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2012 Products


Let’s do this together Performance Machine

2012 Products

We’ve been busy - really busy. Go ahead and thumb through these pages and you’ll notice how many new parts we designed for this year. We’re talking about the all new Vision series headlights, new horn covers, slider covers, Apex grips and pegs, extended kickstand, Merc air cleaner and exhaust tips... shall we go on? Okay then, how about the all new Spoked Wire and Merc Wire wheels, and the Icon and Shock forged wheels starting on page 6. Want more innovation? No problem. You’ve probably already found the PM Custom Finish Shop insert in the back - we’re showing you ways to go beyond the traditional custom wheel finish and enter into a world of texture and color possibilities. Yeah, we’ve been busy making this stuff for you guys that want to stand-out against the standard boring mundane and stand-up for who you are as an individual. It’s about teamwork - you and us, together. You got the bike, and we got the parts to make your bike uniquely yours. Enough about us, the real story is about your relationship with your machine. Get her what she needs to be remembered, and you’ll have an exciting future together. Meet Amy. She’s your beautiful PM tour guide for this year. She’ll inspire and show you wonderful things. So let’s get together and go somewhere! _ Mark Finnie PM President


C ontents We think we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Forged & Wire Spoke Wheels


Air Cleaners & Intakes


Brake Systems & Calipers


Contour Hand & Foot Controls


Contour Belt Drive Primary Phatail Wide Tire Kit

40 43

Motorcycle Accessories


Trike Accessories


Sportbike & Metric Accessories Replacement Parts PM Apparel

56 58 59

Harley-Davidson is a registered trademark of the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company Inc., Milwaukee, WI. Performance Machine is not affiliated with Harley-Davidson or any other motorcycle manufacturer. Check for new products, updates, and technical information at: Creative by Andy Meadors. Lifestyle photos by Jim McGill Photography. Printed by Collateral Resources. Copyright ©2012 Performance Machine Incorporated.


testing Each Performance Machine Wheel and Brake is designed and engineered to specific standards and thoroughly tested. Starting with computer simulated stress analysis, our engineers assess each design. We do not stop there, though, as we quantify our findings with data from physical testing in our sophisticated in-house test department. PM tests to strict world wide standards such as JASO and TUV.

Cornering Test

Radial Load Test

Performance Machine’s physical testing begins with our cornering test where we reproduce the incredible stress created during cornering on a motorcycle. Each wheel design is subjected to this mechanical torture and then evaluated for damage. The wheel is tested at 2.25 times the maximum tire load for 1,000,000 cycles. If a wheel does not survive this test or any other test, it is scrapped and redesigned.

Next, the wheel is loaded on our giant Radial Load Tester which simulates a load on a tire/wheel assembly in a vertical riding condition at 2.25 times the maximum tire load for 100,000 cycles on a front wheel and 500,000 on a rear wheel. The wheel is spun up to speed during these cycles then checked for flaws before enduring the next physical test.

Torsional Load Test

Impact Test

The third test in the PM repertoire is the Torsion Load Tester which simulates what a wheel would endure if you were shifting at wide open throttle or hitting the brakes to the point of skidding for 100,000 cycles with the heaviest and most powerful production bike. Load sensitive rams cycle back and forth replicating real world style torture in an attempt to rip the hub out of the rim. Each wheel design is given this torture treatment before moving on to its final physical test.

The fourth physical test sends each PM wheel design to our massive Impact Testing unit which simulates the pot holes and road hazards that a wheel is subjected to in the real world. We wrap each wheel design with a tire and replicate a hard edged hit; the wheel must retain air pressure for a specified amount of time in order to pass. If a wheel passes this final test it lives to see another day and moves into production.

Brake Test

Stock V-Twin motorcycles are coming out of the factory with more horsepower on tap than ever, rarely does it stay that way, though and the bulk of these bikes are upgraded with high performance pipes, cams, and carbs and other go fast parts. In an effort to increase performance riders overlook the very system designed to bring it to a stop. In-house dyno testing ensures that PM calipers maintain proper pressure, do not flex, provide superior stopping power, and all functioning parts hold up to daily use to bring your motorcycle to a stop in a safe distance.


Let’s spin together Performance Machine



Spoked Wire New for 2012, our all new Spoked Wire wheel is a perfect blend of classic spoke styling and modern CNC-machined rim detail. The aluminum hoop, integrated hub and stainless steel spokes keep these wheels lightweight, yet strong. Give your bike the best of both worlds.



New finish


Merc Wire The Merc Wire Spoke Wheel serves nostalgia two ways. The ribbed concentric lines machined around the diameter of the smooth rim lip are paired with a set of classic spokes that are reminiscent of the hot rod era. Subtle and stylish, the Merc is timeless.



New finish


Icon The Icon is all clean lines and decadent detailing. With a 5 split-spoke design extending to the edges of the wheel, the Icon is further punctuated by machined-out detailing running lengthwise along the rim between each spoke. Embody sheer luxury in chrome, or evoke a sleeker form of glamour with a beautifully applied Platinum Cut finish; this timeless design will please for years to come.

Component Family



The Shock wheel features multiple engraved grooves racing down each of the five wide spokes of this design. Forceful by nature, the Shock demands to be seen and belongs on a bike equally as opinionated. Be flashy and coquettish in chrome, or bold and visually striking in a Platinum Cut, the Shock is meant to turn heads and coax out a whistle of appreciation.

