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A Year in Review 2017 ANNUAL REPORT

The Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Hospital | Caspary Research Institute The Institute for Postgraduate Education The Cancer Institute | Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education


A Letter from AMC Leadership

Dear Friends and Supporters, The Animal Medical Center continued to thrive in 2017, as perhaps best exemplified by the growing volume of patients coming through our doors every day. In 2017, we had more than 52,000 patient visits, a nearly eight percent increase over the previous year. In order to continue to offer the highest quality veterinary care at our Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Hospital, while, at the same time, managing this high demand for service, we hired several new staff doctors, welcomed an executive director of client relations onto our senior management team, and continued planning for a major renovation of the hospital, which will provide more clinical space and a more comfortable environment for our patients and clients. In October, we were pleased to welcome surgical oncologist Dr. Katie Kennedy to the staff of The Cancer Institute. Dr. Kennedy, one of only a few veterinary surgical oncologists practicing today, is working with her colleagues to integrate surgery with other cancer treatment modalities, such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, to better accommodate our growing caseload and ensure that each oncology patient receives the best possible care. In 2017, AMC also launched the Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education, an exciting new initiative designed to inform and empower pet owners and to educate the public. With our staff of over 100 doctors and the knowledge gained from more than 100 years of experience, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the best and most up-to-date information about pet health—not only to those who use our clinical services, but to pet owners throughout the country and the world. The Usdan Institute is providing an important platform to broaden our reach and strengthen our impact. Thanks to you, our donors, we made great progress in fulfilling all aspects of our non-profit mission—education, research and the provision of charitable clinical care to those in financial need— throughout 2017.

With your support, 553 companion animals received over $1.5 million in subsidized care through our nine charitable community funds. We continued to provide advanced specialty training to the most highly qualified graduates of the leading veterinary schools through our internship and residency programs. Our doctors continued to conduct clinical investigations of naturally occurring diseases in pets, often in collaboration with physicians studying the same illnesses in humans, to enable more effective diagnoses, advance medical and surgical treatments, and prevent disease in animals and humans alike. All of these accomplishments were made possible because of your philanthropic support. We are grateful that our donors understand the importance of our mission and through generous contributions allow us to make a difference, not only in the lives of the pets and people we serve, but in the broader world of veterinary medicine. On behalf of the AMC Board and staff, we thank you. With gratitude,

Kate Coyne Chief Executive Officer

Robert Liberman Chairman



Board of Trustees




Mr. Robert Liberman Chairman

Mrs. William Acquavella

Dr. Henry Kaufman

Mrs. Jason Adelman

Edith McBean

Gabrielle Armand

Mrs. William H. Pitt

Mrs. Edwin M. Burke

Mr. Langhorne Reid, III

Mrs. Kenneth Langone Vice Chairman Mr. Neil M. McCarthy Vice Chairman Katharine Johnson Rayner Vice Chairman Susan L. Baker Treasurer Mrs. David T Schiff Secretary

Dr. Elisabeth J. Cohen Moya Coulson Mr. Bruce Crawford William D. DeHoff, DVM Mrs. J. Pepe Fanjul Tina Santi Flaherty Hal L. Folander, MD Mr. David B. Ford Laura Garner Kathie Lee Gifford Alexandra C. Goelet Michael Heaner Jane R. Horvitz Mrs. Henry Kissinger Sharon Amsterdam Koplin Mrs. H. Frederick Krimendahl II Professor Iris C. Love Marianne C. Mebane Elizabeth W. Y. Moore Alan H. Rebar, DVM, PhD Mrs. Oscar de la Renta Ann R. Tisch* Eva Colin Usdan Mrs. Janet B. York *indicates Board members who joined in 2018


Compassionate Programs & Charitable Funds

AMC’s charitable programs are central to our mission and our efforts to protect and strengthen the profound connection between people and their pets. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, in 2017, AMC provided over $1.5 million in subsidized care through our nine charitable community funds, including AMC to the Rescue, 401K-9 Fund, Patient Assistance Fund, and the Frank V.D. Lloyd Fund for Guide Dogs.

