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GrinderZZ 24/7 Jan/Feb 2020

Exclusive interview with Nate


on becoming a fashion designer and how he got his start in the FASHION Industry!

A Valentine’s

Day Tribute Desi Egan talks About his first album “The Gold Album”! Plus: An Interview

With DJ Double O

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Editor and Chief, Author Angie Christine


A Letter From The Editor everyone! It’s 2020 and I want to welcome you all back, to the world of GrinderZZ. My name is Angie Christine, C.E.O of GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV. I am a mother, an author, a writer for Fuzionz Magazine/TV, actress and soon to be talk show host of my very own show titled "The Ultimate Surprise Show". When it comes to being a hard worker, I always strive to come out on top. I decided to create this magazine to applaud and to recognize all of the Grinders across the world who are out there doing their thing. These people come from various backgrounds, work trades, even different religions, but the one thing that makes them all the same is that they are hard workers. It takes a special person to become one. You have to eat, drink, and sleep your skills, your talents, and become that head honcho. I know you all will be very pleased at reading the different interviews and articles inside this special magazine. I would also love your feedback. If you would love to drop me a message, please send all inquiries to Take care and keep grinding! (If you dream it, make it happen). Editor and Chief Angie Christine Assistant Editor Shenoba Kinsey



Love Jimo Happy 2020 to all! I was so thrilled to have this interview with this young man sitting across from me. The reason why is because he's talented and very gifted. Let's check out singer, Love Jimo. GrinderZZ: Hello Love J imo, and welcome to Gr inder ZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV. Please tell my audience a little about yourself? Love Jimo: Thank you for having me. I go by the stage name ‘Love Jimo.’ Full legal name is ‘Love Ezekiel Jimo.’ I’m a Nigerian Vocalist x Producer x Topliner x Songwriter. I was born in Ibadan, in 1987. GrinderZZ: You wer e bor n in Niger ia, but r aised in NYC. How was that tr ansition for you? Love Jimo: I mean, in the beginning, it was r eally tough and str ange. It was a totally different environment for me. It was, also, really difficult to fit in. I had a lot of difficult times that resulted in being raised in two different countries. I was to and fro searching for my comfort zone. GrinderZZ: In 2005, you star ted making up beats and, also, attending Chur ch. That was when you knew you wanted to get into music. Was your family supportive with your career move? Love Jimo: I gr ew up in the chur ch, and music has always been a par t of me. It took me some time to getting into making music because, and to answer your question, my family was not very supportive. They’re very traditional and strictly believed in getting an education. As far as they were concerned, ‘education’ was mandatory. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. GrinderZZ: You moved to Nor way, in 2003. What influenced you to head in that dir ection? Love Jimo: I went thr ough a lot of difficult situations amongst families, r elatives and the envir onment, as well. So, I will say, chasing a better life and a safer environment were the main reasons why I moved. GrinderZZ: In 2012, you r eleased a song, ‘Ever ything is Gonna Be Alr ight,’ and, in 2017, you r eleased ‘Tinini.’ Where do you get your motivation to write these songs? Love Jimo: I wr ote those songs based on how I was feeling, at that moment, ‘cause I always let my music speak for me. Music is my therapy. GrinderZZ: In J anuar y 2020, you'r e about to r elease another song. Tell us about that one? Love Jimo: Yeah, and I'm r eally excited because this song is going to change everything. I put a lot work into this upcoming single and hopefully you guys are gonna love it! 5

GrinderZZ: Can you name thr ee artists that you would love to work with? Love Jimo: Bur na Boy, Davido, and Post Malone. GrinderZZ: Ar e ther e any upcoming tours you can tell us about? Love Jimo: For now, we don't have anything planned yet. But, I'll keep you posted as soon as we have some dates. GrinderZZ: How can people r each out to you for advice and maybe doing a collaboration with you? Love Jimo: I can be easily r eached through all my social media platforms : IG@lIG@jimo FB fanpage@IamLovejimo Twitter@love_jimo GrinderZZ: Any last wor ds/shout outs? Love Jimo: ‘Love J imo’ is a name that you'll be hearing a lot about musically, in the future. Also, I really want to thank Danny Louis, CEO of MG42 MUSIC (Many Generations 42 MUSIC) for believing in me. I have signed and partnered with MG42 MUSIC, an independent record label, in the USA, that will be navigating my music career moving forward. Some major music career strategies and plans are in the making, for 2020. I, also, wanna thank "Kasia" from Oslo, Norway for all her support! Thank you so much for taking the time to interview with GrinderZZ. Keep grinding.



