedom is the real-life story of Kurt Muse, who found himself in hot water in Panama by broadcasting dissent against Manuel Noriega with his pirate radio station. Doing so got him locked up in the infamous Panamanian jail Carcel Modelo. The movie may be the story of his liberation from prison by Delta Force, but it’ll focus on the violent revolution as well. Six Minutes To Freedom is expected to be released in cinemas sometime in 2017.

NEWS: elizabeth reaser joins ouija 2 It may have been absolutely dire, but a $102.5 million worldwide return has caused Universal to give the green light on a sequel to Ouija. Twilight’s Elizabeth Reaser has joined Annalise Basso in the cast. Directed by Oculus’ Mike Flanagan and adapted from a script co-written with Jeff Howard, Ouija 2 will see Annalise Basso play a young woman that chooses to ignore the advice of every horror movie ever made and attempt to contact her father using a Ouija board. As yet it isn’t clear who Elizabeth Reaser will be playing. Ouija 2 is currently scheduled for an October 21st 2016 release date.

news: adrien brody to star in expiration Adrien Brody has now officially signed on for a part in upcoming action-thriller Expiration. He will also produce. The film, which will follow a script written by Brian Tucker, will see Brody play a rogue former CIA agent turned hitman. The film will see him wake up in hospital following a bitched assassination attempt. But it isn’t that simple- he’s got a poison pulsing through his veins that will kill him in 24 hours unless he can retrace his steps and find out what happened. Expiration is set to begin shooting in March 2016. A director has not yet been decided.

NEWS:ice cube to star in humbug Ice Cube has reportedly negotiated an eight-figure fee for a part in scrooge-riffing comedy, Humbug. Taking Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol as its inspiration, Humbug will see Ice Cub play the part of a greedy real-estate mogul who gets shown the error of his money-grabbing ways when he’s visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. Following a bidding war that also involved MGM, New Line and Disney, Universal have won the rights for the project, which will follow a screenplay worked on by Todd R. Jones and R. Richey Jones. Humbug is expected to be released in time for Christmas 2017.

news: red band clip released for the green inferno The first red band clip has been released for Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, complete with blood, gore and cannibalistic rituals. The film sees a group of student activists travel to the Amazon to save the rainforest, only to discover that its inhabitants are far from friendly. The movie, which is produced by Eli Roth, Nicolas Lopez, Miguel Asensio, Chris Woodrow and Molly Conners and stars Aaron Burns, Nicolas Martinez, Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Ignacia Allamand and Eusebio Arenas, is to hit cinemas on September 25th via Blumhouse’s BH Tilt label, which is to release the film in collaboration with Universal Pictures and High Top Releasing.

news: trailer released for the last witch hunter The new trailer has been released for Vin Diesel’s upcoming supernatural action movie The Last Witch Hunter. Diesel is Kaulder- the final witch hunter- cursed with immortality by a vengeful witch. He’s spent centuries ridding the world of their kind, and now the witch that cursed him (Julie Engelbrecht) has returned from the dead to reap her revenge upon him. Luckily for Kaulder though, he isn’t working alone, as he has Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood and Michael Caine to back him up. Directed by Breck Eisner, The Last Witch Hunter will be released Oct. 23rd. Watch the new trailer via the image.

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HIGHLIGHTS triggerman- origin of man The dictionary definition of a Rock song: it has a crushing riff, straight 4/4 beats and those down and dirty bass notes being plucked as the verse tells a story. The guitar adds a little swing to the mix and we love it for the simplicity and rawness in its delivery. It takes us through the creation of the human race as per Triggerman’s perspective. This is a track best enjoyed over two wheels, played at the appropriate volume as to drown out the sound of the engine.

Tempel-the moon lit our path

castaway-hexes Castaway are going to be the next big thing on the grunge scene and Hexes stays true to this sound. With dirty guitars and strong riffs that suggests Castaway have influences from Alice In Chains and Soundgarden, Hexes keeps with the theme of grunge music of negative attitudes to life. If you are a avid lover of grunge music, Castaway are most certainly a band to watch out for.


The Moon Lit Our Path is a modest 9:33 opus from Tempel. It is every bit as evocative as the title implies with its sustained, atmospheric guitars over a variety of tempos from the adept drummer. The layers build and the elements form an eruption of expressive soundscapes. Every part of the track has something to prick up the ears of even the most demanding Prog fans and it is exponential in its development as an instrumental. This is about as dynamic and mesmerising as it gets.

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