Blue Ops Color Finish

Component Family


Paramount The Paramount is in a league of its own with seven flared spokes and beautifully machined detail from the hub all the way to the machined pockets of the outer rim lip. The Paramount is aggressive enough to make a statement, yet delightfully refined.

2011 Wheel Design of the Year.

Component Family



The Element features 5 unique spokes with deeply engraved lines originating from the hub reaching all the way to the rim lip for an impressive look. The directional nature of the spokes creates a semblance of speed on any motorcycle.

Component Family


The Luxe features a timeless design with 5 carved spokes that emerge from the hub, split, and melt back into the smooth rim lip. The dramatic, machined grooves on the outer rim lip result in a sublime motorcycle wheel.

Component Family



The Riviera features eight linear spokes for a simple, yet defined motorcycle wheel. The faceted spokes split into 16 before fusing back into the rim lip. The styling is carried all the way to the soft rim lip with custom grooves for a more intense look.

Component Family


Rival The Rival possesses five radical, swept spokes for a sinister looking motorcycle wheel. Each spoke features unmatched detail with carved aluminum windows and protruding edges. The wild design and directional orientation of the wheel give the illusion of speed, even when it’s sitting still.

Component Family



The Heathen wheel begins as 7 spokes and splits into 14 ornate tendrils before blending into the rim center and then follows with a complimentary design on the outer edge of the subtly curving rim face.

Component Family


Gasser The Gasser is five spokes of vintage styled elegance flowing smoothly into the rim. The rim itself features a Contour Rim Lip, resulting in a graceful arc from spoke to tire.

Component Family


The Torque is a directional wheel with 9 gracefully arced spokes, each terminating in a knife like profile at the rim. Looks fast even sitting still!

Component Family


Wrath This highly detailed 5 spoke wheel that will look at home on the cleanest of customs as well as any hardcore chopper. Each spar is a work of art that emerges from the hub in a subtle arc of billet wizardry.

Component Family


Forged Wheels & Matching Components Image Series Forged Wheels

Wire Wheels

Performance Machine wheels are the finest wheels available to the motorcycle aftermarket. Innovative and stylish, the fit and function of PM wheels goes unmatched in the industry. Each wheel is tested in-house to JASO and TUV standards to ensure its performance under real world riding conditions. PM wheels are offered in more than 10 different styles and sizes with matching components in a variety of finishes. PM offers custom finishes on select wheel designs. PM wheels are offered for V-Twin, Metric, and Sportbike applications. 26x3.5

*Additional cost for V-Rod and ABS Model motorcycles

$1749.95 $1799.95 $1899.95

Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut

16x5.0 . 17x6.0 . 19x3.0 . 8x4.25 18x5.5 . 21x2.125 . 21x3.5

16x3.5 . 17x3.5 . 18.x3.5 . 19x2.125 $999.95 $1199.95 $1149.95 $1299.95

Polish Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut

Polish Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut 18x10 . 18x10.5

18x8.5 . 23x3.5 Polish Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut

$1099.95 $1299.95 $1249.95 $1399.95

$1399.95 $1599.95 $1549.95 $1699.95

Polish Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut

$1499.95 $1699.95 $1649.95 $1799.95

Matching Discs All Performance Machine discs use a stainless steel outer band. PM uses a high grade 420 stainless that will not gaul or squeal like lesser quality discs. The latest version of PM outer bands can be removed and replaced once worn. All PM discs use a machined aluminum carrier and are available in 11.5”, 11.8”, and 13.0”. The carrier is matched to its respective wheel and will have a bolt pattern specific to the front or rear. Disc Sizes . 11.5” . 11.8”

Disc Size . 13”

Polish Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut

Polish Contrast Cut Platinum Cut

$299.95 $329.95 $329.95 $329.95

$429.95 $439.95 $449.95

Matching Belt Sprockets Image Series Forged Aluminum Belt Sprockets are machined to mirror the pattern of the PM wheel behind it for a complete custom look. PM belt sprockets feature hard anodized teeth for longer wear.

Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut Black Ops

$1199.95 $1149.95 $1299.95 $1149.95

Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut Black Ops

$1299.95 $1249.95 $1399.95 $1249.95

Custom Finishes Shop Did you know that Performance Machine offers several different custom finishes for our line of Forged Wheels? Or, would you be interested in the Heathen without rim lip detail? The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to customizing your wheels. Contact your Performance Machine sales representative for more information. Open the doors to a cool custom world and take a sensory ride through the Custom Finish Shop we’ve created for you contained in the back of your 2012 catalog.

Euro Compliant As the industry leader in the motorcycle aftermarket, Performance Machine has been testing our wheels in-house using TUV standards for decades. TUV is the European standard for testing and although the Performance Machine La Palma, CA facility has received TUV certification from the testing entity, each wheel has to be tested by a European facility in order to be approved for street use throughout Europe. Each wheel design and size, ranging from stock replacement up to 23 x 3.5 and 18 x 8.5 undergoes rigorous tests for cornering, impact, torsion, and radial load before receiving TUV certification. TUV designs include Hooligan, Wrath, Gasser, Riviera, Element, Heathen, Torque, Luxe and Diesel wheel designs with matching discs and belt sprockets.

