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Deona Davis Regina Warren


Connie Morgan Diverse Hair Magazine is a subsidiary of AMPS Magazine, a national publication, headquartered in Davenport, Florida. The magazine is published on a quarterly basis. One WRIGHT Company, LLC Davenport, Florida 33837 317-426-7790

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Keema Cherelle


eema’s official name is Shakima Cherelle. Keema is a lady who loves changes in life. She always tries to find something new that will amuse her. She was born in Savannah, Tennessee. Savannah isn’t just a place where she grew up, but it is her favorite place to visit. Her favorite foods are ribs and steak cooked medium-rare. She is the youngest of three siblings. Her brother and father are both army men, which was a major reason for her to join the military. She joined the Air Force in June 2000.

She joined the Air force to get rid of her dad’s strictness. She wanted to live freely without any boundaries. She left her parents home just one month after graduation. Now she is an instructor that trains newcomers in security forces. She was working at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. She is a risk-taker and wants to continue her modeling and/or brand promotion with full devotion. For this purpose, she shared her email address: inquiry@keemacherelle.com. Her views about politics are somehow neutral since she belongs to the army. She is also worried, but hoping that COVID-19 will open people’s eyes and help in the coming elections. Simultaneously, she criticizes Mr. Joe Biden’s discriminatory behavior, who is playing by using black people to get the votes.

Keema has lived in many places in the world such as North Dakota and South Korea. In 2015, she moved to Texas where she still resides today. Keema’s modeling career started from a fun photoshoot by her friend. She really enjoyed it and it became an inspiration for her to continue. Keema is very fitness conscious. She revealed that she loves trueness and doesn’t like to promote things that she doesn’t try or use in her own life. All of her brand ambassador dealings began in 2017 hen a company contacted her to become a brand ambassador. At that time, she started going to the gym and used their products as proof before promoting it. She has become an addict to fitness due to this. She loves to take pictures and it is a phenomenal reason for motivation for her to remain fit. She is always taking pictures and compares it with another picture after a week to check her fitness score. Keema mentioned that approximately seven brands have contacted her through instagram or other social media platforms, but she doesn’t know how they actually found her. Keema is an ambassador for InstaCurve, loc t-shirts, Manscaped Company, and loc Page 04

COVID-19, she prefers to go to the nearest gym to remain fresh and clean in her mind. With her being fitness conscious, she suggests that her fans always try to remain healthy. She wants to tell you that you will get what you put in your body because taking a healthy diet will positively impact your future.


https://www.instagram.com/keemacherelle__/ https://keemacherelle.com/products/total-body-challenge https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-c0eO0nKzO/

hair care companies. According to Keema, it’s hard for brands to find a target audience for their product that appeals to a specific demographic. Keema locked her hair in 2017 after being authorized by the Air Force. She did it because her hair was getting damaged due to tying it back. She has taken this locked hair step that looks awesome and she loves it. As a model, she has become beauty conscious and has three beauticians like Bella, Marty and one more whose work is amazing for her. Other than these, she prefers cardio fasting to remain fit and fine, along with maintaining her figure. Due to

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Reign Capelli Salon 6158 Hillside Ave Indianapolis, IN 46220


The New Era of Locs Get Baptized by

Thierry Baptist Loctician

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In His Words

Derek J DHM: We are with the infamous and famous Derek J. He is the world-renowned stylist taking over Atlanta. What are you doing here at the Bronner Brothers Show this year? Derek J: Well, this year I’m working with Kids Pro and I am also teaching a class; but I come to the Bronner Brothers every year because it’s like a family reunion. I like to come to see people, mix, mingle, network, and all that good stuff . DHM: Tell us what’s the latest and greatest in the ever changing styles today. Derek J: You know what; people are just doing them now. Trends aren’t a real thing. Before this, it was like trends were happening; but now, the trend is you doing your individual thing and being your individual self. That’s really what is happening right now when it comes down to hair. DHM: Tell the audience what your specialty is.


For bookings send info to bookderekj@gmail.com

Derek J: My specialty is hair care. I’m so all about the health of the hair. I do have clients that do weaves and wigs, but they do it because they want to, not because they have to. I’m very big about making sure that their own hair is healthy before we start putting in anything; like these extensions or any protective styles on it.

5917 E. 86th St. Indianapolis, IN 46250 Shop (317) 588-6865 Cell (317) 727-4454

Marlo’s Barbershop

DHM: Are you doing more natural styles or more perms? Derek J: We are not doing relaxers that much anymore. You know, it’s more natural hair now. Not natural styles. I’ll press you out but I’m not a natural hairstylist. I can press you, cut you a style and all that good stuff . DHM: What can the people look forward to from you in 2020?

www.ampsradio.com Page 08

Derek J: You know what; I’m behind the scenes now. You’ll see more of my work on film. Watch TV one, BET, HBO, etc... and you’ll see my work on there.