Our Love Neil and I met in 2011, when he started working at HHGREGG, where I was employed, as well. He seemed very quiet, at first. But, as I got to know him, he was very cool and friendly. Eventually, we started getting to know each other some more, and realized we had a lot in common. We, then, started having lunch dates at work, which then led to our real first date, when we decided to make our relationship official, in 2013, just by a simple text message: Me: Do you think we would be good together? Him: I think we would‌You're perfect for me. Me: How do you know that I'm perfect for you?? Him: When I look into your eyes I see the woman I've been looking for. Since then, we have been together and on Christmas 2018, was the day he asked me to marry him, and that was the happiest day of my life. We look forward to our wedding in October, 2020.


Twenty five years ago, I walked into a church photo session, and there he was! Something inside of me just knew he was "the one". We began to talk and subsequently, dating. Like many people do in their 20's, we broke up over something truly ridiculous! We both went on to marry other people, while never forgetting each other. I remember so many times thinking of him and wishing things had turned out so differently.

Valentine’s Day Tributes (continued‌)

Twenty five years later, I was going through a divorce. Lucky me, I had heard he was, too! I'm not ashamed to say that I was quick to call him on the phone! It was easy to pick up that romance that got away! This time, we dated seven years and he ultimately asked me to marry him! I could not wait to say yes!! This time, I inherited an 11 year old stepdaughter, which is a double blessing, because I was never able to have my own children.

I'm a firm believer that God never makes mistakes and I got my happily ever after, with my Gary!


Valentine’s Day Tributes (continued…)

Jessica and I have been six years solid. Every relationship has its ups an downs and we’ve been through them, but we still love each other, as if we’ve met each other for the first time. I love you Jessica; I’m deeply in love with you. You have my heart for life. I will always give my love to you.


Valentine’s Day Tributes (continued…)

I say love comes in many forms. I have to say that Willie and I are a true definition of LOVE. As Matthew 7:7-8 says: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. That is what we found in each other. We met after being connected through mutual friends. I wasn't expecting to find my prince charming after a bad breakup. However, I did. It was a long-distance type of relationship by which we did not allow that to hinder us. After a short amount of time, Willie wanted our relationship to be stable and he wanted to either move to Virginia or for me to move to South Carolina. After three months of dating, I decided to take that leap of faith and moved to South Carolina, the rest is history. Did I mention that he is a wonderful father and just an overall cool guy? Willie is my best friend and soul mate. You often hear the cliche, "We're meant for each other," or as Mariah Carey sings, "We belong together..." Together for twelve years, Married for nine, and Lovers FOREVER.


Valentine’s Day Tributes (continued‌)

The Love We Have

He's the air that I breathe, and the wind beneath my wings. Our love started out as a friendship, and what better way to learn someone than to be their friend. Daryl is the son of the late Godfather of Soul, James Brown, and the cool thing about our friendship is, our fathers were actually friends. James Brown actually held me at the age of three. I guess God works in mysterious ways because he saw Daryl and I both giving up on love, and he knew he had to rekindle that greatness for love that we had in our souls. I worship the ground Daryl walks on, and he does the same in return. We actually stayed on the phone for 10 hours, and never realized it until we finally got off. From having two failed marriages because of adultery, on behalf of my two ex-husbands, I was ready to give up on love, until Daryl appeared. His love for me is so mindblowing.....something I could never explain to the average person. You should, actually, have to be inside his or my heart to feel and see the love we have for each other. I wouldn't have it any other way. I thank God for him each and every day, for coming into my life. It's hard to find genuine people who have goodness inside their bones, so when you do come across them, hold on tight. At the age of 48, I can actually say that Daryl is the soul-mate who I've dreamt about my entire life. God Bless you James Brown and Ms. Beatrice for creating a great man, for me to love.


