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Promoting Your books outside amazon is a great way to spring your books to success. These simple tips will show you how.

Forum marketing 

Used to increase the

influence in niche groups.

Offer your expertise in niche forums 

Discreet link to your Amazon or CreateSpace 

page in your signature file.

Press Releases 

Create and distribute a press release

Hire a reputable freelancer to write and

distribute your release for you 

Announce your book to interested readers

Blog about it 

On your blog or on different blog

Getting in front of another blogger’s audience can really boost your sales.

Article Marketing 

Publish articles to top directories

Use you author resources box

Use a part of your book as the article itself

Make sure it can stand alone as a

complete article.

Email marketing Offer to write an article in exchange for a link to your Amazon page. ď ś

Single mailing = hundreds of sale ď ś

Use Web 2.0 properties 

Squidoo and HubPages

Write new articles

You can use the articles you’ve posted to directories

Link back to your main webpage

Tweet About It

ď ś

Same goes with facebook and other social media platform you use

If you’re publishing your blog on the Kindle, make sure you include a Kindle chicklet next to your RSS icon to encourage Kindle users to sign up via their preferred device.

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Easy ways to Promote Your Book Outside Amazon