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Non–Fiction Book Writing In 3 Easy Steps

Want to Make Money Online? Write a book  Go for a non-fiction subject  Publish your book at Amazon Kindle and other ebook readers 

There are three simple steps to how to write a book for publishing on Kindle

Choose Your Subject Look at the bestseller lists on Amazon  Figure out what types of non-fiction books are doing well.  Look for solid sellers that will keep performing  Avoid things like biographies of celebrities which could lead to lawsuits. 

Choose Your Subject 

'How To' books always sell well  

Short Specific Cheap

If this is your first foray in writing a book, it's best to start small  Build a whole series of books where each one is short and cheap. 

Research Check your facts online  Interview a few other enthusiasts in your circle  You can find wealth of information in the internet  Be careful not to plagiarize  Don't copy word for word and copy the same ideas and structure. 

Research Pull your information from many different sources  Always make sure that they are reliable sources.  make notes of the points that you want to include in your book. 

Write 

By the time you finish the research, you should have the skeleton of the book. Put the points into a useful order  Expand them  Join them with sentences that lead from one point to the next 

Add an introduction and a conclusion.  The introduction should expand on the blurb 

Write The conclusion reminds the reader of what they have learned ď‚Ľ It encourages them to take action on at least one of the methods set out in the book. ď‚Ľ

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Non–Fiction Book Writing In 3 Easy Steps  
Non–Fiction Book Writing In 3 Easy Steps  

So you want to know how to write a book? If your aim is to make money publishing for the Amazon Kindle and other ebook readers, and you have...