Universal & V-Rod Belt Sprockets

Belt Sprockets Polish Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut

Each year we attempt to break new ground when it comes to our new products. This year our love for classic styling inspired us to bring back a line of Wire Wheels that we hold close to our hearts and we know you do too. But, we couldn’t bring them back without the trademark rim lip detail that PM introduced to the industry just a few years back. Whether you prefer the subtle, ribbed lines of the Merc or the machined grooves of the Spoked highlighted by our signature speed dots, each is crafted from aluminum hoops with proprietary stainless steel spokes for strength. Get wired. 17x6.0 . 18x4.25 . 18x5.5 18x3.5 21x2.125 . 21x3.5 . 23x3.5

$549.00 $599.00 $579.00 $629.00

Polish Chrome Contrast Cut Platinum Cut

$579.00 $649.00 $599.00 $679.00

Matching Chain Sprockets PM Chain Sprockets are machined from 7075 T6 aluminum for optimal wear. All sprockets are 48 tooth for use with 530 chain.

Polish Contrast Cut Platinum Cut

$199.00 $229.95 $229.95

Value Added Services Performance Machine offers the option to have matching discs, pulleys and tires (cost of tires is extra) mounted on PM wheels directly from the factory at no charge. Discs and pulleys are mounted by PM technicians to ensure proper clocking and torque specifications. These value added services remove the hassle and the liability for our customers.


Hooligan The Hooligan is a study in machined aluminum detailing. Graceful arcs of aluminum split and fade off as the spoke terminates into the rim. Capped by a trio of speed dots beg for color matched paint to compliment your bike.


Taking a cue from the vintage street rod days, the Judge is 5 spokes of billet style. We’re looking forward to seeing this one on a few bobbers!

Component Family The Hooligan Family


The Judge Family


The Domino takes nine spokes off of the hub, splits them into 18 and then merges into the rim with our stylish speed dots. It’ll look right on any Harley or custom motorcycle.

El Dorado

This design allows the wheel center to flare out before the spokes emerge, split and taper into the rim. Unbelievable detail is complimented by the unique spoke shape and PM Speed Dots.

Component Family The El Dorado Family

The Domino Family



Let’s take it in together Performance Machine

Air Cleaners

Air C leaners and Intakes

Merc Super Gas Air Cleaner Performance Machine does not believe in resting on our laurels, preferring instead to push the envelope with new designs and products. The fact is front and center in our ongoing quest to improve and expand upon our line of air cleaners, and we are proud to present our latest offering: the Super Gas Merc Air Cleaner. The new Super Gas Merc Air Cleaner cruises firmly into nostalgia territory, adding some hot rod flair to the styling of our original Super Gas Air Cleaner. With clean lines and more curves than a pin-up, this piece features ribbed concentric circles and the Performance Machine logo machined into the center. Equipped with a K&N air filter, the MERC offers optimal air flow and more horsepower than the stock alternative.

New finish

1993 to 2012 Twin Cam & Evo 2008 to 2012 FL Throttle by Wire 1991 to 2012 XL Sportster 1993 to 2012 Big Twin w/S&S E/G Carb. Chrome $419.95 Contrast Cut $419.95 Black Ops $419.95


Air C leaners and Intakes

FASTair Intake PM’s FASTair intake utilizes the highest quality and best performing K&N filter element allowing a 10.21 HP increase on a stock Harley Davidson. Not only does this intake make horsepower but it the most innovative and aggressive looking intake on the market. Leave it to PM to raise the bar by creating beautiful billet pieces literally laced together to beautify that high performance air filter. We also added PM’s proven internal crankcase breather system to create a clean look. Once again PM has created a truly innovate and unique piece to take your bike to the next level.

1993 to 2012 Twin Cam & Evo 2008 to 2012 FL Throttle by Wire 1991 to 2012 XL Sportster 1993 to 2012 Big Twin w/S&S E/G Carb. FASTair Intake (Includes Rainsock) Chrome $499.95 Contrast Cut $499.95 Hybrid $499.95 (Shown on bike - black elbow, chrome front and base plate)

Patent Pending


Air C leaners and Intakes

Super Gas Air Cleaners The Super Gas Air Cleaner features a versatile design that accepts interchangeable faceplates design matched to Performance Machine wheels. A K&N Filter behind a stainless steel wire mesh screen allow high volume air flow resulting in increased horsepower. The Super Gas Air Cleaner is CNC-Machined from billet aluminum with built-in crank case breathers and comes with chrome hardware. Universal Air Cleaners and Faceplates are available in Chrome and Contrast Cut finishes. The Screamin’ Eagle/Ness Upgrade Kit adapts a PM Designed Matched Faceplate to fit the SE/Ness Air Cleaners. The upgrade kit includes the mesh insert, spacer, hardware, and the PM Logo Badge. Faceplates are sold separately.

1993 to 2012 Twin Cam & Evo 2008 to 2012 FL Throttle by Wire 1991 to 2012 XL Sportster 1993 to 2012 Big Twin w/S&S E/G Carb. Screamin Eagle/Ness Upgrade Kit $25.00 (plus Faceplate)

Universal Air Cleaner Chrome $349.95 Black Ano $344.95

Super Gas Protection Performance Machine offers three options to protect your air cleaner from the elements. Choose from a wrap around rain sock that installs behind your SuperGas faceplate so it is always visible and protects the air filter in any riding condition or choose a pullover style that can be easily slipped over the entire air cleaner roadside in a jiffy if you encounter bad weather. Both rain socks are made of patented, breathable material that keeps water out and air flowing in for ultimate performance. The PM scrub bag is a waterproof, pullover bag that slips over your entire air cleaner to protect your unit during a good detail. PM rain socks and scrub bag come screened with the PM logo.

