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Constant wattage heating foil 230 Volt No need of transformers!

A new alternative of heating up houses z Comfortable z Safe z Requiring no maintenance z Low energy consumption z Environmentally friendly z Easy to install z 230 Volt z Approved by Semko z CE marked

With the heat in the right place!

Everyone should have floor heating. Everybody should have the opportunity of experiencing the comfort and wellbeing provided by floor heating. It is easy to install - irrespective of the foundation - and leads to a better heat economy as well as to a more comfortable indoor climate. It is a well-known fact that our body feels and works better in a room where we have approx. 20°C at the level of our head. On the other hand the floor temperature should be some degrees higher. Then you will not get gold feet and your whole body will be kept warm. This is usually called the ideal distribution of heat in the room. Take care of yourself and enjoy the comfortable indoor climate which floor heating gives.

We are convinced – EVERYBODY should have floor heating!

The above sketch shows the heat distribution in a room with radiators and floor heating alternatively. It is also showing the so called "ideal distribution curve". People feel better when the heat distribution corresponds with this curve. By using floor heating you almost obtain these conditions.

Where is Vinnyflex installed? VINNYFLEX heating foil is approved by Semko and Nemko for laying in floors. The foil may be installed in dry, dirty, wet rooms easily set on fire, on condition that conduits and connections are approved for the purpose. Bathrooms very often have built-in slopes and other obstacles. Therefore heating foils are not necessarily the best solution for a total heating installation. Heating cable is another alternative, which can be laid on larger surfaces, for instance around toilets. Why not test Velox Floorheat, a self-limiting heating cable which can be cut to required length direct on the site.

Comfort The VINNYFLEX heating system is based on evenly distributed heat over large surfaces. A slightly relevated temperature in these surfaces gives even and comfortable heat in the whole room. VINNYFLEX meets the human being's natural heat requirement!

Safety VINNYFLEX is an "invisible" heating system based on a low-tempered heating source, there is no possibility for any contact with the body. The danger of fire is almost eliminated. VINNYFLEX is an idealistic heating system for families with children, to whom the feeling of security and safety is the main thing! Vinnyflex is approved by Semko according to the latest standard with higher requirements on the product than the earlier norm. For instance tests have been made where overheating was simulated on floors during one week with full power. The thermostat was disconnected. The heat release occurring at such error must not exceed 80째C in order not to risk that material close at hand is put on fire, and also not to cause interruption in the foil which later on could lead to danger for persons or fire. Vinnyflex heating foil passed these very hard tests.

Guarantee for ten years According to Alem 91 we leave a product guarantee for two years on Vinnyflex foil. On condition that the installation is done according to current regulations by an authorized installation contractor, you have further 10 years guarantee. The installation contractor will give guarantee on the work according to the Swedish equivalent of the Sale of Goods Act.

Environment The VINNYFLEX heating system emits heat over large surfaces with low temperatures, which reduces the drying up of the air and minimizes air streams that cause spread of dust from the floor. VINNYFLEX gives a cleaner and healthier air!

Delivered in rolls and cut on site VINNYFLEX consists of a semi-conductive carbon solution, put in stripes on a thin plastic foil. The stripes are laying between two supply bus-bars of thin rolled silver-plated copper. Then it is laminated and the result is a transparent strong foil. When the current is connected the carbon solution acts as resistance between the two bus-bars. The carbon stripes are connected in parallel and each stripe is a locked unit which will work independently of the others. Thus overheating and errors are avoided. This results inn a very good heat distribution and high reliability in operation. Should you damage or get a disruption in one "transverse stripe", only this one will be out of power, the other elements will work normally. TAKE CONTACT WITH YOUR LOCAL FLOOR SUPPLIER- OR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION CONTRACTOR FOR MORE INFORMATION AND QUOTATIONS.

Reseller: Tel: +46 (0)301-418 50, Email: Industrihuset, S-430 64 Hällingsjö, Fax. +46 (0)301-406 95 S. Hedenbyn 43, S-931 91 Skellefteå, Fax. +46 (0)910-881 33

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Vinnyflex heating foil


Vinnyflex heating foil

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