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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Message from Frederic Delloye 04

ETHICS Who does this apply to? 06 How should I use this code of ethics? 07

ANAIK Our values and mission 09

GOVERNANCE Making decisions in the company’s best interests 11

EMPLOYEES Promoting professional development 13

COMMUNITY Developing ethical partnerships based on listening, transparency, and continuous improvement



Committed to preserving our planet’s resources 17

CLIENTS Designing and manufacturing useful, attractive, ethical gifts to support our clients in their ESR transformation


Ethics are at the heart of our mission


Anaïk specializes in emotional marketing. We design and produce boxes, gifts, and accessories connected to digital solutions. Our role is to create a positive and lasting emotional connection between brands and companies and their clients. Anaïk’s purpose is to produce a positive, sustainable impact for people and the planet in the field of sales promotion. Our goal is to become the global leader in ethical and sustainable emotional marketing. Our values are innovation, communication, expertise, and integrity. They direct our choices and our actions on a daily basis. We are committed to act in accordance with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man, the conventions of the International Labor Organization, the applicable regulations in various countries, and in keeping with our participation in the United Nations Global Compact. This code, which is publicly available on Anaïk’s website, has the goal of describing the ethical principles that apply to all employees, shareholders, representatives, and members of the strategic committee of the Anaïk group.

These principles concern our governance, employee management, connections with our community, relationships with our clients, and our environmental footprint. As we work to become a certified B corporation, “not trying to be the best IN the world but the best FOR the world!,” we're committed to take positive action in these 5 impact areas. We ask any employee or other individual who learns of any act that is not in compliance with this code to let us know: Bringing these principles to life, individually and collectively, is the role of everyone at Anaïk, in order to make our company exceptional and outstanding in its field.


who does this apply to?


This code of ethics applies to anyone with direct or indirect interests with Anaïk.


How should I use this code of ethics? Making ethical decisions should be a commitment every day. The code of ethics is a reference tool that allows each of us to act with integrity by asking ourselves about the situations we encounter when doing our jobs. In addition to this code, Anaïk has established a set of policies and procedures.

Any reporting or relaying of information carried out in good faith should be made without fear of any reprisals or discriminatory or disciplinary actions. Reporting will be handled confidentially in order to protect whistleblowers.

If in doubt, ask yourself the following questions: • Does this situation seem to me to violate a law, Anaïk’s ethical code, or Anaïk’s policies and procedures? • Am I in line with the group's values? • Am I comfortable talking about this situation with my friends and family? • Does it seem that this situation may compromise Anaïk’s reputation? In case of any possible or known breach of this code of ethics, it's everyone’s responsibility to notify the company through the channel you deem most appropriate: your manager, human resources, management, the ESR director, etc. An ethics alert tool is also available:


“Reporting will be handled confidentially in order to protect whistleblowers.”


Our values and mission ONE MISSION, FOUR OBJECTIVES

Our values should guide our choices and actions on a daily basis:

INNOVATION - COMMUNICATION - EXPERTISE - INTEGRITY Anaïk’s purpose is to “produce a positive, sustainable impact on people and the planet in the field of promotion.” around 4 main commitments:

#1 #3



#2 #4




Producing a positive, sustainable impact on people and the planet in the field of promotion




Making decisions in the company’s best interest In its articles of incorporation, Anaïk has adopted governance structures that determine the group’s decisions: THE STRATEGIC COMMITTEE: Composed of 5 members: 2 representatives of the family holding company LET IT GIFT, 1 representative of the pool of SRI investors, 1 employee representative (future generation), 1 representative of a partner NGO. It meets on a quarterly basis to define, measure, analyze, and adapt the group’s strategy. The committee itself defines its decision-making methods and draws up the annual road map for the executive committee with economic, human, and ESR criteria related to the shareholder agreement. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Made up of general management and the directors of departments and business units: 5 to 10 members. It is tasked with carrying out the road map drawn up by the Strategic Committee (operational plan and KPIs) while including various stakeholders and adapting to any variables encountered. It meets every month and reports to the Strategic Committee (KPIs). Impactful decisions such as investments, salaries, and restructuring are made by majority vote.

THE MISSION COMMITTEE: Made up of the director for ESR and commitment who selects 2 volunteer employees for a period of 2 years. Members meet at least 3 times a year to evaluate the company’s mission. They report to the strategic committee: indicators and recommendations. Afterwards, the Strategic Committee makes its decisions behind closed doors and adapts the road map of the Executive Committee. THE STEERING COMMITTEES: Are formed following decisions made by the Executive Committee. At its initiative, a small group of 3 to 5 people is tasked with handling implementation and testing it quickly before modeling and extrapolating it. These Steering Committees are made up of 1 or more members of the Executive Committee, who choose other collaborators for their skills in the subject. They report their conclusions to the Executive Committee.