Rainsock $29.95

Pull-Over Rainsock $29.95

Scrub Bag $32.00


Air C leaners and Intakes Super Gas Faceplates PM Super Gas Air Cleaners and design matched faceplates are sold separately. Order the PM Universal Air Cleaner in chrome or black and then choose a design matched faceplate to compliment your wheels.

Super Gas Air Cleaner

Find Your Faceplate

Complete Happiness

Super Gas Faceplates Designs Icon



Faceplates Chrome $90.00 Contrast Cut $85.00 Platinum $95.00 New for 2012









Hooligan Judge

New for 2012

El Dorado Domino



Let’s take it slow together Performance Machine

Brake Systems

Brake Systems and C alipers Front

6 Piston Differential Bore Caliper Most 1984 to 2012 Softails, Dyna & FL. This high performance caliper features an ultra clean look and our proven differential bore technology for optimal brake performance.

New finish

Polish $449.95 Chrome $499.95 Black Ano $499.95 Contrast Cut $499.95 Black Ops $499.95

4 Piston Differential Bore Caliper Most 1984 to 2012 Models. Differential bore technology has been applied to this 6-piston version making it the most powerful and stylish brake available for new generation bikes.

New finish

Polish $399.95 Chrome $449.95 Black Ano $449.95 Contrast Cut $449.95 Black Ops $449.95


Brake Systems and C alipers Front

4 Piston Classic Caliper & Bracket 1984 to 1999 FX, XL, & FLST. The original 4 piston billet caliper and bracket that put PM in the brake business offers superior braking power. Single Disc Polish $349.95 Chrome $399.95 Black Ano $399.95 Contrast Cut $399.95 Black Ops $399.95

4 Piston Caliper 2008 to 2012 FL & VRod. PM’s original 4 piston caliper updated to a direct bolt-on application is specifically engineered for use with stock brake master cylinder on select late model applications. Polish $399.95 Chrome $449.95 Black Ano $449.95 Contrast Cut $449.95 Black Ops $449.95

4 Piston Classic Caliper & Bracket 1988 to 2006 Springer Softail. PM’s 4 piston caliper and bracket has been adapted for Springer Applications. Polish $429.95 Chrome $489.95 Black Ano $489.95 Contrast Cut $489.95

2 Piston Caliper & Bracket Custom Applications. Two Piston caliper designed for the custom bike builder. Polish $295.95 Chrome $345.95 Black Ano $345.95 Contrast Cut $345.95


Brake Systems and C alipers Rear

4 Piston Caliper Driveside

PM Phatail Kit and Custom Applications. Completely concealed behind the belt sprocket, PM’s state-of-theart brake system utilizes our classic 4 piston caliper and specially constructed billet aluminum bracket

Polish $699.95 Chrome $749.95 Black Ano $749.95 Contrast Cut $749.95 Black Ops $749.95

4 Piston Sprocket-Brake Left or Right Side Custom Applications. PM has developed a state-of-the-art sprocket brake for the custom builder utilizing PM’s proven 4 piston caliper with a stainless steel sprocket. Polish $549.95 Chrome $599.95 Black Ano $599.95 Contrast Cut $599.95 Black Ops $599.95 Sprocket (sold separate) $399.95

4 Piston Integrated Differential Bore Caliper

2006 to 2012 Softail Models with 200mm Tire and 1987 to 2006 Standard Softail Models. The ultimate rear brake for the HD Softail. Four differential bore size pistons are wrapped in a unique Forged Aluminum integrated caliper/ bracket creating powerful and consistent braking.

4 Piston Classic Caliper & Bracket

Polish $499.95 Chrome $549.95 Black Ano $549.95 Contrast Cut $549.95 Black Ops $549.95

1987 to 2006 FXST and FLST. PM’s time tested 4 piston caliper and billet bracket are the ideal rear brake system for late model Softails. Polish $449.95 Chrome $499.95 Black Ano $499.95 Contrast Cut $499.95 Black Ops $499.95


Brake Systems and C alipers Rear

4 Piston Differential Bore Caliper & Bracket

2000 to 2003 Sportster. Differential Bore technology combined with a solid billet aluminum bracket provides incomparable braking performance for the Sportster. Polish $499.95 Chrome $549.95 Black Ano $549.95 Contrast Cut $549.95 Black Ops $549.95

4 Piston Caliper & Bracket 2005 to 2012 Sportster. PM’s powerful caliper and bracket combo adapted to fit late model Sportsters. Polish $449.95 Chrome $499.95 Black Ano $499.95 Contrast Cut $499.95

4 Piston Classic Caliper & Bracket 1991 to 2012 Dyna. Designed specifically for the Dyna, this bracket topped with the classic PM 4 piston caliper, provide improved braking performance over stock.

4 Piston Differential Bore Caliper & Bracket 2002 to 2012 VRSC and 2000 to 2012 FL.

Polish $449.95 Chrome $499.95 Black Ano $499.95 Contrast Cut $499.95 Black Ops $499.95

PM’s 4 piston differential bore caliper combined with a machined aluminum bracket make for a powerful brake system required for FL and VRod Models.

