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Ancala’s online magazine and publication was founded and generated by IN Creative, Marketing & PR. IN came up with the idea with intensions of doing a small mailer for the local businesses that wanted to direct mail to the existing potential customers in the community.


<RXU &RPPXQLWLH V 2Q O L QH 0DJD]LQHV 3XEOLFDWLRQV IN Creative, Marketing & PR’s team realized very quickly that there were not only local businesses that would like to be in the publication but also larger customers that would like to target that same demographic of higher income brackets and elite names, celebrities, doctors, and business owners families.



Ancala’s online magazine and publication’s mission is to provide wealth and awareness back to the community and provide contributions to charities, schools and kids. Events & networking functions have already been performed. Fund raisers and community outreach programs are already being planned for the upcoming months at area business’s and great places. Help wanted; Inquire in the web site. Founder, Creative / Art Director: Matthew W. Mayes, BFA

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HEALTH & BEAUTY LIVING Beauty, Shopping, Bling and More! To Consign or Not to Consign . . . That is the Question! Our recent economic struggles have left quite a few of us with the gnawing question of where to shop for just about every outfit from our daily grind apparel to our drinks out with the girls clothes and accessories, and our many other “outings.” This gal has found a virtual treasure trove of up-to-date clothing styles and a multitude of accessories at My Sister’s Closet with locations throughout the Valley. Don’t expect to walk into a plush setting with chandeliers and cute pink ottomans for your husband and dog to sit on . . This is each gal to herself shopping! Grab a cart and go, go, go! You must be prepared to spend some time searching through the array of racks to find that “just right” item, so I suggest eating before you take this expedition and bring a Big Gulp with you . . . Even though they are banned in NY, we can still drink them here in Arizona. Now, back to THE Closet . . . I’ll give you all of the locations at the end of my article. They are meticulous in how they peruse each item brought in for consignment. Trust me, I know, I’m one of their biggest consigners. Nothing can be over five years old, damaged, ripped, torn, spilled on, rusted, out of style, gross, smelly, well, you get the picture. Finding the perfect outfit will take you through the entire store, where you can purchase skirts, blouses, t-shirts, jeans, capris, scarves, shoes, handbags, jewelry, perfume, key fobs, sunglasses, day planners and more. The absolute best part is that virtually everything has a “newer” feel and look, although, they also offer fabulous vintage items. If your taste is for the label, then this is your store. Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Escada, Prada, Burberry, Tory Burch, Tiffany, St. John, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and more and more and more!

The prices? Fantastic.

If you really want to change up your wardrobe, go through your closet at home piece by piece, including old jewelry, scarves, purses and shoes and take them in to consign. You’ll receive a good check from them in a few weeks once your items are placed on the floor and have sold. Unlike other consignment stores, My Sister’s Closet does not charge a drop-off fee, nor do they have huge sales where your items will sell for next to nothing and therefore you get nothing when all is said and done. In a few short months, you could have a brand new wardrobe and have cleaned out your closet of unwanted, unworn clothing and accessories. So, put on your sneakers and head out to do a little digging! It’s well worth the time and effort and your wallet (maybe a Kate Spade from MSC?!?!) will thank you! Happy Hunting! This is not an advertisement for My Sister’s Closet and is only the opinion of the writer / editor. By: Tricia Peartree Beauty Editor

For Locations go to:

Ancala’s Commitment to the Natural Look What does it mean to create “natural” results? It means enhancing the body in ways that don’t look too artificial or “overdone.” Creating natural-looking results requires an incredible understanding of the human body, and the ability to understand how our bodies move and come together. It requires the ability to respect the structure of the human body, and to sculpt it in ways that look perfectly balanced and proportional. In short, creating natural results requires more than artistry—it’s requires unparalleled surgical skill. In all of their procedures, from breast lifts, rhinoplasty, to fat transfer procedures, Dr. Zeidler and Dr. Berkowitz strive to make their results noticeable—but in the best, most natural way possible. As a testament to Aesthetx’s reputation for creating breathtaking results, New Beauty magazine recently reached out to Dr. Zeidler for their piece on “The Major Way Plastic Surgery Has Changed Over the Years.” The article focused on how procedures for the breast, body, and face have changed over the years to emphasize more natural-looking results. By consulting with Dr. Zeidler, it’s clear that Aesthetx has truly established itself as a practice that specializes in creating natural-looking results that stand the test of time. Naturally Full Breasts In the article, Dr. Zeidler spoke about the rise of new varieties of breast implants that give “natural-looking fullness that’s still sexy.” Dr. Zeidler and Dr. Berkowitz themselves are two of the most experienced surgeons on anatomic highly-cohesive silicone breast implants, shaped implants that create natural, soft fullness without making the breasts look too artificially round or hard. The two surgeons are also renowned for establishing techniques like the auto-implant breast lift, a way of lifting sagging breasts that also reshapes the tissue into a rounder and more attractive shape. By addressing the tissue itself rather than merely lifting sagging skin, Aesthetx offers a breast lift that can last longer and looks more natural.

