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REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 11 NOVEMBER A BOROUGH’S TRIBUTE Her Majesty the Queen’s Pageant Master is leading a nationwide commemoration to mark the centenary of the end of the Great War. The Council has committed to being part of this UK wide tribute and is participating in a number of special acts of commemoration, which includes Remembrance Sunday, 11 November 2018. 6.55pm Battles Over – The Last Post 7.00pm Battles Over – WWI Beacons Of Light The Last Post will be played at many of the World War One Beacon sites across the United Kingdom, including two sites in the Borough, The Motte at Antrim Castle Gardens and Macedon Point, Hazelbank. These beacons of light will be lit at 7pm, joining the thousands being lit across the UK. This commemoration is a symbolic act to mark the end of the darkness that prevailed throughout the four years of the War.

RINGING OUT FOR PEACE As beacons blaze around the UK, churches and cathedrals have been invited to ring out their bells in celebration of the end of the War. Many churches in the Borough that have bells will be joining the thousands across the UK, bringing to a fitting conclusion a day of contemplation, commemoration and ultimately celebration, as peace was restored once again 100 years ago. “March no more my soldier laddie, There is peace where there was once war. Sleep in peace my soldier laddie, Sleep in peace, now the battle’s over.”

RIBBON OF POPPIES The Ribbon of Poppies project aims to encourage everyone to remember the Fallen at Sea, on Land or in the Air during WW1. The project was originally set out to take place in the UK but it has developed into a world wide effort, resulting in a global Act of Remembrance. Every site sown with poppy seeds, will be registered at and a map will also show the carpet of crimson across the world. The act of sowing the poppies and resulting show of colour, will provide a powerful reminder for us all, of those who lost their lives. We are delighted with the uptake across the Borough from both community groups and schools, with the Ribbon of Poppies campaign. In addition to these groups, a number of Council sites have been sown with poppy seeds.


For more information visit or (search for Ribbon of Poppies)



LIGHT UP RED In a further act of symbolic remembrance Ballyclare Town Hall, Mossley Mill and Antrim Civic Centre, will light up red from dusk on Remembrance Sunday.

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Borough Life Christmas 2018