“It’s only because of AMC to the Rescue that Princess was able to heal and find an incredible home.” Patricia Fessman, President and Founder of Timber’s Legacy


Education & Research

“AMC is certainly busier than anywhere I’ll ever work again, so just managing a day here is an experience that no other resident in the country will get. This place is big and bustling, but I can always get a consult immediately from a senior staff doctor because he or she is just down the hall. This collaborative environment means that we can offer an amazing quality of medicine.” Dr. Beryl Swanson, AMC resident in Neurology

For over 50 years, AMC has offered veterinarians the opportunity to pursue additional training through the rigorous internship and residency programs of our Institute for Postgraduate Education. This invaluable educational experience provides an opportunity for veterinarians to reinforce, extend, and refine their clinical skills while enhancing their diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. At the Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Hospital at AMC, the large and varied caseload, combined with a high level of specialty support by experienced veterinarians and board certified veterinary specialists, creates an invigorating learning environment. AMC’s internship and residency programs are extremely competitive and highly sought after, which means that AMC is able to select from a large pool of exceptional candidates. In 2017, AMC received 263 applications for 22 internship spots. AMC offers residencies in numerous specialties including Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Surgery, and Emergency and Critical Care. Each three-year residency is intended to lead to board certification. In 2017, AMC had 30 residents in various stages of their three-year clinical training programs, each supervised by a board certified specialist. Each AMC resident plans and executes a research project leading to a scientific manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed professional publication. Research is a fundamental component of AMC’s founding mission, and we are proud to advance veterinary medicine by pioneering new discoveries and progressive treatments. Through our Caspary Research Institute, AMC veterinarians work to understand the origins of diseases, to develop preventive measures, and ultimately to achieve cures. Our doctors conduct clinical investigations of naturally occurring diseases in pets, often in collaboration with physicians studying the same illness in humans, in pursuit of an evidence-based understanding of the disease process. Some studies undertaken in 2017 included investigating the most effective way to administer medications to dogs with first-time congestive heart failure, comparing treatments for canine periodontal disease, and investigating the use of stem cells to treat dogs with osteoarthritis.


AMC’s research scientists seek to discover new, safe and effective methods to diagnose and treat naturally occurring diseases.

This page: Dr. Brian Petrovsky visits an elementary school in Harlem to discuss veterinary careers with young students. Right: Dermatologist Dr. Mark Macina provides information on treating seasonal allergies in pets.


Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education

In 2017, AMC launched our newest initiative, the Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education, which is designed to inform and empower pet owners and to educate the public on animal health related topics. To oversee the Institute, AMC appointed Jaclyn Skidmore, an infectious disease epidemiologist with extensive experience in the field of public health, as director. We are fortunate to have Jaclyn on staff, along with a veterinary team who have a wealth of knowledge that they are eager to share with a broad audience. Information is disseminated using a variety of platforms including AMC’s website, a monthly “Ask the Vet” radio talk show airing on the first Friday of each month at 1:00 p.m. ET on SiriusXM Stars 109, topical discussions at AMC, speaking engagements at partner institutions, open houses at AMC, and various social media posts. Usdan Institute discussions at AMC in 2017 included “Arthritis Treatment in Dogs,” with Dr. Leilani Alvarez, “Treating Seasonal Allergies” with Dr. Mark Macina, and “Pet Poisons” with Dr. Carly Fox.

“The Usdan Institute translates AMC’s scientific and technical knowledge into a userfriendly format so that pet owners everywhere can benefit from our expertise.” Jaclyn Skidmore, Director


Global One Health Day & One Health Conference

“At AMC, One Health has a very special meaning as many of our board certified veterinarians work closely with physicians from leading health institutions to help improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases shared by people and pets.” Dr. Philip Fox DVM, MS, DACVIM/ECVIM (Cardiology), DACVECC Head of Cardiology and Director, Caspary Research Institute


AMC participated in Global One Health Day on November 2nd, joining other institutions worldwide to raise public awareness of the collaborative efforts of health professionals in different fields to ensure the well-being of people, animals and the environment. AMC’s Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education marked the day with a full schedule of lectures, how-to sessions, and tours, which were free and open to the public. On November 4th, the Animal Medical Center conducted its third annual One Health Conference: Connecting Human and Veterinary Medicine, A Comparative Approach to Cardiology. The 70 participants, experts in both human and veterinary medicine, explored topics such as cardiac genomics, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, pulmonary hypertension, and tracheomalacia. The day-long conference was held in partnership with the Clinical and Translational Science Center at Weill Cornell Medicine. Philip Fox, DVM, MS, DACVIM/ECVIM (Cardiology), DACVECC, Head of Cardiology and Director of the Caspary Research Institute, delivered the keynote address.

Above: Dr. Emily Dozeman provides tips on pet first aid at Global One Health Day. Right: Dr. Leilani Alvarez and Veterinary Assistant Kaitlyn Hennessey demonstrate pet massage techniques during Global One Health Day.




Wellington Florida Event February 24, 2017 | Home of Elizabeth Monaco McCarthy and Neil M. McCarthy | AMC once again sponsored the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL. Over 100 guests joined us for a reception and silent auction, in support of AMC’s compassionate community funds.

Opposite Page: Georgina Bloomberg and Alex Hamer Left: Suzy Drason and Claire Stevenson Below: AMC’s sponsored jump on display at the International Equestrian Center in Wellington.


