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Chasing Dreams An exploration into the dream world; a journey of discovery and spiritual awakening

Written and Illustrated by Amber Hone

Over the course of several months, I documented my dreams. Some, were unbelievably ordinary and uninspiring; I will spare you those. However some, opened up an entire world of potential hidden meanings and messages that I was completely oblivious to in the past. I feel as though I have jumped into a world that everyone has access to, but is so often overlooked. Lucid dreaming, past life regression and hypnosis are just some of the more spiritual elements that I have been introduced to during this journey. Scientific research may contradict these ideologies, and of course, there must be some truth to this research, but it doesn’t mean that all spiritual concepts are disregarded.


I myself, am an extremely curious individual. Being able to interpret my dreams from both a scientific, and spiritual angle, has allowed me to open my mind to the abilities of the human brain. On a deeper level, it has also prompted thought into wider, and more controversial elements, surrounding life’s purpose and creation. Hopefully, my experience will inspire you to try to interpret your own dreams, and like me, want to jump into bed each night to see what your brain conjures up! In order for you to understand me a little better, I have created a character profile for myself. I believe that this will help you to interpret my dreams based on your own beliefs and opinions. I have included factors that have risen throughout my research surrounding the subject of dream interpretation. My sleep history is pretty ordinary, besides my childhood reoccuring dreams and the occasional bout of insomnia, i’d say it was ‘normal’. Often there are connections between these personal factors and your dreams. It can help explain things to you. Whilst forming an opinion my dreams, I invite you to create a similar exercise, to assist you on the interpretation of your own dreams. Perhaps there is more to our dreams?... Perhaps there isn’t? I’ll let you decide.


Physical Health: I have gynaecological issues and I have Name: chronic migraines. Amber Lily Hone Medications: Age: I take preventative migraine medication, 22 medication for when I have an active Gender: migraine, hormones to manage Female gynaecological issues and contraception, Birthday: and I also take anxiety medication. 8/11/1998 Reoccurring Dreams: Favourite Animal: I did experience a reoccurring nightmare Fox as a child. Relationship with Money: Immediate Family: I’m a saver! Mum, Dad, Sister (Hannah, 19) and Brother Occupation: (James, 15) Degree student, freelance Illustrator and Personality Traits: I work part time in a vape shop. I’m an empath. I cry extremely easily. I am Future Aspirations: unselfish and kind. To be a mum, and to be full time Negative Personality Traits: employed within the creative industry. I hold a grudge. I am explicit with my Pets: opinions and thoughts. I am stubborn and A dog named Toffee (Westiepoo) quite irritable. Relationship Status: Childhood: In a relationship for 8+ years (Jamie, 23) Happy. My siblings and I didn’t want for Favourite place: anything. We were loved and surrounded by Being at home family. I was an anxious child though; I Hobbies: experienced mild compulsions caused Illustration, embroidery, reading, gaming by emetophobia. Fears and Phobias: Mental Heath: I have a phobia of being sick I have suffered with depression in the past (emetophobia). I also have a difficult and I currently suffer with anxiety and panic. relationship with authority. Social Circle: Most influential people in my life: limited. Mostly family. I have 2 close friends. My Mum, Nan, and Jamie. 2

I myself, am not a scientist! However, I wanted to find out what scientific research has been undertaken in relation to dreaming. As I understand it, according to the majority of scientific research, dreams can occur at any stage of your sleep cycle. Usually, dreaming occurs during REM sleep. This stands for ‘Rapid Eye Movement’. There are 4 main stages of sleep that each of us experiences. Please do not interpret my opinions as science, because it is far from it!


The first stage is non REM sleep. I like to think of this stage as the ‘relaxation period’. During this stage, things within your body begin to slow down and relax. For example, your heartbeat and eye movements slow and your breathing becomes more shallow. This is also the stage where your body starts to ‘twitch’ as though you’re falling! I’m sure you have experienced this! During the second stage, you experience light sleep before you slip into a deeper slumber. The body’s muscles relax further, and your eye movements stop. You spend the majority of your sleep cycle in this stage. The body temperature drops and the brain experiences brief bursts of electrical activity. Once the next stage occurs, you will experience deep sleep. This is necessary to feel as though you are well rested. Brain waves become also become slower.