Polish $499.95 Chrome $549.95 Black Ano $549.95 Contrast Cut $549.95 Black Ops $549.95



Let’s work together Performance Machine

Controls & Primary Drive

C ontrols and

Primary Drive

Contour Hydraulic Clutch Master Cylinder PM hand controls are not compatible with 2011-12 Softail models. All PM Clutch Lever assemblies and clutch master cylinders are CNC machined from billet aluminum. The 11/16” bore features a hard anodized finish to eliminate wear. Available with starter interrupt switch for late model HD’s. Polish $349.95 Chrome $369.95 Black Ano $369.95 Contrast Cut $369.95

Contour Cable Clutch Lever Polish $249.95 Chrome $269.95 Black Ano $269.95

Contour Switch Housings PM’s Billet Aluminum Switch Housings are a perfect compliment to the PM Contour Master Cylinders. The single or three button applications feature high quality switches with 36” leads. Spacers are also offered to fill the gap between the switch housing and the grip. PM Fat Bar adapters are designed to adapt Contour controls to 1.25” bars. Three Button Polished $199.95 Chrome $229.95 Black Ano $229.95

Single Button Polished $129.95 Chrome $149.95 Black Ano $149.95

Clutch Side Spacer Polished $15.00 Chrome $20.00 Black Ano $20.00 Fat Bar Spacer Chrome $25.00

Clutch Slaves RSD Transmissions Polished $429.95 Chrome $449.95 Black Ano $449.95 Contrast Cut $449.95

5 speed, 6 speed, and RSD Transmissions. The PM Clutch Slave is perfectly matched to our Contour Master Cylinder for optimal clutch action.

6-Speed Fluted

6-Speed RSD


5 and 6 Speed Transmissions Polished $329.95 Chrome $349.95 Black Ano $349.95 Contrast Cut $349.95 5-Speed Smooth

5-Speed Fluted

C ontrols and

Primary Drive

Contour Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder PM hand controls are not compatible with 2011-12 Softail models. PM Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder features a CNC machined one-piece body with refined internals for optimal brake performance. Available with optional brake light switch.

Polish $349.95 Chrome $369.95 Black Ano $369.95 Contrast Cut $369.95

Contour FL Switch Housings The PM Touring Edition Switch Housings allow the use of PM Contour Controls without sacrificing your stock switches. Available for use with Hydraulic or Cable Clutch in four or five button configurations. Four and Five Button Switches Polished $299.95 Chrome $329.95 Black Ano $329.95

Throttle Housings PM Contour Throttle Housings are the finishing touch to the handlebar set up. Throttle Housings are available in Single Cable, Dual Cable, and Dual Snap In. Polish $79.95 Chrome $89.95 Black Ano $89.95


C ontrols and

Primary Drive

Contour Forward Controls Standard and 2� Extended for 1984 to 2012 Softail. Standard fitment for V-Rod, Customs and 1991 to 2012 Dyna models.

PM Contour Foot Controls are designed to work with PM Brake Systems as well as OEM and other aftermarket brakes. PM Controls are machined from billet aluminum with PM’s proven Master Cylinder, pegs with non-slip rubber, and are available for stock kickstands and custom applications.

Polish $899.95 Chrome $999.95 Black Ano $999.95 Contrast Cut $999.95

Contour Primary Belt Drive PM Phatail Kits. 1991 to 2011 Softail, 2006 to 2011 Dyna, 2008 to 2011 Rocker, 2002 to 2006 FL, and 2008 to 2012 FL. The PM Contour Belt Drive Primary has several key features that make it superior to other belt drives. The motor plate and lock up clutch are designed to tolerate the power of big motors. The PM unit completely replaces the stock primary and utilizes a narrow belt for lightweight, better cornering clearance and does not interfere with access to forward controls.

Softail, Dyna & FL Applications Chrome $2799.95 Contrast Cut $2799.95 PM Phatail and Rocker Applications Chrome $2999.95 Contrast Cut $2999.95


C ontrols and

Primary Drive

Floor Boards 1983 to 2012 FLST and 1993 to 2012 FL Models. Performance Machine Contour Floorboards compliment any bike. The complete set includes machined aluminum, Contour pedals with machined aluminum arms on the shift side and a matching brake with an easy to reach pedal with its own rubber pad.

Rider Boards Chrome $369.95 Black Ano $369.95

Shift Lever and Spacer (heel and toe shift) Chrome $179.95 Black Ano $179.95 Contrast Cut $179.95

Brake Lever Chrome $149.95 Black Ano $149.95 Contrast Cut $149.95

Passenger Boards Chrome $349.95 Black Ano $349.95

Shift Lever and Spacer (toe shift only) Chrome $89.95 Black Ano $89.95 Contrast Cut $89.95

Rear Master Cylinders 2000 to 2007 FL Models. (Showing in Black) 2008 to 2012 Models. (Showing in Chrome) Performance Machine’s proven Contour Master Cylinder is designed as a direct replacement for 2000 to 2012 FL Models. Designed to work with stock or PM Brake Calipers.

Polish $279.95 Chrome $299.95 Black Ano $299.95 Contrast Cut $299.95


Let’s go big together. Performance Machine Phatail Kit


Wide Tire Kit

Phatail 240mm Conversion Kit The PM Phatail kit is a BOLT-ON Kit for 1991 and newer Softails that allows our 18” x 8.5” wheel to rest comfortably in the confines of a bone stock HD Softail frame! Includes swingarm, fender, billet struts, all necessary trans parts and detailed instructions. Available in standard brake configuration or with prewelded tabs for the PM Driveside Brake System. PM Phatail Kits include all of the components listed below. We strongly recommend the conversion be completed by a qualified bike shop. Custom seats can be purchased from Corbin and Bitchin Seat Company. Will not work with Harley Factory Six Speed or Factory Hydraulic clutch slave on 1991-2006 Models.