The Wrong Dog Book Launch Party to Benefit AMC April 7, 2017 | Home of Joss Ruggles and David Sackler | All proceeds from the party to celebrate the launch of David Elliot Cohen’s book, The Wrong Dog, were designated to benefit the Emergency and Critical Care Service. David Sackler, CEO Kate Coyne, Joss Ruggles, and author David Elliot Cohen

Living Legends Luncheon May 9, 2017 | The Harmonie Club | Our ninth annual luncheon to honor pets who survived extraordinary medical challenges thanks to the care provided at AMC and the dedication of their owners.


Left: CEO Kate Coyne, Valerie Loei with Princess and Dr. Lauren Wiley Right: Seated: Trustee Emilia Krimendahl, Gail Gilbert, Arianna Boardman, Trustees Donna Acquavella and Emilia Fanjul Standing: Trustee Marianne Mebane, CEO Kate Coyne, Trustee Elaine Langone

Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education Inaugural Event June 13, 2017 | Animal Medical Center | AMC launched the new Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education with a public lecture by Dr. Leilani Alvarez, Head of Integrative & Rehabilitative Medicine, on the latest treatments for arthritis in dogs.

Top Left: Trustees Elaine Langone, Lisa Schiff, Katharine Rayner and Jane Horvitz Above: Trustees Dr. William DeHoff and Liz Moore Bottom Left: Dr. Leilani Alvarez


Ellin Prince Speyer Legacy Society Luncheon June 14, 2017 | Animal Medical Center | A luncheon to express our appreciation for those who have made a legacy gift to AMC. Left: Trustee Neil M. McCarthy and Linda Kofmehl Below: Dr. Philip Fox, Trustee Janet York, William Carmel


White Coat Ceremony June 19, 2017 | Animal Medical Center | The 2018 incoming class of 22 interns was welcomed with an official presentation of their AMC White Coats.

Graduation June 27, 2017 | The Rockefeller University | The 2017 graduating class was comprised of 22 interns, six specialty interns and 10 residents.

Left: 2017 Graduating Residents Right: Dr. Chick Weisse, Specialty Intern Dr. Cleo Rogatko, and CEO Kate Coyne


Golden Paw Reception September 27, 2017 | The Doubles Club | AMC’s annual celebration of our Golden Paw Society donors.

Left: Amy Lettieri and Ina Top Right: Kevin Magid, CFO Paul Greene, Jackie Magid Bottom Right: David Song and Anita Lee

President’s Council Dinner October 3, 2017 | The ‘21’ Club | AMC thanks our President’s Council donors with a dinner in their honor.


Left: CEO Kate Coyne addresses President’s Council members Right: Richard and Donna Pressman

Top Dog Gala December 12, 2017 | Cipriani 42nd Street | Nearly 500 guests attended AMC’s Top Dog Gala to honor animal advocate and philanthropist Georgina Bloomberg with the Brooke Astor Award, as well as K-9 Officer Mitchell, a member of the Jamestown, NY police department’s tracking patrol and narcotics team, and several members of the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Office of Fire Prevention and Control Canine Accelerant Detection Program.

Above Left: Investigator Kristi Geary, Gala Co-Chair Elizabeth Monaco McCarthy, Honoree Georgina Bloomberg, CEO Kate Coyne Above Right: Alison Minton and Kathleen Giordano Right: Trustee Gabrielle Armand, David T Schiff, Trustee Lisa Schiff, Trustee Kathie Lee Gifford, Clive Davis, Eva Mohr and Greg Schriefer


Societies President’s Council The President’s Council is AMC’s leadership donor group, comprised of benefactors who believe in the importance of providing world-class veterinary care to all the pets we serve. Donors who contribute $10,000 or more annually are invited to become members of the President’s Council and join a growing list of individuals whose generosity and foresight has allowed our doctors to advance the veterinary field.


Left: Maria DiMeglio and Judith Lidsky Opposite Page: Dr. Anthony Fischetti, Dr. Brett Harling, Kim Folander and Trustee Hal Folander

Golden Paw Society AMC’s committed and loyal supporters understand the importance of our work and the critical role they play in helping us fulfill our mission. Those who give $1,000 or more annually are invited to become members of the Golden Paw Society and join a like-minded group of donors who value our efforts to provide more innovative and compassionate veterinary treatment to companion animals and their families.

