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AST’s Social Responsibility 2018-2019

Global visión international (gvi) La Tigra reforestation GVI is an international organization that provides an avenue for youth to volunteer in projects ranging from wildlife conservation to community development. GVI Club took a field trip to La Tigra to replant trees in one of the areas destroyed by a fire in May. This was GVI’s first event as the club is brand new this year and it was a success! Advisor: Mr. David Lanza

ElISHEVA GVI Club helped Elisheva Foundation to paint walls and murals in the new community center which will be home to minors of very low resources or who have been sexually abused.

Pre-School Fundaciรณn Abrigo

Fundaciรณn Abrigo presented to our Pre-School a small plaque to recognize and thank them for the yearly donation of corn flour. PS gathered 1,666lb and with this donation, Fundaciรณn Abrigo feeds more than 4,500 people monthly. This donation is part of the Pre-School Social Responsibility program.

Toy drive Pre-School had its annual Toy Drive. This activity is carried out year after year by Pre- School students and staff for our General Service Staff (Cleaning staff, guards, nannies, etc.). Our employees celebrated Christmas with their extended families and enjoyed delicious food, took pictures with Santa, and had a great time!

Elementary School 1st grade solidarity club Elementary first graders together with Solidarity Club celebrated Children’s Day for our support staff as part of the Social Responsibility.

Crisaq 2nd grade fundraiser Each year 2nd graders plan activities to help CRISAQ; a foundation that helps children survivors of burns. This year they raised L.23,000.00!

infracnovi 3rd grade fundraiser 3rd graders sold Candy Grams on Valentines Day in order to raise funds for INFRACNOVI. They raised L.39,230.00!

Cinderella project 3rd grade collected shoes in good condition from their houses, and donated to the children of the Amor y Esperanza school of Tegucigalpa. Third graders collected approximately 360 pairs of shoes for this project. Congratulations 3rd graders! (Character Education)

4th grade Micah Project Each Friday people from Micah go out to the streets to make relationships with the kids that live on the streets and hope they will decide to move to the Micah house. Our fourth grade students prepare delicious meals each Friday for these kids thereby supporting the Micah Project!

5th grade Mini field day to sponsor Special Olympics Honduras

Elementary School students were invited to help Olimpiadas Especiales Honduras by participating in a Mini Field Day organized by the 5th graders, as part of their Social Responsibility activity. All the funds collected went to sponsor the athletes that went to Abu Dhabi to represent Honduras in the Summer World Games. 5th graders raised L.22,327.00 for Olimpiadas Especiales!

Bible club (MS/HS) Thanksgiving lunch

Bible Club celebrated Thanksgiving by visiting the Asilo de Ancianos Salvador Aguirre. Our students prepared lunch, gifts and shared a joyful moment with the elderly. It was a great activity from part of the Bible Club and their advisor Ms. Dulce Lรณpez!

Valle de Angeles trip Bible Club lead by Ms. Maria Elena Matamoros, went to Fundaciรณn Hogar Los Angeles to give donations of food, basic needs, and more important to share a lovely moment with the people in the foundation. The foundation is an orphanage for people with physical and mental disabilities.

Es stuco visits Hospital María Elementary STUCO visited Hospital María and shared special moments with the cancer ward’s patients. They shared their love and brought blessing bags to the kids and cooperated with FUHNICER’s magnificent volunteers.

STUCo Hospital maría visit Student Council went to the Hospital María with toys for the little patients, and to deliver a donation of a fund raising they did to support a Marathon sponsored by Gatorade to benefit the Hospital María de Especialidades Pediátricas.

Christmas baskets The AST family rejoiced as we celebrated Christmas by delivering Christmas baskets to our General Services Employees. STUCO members represented the student body in the delivery.