Technology, Creativity, + Eye for Perfection

A visionary in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Kamakshi R. Zeidler, board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Aesthetx, speaks with Gentry about her background and the unique synergy that exists at her practice

Even as a young child, Dr. Kamakshi R. Zeidler cherished the ability to care for others. As her interest in medicine grew, so did her passion for helping others in a way that inspired her creativity and sense of artistry. She began her collegiate journey determined to find a career that would leverage her compassion and creative skills. Dr. Zeidler received a B.A. degree with honors from Rice University and a Doctorate of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine where she was inducted into the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. She went on to complete her plastic surgery residency and postdoctoral research fellowship at UCSF and advanced microsurgical fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center.

An author and lecturer, Dr. Zeidler’s exquisite plastic surgery outcomes have earned her renown worldwide. She has authored many publications and papers on novel technologies, procedures, and safety for breast reconstruction and breast enhancement. In 2018, her publication, “The Safety of Textured and Smooth Silicone Implants,” was selected as the Aesthetic Surgery Journal’s best publication of the year. During her lectures worldwide, Dr. Zeidler educates other plastic surgeons on new technologies, as well as her own advanced techniques. Most recently, she presented at the FDA’s special panel on breast implant safety and recently joined the FDA as an official consultant. Her wealth of information stems from the many roles she holds as a surgeon, researcher, advisor, and physician. A Cause Worth Fighting For Dr. Zeidler is an Today, Dr. Zeidler is a leading board-certified advocate for women’s health and serves on plastic surgeon and founder and Cancer CAREpoint’s board of directors. She managing partner of Aesthetx, the premier enjoys working collaboratively with them as an plastic surgery and dermatology practice in advisor to help grow and scale the organization Silicon Valley. Dr. Zeidler delivers a style of to serve the Silicon Valley community. Her plastic surgery that is special and unique to commitment to bringing new technologies and each patient, allowing her to achieve beautiful, advanced techniques to breast surgery has also long-lasting, and naturally balanced helped countless women with breast cancer results. As a thought leader in aesthetic and restore their physical beauty and confidence. To reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Zeidler is heighten awareness, she hosts an annual a leading authority and clinical investigator Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (BRA who partners with companies to bring new Day) event which will take place again in technologies and innovative products to the October 2019. field. She prides herself on being a bridge ”I am extremely passionate about driving between the needs of her patients and these awareness regarding all of the options available companies to help shape the way new products to my patients, post-diagnosis,” relates enter the market. Dr. Zeidler. “The countless local women that “I am deeply committed to playing a leading I have helped throughout their breast cancer role in the latest research and technology journeys and the breast reconstruction process in the plastic surgery field,” says Dr. Zeidler. are truly an inspiration to me.” “That said, I am also very selective and cautious The Beauty of a Collaborative Practice to vet new technologies, and only bring In 2017, Dr. Zeidler’s longtime vision of things into the practice that we know are creating a premier plastic surgery and going to be very high value for our patients.” practice became a reality when she A Trusted Visionary Shaping the Field of formed Aesthetx. Dr. Zeidler partnered with Aesthetic Medicine. her respected colleague and board-certified

dermatology practice became a reality when she formed Aesthetx. Dr. Zeidler partnered with her respected colleague and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. R. Laurence Berkowitz, whom she worked with for many years and shares the same commitment to patients, desire for perfection and supportive approach through life-changing procedures. To complete the team, she selected Dr. Amelia K. Hausauer to join Aesthetx as the Director of Dermatology. With 50 years of combined experience, each doctor has their own area of expertise and they have created a collaborative culture with an integrated approach that blends plastic surgery with procedural dermatology to produce the best results. “Building Aesthetx and bringing together specialists I deeply respect and who share my vision has been an incredibly rewarding experience,” notes Dr. Zeidler. “Our busy Silicon Valley clientele has the benefit of coming to one place for all of their aesthetic needs and our collaboration is built on a foundation of caring for patients in an incrediblypersonal way.” Aesthetx physicians provide their patients with access to customized care, comprehensive consultations and a combined strategy on how to approach each case. With both plastic surgery and dermatology specialties, patients have access to a wide variety of treatments targeting medical conditions of the skin and soft tissue, as well as procedures designed to aesthetically enhance the face and body. For example, when Dr. Zeidler meets with patients to discuss breast enhancement, she presents a customized plan which includes the option of laser treatments to both leverage the downtime and dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. This is where Dr. Hausauer plays an integral role as she will often laser patients face or chest while under anesthesia which is an excellent use of recovery time and allows them to reemerge with a new body and extra glow. In addition to providing the gamut of plastic surgery procedures,including breast surgery,

rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, and facial procedures, Aesthetx offers body contouring, laser resurfacing, and injectable therapies, all of which have noticeable results with very little to no recovery time. “I am committed to offering the latest and most innovative treatments and procedures to our patients combined with an unprecedented level of personalized care,” adds Dr. Zeidler. “I am so excited to continue to grow our practice, in addition to unveiling new developments in technology and treatments over the coming months that our Silicon Valley patients will love.”