Ellin Prince Speyer Legacy Society The Ellin Prince Speyer Legacy Society welcomes members who have made a commitment to AMC through a bequest, retirement plan, life insurance, life-income or other legacy gift. AMC began over 100 years ago with Ellin Prince Speyer’s vision of promoting compassionate animal care, and making it available to pet owners of all means. Since then, AMC has evolved into one of New York’s most vital and beloved institutions. The commitment of AMC’s Legacy Society members will ensure our ability to carry out advanced treatment, research, education, and compassionate care for companion animals well into the future. 21


These ďŹ nancial summaries were compiled by management. All figures are rounded to the nearest $100,000. A copy of the 2017 Audited Financial Statements can be obtained by sending a written request to the Animal Medical Center c/o Chief Financial Officer, or by visiting our website at www.amcny.org.

Statement of Activities • Year Ended December 31, 2017 Revenue and Support Professional services revenue




Special event revenue, net of expenses


Rental income, net of expenses


Investment income and other revenue




Expenses Operating Expenses*


General Services


Fiscal Services


Administrative Services







*includes Education, Research and Charitable Care


$44,800,000 (1,000,000) $8,600,000

Balance Sheet Summary • Year Ended December 31, 2017 Assets Cash




Contributions and pledges receivable


Accounts receivable, prepaid expenses and other assets


Property and equipment, net TOTAL ASSETS

37,800,000 $92,200,000

Liabilities and Net Assets LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued expenses Accrued pension plan costs Mortgage payable

$5,000,000 1,100,000 10,000,000

Other liabilities


Deferred revenue




NET ASSETS Unrestricted


Temporarily restricted


Permanently restricted





$92,200,000 23



Mr. and Mrs. J. Pepe Fanjul

Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Hal L. Folander

The Elmer & Mamdouha Bobst Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Druckenmiller Mrs. Tina Santi Flaherty Ms. Pamela J. Keld Mrs. H. Frederick Krimendahl II Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liberman Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. McCarthy Mrs. Barbara Picower

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ford Francis Goelet Charitable Lead Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Goelet The Florence Gould Foundation

The Michele and Agnes Cestone Foundation Ms. Barbara Dauphin Mr. and Mrs. Millard S. Drexler Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keith Elbaum The Lincoln Ellsworth Foundation


Mr. John Bradham Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brodsky

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Stoga

Mrs. Stephanie A. Coleman

Ms. Margaretta J. Taylor

Dr. Tina L. Waltke and Ms. Mary Jane Constant

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horvitz

Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation

The C.A.L. Foundation

Mrs. Rodman C. Rockefeller

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Braddock

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Carter

Mr. and Mrs. John Usdan

Mrs. Edward M. Burke

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Roberts

Mr. Steven Boxer

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Siegel

Mr. and Mrs. Mel Karmazin

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

Mrs. Oscar de la Renta

Ms. Terry L. Andreas and Mr. John Hewig

Mr. and Mrs. David T Schiff

Bloomberg LP

Mrs. Susan Paine

Mr. and Mrs. D. Dixon Boardman

Ms. Joss Ruggles and Mr. David A. Sackler

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Acquavella

Mr. and Mrs. Clement C. Moore, II

Best Pet Rx Specialty Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

Ms. Laura A. Garner and Mr. Roger Hardon

Katharine J. Rayner Fund


The Ambrose Monell Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Kissinger Ms. Linda D. Kofmehl Mr. and Mrs. Cary Koplin Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Langone The Ralph and Ricky Lauren Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paulo Lima Ms. Susan L. Baker and Mr. Michael R. Lynch Mrs. James Marcus Ms. Edith McBean Mrs. Marianne C. Mebane The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Charitable Trust For Animals

Ms. Sara Tecchia Mr. and Mrs. John Welch, Jr. Mrs. Janet B. York

$10,000-$24,999 Mr. and Mrs. Jason T. Adelman Mr. and Mrs. Pasco Alfaro Ms. Susan K. Allen Mrs. John M. Angelo Anonymous Donors (2) Mr. Scott Asen Dr. Nikki F. Atkins and Mr. Erwin L. Atkins

Ms. Anne S. Buford

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Coulson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Crown Mr. Douglas Benson and Mr. Paul Dassenko Mr. and Mrs. Michel David-Weill The Dearie Family Charitable Trust Dr. and Mrs. William D. DeHoff Mr. Rob Marshall and Mr. John Deluca Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Ehrenkranz

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Barkus

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Eichenberger

Mr. Scott Rudin and Mr. John Barlow

Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Einhorn

Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Berlind

Ms. Alixandra G. Englund

Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Bernstein

Mr. Jerry I. Speyer and Ms. Katherine Farley Ms. Maxine Frank

The Bruce G. Geary Foundation

Laura J. Niles Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Geist

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Nussbaum


Mr. and Mrs. Alexander L. Bolen

One Ten Group, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Abernathy

Ms. Virginia R. Bonaro

Pannonia Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Adelson

Princess Giulia Borghese

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Glynn GNYHA Ventures, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Goldstein Ms. Bonnie Gorman Ms. Kathryn Graham

Ms. Ana Maria Pérez Ms. Kaitlin Trinh and Mr. Myles Pollin


Mrs. Catherine Adler Air Twiga Animal Rescue

Ms. Phoebe Washburn and Mr. A. J. Bocchino

Ms. Emily J. Brill Ms. Donna E. Brion Ambassador and Mrs. W. L. L. Brown, Jr.