An Interview With

One thing about myself....I'm old school until the day I die. Everything from the music, to the DJs will always have a special space in my heart. DJ Double O is someone who means the world to me, because I grew up with him and his sisters, back in Brooklyn, on Prospect Place. Michael Hylton, aka DJ Double O is in a class by himself. Come and check him out! GrinderZZ: DJ Double O, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Please tell my audience a little about yourself? DJ Double O: My name is Michael Hylton, aka DJ Double O. I am a DJ /Producer /Engineer / Artist /Artist Developer. GrinderZZ: Growing up in Brooklyn, there were a lot of influences in the Hip-Hop culture, from Afika Bambada, to Run DMC, to Whodini, to The Fearless 4 and so on. Who were your biggest influencers? DJ Double O: My biggest influence in Hip-Hop was Run DMC. I also liked Slick Rick, a lot. GrinderZZ: At what age did you started getting into being a DJ? DJ Double O: I started DJing at the age of nine. That’s 40 years, and going strong. GrinderZZ: You're of Jamican decent, from your parents. Did you grow up listening more to Reggae, in the household, or Hip-Hop music? DJ Double O: Actually, my mother and father love all types of music, so I was into it all Hip-Hop, Disco, Reggae, & etc. My father was also a DJ and still plays till this day, in Jamaica. GrinderZZ: Have you done any type of producing? DJ Double O: Yes, I produce a lot of music, especially, for my daughter and my nephew, who is up coming, along with a lot of local unknown artist. GrinderZZ: I know you're really big on the West Coast. Have you ever considered doing any gigs on the west coast? DJ Double O: Sure, why not? Everybody needs to feel the fire I bring to the party. GrinderZZ: Have you ever in linked up and collaborated with any celebrity musicians we know? DJ Double O: Not on record, but I have performed with quite a few. You may know of a Reggae artist named Nardo Ranks. He sings Dem A Bleach and songs like blurb. Also, Scheechie Dan, who sings Pose Off. I’ve, also, been on stage shows with my good friend, Afayah, as his hype man; doing big shows with Buju Banton and a whole lot of top dancehall artist. 12

GrinderZZ: Where do you see yourself in five years, with your career as a DJ? DJ Double O: Hopefully, I’ll be recognized for my multi-talents and get something out of this music, but until then, I’m going to keep going hard; no breaks. GrinderZZ: How can people reach out to you for advice or to maybe work with you? DJ Double O: You can reach me at djdoubleohylton on facebook djdoubleodadon_supa on instagram or

GrinderZZ: Any last words/shout outs? DJ Double O: Let me shout you out first. Thanks for the opportunity my sister. Keep up the great work you’re doing. You’re very inspiring to everybody who knows you, here in Brooklyn. Shout out all my day ones from our neighborhood. Without them, ain’t no me. My biggest fans - shout out to my mother and all my family and all the people who believe in me and all of the artist that comes to me and keeps my studio up and running. THANK YOU! DJ Double O, it's been a real pleasure shooting the breeze with you. May you continue to have great success with everything that you do. Keep shining, and most importantly, keep grinding.


Male Flava Of The Month

Unique. One of a kind. Very distinguished from the ordinary. One who possesses certain characteristics that tend to stand out from all others.. It's not just a name, it's an adventure when dealing with me. I'm very spontaneous, loving, caring, witty, humorous, outgoing, intelligent, charming, compassionate, and understanding. Yet, I'm solid and very strong willed. I'm a veteran recording Artist who released his debut album in 1989 With the Blackwatch Movement on Warlock record's titled "Black to the Future. I'm currently working with new artist as well as myself and I'm looking forward to releasing some real good music in 2020. To know me is to love me. I am a multi talented individual who does voice overs, human beat box, Reggae, and HipHop music, as well as, writing R&B. I've been rapping for over 40 years and have graced stages with some of hip hops pioneers. My time will definitely come again, after all it's Black To The Future.. Peace.. Erick Unique Townes‌


