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With the Rainbow Dress we want to encourage debate and awareness about inclusion and equal rights all over the planet. It is composed of all the flags that were carried in the opening Parade of EuroPride 2016 in Amsterdam. Watch video

The flags represent the countries where homosexuality is still legally punishable, including eight countries where homosexual acts can result in the death penalty.

Amsterdam is known as a city of tolerance. With 180 nationalities, Amsterdam is a very diverse city. This diversity is also related to our strong and vivid LGBTQIA+ community. The community belongs to Amsterdam and strengthens its atmosphere of tolerance and creativity.

It was in 2001 that the world’s first same sex marriage was conducted by our former mayor. We are proud of this fact and in 2026 we will celebrate 25 years of marriage equality. Nowadays, tolerance for and freedom in the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide is not widespread. Therefore, Amsterdam has put serious effort into protecting all sexual orientations.

Each summer, the city celebrates Pride, a successful event which contributes to creating a tolerant and LGBTQIA+ friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to promote this meaningful event on a larger scale, and WorldPride 2026 will be the perfect opportunity for this.

Amsterdam will give its full support to make WorldPride 2026 a festive event of great significance.



Freedom is one of the keywords of the 750 year old city of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. For centuries, Amsterdam has been a safe haven for people who have been persecuted for their religion, ideology, or lifestyle. Its liberal values ensure a safe and comfortable place for all people, regardless of their gender, the color of their skin, or their sexual orientation.

In 2001 mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, officially wed three gay and lesbian couples for the first time ever. Amsterdam has one of the oldest gay and lesbian bars in the world, ‘t Mandje (est. 1927) and the Gay Monument (1987). It also hosted the Gay Games in 1998, we were one of the founding cities of the European Pride Organizers Association, and hosted EuroPride in 1994 and 2016. Hosting WorldPride in 2026 will be another great milestone in the city’s history of tolerance for LGBTQIA+. This will be a landmark event which will enable Amsterdam to share its wonderful atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance with other LGBTQIA+ people and their friends from all around the globe.

The year 2026 will be an ideal time for Amsterdam to host WorldPride. We will then celebrate 25 years of Marriage Equality, 30 years of Pride Amsterdam, and the 80th anniversary of COC Netherlands. Founded in Amsterdam in 1946, COC is the oldest operating LGBTQIA+ organization in the world and is one of the few LGBTI organizations that has a special consultative status with the United Nations. In 2026, we will also celebrate 15 years of the ‘Declaration of Amsterdam’ for an LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Workplace and the 10th anniversary of the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC), which was founded under the leadership of the Netherlands.

While Amsterdam has been the gay capital of the world for many decades, it is also a good thing that LGBTQIA+ people in many other cities and countries have obtained the same fundamental rights and privileges over time. Hosting WorldPride in Amsterdam will give the city a chance to create a platform for cities and countries to share their practices on LGBTQIA+ rights and social acceptance, while also giving Amsterdam the chance to learn from others.

Since 2014, Pride Amsterdam is organized by the Pride Amsterdam Foundation (till 2020 known as the Amsterdam Gay Pride foundation)We have created this bid with great pleasure, so please enjoy reading and watching it. Watch our bid video

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Amsterdam is the smallest city that has ever hosted the Summer Olympics. The Dutch National Opera and Ballet and the Royal Concert Hall are considered to be one of the best of their kind. The Art Deco cinema, Pathe Tuschinski, was named the most beautiful cinema in the world by Time Out magazine in 2021.

THE NETHERLANDS AMSTERDAM 2000 2006 2012 2014 2017

Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city and fits perfectly between other global cities. It is the only capital city in the world without a seat of government, and with a sea and airport below sea level. It is one of the most populous capital cities, but everyone still has plenty of space, both literally and figuratively. And all of this is only a three hour train ride from both London and Paris. Want to know why Amsterdam is the perfect place to organize a WorldPride? Watch this video

The Netherlands Government: Constitutional monarchy Population: 17,725,800

Language: Dutch Frisian Limburgish

Ethnicity: Dutch European Turkish Moroccan Indonesian

Religion: 55% Atheist Christian Islamic Others

Area: 41,865km2 (18% water)

Time zone: UTC+1 (summer UTC+2)

Currency: Euro

Capital: Amsterdam Population: 905.000 Area: 220km2 (24% water)

2% Surinam 6% Others
2019 2021 2023 2026


Amsterdam [1300]

The capital of the Netherlands owes its name to its location near a dam, which was built in the 13th century on the river Amstel. The city, which is 2.0 meters below sea level, is also called Mokum, and is home to 905,000 people. It acquired city rights around 1300 and grew into one of the most important trading cities in the world in the 17th century.

The Canal Belt [1625]

The canal belt can be found in the old city center and is located along the four main canals of Amsterdam: Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht. From the northwest, the canals run parallel to each other to the southeast, and end after four gentle bends in the Amstel River. The ring of canals is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Night Watch [1642]

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606 1669) is the most famous Dutch master of the 17th century. The Night Watch from 1642 is his largest and most important work. To prevent its destruction, the painting was hidden in the caves of Maastricht during the Second World War. The people represented in the painting lived and worked in what we now call the Canal Belt.

Royal Palace [1655]

The palace on the dam square was originally built as a town hall between 1648 1655, and only inaugurated as a palace by King Louis Napoleon in 1808. The palace, which rests on a foundation of 13,681 wooden piles, is now a reception palace and also functions as a museum. The palace can be visited every day, unless King Willem Alexander is using it.

End of the Death Penalty [1765]

In the 18th century, gay sex was seen as a serious sin punishable by death. In 1765, the last five men were executed at the gallows in Amsterdam. Nationally, Jillis Bruggeman was the last man to be executed, and was hanged in Schiedam in 1803. With the introduction of French law (1811), the death penalty for sodomy was officially abolished.

Van Gogh's Sunflowers [1889]

Thanks to his 15 beautiful Sunflowers in a half height vase, Vincent van Gogh (1853 1890) is perhaps even more famous than Rembrandt. According to Van Gogh himself, sunflowers symbolize gratitude. He only visited Amsterdam several times, but the museum in Amsterdam dedicated to him is one of the most visited museums in the world.

AJAX [1900]

The most successful soccer club in the Netherlands is Ajax Amsterdam. It has produced several world players such as Johan Cruijff, and like Pride, is woven into our city's DNA. On the city's 25th anniversary, he played soccer in a uniform that read 'Love Unites' and with the number 25. He did this to draw attention to the need for a diverse and inclusive society.

Cafe het Mandje [1927]

This cafe on the Zeedijk is the oldest existing 'gay' cafe. The strong Bet van Beeren founded it in 1927, and was very open about her sexuality. Due to the strict morality laws at the time, she did not allow kissing or other "lewd behavior," but everyone was welcome. As a result, this cafe is regularly visited by sailors, sex workers, gay and straight people.

Anne Frank [1929-1945]

Her diary is the most translated and read book in the world. Anne wrote it while she was in hiding with her family. The family was later betrayed and deported to Auschwitz. Her father, who was the only one to survive the war, decided to publish it. He hoped it would inspire people to act against prejudice and discrimination.

COC Netherlands [1946]

Founded in 1946 as the Shakespeare Club, the COC is the oldest surviving interest group for LGBTI people in the world. It has a special consultative status with the United Nations. By allowing others to sometimes use their right to speak, they also give sister organizations from other countries a voice.

Pink Saturday [1979]

Seven years after the Stonewall Riots, the first major equal rights demonstration, organized by the International Lesbian Alliance against Anita Bryant's anti gay campaign, took place in Amsterdam. Called Pink Saturday, this became an annual event, taking place in a different city each time from 1979 on the last Saturday of June.

Gay Monument [1987]

The first gay Monument in the world is located next to the Westerkerk. It consists of three pink triangles that come together to form a large triangle. It commemorates all those who have been persecuted because of their orientation or gender identity. The pink triangle from the German concentration camps is the Geuzen symbol for people's struggle for acceptance and equal rights.

EuroPride Amsterdam [1994]

The idea to start a EuroPride arose during the ILGA World Conference in 1991. Berlin, London, and Amsterdam took the lead in this endeavor, and are seen as the founding cities of EPOA, the licensor of EuroPride. In 1994, EuroPride took place in Amsterdam, and with more than 100,000 visitors, it was the first major LGBT event in the Netherlands.

Pride Amsterdam [1996]

In order to promote Amsterdam as a center of gay entertainment, gay catering entrepreneurs came up with the idea of attracting tourists to the city in the summer. In 1996, a colorful procession of boats sailed through the city's canals for the first time. Unlike elsewhere in the world, this parade was not intended as a protest, but purely as a celebration of freedom and to celebrate diversity.

Gay Games Amsterdam [1998]

Under the motto of Friendship through Culture and Sports, the 5th Gay Games took place in Amsterdam in 1998, the first time it has ever been hosted outside of America. With 13,000 participants, it became the biggest Games of all time. The opening and closing ceremonies took place at the Amsterdam Arena and were watched live on television by more than 1 million people.


Same-sex Marriage [2001]

The Netherlands was the first country in the world to make civil marriage available to same sex couples. On April 1, 2001, press from all over the world gathered in Amsterdam to get the scoop. Just after midnight, four couples were married by the mayor of Amsterdam. After this, 31 countries have followed the country's lead.

The Rainbow Cities Network [2008]

The International Rainbow Cities network was established in Amsterdam to improve LGBTI policy. Cities are key players in the fight for LGBTI rights and have taken a stand against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity for years, and pursued policies in this regard.

The Declaration of Amsterdam [2011]

By signing the Declaration, companies committed themselves to working towards an inclusive workplace. It has improved the psychological safety, happiness, and performance of all employees, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Companies such as IBM, Philips, Shell, Unilever, and TNT are among the signatories.

EuroPride Amsterdam [2016]

Under the motto 'Join our Freedom', the EuroPride was held in Amsterdam for the second time in 2016. This time the event lasted two weeks and started with a Pink Saturday and a human rights concert on Dam Square. With 516,000 visitors and 2.1 million television viewers, this event exceeded all expectations and was a great success.

Intangible Heritage [2019]

In 2019, Pride Amsterdam was added to the list of Intangible Heritage Netherlands. After the ratification of the UNESCO Convention in 2012, Pride Amsterdam was the 150th addition. With this, we can ensure that Pride will still be celebrated in 100 years, and that it will be passed on from generation to generation.

WorldPride Amsterdam [2026]

A celebration of love, unity, and connection. The whole rainbow family and their supporters from all around the world will come to this bustling metropolis below the North Sea. Safety, accessibility, and affordability are the key concepts for a successful event where history will be written by all participants and spectators.

In 2026 we will celebrate: 10 years of the Equal Rights Coalition 15 years since the Declaration of Amsterdam 25 years of marriage equality 30 years of Pride Amsterdam - 80 years of the COC Netherlands

Let’s makehistory together


Age of Consent

In January 1969, five months before the Stonewall Riots, the first big openly gay demonstration took place in the Netherlands. The demonstration protested against Article 248 bis of the country's Criminal Code, which set the minimum age for homosexual contact at 21, while it was only 16 for straight people. Since 1971, the age of consent has been equal.

Free to Marry

There is no such thing as 'gay marriage’ in the Netherlands. Civil marriage is open to same sex couples, and the Netherlands was the first country in the world to do so. In April 2001, the first couples were married by the mayor of Amsterdam. The country's Prime Minister announced just recently that Crown Princess Amalia is also free to marry whomever she likes.

The Constitution After opening marriage to same couples in 2001, were not a priority Dutch legislator time. It took over and it was only that we finally ban on discrimination based on sexual included in Article country's constitution.

Constitution opening up civil same sex 2001, LGBTI rights priority for the legislator for a long over 20 years only this year finally have a legal discrimination sexual orientation Article 1 of the constitution.

Rainbow Agreement

The current government has promised to implement the COC Rainbow Agreement and will work on the acceptance, safety, and emancipation of LGBTI people. The Agreement includes a ban on Conversion Therapy and legally protects young LGBTI people in schools. There is also the legal recognition of the non binary gender, legal multiple parentship, legal transition leave, and investing in the country's 'pink' police network.

Get Elected

In the Netherlands, anyone can stand for election to an administrative/supervisory body. Amsterdam has known numerous LGBT city councilors and aldermen, and the Netherlands has had LGBT parliamentarians and ministers. We are still waiting for the first non heterosexual Amsterdam mayor or a non hetero prime minister.


LGBT Night Life in Amsterdam Amsterdam has almost 1,000 ‘regular' cafes and bars where everybody is welcome, but is most famous for its LGBT nightlife. Apart from various semi or completely illegal underground parties, nightlife mainly takes place in the center of the city.



In the car free Reguliersdwarsstraat, you will find a row of modern gay and open minded bars. Bar Blend and Blend XL, the Taboo Bar and Kantine, the Exit, Soho (yes, a London themed pub in Amsterdam), Club Nyx and various restaurants with equally diverse cuisine.

Gay Old Town

The fetish happenings take place in the Warmoesstraat, the oldest street in Amsterdam. There you will find the Eagle Bar for tough men, and the Dirty Dicks for men who like it a little dirty. Around the corner, on the Zeedijk, you will find The Queen's Head, which is the bar with bingo.