Mrs. Alan C. Greenberg

The Mrs. Cheever Porter Foundation, Inc.

American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians

Dr. Elisabeth J. Cohen and Dr. Robert I. Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Hayward R. Pressman

Animal Cancer Foundation

Brown & Brown of Garden City, Inc.

Anonymous Donors (6)

Ms. Nicola Heryet

Mrs. Donald Bruckmann

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pyne

Madelyn M. Antoncic, Ph.D.

Mr. Alan S. Honig

Ms. Elizabeth Buckman

The Raiff Foundation

Aratana Therapeutics, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes Halpern

Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Rales

Mr. Zainal Arifin

The Janice Spencer Calkin Foundation

Ms. Nancy L. Wender and Mr. Steven J. Rand

Mr. Michael J. Asta

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

Ms. Sandra Atlas Bass

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Callander Margarita T. CamachoWinter, MD

The C and A Johnson Family Foundation

Mr. Jason W. Redlus Ms. Joanne E. Ronson

The Howard Johnson Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Augustine

Ms. Joan Chapman Roth

Bannerot-Lappe Foundation

Ms. Mikki Shaw and Mr. Peter Capek

Dr. Margaret R. Ruttenberg and Mr. John C. Ruttenberg

Mr. Ronald J. Baranowski

Mr. William A. Carmell

Barbara Parker Fine Jewelry

Ms. Gloria M. Castillo

Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Barbato

Caudwell Wingate Company, LLC

Ms. Caroline E. Bassett

Mr. and Mrs. Mohamed R. Chalabi

Dr. and Mrs. Henry K. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin V. Lambert Carolyn and Steven Landsman Dr. Betsy D. Lawrence and Mr. Bryan H. Lawrence The Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation, Inc. Ms. Karen Lerner Ms. Judith Lidsky The Lipton Foundation Ms. Melinda L. Lloyd The Arthur Loeb Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Schorsch Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Schwarzman Mr. and Mrs. John Sculley Ms. Clara Weyergraf-Serra and Mr. Richard Serra

Bawd Foundation

Muriel F. Siebert Foundation

Mr. Frederick Bear

Ms. Barbara J. Slifka

Mrs. A. William J. Becker, III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Steel

Ms. Kathleen Lamb and Mr. Eduard H. Beit

Ms. Beth Ostrosky Stern and Mr. Howard Stern Dr. Anita Krishnan and Mr. Anil C. Stevens

Audrey Love Charitable Foundation

Ms. Rea R. Tully

Ms. Mary G. Herms and Mr. Ryan J. Marshall

Ms. Linda J. Wachner

Ms. Brigitte Vosse

Ms. Carol McMahon-O’Neill

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Meckler

Ms. Margaret Geer Walker

Mr. Michael Heaner and Mr. David Michaud

Mr. Steven C. Witkoff

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Mullen

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Baumann

Ms. Deborah Miller Zabel and Mr. William D. Zabel, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Benson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Berger Mr. and Mrs. William R. Berkley Ms. Patricia A. Berman Ms. Arlene Covney and Mr. Michael Berner

City Parking Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Cogan Ms. Laureen Seeger and Mr. David Elliot Cohen Ms. Cali J. Cole Robert Reed Cole, Ph.D. Ms. Lois Conway Ms. Kathryn W. Coyne Mrs. Lucy Cribben Ms. Kathleen E. Schaaf and Mr. Stephen W. Cropper Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Curtis

Bessemer Trust Company

Mrs. Helen Daniels

Best Friends Animal Society

The Joe & Hellen Darion Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Nancy H. Gilmartin and Mr. Vincent A. Blasi

Ms. Cecily Davis

Ms. Emma B. Bloomberg

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Davis

Ms. Georgina Bloomberg

Mr. Donald W. De Leo


Madam Barbara de Portago

Ms. Alexa Gangemi

Mr. Robert de Rothschild

Mr. Jeffrey H. Gansberg

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Dewey

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Garten

Mr. and Mrs. Albert K. DiMeglio Mr. Mark Dobbin

Mr. and Mrs. Trevor B. Gibbons Mr. Charles L. Glazer Mr. Alan S. Gleit

Ms. Debra November and Dr. Eric A. Karp

Ms. Marianne Rossi and Mr. Robert Lohse

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Robert Lovejoy

Ms. Beth Rogers and Mr. Jeffrey Katz Dr. Karen Kennedy and Mr. Kevin Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. Locke Maddock Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Marino The Helen R. and Harold C. Mayer Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Mary Salinger Glucksman