REM sleep occurs during the first 90 minutes of falling asleep. During this period, the eyes begin to move from side to side under the eyelids. Some research suggests that the body is paralysed whilst you dream, to prevent you from acting out your dreams. It is also thought that the eyes move as though they were experiencing the dream in real life. For example, if the person was dreaming about walking up some stairs, their eye movements may resemble this. The speed of your breathing, and your blood pressure increases. The mixed frequency brain wave activity also becomes closer to what can be seen when a person is awake. This means that while you’re in this stage, the brain lights up like a Christmas tree! 4

The Amygdala is an almond shaped structure within the brain that is particularly active during REM sleep. This part of the brain is responsible for processing emotions. The prefrontal cortex appears to be shut off during a REM sleep which explains why sometimes our dreams are extremely illogical and strange. This is how some scientists justify unexplainable dreams. The hippocampus is the part of the brain which controls memory, both long term and short term.

There are several theories about what causes someone to dream and why we dream in the first place. One theory suggests that dreams play a part in sorting through the various inputs that the brain receives each day. Dreams may help to sort out what information it needs to keep, and what information it throws away. I assume that the hippocampus also collaborates here! Another theory involves dreams simply reflecting our emotions.

This theory suggests that during the day, the brain processes lots of different thoughts and signals. During a dream, the repressed emotions may present themselves, and take the form of abstract scenarios and imagery. The theory that I assume no one reading this book wants to hear, is the It is thought that this part of the theory that suggests that dreams are simply useless. brain is often associated with Dreams are simply just random brain activity that dreams, because the majority usually occurs during REM sleep. (Bryant) I of dreams contain personally, disregard this theory! imagery from a past experiences (Wamsley). This may suggest what causes the individual to experience a dream. Perhaps a particular memory has interfered with the amygdala and created a crazy combination of emotion and memory? Again, I’m not a scientist though!



I don’t have any particular beliefs in a spiritual sense; religious or otherwise. However, after reading ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr Brian Weiss, it opened by mind to the concept of reincarnation and the potential of past lives. By looking deeper into my dreams, I was able to interpret this possibility in relation to my own life… and those previously. I took part in several past life regression sessions to see if I could enter a more spiritual environment through my dreams, or within a state of hypnosis. I saw my dreams to be the product of looking through a key hole into something much more profound.


The product of these past life regression sessions have potential to be both a figment of my imagination, or perhaps conclusive evidence of a dream like state, opening the door to reincarnation. I am not here to persuade you one way or another, I haven’t made up my mind either. Exploring the concept of frightening reoccurring dreams within my childhood, has also contributed to the exploration of this subject.

Other books such as ‘Past lives, Present Dreams’ by Denise Linn, as well as documentaries such as ‘Surviving Death’ directed by Ricki Stern, have also played a role in not only educating me about spiritual connections to dreams, but opening the door to intrigue and creating potential personal beliefs. Khama, has also found its way into my dream interpretation. Within Buddhism, it is believed that we can create bad Khama during our dreams. This again, ties into reincarnation. It is only when you have reached ‘true enlightenment’ will your dreams cease. Within Buddhism, visions created in your dreams may be from this life, or a past life. It is believed that dreams provide you with the insight into repressed emotions and to understand your mind state. It is interesting how Carl Jung believed similar; “The dream shows the inner truth and reality of the patient as it really is: not as I conjecture it to be, and not as he would like it to be, but as it is.”

I have researched into the concept of Auras. I noticed how the atmosphere (or aura) within the room before reaching a dream like state can influence the subjects and emotions within a dream. I have certainty experienced this. Perhaps having an argument with my partner before bed just simply irritated me, and caused me to have a nightmare? Or it could be something more spiritual. This lead me to explore environmental factors and objects such as dream catchers, I dream at least once a night and I have now noticed an increase in coloured dreaming. Colour within and their role within dreams. dreams plays a prominent part in my own Lucid dreaming has also interpretation. Perhaps it stems from the years of intrigued me. Often people colour theory annotations within my creative studies. have lucid dreamt without even I think there is a connection between colour and realising it! Over the course of emotion. This can be seen within art, and within a these past months, I have only dream. A dream after all, is supposedly revealing lucid dreamt once. I have your true, underlying emotions and desires. fallen asleep to several lucid dreaming hypnosis sessions I have tried to interpret my dreams with an unbiased and as far as I know, it didn’t mindset, but it has been unbelievably interesting cause me to lucid dream. I did to look deeper into my dreams to discover hidden however, always dream. Since messages and potential fragments of past lives. There I have been documenting and is always a chance that I am fabricating such spiritual studying my dreams, I have meaning unknowingly, but I suppose it is a mystery noticed an increase in that will never be solved. Dream interpretation is not my dreams. an exact science, and often is down to a personal interpretation, I have tried my best to achieve this. 8

