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Thank you so much for your commitment and support to our Xcellence Community and Family. We are excited about our re-launch after a short 3-year break. We realize that our magazine gives leaders and communities a voice across the world. Please be sure to subscribe or purchase an ad. More details inside!

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Words cannot begin to describe how I feel to write these intimate expressions to our global community of leaders and supporters. We published our last issue of Xcellence Community Magazine in 2017, and unfortunately at that time due to Good Growth, I had to place our publication on hold. I wasn’t sure for how long or if it was going to be indefinitely. As with all great things due to popular demand and new contributors, WE ARE BACK!!! So many things have happened during this three-year window. So much love, so much support, so much growth! I want to personally say “Thank You!” We realize we cannot do this without you, let us get ready to move into the new decade together, 2020 and BEYOND! In this issue, my focus is to provide you a timeline recap of our community initiatives and projects from the last two years to current. On August 15, 2020, we celebrated our 12th Founder’s Day with a Groundbreaking Ceremony to open a new Xcell4Life BizComm Centre along with a new online virtual E-Centre as well. Most importantly, we need you! We need your leadership and support to continue to meet our mission: to create excellence communities by training community leaders in self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship, and leadership to achieve their dreams Join us today: www.xcellenceinc.org Dr. Angella Banks, Founder, President, & CEO Xcellence, Inc. 1-888-983-1672 ext 1





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Happy 12th Versary Xcellence Inc. Congratulations Dr. Angella Banks on Serving Twelve Years of Community Leadership Committed to Developing Leaders Committed to Empowering Leaders Committed to Promoting Leaders Committed to Transforming Communities Join our global community today by visiting: www.xcellenceinc.org, click Join X Community


Wow, where did the years go? I’ve been working and keeping my hands

to the plow that the years have now quickly passed by. Although time has appeared to accelerate, I can recall freshly all the sacrifices that has come along with this journey. In 2018, I released a new book titled, “Living for the Promise: The Pursuit to Xcellence.” Within this book, which is available on Amazon, is a summary of the many sacrifices, trials, and challenges, that I had to overcome to be where I am today. On August 15, 2020, we celebrated twelve years of community leadership and service with the acquisition of our first property, which is 5274 square ft, has 15+ rooms, and sits on 2 acres of land. We are awaiting the proper permits to begin renovations. For the first time out of twelve years, this year I was able to truly reflect upon the growth of the company from its inception. As I look around, I am able to see the fruits of my labor, the lives that have been impacted through the organization, and we are now positioned and poised with an organizational blueprint and a roadmap of how to truly develop, empower, and promote leaders while transforming communities. In 2008 when God delivered the dream of Xcellence, Inc., it was nowhere near what has been established today. Isn’t that just like God! Everything starts in seed format and then over time as our faith increases and as we trust God more, the dream or vision becomes clearer. We are often times focused on trusting God, but we minimize the fact that before he releases us with full vision, He must trust us as well. To be entrusted with much vision and many more dreams which have now manifested in the earth and impacted many lives, I am humble to believe and know that God trust me with both His people and the assignment on my life. Therefore, as we relaunch our new Fall 2020 issue, I feel that it is important to reacquaint our readers, members, and followers of the “Movement of Xcellence” with some important highlights of our twelve years of growth. Thank you so much for your continued love and support over the years! When we began, we did not know the magnitude of just how much our presence and commitment to leaders and communities was needed. We have risen to the occasion and have the testimonials to support it! Whenever we have identified deficits in the needs of our leaders and communities, we went to the table, became thought leaders, created strategies, implemented innovative ideas, and met the needs. We are committed to do so! We are ready to move our community leaders and dreamers from vision and dream inception to full manifestation through a strategic design model. Xcellence, Inc. thrives itself on creating a community of like-minded individuals who support, encourage, inspire, and promote each other while removing competition and celebrating success. Join us today by visiting: https://www.xcellenceinc.org/join-x-community


Doing these unprecedented times many may wonder what’s next after the nation being hit with Covid-19, the rise in police brutality, the results with election, changes with household income, the shift in educational settings and so much more. All these things plus more bring along thoughts, concerns, strategies, and changes in our daily living and decision-making when it comes to our future. However, I must encourage you that even though unfortunate times have hit our nation and unknown circumstances may be ahead, we must not forget or abort our assignment in this season. We must stay in the position, post, or office to which one is assigned. Circumstances and situations should never shift our season but more so our season should shift our situations. In other words, we must realize that when we have an assignment it must come to a completion and with that, we are granted grace and the authority to carry it out. Recognizing and acknowledging who you are, what you carry and what you are to do with what you carry brings a different perspective or point of view with every situation that comes your way. You are no longer bound to your situation but more so have control over those things. So, remember that during and even after difficult times you have the power to shape your tomorrow. The year of 2021 is your moment to stand and keep that posture no matter the obstacles with power, love, and a sound mind.



We have all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Now more than ever, I agree 100 percent. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has changed our kitchen into home schools and home offices. Let’s chat about the style and main function. The style I say has to do with your lifestyle and needs. I believe beauty is in the eye of the believer. We know we store, prepare, cook food, and wash dishes in the kitchen. We also need space to have a meal. Three main key components in the kitchen are the stove, refrigerator, and sink. You may want to add to the list a wine cooler, dishwasher, and extra cooktop. Some other elements to remember are that the electrical outlets are very important for our phones and computers. The flooring, cabinets, and lighting are also equally important in designing along with countertops and backsplashes. There is also the finishing detail list which include the color selections for the walls, ceilings, and trim. Even take into consideration the pulls for the cabinets. Include in your planning the major details like the doors, windows, window coverings, and how you want them to be presented. I also think it is very important to plan your furniture list, including the size of the table and chairs. As with any room, the details matter. The details make the space! ~Wandra Cain WCA INTERIORS

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Coping with COVID-19 during the Holidays 10 Tips to Keep You Thankful, Blessed, and Safe