Spuistraat Area

Close by, in the Spuistraat area, you will also find two fetish bars with darkrooms and everything. On the Nieuwezijdskolk, you will find The Cuckoo's Nest, and around the corner in Sint Jacobsstraat, The Web. In Spuistraat itself you will find Bar Prik, perhaps the only bar where you will find a mix of the whole LGBT community.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

From the same owners as Club Church is the Sauna Nieuwezijds (NZ), the only gay sauna in Amsterdam. Sometimes there is an event or theme, but usually it is just simple cruising with only a towel around your waist. The NZ sauna is located on the Nieuwezijds Armsteeg.

Leidseplein Area

Just a few steps away from the Leidseplein, you will find the golden oldie ‘The Spijkerbar’ at the head of the Kerkstraat. Women are welcome, but they cannot go upstairs. On the next corner, you will find the cruise Club Church, with a different sex theme every day. There are also nights for women and trans people.

Rembrandtplein Area

In the Utrechstestraat, you will find cafe Brug34 with an all day breakfast and lunch, and a little closer to the square, The Lellebel, where drag has been elevated to an art form. In the Halvemaansteeg, you will find the more traditional Dutch bars, Amstel54 and Cafe Montmartre. If you want to go out Caribbean style, then visit Cafe Reality, which is just around the corner of the square in Reguliersdwarsstraat.


Women are welcome in all gay bars but will feel especially welcome at Cafe Saarein, which is in the heart of the Jordaan. They are also be welcome at Bar Buka in the Albert Cuypstraat, where you can also find the city's famous market which is open every day.

De Trut

Amsterdam would not be Amsterdam if there was not a party (or two or more) every week. Every week on Sunday, you are welcome at Amsterdam’s first gay and lesbian disco, De Trut, in the basement of an old building at Bilderdijkstraat 165. Doors open at 22:00.

Male Bodies

For hairy men and their fans, there is Furball in Club Church four times a year, and the somewhat larger Bear Necessity (also during WorldPride) in the beautiful Panama building, which is within walking distance of Central Station. The famous Funhouse and Rapido parties also take place during WorldPride. Same owner, same location (Westergasfabriek) and same concept, pounding house has half naked boys and men gleaming with sweat. Same concept, but perhaps a little milder, are the Backdoor Parties in Melkweg, near Leidseplein.

Milkshake Milkshake is a popular two day festival at the Westerpark, for which you will need to buy tickets months in advance. This festival is the result of what happened years ago when two of the biggest open minded clubs in Amsterdam threw their Love and Tolerance Policy in a blender together with art, culture, entertainment, and creativity.




Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is an efficient, ultra modern gateway to the Netherlands. Over the years, it has grown into Europe’s preferred airport, with 104 airlines operating direct flights to 332 destinations in 97 countries. In 2019, the number of travelers grew to almost 70 million, and 1.6 million tonnes of cargo handled. From Schiphol, you can get to the center of Amsterdam within 15 minutes by taxi and every 8 minutes there is a train going to various Amsterdam stations.


Dutch Railways (NS), carries nearly a million passengers a day. The NS national network covers all corners of the Netherlands. NS International operates daily international routes in collaboration with high speed rail networks, including ICE, Thalys, TGV, CityNightline, and Eurostar. Between them, they serve dozens of destinations on a daily basis, including Brussels (2 hrs), Paris (3 hrs 20 min), Frankfurt (4 hrs) and London (4 hrs 10 min)


The most popular ferry from the UK to Amsterdam sails from Newcastle and is operated by DFDS Seaways. Currently they offer 7 weekly trips at a duration of 16 hours and 45 minutes.



The Amsterdam metropolitan region has a capacity of +/ 200,000 beds. Divided over hotels 128,000, Airbnb 62,000, and camping (10,000). There are male/female only hostels and camping sites. Prices range from €40 per night for a shared bedroom in a hostel to €975 a night for a double room in a 5 star plus hotel.

Eating & Drinking

There are countless breakfast and lunch places and coffee shops. In the trendy Noord district, you can find industrial style restaurants and cafes on the water. In summertime, going on a picnic and relaxing in the sun in one of our beautiful city parks or forests is almost a must do activity. The city has 25 Michelin star restaurants, and in the segment below there are hundreds of restaurants with a very good price/quality ratio. Cuisine from literally all parts of the world is represented. Takeaways and (speedy) deliveries are also heavily used. In short: no matter how expensive or cheap you want to make your trip, Amsterdam always has something to offer.


A super sized Big Mac meal will cost you €10.95, a three course tourist meal in a downtown grill restaurant, €19.50, a beer €3.50 (200ml) and €6,50 (500ml), and a Coca Cola €3.00 (220ml). A typical Dutch meal is eating a croquet (€2.60) out of a wall shop.


Alcohol Policy

The Dutch government is working to combat alcohol abuse in society. At Pride, only soft drinks and virgin cocktails are served to minors.

Smoking Policy

You are not allowed to smoke in enclosed public spaces In the Netherlands. Smoking is allowed outside, except in train stations, non smoking terraces, or when standing in doorways.

Soft Drugs Policy

Marijuana and hash are less damaging than hard drugs, therefor the Netherlands has applied a policy of tolerance, meaning that you will not be prosecuted for possession of small quantities (max. 5 grams).

STI Outpatient Clinic

If you are warned that you may have a sexually transmitted infection (STI), or have symptoms that could indicate one, you are eligible to a free consultation (examination and treatment if necessary) at the STI Outpatient Clinic of the Public Health Service.

HIV and Prep

45 years after the first Aids patients where hospitalized, we are still fighting HIV. For men who have sex with other men, Prep is therefor dispensed by the Outpatient Clinic for free.


Woman are the owners of their own bodies in the Netherlands. Therefor, it is legal to have an abortion up to 22 weeks after getting pregnant.

Medical Assistance

The Amsterdam hospitals all have excellent A&E departments. The city also has 24 hour dental clinics.



Stacey Lentz, LGBT activist and co owner of the legendary Stonewall Inn Cafe in New York, told the world after her visit in 2019: “Pride Amsterdam was incredible and epic, and like nothing l have ever seen! The whole city celebrates being trans, bi. lesbian, gay, with straight people and whatever your identity is... everyone joins in... everyone celebrates and Pride takes over the whole city! The message was also about inclusion and of all the “others” .You can feel why this was the first country to allow same sex marriage and why they are at the forefront of human rights!”

What started in 1996 as a party to attract more LGBT visitors to our city during summertime, has evolved into a nine day festival and has grown into one of the best and largest celebrations of its kind worldwide. The city turns into a rainbow of events with dance parties, film festivals, sporting events, debates, culture, a Pride Walk followed by Rainbow Park, and in the closing weekend, the roof is literally and figuratively blown off with outdoor stages at several locations.

The annual highlight is of course the world famous and unique Canal Parade, consisting of a colorful procession of 80 boats and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic and colorfully dressed visitors. Nowhere in the world is Pride celebrated on such a scale on the water as it is in Amsterdam.

Watch after movie 2019



We are a non profit foundation that strives for emancipation, social, and legal equality, and acceptance of the LGBTQI+ community. To achieve this visibility of diversity is necessary. Because what you see cannot be ignored.

We are the spider in the web of organizations that work together to organize the festival. To ensure that the cooperation runs smoothly, we work with a committee structure; Arts & Culture, Pride & Sports, Women & Pride, Youth Pride, Senior Pride, Trans Pride, Religion Pride, Fetish Pride, and B+ Pride. The committees offer events tailored to their target group and ensure greater visibility.

We have a governance model in which the board, in consultation with the director, determines the strategic course of the organization and supervises the implementation of events, and has delegated the day to day business to an Executive Director. For its supervisory task, the board maintains regular contact with the Director and appoints an accountant for the Foundation.

The Director leads the organization, ensures the recruitment of sponsors, grants, and other such income, ensures the expenditure and management of the available resources, and the adequate functioning of the organization.

The organization consists of four employees and is supported by freelancers and specialized external parties.




Seven years after the Stonewall Riots, the first major equal rights demonstration, organized by the International Lesbian Alliance, took place in the Netherlands. Since 1979, this has become an annual event called Pink Saturday, and takes place in a different city each year. Unlike Pink Saturday, Amsterdam Pride, as the event was called from 1996 to 2006, did not originate as a demonstration or protest march.

Pride Amsterdam was a party, organized by gay catering entrepreneurs united by Gay Business Amsterdam (GBA), to promote Amsterdam as a gay nightlife city and to celebrate the freedom and diversity of the city (which is still woven into the DNA of the festival). “It was a gift from the gay entrepreneurs to the city,” says GBA spokesperson Siep de Haan

Many years later, the theme of emancipation has been added to Pride and the festival has grown from a one day event into an internationally renowned LGBT festival which expresses the diversity of the LGBT community through sports, arts and culture, pink church services, manifestations in various Amsterdam city districts and Lesbian, Senior, and Trans Pride events. Because of this development, Pride received the Bob Angelo Medal from the COC in 2014.

Since the drama of the Love Parade in Duisburg (2010), safety and crowd management costs have more than quadrupled, while the number of shoulders to carry those burdens has more than halved. As a result, it is no longer possible to rest all costs solely on LGBT entrepreneurs and expect Pride to still be a gift from them to the city.

At the same time, we are in a phase in which gay activism no longer has to focus on politics, but mainly on employers, churches, and sports associations.

This often happens from the inside, and the result of this can be seen when sailing in the Canal Parade that has been hosted in recent years. The proud pink employee associations of multinationals. We are not only grateful to them because they still make Pride financially possible, but also because they contribute to the "social norm" that it is normal to disapprove of discrimination against LGBT people.


Pride Amsterdam was organized from 1996 to 2005 by Gay Business Amsterdam, from 2006 to 2013 by ProGay, and since 2014 by Pride Amsterdam Foundation, known as Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation till 2020).

Our director was executive producer of the Pride from 2011 2013 under the auspices of the ProGay Foundation.

No one has a crystal ball and can predict the future, but we hope that our WorldPride Team will be the same as our bidding team. We are well attuned to each other and know what to expect and and that we can rely on each other in times of trouble and stress.

On the next page we will introduce you to the key personnel of our bidding and World Pride organizing team.


Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 12 1017 RC Amsterdam The Netherlands

Telephone: +31621806933

E mail:


VAT: NL853293995B01




Frans van der Avert (he/him)

Chairman and portfolio: Arts & Culture | Director of Soestdijk Palace in daily life

Joyce Priem (she/her)

Treasurer and portfolio: women | Senior Financial Controller at VSU in daily life

Glenn Helberg (he/him)

Portfolio: Elderly, Young, Kingdom Relations and QBPOC | Psychiatrist

Huib Wurfbain (he/him)

Portfolio: legal and entrepreneur | Endeavor Coach at THNK in daily life

Geneviève Lieuw (she/her)

Confidential Advisor and Portfolio: Human Rights and QBPOC | Member of the Institute for Human Rights in daily life

Dinah Bons (trans: she/her)

Portfolio: Trans, Non binary, Sex Work, AIDS and QBPOC | Development manager at Female Economy in daily life

Souad Boumedien (she/her) Portfolio: Security and QBPOC | Internal network coordinator for Amsterdam Police in daily life


Lucien Spee de Castillo Ruiz (he/him) Executive director

Anita Beek (she/her) Office & event manager of an open air cinema

Marc Bartels (he/him) Senior event manager Canal Parade & Business Club

BeyonG Veldkamp (trans: she/her) Event & social media manager

Lars Brunnhoff (he/him) Project manager of Canal Parade

Peter van Vught (he/him) Event manager of Pride Park and closing party

Patrick Vleeshouwers (he/him) head of security and crowd management

Alex Hoeve (he/him) Canal Parade operations manager

Duco Snijders (he/him) Canal Parade waterway manager

Pieter Teepe (he/him) logistics and construction manager

Martijn Albers (he/him) Press and communications manager

Monique Adelheid-Toorop (she/her) bookkeeping


Cornald Maas (he/him) Canal Parade | Television presenter in daily life

Constance Steenkamp-Faaij (she/her)Women & Pride | sustainability manager

Daan Smeelen (she/her) Pride Walk | Coordinator of internal training for elderly care

Marco Altena (he/him) Youth Pride | Strategic advisor at Dutch Railway

Martijn van Schieveen (he/him) Arts & Culture | Head of Communications

Jan Pieter de Lugt (he/him) Pride & Sports | Director at TransOil Group

Paul Rijpstra (he/him) Senior Pride | Head of Business Development Ama Partners

Wouter Neerings (he/him) Corporates & Pride | Management consultant at UWV

Brand Berghouwer (trans: he/him) Trans Pride | trans sensitive coaching

Karin Bleie (she/him) Fetish Pride | Business Consultant in daily life

Axe Leito (he/him) Leather Pride | tax consultant in daily life

Wielie Elhorst (he/him) Religious Pride | LGBT preacher in daily life

Ronald Mol (he/they) Bi+ Pride | chief railway conductor in daily life


Commercial income Subsidy & Grants Festival Marketing & City Dresing Administration

Registration fees Canal Parade Events Fund Amsterdam collect permit applications Pride TV / FM

F&B Canal Parade Diversity & Citizenship write umbrella permit application Website

Reserved berths District Amsterdam East permit application process Social media

Sales Pride Vignetten District Amsterdam West mobility and crowd management Pride committee videos

Charging costs for street parties District Amsterdam South Firstaid Ambassadors videos

Sales of Pride Parter Packages Donations

Cleaning the city Ambassadors Photoshoot

Rainbow Market balloting boat registrations Pride booklet


Kick-off event Program flyers

Sponsoring in product Canal Parade Commercials and Advertisements

Pride Business Club contribution Donor Grandstand Outdoor and Indoor Posters

disablitydeck Information towers

Pride Park Banners

Rainbow Markt Flags

Open Air Cinema Crew T-shirts

Volunteers (event) Goodies

Pride Business Club Events After-movies

Closing Party Billboard boats Bridge banners

Board Executive Director




Administration Suppliers Press & Communication Pride Committees

contracts negotiations Residents letters Women & Pride

Billing purchases

Press releases Trans Pride bookkeeping

Pride storyline Pride of Colour

annual reports Press requests Youth Pride financial reports

Press boats Senior Pride Dutch Press Association Pride Walk

Media partners Fetish Pride Religion Pride Pride & Sport

Art & Culture Pride Street Parties Corporate Pride

Pride Amsterdam Management

Private companies/ Pride Amsterdam Volunteers and Participants



Police Civil Supervision Nautical Supervision Fire Department

Head of Security

Mobility and Crowd Management Public order & safety Police Head of Security

Officers of safety departments involved in the preparation

Working Group Water Working Licenses Supervision & Monitoring

Security company, First Aid company, Traffic company & Party Committee

Nautical supervision City Locks and Bridges Port of Amsterdam Water police Fire department Sub Project Group

Event managers Exective Head of

Participants of the Canal Parade Party Committee Residents

* The mayor oversees licensing and is chairman of the safety triangle. The Alderman for Diversity is involved in the substantive programme. The alderman for Economic Affairs is involved in the granting of subsidies and city marketing. The alderman for Public Space and Greenery is involved in cleaning up the city.

