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Already a Goodreads Author? 

Goodreads Author program is one of the best ways for promoting any kind of book

You will find tips that will bring your book to success

If you're not a Goodreads Author yet, then read on to discover why you should be!

What Is Goodreads? 

You can think of it as online bookshelves.

It's a way for readers to keep records of the books they have read.

It is also where they can rate and review the books on their shelves.

What Is Goodreads? 

It's designed for readers.

Just like many city libraries, it is author friendly

Be very careful not to spam and respect your readers.

Joining Goodreads Sign up as a member  Add some of the books that you have read to your shelves  Rate the books that you have read.  Add some more of your favorite books. 

Joining Goodreads  Pay

tribute to the authors who have inspired you and some of the best authors in your own genre.  Your aim here should be to add books where

readers who like those authors would also like your books.  That way, you can attract readers that will surely enjoy your work

Joining Goodreads ď‚ž Edit

your profile and start promoting your books.

ď‚ž Be

sure to have a unique name or pen name

Joining The Goodreads Author Program  If

your books are in Goodreads:

 go to the page for one of your books  click on your author name  scroll down the author profile and at the

bottom you should see a link saying "Is this you?“  Click on that and you can apply to be registered as that Goodreads author.

As soon as one of your books is added, you can claim the author profile.

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