An Interview With

GrinderZZ: Hello Desi! Welcome to Gr inder ZZ 24/7 Magazine & TV. Please let my audience know a little about yourself. Desi: Hi All! Well my name is J ohn Des Egan aka DESI EGAN (as my stage name). I studied classical piano from a very early age and have worked as a singer / musician with many top International Artists in the music business. I performed with million selling artist Tony Christie (Amarillo) and presently working with the fantastic Richie Sampson & “Soul Kinda Wonderful” Tribute Show to The Drifters and many soul legends. I am also the founder of The Irish Entertainment Awards. I live here in Ireland and also spend time in Marbella, Spain. GrinderZZ: When did you know you wanted to be a singer ? Desi: When I was ar ound 6 year s old, I would be asked by my family to sing a few songs at home. They would get me up into a chair or a table and I will sing and perform for them and the neighbors. “Good fun times”! I guess I was encouraged at an early age to be an entertainer. My Granny encouraged me also to do piano lesson. After my school year finished, I joined a band and the rest follows…it’s like a natural path that leads to a professional career. GrinderZZ: Gr owing up, did your par ents listen to a lot of R&B? Desi: When I was younger , my family lived in Manchester , England (UK). It’s the Northern Soul UK Capital. Groups like Simply Red, The Hot Chocolate, Lisa Stansfield, Heatwave, etc… All came from that area. So, my parents loved R&B and listening to them on the radio and at the clubs. They were big George Benson fans too! GrinderZZ: Name 3 Amer ican ar tists you should like to wor k with and why? Desi: My Amer ican ar tists I love to wor k with would be Bar r y Gordie, great soul Producer of the Jacksons and Diana Ross. I would love to duet with Michael McDonald or Dionne Warwick, whom I met a few times on tour in UK and Ireland. I love her music arrangements and my favorite singer is Lionel Richie of course. GrinderZZ: Have you per for med in the United States? Desi: Yes, I per for med in New Yor k and Chicago a few times. Currently, my songs are being played in parts of US and Canada. GrinderZZ: Desi, has anyone ever compar ed your style of singing to any well-known American artist? Desi: Some of my fr iends in the music business compar e my style like some current Blue Eyed soul. For example, Daryl Hall and Mick Hucknall, lead singer and songwriter of the soul-influenced UK pop band Simply Red. GrinderZZ: Do you cur r ently have any CDs out? Desi: Yes. My fir st album Desi Egan “The Gold Album” is out now and available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, & etc… I have a lot more R&B songs on my next album which is currently being recorded and will be released sometime in mid 2020. 15

GrinderZZ: Ar e ther e any pr ojects you can speak about? Desi: Cur r ent pr ojects ar e going gr eat! Have tour s with the Soul Band “Soul Kinda Wonderful” The Drifters Tribute Show. Classic Motown Hits on our live show. Hits from The Drifters, Barry White, The Temptations, Tavares, M. Jackson, etc…in my new Album which is in the production stage, some great classic R&B songs included like “Close the Door” by Teddy Pendergrass, “For the First Time” by Kenny Loggins and also up-tempo dance tracks. GrinderZZ: How can people get in touch with you? Desi: My Face book (FB) page, Desi Egan or Email: eganinter GrinderZZ: Ar e ther e any last wor ds/shout outs? Desi: I am ver y pleased and delighted to be asked to be inter viewed and thanks, especially, to Angela and staff of GrinderZZ 24/7 Magazine U.S.A. for the opportunity! Thank you to all the fans and DJ’s for their support and encouragement in USA, Canada, Australia, Tazmania and Central Europe. Also, to the R&B Soul artists in the U.S. I am looking forward to meeting you, and hopefully to perform sometime in 2020! Thank you and more power GrinderZZ 24/7!


An Exclusive Interview With

Fashion Designer Nate Hutson When it comes to fashion, women always go bonkers! I grew up in New York City, the fashion capital, so I do have a great eye when it comes to designer clothes, and what looks hot. This man right here takes the cake when it comes to great fashion. Nate Hutson is the name, and glamour is his game. Nate was so pleased with our magazine company that he took some time to sit down and give us this one on one interview. Let's check him out. GrinderZZ: Thank you Mr. Hutson for taking the time in doing this interview with us, at GrinderZZ. Please tell our audience a little about yourself. Nate: I started designing and learning how to sew in Brooklyn, NY as a direct result of having a talented sister who used her GOD given talents to open her business in Brooklyn and I followed in the steps of my older sister and took to design and sewing. I learned a lot of what not to do, as well as how to do. I stopped my fashion interest for a brief period when I managed a major night club in NJ, only to pick it back up after the club closed and I had no job. I’ve been on my Grind ever since. GrinderZZ: Three decades in, the Olin the business has a pretty excellent track record. I'm also impressed that you've designed and dressed a huge amount of celebrities, including, Jay Z, Rakim, the late Whitney Houston, music group Mtume, Joss Stone, and singer Ashante. Nate: To date, I’ve had the pleasure of working with or stylists for JayZ, Rakim, Mtume, JaRule, Ashanti and the late Whitney Houston. June Ambrose, celeb stylist can also be counted as a client for a time. 17