Authorities Pride Amsterdam Management Private companies/ Pride Head of Security Exective Licensing Centre/ East/ Police, Fire, Nautical departments. National transport Event department, sub chair working group Mayor & Chiefs of Police, Health, Fire & Public prosecution Mayor &


As part of the permit process, we must draw and submit a detailed safety plan In this plan, various safety scenarios are discussed in detail From rescuing drowning people to evacuation of streets and squares due to severe weather or fire From the care of visitors with minor injuries to the care of victims after a terrorist attack

Our organization is primarily responsible for closing off the city and the safety of our participants and visitors and deploy hundreds of first aid and security staff and an equally large number of traffic controllers for this From our control center in the middle of the city, we have radio contact with our people and oversee the situation in the various places in the city centre The government also deploys hundreds of extra personnel during the Pride and in the event of a serious accident, disaster or terrorist attack, they take over command and from that moment our people work for them

In the run up to the event, we all come together once for a scenario training together with the police, fire department and the GHOR The GHOR is a government organization responsible for medical assistance in the event of major accidents, disasters, and crises. In addition to the fire department, police, and municipality, the GHOR is one of the four disaster relief chains.

Amsterdam Volunteers and Participants Director & Security Press manager Exective Director & event managers Event managers Communication managers of City Hall, Police, Fire, Health, Nautical departments. National & local transport companies City officials of the diversity and citizenship department City cleaning & area management Working Group Communication Working Group Diversity Working Group Sustainablity Group Pride Exective Director authorities East/ West Fire, Health, departments. National & local companies Committee & Residents Party Committee, Content Group & Residents Content Group department, chair & group chairs Party Committee & F&B Canal Parade Pride committees Aldermen* Working Group & Permits


2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 Income

Canal Parade € € € 432,302 € 312,158 € 215,562

Street parties € € € 149,900 € 149,730 € 141,567

Marketing and communications € 63,212 € 250 € 150,250 € 143,625 € 52,080

Sponsoring and donations € 50 € 76,939 € 644,417 € 606,542 € 574,584

Grants € 482,750 € 326,381 € 305,375 € 288,200 € 279,600

Other income € 202,693 € 99,174 € 121,051 € 73,662 € 6,620

Discounts on invoices € 7,875 € 7,727 € (9,552) € (22,365) € (4,400)

Earlier fiscal years € (9,982) € 11,840 € 21,698 € (4,598) € Bad debts € € € € € 2,484

Total Income € 746,598 € 522,311 € 1,815,442 € 1,546,954 € 1,268,097


Canal Parade € 11,466 € 35,891 € 515,782 € 338,714 € 315,032

Street parties € 19,041 € 11,289 € 309,624 € 292,544 € 308,883

Other Pride events € 131,162 € 140,378 € 478,356 € 272,595 € 243,647

Corona edition € 368,342 € 217,420 € € €

Marketing and communications € 86,272 € 86,133 € 427,489 € 457,386 € 348,112

Sponsor recruitment € 17,338 € 25,075 € 17,139 € 23,980 € 26,262

Management and administration € 65,718 € 74,141 € 60,952 € 67,002 € 53,661

Total Expenses € 699,339 € 590,328 € 1,809,341 € 1,452,221 € 1,295,597

Results € 47,260 € (68,017) € 6,100 € 94,732 € (27,500)

Profit Appropriation

Continuity reserve € 4,463 € (20,262) € 5,000 € 50,000 € General reserve € 40,000 € (44,458) € 1,100 € 42,232 € (27,500)

ICT reserve € 2,797 € (3,297) € € 2,500 €

Total € 47,260 € (68,017) € 6,100 € 94,732 € (27,500)


The Pride Amsterdam foundation is a financially stable organization that works according to the principle that if there is no money, you cannot spend it Our financial years runs from October 1st to September 30th Due to COVID 19 The Netherlands went into lockdown in March 2020, halfway our financial year We did not receive any income from street parties or canal parade, but we did already have expenses. In order to be able to organize an adapted pride program, the board gave permission to use equity capital That is why our deficit in 2020 exceeds the allowed 10%



Current Assets Equity Capital € 243,701

Debtors € 167

Grants still to be received € 99,461

Deposits € 5,250

VAT to be received € 28,680

Continuity reserve € 199,201

General reserve € 40,000

ICT reserve € 4,500

Prepaid Items € 39,274 Current Liabilities

Liquid assets € 930,489

Total Current Assets € 1,103,320

Total Assets € 1,103,320

Creditors € 46,753

Costs still to be paid € 63,740

Tax still to be paid € 6,644

Pre invoiced turnover € 742,482

Total Current Liabilities € 859,619

Total Liabilities € 1,103,320



A WorldPride in Amsterdam could be an important milestone, a point on the horizon for us to work towards together. Equal and acquired rights are under pressure in many places and we as an LGBTI community must make our voices heard in a visible and combative way.

Our same sex civil marriage has brought about a wave, and since then, same sex marriage has been established by law in 29 other countries, including most of the Americas and Western Europe. Yet its spread has been uneven. South Africa is the only country in Africa, and Taiwan the only country in Asia. In 2026 we want to celebrate the silver anniversary of same sex marriage and once again inspire the world to embrace equal rights.


If we want to live in a truly just society, we all need to support each other in the fight for equality. Amsterdam is in the middle of a process to make Pride an intersectional inclusive Pride. Everyone must deal with differences based on skin color, age, beliefs, and class, but the coherence of these differences creates structural advantages or disadvantages.

The emancipation in the Netherlands is highly advanced, but unfortunately not for everyone. Generally, white cisgender gay man come closest to the norm (the white heterosexual cisgender man with no physical or mental disabilities and with an average income) and after years of struggle, they now have relatively easy lives. This is in stark contrast to the situation of transgender people and LGBs with a non Western origin and/or strong religious background.

Pride's role is to make these groups more visible, facilitate their empowerment, and encourage emancipation among groups that have been left behind.

The City of Amsterdam also takes the fate of these groups very seriously and is trying to stimulate progress by revising government policy. However, because change must primarily come from within, it is important to let these groups speak for themselves and help them on their path.


Pride Amsterdam is a relatively young Pride. We started in 1996 and in 2026 we will have our 30th anniversary. To celebrate that with a WorldPride would be the greatest gift. And everybody will be invited to the party! We will have a large out door exhibition with photos of the most beautiful and impactful moments of the past 30 years.


Founded in 1946 as the Shakespeare Club, the COC is the oldest surviving interest group for LGBTI people in the world. It has a special consultative status with the United Nations. In 2026, they celebrate their 80th anniversary and will do so with a special revival of the Shakespeare Club.


If Amsterdam hosts WorldPride in 2026, the 20th anniversary of Workplace Pride, it will provide a unique opportunity to highlight what has been achieved, but also what still needs to be done for LGBTIQ+ communities in terms of the workplace and socio economic development. They want to celebrate their anniversary with a symposium on the topic and are fully confident that it will be a once in a lifetime event.


WorldPride must be a fully inclusive celebration where new connections are made and partnerships are forged. After WorldPride, the activists should return home full of energy and feel part of a new wave of LGBTQIA+ empowerment activism. In this wave, space has been created by the older generation for the activism of generation queer, who in turn has gained respect for the generations to whose struggles we owe the liberties we already enjoy.


In Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights we aim to get ‘sexual orientation’ added to the list of distinctions. ‘Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political belief, or other ideology, national or social origin, property, birth, or other status.’

The chance that this will succeed within the coming four year is not too great. Therefore, we will simultaneously work together with the equal rights coalition and draw up a universal declaration of equal rights for all colors of our rainbow community, and have it signed by as many governments as possible.


The topic of sexual violence against men is under reported and widely misunderstood, meaning representation is lacking, and access to victim support and justice is low. Marginalized communities face increased rates of sexual violence.

Stigma is a major impediment to better representation. By allowing greater visibility of sexual violence against men, we can work to reduce social barriers. We believe that to tackle sexual violence, we must involve male, trans, and non binary experiences in the topic of consent, and fight for the recognition of abuse against them.


Pride Amsterdam was added to the Intangible Heritage List of the Netherlands in 2019 as an essential part of Dutch culture. A heritage can only be added to the list if the community is actively committed to the future of its heritage. It is an official recognition and signal that Pride will be passed on from generation to generation, and that possible bottlenecks will be willingly resolved during the transfer to subsequent generations.

If we are granted the WorldPride License, we will request our government to nominate our pride for the international UNESCO list. That can be done once a year before 31st March, and then it will take about two years to receive an answer if the heritage will be added or not. Once we are on the list, it will be easier for other Prides to join and get onto the list too. How beautiful would it be and what symbolic power would emanate from it.

Some are afraid that once Pride is on the list nothing will change or be added to the heritage, and that it will block any evolution. But in fact, the opposite is true. UNESCO encourages heritage to continue to develop and to keep up with the times. That is the only way in which heritage can continue to exist and survive.


Watch logo animation

Unity stands for the bond that you form as a couple through marriage. But it also stands for the bond that we should form within the community. A bond which says you will always be there for each other, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, and that we are only happy and free when both of us are.

The logo symbolizes the desired unity of the LGBTI community and of colorful Amsterdam. The entire rainbow spectrum is represented, and the wedding ring takes center stage. Made of course in silver, the color of the 25th anniversary of the opening of civil marriage to same sex couples.




Sunday July

Monday July &

Tuesday July

Wednesday July &


July 25th
27th ARTS
29th ARTS


If the WorldPride takes place in Amsterdam in 2026, it will last two weeks instead of one, unlike a normal Pride Amsterdam. A second week has been added for WorldPride to create more space and to offer access to more visitors. We start with the programming of a regular Pride and have the Canal Parade and street parties in the middle weekend. Especially for the reception of our InterPride family, there is a Pride Village in the second week along with a conference and Parade on the last Saturday.




Monday August 3rd

Tuesday August 4th

Wednesday August 5th

Thursday August 6





PRIDE VILLAGE(10:00 23:00)



PRIDE VILLAGE(10:00 23:00)




PRIDE VILLAGE(10:00 23:00)

Friday August 7

Saturday August 8



PRIDE VILLAGE(10:00 23:00)



The art and culture program of Pride Amsterdam always has a crowded agenda. Many museums, theaters, art houses, galleries, and other spots participate. Along with their own events and activities, they also often make their spaces available to artists who are looking for a location to showcase their

Not only the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Museum, Eye Museum, Film , DelaMar Theater, and the International Theater Amsterdam. Foam are also programming something during Pride, and our Zoo (Artis) will participate and provide tours of homosexual animals in their park.

To coordinate the program and educate visitors about the importance of participating in Pride while raising their enthusiasm for queer art, we have an arts and culture committee that meets up on a regular basis, which consists of people working in the creative

Arts & Culture 2019

In 2016 we organized a three day international choir festival with 14 choirs from 5 countries, with a total of 500 singers. In 2026, we want to organize something similar but then with more choirs from all over the


performances, with choirs, dancers,

around the entire festival site, as the fields have lots of organized events you can participate in sports clinics Along the way, you will pass 40 pink stalls at the Rainbow Market where themselves. On the Youth Pride field, there are workshops, a silent disco,


JULY 25/26

The Milkshake Festival is a multi genre music festival in Amsterdam and has become one of the capital's favorite festivals. It’s a party where respect, freedom, love, tolerance, importance, and where there is no tolerance for pigeonholing. The Milkshake Festival celebrates the committed to building more courtesy and love for each other. Expect sparkling sets, great spectacles, and a large variety of performances and

Tickets for this festival are sold out



JULY 25/26/27

From Amsterdam Central Station, you will be within 30 minutes of the beach of Zandvoort aan Zee, Beach for Amsterdam. Since 2017, we have been working there with great enthusiasm on a pride program.

