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There’s Obsession and there’s Xtreme and we’re here to satisfy both – the Xtreme Machine Obsession. The need for personal Xpression with an attraction to customizing that burns within. We’re here to support your addiction for adventure and your journey for freedom with Unapologetic Products. Don’t ever stop obsessing.

Design your Xpression with Xtreme Machine and satisfy your obsession.

CRUISE Sometimes you gotta go easy on the throttle and just CRUISE, but don’t be afraid to stay there. With the CRUISE, no matter how slow you go, everyone will see you’re rolling with the X in style. Choose the CRUISE and let’s go for a slow ride. Choose From: Chrome Black Cut Black Cut Xquisite Color Shop

x x x x

EXECUTE Bolt-on the bold beauty of the new EXECUTE design family and discover the Xotic Life, Liberty in Xpression and the pursuit of Xcitement. This freedom is for you. Choose From: x x x x

Chrome Black Cut Black Cut Xquisite Color Shop


FIERCE Certain things in life draw us in and hold us captive like something FIERCE. We’ve done that with a motorcycle wheel. This wheel has a proven five spoke design with creative, engineered cut-outs machined through-n-through. Choose From: x x x x

Chrome Black Cut Black Cut Xquisite Color Shop

LAUNCH It starts with a vintage inspired spoke that turns into a modern machine-cut lustful leg that Xrosses in-and-out of the straight spoke, like it’s bending the traditional rules, and goes beyond its boundaries onto the rim lip. Take the LAUNCH, and go for the ride. Choose From: Chrome Black Cut Black Cut Xquisite Color Shop


x x x x


The ARSON is perfect for those wanting something hot for their custom wheel choice. The traditional Hot Rod flames are a timeless style that is cool forever, and the machined grooves go from thick-to-thin to finish off the Devil’s Details.


This best selling wheel has no real challengers out there. With five racing blades and its trick ball-milled accents, the CHALLENGER’S overall design and detail races beyond its competitors. Choose From: x Chrome x Black x Black Cut x Color Shop

Choose From: x Chrome x Black x Color Shop


Guess why we call this one the REAPER? Yep, it’s a beautifully orchestrated cluster of sickles to make up 6 unique blades for a cool tribal design. Certainly cynical. Choose From: x Chrome x Black x Black Cut x Color Shop


We think skulls are just bad ass. Just take a look at our logo. Put them in a wheel design and people gotta have it. Nothing says custom more than SKULLZ. Choose From: x Chrome x Black x Black Cut x Color Shop



We’re not talking about women’s high heel shoes here, it’s about nine STILETTO knife daggers inside the negative space of the classically designed spokes - each having a beveled edge and ball-milled dots for added detail.


We love TALONS - they’re Xtremely freak’n nasty. Inspired by the eagle’s best weapon, we think a collage of sharp talons make a great wheel design. With a salute, this is our patriotic product.

Choose From: x Chrome x Black x Black Cut x Color Shop

Choose From: x Chrome x Black x Black Cut x Color Shop


Don’t be fooled by the TURBO’S ultra clean architecture - it’s very Xtreme. Look at the spokes’ dimensional engineering and it’ll be sure to get your head spinning and all wound up.

XTREME MACHINE custom motorcycle wheels were born and brought into this world from a pure passion and market need for a selection of bold, Xccentric and unique wheel designs to make a motorcycle look cool. Designed, engineered and manufactured right here in the USA, every wheel that rolls out is made with intelligence and pride. Xplore more on our website to discover your wheel size and price.


Choose From: x Chrome x Black x Color Shop


You know by now that all XM products are manufactured by Performance Machine, and we’ve got some Xperience in the braking department. We’ve taken our proven PM internals and wrapped them with an Xtreme body for the perfect combo of PM performance with XM attitude.


With the help of these offensive bars, you may feel a need to ride a little more X. Tribal blades cut through the air and lead the way like bull horns for battle. Our DEVIANT Bars were designed to get your hands up so everything else is under your control. Fits 1986-2013 FLH and most Standard Softail, Dyna and Sportster Models. Knurled 3.5” on Center. $389.95 Chrome $329.95 Black Powdercoat

Choose From: x Chrome x Black Cut Front 6 Piston Direct Bold-On $499.95

Fits 1984-2016 H-D

Front 4 Piston Direct Bold-On $449.95

Rear 4 Piston $449.95

deviant Velocity stack

Our DEVIANT Velocity Stack rebels against all that is OEM and normal. It’s one of the most arrogant and respected parts you can ever mount to your motor. You know you got it when you got it. Go get it and ride free. x 1993-2016 EVO & Twin Cam Except TBW x 2008-2016 FL, Throttle by Wire x 1991-2016 XL Sportster

Dominate air intake

Bolt-on our all new DOMINATE Air Intake and give your machine the domineering attitude and power it desires with the aggressive X-like styling and increased horsepower.

Choose From: x Chrome x Black Cut

Choose From: x Chrome x Black Cut



Xtreme Machine Air Cleaners are not legal for sale on pollution controlled vehicles in California or states adopting California emissions standards.

x 1993-2006 Big Twin CV Carb x 2001-2016 Big Twin Delphi EFI

(Except 2008-2016 FLH w/ Electric Throttle)

x 2008-2016 FL Throttle by Wire x 1991-2016 XL Sportster (Except XR1200R)


V-CUT Bezel

Our proven V-CUT design boasts 12 CNC-machined cut grooves to make the belligerent bezel bad to the bone. Let our V-CUT Headlight Bezel lead the way to a more Xciting ride.

Grips & Pegs

Our grips & pegs are something so boldly Xotic to touch, yet graciously mannered to control, they’ll leave you wanting more X. Make a connection with Xtreme Machine’s grips & pegs and satisfy this Xcitement.