Ms. Antoinette GuerinniMaraldi and Mr. Hans W. Kertess

Mr. Alan C. Drewsen

Mr. Paul Arnhold and Mr. Wes Gordon

Mr. Keith Fox and Mr. Tom F. Keyes

Dr. Charles W. Drocea

Ms. Julie Gould

Ms. Grace Kim

Ms. Katie P. Gerlach and Mr. Keith S. Merrill

Ms. J. Whitney Pizale and Mr. Ryan Dzierniejko

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gourary

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. King

Ms. Katarina Mesarovich

Penny Grant, MD

Mr. John R. Kinghan

Mr. John L. Metro

The Grateful Foundation

Mrs. Beth Klein

Mr. Cary A. Meyers

Ms. Karen Eckhoff

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Greenstein

Ms. Christine Delisle and Mr. Kenneth M. Klein

Ms. Suzanne E. Stone and Mr. Paul Miles

Daniel J. and Edith A. Ehrlich Family Foundation

Griffon Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Knott

Mr. Russell K. Miller

Ellen and Robert Grimes

Ms. Lillian E. Kraemer

Ms. Alison Minton

Ms. Suzanne Grinberg

Mr. and Mrs. Werner H. Kramarsky

A.S. Mitchell Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kramer

Ms. Susan Moriconi

Ms. Nancy Meyrich and Mr. Richard P. Krasnow

Ms. Jan Mullen

Mrs. Vivian Donnelley Dr. and Mrs. Joseph William Donner, Jr.

Ms. Crista Earl Mr. Frederick Eberstadt

EisnerAmper LLP Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elghanayan Ms. Joyce M. Englund Mr. Donald Eugene Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Eule Mr. Robert B. Fagenson Dr. and Mrs. John T. Fallon, III Mr. and Mrs. Jose P. Fanjul Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Grumbach, Jr. Ms. Agnes Gund Mr. Alex Hamer Mr. Guy E. Harley Ms. Donna Hasil Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hauser The Helmar Foundation

Mr. George L. Farias

Robert & Arnold Hoffman Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Ferrero, Jr.

Mr. Jeffrey A. Schoenfeld and Mr. Matt Holbein

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Finn

Mrs. Dominique F. Laffont Mr. Henry A. Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Lamm Mr. and Mrs. Jon Landau Ms. Despina Leandrou and Mr. Michael V. Laudati

Mr. and Mrs. Rory McEvoy Mr. and Mrs. Alan Menken

Ms. Starr Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Neff Ms. Eileen S. Nemeroff Ms. Lynn Nesbit Mrs. Carol R. Netzer Dr. Barbara Nitsch Ms. Cristina F. Noble

Mr. Phil Layoso

Ms. Susan G. Noddle

Mr. and Mrs. David Lazarus

Ms. Sassona Norton

Ms. Rebecca B. Hsu

Ms. Joan A. Leake

Mr. Robert V. Fish

Ms. Kazuko Ishida

Dr. and Mrs. Jay B. Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Israel

Ms. Patricia E. Harris and Mr. Mark Lebow

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Novielli

Ms. Jeanne Donovan Fisher Fleming Foundation

Mr. Henry Ittleson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Lehrer, Esq.

Ms. Nancy L. Kuhn and Mr. Bernard Nussbaum Ms. Jackie Barth and Mr. Jay Nydick

Mr. Andrew M. Jacobson

Mr. Kyle Smith and Mr. Julius Leiman-Carbia

Mr. and Mrs. David Jaffe

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Levine

Mr. and Mrs. Noah Osnos

Mr. Robert Fluet

Jaguar Animal Health

Ms. June Ozmon

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Foster

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Jennings

Levy Holm Pellegrino & Drath, LLP

John J. Flemm Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Jaime Frankfurt Mr. John I. Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Bertram F. French


Mr. and Mrs. Les Lieberman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Olmsted

Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Palin Mrs. Donna Park


Mr. and Mrs. R. Linclau

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Jonas

Mr. Adam F. Lippes

Patterson Belknap Webb and Tyler LLP

Ms. Alyssa Kamlet

Ms. Beatrice Liu

Mr. Robert C. Paul

Mrs. Dorothy A. Paulsen Mr. David P. Pearson Ms. Emilia H. Fanjul-Pfeifler and Mr. Brian C. Pfeifler Ms. Danka Pinkosova PKF O’Connor Davies LLP Plumbline Life Sciences USA, Inc. Ms. Ilene Fine and Dr. Jay Pomerance