We open the three day beach party with a beach walk from the train station to the village square, where performances take place all day long. We close our program on the beach with a spectacular fireworks show on Tuesday evening.

After movie 2018



JULY 26/27/28

During WorldPride, we organize a day community film festival in collaboration with the ‘Roze ’, the International Queer Migrant Film Festival, Cinemasia, Nuwas Festival.

Films with queer themes from all over the world will be shown both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor screenings are always free of charge, but indoor screenings might require a small financial

We will host a Q&A after the films and make both the program and talks available online.


Traditionally, we walk on the Wednesday before the Canal Parade with the Trans Pride Walk from Oostpoort to Javaplein, where a full day program is provided in collaboration with the All Colors East foundation. One of the two stages is exclusively for trans artists.

In addition to this outdoor event, there are also many indoor events during the Pride such as workshops, film screenings, panel talks, swimming and sauna visits exclusively for trans people, and also self defense lessons.



The Trans Walk ends on Javaplein in Amsterdam East, after which the party starts. Pride East is diversity at its greatest. This is where all the members of our community and their different cultures come together.

Women with headscarves dance with trans people and drag queens of color. Bicultural young people come together on the stages where up and coming artists and rappers from the streets alternate. The festival site has two stages, a market with information stands, and stalls with food from all corners of the globe.



We honor the pioneers and seniors on whose shoulders we stand as a movement. The longing for nostalgia in a new guise, the connection between 'higher' and 'lower' culture, culture has influenced the general cultural experience for decades come together in this program. With respect for Dutch songs, our LGBT culture, and the pursuit of a total theater experience, the concert has grown into the largest reunion for pink seniors during Pride, without sacrificing intimacy.

After movie 2018

JULY 25 & 31

The program starts in Pride Park where fields are set up by LGBTI+ sports associations. Here, people can play some football, volleyball, rugby, or tennis. There is also a cool trail you can run along and workshops for Krav Maga, where you can learn to defend yourself better. Pride Park events are free of charge.

After movie 2017

On Friday, July 31st, you can join the Love Swim in the river Amstel (5001500 meters), the Pride Run (5/10/15km), or the Fun Triathlon. You can also play some tennis at Smashing Pink’s Pride Toss. A financial contribution applies for these events.

STREET PARTIES JULY 31 - AUG 1 In 25 years, our Pride has grown into a large Pride celebration. The whole city turns into a rainbow of events, and during the second weekend the roof will literally and figuratively blow off in the city center, with street parties everywhere organized by our LGBT bars. There are outdoor stages in the following locations: Westermarkt Homomonument, see video Spuistraat Bar Prik, see video Dam Square Mainstage, see video Beursplein Fetish, see video Zeedijk Gay oldtown, see video Stoperaplein Women Rembrandtplein Popular, see video Reguliersdwarsstraat 1 Modern, see video Reguliersdwarsstraat 2 Caribbean, see video Utrechtsestraat Drag, see video Amstelveld Mix match, see video Elandsstraat Saarein (Women)

Our Canal Parade has been on the list of the '100 Best festivals in the World' for several years, which is of course a great compliment, but also a great attraction for visitors who do not belong here. In 2018, this even led to an untenable situation, with far too many boats in the canal and people celebrating their own parties.

To limit this nuisance, amplified music has therefore been banned since 2019 and the water has become an event only area that can only be entered with a Pride Vignet (permit). The entire route is divided into sections and private individuals can buy a vignet for a boat up to a maximum of 12 meters. There is a mooring ban from Wednesday so that the city government can deliver the route in a clean condition to us on Friday evening. We then close the entire route and only on the next morning can you enter via the designated passageways and time slots. After the Canal Parade, everyone must leave immediately, and we close the canal again until Sunday morning 08:00, when we return the canal to the city government.

Because the Canal Parade is so popular, prices are skyrocketing. Associations and foundations that are not financially strong enough to absorb these price increases can therefore appeal to our Canal Parade Fund. This fund, which is sustained with commercial income, gives donations of up to €5,000.

The World Taking Part!

For WorldPride we will support one boat for each continent.

After movie 2018

After movie
RAI AMSTERDAM WORLDPRIDE CONFERENCE AUG 4/5/6/7 State-of-the-art architecture designed to welcome exhibitions, congresses, and other events, from XS to XXL The RAI complex is designed to be as multifunctional as possible to accommodate all types of events, whether you occupy the entire complex or only part of it. Flexibility is always a key concern, especially in today’s market. There is currently a growing need for locations that offer conference capacity, along with exhibitions and/or meeting rooms at the same time. • 116,200 sqm Hire able space • 12 Multi functional halls • 1 Ballroom • 3 Interlinked conference centers • 70 Conference & meeting rooms • 2 Auditoriums • 5 Restaurants • Nhow Amsterdam RAI, on site hotel.


Pride Village is the meeting place for everyone during the second week of WorldPride, where LGBTI+ organizations and culture are centralized, and is located in the heart of a historic art hot spot, the Museumplein.

This great covered flat area of grass is Amsterdam’s largest square, and links the broad avenues, luxury shops, and majestic buildings of a residential zone to extremely important centers of culture and the enviable calm of the Vondelpark

On the site, you will find stands of LGBTI+ organizations, companies, and other groups, two small stages, a large main stage, and a varied selection of food trucks and bars. It is a place where all our visitors can enjoy themselves!

There will also be a wedding chapel where people can have a small ceremony and give each other their vows.

In the middle of the village there will be a lake where you can dip your feet, which is very nice with the warm weather in August.

The Pride Village is a four day event which opens at midday and closes at midnight.


In addition to showing that we are a beautiful, diverse, and multicolored community, it is also a protest to show the world that we do not tolerate others telling us how to live.

We also walk for those who cannot join us, and to illustrate that, we carry the flags of the countries where homosexuality is included in the criminal code. For this matter, we follow the ILGA list and also maintain contact with 76Crimes, an organization that monitors anti gay legislation globally.

Normally, our Pride Walk is during the opening weekend, and on that Saturday, we walk with approximately 15,000 people from Dam Square to Vondelpark, where Pride Park takes place afterwards.

Due to the WorldPride and the participating international groups, the parade will be a lot bigger and will take place during the closing weekend.

In 2026, the route will run from Martin Luther King Park to the Pride Village on Museumplein and will be 3.5km (2.2 miles) long.

Pride March 2022 BBC



To give everybody the opportunity to attend the opening ceremony, it will take place in the second week on the opening day of the WorldPride village. Activists from all countries where homosexuality is still legally punishable, will carry the carry flag of their country into the village and place them in standards next to the stage. After some ceremonial speeches, our Human Rights Concert (part 1) will start. In this concert we look back at what we have achieved in the past 80 years (COC Netherlands



The Pride March will end in the WorldPride Village where in the afternoon we will have the closing ceremony. Activists from all countries where homosexuality is still legally punishable, will carry the carry flag of their country into the village and place them in standards next to the stage. After some ceremonial speeches, our Human Rights Concert (part 2) will start. In this concert we look to the future and what we still need to achieve in coming 80 years.

Video with English subtitles: Watch video The original version: Watch video


When Amsterdam is awarded the WorldPride 2026 license, our business plan will take effect immediately.


To get an honest view of our organization and the environment we are operating in, we have added our swot analysis. Some of our weaknesses make us more creative and keep us grounded so we can collaborate with others. It also gives us the opportunity to get everybody working together toward a common goal and allows us to create more solidarity in the community. We can’t do anything about the threats, we can only deal with them, but we have proven to be flexible enough to create something despite whatever happens. We have been confronted with terrorist threats every year since 2016 and are pleased to say that our National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security has always been able to intervene in advance.


1.Stable and financially sound organization

2.The city has a warm heart for Pride and values it with the utmost respect

3.Experience with large LGBT events (Gay Games/EuroPride) is easy to reach by plane and train speaks English during the summer holiday activities are free of charge events are free of charge


1.Collaboration with neighboring cities

2.Getting the Netherlands back to the forefront (ILGA list)

3.Creating more solidarity in our community Pride onto the UNESCO intangible heritage list


1.Small city organization is the owner of the Pride do not organize everything ourselves


1.New tender by city government COVID outbreak in Ukraine attack




1. More inclusive Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2. #MeToo LGBT on the international agenda.

3. Pride on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

4. More connection and respect between LGBT generations.

5. The Netherlands back at the forefront on the ILGA list.


1. Is ‘sexual orientation’ added to the list of distinctions yes, or no?

2. Did we encourage more people to step forward and tell their story?

3. Is Pride on the list or not?

4. Did the ‘meeting generation’ sessions change your mind? (Inquiry)

5. We know when the 2027 list is published.


1. Everybody in our community agrees it should be more inclusive.

2. More and more victims are stepping forward and need our help.

3. A listing can open eyes and bring hope to those who are not living in freedom.

4. To get the movement going, respect going both ways is necessary.

5. All LGBT organizations agree, and we have a majority of parliament on our side.


1. In the short term this is not realistic, but you need to start somewhere. For the moment, we will arrange a ‘declaration of equal rights’ which should be signed by as many governments as possible by the end of the WorldPride in 2026.

2. This is definitely realistic and necessary, as our community faces increasing sexual violence.

3. There is a 50/50 chance, hopefully our government will nominate our Pride, even if it is just to show the world that Pride is something to protect.

4. Yes, we have seen the results on a national level already.

5. We have work to do and a WorldPride could bring motivation to hurry up the process.


1. This won’t happen within 3 years, but for the declaration this is enough time.

2. There is enough time to prepare the conference and change people's mindsets.

3. Our government should nominate us 2 years before WorldPride 2026.

4. There is enough time to prepare the conference and change people's mindsets.

5. We have 4 years to get back in front, which should be enough.



3. the


If you describe something as kaleidoscopic, mean a united visual image consisting of many diverse parts.

The signi cance of the kaleidoscope is as much philosophical and symbolic as it is beautiful

When you look into a kaleidoscope, you see something beautiful. But after you shake it up, destroying what is there, and hold it up to the light again, you see something new and di erent, but equally beautiful.

Life is much the same as the kaleidoscope.

After being shaken, it will always reveal something new and beautiful, but only if we take the time to hold it up to the light and look inside

WorldPride Amsterdam 2026 © D8 2021 Logo concepts Option A *Poster sketch designs Visual concept Kaleidoscope. WorldPride Amsterdam 2026 © D8 2021
. WorldPride Amsterdam 2026 © D8 2021 Symbolism
The iconic LGBTI rainbow ag (6 colours)
shape representing the globe
Reference to the three St Andrews crosses of the City of Amsterdam 4.Silver for
25 years anniversary same-sex marriage
Interlocked gender symbols for samesex marriage


Key points that will be emphasized in our communication and marketing efforts

No one is free until we are all free

More inclusive declaration of Human Rights (Zero Flags Project Rainbow Dress) The fight goes on for marginalized groups 80 years of COC The Netherlands (Worldwide the oldest LGBT NGO)



More unity in our community 25 years of same sex marriage (get married in Amsterdam during WP2026) -

Practical information Dates Locations Program Etc.Our Pride = Free Radio

Formats of Marketing we will use Blogs columns video stories theme songs infographics podcasts posters Brochures flyers advertisements press releases sponsoring social media Instagram Facebook Twitter Tik Tok YouTube
& TV Events


• EuroPride Belgrade (Participation & Marketing)

• EPOA AGM Torino (Participation & Marketing)

• World Conference Guadalajara (Participation & Marketing)

• Press release ‘Amsterdam hosting WorldPride in 2026’

• Setting Up the WorldPride 2026 Amsterdam Foundation


• Organizing a meeting with all LGBTQIA+ organizations

• Creating a taskforce

• Setting up project groups

• Developing/ writing project plans

• Recruitment and hiring staff

• Recruitment of executive volunteers

• Official application for national and local funds

• WorldPride Sydney (Participation & Marketing)

• Recruitment of corporate sponsors

• Initiate campaign for a more inclusive UDHR with equal rights coalition

• EuroPride Conference (Participation & Marketing)

• WorldPride Conference (Participation & Marketing)

• Quarterly Taskforce meetings

• Drafting and concluding contracts


• Design marketing campaign

• Decide which project plans to implement

• Concept program WorldPride conference

• Approach (keynote) speakers and panelist

• Initiate outreach program with ministry of foreign affairs

• Kick off marketing campaign

• Recruitment and hiring of more staff

• EuroPride Conference (Participation & Marketing)

• WorldPride Conference (Participation & Marketing)

• Quarterly Taskforce meetings

• Drafting and concluding contracts

INTERPRIDE PACKAGES Mayors Reception InterPride Reception WorldPride Village best view - free drinks - free bites Opening Ceremony / Human Rights Concert Wedding Party / Closing Party Free Gifts Goodie bag | WorldPride T-shirt 15% Discount KLM flights Hotel bookings City transport pass


• Design marketing campaign

• Decide which project plans to implement

• Concept program WorldPride conference

• Approach (keynote) speakers and panelist

• Initiate outreach program with ministry of foreign affairs

• Kick off marketing campaign

• Recruitment and hiring of more staff

• EuroPride Conference (Participation & Marketing)

• WorldPride Conference (Participation & Marketing)

• Quarterly Taskforce meetings

• Drafting and concluding contracts


• Final Program WorldPride Conference

• WorldPride Conference website launch

• Start early bird registration conference

• Registration of activist Worldwide through our embassies.