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Booking info: Tiaradid-this.booksy.com

2419 E. 56th St. Indianapolis, IN 46220 (317) 439-7633


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Dior Sovoa DHM: We have the fabulous, infamous, wonderful and talented celebrity hairstylist Dior Sovoa. Please tell us a little about your background. Where are you from and who have you styled? Dior: I’m originally from DC, but I moved to New York around 2014. After moving to New York, I built my career into being a celebrity stylist, by working hard. One of my biggest clients is the Christmas Queen Mariah Carey. Then, I would also say Donna Brazile, Patti LaBelle, Cicely Tyson, all of the major celebrities. I would say they have grace under these hands. These hands are anointed. DHM: We are in special company right now. What does it takes to be a celebrity stylist? Dior: To be a celebrity stylist, it takes you getting your ego out the way. It’s not about you, it’s about the celebrity. I see a lot of these new stylists and they get it wrong. They think it’s about them and it isn’t. It’s about the celebrity at this point in time; so they have to give it their all and go for it. It takes time, time, time, time. There’s going to be many no’s before they are going to get that one yes; that’s going to change their life. It’s been plenty of times that people told me I wasn’t good enough. Do you think I let that stop me? No, I kept it going and let them know that Dior wasn’t going anywhere. DHM: Okay, confidence is what’s required. Dior: Exactly, definitely requires confidence in yourself. Don’t let anyone steal you from your Craft. Page 12

DHM: Who would you like to style that you haven’t styled? Dior: Whew, where do you go after you style the Christmas Queen? I love touching every celebrity; anybody that I can put my hands on to show God’s gift that I have and get them under my belt to understand hair care. I’m definitely about hair care, that’s my main thing. I always want my celebrities to know that their hair is going to be taken care of. If I can get any celebrity under my belt, I’m definitely happy about that. I love doing everybody and I don’t think anybody is above anybody. DHM: What is your specialty? What is the trend that is going on right now and what’s your vision for 2020? Dior: My vision for 2020 is more natural hair. I see that it’s starting to take over a little bit more; but I definitely want to see some different natural hair trends. The biggest thing that I am known for is the texture waves. Everybody knows that when you see my waves walk down the street, they’re saying, “Oh, Dior did those.” That’s my look! DHM: Ok, I might have to sit in your chair and get some texture waves. What goals do you have for yourself and what do you see yourself achieving in 2020? Dior: 2020, I definitely see myself talking to more of the youth. I definitely want to educate hairstylists on what it takes, how to deal with celebrities and to keep going. I see so many kids get stirred away because they think that they’re not doing a good job and they think that they’re not good enough. I want to be that role model for them and tell them that they are good enough.

DHM: How can someone stay relevant with the trends? Dior: This is where social media comes into play. You want to see what is trending by following other celebrity stylists and see what they’re doing. I also will say create your own trends because you never know. Something I’ve always learned from one of my Glam Aunts is that trends are reoccurring and you never know what’s going to come about. Keep your eyes focused and keep your eyes open to see and make sure that you’re doing what you’re supposed to do as a celebrity or regular hairstylist. You need to read up, and always pick up magazines. Guys… always, always read. If your hairstylist is state educated make sure that you are keeping your cosmetology book current. DHM: I understand this is your first time at the Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show with the Bronner Experience. Dior: It’s a whole different experience. DHM: Yes, Please, tell the audience the difference between the other hair shows you’ve attended versus this hair show. Dior: With this, I get to see so much of my culture and the creativeness of my peers. I also get to see union hairstylists here that are making a name for themselves in the film and TV industry. You don’t really get to see that many people of color that are in the union at other shows; because it’s a hard place for us to get into. I’m definitely like excited to see what’s going on here. I see so many different colors, flips, bright colors, pink and blue eye shadows, and everything. You see so much creativeness from our people and I’m so excited to be here. DHM: How can the audience reach you if they would like for you to mentor them? Dior: Follow me on IG: @DIORSOVOA Definitely send me a DM. Just know, I do reply to everybody. Send me DM’s, ask me questions, it does not matter; I am here to be your hair guru. Okay…

DHM: Any advice or word of wisdom that you would like to share with the audience? Dior: It’s 2020! Get that money! Don’t let anything stop you!