Art Department Empty bowls Art Department organized the Empty Bowls activity in which the students created a bowl and sell it to raise money to support the Hospital MarĂ­a de Especialidades PediĂĄtricas. The activity raised an amount of L.67,964.86!

pto Navidad sin Frio Each Christmas PTO collects sweaters, coats, pants, etc. and donate these clothes to El Porvenir in Francisco MorazĂĄn, Iglesia de Suyapa, Casa Zulema, Escuela RepĂşblica de Costa Rica, and our General Service staff.

Supplies Drive PTO collected all the remaining supplies after the school year that are in good shape and donated all to the school Alfonso Lacayo in Cayos Cochinos.

Teletรณn Kielsa/ficohsa/loto Ast supports Teletรณn via our Donors! Thank you to Kielsa, Ficohsa, and Loto for this contribution.

Operation smile Día del niño - pespire Operation Smile Club went to Pespire to celebrate ‘‘Children Day’’ to 700 students of Centro Básico Monseñor Turcios. HS/MS Advisor: Mrs. Justa Corea

Miles for smiles

Elementary students run in support of Operation Smiles in the ‘‘Miles for Smiles’’ race. This fundraising event helped children with cleft lip or cleft palate recover from surgery. The race collected L.110.000.00 for the OS patients!

Operation smile missions Operation Smile Club supports the missions by translating, playing with the children before and after surgery, and by bringing food to the families of the patients.

Habitat for humanity Advisor: Mr. Javier Home for eladio Tamashiro

Habitat for Humanity Club concluded one of their projects which was to build a home for one of our staff members, Don Eladio. They had a small house warming and a blessing ceremony.

Let’s help lencho!

Habitat and several Houses started an initiative to help Lencho (Staff member) to collect money for the ‘‘Help Lencho Project’’ which consists in buying bricks so we can build a home to Lencho. During the school year, different activities were planned to raise more money and at the end of the year Habitat collected a total of L.178,000.00.

Bencaleth Thanksgiving lunch Advisor: Ms. Merny Chirinos

Year after year, Bencaleth Club celebrates Thanksgiving with the patients by providing them with a delicious lunch, great music, and a lot of love! Bencaleth is a governmental organization that takes care of patients with muscular dystrophy. The Club also gave a donation of L.5, 308.00 for the necessities of the House.

Relevo por la vida Christmas visit Advisor: Ms. Raquel Molina

Relevo por la Vida members went on their annual Christmas visit to the Centro de Cancer Emma Romero de Callejas, bringing donations, treats and mostly BIG smiles to the center's patients. The Club donated more than L.7,765.00 in products during the whole year!

MOTHER’s day Club Relevo por la Vida celebrated Mother’s Day at the Cancer Center (CCERC) with a big Bash! Our students treated cancer patients, survivors and their families to a delicious brunch that included musical performances, treat bags and surprise gifts to 100 wonderful moms from the Center. It was a Party that celebrated the lives of these mom warriors who fight for their lives with honor and love every day.

pink day October is the month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, and at AST we support this cause. During October, our students and staff dressed PINK to create awareness. This activity was sponsored by the club Relevo por la vida.


Middle School and High School house systems were involved in the recollection of cans for the Honduran Red Cross. Each house had their own food item to be collected. At the end of this period NJHS collected a total of 450 cans that were delivered in a little ceremony for the Red Cross as a symbolic gesture. Advisor: Mrs. Karen Hesse

GLOBAL ISSUES NETWORK Advisors: Mrs. Marici Girรณn GIN INITIATIVES Mrs. Karen Hesse All the initiatives carried out by our Global Issues Network (GIN) have

been a HUGE success this year. The last two have made a great impact on our environment and society. 1. GIN made a donation of P.E. uniforms to a school in Amapala. 2. As part of the Good Deeds Day they made a campaign to recycle electronics.

GIN bee awareness During the school year GIN Club has being promoting the Bee Awareness. They organized a Movie Night, and attended different events as they worked closely with environmental sustainability and the protection of the bees. During these events, GIN also promoted other projects like A Hand for Athletes, Girls Supporting Girls, Water Awareness, and more.

skip the straw One of GIN bigger projects together with our Dining Hall this year was the Drop the Straw in which they accomplished the elimination of the regular plastic straw and they now use straws made from avocado which are eco-friendly.