It has been an unprecedented year of isolation for many in America and across the world in 2020. For those extroverts who love people, it has been a rough year, and for those introverts, much have not appeared to change. Who would have ever imagined that in March 2020, the world would come to a halt and now as we embark upon bringing the year to an end, we are seeing an uptick in new cases across the United States and in many countries around the world. These new cases can be attributed to people trying to adapt to a new norm and getting on with life. Schools have resumed, employers have slowly integrated work from home jobs back into the office, and our sports games and fans are slowing ramping back up. As Americans and individuals around the world adjust and try to create a new normalcy, there are several factors which are not favorable to drive the new case numbers back down. These factors consist of two of our major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, along with the emergence of flu season. Consider implementing these tips as you plan your holiday events. 1. Consider celebrating virtually with family members to reduce risk of spread. 2. Consider your local community COVID-19 levels. Are the numbers increasing or decreasing? 3. Encourage ALL family members and visitors to wear a mask 4. Limit the time of the holiday gatherings to lessen the exposure and risk 5. Limit the number of people attending the holiday gatherings to lessen exposure and risk 6. Encourage ALL family members and visitors to wear a mask 7. Visit local verses traveling out of state to lessen the exposure and risk 8. Implement social distancing measures, place hand sanitizers throughout the space, and wash hands frequently 9. Do not host nor visit if you or anyone in your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19, has symptoms, is awaiting viral test results, may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or is at an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 10. If you are at an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19, or live or work with someone at increased risk of severe illness, you should avoid in-person gathering with people who you do not live in your household. Reference: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays.html


It is with great pleasure and honor that I get to introduce my spiritual parents to our Xcellence, Inc. community and family of leaders and readers. It was during this time last year that God began to nudge at my heart that it was time to go forth to another level in ministry as an Apostle. I have known God all my life, been in church all my life, but for many years felt like an orphan and one of out place and timing. Many did not understand this, and I was not trying to tell nor show them, so I just did the work in which I felt God had called me to do and stay hidden. It was through God’s divine connection and appointment that He led me to Chief Apostles Gregory & Dr. Tangerine K. (TK) Hope. My ministry has blossomed even the more, I

am covered, I am blessed, I am supported, and I am home. My hopes for those who will read this article are, if my journey sounds anything like yours, reach out and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you as they are both more than anointed and equipped to cover you, and lead you in your mandate and assignment. Now, let’s get to it! The interview began as I asked how long they had been married. There was a chuckle between them both as they went back and forth over their actual anniversary date and then Apostle Gregory began to share their love story and journey. The couple has been married now for 28 years, although they barely look a day older than 28, and are parents to


three beautiful daughters name Chenessa, Lateria, and Brionna. They wedded at the age of Tangerine (17 1/2) and Gregory (20). Apostle Gregory jokingly said, “I slick asked her at the age of 16 and she said boy gone!” Their journeys with God began a little different and collided to form a great ministry, Kingdom Now Global Alliance (formerly known as K.H.I.A.L.A), along with Kingdom Now Apostolic Center, and a new university to educate and equip the Body of Christ, Kingdom Now University. One thing that we all should be spiritually enlightened to in this critical climate and hour, that God has begun to do a new thing in what we know and have become accustomed to as CHURCH. Behold I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth (Isaiah 43:19) KJV. It is being highlighted and revealed to us daily, even the more since the COVID-19 pandemic. Chief Apostle Gregory is what we know as a Preacher’s Kid (PK), and Chief Apostle Tangerine, born with prophetic gifts within her lineage, but not church. She began her journey with Christ at a much earlier age as she labored and travailed in the ministry with Apostle Gregory’s mother for many years, while Apostle Gregory quickly acknowledged that he had a (D.R.U.G.) problem; not the medical and behavioral addiction, but as he jokingly stated, “I was DRUGGED to church every time the doors were open.” For all of us church kids, especially like me with those C.O.G.I.C. roots, I think we can all attest to that feeling. Although Apostle TK embraced her spiritual assignment, it was a different story for Apostle Gregory. “I was in the streets; I was doing things I knew I should not have been doing. When I would get into trouble, I would do what many others would do, and that was plead to God with bargaining agreements. It would not be long before I was back to my old ways. One night, I came

into the house late and fell asleep on the sofa in the room where Apostle TK would pray and hold prayer gatherings. I fell asleep and it was that night that I had a life-changing, supernatural spiritual encounter with God. My life flashed before me, death flashed before me, the plans that Satan had to kill me was all revealed as God removed the scales from my eyes. It was that night that although I knew church, I was not saved at church, I was saved and delivered in my living room. A literally overnight experience from 1:00 am until approximate 11:00 am the next morning. When my crew came back to pick me up, I told them I was not going and that I was no longer interested in that lifestyle,” said Chief Apostle Gregory. RELIGION IS NOT RELATIONSHIP As we moved further into the interview, I began to ask their thoughts about the new thing God is doing in the earth amongst Believers. Apostle TK chimed in and stated, “We are not Anti-Church! Church is good! It is fellowship with the saints, it is iron sharpening iron. Church got us to the door, but now we are entering in. It is God’s house and what God has done; He has changed the furniture in His house. The game has changed, and God has appointed the gamechangers. We are coming into the fullness of Christ, and that is Kingdom. Church is where we are learned, Kingdom is where we rule. Jesus came to show us relationship; we had religion, but we did not have relation. The earth is in pain, vomiting, and travailing, awaiting the sons of God to manifest. The veil of religion is broken because part of the body could not see because of the veil of religion and law, the tradition of law puts you in a grave.” Apostle Gregory then shared additional insight, “There must be a level of maturity beyond the church. Many have been in church for 30-40 years, but that does not give them a pass to spiritual maturity.” (Continue on page 32)