DIVERSE HAIR MAGAZINE A subsidiary of AMPS Magazine that will still follow the main morals of the company, which is to provide a voice of positivity in the community. Diverse Hair Magazine will showcase some of the latest trends in hair for many areas around the US. This magazine will showcase all facets of the beauty and makeup industry, which include but not limited to nails, makeup, clothing, and weave. To learn more information about DHM please reach out to us at info@diversehairmagazine.com

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D Lamont

Lamont describes his fashion collection as custom, one of a kind pieces. He usually focuses on a lot of individuality in his garments. Sometimes, he will reproduce something in different fabrics. Currently, he is looking for new ideas to work on to brand himself in a wider market. He seeks opportunities to come up with a product that he can produce quickly that would be beneficial to a wider scale of clients. During COVID-19 he started designing masks for customers. He continues to show his ability to adapt to what is going on around us. COVID-19 seems like it’s going to be something that’s ongoing for a while. D Lamont has been in the fashion industry for about 25 years which is when he first started attending fashion shows. He started sewing and designing for his own fashions about 20 years ago. Around this same time, he no longer was just a spectator in the industry but started participating and competing in fashion shows. D Lamont designs are so creative that he has been told that people can trace his designs back to him as the designer. He mentions that he is able to get into his creative space by various ways. He may watch an interesting documentary, get inspired by fashion of previous times and current times. He watches and keeps up with fashion weeks around the world which allows him to get ideas from other designers and from other countries. Current and cultural events are also another inspiration to getting D Lamont into his creative space. He is able to apply and mix it up with his own ideas to come up with something new. It is a part of being an artist; they all inspire each other. D Lamont has always liked fashion. He grew up in the inner city with eight brothers and sisters, and his family didn’t have a lot of money. He always had an attraction for high fashion clothing and always dressed a little different, even in school. D Lamont guessed that growing up and not being able to really to afford those things, was a comPage 14

mon story that he heard from a lot of people; but it is what inspired him. He learned how to sew and created his own. According to D Lamont, “I can recreate it or make something similar.” His interest was to pursue and learn how to sew. Now as far as the designing, he has always been artistic. He took art classes and was an art major. He actually studied architectural technology for a year and a half at IUPUI but they didn’t offer fashion design. At first, he got started in designing homes and buildings as his main interest. Then, he veered off into fashion design and mixed it up with his fashion interest. That’s how he kind of got started. D Lamont believes that if someone wants to be a fashion designer they should know that there are a lot of financial aspects to it as well. He started doing competitions and was paying for the travels back and forth, paying for the models, the fabric, their time, hotels, and et cetera; that’s a major thing. A lot of people see

the final product. They come to the show and they see ten, twelve looks and everybody appraises him. Behind the scenes they don’t know how many nights of sleep that have been lost, or that he might’ve skipped out on paying a bill because he wanted to buy extra fabric to be part of his presentation. There are a lot of sacrifices that D Lamont and others have put into it. There was a moment of time where he didn’t have transportation to getting back to the shows. He mentioned how it was really difficult for him to call someone to haul ten or fifteen garments plus accessories and so forth. Then, there was having enough time to totally commit to building his craft, trying to build a product and access to resources. There are a lot of struggles that go into this. D Lamont has been in the game for twenty plus years... and there are some challenges that he overcame. D Lamont says in order to achieve your goals you are going to go through challenges and it’s about your motivation to just continue. The challenge is the red tape and those that can actually push through are the ones that actually make it. D Lamont considers his collection forward fashion. Oftentimes, he thinks about the future when he is creating something because a lot of the things he has designed is for showpieces. He may use an unconventional fabric or maybe a really wild idea. He recalls a few years ago when he did a collaboration with some other artists and a hairstylist. He did a small collection that was only three pieces for a presentation; but it was about the movie ‘Mad Max’. The movie was in the future. Everything had been kind of depleted, they salvaged everything and they learned to live off the things that were already there. He’s always thinking forward at times. He would think that this would be crazy if we would have to wear something like this in the future. He likes to produce wearable things that people will actually wear today with the design element with it as well. If D Lamont had an opportunity to design something for someone it would be Erykah Badu. She’s his favorite artist. He thinks it would be fly to make something for her to wear to perform in. Another reason why D Lamont chooses Erykah Badu is because he believes that her aesthetics are very wild, creative, and different. He can definitely see someone like her wearing his clothes. You can find D Lamont on Facebook: Derek L. Hill Instagram: @dlamontfashions