Coming to terms with uncertainty, was very freeing. I have always been so frustrated that I was never going to know the full story about the universe. There are so many unanswered questions within science, so I’m sure there is allowed to be a few within the spiritual world? I see myself as being somewhat naïve; I tend to believe that majority of stories that I hear. The rawness that I experienced when watching the case studies within ‘Surviving Death’ was undeniable! There is every chance that the documentary was fabricated, or dramatically exaggerated, but… my gut feeling is that they weren’t. The case study that was the main focus of ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ also created a very real, very deep connection with me. This was when I really began to connect the dots! Depending on your personal beliefs, the concept of reincarnation and past lives may appear a little far fetched, and that’s ok! I encourage you to take part in your own research and connect your own dots between your dreams, fears, personality traits, and the potential of past lives. I was determined to find out more about my personal journey. So naturally, I threw myself into a past life regression hypnosis session. The results of the hour long hypnosis, was astonishing. At first I thought that perhaps I was just making all of this up?! My critical mind was trying to disprove each fragment that I could ‘remember’ of this particular life. Denise Linn wrote in ‘Past Lives, Present Dreams’ “you are always ‘making it up’, no matter what you are experiencing. Just let go.” This allowed me to let go of my critical thinking and delve deeper into my creative, imaginative side, to welcome each tiny fragment. 9

Dr Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist, hypnotherapist and author, discussed how one particular patient of his, managed to recall ‘masters’ during their regression sessions. This was new to me. I understood the ‘masters’ to be fully developed spirits that seem to be located at the ‘middle point’ between each life. These beings, as per my understanding, know all, and see all. It is believed that these ‘masters’, ‘teachers’ or ’guides’ may present themselves within your dreams. Opening this door within my mind, allowed me to come in contact with mine. 10

I was first introduced to the concept of reincarnation and the potential of past lives whilst watching a series on Netflix called ‘Surviving Death’ directed by Ricki Stern. The final episode delved into childhood reoccurring nightmares and their connection to past life fragments revealing themselves. This absolutely fascinated me. I think this was because I too, had a reoccurring nightmare as a child. After the episode was over, I found myself falling down a very deep rabbit hole about all things past lives! I purchased two fascinating books; ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss and ‘Past Lives, Present Dreams’ by Denise Linn. I also educated myself about religious beliefs around the concept of reincarnation which introduced me the world of Khama within dreams.


The connection between reincarnation and the dream world, sparked an undeniable curiosity inside me. I experienced an epiphany that… perhaps my childhood dream may hold the answers about certain fears? What if the dream revealed to me how I died in a past life!? I felt as though throughout my whole life of dreaming, I had been missing signs and messages in relation to my past lives. Perhaps our dreams are more than just random imagery…

I discovered that various people, from different backgrounds and beliefs, have different interpretations of how reincarnation works and how/why it happens. I had so many unanswered questions that welcomed the scepticism. I didn’t have a particularly strong religious upbringing; no religion was ever pushed upon me. I grew up, being allowed to form my own opinions about the world; and this was what I intended to do. Up to this point, I understand reincarnation to revolve around Khama and trauma. I believe that your soul is constantly learning and evolving through various lessons and teachings that it acquires through various lives. Once a fully enlightened soul has been achieved, it is allowed to pass over to reunite with God or whichever Devine being/place this may be.

Khama can be made during any life and if it not resolved within that current life, then it may carry over into the next, to be resolved. It is believed that many fears and phobias that cannot be explained within your current life, may have been formed within another life. For example, if you have a emetophobia; a phobia of vomiting (as I do), perhaps you died of a horrendous illness that caused excessive vomiting. Perhaps your claustrophobia comes from being trapped in another life? There is no way to be certain. Other factors such as personality traits, may have also began within a past life? Jealousy for example; in order for a soul to develop, it must learn to let go of these negative traits, and resolve them. negative traits, and resolve them. ened soul has been achieved, it is allowed to pass over to reunite with God or whichever Devine being/place this may be. 12