On August 15, 2008, Dr. Angella Banks resigned from her full-time managerial banking position to start Xcellence, Inc. On September 27, 2008, Xcellence held its first Annual Leadership Gala On February 23, 2009, Xcellence, Inc. was originally formed as a non-profit in the State of Tennessee On April 7, 2012, Xcellence, Inc. honored Lane College (HBCU) Business Students On July 30, 2012, Xcellence, Inc. partnered with Strayer University’s Annual Back to School Event On January 1, 2013, Xcellence Community Magazine published its first issue On April 6, 2013, Xcellence launched in Everett Washington On May 1, 2013, Xcellence launched its Book My Future Scholarship Program (2013-2015) On May 5, 2014, Xcellence Inc. became a 501c3 federal tax-exempt organization with the IRS October 4, 2014, Xcellence Inc. hosted its first Community Leadership Day Event On April 5, 2016, Xcellence Leadership University was formed (previously iDream University) On March 4, 2017, Xcellence Inc. celebrated West Tennessee Leadership Stars On April 18, 2018, Xcellence 7 Pillars to Power Free Community Leadership Program launched On June 29, 2018, Xcellence Leadership Coaching Firm was formed On August 11, 2018, Xcellence launched in Tampa, Florida On September 22, 2018, Xcellence launched in Fort Lauderdale, Florida On February 23, 2019, Xcellence hosted LeadPreneurs Tour & Conference in Birmingham, Alabama On March 2, 2019, Xcellence hosted LeadPreneurs Tour & Conference in Atlanta, GA On April 26, 2019, Xcellence hosted LeadPreneurs Tour & Conference in Los Angeles, CA On February 17, 2020, Xcellence, Inc. launched Xcellence Marketing & Media Company


On March 7, 2020, Xcellence released first Sisters-in-Xcellence Book Collaboration & Forward 2020 Conference, Houston TX On August 15, 2020, Xcellence, Inc. acquired its first 5,274 square ft and 2 acres of land property to form Xcell4Life BizComm Centre and launched simultaneously its virtual online E-Centre‌ renovations scheduled to begin January 2021

Upcoming Events On January 4, 2021, Xcellence, Inc. will lauch its newest company, Xcellence Financial Corporation On March 4-7, 2021, Xcellence will release its first Brothers-in-Xcellence Book Collaboration & Leadership Conference, Houston, TX Spring 2021, Xcellence Six-in-Leadership Luxury Retreat will be hosted in Destin, FL, date TBA

Annual Partnerships and Collaborations Xcellence, Inc. and TN DCS Annual Back to School Event 2008-2018 Xcellence, Inc. and TN DCS Annual Christmas Concert 2008-Present Xcellence, Inc. and Southwest Region Community Advisory Board 2008-Present Xcellence, Inc. and Shelby County Community Advisory Board 2012 – 2017 Xcellence, Inc. and Black Chamber of Commerce of Illinois Board 2015-2020

Learn more by visiting these sites: www.xcellenceinc.org www.xcell4life.org www.idreamofme.org www.eyefilm4justice.org www.drangellabanks.org https://www.facebook.com/xcellenceinc https://www.facebook.com/xcmagazine https://www.facebook.com/xludevelops


It is with great pleasure that I get to introduce our Xcellence Community to two great and amazing leaders who also happen to be my business partners. When I heard about this company, I was excited then and even more excited now. As Xcellence, Inc. continues to develop, empower, and promote leaders, who many are entrepreneurs, it only made sense to form a partnership and collaboration with this innovative company. It was during a trip to the Los Angeles area which Xcellence, Inc. hosted that these two men attended, and a relationship emerged. Oh my, their energy was high and full of anticipation to share with me and everyone else in the room what God had given them and how it would be disruptive in the industry to help small mom and pop businesses, entrepreneurs, church ministries, non-profits, and the world at large.

Jayson Panopio, a Filipino and Eddie Partida, a Hispanic, had known each other since 2005. It was their common love for God and people which connected them together to form this company. The company, IJascode, which means, “We have a great message,� launched on September 28, 2017 in Oxnard, California. Together along with a diverse team of core leaders, including myself, the company has experienced exponential growth in a short time. They wanted their investors and customers


to know they were not just another fly by night company but one with plans to stay around for a long time and one that would continue to evolve in both products and services. The company is SEC REG A+ Qualified and BBB A+ accredited specializing in Proximity Marketing and Crypto Utility Tokens. Simply put it means that whenever you are within a certain proximity of iJascode devices or individuals who possess ownership of the devices; advertisements and promotional messages about the business, organization, church, non-profit, or most recently even activities, will be rewarded with FREE incentivized utility tokens. These tokens can be used for purchases or used in exchange for monetary value through the company’s new e-commerce center, “IJashoppe,” at www.ijasshop.com.

“For us, it’s not just about giving small businesses promotion, but to give them promotion, equity, and a virtual marketing assistant!”

Through a series of products and services such as: the proximiner device, smart tablets, smart watch wearables, and facemask, which are all designed to work with the IjasApp allows customers to accrue the tokens daily for free while advertising, walking, shopping, and pet monitoring. The goal is ultimately to build partnerships with movie theaters, music, sports arenas and more. Imagine whatever day to day activities you do, you are receiving free reward tokens. During the interview, I asked co-partner Jayson Panopio about how the vision was birthed and why now? He shared that coming from a military background having served in the U.S. Navy as an engineer and network marketer, it only made sense to him when he saw how small businesses and families struggled during the 2008 recession. Many businesses closed; many families struggled including losing their homes. “We wanted to make a product and service that would be recession proof and one that would help those same small mom and pop businesses, entrepreneurs, and even churches and organizations get marketing and promotion support without having a marketing team nor extensive knowledge base.

