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SLINKACHU Born in Devon in 1979, the artist now known as Slinkachu moved to London in 2002 where he pursued a career in commercial art and design. In 2006, Slinkachu embarked on the first of his street art campaigns: The Little People Project. The artist’s miniature figures are left to fend for themselves in the bustling city, where they’re then photographed and left to their urban environment. These figures embody the estrangement spurred by the over-whelming nature of the modern metropolis, and incite a renewed perspective of the everyday urban experience to those who find them. This sense of isolation and melancholy, however, is accompanied by sense of irony and humour that makes Slinkachu’s commentary all the more poignant.

The small scale of his creations, left in their exterior environments, encourage us to expect the unexpected, to see where normally we do not look; their juxtapositions open up a realm of possibilities and challenge the audience to consider the plight of the everyman. Global Model Village features a broad selection of these international works. Working his way around the globe, from New York, Beijing and Moscow to Cape Town, Bridgetown and London, Slinkachu has created his ‘little people’ installations within real urban contexts worldwide. In this quest he aims to illustrate and highlight our sociological, political and economical plights. The exhibition features a stunning selection of newly released limited edition prints and installations.


Andipa Gallery is excited to announce the release of Slinkachu’s new work Stroll as part of the Global Model Village series. Stretching alongside the banks of the Moscow River, Gorky Park is one of the most celebrated places in Moscow, Russia. A rare urban retreat in the heart of an overcrowded and congested city. Built in 1928, this park holds entertainment for tourists and Muscovites alike and was the location for Slinkachu’s exciting work Stroll. “With the promise of snow, Moscow was the ideal location for Stroll, an idea I had been playing with for a long time.” Slinkachu

Context shot (opposite) The context shot of the location of the miniature installation is complimentary with each Slinkachu acquisition

Slinkachu | Stroll  

New print release of Stroll by Slinkachu

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