• Registration World Pride floats for the Canal Parade

• Recruitment and hiring of more staff

• WorldPride Taiwan (Participation & Marketing)

• EuroPride Conference (Participation & Marketing)

• WorldPride Conference (Participation & Marketing)

• Quarterly Taskforce meetings

• Drafting and concluding contracts

• Recruitment of volunteers

• Recruitment and hiring of more staff

• Scholarship applications


• Registration of Dutch Floats for the Canal Parade

• Registration InterPride staff members individually

• Registration InterPride members to participate in Closing Parade

• Training the volunteers (workshops)

• Putting all plans in operations



EXPENSES 200.000€ INCOME 200.000€


GRANTS AND FUNDS 150.000€ Organization costs 50.000€ National en local grants 150.000€

MARKETING & COMMUNICATON 35.000€ CASH SPONSORING 50.000€ Campaign 35.000€ Sponsor deals 50.000€

OVERHEAD 105.000€ Personnel 70.000€ Housing and office costs 10.000€ Travel and Representation Costs 10.000€ Administration and accountant costs 10.000€ Board costs 5.000€



EXPENSES 400.000€ INCOME 400.000€


GRANTS AND FUNDS 300.000€ Organization costs 100.000€ National en local grants 300.000€

MARKETING & COMMUNICATON 90.000€ CASH SPONSORING 100.000€ Campaign 90.000€ Sponsor deals 100.000€

OVERHEAD 190.000€ Personnel 140.000€ Housing and office costs 20.000€ Travel and Representation Costs 15.000€ Administration and accountant costs 10.000€ Board costs 5.000€



EXPENSES 600.000€ INCOME 600.000€

WORLDPRIDE CONFERENCE 115.000€ GRANTS AND FUNDS 500.000€ Organization costs 100.000€ National en local grants 500.000€ Website and registration 15.000€


MARKETING & COMMUNICATON 180.000€ Sponsor deals 100.000€ Campaign 145.000€ Pride TV 20.000€ Press and communication 15.000€

OVERHEAD 275.000€ Personnel 210.000€ Housing and office costs 30.000€

Travel and Representation Costs 20.000€ Administration and accountant costs 10.000€ Board costs 5.000€





4.975.000€ INCOME


Scholorships 250.000€



National en local grants 1.350.000€

Organization costs 200.000€ European funds 250.000€ Location 150.000€

Conference diner 125.000€

Catering 100.000€


Sponsor packages 750.000€

Speakers/ panelists 75.000€ Sponsor deals 100.000€

Information market 50.000€

Registration and guidance 50.000€

PRIDE VILLAGE 1.000.000€


Food & Bevarages 400.000€

Sponsoring 200.000€

Equipment Museumplein 250.000€ Exhibitors 50.000€

Organization costs 200.000€

Security/ EHBO / Hosts 150.000€

Human rights concert 150.000€


Attendees 200.000€

Day activities 100.000€ moor vignettes 150.000€

Wedding Party 50.000€ Other income 150.000€

Closing Ceremony 50.000€ Tibune tickets 100.000€

Opening ceremony 50.000€



Sponsoring 200.000€

Crowdmanagement cost 170.000€ Entrance fees 225.000€ Operations costs 170.000€ Exhibitors 25.000€ Security, Traffic & First Aid costs 125.000€

Canal Parade Fund 100.000€

MARKETING & COMMUNICATON 400.000€ Management cost 100.000€

Sustainability costs 60.000€

Bannering / city dressing 200.000€

Advertisements and commercials 150.000€ Insurance costs 50.000€ Merchandise 50.000€



Pride Business Club 200.000€ Pride TV 50.000€ Rainbowmarkt 25.000€ Pride Business Club 50.000€ Arts & Culture Pride 35.000€

Pride Parc 75.000€

STREET PARTIES 200.000€ Senior Pride 25.000€

Security costs 75.000€ Volunteers event 25.000€ Sustainability costs 25.000€

Colours of Pride 15.000€

Financial contribution 100.000€ Pride & Sports 15.000€ Youth & Pride 15.000€ Women & Pride 15.000€ TransPride 15.000€ Bi+ Pride 15.000€ Fetish Pride 15.000€ Religious Pride 15.000€ Pride at the Beach 15.000€ Asian Pride 15.000€ Zero Flags Project 15.000€


Traffic & First Aid costs 75.000€ Sponsoring 75.000€ Operations costs 25.000€ Sustainability costs 25.000€


Security costs 35.000€ Operations costs 30.000€ Sustainability costs 10.000€

MARKETING & COMMUNICATON 500.000€ Campaign 250.000€ City Dressing 100.000€

Press and communication 50.000€ Merchandise 50.000€ Crew clothing 50.000€

OVERHEAD 750.000€ Personnel 500.000€ Housing and office costs 75.000€ Administration and accountant costs 50.000€ Travel and Representation Costs 75.000€ Board costs 25.000€ Overheads 25.000€ 250.000€


Bezoekadres Amstel 1 1011 PN Amsterdam

Postbus 202 1000 AE Amsterdam Telefoon 14 020

Retouradres: Postbus 202, 1000 AE Amsterdam

InterPride Attn. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Datum June 21st, 2022

Dear WorldPride Committee,

On behalf of the City of Amsterdam I would like to express our enthusiasm and support to the bid to host the 10th edition of WorldPride 2026 in our city.

Datum June 21st, 2022 Kenmerk Pagina 2 van 2

In Amsterdam, everyone is free to be themselves, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or religious beliefs. Amsterdam strives to be a city of freedom and acceptance. The city has been a refuge for people fleeing persecution for their faith and beliefs ever since the 17th century. This has shaped and enriched our city over the centuries and is clearly visible in the over 180 nationalities currently residing in our city.

The diversity of Amsterdam is our greatest strength and very visible in our vibrant LGBTIQ+ community. The LGBTIQ+ com

Pride Amsterdam is an annual successful and major event that celebrates and contributes to equal and acquired rights of the LGBTIQ+ community, which are still under pressure in many places in the world. The WorldPride in 2026 would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate with the rest of the world; a quarter of century of same sex marriage in the Netherlands, 30 years of celebrating Pride and the 80 years anniversary of the COC organization. COC strives for the decriminalization of sexual orientation and gender identity and for equal rights, emancipation and social acceptance

mayor. Since then many countries followed in our footsteps and opened up civil marriage to all couples. Even though we are proud of this fact, there are still places in the world where same sex marriage is not yet legal. More importantly, the freedom to express your true sexual or ientation and gender identity cannot be taken for granted, not even in Amsterdam. Therefore the

Hosting WorldPride in 2026 and welcoming LGBTQI+ visitors from all over the world, to celebrate what we have achieved so far and draw attention to the struggle in th e countries where the equal rights are still under pressure, would be of great importance to the Amsterdam city council. The city of Amsterdam therefore fully supports this bid.

improving the lives of LGBTIQ+ residents requires careful policymaking and constant dedication, focused on increasing the safety, resilience, confidence and visibility of LGBTIQ+ residents. The city takes active steps to improve the safety, visibility, confidence and social acceptance of the LGBTIQ+ communities. For example, the city council actively supports interest groups that aim to help increase and boost the visibility of LGBTIQ+ youth, intersex people, LGBTIQ+ ref ugees and LGBTIQ+ people with a bicultural background. Amsterdam strives to be an inclusive city, where everyone is free to be themselves and free to make their own cho ices.

Kind regards,

Onderwerp Support letter WorldPride 2026

Gemeente Amsterdam
Een routebeschrijving vindt u op

InterPride Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Amsterdam, March 18th, 2022 betreft: WorldPride Amsterdam 2026 22.007 / 8.80.4

Dear WorldPride Committee,

As you will have noticed the Amsterdam LGBTQI+ community is enthusiastically presenting itself in a bid to host the 10th edition of World Pride in 2026. With this letter we would like to add our wholehearted support to this vent ure and we would like to explain why.

Amsterdam has a long standing tradition in welcoming people from all backgrounds from all over the world. After five horrific years of Nazi occupation during World War 2, this was also the city where some brave people decided it was time to create a safe space for themselves where they could meet, empower themselves and start advocating for their human rights. What started as The Shakespeare Club became C.O.C. [C ultuur & ontspanningsc entrum / culture & leisure center] and is now known as COC Netherlands.

Having World Pride in Amsterdam would make 2026 extra festive, because COC Netherla nds will celebrate its 80th anniversary, making it the world's oldest still active LGBTIQ+ organization.

It will also be 80 years since the United Nations drew up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which has

our organization is co founder of ILGA. Since 1946 our work has expanded from the Dutch capital to all major towns and cities in the Netherlands. Across borders we currently support activists in 40 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia). They prove to us why i fought liberties.

COC and Pride Amsterdam have a long standing partnership. Pride Amsterdam is well known for its Canal Parade, but Pride Amsterdam and all its partners have shown us to be able to successfu lly produce a two week long inclusive platform with hundreds of activities and events for our diverse community during EuroPride. We fully trust they will succeed in doing this for World Pride. There will be so many places to go and people to see! Without hesitation we fully support and endorse the bid of Pride Amsterdam to host World Pride 2026. We are looking forward to welcoming many hundreds of thousands of our rainbow family members to Amsterdam to commemorate, celebrate and perpetuate our global co mmunity.

Yours in solidarity,

Astrid Oosenbrug (she/her)

Marie Ricardo (she/they) President Chief executive officer

bezoekadres: nieuwe herengracht 49, 1011 rn amsterdam postadres: postbus 3836, 1001 ap amsterdam telefoon +31 20 623 45 96 kvk 40530156 fiscaal nr. 004.163.849 internet: e mail

federatie coc nederland

InterPride Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

NNID foundation staddijk 91 6537 tw nijmegen the netherlands

+31 24 3430000

Date Processed by Our reference 13 06 2022 A. Tukker 2022001 01

Topic Your reference Letter of Support

Dear WorldPride Committee,

As Chair of NNID Foundation I fully support Pride Amsterdam’s bid for the 2026 World Pride.

NNID is an intersex led human rights organization working on the rights and equality of intersex people, and promoting the visibility and acceptance of intersex and sex diversity.

Awareness on intersex rights issues has steadily increased over the past years. However, there is still a significant stigma and most intersex people do not yet dare to be visible. As a result, the topic of intersex is often underrepresented within LGBTIQA+ communities.

We have experienced that Pride provides a great place for intersex people to choose visibility The fun atmosphere and supportive surroundings lower stress and since 2017 several Dutch intersex people choose Pride as the first place for them to be visible. It is not possible at this time to make definite guarantees as to what our organization will be able to organize in 2026. However, if World Pride takes place in Amsterdam, we will aim to organize a community event and participate in other events to ensure a visible intersex presence.

Kind regards,

Inge Intven Chair NNID Foundation

NNID Foundation, Netherlands organisation for sex diversity


InterPride Att. WorldPride Committee

440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Amsterdam, 23 of June 2022

Letter of support for World Pride 2026 in Amsterdam

Dear WorldPride Committee,

We are joyful at the thought of World Pride coming to Amsterdam in 2026, the 20th anniversary of our organization. Trans United Europe Dutch chapter stood at the cradle of the trans sexworkers and trans BPOIC program of the Amsterdam Pride in 2017 and has since then always been committed to the visibility of black and brown trans issues during Pride.

If World Pride were to take place in Amsterdam in 2026, on the occasion of our fourth lustrum in addition to our regular activities, we will join forces with Transgender Europe, Aidsfonds, European Sexworker Alliance and ILGA World of which our foundation is a member, to organize research and advocacy, political and social programs for trans people and gender diverse people and allies. This conference will contain cultural, research, political and emancipatory components.

We hereby express our confidence in the organizers of Pride Amsterdam. The board and work organization will do their utmost to organize an inclusive and festive pride in an equal collaboration with our diverse and united community.

Kind regards, Co chair Trans United Europe/ Dutch chapter

Mrs. ADJ Bons (She/her)

Trans United Europe Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 97 Amsterdam

InterPride Att. WorldPride Committee

440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

June 13th, 2022

Dear WorldPride Committee, As Chair of the Homomonument foundation, I am proud to wholeheartedly support the Amsterdam bid for the 2026 World Pride.

The Homomonument foundation has been part of the LGBTIQ+ landscape since 1987. Originating from the fact there was no memorial spot for the queer community to commemorate those had fallen during WWII.

The foundation's main goals are to make sure the monument is kept lively (vibrant) and to provide a place for everyone from all over the world to have a place to go to. To celebrate, commemorate and demonstrate for their causes, the things important to them.

Over the past 35 years, the foundation has been involved in and organized numerous marches, celebrations, demonstrations, and other events; Often working closely with both local and international parties, government bodies and civil society organizations to make those possible. The initiatives are held in Amsterdam, the Homomonument but are not limited to the city and the local community itself.

A few events I would like to highlight are the memorial for the victims of the Pulse shooting and their loved ones who must miss them as well as the Pride walk. Also, because they relate to the opportunity seen that would come about with Amsterdam hosting World Pride in 2026.