Ms. Pamela D. Zilly and Mr. John H. Schaefer

Ms. Reed Elfenbein and Mr. David Stier

Honorable Jane Hartley and Mr. Ralph Schlosstein

Stokes Pharmacy

Ms. Susan Schnelwar

Alan and Katherine Stroock Fund

Ms. Diane Crane and Mr. Michael Schoeman Ms. Victoria Schorsch Drs. Thomas and Cynthia Sculco

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Street

Mrs. Diane Sunshine Ms. Eleanor S. CampbellSwank and Mr. Darrell Swank

Mr. Andrew D. Zacks ZGF Architects LLP Ms. Marlene Hess and Mr. James D. Zirin Dr. Susan S. Zuccotti Ms. Tara Kelleher and Mr. Roy Zuckerberg Mollie Zweig Foundation

Ms. Szilvia J. SzmukTanenbaum


Mr. John Metzner and Mr. Stan Ponte

Ms. Dianne LaBasse and Mr. Alan D. Seget

Ms. Karen Taylor

Estate of Sophie Ahmad

Ms. Barbara Poolin

Mrs. Benjamin D. Seligman

Mrs. Topsy Taylor

Estate of Carlette M. Allen

Prince Associates, Inc.

Ms. Nicole Seligman

Mrs. Kiono K. Thomas

Estate of Elizabeth Cannaday

The Puppy Up Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Shafiroff

Mr. Lewis E. Topper

Estate of Ray Marie DiLieto

Ms. Mindy S. Miller and Mr. Robert M. Rayner

Ms. Patti Shields

Ms. Jean Touroff

Estate of Alfred DiNapoli

Mr. and Mrs. Myer O. Sigal

Ms. Susan Traub

Estate of Lorraine W. Drury

Ms. Susan Silbermann

Ms. Jocelyn Sandor Urban

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Silver

Mr. and Mrs. E. Massie Valentine

Elsie Ferguson Egan Foundation Trust

Mr. Andrew Silverman

R. G. Vanderweil Engineers, LLP

The Robert H. Farrington and Sylvia Stark Farrington Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Vavra

Estate of Johanna Fiedler


Estate of Audrey E. Frey

VetDC, Inc.

Estate of Somers Gardner

Veterinary Cyberknife Partners, LLC

Estate of Dolores Gray

Ms. Marsha Wagner

Estate of Donald T. Johnson

Lucy R. Waletzky, MD

Estate of Elaine Kennedy

Mr. Maurice Sonnenberg

Ms. Hsiao Yun Wang

Estate of Theresa Kennedy

Mrs. Daisy M. Soros

Mr. Philip M. Waterman, III

Estate of Milton Novie Estate of Susanne Oberwager

Ms. Dorothy Rosensweig

Martin and Toni Sosnoff Foundation

J. Weinstein Foundation Mrs. Mary Jane Weiskopf

Estate of Angela M. Patinella

Ms. Stacy Rosenwaks

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Spade

Ms. Jacqueline Weld

Estate of Cyrelle Pinar

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Rosten

Charles Spear Charitable Trust

Nina W. Werblow Charitable Trust

Estate of Ingrid H. Ravel

Ms. Patricia A. Poglinco and Mr. Geoffrey Stein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wilder, Jr.

Estate of Renate Schaefer

James and Frances Stein Foundation

Ms. Deborah E. Wiley

Olive Stengel Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Rudin

Mrs. Elizabeth Gilmor Wills

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Felix Sackler

Honorable and Mrs. Sidney Stein

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Wilson

Estate of Emily Graham Storrow

Beth Sackler, Ph.D.

Stephens-Holt Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Winoker

Mrs. Marjorie F. Samuels

Ms. Nora Lavori and Mr. Alex Sterling

Mrs. Kim A. White and Mr. Kurt J. Wolfgruber

The Bulova Stetson Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Yang

Ms. Kasiya Jittanuch and Mr. Darryl M. Razzaia Dr. Susan Mc Laughlin and Dr. Alan H. Rebar Ms. Angela M. Reed Mr. David Ritter

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Siskind

Mr. Robert J. Rizzo

Ms. Petra Slater

Allen and Heidi Roberts

Mr. Joel E. Smilow

Ms. Yuko Ogino and Mr. Thomas Neil Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Snyder

Mr. Gary Rogers

Ms. Anita Y. Lee and Mr. David S. Song

Ms. Candice Bergen and Mr. Marshall Rose Mr. and Mrs. Les Rosenberg The Rosensteil Foundation