Creating a school garden Gin got together with the Dining Hall and Character Education Department to create a school garden, and planting species and plants that later can be used by our Cafeteria.

Cepudo Cepudo Activities throughout the year

Cepudo does a lot of activities during the school year as part of their social responsibility, this includes: visit to the Hospital Escuela, visit to Miqueas Project, the Asilo Ciudad Blanca, Escuela JosĂŠ Cecilio del Valle and Kinder RepĂşblica de China. In all this visits, Cepudo donated shoes, uniforms, food, and most important the time and a lot of laughs and love for the people. At the end of the year Cepudo Club donated L.50,000 to Cepudo activities! Advisor: Ms. Sthefany Hasbun

General Services staff gift card The maintenance and cleaning personnel received gift cards for Paiz or Walmart as a Thank You for helping clean up our school every day!

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Ms. Yillian Izaguirre Pizcas de amor Advisors: Mr. Emmanuel Jaén SHH launched their cookbook ‘‘Pizcas de Amor’’ to benefit Fundación Hondureña para El Niño con Cáncer. All the profits raised from the cookbooks sales went to the Fundación Hondureña para El Niño con Cáncer. The total amount collected was L.120, 000.00!

One for one tutoring Advisor: Ms. Nena Alvarado One For One Club gave tutoring throughout the year to the children of our General Services staff to help them reinforce and clear out any doubts they have in school.

Escuelas Apoyando Escuelas Advisor: Ms. Merny Chirinos Mr. Michael Morrill

Escuelas Apoyando Escuelas donated L.4,008 in uniforms and went to some less fortunate schools to share some materials, great memories and fun to the kids!

Blood drive Cruz roja hondureĂąa Parents, Staff, and 12th grade students (18 & older) had the opportunity to donate blood to the Honduran Red Cross.

Vaping Talk to highschool With Dr. Fulton High School students received a lecture on ‘‘Vaping’’ and how it damages to the body and brain in our Performing Arts Center. Dr. Fulton, who has extensive knowledge on this topic, answered some questions made by our HS students.

Cyber Awareness talk Homeland Security Special Agent Mauro Lรณpez of Homeland Security, came to our school to give a very important talk about cyber awareness to our students and parents. We congratulate Agent Lรณpez and also we want to thank the US Embassy for this incredibly important donation.

Trabajo educativo social Seniors 2019

This year, our Seniors as part of their Trabajo Educativo Social went each Saturday to the Cerro Juana Laínez to help reforest the hill in cooperation with Fundación Ecológica de Tegucigalpa (FET). It was an amazing experience with incredible success. Our Seniors also donated L.10,798 to Relevo por la vida Club for activities! Advisors: Mr. Carlos Corrales Ms. Merny Chirinos

Good deeds day (Teacher association)

Ast teachers joined the global movement Good Deeds Day which was held this year on Sunday April 7th. This is a day about doing good actions in the community. Our teachers went to Fundación Hondureña para El Niño con Cáncer and spent time, snacks and some gifts with the patients

American School General Service graduation A group of our General Service staff graduated from the Everyday English course of the English Academy. The school sponsored and motivated them to participate in this educational challenge.

Día Del Niño ‘‘CEBG’’ Our school through its Legal Office, donated gifts, candy bags, cake and others to ‘‘CEBG Francisca Reyes’’ in celebrations of the Honduran Children’s Day.

Alianza francesa

As part of the educational partnership between the American School and the Alianza Francesa, AST gave a donation of L20,000.00 for the project Dar Vida a las Paredes del Orfanato ‘‘La Casa Hogar de Madre Leonarda’’ in Limón Honduras.

Thank you eagles!

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Social Responsibility 2018-2019 American School of Tegucigalpa  

Social Responsibility 2018-2019 American School of Tegucigalpa