When the horrible shooting took place at club Pulse in Orlando, the Homomonument was the location that hosted a large mem orial. When Amsterdam is granted the bid for 2026, I would love to take this opportunity to organize another memorial, with many people present. To not only show Orlando or Amsterdam but everyone we can reach that nobody involved will ever be forgotten. Si nce we must never forget.

in 2012, a small scale initiative set up to make Amsterdam pride even more inclusive and allow everyone the opportunity to participate. Since not all who want to do so would fit on the boats floating in the parade. The organization is a close collaboration between the foundation and Pride Amsterdam.

Where the first edition started with about 500 people walking, the most rec ent edition of the Pridewalk, which was held in 2021, had a huge turnout. ~12.500 people participated.

How cool would it be if in 2026 people from all over the world could join the walk or be a spectator to it. To show what we as a community stand for, continue to be visible and strive for acceptance for all. A march with an ring to it but definitely festive as well.

With the Homomonument foundation the aim is to show that Amsterdam is an environment open to the LGTBQI+ community while not forgetting there are many things to fight for still.

I would like to close with the fact that I am very excited about the chance of Amsterdam hosting the 2026 World Pride and hopeful the city will be successful in their bid.

With kind regards,

Daan Smeelen (she/her)

Chair of the Homomonument foundation Homomonument Foundation Silodam 347, 1013AW, Amsterdam

Letter of support for World Pride 2026 in Amsterdam

InterPride Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Datum 7 maart 2022

Betreft Letter of support for World Pride 2026 in Amsterdam

Dear WorldPride Committee,

We rejoice at the thought of World Pride coming to Amsterdam in 2026, the 20th anniversary of our organization. The OndersteBoven Foundation stood at the cradle of the women's program of the Amsterdam Pride in 2009 and has since then always been committed to the visibility of women, of LBTQI+ people in Pride.

If World Pride were to take place in Amsterdam in 2026, on the occasion of our fourth lustrum in addition to our regular activities, we will join forces with the EL*C, the EuroCentralAsian Lesbian Community of which the foundation is a member, to organize a conference for LBTQI+ people. This conference will contain cultural, sporting, emancipatory and festive components.

We hereby express our confidence in the organizers of Pride Amsterdam. The board and work organization will do their utmost to organize an inclusive and festive pride in an equal collaboration with our diverse and versatile community.

Warm regards,

Irene Hemelaar Zij/haar She/her Chair Person / voorzitter

Stichting OndersteBoven Osdorperweg 678 1067 SZ Amsterdam 06 50 567 256

Bank: NL29 INGB 0003 0762 41 KvK nummer: 34257858 BTW nummer: NL8171 85 471 B01

World Pride Amsterdam 2026 Bid

Letter of Support


Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Dear WorldPride Committee,

8 March 2022

As Executive Director and Co-Founder of Workplace Pride Foundation I am proud to fully support Amsterdam’s bid for the 2026 World Pride.

Being part of the ‘LGBTIQ+ landscape’ of this city for more than 15 years, Workplace Pride Foundation has seen many changes for our community, many positive but some that have a way to go. Throughout this period, our Foundation has worked closely with major local and international employers, governmental organisations, and civil society organisations to further the topic of LGBTIQ+ workplace inclusion - both here and around the world. Amsterdam hosting World Pride in 2026, the 20th anniversary of Workplace Pride, will provide a unique opportunity to highlight what has been achieved, but also what still needs to be done for LGBTIQ+ communities on the topic of the workplace and socio-economic development.

To fully engage with this topic Workplace Pride is proposing to organise the “Workplace Pride LGBTIQ+ Socio-Economic Symposium” over 1 or 2 days during the World Pride. The event will tap into the Foundation’s vast network of contacts in more than 100 major global companies who have a vested interest in creating more equitable workplaces. It will also leverage our years of experience in organising such events in many locations around the world. We are fully confident that we will be able to create a once-in-a lifetime event.

Special attention will be given to the LGBTIQ+ community in the global south. In particular, we will focus heavily on how an exchange of skills and experiences in the symposium can be beneficial to all parties. We will make a clear link to how Amsterdam has created an environment for growth of LGBTIQ+ inclusion in society and how the World Pride 2026 will help take that dynamic to the next level and provide a catalyst for change around the world.

With our full support and encouragement we are hopeful that Amsterdam will be successful in their bid to host the 2026 World Pride.

With sincere regards,

David Pollard

Executive Director Workplace Pride Foundation

Workplace Pride Foundation - Lijnbaansgracht 298 HS, 1017 RN Amsterdam - The Netherlands - KvK Nr. 34294570

Spuistraat 44-D 1012TV Amsterdam Netherlands


Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Amsterdam, June 13, 2022

Letter of support for WorldPride 2026 in Amsterdam

Dear members of the WorldPride committee, We are looking forward to WorldPride 2026 to be hosted in the city of Amsterdam.

The Zero Flags Project Foundation has the objective to reduce the number of flags representing a country where homosexuality is still punishable by law, to zero. These flags (currently 71, whereof in 11 countries the dead penalty is still in place) are part of our projects and will also be part of the projects we envision for WorldPride 2026 in Amsterdam.

Monument of Visibility

71 flagpoles of 6-meter height with 71 large flags together with a black ribbon symbolize the countries where homosexuality is still punishable by law. This monument will be placed in the city of Amsterdam and information about the project, countries and penalties will be shared.


Smaller flags are marching during the PrideWalk, for those who cannot join us. Our volunteers, often LGBTQI+ refugees from some of these countries, will carry the flags.

International activist conference

One of the best ways to support and motivate local activism is to offer activists the opportunity to meet with (international) NGO’s, follow workshops to improve their skills, share their experiences and increase their network. The conference will provide a safe space to share, learn and improve skills.

We hereby express our confidence in the organizers of Pride Amsterdam. We have worked and will work together with them to ensure that the important international story is told and shared, apart from the rest of the inclusive and festive events during WorldPride 2026 Amsterdam.

Warm regards,


LGBTIQ+ Mayors The Netherlands


Att. WorldPride Committee

440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit MI 48202 USA

Topic: Letter of Support

World Pride Amsterdam 2026 Bid June 14, 2022

Dear WorldPride Committee,

On behalf of the LGBTIQ+ mayors in the Netherlands, we would like to let you know that we warmly welcome and proudly support Amsterdam’s bid for the 2026 World Pride.

As mayors, we are responsible for public order and safety in the municipality. Within our municipality we think it is important that everyone can be themselves, that you can love who you want and that you always feel safe, for example on our streets, at work or when going out.

For many people, the mayor is the face of the municipality. The mayor tries to listen to all citizens and sympathize when nice or violent things happen in the municipality. We are there for those who need us and we can make a difference. As mayors we try to make connections between people, start discussions professionally in our work or in our community’s and hopefully bring people closer together. Being safe is our keyword and in our opinion also an important topic during World Pride in Amsterdam.

The LGBTIQ+ Mayors in the Netherlands would fully engage with this topic during World Pride. Amsterdam hosting World Pride in 2026 will provide a unique opportunity to reach our fellow mayors in the world and encourage them to take a broader view of safety in general. We are fully confident that we will be able to create a unique program.

We hereby express our confidence in the organizers of Pride Amsterdam. They will do their utmost to organize an inclusive and festive pride in an equal collaboration with our diverse and versatile community. With our full support and encouragement we are convinced that Amsterdam will be successful in their bid to host the 2026 World Pride.

With sincere regards,

LGBTIQ+ Mayors The Netherlands

World Pride Amsterdam 2026 Bid Letter of Support


Att. WorldPride Committee

440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Dear WorldPride Committee,

As Executive Board of the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival (Roze Filmdagen) we are proud to fully support

The Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival is the largest film festival for LGBTQ+ related movies in the Netherlands. The extensive selection of feature length films includes romantic comedies, provoking documentaries and everything in between. The variety in films from across the globe reflects the full diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Besides several focus programs an d in depth talkshows, the festival also proudly showcase s numerous short films from a new generation of young queer filmmakers, that (just like our feature and documentary films) are urgent, provocative, moving and engaging

For the past 25 years The Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival promoted visibility and awareness of our LGBTQ+ community through the power of queer cinema. We aim to connect filmmakers and audiences in Amsterdam and around the worl d. Amsterdam hosting World Pride in 2026 will provide a unique opportunity to highlight what has been achieved, but also what still needs to be done for LGBTQ+ communities through films and documentaries.

Pride the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival proposes to organise a special program that represents the past, present and future of queer cinema, including thought provoking and empowering talkshows and meet & greets with filmmakers and actors.

With our full support and encouragement we are hopeful that Amsterdam will be successful in their bid to host the 2026 World Pride.

With sincere regards, On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival (Roze Filmdagen)

Wies Wagenaar, Gary Blufpand and Nico Arends

Executive Board of the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival (Roze Filmdagen)

Stichting Pride and Sports

A: Zocherstraat 50 c 1054 LZ Amsterdam



KvK: 68713592

RSIN: 857559722

IBAN: NL51SNSB0948383178

World Pride Amsterdam 2026 Bid Letter of Support

InterPride Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Dear WorldPride Committee,

Amsterdam, 12 June 2022

As Chairman of the Pride and Sports Foundation I am proud to fully support Amsterdam’s bid for the 2026 World Pride.

While the world of sports has generally become more inclusive towards LGBTIQ+ athletes, phobia against LGBTIQ+ people is still experienced as a contemporary issue. It influences athletes in such a way, that they do not come out to their teammates or abstain from participating in certain types of sport. During World Pride Amsterdam 2026, we want to facilitate conversations that help improve conditions for LGBTIQ+ people in sports. The Sports Leader Conference will be a space to share experiences, develop policies of sports clubs and encourage political action. The conference aims to strengthen the capacities of LGBTIQ+ sports clubs and communities that provide important social spaces for LGBTIQ+ people, and at the same time impact political processes in the field. The Sports Leader Conference should be a step forward to ensuring that LGBTIQ+ athletes have the opportunity to participate in sports on the same terms as other athletes.

‘Being your authentic self in sport!’

The Pride and Sports Foundation, is a national sport umbrella organization, representing the interests of LGBTIQ+ athletes and sport organisations, in the Netherlands. "Being your authentic self in sport" requires a safe sport climate and a positive sport culture for all athletes. Regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, expression and gender characteristics, in a safe environment people are stimulated to further develop themselves.

Pride and Sports Foundation is an ambitious volunteer organisation. By exchanging professional knowledge, sharing networks and supporting valuable research with various stakeholders including those from the business community, knowledge institutes, public sector and sport, our aim is to increase the visibility of the LGBTIQ+ community and influence policy, enabling everyone to participate safely in sport. Hence our Sport Leader Conference during World Pride Amsterdam 2026.

Sport has always been a reflection of the society in which we live. Today more than ever we are craving freedom and safety in every aspect of our lives. The Pride and Sports Foundation's mission is to help make sport one aspect of society that truly embodies these values.

With our full support and encouragement we are hopeful that Amsterdam will be successful in their bid to host the 2026 Wor ld Pride.

With sincere regards, Stichting Pride and Sports


Leather Pride Netherlands Warmoesstraat 90 1012 JH Amsterdam

KvK: 62417231 Btw: NL 8548.09.399 B01

InterPride WorldPride Committee

44 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit MI 48202

United States of America

Date: Amsterdam June 11th, 2022

Betreft: Programma World Pride 2026

Subject: Support for Pride Amsterdam to host WorldPride 2026

Geachte heer/mevrouw,

Dear members of the Committee,

Amsterdam, 7 Maart 2022

On behalf of Leather Pride Netherlands, I would like to express our full support to Stichting Pride Amsterdam to host the WorldPride in 2026.

Leather Pride Netherlands is an umbrella organization of all fetish lovers and fetishes in the LGBTIQ+ community. Every year we organize a Leather & Fetish Pride during the last weekend of October and since 2018 we also organize Crash on the Beursplein, a fetish party during Pride Amsterdam, which attracts thousands of fetish fanatics and visitors.

Leather Pride Netherlands BV is een overkoepeling van alle fetisj lovers en fetisjen in de LHBTIQ+ community die een keer per jaar een “ Leather & Fetish Pride Amsterdam” organiseren. Tijdens dit weekend, het laatste weekend van Oktober, worden diverse activiteiten in de stad georganiseerd. Evenementen als een ruilbeurs, workshops, socials, diverse fetisj georiënteerde evenementen als ook een main party waar alles en iedereen samenkomt. Iedere ondernemer die iets in de lijn van de fetisj community wil organiseren, kan zich gratis en vrijblijvend aanmelden en aanhaken voor het weekend De “Leather & Fetish Pride Amsterdam” zal vervolgens zorgdragen voor het samenstellen van het programma en de marketing binnen haar zeer grote netwerk, door middel van sociale media en websites.

CRASH is organized with support of Amsterdam’s leading fetish bars and clubs, shops, establishments, and event planners. CRASH stands for the connection of the different fetishes among the entire LGBTIQ+ community without excluding anyone. Fetish is part of life and together with the community and organizers we want to show that it is accessible and low threshold for everyone. We love to combine an open minded attitude with dancing and celebrating World Pride 2026.

Uit deze samenstelling van ondernemers, zoals fetisj bars, clubs, winkels en overige organisaties die zich op de fetisj community richten, is CRASH op het Beursplein ontstaan.

CRASH is een open air evenement op het Beursplein dat ieder jaar plaats vindt tijdens de Pride Amsterdam.

Tijdens World Pride 2026 ligt het in de planning om dit op de vrijdag en zaterdag van World Pride 2026 te organiseren zoals hieronder in Engelse taal omschreven.