The world has changed technologically again, there is a wealth transfer happening and a shifting in the business marketplace. Ijascode is one of those innovative companies that is poised and positioned to move in the market and adjust with the trends. When asked what is next for IJascode, Jayson answered, “We will continue to be innovative by creating more products, services and tapping into more trilliondollar industries. We will continue to be a thought leader in the people business, meaning, we want to meet the needs of our customers, especially during times of crisis. We want to give back to our communities, we want to see them prosper.” “We love our collaborative partnership with Founder, Dr. Angella Banks (DrA) and Xcellence, Inc. Xcellence, Inc. is a key value to communities all over! The organization is helping individuals create their own while bridging the gap in leadership. I love how Xcellence, Inc. is bringing resources, education, inspiration and hope to both leaders and communities. Xcellence is a necessity,” said Jayson! Download IJascode App today via Appstore for IOS or Playstore for Android phones. To learn more about becoming an investor, affiliate, or customer or IJascode, please see contact info below: www.ijascode.com } 1-888-679-3102 } info@ijascode. com

Technically, our devices allow businesses to promote and market without ever saying a word. The device does all the work for them by just being within the proximity of our free app,” said Jayson. Big name companies such as Amazon and Google have benefitted greatly during these tragic times of COVID-19. Why should they be the only ones while smaller businesses are faced with the hard decisions again whether to struggle to stay open or make the hard decision to close as many had to do back in 2008?


I would like to put the spotlight on homeless issues. How many times do we stop and give a homeless person on the street a few dollars and think that is helping them? Did you know that many homeless individuals have drug addiction issues.? Giving them money enables their addictions. How many times do people give them clothes not thinking that they need to be clean first? How many times do people walk past a homeless individual and think they are the scum of the earth? These are real issues for the homeless. It does not matter how they got there. What matters is how to get them out! Finding the right solutions. I am choosing to be the voice for the unsheltered homeless community. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 84% of unsheltered homeless individuals report physical health conditions due to poor hygiene. Unsheltered homelessness is a health crisis in this country. One probable solution is to increase outreach programs. Homeless Essentials Inc. is one organization dedicated to assisting with the hygiene needs of unsheltered homeless men and women. This organization will provide unsheltered individuals with mobile showers, so they are able to stay clean. Cleanliness fosters good health and well-being. This is a real issue in the lives of so many Americans and has become an even bigger problem since the pandemic. There are many reasons people experience homelessness: loss of a job, family problems, incarceration, drug, and alcohol addiction, etc. The most recent issue is COVID-19. While we sit at home enjoying our comfortable lifestyles, a disproportionate number of black men are living on the street. I drive by them every day. Haven’t you noticed them? Have you taken the time to talk to them about why their lives are where they are? Or do you drive by ignoring their cry for help. They are human just like us. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Who has enough courage to stand in the gap and help rescue the homeless and those living a life of poverty?


What a glorious time to be a part of the Kingdom of God. The world has defined its way of describing its position in this pandemic. As kingdom citizens of our Lord and Savior we are rejoicing with a praise on our lips. We have our hands lifted with hearts of worship; a mind reset on advancing the kingdom on earth. This is our hour that God is using the issues of life to speak directly to this world. This is a moment that we get to share with this world about our soon coming King! This year has been tested and tried with disappointments from the deaths of our loved ones and friends to Covid-19 or life circumstances, all have had its moments. We are still here. Our story is not finished but fine tuning the best part. Every day is a great day to show off our King!!. Where do you see yourself in this hour of life? Look lets understand the Kingdom is in YOU! Kingdom authority is in you, commanding your day with your words. Speak life over yourself and the things around you, this is when change begins. Beyond comes when you walk with your head held high, seeking the wisdom and the counsel of God in everything you do. Be led by the Holy Spirit who empowers you to go beyond so that you walk in the supernatural. I want to stop and give Dr. Angella P. Banks a great big God bless you for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this Xcellence Magazine. For you my reader, be empowered beyond the ordinary to greatness!! Blessings, Dr. Jacquala L Shropshire


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Have you ever heard the expression, “In the meantime?” Well I want to introduce you to another expression and this one is called, “In the Men time.” “In the Men Time” literally means it’s time for the men to be front and center taking a visibly sound position in everything that’s going on right now: COVID19, fighting against police brutality, racism, as well as social and economic injustices in our communities. It also includes being educated on the importance of voting in our national, state, and local elections. Men, before you roll your eyes, sigh from this title, and stop reading... hear me out. It’s time for us men to take our places as the Kings we were meant to be before the beginning of time. Kings lead from the front, not from the sidelines, the back or by not engaging at all. In the Men Time we can’t keep following the lead of our Queens and letting them bear the load, burden and bear the weight of everything all by themselves. I’m not condemning or lecturing us, I’m encouraging and igniting us to be who we are supposed to be. I’m speaking life into us where others have spoken death. I’m speaking truth into us where others have told lies about us. I’m believing in us when others have chosen to give up on us. I’m simply trying to say to us all, “In the Men Time” we have another opportunity to make a difference in things that matter to the people we love the most rather than making a mess out of them. Many of us have been through traumatic experiences that we don’t care to remember and are literally trying to live and let live. However, this is simply not the time to opt or tap out. It’s no longer about what we’ve been through or what we have or haven’t done in the past. If anything, it’s time for us to let what we survived, suffered, where we’ve messed up and how we’ve come up short in the past, remind us that we are stronger than we ever imagined. If we could get through that, we can definitely do what we need to do in this! We may have gotten of track. We may have allowed bad choices, decisions or circumstances, to get us out of position as fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, nephews, uncles, cousins and friends, but hear me my Brother... it’s not too late for us to LEAD “In the Men Time.”

