Joseph Girouard Lists A Few Things about Moving To Boston

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Joseph Girouard Lists A Few Things about Moving To Boston

Boston is a Big City – Joseph Girouard states that Greater Boston holds an estimated 6.4 million inhabitants. – The city is home to a quarter million college students, earning the city its name as "the Athens of American." – 'Big' doesn't always mean that the city has terrible commute times, though. Many Bostonians do not own a car, but instead utilize the city's internationally renowned public transportation system

Boston is a Busy City – Joseph Girouard explains there are so many great reasons to move to Boston such as their growing financial industry, amazing educational institutions and a thriving medical research business. – They hold the nation's highest percentage of jobs per square mile. – The city is also only a stone's throw from New York City, another major metropolis. – Boston hosts over eighteen million tourists every year.

Boston is a Renter’s Paradise – "Rent" is the name of the game when moving to Boston. – If their current home has a reasonable commute time to the city center, you can believe that they had a tough time finding the residence. – In Boston, 70% of the dwellings are rentals.

Boston is a Lot of Fun – Boston is a paradise city for the American who enjoys a fast-paced life, loves to have entertainment options on demand, and wants the chance for relaxation or recreation whenever it's needed. – According to Joseph Girouard, Boston is not an experience of cold concrete, steel, and glass. – Boston is still home to parks, green spaces, and opportunities to get away from it all, even with its pulsating, vibrant activity.

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