Ancala Magazine, 3803 South Bascom Avenue, Suite 100, Campbell. 408.559.7177.

Dr. Kamakshi R. Zeidler, board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Aesthet

What is marketing automation and How To Use Marketing Automation To Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice. Marketing automation is kind of like going on a cruise. You want everything to be fun and joyful without any worries or stresses. Cruises are mapped out to give their guests this kind of pleasure. There is gorgeous scenery, tasty beverages, great entertainment, and a lot of exciting activities. You need to plan your buyer’s journey the exact same way when constructing your marketing automation strategy. Now you may still be worried about how marketing automation works and whether it will be effective to just stand back while it takes care of everything. But what you need to remember is that marketing automation lets you maintain total control. All that is required is for you to understand the demographics of your target patients and the things that keep them motivated. Between the time when a patient first comes to your practice and the time when they return, they go through different stages. You need to recognize all the patterns which a patient endures in these stages. This will help you create automated workflows in the future which will bring potential patients who are aware of our practice to a point where they are actually considering and deciding on using your services. Lets go through these 7 easy steps together and see how we can create a successful automated marketing strategy.

1. Develop A Conversion Path

A conversion path is the process of converting your unknown website visitor into a known lead.


By this point, you know who your perfect patients are. You understand how they move from the stage of simple awareness to the stage of making a decision. Next, you want to develop paths to help your perfect patients get from one stage to the next. If your perfect patients are those mothers who want makeovers, you can attract them by developing 4 different levels of specific content.

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Content Specific to Procedure: How long does it take to do the procedure? What can be expected during the recovery phase? How will this procedure make these mothers’ lives better? How will it $ EURDGFDVW WKDW VXSSRUWV WKH VXUURXQGLQJ FRPPXQLWLHV LQIR#DQFDODPDJD]LQH FRP _ ZZZ DQFDODPDJD]LQH FRP _ 3 _ ) enhance their self-image? DGYHUWLVLQJ _ LQIRUPDWLRQ _ FKDULW\ HYHQWV _ QHWZRUNLQJ

1) Develop A Conversion Path 2) Objectives That Are Measurable $QFDOD 0F'RZHOO 3)0RXQWDLQV 0DJD]LQHV Who Are Your Ideal Patients? 4) Create Content That is Compelling <R X U & R PPXQL W L HV 2QO L QH 0DJD]LQHV 3XEOLFDWLRQV 5) Develop Automated Workflows 6) Analyze Results Carefully 7) $QFDOD 0F'RZHOO Biggest Return Optimization



Content Specific to Practice: Why should patients choose us? List all the credentials of your staff and any awards or other accomplishments they have received. Include a gallery which shows before and after pictures of successful patients. Talk about the values and philosophies which are embraced by the practice you have. Content Specific to Patient: What is the price for the patient? Do they have to pay cash or are there any financing options? If there is financing, what are the specifics of those options? Can mothers who are going through this makeover be able to restore the body they had before their pregnancy? Proof Through Social Media: Post up text testimonials and video testimonials. Share content on social media and add your listing to third-party websites which review healthcare providers. Spread the word on internet consumer publications too.

Just give us a call and we’ll help you get started. 602-875-4383 or



your life, your health, your body, your image, your brand!


Most Affluent


consumers in the Phoenix Metro Online and Mailed monthlyto more than 165 EXCLUSIVE subdivisions

FREE To Consumer Full Color, Glossy High-Impact Advertising No Wasted Circulation Monthly Distribution

Showcasing the BEST Health,Beauty & Image Businesses Media Kit


PUBLICATION SIZE 8 ½ x 11 inch



Cover: 100lb glossy w/UV coating Inside: 60lb glossy text

…your life, your health, your body, your image, your brand!

ANCALA Magazine showcases the best businesses the Western Division has to offer to the distinguished health, beauty and imageconscious consumer, from the cosmetic surgeons and dentists to the spa experience to personal training and organic food - and everything in between. Our mission is to inform our readers about the benefits of self-improvement, fitness, beauty, health, aging gracefully and success, while celebrating theX dedicated who practice the <RX U & RPP Q L W L H VV 2local Q O L Qprofessionals H 0DJD]LQHV 3XEOLFDWLRQV &R aesthetic, cosmetic, health and image services.