Some of our Queens have had to attempt to be mothers and fathers to some of our sons and daughters. They’ve been there when some of us were not. They have had to instill wisdom, knowledge, care and compassion where some of us didn’t. They also have had to fight to be accepted and treated fairly on their jobs and for our children in their schools and activities; trying to make ends meet with or without us. They have been some of the loudest voices when brothers and sisters have been murdered unjustly by senseless acts of police brutality and racism. They too have been affected by systematic racism and social & economic injustices against Black people. Somehow, some way they find a way to keep it moving no matter what. They protest, they vote and literally have swung elections in their favor. “In the Men Time” how about we men give them some help by being a part of the solution? Let’s make the best and most wise decisions based on truth and not get distracted by any and everything that is intended to distract us. We can’t afford that right now. Whether you believe in Covid-19 or not, be as careful as possible, just in case so we don’t become super-spreaders to the people we care about the most. Don’t just get angry about police brutality, systematic racism or social & economic injustice against Black people... get organized. Don’t keep believing or spreading the false narrative that our votes don’t matter. Believe the truth: if they didn’t matter, then why are others fighting so hard to suppress and stop us from casting them locally, statewide and nationally? It’s our time Men. It’s our chance... “In the Men Time.”


In 2010 a vision was birthed in Dr. Mary Jo Johnson to assist in meeting the needs of individuals in the East Bay community. Her missionary journey which involves feeding people naturally and spiritually led her to form a multiservice community organization which supports the premise of giving a person a fish to feed them for a day while teaching them to fish to feed them for a life time.

struggling students with qualified mentors to guide them through their academic journey.

Dayspring Communications, Inc. is a culturally diverse community service 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization focused on the educational and social improvement of its constituents through mentoring, training, development, and support to help individuals successfully navigate the educational and academic process. This is the primary focus of the organization, yet it branches into other areas.

Some of the accomplishments of Dayspring Communications, Inc. involve providing individuals with vital tools and support so that they can ultimately become better educated, independent, economically sound, and selfsufficient. The organization is making a difference in the community by supporting young and adult learners through the educational and instructional components of their learning journey. The learners are supported through navigational tools that will help increase their probability of success in academics and in life. Students are taught to become impeccable with their intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills as well as their social wellbeing. When it comes to educating students, four of the subjects Dayspring push are Science, Technology, English, and Mathematics. To foster this type of education Dayspring also focuses on group learning as a vehicle for learning the 4Cs of 21st century education: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The organization welcomes support from all who support its mission. You may visit the website at www.dayspringcommunication.org.

The organization also helps to provide food especially during the pandemic where so many have lost their jobs and places of abode. Through grant funding and partnering with local community-based organizations, Dayspring has successfully supported many individuals and families with food and referrals for their basic need of housing and financial support. Dayspring Communications, Inc. further helps to provide training and educational opportunities to underserved youth and adults. Many students drop out of post-secondary institutions during their first semester. The organization works to build a strong mentoring component to link

With the help and support of tutors and mentors, Dayspring Communications can support literacy by teaching reading and writing skills to those who are marginalized and yearning to escalate. The organization places a strong emphasis on reading, research, and writing.


I’m The First Person in My Family to Give Away $1,000,000 Those are words I never dreamed I would be able to say growing up. I was raised on a two-lane country road in the mountains of North Carolina in a town known for furniture and clothing factories. We didn’t have a lot, but my parents always made sure we had everything we needed. Although most families often struggled, our town was full of people who cared and would help you in any way they could. Coming from a place of almost no opportunity to landing a job that allowed me to travel the country from coast to coast with a good paycheck was like winning the lottery. So, when the day came and I walked out of that job to start our

non-profit organization, Anchor Ridge, my boss called me crazy. Others probably did too, but I could hardly hear them over the excitement I could feel on the inside about what I knew in my heart was a dream from God. It was a warm summer day in 2011 when I took a leap of faith and stepped out into the unknown. Looking back, it is clear to see that God was guiding my every step. It’s easy to know His hand was all over it now, but back then, it was a complete leap of faith. It felt like I was jumping off a cliff backward and blindfolded, but I somehow had the strangest peace that everything was going to be just fine.


I believe, oftentimes, we let the fear of messing up, or failing, keep us from trying. As I travel all over the USA ministering and talking with people, I hear many of them tell me their dreams and plans then finish it with… “but it will probably never happen.” I don’t say it out loud, but what I’m thinking is, “with a defeated attitude like that, you’re probably right.” Our dreams are born in the visions of our inner self. No one can see them as clearly as we can. That’s why, when you know-that-you-know that God has given you the dream, you can’t listen to the opinions of those saying your dream is too big or that you will never make it. It is in the deepest part of our innermost self where we protect the dream we have been given. It’s not that we don’t tell people about it, because we must get our message to the world. There’s an old saying that says “sometimes you have to blow your own horn, otherwise no one will know you’re coming!” However, we must protect ourselves from haters, or people who are jealous and try to put out the flame lit within us. There are many people that feel uncomfortable when they see someone else step out of the boat onto the water, because it reminds them that they once had a dream too but chose not to go after it. A lot of times, that is why they are so negative about yours. Whether people are clapping or booing, keep going.

person on earth live a better life. What is your dream? What’s your vision? Have you written it down? Told anyone? I’m getting to live my dream every single day. It would have never happened if I had not stepped out of the boat and believed that there was something bigger out there waiting for me. I knew that if I kept going, I would find it. Today, as I write this, we have given away well over $2,000,000 this year to families living in severe poverty and will most likely surpass $3,000,000. For starting out in a 10ft X 10ft storage unit with nothing but a dream, I would say we are doing pretty good! The only thing standing between you and your destiny is you making a plan and stepping out in faith! Write to me, I would love to pray with you about your dream! info@AnchorRidge.org When you do and it starts to take flight, remember to live every day in Xcellence! Josh Paul International Evangelist, Author, Worship Leader Founder of Anchor Ridge Host of “Anchor Today with Josh Paul” Television Show

I have had many defining moments in my life but quitting everything to follow the call of God on my life is one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions I have ever made. It changed absolutely everything. I believe my faith unlocked doors that would have never opened otherwise. I began to “accidentally” meet the right people at the right time. I began receiving invites to go on national television shows and eventually ended up with my own show that I have hosted for the last four years. I have no shortage of huge dreams. One of them is to see us open a community center to help children on every continent on planet earth. I also have dreams to feed and clothe thousands of people living in the Appalachian Mountains of America and to see millions of souls come to the Gospel of Jesus. I want to help every single


In 2017 my life took a shift and being healthy totally… mind, body, and spirit became a priority to me. For the first time I realized that being happy was deeper, it begins inside and flows outward. The decision was made, and my goals were set for the next few months. I put on my running shoes and on the days, I had to fight a little harder I wrapped my hands and put my boxing gloves on and fought for my good health, healing, and my happiness.