Anaïk commits to: • Faithfully record all its operations in its accounts. • Confidentiality is a priority for the company. This commitment applies equally to information relating to the company, its employees, and third parties. Misuse or disclosure of this information can do serious harm to the Anaïk group, our partners, providers, and clients, making us less competitive, making us liable, or damaging our reputation.

Every employee commits to: • Respect shareholder rights, protect the group’s workforce, and use its resources only in the fulfillment of job duties. • Observe loyalty, confidentiality, and non-compete clauses. • Refrain from divulging confidential information. Every employee questioned as part of the certification of accounts is required to cooperate honestly.

Reference documents: • • • • • •

Anaïk Group articles of incorporation and organization chart Anaïk governance principles Employee co-ownership Ethics code of the Anaïk strategic committee Annual Anaïk company accounts Annual report of the mission committee




Promoting professional development Anaïk commits to: • Prohibit any behavior that would harm a person's dignity • Not tolerate any kind of harassment or discrimination • Promote equal opportunity • Promote diversity and inclusion • Protect employee health, quality of life at work, and safety Anaïk commits to promote the development of employees’ skills to encourage independence, responsibility, and professional development. For this reason, we offer: • An orientation program for every new employee • Regular evaluation interviews • Internal or external trainings and awareness-raising events Anaïk encourages internal mobility and prioritizes hiring from within the company.

Every quarter, employees are asked to respond to a survey so that Anaïk can evaluate their level of engagement and suggest preventive or corrective measures.

Anaïk is committed to protecting personal data and to handling it only within the limits of applicable law.


Every employee commits to: • • • • •

Respect others. Never tolerate or engage in harassment of any kind. Create or contribute to creating a positive work environment. Act in a professional, transparent, respectful, and responsible manner. Do everything possible to prevent accidents, avoid health risks, and promote wellness. • Actively participate in the development of his/her skills and those of colleagues by sharing best practices and experiences.

Reference documents: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hiring process Orientation process School partnership process Welcome booklet Orientation program Internship/student internship evaluation IT charter Right to disconnect charter Preventing workplace harassment charter Annual training plan Quarterly barometer for measuring employee engagement Professional evaluation and annual evaluation interview Annual report of the mission committee




Developing ethical partnerships based on listening, transparency, and continuous improvement Anaïk has signed the United Nations Global Compact and supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We expect out partners to abide by the fundamental principles of the International Labor Organization, especially those regarding child labor, forced labor, working hours, payment, freedom of association, and non-discrimination. Anaïk places relationships with its stakeholders at the heart of its strategy and develops sustainable and lasting partnerships with our suppliers. Production chains must be traceable in order to limit social or environmental risks as much as possible.

Anaïk supports six causes: Ocean, Climate, Equality, Work with Dignity, Water, and Biodiversity, and commits to responsible partnerships with non-profit organizations.


Every employee commits to: • Declare any real or potential conflict of interest • Notify the company immediately of any real or potential case of corruption • Evaluate risks connected to partners and suppliers with all due diligence and thus prevent any risk of negative impact. • Promote and engage our suppliers and subcontractors in our responsible purchasing policy.

Reference documents: • Partnership contracts • Supplier code of conduct • Responsible sourcing and purchasing policy • Code of conduct • Work with dignity policy • Annual report of the mission committee • Commitment to the United Nations Global Compact




Committed to preserving the planet’s resources Anaïk is committed to fighting global warming and limiting its environmental footprint. To do this, Anaïk has developed an ambitious long-term environmental policy to continuously improve our environmental performance at our sites and in our activities and thus reduce our footprint. Our 3 goals are the following: • Fight climate change, • Preserve the planet’s natural resources, • Protect biodiversity. We are committed to explain this strategy to our stakeholders and to involve them in implementing concrete solutions. Our target for 2030 is the following: • 0 carbon • 100% sustainably designed products • 0 individual packaging from fossil fuels

Each employee commits to: • Respect the environmental policy • Encourage more environmentally responsible practices • Promote our commitments and engage our partners, clients, supplies, and subcontractors to adopt responsible policies to protect the environment

Reference documents: • Environmental policy • Annual report of the mission committee



Designing and manufacturing useful, attractive, ethical gifts to support our clients In their ESR transformation Anaïk is committed to delivering quality products that are creative, eco-friendly, and sustainable, respecting client specifications and budget as well as standards and regulations. Anaïk wants to reduce the environmental and social footprint of its products. This ambition makes us even more creative and innovative so that we can design our products and services sustainably, taking into account the entire life cycle. To do this, we make all our stakeholders aware of sustainable development issues.


Every employee commits to: • Engage our partners, suppliers, and subcontractors regarding the importance of quality and client satisfaction • Promote our social and environmental commitments and raise awareness with all our stakeholders • Innovate and propose sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to our clients

Reference documents: • Anaïk Group quality process • Traceability process • Business ethics: intellectual property, confidentiality, unfair competition • Annual report of the mission committee