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Directory FLORIDA Virtuous Beauty Hair Studio 1435 W Busch Blvd Suite E Tampa, FL. 33612 (813) 443-5752 Melanee’s Hair Studio 1313 E Fletcher Ave Tampa, FL. 33612 (813) 857-9050 A Unique Hair Salon 15321 Amberly Dr, Tampa, FL. 33647 (813) 971-0425 Artistry Salon 7502 N Armenia Ave Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 769-9663 Phazes Hair Care 2802 E Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd C Tampa, FL. 33610 (850) 225-6736 Shades of Essence Salon & Boutique 6520 US Highway 301 South Unit 108 Riverview, FL. 33579 (813) 841-6905 THE SHINE Salon 210 S Kings Ave suite p, Brandon, FL. 33511 (813) 758-7758 Black Mane Hair Solutions 4815 E Busch Blvd #203, Tampa, FL. 33617 (813) 515-4229 Hair By Sophia 1309 E. Vine Street. Kissimmee, FL. 34744 407-301-3366 Stylez By Tamara 485 S. Kirkman Rd. Suite 106 Orlando, FL. 32811 813-401-4776

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A-Bout Face Salon 3855 Georgetown Rd. Indianapolis, IN. 46254 317-797-6238

GL Barbershop and Salon 42625 US-27 Suite B8 Davenport, FL. 33837 863-353-2618

Mane Evolution by Shay Jae 4140 Lemmon Ave #20 Dallas, TX. 75219 214-298-4030

Transformation Beauty Salon 2336 US 165 Monroe, La. 71201 318-600-6976

Mahogany The Hair Artist 4638 N. Keystone Ave. Indianapolis, IN. 46208 317-491-8956

Dreadloc Divas 9951 Atlantic Blvd. #410 Jacksonville, FL. 32255 478-284-4055

D.W. Aesthetic & Artistry 5035 Willis Ave. Dallas, TX. 75206 682-717-0411

RudeStylez By Monae 232 N. Stanley Monroe, La. 71201 318-499-6428

Mainstream Hair Boutique 11801 Commerical Dr. , #2A Fishers, IN. 46038 765-381-5810

T Shurpel’s Salon 520 Ole Hwy 15 West Monroe, La. 71291 318-297-0996

Reign Capelli Salon 6158 Hillside Ave. Indinapolis, IN. 46220

TEXAS Touch of Heaven Artistry 7840 FM 1960 East #404, Suite 101 inside Humble, TX. 77346 281-763-8479

LOUISIANA Graceful Beauty LLC 1001 Veterans Blvd Suite: 202 Kenner, La 70065 504-596-1900

J Marie Hair Slaon 10466 Airline Hwy, Suite H Baton Rouge, La. 70816 225-369-5665

Studio Hair 2000 #2 10920 Will Clayton Pkwy #930 Humble, TX. 77396 281-852-9779

Head Mechanix Grooming Lounge

Uptown Salon Suites 301 E. Main Street Humble, TX. 77338 281-968-8851

Creative Images 110 Smith Avenue Monroe, La. 71203 318-343-9905

OMG Salon & Spa 7010 America Way Suite J Dallas, TX. 75237 469-251-9115

The Salon District 1747 Winnsboro Road Monroe, La. 71202 318-791-9499

Naturally Loved Hair Salon 11500 Largo Vista East Farmers Branch, TX. 75234 240-350-8744

Risha’s Hair Care Creations 3604 Jackson Street Monroe, La. 71202 318-366-6421

The Loc Lady 18065 Appleridge Drive Dallas, TX. 75287 972-626-1456

Braids By AliciaMichae 4218 Gaston Street. Monroe, La. 71203 318-803-3153

Dionne’s Salon Christi Love Salon 2605 East 62nd Street Indianapolis, IN. 46220 901-679-3292

Slayed O A DaiLee 1108 E. Red Bird Lane Dallas, TX. 75241 817-718-4665

Seauxfree Locs 715 Jack Mcenery Ave. Monroe, La. 71202 318-348-8395

Magician Beautician 4954 East 56th St. Suite 8 Indianapolis, IN. 46220 317-294-4563

Acute Cutt Salon 9540 Garland Rd. Dallas, TX. 75218 469-231-5072

Hair Bliss 113 Marlabee Drive Monroe, La. 71201 318-582-8207

Ashley Pipes 3709 Shadeland Avenue, Suite J Indianapolis, IN. 46226 317-454-3939

122 S Grand St, Monroe, La 71201 318-600-6127

Twisted By Muff 143 East Airport Avenue Baton Rouge, La. 70806 225-328-0168 Stacey Signature Styles Citiplace Court 2561, Suite 100 Baton Rouge, La. 70808 985-687-3110 Enhanced By Jay 3554 Monterrey Drive Baton Rouge, La. 70814 225-810-9366

Marlos Barbershop 5917 E. 86th Street Indianapolis, IN. 46250 317-727-4454 Tiara Did This 2419 E. 56th Street Indianapolis, IN. 46220 317-439-7633

GEORGIA Runway Curls Boutique 780 North Highland Ave. Atlanta, Ga. 30306 404-832-0801


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Runway Curls Boutique 780 North Highland Ave Atlanta, GA 30306 404-832-0801 https://www.runwaycurls.com Email: info@runwaycurls.com

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Cornell McBride

DHM: We’re here with the great Cornell McBride Sr., who is the CEO and founder of Design Essentials. Please introduce yourself to the people.