• Wide swingarm and rear axle assembly • One piece formed steel fender and billet aluminum fender struts (optional recessed billet license plate frame) • Billet aluminum primary spacers, gaskets and hardware • Extended mainshaft, front motor sprocket & final drive gear • Starter shaft extension and all hardware • All necessary hardware, spacers and gaskets • Detailed instruction sheet with photos of each step

2007, 2008 to 2012 Standard/Driveside $2999.00 With Recessed License Plate $3395.00 Use with PM Primary Standard/Driveside $2795.00 With Recessed Plate $3195.00 2000 to 2006 5 Speed Softail Standard/Driveside $2999.00 With Recessed License Plate $3395.00 1991 to 1999 5 Speed Softail Standard/Driveside $3295.00 With Recessed Plate $3695.00


Let’s be together

Performance Machine




Vision Headlights New for 2012, Performance Machine’s billet headlights are head and shoulders above the competition, employing a diamond reflector lens over the latest in halogen technology to make your future shine bright. Available in five styles and three finishes, these headlights are the latest addition to the ever-expanding line of Performance Machine accessories. Available for HD bottom mount 1984-2012 FXST and other select models with the use of mounts available through Drag Specialties.

Chrome $449.95 Contrast Cut $449.95 Black Ops $449.95

New finish

Apex Sure to dazzle anyone illuminated in its path, this headlight boasts an open face encircled by aluminum in the finish of your choice, further accentuated by ten cutouts, reminiscent of a sunburst.


Accessories New for 2012

Crossbar True to its name, the Crossbar headlight features a strikingly simple cross over the lamp, with a machined PM logo at its’ center. A strippeddown statement maker at its finest.

Grill The Grill is certain to turn more than a few head with its sleek, industrial design, featuring a machine PM logo in the center.

Clean Stylish and understated, this is for the minimalist who appreciates the fusion of aesthetics and function.

Merc Keeping in line with the rest of the new Merc line, this headlight is framed by a series of ribbed concentric circles, injecting some retro style into your ride.



Horn Covers Created with an eye on style, Performance Machine has added a line of horn covers to help you in your quest for custom. Providing the options you crave in the too cool designs you love. If you’re wondering what purpose these parts serve to that we say they serve the purpose of looking good, something we can all appreciate. These CNC machined beauties are available for 1991 - 2012 Big Twin models.

Merc New for 2012

New finish



Chrome $129.95 Contrast Cut $129.95 Black Ops $129.95



Elite Exhaust Tips We’ve taken a simple, billet piece of aluminum and turned it into works of art for your exhaust. Five cutting-edge designs including the Clean, Tech 10, Slash, Sweeper and the new Hot Rod inspired Merc will slip-on to Vance and Hines, Rinehart, Screaming Eagle, Supertrapp, and Kerker pipes in 3.5” or 4.0” diameter. PM tips will also fit Bassani short and long Megaphone applications. Each tip features machined cuts and grooves, giving each round depth and dimension both inside and out. No matter what angle you find yourself admiring these tips, they’re definitely sexy. Each tip is embellished with the Performance Machine logo and available in chrome and Contrast Cut Finish.


Slash New for 2012 New finish



Tech 10

Chrome $99.95 each Contrast Cut $99.95 each Black Ops (Merc only) $99.95 each



Slider Covers Featuring Performance Machine’s trademark style, our slider covers make up the most recent addition to our accessory line up. Machined from billet aluminum, offered in chrome, Contrast Cut, and Black Ops you can choose from the Merc style with our trademarked ribbed rings or the Slash featuring precisely machine grooves with a diagonal cut where the slider meets the fork leg. Either one will make a statement on any 1984 - 2012 FL Touring front end (Including FLHX Trike).


New for 2012


New finish

Chrome $299.95 Set Contrast Cut $299.95 Set Black Ops $299.95 Set New finish

Bag Latches PM has machined two unique styles of latch covers to match your bike. PM latch covers utilize OE locking mechanism and are easy to install with basic tools.

Smooth Chrome $149.95


Fluted Chrome $149.95 Contrast Cut $149.95


Mirrors FL Touring Mirrors Performance Machine FL Mirrors are designed for optimal view while still flowing perfectly with the lines of the fairing. Includes a complete mounting system. Chrome $149.95/set Black Ano $149.95/set

Torque Mirror PM Torque Mirrors feature a completely unique mirror head with a matching machined aluminum stem. Bolts to all PM Hand Controls, as well as stock and many other aftermarket controls. Left and right mirrors are sold separately. Chrome $69.95 each Black Ano $69.95 each

Extended Kickstand Running a 21” or 23” Front Wheel? We are pleased to introduce our all new 1” Extended Kickstand. Crafted from forged steel with a chrome finish, PM’s 1”extended kickstand is a direct replacement for the OEM unit. Suspension, wheel diameter, and tire choice can all dramatically affect the final resting position of your bike on the kickstand. The PM 1” extended kickstand will not only hold your bike up (or keep it from falling down), but it will give you back the couple degrees that you can lose with any customization making it easier to lean your bike back to riding position. And, the machined PM logo will represent your good taste. Chrome $69.95 Black Ano $69.95



Grips PM grips are offered for 1� bars and are also available to fit FL models with electronic throttle and select Metric applications.


