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The Real Invisible The Spider Web


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A Light Spiderweb


THE REAL INVISIBLE - THE SPIDER WEB Invisible Real -The Spider Web Italy- Basilicata - Castelmezzano, September 1999 A giant Installation between the rocky peaks, about 10.000 square metres. Red ribbon, rope, nails, mountaineering stuff, reflecting elements, sound elements.

In the harsh and fascinatind landscape of the Lucan Mountain, it has been weaved -between two rocky peaks- a big Red Thread Web. Built in accordance with the suggestions of the Land Art – it doesn’t mean that the Artist manipulates or overlaps Nature, it means that she behaves in synergy and harmony with Nature – throughout its fleeting beauty, the Web symbolizes the pursuit of harmony and equilibrium with Mother Earth, and the update of the respect towards Her. In this way the Artist can rebirth new awarenesses. The very lightness and “fragility” of the work, its being “unarmed” in the face of the strenght of Nature (wind, rain, sun), the possibility of being destroyed, are significant, since transience belongs to the natural Order. At the same time those elements are, with the Artist, the originators of the work of art: the Wind - the sound inspirer, the Sun – the bright operator, make the Web vibrate with sounds and flashes. Moreover, the Web is a metaphor of the invisible, but deep link between the human beings, the other creatures and the Earth. As well as on the Web, where the slightest vibration can be percieved all over its surface, all our actions influence deeply ourselves and the other people, even if they don’t realize it. All that we think, do and happens, wherever on this Planet or in the Universe, influences all of us. Becoming again sensitive to this link, we could improve our lives, and perceive the needs connected to the Whole, to whom we belong. 4

On the real web, even the slightest imbalance weakens the whole structure: if a remedy is not found and the imbalance grows, the very existence of the whole is in danger. The Red Thread Web, a living “mandala”, rousing our reflection and reminding us our individual and social responsabilities, can spur us to action, not only to prevent further lacks of balance, but also to reconstruct a new world, respectful of all the living creatures. An absorving work of art, a symbolic action to stimulate a change in the reality link actif de: LE RÉEL INVISIBLE. LA TOILE D’ARAIGNÉE 1999 link vidéo en syntèse LE RÉEL INVISIBLE. LA TOILE D’ARAIGNÉE Il Reale Invisibile La Ragnatela metà per you impact di Lifegate


The Light Spiderweb The Project I think at an even more "light" Web Texture, and at the same time interwoven with a changing brightness, with only a lot of mirror elements, mounted on a wire not visible from afar: in this case the result would reflect fully the Installation title "The Real Invisible." His fascination would be highlighted during the day by the Sun light, and at night, from the Moon light .. By day, in the sky, constantly changing, ,the brilliance would be treated as one thousand reverberations of the Sun on the sea. At night, the Moon would provide to highlight this special structure with a lot of flashes in the velvet background of the dark sky.




THE REAL INVISIBLE - THE SPIDER WEB Matera, Basilicate - Italy

In Matera, Basilicate - Italy -was made a special Work in Land Art and Urban Art: a sperimental action, a preparatory Installation in a larger air. The Red Line designed in the sky above the ancient city of Sassi an intense red network: both for the meanings attached as mild and respectful. Some mall red Web were also made and installed in some places in the city center, in niches, holes and doors … The lightness of art work is highlighted by the construction of a work that does not overlap the environment, nor with arrogance or direct violence, as when using the most modern technological means to implement real nature’s manipulation as it happens with many works of a so-called Land Art. The pure Land Art work blends with the places, exalting their natural beauty. Those meanings are highlighted by natural materials used: ropes, wires, tapes, but also glass, copper, tin, iron, wood, clay, stone and so on…















Weaving a a new web





THE REAL INVISIBLE - THE SPIDER WEB Weaving a a new web in Biella Italy 2000 Link RAGNATELA BIELLA







See more on : Book pp.50 Il Reale Invisibile –La Ragnatela Book ipertestuale pp. 50 :


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