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Although accidents can happen at any time or any place, very few people actually expect to be involved in one or lose a loved one due to an accident-related injury.

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Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Handling Complex Injury & Car Accident Matters Why hire our firm? We focus only on personal injury claims. We offer bilingual services. We accept cases on a contingency fee bases. We are available 24/7. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyer has helped countless individuals throughout the state of Arizona. We built our firm on the notion that all of our clients will be treated with the utmost care and confidence and can receive comprehensive client service throughout the duration of their case. Today, our diverse business lines as both a principal and service provider allow us to successfully adapt to trends within the real estate industry.

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Determining the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim Trying to put a fair value on your injuries and damages can be difficult. It’s easy enough to add up medical costs and property damage repairs, but how do you factor in things like emotional distress? This is where the expertise of a Phoenix personal injury attorney can significantly help. We can help you figure out the two types of damages that the insurance companies are looking for: special damages and general damages. Special Damages: these are measurable amounts of money lost as a direct result of your injuries. Medical bills and lost earning potential due to missing work as a result of your injuries are the most common. General Damages: pain and emotional trauma falls under this category and can be much harder to put a monetary value on. Other factors to consider are aches and pains, inability to concentrate, PTSD, anxiety and/or depression, and sleep loss.