Event: CRASH Amsterdam

Location: Beursplein, Amsterdam

Date: 31/7/2026 & 1/8/2026 (16:00 0:00)

Performances on a glorious stage by Amsterdam’s most iconic drag queens, Go go boys, porn stars and fetish freaks will promise to put on a display so sexy, you will need to bring your spray bottle and a bucket of ice to cool your ass down. From sexy tattooed girls to the kinky men in latex, from the high heeled shoe dominatrix to the heavy leather harnessed daddy, all united under a single fantasy spirit. So, polish off your favourite kinky party outfit, join the party and “Start CRASHING”.

Kind regards,

CRASH is organized with support of Amsterdam’s leading fetish bars and clubs, shops, establishments and event planners. Due to several years of success the event will be located again at the Beursplein, and is expected to attract thousands of fetish fanatics and visitors

Micheal Roks Director

CRASH stands for the connection of the different fetishes among the entire LGBTIQ+ community without excluding anyone. The event is organized by people from the wider community. Fetish is part of life and together with the community and organizers we want to show that it is accessible and low threshold for everyone. We love to combine an open minded attitude with dancing and celebrating World Pride 2026.

Leather Pride Netherlands Email: Warmoesstraat 90 Tel: +31627043550 1012 JH Amsterdam

K.v.K: 62417231 The Netherlands Btw: NL 8548.09.399 B01

Gelieve het bedrag binnen 14 dagen te voldoen op rekeningnummer ABN AMRO 44 05 27 511 IBAN: NL11ABNA0440527511 BIC: ABNANL2A t.n.v. Leather Pride Netherlands BV o.v.v. het factuurnummer.


Inter Pride

Att. World Pride Committee

440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Amsterdam, June 5th 2022

Subject: Letter of Support Amsterdam s bid 2026 World Pride

Dear World Pride Committee,

As General Director of the Pride Photo Award Foundation, I am sending you this letter to let you know that we fully supports .

Since 2010, Pride Photo has been an important part of the LGBTQIA+ community and network in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Every year our we organize an international photo contest around LGBTQIA+ issues, for which we award the annual Pride Photo Awards.

The annual Pride Photo Exhibition is compiled from all the entries for the contest. We pay attention to both the artistic and the narrative qualities of the images and we show photos that address different urgent themes in the field of sexual and gender diversity from all over the world. The exhibition consists of 20 large panels (approx. 6 x 7.5 feet) that is displayed outdoors and can be visited free of charge. Our annual exhibition travels throughout the Netherlands during the year. Several exhibitions have also been held abroad through the network of Dutch consulates and embassies. In these ways, Pride Photo tries to bring the photos to the attention of as many people as possible, to make them think about diversity, to start a discussion about inclusion and tolerance, and to increase the social acceptance of LHBTQIA+.

We intend to plan the route of our travelling exhibition in 2026 in such a way that the Pride Photo Exhibition will be shown at a prominent, central location in Amsterdam during World Pride 2026. In this way the exhibition will be an ongoing event and a landmark in the city during the the World Pride and could also act as a meeting point for people and activities. We are sure that this can be arranged given our years of experience in organizing exhibitions and our network in the city.

With this letter, I hope to show our full support for World Pride 2026, and also that we are willing to contribute to the event. With our support and encouragement we are hopeful that Amsterdam will be successful in their bid to host the 2026 World Pride.

Yours sincerely, Hein Jan Keijzer

General Director

Stichting Pride Photo Award

World Pride Amsterdam 2026 Bid June 2022

Letter of Support InterPride

Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Dear WorldPride Committee, As a board member of Amsterdam Gay Men’s Chorus Manoeuvre and on behalf the other two LGBTQI+ choirs in Amsterdam, The Gay Men’s Chorus - Amsterdam and Gala choir I am proud to fully support the Amsterdam’s bid for the 2026 World Pride.

The three Amsterdam Choirs represent all layers that are part of the LGBTIQ+ community in the city. Two of the choirs have orchestrated a festival of 750 people from 10 countries in 2016, this during the hosting of the Euro Pride in that year in Amsterdam

Next to singing and dancing the 3 choirs are taking part in variety of volunteer programs which include singing for elderly people, challenging the young generation with the LGBTQI+ topic and also bringing the voice of our community to the 180 nationalities being presented in Amsterdam

Special attention will be given to the new colors within the LGBTQ+ community that do not necessarily associate with the label they were born with, or indeed any label at all.

The cultural plans for the World Pride 2026.

More than 100 years ago the World Wide Exhibition took place in Amsterdam, the location was between the famous Concertgebouw (which hosted our festival in 2016) and our national trust, the Rijksmuseum. Our plans are to bring the exhibition back to Amsterdam.

In the same area as ‘100 years ago’, we have the intention of creating a village which every day during the WorldPride will host a different genre of music. Just imagine an enormous tent in which a world famous DJ, such as Armin van Buren or Martin Garrix are playing their genre to the diverse population in this place of immense historic importance.

No doubt that having hosted the EuroPride in 2016, Amsterdam is ready for the next challenge. Let the best city win.

Last but not least, Amsterdam will celebrate its 750th birthday in 2025, no doubt that the city will be ready for an extra extensive event as the World Pride one year later

With warm regards from Amsterdam,

Etan Sela, on behalf of all 3 choirs below. Chair of the Manouvre Choir

Interpride Att WorldPride Committee

44 Burrough Streets, Suite 527


Date Utrecht, 20 June 2022

Reference 220617_MOV_lorep

Subject Letter of support WorldPride Amsterdam 2026

Dear people of the WorldPride Committee,

With great honor I am sending my support for the dPride for 2026. Movisie, the national expertise center of Social Development , has been working for decades on lgbti+ issues. We are working in the field of local and national policy. Furthermore we are working with social professionals We acknowledge that visibility (of the diversity) of the lgbti+ community and events around lgbti+ related topics are incredibly valuable It is not only essential for the lgbti+ community but for the city and the country as well WorldPride offers an unique possibility on working in lgbti+ equality and visibility on a worldwide scale The city of Amsterdam will be able to host huge events with their previously acquired experience.

By sending this letter, Movisie sends full support and would like to encourage you to reward Amsterdam in the bid for WorldPride 2026

With kind regards


The Executive Board

P.O. box 1025 1000 BA Amsterdam 020 595 2341


Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202

USA Date June 2nd 2022 Subject Letter of Support WorldPride Amsterdam 2026

Dear WorldPride Committee,

Our reference Your reference hc22u0135 E mail Telephone secretariaat +316 288 15 717

As a chairwoman of the executive board I am proud to fully support Amsterdam’s bid for the 2026 World Pride.

The University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) plays an active part in the acceptance of the ‘LGBTQI+ community’ in Amsterdam. We started our LGBTQI+ community HvA Pride four years ago and it has become an important part of our university. With activities for our 48.669 students and 4.469 employees we thrive to be an inclusive learning and working space. Also we have an cooperation with the other higher education institutions in Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam, InHolland and VU Amsterdam. Together we organize several events in the city the rest of the year and during Pride week.

Amsterdam hosting World Pride in 2026 will provide a unique opportunity to show how we manage to work together as a cooperation by presenting Pride University. Starting at August 3rd ‘till August 9th, the Student Hotel will open its doors for Pride University. We will organize a pop up university on location for 5 days where LGBTQI+ topics are discussed. Speakers, lecturers and students from the four universities will dive into important themes to share knowledge and give an opportunity to meet people from other knowledge organizations. We conclude every lecture with a get together and on Friday with a large Pride University party in the basement of the Student Hotel, to which staff, teachers and students are invited.

With our full support and encouragement we are hopeful that Amsterdam will be successful in their bid to host the 2026 World Pride.

With kind regards, the Executive Board, drs. J.E.A.M. Nooren, president


Att. WorldPride Committee

440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202

United States of America

Your reference:

Our reference: MV/MvO/2022

Subject: 2026 World Pride

Dear WorldPride Committee,

020 6262669

Condensatorweg 54 1014 AX Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 24th June 2022

lt is with great pleasure that we can here by recommend the organizers of the envisioned 2026 World Pride in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We truly believe Amsterdam is the ideal choice to organize your World Pride in four years.

We have great confidence in the organizers who have an extensive and impressive track record, not only as organizers of previous Amsterdam Prides since 1996, but also as involved partners in global events in Amsterdam such as the 1998 Gay Games and the 2018 International AIDS conference

The Netherlands is an important advocate and donor in the international field of sexual and reproductive rights and health. As part of this Dutch Approach our government supports the involvement of key populations, including LGBTIQ+ people, and the strengthening of their organizations and networks. The Netherlands is also a key player in Europe for example in supporting key populations in East Europe and Central Asia.

Aidsfonds Soa Aids Nederland works in this context on a sexual rights driven HIV and STI response with a strong involved of the affected communities, including LGBTIQ+ communities in the Netherlands and worldwide. Our organization is the host of the worldwide community driven Robert Carr Fund. We strongly believe the 2026 World Pride in Amsterdam and because of its centrally located and easily accessible position in Europe (and the world) will be an inspiring and joyful meeting for the global LGBTIQ+ communities.

We hope to welcome you in Amsterdam!

Yours sincerely,

Mark Vermeulen executive director

The Netherlands CoC 41207989 IBAN NL37 INGB 0000 0089 57

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INTERPRIDE WorldPride Committee

440 Burroughs Street Suite 527 Detroit MI 48202

Amsterdam, 2022 05 22

Subject: letter of support by Winq & ELMA

Dear member of the WorldPride Committee,

With this letter, I like to firmly support the Pride Amsterdam bid to host WorldPride in Amsterdam, capital of the liberal world and founding city of lgbtq marriage in 2021. There is no better place to celebrate 25 years of lgbtq marriage, than Amsterdam. The importance of this institution for lgbtq rights worldwide, must not be underestimated

Pride week in Amsterdam is the unquestionable best Pride in the world and at Winq, we are confident the professional team that’s been at the helm (pun intended) of this remarkable event for many years now, will be able to create a most memorable WorldPride.

I’m sure Winq needs no introduction. Winq is the leading lgbtq magazine and media platform in Europe and a strong ally for Pride Amsterdam. Furthermore: I am the Vice President of ELMA: the European LGBTQIA Media Association. ( Needless to say, ELMA also backs Pride Amsterdam in their efforts to win the bid for WorldPride 2026.

I wish you great wisdom when choosing for 2026. Although it really is a very simple choice.

Kind regards,

Winq Media BV

Prinsengracht 754 3, 1017 LD Amsterdam +31 (0) 20 305 38 25 |

IBAN NL73 BUNQ 2040 9312 28

Chamber of commerce Amsterdam 34333568 | VAT NL820628232B01

Interpride Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Subject: Letter of support for World Pride 2026 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 17 June 2022

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hereby DeLaMar Theatre would like to confirm its support for Amsterdam as location for World Pride 2026. With two auditoriums of 949 seats and 601 seats, DeLaMar Theatre is one of the biggest theatres in the historic center of Amsterdam. As a theatre with a big tradition of musicals, cabaret and revue we have a strong connection with the local gay community. 12 years ago we re opened our theatre after a major renovation with a long run of the show La cage aux folles. Through the years successes were celebrated with shows like The Normal Heart and Mothers and sons.

One of our main performers is Alex Klaasen, who creates shows with a strong LGBTQ IA+ profile. His shows Showponies, Showponies II and Snowponies were huge successes with long runs and a great celebration of queer representation on stage. Also during Amsterdam Pride we contribute to the cultural program, for example in 2022 with Rocky horror show and an exclusive run of Falsettos.

In January 2021 we opened a new theatre in Bos en Lommer which is a neighborhood on the edge of the city with a large bi-cultural and Islamic community. An area where there are much less arts and cultural organizations. Our theatre there is called DeLaMar West and is a hotspot for talent development, the creation of new work and the telling of new stories

We are concerned about the growing rate of hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQIA+ community. Also in the Netherlands we recognize the global trend of intolerance Bos en Lommer, where DeLaMar West is based, is one of the most problematic areas when it comes to aggression towards the LGBTQIA+ community. If Amsterdam were to host World Pride 2026 that would be an amazing opportunity to demand attention for these problems. As an artistic institution we tell stories and through our art we create awareness and ensure positive representation. During World Pride we would most definitely come with a beautiful program in both our venues with shows and performances to celebrate queerness and tell the stories of LGBTQIA+ community in all its colors

Leidsekade 91 1017 PN Amsterdam

Letter of support


Att. WorldPride Committee

440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA

Subject: World Pride 2026 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, June 21, 2022

Dear organizer,

With this letter the Amsterdam Museum, the official city museum of Amsterdam, recommends Amsterdam as the suitable location of the World Pride 2026.

Let’s tell you a little bit more about our museum and the connection with your event. The Amsterdam Museum preserves and presents the historic ar ts and heritage collection of the city of Amsterdam, containing more than 100,000 objects.

In our collection we have several objects that are of great significance for the LGBTIQ+ communities worldwide. Famous objects for example are the rings of the first same-sex couple in the world that married in 2001 in Amsterdam, after The Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.

Our collection also consists of The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, a living, traveling work of ar t whose mission is to raise awareness about anti-LHBTI legislation and the situation of LGBT+ refugees. The sixteen-meter-long dress incorporates 75 national flags from countries where anti-LHBI+ legislation has been incorporated into criminal law. And also we have several items of the Gay Games 1998 in Amsterdam in our collection, like the logo and the flag of this event. Fur thermore the Amsterdam Museum has a long tradition in co-creating and organizing projects and events with the LGBTIQ+ communities in The Netherlands.