Cornell: Yes, I am Cornell McBride Sr. and I’ve been in this business for a long time. My current company is Design Essentials and the parent company name is McBride Research Laboratories. I’ve been around for a long time, and I used to have a company called M & M Products back in 1973 until it was sold in 1989. That was back in the day with Afro. I’m retired now, but my children are running the business. I just come around occasionally just to see what’s going on. DHM: Tell us what sets your products apart from the others and how it’s good for all hair types. Cornell: Well, one of the things that we try to do is to address all of the various hairstyles and hair types because, as you know today you have a tremendous amount of variations. You know it’s not like back it was back in the day when we just did relaxers and that kind of stuff. Now it’s all kinds of styles and so you really have to stay on top of not just the styles, but also the hair type that goes with it. We make a variety of products to cover almost any style that you want. You can do everything from back in days of relaxers to natural products for today. We tend to address all of the various needs that a lady or a man may have with our line Design Essentials. Design Essentials is 30 years old. My background of coming into this was Pharmacy. I came into it from the technical side and developing products back then. We’ve been able to keep up with where the industry is now. Not only do we distribute in America but we distribute all around the world. We’re in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean; we’re all over. That’s what we do. We have a full range of products that cover all hair types and textures.

Cornell: You do have people now whose markets have moved much more to the natural hairstyles and they’ve gone away from the relaxers. In some cases, Relaxers are still there, and people still use relaxers. I think relaxers have been given a bad name because I don’t think that it was the relaxers that was damaging. Its how you use a relaxer that could be damaging; which you can do that with almost any product, particularly a caustic product. Then, as a result, of course, we don’t just make relaxers; we make products for all of the varying natural hairstyles. As a matter of fact, I’m going to take credit. I want to take credit for being one of the pioneers of all of the natural products that’s on the market today, because the forerunner to all these products is a product called StaSof-Fro, which I made. If you look at the ingredients on these products, if you look at what they do in terms of conditioning and stuff like that; all of them, especially for moisturizing the hair are copies of the original products that I made more than 30 years ago called Sta-Sof-Fro.

https://designessentials.com/ https://youtu.be/EHSfRCU1AZQ

DHM: Alright, 30 years! That says a lot! I remember having a conversation with Mr. McBride and he was telling me about the Perms and how people are moving away from Perms. It’s really not the Perm that is the problem; it is actually the stylist. Can you enlighten the people about that process?

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DHM: We are here with Nuekie. Can you please tell us about the Nuekie products? What makes you different from all the rest and why someone should purchase from you? Eunice: My name is Eunice Cofie-Obeng, and I am the Founder and Chief Chemist of Nuekie. Nuekie is an innovative skincare company for people of color. We pride ourselves in being able to combine traditional African medicine with modern science to be able to cater to the skincare needs for people of color. What makes our products great is that it is uniquely formulated for our skin. We take into consideration the unique structure, function of our skin and the common skin disorders that you would find in our skin. Our brand is focused on catering to the demographics that haven’t been addressed for so long. DHM: All right! What are some of the ingredients that are used or are they trademark secrets? Eunice: I’ll say some of it is a trademark secret, but we primarily use plants that are from Africa. It’s not just Shea Butter. There are so many other plants in Africa that have medicinal properties; that if you just harness the power of those active ingredients, they can do wonders to the skin and other parts of the body as well. Our goal is to harness the powers from those plant actives and be able to infuse them into our products so that our consumers can get the best outcomes for their skin. DHM: Explain some of the education or what makes you a specialist in this field? Eunice: I am a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry/molecular biology, University of Cincinnati James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy with a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences with an emphasis in Cosmetic Science and completed the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Global Leadership and Public Policy Executive Education program. DHM: Alright! She’s qualified guys, she’s qualified! Where exactly can someone get your products? Eunice: They can go to www.nuekie.com to learn more about our products, find more information about the skin they’re in, and learn more how to care for their skin of color. Page 26

Make sure you visit the website and support Nuekie.