It seems like they were SYMBOLS more threatening, part of a - Shoes wider group or something. - Rope We were trying to escape, - Trees running around what - A tram seemed to be Disney land - Foxes Paris. I could see the - Guns elaborate pathing and the large foundations. We came - Medicine - The Eiffel Tower across a group of people who had lots of foxes on COLOURS leads and were shooting them. Apparently they were - Brown I then wanted to put my shoes just poachers?...This - Yellow seemed normal to everyone - Green back on, but they had been stolen as well! I questioned a else but I felt really shocked - Black and scared. lady who had a similar pair - Silver but they weren’t mine. We - White went into a bathroom to find As we were trying to escape, we had to walk over tram them and looked in lost property. There was a similar tracks. Between the rails, pair but not mine. They were were groups of poachers green jelly shoes with a black that were whispering about purchasing the foxes. We strap. I remember the green very vividly, on the shoes as tried to keep out of sight. well as on the green trees that We hid behind a stationary I could see from the top of the train. It was made from wood and looked very old. Eiffel Tower. I then was with an old friend and a few other people who I don’t remember, and we were trying to escape the ‘bad people’ who were stealing peoples medications. THE DREAM: I dreamt that I was in Paris with Jamie and some of my family. We went up the Eiffel Tower in the lift. There were no walls, just open air around the lift and there was a man at the top with a large rope controlling the lift. When we got to the bottom, we noticed that all of our medication was stolen.


SLEEP ENVIRONMENT - Relaxed - Calm - I fell asleep with the TV left on

PEOPLE - An old school friend - Fox poachers - A middle aged woman - A random group of people - Strangers

LOCATIONS - The Eiffel Tower - Disney Land Paris - Tram lines

EMOTIONS - Scared - Shocked - Threatened - Disappointed - Curious


INTERPRETATION: I have several dreams that involve the Eiffel Tower, I am unsure why this is. I don’t have any particular connections to Paris in my current life so there is always a possibility that Paris or the Eiffel Tower could have had an influence on a past life. Within the dream, the Eiffel Tower is perceived to be dangerous. There were structural issues with it which made me feel very scared within the dream. There were several ‘bad people’ within the dream; thieves and poachers. The entire experience had a very negative atmosphere to it. I found it odd that I saw such an old fashioned looking tram in the dream...were wooden trams used in Paris in the past? I did some research and I discovered that ‘From 1855 to 1938, Paris was served by an extensive tramway network’ (Wikipedia). The Eiffel Tower was built between 1887 and 1889. This allows for fragments of this dream to indeed have been from a past life. 15

This dream has caused me to wonder if fragments of past lives can be combined into less meaningful and random dreams. There were elements of this dream which are quite clearly illogical and imaginary. But others, felt very real. I rememeber the tram and tracks very clearly, the colours had more of a sepia tone, where as the rest of the dream was more vivid. I wonder if fragments of past lives can be combined into random dreams which leave you to neglect the meaningful elements. How many dreams could I have had like this? 16



- My bed - A plastic pot - Pyjamas - Spiders - Bees - Bugs

- Jamie

- Yellow - Light blue - Black - Brown - Dark blue




- My bedrrom - My bed

- Relaxed - Calm - Fell asleep to the TV

- Scared - Cringed - Shivery



THE DREAM: I dreamt that Jamie and I were in bed and I felt something crawling on me. I got out of bed and shook my pyjamas, and spiders fell out. There were 4 black spiders there was also a blue bug with long black legs. I checked my skin and I was covered in red bites. I looked up and there were spiders all over the walls and floor. I woke Jamie up to help me get rid of them. I sat on the bed. As I looked up, I saw that there was a huge spiders web, but really intricate. Trapped in the web, we’re hundreds of small bees. Jamie got a plastic pot and tried to collect the bees. I was scared. It was like being in a horror film.

INTERPRETATION: A few nights ago, my insomnia was in full force. It got to about 3am, and as I turned over, I noticed a black blob moving in my peripheral vision. As I focused my eyes, I noticed that it was a spider. Jamie was asleep and I didn’t have the heart to wake him. I had to sort out this situation alone. I did manage to squish the spider, after a little pep talk with myself. I wouldn’t usually kill it, I would get a glass and take it outside. However, this particular spider encounter was at 3am, and I didn’t have a glass or container to hand! I did feel guilty about this at the time. I managed to sleep semi peacefully after this… after my adrenaline settled! The dream I experienced on the 26th, I think, is a direct correlation to this situation. 18

Thinking more spiritually, this dream may resemble the soul of the spider. Perhaps I invited bad Khama when I killed the insect. The dream that I experienced, was extremely unpleasant. It is almost as though the essence of spiders and insects have ganged up on me within a dream! The imagery of my bitten skin within the dream, could also resemble a sense of punishment for killing the spider. Other negative emotions that I felt within the dream, could have also came from the general sense of fear that I felt when I had to get rid of the spider.