Tips to Start:

Why is this important? We are in the middle of a pandemic…. How can I even think about that right now? That is even more of a reason to think about your total health.

*Remain coachable (get an accountability partner and hire a coach) There is always somebody that has been where you are trying to go. Make the investment in you and so connect with a coach/trainer

Creating healthy habits lead to:

*Trust the process. Every day will be work - the work you put in.

*Decrease in health problems *Lowers the risk of illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, breast cancer and many other diseases *Relieves stress and can even reduce depression *Can lead to weight loss while boosting your immune system As a new mom I know that it can be easy to get caught in doing life as I call it and that turns into I can’t exercise… I can’t eat healthy… I can’t read a book… I CAN’T, I CAN’T to I Don’t Know How I Can fit that in my day. Start with what you are saying and believing and change what you are saying. Begin with I CAN… I CAN NOT AFFORD NOT TO CHANGE AND DO BETTER.

*Know your why and decide to do the work daily *Set goals, write them down and work toward a better you *Take it one day at a time…. Be dedicated, consistent, and persistent YOU CAN Do IT!

You deserve to live healthier and happier, but it may require a little sacrifice and for you to make changes to improve your overall health. Don’t be a statistic in 2020, begin now making changes daily that will last a lifetime. Begin with small steps, drink more water, commit to 15 to 30 minutes of physical activity, and read more. These are great ways to start creating healthy habits. Together we can begin breaking the cycle of and become stronger and better through healthy living. Let’s finish strong in 2020!!! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me Christy Dawn Harris Healthy Bizness Coach Healthybiznesscoach@gmail.com


Five-Fold Gifts “We need spiritual firehouses. We need apostolic and prophetic houses. Churches that are empowering, equipping, and growing the saints,” said Apostle TK. She mentions that the church is in repentance and that we are all called to be disciples and the church strayed away from that. The church of Acts never ended. Discipleship never ended. “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams (Acts 2:17) NIV. Apostle Gregory then referenced scripture Ephesians Chapter 4:11 (KJV), 11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. He then expounded upon these additional descriptives of the five-fold: Apostles: The Apostle brings order and should have the blueprint from Heaven, which is the longevity of vision. Prophets: The Prophets are equal to the power in the realm of the spirit. They should see prophetically in the mind of the Apostle, and prophesy it, because they have power in their mouths. Evangelists: The Evangelists, not only should understand the gospel in its depth but should be empowered to cast out devils because of their frequent movement in and out of different territories. They help to deliver a people out of bondage. Teachers: Teachers deal with the precepts of the scripture to bring an interest of principles: sowing and reaping, what goes up comes down, etc….

My God what powerful revelations! I am in awe each time I am in their presence. God truly trust them both with the mysteries of the kingdom. I have found their leadership, wisdom, guidance, apostolic and prophetic gifts to be grounded in the word of God. They are called to lead leaders into new dimensions, help to establish them, and help them to see what is missing. They have been promoted in the spiritual realm beyond 20 years pastoring, which is where the transformation from K.H.I.A.L.A. to Kingdom Now began. They both exclaimed, “We are here to thrust God’s leaders into the Kingdom Age. The Body of Christ needs to know the likeness of God. We are here to administer the heart of God on earth.” Therefore, if you are an emerging leader, and need to understand your vision in the fullness thereof. Chief Apostles Gregory and Tangerine Hope are here to partner with you. “We carry the burden, and we are accountable to administer leadership, education, and training. We cover leaders and entrepreneurs who understand that their gifts, talents, and businesses are given to help advance and finance the kingdom. We are also a global hub for countries abroad to provide them resources, development, and spiritual covering and impartation to become a kingdom citizens and communities. To learn more about Chief Apostles Gregory and Tangerine K. Hope or any of their ministries: Kingdom Now Global Alliance, Kingdom Now Apostolic Center, and Kingdom Now University, visit websites below. www.khiala.org or www.know-u.org

Pastors: Pastors are to care for the sheep who are wounded, cut, hurt, and sore. He gives them drink and spiritual food for nurturing to close the wombs and close the scars, he or she thens bring them back to a place of wholeness and health. Chief Apostles: Chief Apostles carries the strength of longevity as it pertains to vision. Moses was a Chief Apostle. God showed Moses the tabernacle, the heavenly blueprint (Exodus 25).


Mr. Carlo Thomas resides in Hinesville GA and is a single male with no children. However, his passion to see young boys become our future “Men of Tomorrow� has afforded him an opportunity to be a mentor to many. Raised in a small rural town in Bartow GA, it was his childhood experience of living in a singleparent home with his mother after his parents divorced at the age of seven that birthed his

passion to teach teenage boys the basic life skills and necessities needed to become successful young men. Young men who will contribute to society in a productive way versus the way they are viewed negatively today, especially African American male youths.