Choose From: x Chrome x Black Cut

Grips fit 1” bars for standard & electronic throttle. Pegs mount to stock H-D clevis.


Choose From (Xccelerator): x Chrome w/ Rubber x Black Cut w/ Rubber

Grips $119.95 Pegs $129.95 Toe Pedal $35.95


Choose From: x Chrome x Chrome w/ Rubber x Black Cut x Black Cut w/ Rubber

7” bezel designed to mate with 1984-2016 FLHX, FLHR, and FLHTCU models. V-Cut

fuel caps

Here’s a typical day at the office for us: design, engineer and manufacture specific parts of the H-D motorcycle that need help with the aesthetic value, component material and functionality. And so therefor these fuel caps were created.

exhaust tips

Offered in two Xtreme designs - DOMINATE and V-CUT - these things will slip onto Vance & Hines, Rinehart and Rush pipes in minutes for a quick custom addition to that noisy and obnoxious part of the bike. Choose From: x Chrome x Black Cut

Choose From: x Chrome x Chrome w/ LED x Black Cut x Black Cut w/ LED

Replacement Caps $69.95 LED Gauge Caps $119.95

V-Cut w/ LED Indicator




Direct Replacement for 1996-up H-D.



Slip-on to 3.5” and 4” Vance & Hines, Rinehart, and Rush Pipes.

Dominate Dominate *LED lights are enhanced for product display and will not be lit at once.


BIG xtreme WHEELS Xcessive? -Yes! Xtreme? -Yes! Do you need it? -Yes! All of our wheels go up to a big 26” size with a select five in the Xtreme 30”. And to stop this madness, we offer the PM MegaBrake System to go with. Roll big and let everybody else follow in your shadow.




30”x4.0” 26”x3.5”

30”x4.0” 26”x3.5”

30”x4.0” 26”x3.5”

30”x4.0” 26”x3.5”



challenger REAPER skullz 26”x3.5”



stiletto talon 26”x3.5”


Featuring the 30” CRUISE wheel. PM MegaBrake System with 16” XM design matched rotors.

WHEEL & component PRICING Our forged wheels are manufactured by Performance Machine, an icon in the motorcycle aftermarket. In addition to radical and authentic styling, you can now feel confident that each XM wheel is rigorously tested in-house to tough JASO and TUV standards. XM wheels arrive ready to install with hubs mounted and all the appropriate spacers making installation simple and straight forward.




16”x3.5”, 17”x3.5” 18”x3.5”, 19”x2.15” 19”x3.0”, 21”x2.15”, 21”x3.5” 23”x3.5” 26”x3.5” 30”x4.0”

$1,249.95 $1,349.95 $1,649.95 $1,849.95 $2,949.95

$1,299.95 $1,399.95 $1,699.95 $1,899.95 $2,999.95

REAR WHEELS $1,249.95 16”x3.5”, 18”x3.5” 16”x5.0”, 17”x6.0”, 18”x4.25”, 18”x5.5” $1,349.95 $1,649.95 18”x8.5” $1,749.95 18”x10.0”, 18”x10.5”

$1,299.95 $1,399.95 $1,699.95 $1,799.95



11.5” / 11.8” & 300mm $329.95 $399.95 13” $649.95 16”



$329.95 $399.95 $649.95

$329.95 $409.95 $649.95

$599.95 $229.95

$629.95 $229.95



MATCHING SPROCKETS Belt Sprocket Chain Sprocket

$599.95 $199.95



Xtreme Machine is a brand of Performance Machine, LLC. XM product is designed, manufactured and tested to Performance Machine’s stringent standards. XM products include a Lifetime Limited Warranty on chrome plating. For warranty and technical information you may contact a Performance Machine representative or if you are a Performance Machine or Xtreme Machine dealer, you may refer to or request a copy of the XM Dealer Technical Supplement. *Prices are per wheel. Contact the PM sales department for pricing on Goldwings. Pricing Exceptions: Add $200 to front V-Rod wheels when using stock rotors and $100 to rear V-Rod wheels when using stock rotor. There is no additional wheel charge for V-Rod wheels when using XM design matched rotors.


color shop While our quality chrome or black anodize finishes satisfied most customizer’s desires, there are a few of you out there that want to ride it even further into the wild custom realm with the aesthetics and attitude. Compliment your bike’s theme with one of these colors below and make your machine highly impressionable and one of a kind.









The Color Shop option is available for all our wheels. Showing above are CRUISE wheels dipped in every color anodize we got.




Quality chrome is what you get with every XM chrome product. Our secret is preparation. We send each raw part to our polishing department, creating a mirror like finish before the chrome is even laid on. This process allows XM to create ultra smooth and durable chrome plated parts. Lustrous finish is easy to maintain with proper maintenance and care. XM products include a limited lifetime warranty from date of purchase for chrome plating.

XM’s innovative Black Cut finish goes through the same anodizing process, but this time we take it one step further. After anodizing, the product is machined again to expose the raw aluminum of the XM logo or in the case of wheels it accentuates the detail of the wheel design.

Our premium Black Cut Xquisite finish is the finest finish we got. It picks up where the Black Cut finish leaves off, and takes it to the next level by polishing the exposed aluminum surfaces to a mirror like finish. This results in a style that is as visually striking as it is timeless.

This Softail sports the EXECUTE wheel finished off in the Xtreme Red color. Just imagine the possibilities of your favorite wheel design with one of these custom colors!

*XM does not color match *Anodize colors may vary by lot


800 x 479 x 4037

6892 Marlin Circle x La Palma, CA 90623

United States of America


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