Mrs. Daryl Roth Ms. Cheryl Rothman Mr. and Mrs. David J. Roux

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sandow

Estate of Charles Gruber

Estate of Susan S. Rolfe

Henry Borst and Anne K. Wietecki Charitable



Kathryn Coyne Chief Executive Officer Carol Dinsmore Chief Operating Officer

Specialties & Services

Paul Greene Chief Financial Officer



Cyndi Brown, DVM, DABVP (Avian)

Lisa Bazzle, DVM, DACVECC

Courtney Rabb Chief Strategy Officer

Katherine Quesenberry, DVM, MPH, DABVP (Avian)

Dava Cazzolli, DVM, DACVECC


Carly Fox, DVM

Betsy Bond, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

Christine Keyserling, DVM

Philip Fox DVM, MS, DACVIM/ECVIM (Cardiology), DACVECC Director, Caspary Research Institute Alexandra van der Woerdt, DVM, MS, DACVO, DECVO Director, Institute for Postgraduate Education Liana Everaert Executive Director of Client Relations

Philip Fox, DVM, MS, DACVIM/ ECVIM (Cardiology), DACVECC Dennis Trafny, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)


Kim Denroche, DVM

Jennifer Prittie, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM), DACVECC Andrea Trafny, DVM Nili Uhrman, DVM Joel Weltman, DVM, DACVECC, PhD Kristina Willoughby, VMD Ann Marie Zollo, DVM, DACVECC

Michelle Friedman Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Caitlin Roswell, DVM Jessica Wallach, VMD


Donna Weissman Executive Director of Development



Linda Faison Director of Organizational Development and Human Resources Jaclyn Skidmore Director, Usdan Institute for Animal Health Education

Daniel Carmichael, DVM, DAVDC Django Martel, DVM, DAVDC

Barry Cherno, DVM, CVA, CCRT

Stephen Riback, DVM



Elizabeth Appleman, VMD, DACVIM (SAIM)

Mark Macina, DVM


Douglas Palma, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM) Dennis Slade, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)



Ellin Prince Speyer Legacy Society Members Anonymous Donors (6)

Linda D. Kofmehl

Madelyn Antoncic, Ph.D.

Fred* and Emilia Krimendahl

Ms. Julie Babka and Dr. Joseph Feldman

Ruth Lapin


Melanie Balousek

Abbie Lebowitz, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

Ms. Caroline Bassett

Ms. Norma R. Lewin

John McCue, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM, Neurology)

Joan B. Levine, DDS and Jonah B. Berman, OD

Chad West, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

Ms. Judith Binus


Deirdre Brady

Maria Camps, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM, Oncology) Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM, Oncology) Katie Kennedy, DVM, MS, DAVCS-SA Nicole Leibman, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Oncology)

Ms. Fern Beckman

Dr. and Mrs. Edward* Gerock Boyette Ms. Alexandra Buck Marjorie R. Bukzin Mrs. Edwin M. Burke Mr. William A. Carmell Elizabeth Marr and Robert Chase Joni Maya Cherbo, Ph.D. Betty Chiao


Y. Daphne Coelho-Adam

Alexandra van der Woerdt, DVM, MS, DACVO, DECVO

Ms. Marie C. Cole


Carol Cucchiara

Heather Daverio, DVM, DACVP Taryn Donovan, DVM, DACVP Andrea Siegel, DVM, DACVP (Clinical Pathology)


Dr. Tina L. Waltke and Ms. Mary Jane Constant Cecily and Roy* Davis David DePorte Maria and Albert DiMeglio Ms. Jane L. Emery Donald Eugene Family Trust Ms. Mary C. Fey Mrs. Tina Santi Flaherty Nancy B. Fray Joan Fricke


Alexandra C. Goelet

Rob Hart, DVM, DACVS

Gretchen Grant

Pamela Schwartz, DVM, DACVS, CCRP

Ellen and Robert Grimes Mr. Robert B. Johnson

Janice Levine Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liberman Helene F. Linden Claire K. Lindgren Professor Iris C. Love Susan Baker and Michael Lynch Mrs. James Marcus Ms. Nadine Mc Carthy Mr. and Ms. Neil M. McCarthy James G. McMurtry, III M.D. Mr. Michael Heaner and Mr. David Michaud Mr. and Mrs. Clement C. Moore, II Ms. Caryn Eve Murray Ms. Irene Muschel Eileen Nemeroff Joy* and Al Nussbaum Kane and Martin Nussbaum Delia L. Peters Ms. Laurie Pulaski Mr. Robert Restivo Elsie Saccone Mrs. David T Schiff Paula Sidewater Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Slater Mr. Bruce Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Stuart Ms. Ronnie Taffet Ms. Atsuko Watanabe Janet York Elizabeth Yule *deceased

Daniel Spector, DVM, DACVS


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AMC Annual Report 2017  

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