The PM Line of grips will complete any handlebar set up. PM offers two versions of our grips wrapped in Renthal rubber, our standard Contour Grip and the XL Contour Grip with a slightly larger diameter and staggered rubber for unique look and great comfort.

Chrome $119.95 Contrast Cut $119.95

The popularity of Performance Machine rubber wrapped grips inspired us to bring the Elite Grip and new for 2012, the all new Apex Grip. The Apex Grips sport precision, CNC-milled cuts creating lightening holes around the tip of the grip for a 3D effect. Both feature durable, knurled rubber with an embossed PM logo hit wrapped around a machined billet grip. Choose your style and then choose from Chrome or Black/Contrast Cut finishes and grip some road.

Elite Chrome $99.95 Black Ano $99.95

New for 2012

Contour Chrome $99.95 Black Ano $99.95


Contour XL Chrome $149.95 Black Ano $149.95


Foot Pegs We couldn’t let your feet go without the same style and comfort that we’ve created for your hands up top, so we’ve created a line of matching foot pegs, packing a whole lot of good looks in a small package. Choose from the Contour rubber wrapped, Elite or the new Apex pegs which don’t miss a beat when it comes to cool with detailed CNC-milled windows to match the Apex grips. No matter which style you prefer, you’ll love the durable, knurled rubber that keep your feet positioned comfortably and the PM Logo says you demand the best.



Chrome $99.95 Contrast Cut $99.95

Chrome $119.95 Contrast Cut $119.95

Contour Rubber Wrapped


Chrome $99.95 Black Ano $99.95 Polish $189.95 Chrome $199.95 Black Ano $199.95


trike Accessories

Stage I Trike Brake System PM Engineers have combined our 4-piston caliper with the integrated race technology of our Rear Contour Master Cylinder to create the most innovative brake system for Trike applications. The result: our 4-piston calipers provide more clamping force to slow the bike down while the rear master cylinder provides the extra fluid to the big brakes. The Stage I kit eliminates brake fade and decrease the stopping distance dramatically with less pedal effort, turning this fun machine into a real performer. Chrome $1399.95 Black Ano $1399.95 Contrast Cut $1399.95

Stage II Trike Brake System The Stage II kit includes everything in the Stage I kit, plus two brackets to adapt the PM calipers for two heavy duty 11.5� rotors. The addition of the PM stainless rotors has all the benefits of Stage I and further helps to decrease stopping distance.

Chrome $1999.95 Black Ano $1999.95 Contrast Cut $1999.95


trike Accessories

Trike Wheels PM Trike wheels are the first of their kind to be manufactured for H-D Trike applications and other select Trike manufacturers. PM’s dedication to innovation has resulted in a wheel that will go unrivaled in design and function. PM starts with a specially designed wheel blank that was developed to be a perfect match to our forged motorcycle wheels. Using this exclusive forging rather than a stock automotive forging creates a more aesthetically appealing package for your three wheeled ride. The wheel center is finished with a hub cap featuring a PM logo with machined openings to expose the lug nuts.

Paramount Luxe

Torque Riviera

Heathen Wrath

HD Applications: 15 x 5.5, 18 x 5.5 Chrome $849.95 Contrast Cut $799.95 Contrast Cut Platinum $899.95

Select Trike MFGs: 15 x 7 Chrome $949.95 Contrast Cut $899.95 Contrast Cut Platinum $999.95


Metric Forged Wheels

Metric Forged Street Wheels Inspired by the popularity of high performance urban style bikes, PM continues to refine our proven forged aluminum wheels for the needs of the modern sportbike. Performance Machine wheels are preferred by top custom builders such as Robert Fisher of Roaring Toyz and Jonathan Reed of Sport Chrome. Eighteen unique designs are available in 17” x 3.5” and 17” x 6.0” for the most popular sportbikes including 600 applications. For custom swingarms, we also offer 18” x 8.5” and 18” x 10.5”. Performance Machine forged wheel styles for sportbike applications can be found on pages 10-23.

17 x 3.5

17 x 6.0

Polish $999.95 Chrome $1199.95 Contrast Cut $1149.95 Platinum Cut $1299.95

Polish $1299.95 Chrome $1499.95 Contrast Cut $1449.95 Platinum Cut $1599.95

18 x 8.5

18 x 10, 10.5

Polish $1399.95 Chrome $1699.95 Contrast Cut $1649.95 Platinum Cut $1799.95

Polish $1499.95 Chrome $1799.95 Contrast Cut $1749.95 Platinum Cut $1899.95

Accessories Having done duty on the GP circuit for a few years, the Radial Mount Caliper is an obvious fit for the modern sportbike. By design, radial mounted calipers are stiffer than traditional mounting and hold alignment with the rotor much better. The result is improved pad contact with the disc, increased braking, and minimized heat. PM Radial Mount Calipers require bolt/spacer kit for correct fitment to most sportbikes. Each Performance Machine wheel is equipped with our innovative rear 6 puck Cush Drive. Our PM Cush Drive is strong and durable with ample rubber elements. All PM Revolution and Street Wheels use a common sprocket bolt pattern (same as 2004 ZX10). Stock sprockets do not fit PM wheels (except for 2004 ZX10). PM Sprockets are sold separately. They are available for with 520, 525, and 530 pitch in a variety of tooth counts. All sprockets are polished.