GrinderZZ: At what age did you know you had a flare for fashion and at what age did you first design clothing? Nate: I recall being 17 and making my first outfits using a simplicity pattern by adding my own ideas. I loved the outcome and the way I felt when people commented positively. I won a sewing machine at that same age while in Wichita Kansas for my freshman year of college and used it to make Dashikis for the Kappas. That began my fashion selling (merchandising) career. I won’t say what year that was, but I became known as someone who could sew. GrinderZZ: You also told us that you dressed Oprah for her promo shoot of season 1 on her Greenleaf show. How was Oprah to work with? Nate: I provided the costume designer for Greenleaf with pieces that was used and purchased for promo shots for its first season. Even though I didn’t meet her, Oprah did wear my dress for the shoot. GrinderZZ: You've also dressed someone the Atlanta Housewives, Porcha Williams, and Kenya Moore. What was that like working with them on the set? Nate: Significant to my fashion career has been a working stylist. As a result, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore all of RHOA all have worn my pieces. GrinderZZ: I know you've accomplished so much for the past 3 decades. Is there anything you may haven't done that you would love to do in the near future…... Nate: My career goal is to see Beyoncé in NHC, as well as CardiB. GrinderZZ: Any word of advice for someone who's just starting out in the designer field? Nate: To all aspiring designers, my advice is to learn always as much as you can about design starting with the history of haute couture and change the status of designers of color, particularly to that of equal to any of the greats. Keep at your dream until it becomes your reality. Also, don’t give your value away. 18

GrinderZZ: You told us that your mother was so gracious enough to purchase you your first clothing store that was going out of business. What was that experience like when you found out you were the owner of the store? Nate: At some point, I left Kansas, left Cali where I had migrated to and back to NJ where I was born. I opened my first boutique at age 20 with $100 which lasted only a year because I didn’t have enough money to operate it fully. Some years later, my mom purchased a dress shop that she frequented that was going out of business. It was so reminiscent of the design space my sister had in Brooklyn. GrinderZZ: You opened up your own Boutique called, "The Other Side". Who came up with the name? Nate: I tried to do what was seemingly natural to me and run a clothing design business in NJ naming it “The Other Side”. The name came because I was a different person in B, NY than I was in NJ and I wanted to bring NY to NJ. My first celeb clients were performing at the famed Apollo Theatre. They are Sam and Dave, “Hold On, I’m Coming”. I used mainly double knit fabrics at that time. It’s better known today as ponte fabric. Today I still use that fabric. GrinderZZ: Any last words/shout outs? Nate: Shout out to Adrienne and James Mtume, truly special people! GrinderZZ: How can people get in contact with you? Nate: My social media is: natehutsoncollection. My website of the same name is currently under construction.

Again, we thank you for this terrific interview, Nate. Continue succeeding. Keep shining and keep grinding. (Photo Credit for Nate Hutson’s headshot: Tanya Aloiso -





Female Flava Of The Month

Antonia Renee Jones, AKA BB, is thirty-six years old and from Brooklyn, NY. BB currently resides in McKeesport Pennsylvania. She has two children: Imani, 18 and Jai’ma, 13 and one grandchild, Za’Niyah, 18 months. BB works as a patient information coordinator at UPMC Mercy Hospital, where she’s been for six years. She loves traveling the world and just being in the presence of her friends and family. Her goals for the future are just to remain the loving, humble soul that she is and to continue to travel the world and making memories. 23



For the first time in my life (at least from all recollection), I walked into the Men's Room at Walmart instead of the Women's. My first thought; 'Why did they move the sinks?' Seriously, that was my first thought when I walked in. Then.....I saw a man's back. I immediately did an about face, walked out the door & into the Ladies' room. Then, I pondered. What if that man saw me? Thank goodness he was facing AWAY from me. WHAT would I have done otherwise. I could've just told the truth - for some unknown reason, I had walked into the Wrong Restroom. Not intentionally, but because, obviously, I was not paying attention. I could've lied, pretended I Meant To Be There....but, thankfully - I was able to just turn & leave - no explanation needed. Good thing - coz I obviously had no clue. This made me THINK. How often do I (or any of us, for that matter) have our brains so full of Stuff, we are on Autopilot, we Move, Perform, Act...but are not really paying attention. I admit, there are times I've gone through a traffic light, only to look in the rear view mirror to make sure it was actually Green. It's kinda scary - it's a wee bit humorous, and thought provoking. It's time to blow the dust off, clear the cobwebs, purge some junk & be more alert. It's a new year, time for some mental clearing....LOL. Move out of the way's sweeping time!




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