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Group of The Mexicans: Isabel, Raúl and Ángel.

1- Introduction 2- Flag 3- Geography 4- Food 5- Humans of... 6-What did we learn?

Country Name: Mexico ● Language: Spanish. ● Population: (In 2015): Was 119.530.753 ●

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The flag is red, white, green and brown. The flag was adopted in 1968. In the center of the flag there is a shield and a bird on a branch.


â—? It is located in the north of America.

Map of mexico:

Cobá: It’s located in the southeast of Mexico. Chapultepec: It is an urban park. It’s located in the city of Mexico. Papalote museo del niño: It’s located in the forest of Chapultepec. Cobá


Papalote museo del niño

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He’s tall and slim. He’s got short black hair. He’s got small brown eyes. He’s got a black hat. He’s wearing a white T-shirt, a black jacket, black and white trousers, and black shoes.

They usually eat: They usually eat pig meat. They often eat: They often eat nachos. They never eat: They never eat barnacles.

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We learned that Mexico has many interesting places. What to eat or not. Where it is located. How is the flag and how many people there were in 2015.

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