4 Piston Caliper

Cush Drive

Polish $549.95 Chrome $599.99 Contrast Cut $599.99




Performance Machine continuously strives to bring you the ultimate in high performance race wheels. The Assaults are a one-piece unit, captured between ultralight modular hubs, creating lightweight wheel for street or track use. PM Assault wheels are available in black or gold finishes only. Due to bolt pattern differentiation, Honda CBR and Yamaha R-1 require the Assault 12 (12 spoke) style.

Assault Wheel 17 x 3.5 Black $1199.95 Gold Anodize $1199.95

17 x 6.0 Black $1499.95 Gold Anodize $1499.95


Replacement Parts Rebuild Kit for PM Calipers CALIPER

125X4R 125X4RSPH 125X4SL 125X4S 125X2 Radial


$9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $4.50 $9.00

0052-3002 0052-3002 0052-3002 0052-3002 0052-3001 0052-3002



162X2 137X4B 112X6B 137X6 112X6RSB Integrated

0056-3002 0053-3903 0051-3901 0053-3902 0051-3902 0053-3904

$9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $4.50 $9.00

Brake Pads PAD MFGR




Caliper: 125X4R, 137X4B (Order One Pair) Sintered 0052-1602DS DP Organic 0052-1602DR DP Caliper: Integrated Rear for Softail (Order One Pair) Sintered 0053-1608DS DP Caliper: Radial Mount (Order One Pair) Sintered 0052-1606DS DP

$35.00 $27.95 $39.95 $34.00



Caliper: 125X2 (Order One Pair), 125X45, 125X4SL Sintered DP 0052-1601DS Organic DP 0052-1601DR Caliper: 112X6B - Order One Pair Sintered DP 0051-1602DS Organic DP 0051-1602DR

$39.95 $20.00 $39.95 $39.95

Anti-Rattle Springs DESCRIPTION Anti-Rattle Spring Anti-Rattle Spring Anti-Rattle Spring


125X4R 137X4B Integrated Rear


0052-1801 0052-1801 0053-1800

$2.70 $2.70 $8.50

DESCRIPTION Anti-Rattle Spring Anti-Rattle Springs


112X6B 162X2 (Order 2)


$6.50 $4.55

0051-1800 0056-1800

Caliper Shim Kits DESCRIPTION 5/16” Shims


125X2, 125X4S

ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT Hydraulic Lubricant for Caliper Assembly Capsule








2000 up HD 10mm Shims


125X4R, 125X4SL, 0019-9001 125X4RSPH, 137X4, 137X6, 112X6, 162X2



137X4. 112X6



Anchor Rods & Ball Rod Ends DESCRIPTION

2” Rod Assembly - 5/16” Ball Rod Ends 6” Rod Assembly - 5/16” Ball Rod Ends 4” Rod Assembly - 3/8” Ball Rod Ends 6” Rod Assembly - 3/8” Ball Rod Ends 8” Rod Assembly - 3/8” Ball Rod Ends 10” Rod Assembly - 3/8” Ball Rod Ends


0028-9802 0028-9806 0028-9904 0028-9906 0028-9908 0028-9910

$55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00 $55.00


12” Rod Assembly - 3/8” Ball Rod Ends 14” Rod Assembly - 3/8” Ball Rod Ends 3/8” x 3/8” - 24 Ball Rod Ends 1/4” x 1/4” - 28 Ball Rod Ends 5/16” x 5/16” - 24 Ball Rod Ends


$55.00 $55.00 $13.95 $9.00 $9.00

0028-9912 0028-9914 0074-0001-CH 0074-0003-CH 0074-0004-CH

Master Cylinder Rebuild Kits DESCRIPTION

5/8” Bore Standard 12/96 and up 5/8” Bore Standard Pre- 6/96 5/8” Bore Standard 6/96 - 11/96 5/8” Bore Contour Top Gasket for Classic Master 11/16” Classic Master Cylinder


0060-3602 0060-3603 0060-3604 0060-3605 0060-1010 0060-3900

$15.95 $45.00 $29.95 $15.95 $3.95 $34.50


3/4” Bore Standard 12/96 and up 3/4” Bore Standard Pre- 3/96 3/4” Bore Standard 3/96 - 11/96 Top Gasket for Contour Master 9/16” Bore Contour 5/8” Bore Contour 11/16” Bore Contour


0060-3702 0060-3703 0060-3704 0060-1019 0060-3505 0060-3605 0060-3605

$15.95 $49.95 $34.95 $6.50 $39.95 $15.95 $33.00

Rubber Replacements DESCRIPTION

Contour Peg (Big) Contour Pedal (Small) Contour Grips



$15.00 0035-9006 $9.50 0035-9007 0063-1013 (Order 2) $14.99

DESCRIPTION Round Peg (Big) Round Pedal (Small)


0035-9010 0035-9009

$9.50 $9.50


Rubber Wrapped Peg Rubber Wrapped Pedal Elite Rubber (Order 2)


0035-1087 0035-1084 0063-1049

$5.00 $3.00 $10.00

PM Apparel

Racing Hat $20

1970 Hat $20

Logo Shirts $20

Racing Shirts $20

Tattoo Pinup Shirt $25


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