For instance our par tners in co-creation are COC Amsterdam, Pride Amsterdam, the Queer Network Amsterdam and Naomie Pieter (founder of ‘ Daughters of Ivory’ and cofounder of ‘Black Queer & Trans Resistance NL’, as well as the initiator of Pride of Color Amsterdam). Queering the Collections is par t of our New Narratives program line. We pay attention to sexual and gender diversity through programming based on co-creation, par ticipation and hosting.

The Amsterdam Museum suppor ts the par tners from Queer Network Amsterdam by collaborating with public programming and involving the par tners in collection building, for example in our project Collecting the City. In this way we stimulate visibility of LGBTIQ+ perspectives, experiences, histories, pioneers and role models and also capture impor tant stories for the future.

InterPride Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 USA


FROM Eye Filmmuseum tel +31 20 58 91 415

P.O. Box 37767 1030 BJ Amsterdam The Netherlands

VISIT IJpromenade 1031 KT Amsterdam

Dear Sir / Madam,,

Here at Eye Filmmuseum, the museum for the art of the moving image of the Netherlands, we are very much in favor of hosting the World Pride in our city of Amsterdam.

Cinema is an art form and form of entertainment which has historically enabled stories to be told. Stories of people who love people. At Eye we present the richness of the art of the moving image in as many ways as possible. From exhibitions of the art of the moving image to VR installations, and of course screenings of films in our four cinemas seven days a week. Classic movies, contemporary art house and children s films.

Therefore, we support the effort to bring the World Pride to Amsterdam in 2026. And hope to welcome all the international visitors to Amsterdam to our museum.

With kind regards, Ido Abram & Stan Spijkerman Deputy directors




Att WorldPride Committee

440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527

Detroit, Ml 48202 US

Subject: WorldPride 2026

HIHCL Amsterdam B V

AMSTERDAM PRINSENGRACHT Prinsengracht 587 1016 HT Amsterdam

Tel:+31 (0)20 523 1234

May 25th, 2022

Dear WorldPride Committee, We are writing to support Stichting Pride Amsterdam's bid to host WorldPride in 2026 Amsterdam was one of the first cities to host Pride in the world and Stichting Pride Amsterdam has always kept its promise to organize large scale annual events Pride Amsterdam is not limited to a few days event; it becomes a citywide event bringing together different people, cultures, arts, sports and religious activities for nine full days including the biggest street party in the Netherlands, the world famous Canal Parade

As the city's most colorful and creative hotel, we celebrate Amsterdam Pride Week every year and have always been extremely involved in Amsterdam Pride In Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, part of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, we believe in a world where diverse viewpoints are celebrated, where each person feels valued regardless of their background or innate characteristics and where true inclusion brings understanding and belonging We recognize that we have an opportunity and obligation to support actions that contribute to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society where our colleagues and guests feel welcome, always Additionally, through HyPride an initiative within Hyatt we are committed to the LGBTQ+causes Employees who have an affinity with the cause, and allies of the cause can join our HyPride chapter The committee aims to raise awareness in the importance of being one's true self at work and volunteering with local LGBTQ + associations to make an impact in the community

WorldPride 2026 will undoubtedly attract thousands of attendees to Amsterdam where we would be proud to show them our inclusive city and make sure that people feel that Amsterdam is the place to be, and feel that they can be their true selves here and everywhere

We look forward to continuing to celebrate our pride together with Stichting Amsterdam Pride and build on the success of our collaboration with them We are excited and thrilled to encourage InterPride and its WorldPride committee to select the city of Amsterdam for the 2026 WorldPride

Sincerely, Gozde Eren, Cluster General Manager

Deloitte Holding B.V. Executive Board Wilhelminakade 1 3072 AP. Rotterdam P.O.Box 2031 3000 CA Rotterdam Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)88 288 2888 Fax: +31 (0)88 288 9909

InterPride Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 US

Date From Our reference April 5, 2022 Hans Honig RvB/22/45

Subject Your reference WorldPride 2026

Dear WorldPride Committee,

We write in support of the Stichting

2026 Stichting Pride Amsterdam has long demonstrated its ability to hold large scale annual Pride events. They are responsible for the Amsterdam Pride, the nine day festival in Amsterdam with a broad program of Arts & Culture, Sports, Debate and Religious activities. The last 4 days it becomes the biggest street party event of Amsterdam with stages all over the city centre, the world famous Canal Parade and its many visitors from all over the world.

Through our GLOBE organization, we have been in close contact with Stichting Pride Amsterdam for our involvement in the Amsterdam Pride. GLOBE is an initiative within Deloitte that connects people who share affinity around LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) and is active in member firms worldwide. Both people belonging to the LGBT target audience, as well as people that do have affinity with this (allies) are welcome to participate.

With Stichting Pride Amsterdam, we share the goal of creating strongly believe in an inclusive culture where people can put maximum energy on making impact for their clients and working on their personal development, without putting energy in being someone who they are not.

WorldPride 2026 would draw millions of attendees to Amsterdam and we would proudly welcome them to show the environment we have created where people can be their authentic selves and celebrate our pride together We have continuing to work with them to make it a success.

We are very happy to extend our encouragement to Interpride and its Worldpride committee to select the city of Amsterdam for WorldPride in 2026.

Sincerely, Hans Honig, CEO Deloitte The Netherlands

The General Terms and Conditions for Services Delo itte Netherlands, January 2020 registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 24362837 apply to all agreements under which Deloitte performs services, except for M&A Services.

Deloitte Holding B.V. is registered with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Rotterdam number 40346342. Deloitte Holding B.V. is a Netherlands affiliate of Deloitte NSE LLP, a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

June 9th , 2022

Dear WorldPride Committee,

Pride in 2026.

Unilever has been in close contact with the foundation over the past years. They have shown tremendous professionalism in organizing events at scale, such as the annual Pride which is a 9 day festival with a broad program of Arts & Culture, Sports, Debate and Religious Activities. The world famous Canal Pride is part of this as well and during the full festival, all groups of the LGBTIQ+ community are represented and can be themselves.

With Stichting Pride Amsterdam we share the belief for everyone to be their true selves. At Unilever we want to be a Beacon of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and we want everyone to be able to bring their full selves to work. We applaud Stichting Pride Amsterdam for carrying this belief for decades and being that beacon for the LGBTIQ+ community.

In 2026 we will celebrate 25 years of same sex marriage in the Netherlands, as the first country in the world to legalize same sex marriages. Celebrating this milestone in combination with Worldpride 2026 would bring millions of people to the Netherlands. It would also re emphasize Amsterdam and The Netherlands as places where we celebrate each other's differences together.

We are happy to extend our encouragement to Interpride and its Worldpride Committee to select the city of Amsterdam for Worldpride in 2026.

Sincerely, Annemarieke de Haan

Unilever Nederland B.V. Registered office Rotterdam PO Box 160 Commercial Register no 24269393 3000 AD Rotterdam Vat no NL001154904B01 The Netherlands Hofplein 19 Tel: +31(0)10 439 4911 3032 AC Rotterdam Interpride Att: worldpride committee 440 Burroughs street, suite 527 Detroit, MI, 48202 US
Subject: WorldPride 2026
General Manager Unilever Benelux

To the members of the World Pride Committee PostNL N .V. Waldorpstraat 3 2521 CA Den Haag

Date 3 juni 2022


to the Amsterdam Gay World Pride in 2026. As a longtime supporter and sponsor of the Amsterdam Gay Pride, PostNL has found an equal partner in the Amsterdam Gay Pride Organization, together on the road to equality for

We are PostNL: Your favourite deliverer

We deliver parcels every day and mai l five days a week. We are the indispensable link for our customers between senders and recipients, and the connector between the physical and the digital world. We deliver for everyone, every day in, to and from the Benelux countries. With 38,000 employee s, we work hard together every day to deliver special moments. This means that we think ahead and are constantly developing new services. To make sending and receiving as easy as possible for everyone.

PostNL is committed to show ing employees, colleagues and all other stakeholders that inclusiveness is very important t o us. But working on inclusivity at PostNL is much more than participating in the Pride events during Pride month. For us, it is a topic that gets attention all year round. For example, throughout the year we use buses, cars and cargo bikes in rainbow colors as a permanent part of our delivery fleet. And we do much more, including training for employees, research (in collaboration with universities) and an active Pride Network. And also by sharing knowledge with other companies and by conducting a diversity survey among our own staff to gain insight into pot ential bottlenecks. We also actively participate in Coming Out Day, we have a Diversity department with a special confidant and we only deal with third parties with equal diversity policies.

The Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation has proven to be a trustworthy partner when it comes to organizing events on a large scale. For more than 25 years, m illions of people are drawn to our capitol to celebrate life, freedom and equality during the Pride mon th . We are confident that the Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation will, with the support of the City of Amsterdam , make World Pride 2026 into the best event ever .


PostNL N.V. Den Haag KvK nr. 27168968

Bqker MclGnzie.

lnterPride Attn. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, suite 527 Detroit, M|48202 US

5 July 2022

Dear WorldPride Committee,

Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam N.V. Attorneys at law, Tax advisors and Civil-law notaries

Claude Debussylaan 54 1082 MD Amsterdam The Netherlands

P.O. Box2720 í000 CS Amsterdam The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 55í 7555 www.bakerm ckenzie. nl

We write you in support of the Stichting Pride Amsterdam's application to host WorldPride in 2026. Stichting Pride Amsterdam has long demonstrated its ability to organize large-scale annual Pride events. Since 1996, the Stichting is responsible for the well-known Amsterdam Pride, a nine-day festival in Amsterdam with a broad program of Arts & Culture, Sports, Debate and Religious activities. All comes together during the last four days, for ihe biggest street party event of Amsterdam with stages all over the city centre, the world famous Canal Parade with many visitors from all over the world.

During the past year we have been in close contact with Stichting Pride Amsterdam to strengthen our mutual commitment to inclusion and diversity (l&D). Emancipation, legal and social equality and acceptance of all people being 'their authentic selves'. At Baker McKenzie we are focused on driving inclusive representation at all levels, strengthening the experiences of our people, and working with our clients to advance our shared l&D goals. We are about action, about tangible steps we are all making to be better, to do more, to say more, to advocate more and to be catalysts of real change. But we also, importantly, celebrate - for there is much here we can be proud of.

We are pleased with the progress we have made in some areas, but we believe we have to go further and the hard work does not stop. lnclusion and Diversity is not a project to be'completed'. We know this is a true team effort. Each of us has a role to play and together we can challenge ourselves to be better - for each other, for our clients and for the communities in which we live. By teaming up with Stichting Gay Pride - as the first law firm to wraps its whole office in rainbow colors during Pride since 2017 - we believe we can go further and create an inclusive culture for everyone.

World Pride 2026 will draw people to Amsterdam and we are proud to welcome them in the inclusive environment we have created in our diverse city with over 180 nationalities. A city where people can be their authentic selves and celebrate their and our pride together. We have great appreciation for the importance and scale of Stichting Pride Amsterdam's bid and we look foruvard to continuing to work with them to make WorldPride 2026 a success. Please note that the City of Amsterdam was proud host of the lnternational AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018), which took place in Amsterdam in July 2018, and proved to be a fantastic success.

We are happy to extend our encouragement to lnterpride and its WorldPride Committee to select the city of Amsterdam for World 2026, so that we can continue to build upon a culture of respect, engagement and and diversity are the foundations of everything we do.bel where

ng Partner

Baker McKenzie Am sterdam

Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam N.V. has its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is registered with the Trade Register under number 34208804.

Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam N.V. is a member of Baker & McKenzie lnternational, a Swiss Verein. Reference is made to http://www.


Att. WorldPride Committee 440 Burroughs Street, Suite 527 Detroit, MI 48202 US WorldPride 2026

Dear WorldPride Committee,

2026. Stichting Pride Amsterdam is committed to emancipation, social and legal equality and acceptance of gays, bisexuals and lesbians, but also for those who do not want to live their life according to social dominant gender roles or for those who change gender identity Maersk is a new corporate partner with Stichting Pride and will be participating in the Amsterdam Pride. Stichting Pride has demonstrated its ability to hold large scale annual Pride events. We can see they bring to full life the primary objective of the organization, which is to organize activities and events in public space and create public awareness for LGBT rights, both national and international.

At Maersk we support LGBTQI+ inclusion through MIX (Maersk Inclusion Excellence) team and Pride@Maersk Employee Resource Network helping to make Maersk an inclusive place for our employees globally, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expressi on. We protect LGBTQ+ employees by providing a positive, affirmative environment within Maersk and take steps to ensure to address the specific workplace needs of LGBTQ+ people. Maersk played an active role in WorldPride Copehagen in 2021 and our employees have recently been collaborating with S tichting Pride to advocate externally through the Pride events in The Netherlands. We look forward to continuing to work with them to make it a continued success.

We encourage I nterpride and its Worldpride committee to select the city of Amsterdam for the WorldPride in 2026.


Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

About the A.P. Moller Maersk A.P. Moller supply chains. As the global leader in shipping services, the company operates in 130 countries and employs roughly 70,000 people.

31 May 2022

A.P. Moller Maersk Esplanaden 50 1263 Copenhagen K Denmark

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