On full page and full spread ads ONLY, add 1/8” bleed to all sides. Keep copy and important images 1/4” from edges.


ANCALA Magazine is MAILED DIRECTLY to 25,000+ affluent homeowners in 165 of the most exclusive subdivisions in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa and Queen Creek each month. With an estimated 2.5 readers per magazine, your ad reaches up to 62,500 readers each month! The unique demographics of our readers guarantees discretionary disposable income and provides an unrivaled efficiency and impact of display advertising campaigns. An additional 1,500 copies are distributed and displayed in local complementary businesses, such as spas, dental offices, cosmetic surgery practices, supplement stores, tanning salons, yoga studios, chiropractic offices, beauty salons, etc. The advertising space in ANCALA Magazine is limited to products and services which encompass lifestyle, health and beauty. We limit the number of full-page ads in each category, to ensure that our content maintains a balance and achieves greater impact for our advertising clients. We have also provided our services and information to many magazines that are in health, beauty, fitness and the medical industries. *DISPLAY ADS - Ask Representative About Special Pricing SIZE 12x 6x 3x 1x Full spread 2600 2800 3000 3500 EIGHTH PAGE Full page 1500 1600 1700 2200 3.875” W x 2.5” H 1/2 page 900 950 1000 1200 1/4 page 600 650 700 900 1/8 page 250 275 300 400 PREMIUM FULL PAGE ADS PLACEMENT 12x 6x 3x 1x Inside front 2000 2100 2200 2500 Page 3 2000 2100 2200 2500 Inside back 2000 2100 2200 2500 Back cover 2500 2600 2700 3000 Deadline is first of the month prior to publication (ex: January 1st for Feburary issue).

HALF PG VERT 3.875” W x 10.375” H

Ancala accepts only electronic files. High resolution PDFs are preferred. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop files are accepted. Appropriately formatted TIFF, JPEG or EPS formats are also accepted. All fonts included must be in PC Format or converted to outlines. Resolution must be 300 DPI or greater. Ads created in Word, Publisher, Power Point, or any PC-based word processing program cannot be accepted. Ads will be printed as submitted. Ads which are not print-ready will not be accepted or will incur ad design charges at our normal ad production rate. Contact us if you have questions at


HALF PG HOZ 8” W x 5.125” H

Submit files in CMYK color mode to ensure best possible color accuracy. If colors must be converted to CMYK for output, Perfectify Magazine cannot be responsible for color variance.


Files accepted by CD, Email or FTP. Upload large files by using FULL PAGE 8” W x 10.375” H


Rates are net, per month, for consecutive runs. Payment is required with ad material submission. Payment in full due prior to ad publication each month. 2-PAGE SPREAD W/BLEED 17.25” W x 11.25”H Payment methods accepted: cash, check, credit card. Ask your sales rep about our website advertising or visit magazine link on our website. All ads are half of the price for online magazines only.

ANCALA Magazine ph: 602.875.4383 fx: 480.760.2375 *DISPLAY ADS PRICING IS BASED ON 2010 ETHICAL GUIDELINES PRICING

$QFDOD 0F'RZHOO 0RXQWDLQV 0DJD]LQHV <RX U &R P P X Q L W L H V 2 Q O L Q H 0DJD]LQHV 3XEOLFDWLRQV …your life, your health, your body, your image, your brand!

Demographics & Readership


Readership Profile: • Ancala Magazine reaches approximately 50,000+ readers per issue and growing. <RX U & R P P X Q L W L H VV 2 Q O L Q H 0DJD]LQHV 3XEOLFDWLRQV &R • Beginning in May 2010, Ancala Magazine will be available online. • Starting in summer 2008, Ancala Magazine will be direct mailed and available valley-wide with a projected readership of up to 100,000 per issue. Direct Mail Demographics: Sex: 72% Female 28% Male Age: 44% are 25-40 31% are 41-54 19% are over 55 Household Income: 17% have annual household incomes of $75K-$99K 21% have annual household incomes of $100K-$149K 41% have annual household incomes of greater than $150K Home Value 28% reside in homes valued at $500K-$750K 33% reside in homes valued at $750K-$1 million 19% reside in homes valued over $1 million Education Level 56% have college education 29% attended graduate school

ANCALA Magazine reaches savvy decision-makers monthly through a well-targeted mix of direct mail, high-traffic locations, waiting rooms and local event distribution. This strategic distribution mix ensures your message reaches the maximum number of affluent, educated, influential readers with discretionary dollars to spend on with your business. The Ancala Mission: To promote individual excellence, success, confidence, ambition, positive action, goals, health, aging gracefully and all around betterment of one’s self.



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