“As I began to study what the young men were missing, I wrote them down and put them in a book,” said Mr. Thomas. His book, Men of Tomorrow, is a guidebook to help fulfill those missing gaps and to equip young males of what to do when they experience voids, lack knowledge, and trains them on how to do basic skills. Although Mr. Thomas had a relationship with his dad, the fact that he was not in the home with him still created voids with no outlet nor knowledge of how to fulfill. “I don’t blame my dad for what he didn’t know or what I was missing. I didn’t know they were skills missed until I became an adult. The reality is that they exist and based upon what God has called and purposed me to do, I am here to fulfill that gap as best I can,” explained Mr. Thomas.

these skills in their youth, still lack these essential skills as an adult man. In the “How to” book design, he addresses topics such as how to change a tire, how to put on a necktie, how to properly iron clothes, and how to handle life basic skills. When asked what is next for Mr. Thomas, he stated that he has now transformed the book into a program, which will give the male youths more in-depth knowledge and a way to transform their reading into applicable steps. This will ultimately produce positive actions of which they can be proud. Mr. Thomas feels that it is important that our youth hear positive compliments and affirmations to encourage them to continue moving forward in a positive manner. He addresses these deficiencies through his public speaking events and loves the look on a child’s face when he smiles because he has just been respected and or celebrated for the first time.

As Mr. Thomas and I continued our interview we discussed how he knew he was called to assist young men in this area. Mr. Thomas stated, “I used to pray and ask God what my purpose was and what he wanted me to do in life. It never dawned on me that I was already operating in it. For fifteen years, I worked in and out of several group homes, youth counseling, and youth detention centers. If you name it, I probably had worked in it. I knew I was working a job, but I had not connected the two, my job was my assignment.” He said that helping young men through mentorship and education came natural to him and that he could do it all day without ever receiving a dime for it. He recalls one day that a young man said to him, “ you’re my his angel”. He was shocked and could not fathom why the young child would say such a thing. However, the young man was not the only one, the more he worked with the young men, more and more testimonials came. For Mr. Thomas this was his reward, and both the affirmation and confirmation needed from God. He knew in that moment that he was living a purposefully filled life which honors God with his gifts and talents.

Our Xcellence family is excited to promote and support Mr. Carlo Thomas and his non-profit organization, Everything Youth. When asked what words would he like to share with our Xcellence community and family he said, “Keep supporting each other; keep moving forward, keep praying, and lastly to always do our works from the heart, for it has the ability to reach millions.” To learn more about Mr. Carlo Thomas and his organization, Everything Youth, you can visit his website at www.everythingyouth.org. His book “Men of Tomorrow” can be ordered through Amazon or his website. Bulk orders of the book and t-shirts to address and bring awareness to bullying can be made as well through his website. Follow him today via Facebook at Everything Youth and to reach via email: everythingyouth123@gmail.com Article written by: Dr. Angella Banks, Publisher

He always say “ give me the worst of the kids because behind the hardness is a kid crying out.” Mr. Thomas works with all ethnicities and stresses the importance of such in his book, “Men of Tomorrow,” which is a guidebook for all men. What he found was that many men who lacked


One of the most difficult challenges facing clergy is setting healthy boundaries. It is important especially as women to be aware of the contributing factors that affect one’s own spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Over the years as a Pastor, I have faced many challenges in my own personal ability to have suffecient self-care time. Everybody wants the pastor to be a priest, an administrator, a building/facilities repair person, a psychiatrist, the best preacher in the world, the teacher of Bible Study, the worship innovator, the congregational growth expert, the ethicist of our day, the political voice of these times, the millennial whisperer, HR specialist, Economist, missionary, fund raiser, the model father/ mother/spouse and, in some cases, just a plain ole’ savior. By the end of the day, I am entirely at the end of myself. I’m ready for an ice cream sandwich and looking for some classical music to calm my mind from the many worries of the day .Instead of tackling the list of creative projects I take a power nap collapsing onto the sofa chair and leaving many

things left undone for another day or time. When I finally peel myself off the couch, I usually wasn’t any better off than when I started. Wow!!! And yet, I’ve honestly thought the term self-care was kind of lame. After taking “Clinical Pastoral Care “ where I learned the importance of selfcare; I learned how much stress I had voluntarily placed on myself. I didn’t think about myself or the value of self-care. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly where to start and what I didn’t like about it. I mean, a bath sounds nice, spa with the works or even though I’m not a wine-drinker myself, I know plenty of people who enjoy a glass now and then.(Humor) I started wondering why all the chatter about selfcare irritated me so much. Until one day it hit me, as I began to look at magazine articles and commercials, I continued to think deeply about this issue of self-care. Unfortunately, many of these self-care promises barely skim the surface of a much deeper issue. There is no one-time spa escape or miracle product that touches the more serious need for a woman to be revived and replenished from the inside out.


“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? 1 Corinthians 3:16 Ultimately, self-care is not a work we do in ourselves. God does the work in us; we make the space for it to happen, and we participate in that good work by taking hold of the various ways God has supplied sustenance to our minds, bodies, and souls. As women, we are gravely depleted and worn out because we absorb trauma, relational discord, financial stress, and the lion’s share of worry when raising children. I have learned that cumulative depletion results from years of neglecting these deeper needs for adequate rest, healthy food, mental space and a substantial dependence on God for what enlivens a woman’s soul ultimately robs us of the true joy God offers us in the midst of our circumstances. God cares for our needs and has the abundance of heaven to offer us, but we cannot be passive recipients of His attention and provision and expect to get the rest of what we are looking for. We must take responsibility for our side of the equation on a daily basis. Consistently taking up the task of not only living within our personal limits but also drawing deep from the well of God’s wisdom for our life Self-care is the physical, emotional, and spiritual equivalent of automobile maintenance. Change the oil, check the transmission fluid, check the air-pressure, and get weird noises checked out, then your car or truck should last. Ignore the “clunk, clunk” or the smoking tailpipe long enough and expect a costly repair later. We may have missed some simple things that we often do daily without knowing it. Simple things such as eating right makes a difference. Working as a nurse I would just eat Snickers, some Sweet Tarts, jelly beans, you name it and work my morning shift. I have probably eaten more processed sugar in my lifetime than all my children and grandchildren. To put it bluntly, I treated the temple of the Holy Spirit like a candy store. I do not have a miracle, “I started eating salads, lost weight, and I feel great,” as a

