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Kindle Publishing vs. Publishing on

So, you have wrote an e-book? • Convert it into a digital text Amazon Kindle Book – Sell it on – Sell it on

By Listing your ebook to and • The more places you sell your e-book, the better • You reach a larger market and increase your earnings

But which marketplace gives you the biggest profits? Continue reading on to find out.

Selling on

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Create a free account and login Start a new publishing project Choose the project type Describe the e-book and provide a summary Upload the e-book and cover Set your selling price and review the listing.

Selling on Amazon Kindle Store • Create a free account • Click on the link titled “Self-Publish with Us” • Choose Amazon Kindle. Your ebook must be in digital text format. • To get started, enter your description • Upload and preview your e-book • Set the selling price.

In terms of ease, it is easy to list an e-book for sale on both websites. This way you have your e-book listed for sale right away on two different websites.

In terms of marketing, it isn’t required.

Marketing on • You retain more of your profits • You have the potential to make more money.

Marketing on Amazon Kindle • It is a hit, but not everyone owns one. • You only have a small buying market.

To sum it all up, if you want to sell an e-book, maximize your profits by using different selling methods. These include and the Amazon Kindle Store.

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Kindle Publishing vs. Publishing on