testimony of practicing self-care. But I am also learning to eat right because you are what you eat. I see my neighbors walking briskly every day, and yes , exercise is another great thing to put on your to do list. The Bible does not talk much about exercise, but it didn’t need to. Biblical characters walked, herded, and gardened all the time. Exercise was part of life. We should, as much as possible, adopt that mindset. I have openly confessed my aversion to taking a Sabbath on Monday’s. I am averse because I feel guilty if I am doing nothing, and I don’t like feeling guilty—like I am wasting time or being lazy. A day of rest does not imply a day of sleep; rest is more than that. It means to stop for a while to let your body, soul, mind, and spirit catch up with each other. Without rest we cannot recharge and without recharging we become like a spent battery, good for nothing except to be trodden under the foot of man. I am an early riser and, apparently, it is only getting worse the older I get. Most mornings I awaken before 3:00 a.m. Some mornings it’s an hour before. I cannot sleep-in on weekends. Only after the most strenuous weeks would I sleep until 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday. It is a running joke with my friends that any text message before 8:00 or 10:00 a.m. may go unanswered until later that morning. Sleep is essential to optimal functioning, but sometimes it is hard to come by. It is important to seek help to process post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and address addictions or other means of self-medication. We should practice self-care not for fear of extremes, but because it manifests this truth: we belong to God—body, soul, mind, and spirit; we can love God better with each of these, if we are taking care of them as we should. - Written by Pastor Jesse Manuel


Where do we go from here? I’m a firm believer in a simple philosophy when it comes to challenging times and overpowering difficult situations. Are you a little bit curious to know what that philosophy is? If I were a betting man I’d say that you’ve already been applying my philosophy already. I won’t keep you waiting any longer. “Get back to the basics.” What are the basics in a global crisis like COVID-19? How do we as Americans get back to the basics when our world is daily evolving? This article will help every reader get back to believing, planning, trusting and moving beyond this pandemic state of mind. Here are 3 things wonderful, yes four that will elevate you into your Fit Success.

1. Revamp or create a new vision without abandoning the one you had coming out of 2019. Get back to what you felt; the vision you had for you, your family and your business is still obtainable. If 2020 has been a dark cloud hovering over you it’s time to create a new vision for yourself. If the JOB “just over broke” you’ve chosen were one of many that were shut down; don’t blame the job- blame your choices, your decisions; accept the fact that you chose that job. Now, CHOOSE ANOTHER ONE! We as humans have the ability of choice. Close your eyes for 7 seconds, see yourself 7 years from now. What are you driving, where do you live, what are you doing that brings you income and joy at the same time? This is your life and it starts here; create that vision. Have strong faith, belief in your efforts and speak positive to yourself to drown out all critics of your vision.


2. Be diligent at working your plan and make others wait. Many may disagree with me on this however, much of my success has come through my will and ability to isolate myself for a season to establish and diligently work on my vision. I’ve missed birthday parties, recitals and weddings to stay on course. To get beyond 2020, you too can consider: what do I need to set aside to stay diligent? What are some of the things and the people I need to isolate from to work my plan? This kind of thinking gives you the freedom to imagine and create the vision. This also frees your time to meet new people, be introduced to new things that align more with your vision than your past. Where you are 7 years from now, starts with your actions yesterday, today and tomorrow. Be diligent and keep moving 1 day closer to your goals. 3. With our world and our nation being so divided by race, color, privilege, and bigotry how do we keep trusting? How can we trust police when they act hostile towards us? How can we trust our political system when people like Donald Trump can get elected to the highest office in our system? How can we trust that our businesses and visions won’t be shut down by another pandemic? EVEN WITH ALL THIS DOUBT, trust ANYWAY!! Trust that the plan you’ve been shown are the plans for your life. If anyone would have told me when I was in Amory, MS in the 3rd grade that I would be the first black student-body president Pocono Mountain Elementary I would have thought they were crazy. Yet, after winning that campaign, I began believing that I could achieve the impossible. You can achieve the impossible. It only appears to be impossible because you have finished working your plan yet! Trust it, Trust in it and watch it come to fruition.

Edge by Jeff Olson ushers in “right thinking”. The emotional garage that we carry around from previous failure MUST either be used to grow and rebuild or it MUST be burned and turned into ashes so that you forget about them quickly! Understand this please, you’re past failures do not dictate your promising future. Don’t let your emotions and the emotions of others get you off course. Physically for some, this isn’t an option. Without resources to move or to change your surroundings, it can be difficult; yet I challenge you to find a spot, anywhere that you can be alone with your vision to continue to map it out. That quiet spot will become your new place of power, your oval office and your war-room. Our 2020 and beyond will be magnificent; I can already see your Fit Success shining brightly. There are 2 things, yes 3 that guarantees the vision will come to pass: Never Give Up, Cave In, or Quit! Toney Jenkins, author of the book The 7 Keys to FiT Success, Overpowering Challenging Times also a contributor writer to the book project A Levitical Man. Contact: fitforthesoul@gmail.com or on #TheGoodtLifeTeam

4. And lastly, move beyond your circumstances mentally, emotionally, and physically. Try to understand that your mental battle will is always be the hardest to overcome. The reason it’s the hardest is because you can never escape from your own negative thoughts. Your thoughts can trip you up the most. Yet the antidote to negative thinking is reading great books. Books like Living for the Promise: Pursuit of Xcellence, by Dr. Angella Palmer- Banks and The Slight


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Fall 2020 Issue Xcellence Community Magazine  

Thank you so much for your commitment and support to our Xcellence Community and Family. We are excited about our re-launch after a short 3...

Fall 2020 Issue Xcellence Community Magazine  

Thank you so much for your commitment and support to our Xcellence Community and Family. We are excited about our re-launch after a short 3...