‘Bees are good dream symbols. They usually symbolise good luck and happiness. They are a sign of improvements in your life.’ -






- A wooden house - White roses - A straw bed - Sheep - A fountain - Sandals - White robes

- Yellow - White - Brown - Green

- In a state of hypnosis - Very calm




- My ‘Mother’ Marilee - My ‘Brother’ Handson - Myself as ‘Theraclese’

- The Town Centre - The wooden house - In a Sheep field - by my ‘Mothers’ death bed

- Sad - Tired - Poor - Grieving



DATE: 26/03/21

I managed to put myself into a deep state of hypnosis after several nights of trying. I followed a guided past life regression hypnosis and the results were very exciting. I was in a state of hypnosis for the entire session which lasted an hour. I was taken back to a time period which I think was about 600BC. I saw myself as a teenage boy named Theraclese. I was wearing white loose clothes with a brown belt and brown sandals. I had a mum called Marilee and a brother named Handson. My mother was unwell. I was in the centre of town by large white buildings and a white fountain. There were white rose bushes next to the fountain. I picked some flowers for my mother because I knew she was unwell. I walked back home to a small wooden and straw house. My mother was lying on a straw bed in the one upstairs room. There were wooden planks above her from the roof. It was very small. This is where she died. I worked as a sheep farmer with my brother until I died in the same bed that my mother died in. We were very poor.

I was very surprised that I was able to ‘see’ such a detailed regression. The emotions that I experienced within the regression were mirrored within my physical body. It felt like I was dreaming but more lucidly? It was like a dream but slightly more detailed. There is always a chance that my brain fabricated this whole scene from various stimuli that I have seen/heard/experienced throughout my life. However, I cannot link what I experienced to any recent events. I never studied history or have any interest in it, so I am surprised that my brain regressed to 600BC. In terms of the lessons that are to be learnt from the regression, I feel as though its purpose is perseverance. I have recently been struggling with severe anxiety and have often had thoughts of giving up certain hobbies and passions. This hypnosis helped me to see how I overcame the grief that I felt when my ‘Mother’ died and continued to work hard as a sheep farmer and care for my younger brother. I should learn to persevere in life. 22

THE DREAM: I was on a bus or some sort of public transport with my Nan. I was sitting by the window of the vehicle. I looked over and saw a group of people on the other side of the bus that were dressed strangely. I caught one of the men’s eyes and he started to tell me things about myself. The man was very old. He must have been 90 years old. He knew it was my birthday and he knew that I was unhappy. He was friendly. He said that my Nan and ‘the boy’ (Jamie) will help me to feel better.




- The bus/transport - Trees -Eyes - Robes - Elderly people

- My Nan - The man (spirit guide) - A group of elderly people



- White - Yellow - Purple - Brown - Red - Blue - Green

- On the bus/transport - Looking out at the trees



- I Fell asleep at 3am - Safe - Sleep meditation - Calm - Suffering with insomnia - Suprised

He told me that the unhappiness/anxiety that I am experiencing is temporary and to not let it rule my day to day life. He was a very old man and his eye colour kept changing. His eyes changed from white, to yellow and to purple. He was wrapped in long pieces of fabric like ropes. When I was observing them, I thought they were Monks or part of some sort of spiritual group. I got the impression that the man was extremely wise. I was unsure where we were travelling to, but I felt very safe and reassured after he spoke to me. 24

INTERPRETATION: When I woke up from this dream I couldn’t believe what I had just experienced. This dream was so much more profound than any other dream I had recalled before. The dream was unbelievably vivid; the colour changing eyes of the man will stay with me for a very long time. I believe that I was receiving a message from my ‘spirit guide’ or ‘master’. The purpose of the dream was to console me.


I had been struggling with chronic anxiety for several months at this point and I was beginning to lose hope that I would/could recover. I believe that this dream was a way of guiding me through these negative experiences. The man told me that my Nan and Jamie were going to help me overcome these struggles. I am writing this a month since experiencing this dream, and I can honestly say that I have never felt closer to the pair of them. They both have a very strong influence on my life.

I felt as though I was travelling through a different time during the dream. It was almost as though it didn’t really matter where we were travelling, it was the journey that mattered. The man knew everything about me. It may seem spooky, but during the dream I was extremely calm and comforted. I believe that this dream was an exceptional experience and I have been trying to come in contact with my ‘spirit guide’ ever since. I am continuing to listen to lucid dream hypnosis’s, as well as spirit guide meditations to help me, but I haven’t managed to make contact since. Perhaps the meeting was purely to guide me through the anxiety that I was experiencing. Now that I am making progress towards recovery, the meetings are no longer necessary. So far, no further contact has been possible.


THE DREAM: I dreamt that I was walking outside of a sort of old village? It looked quite wealthy, there were big cathedrals and buildings in white. All of a sudden I noticed a huge shooting star travelling across the sky. It was day time though. I followed the sky with my eyes and the meteor hit the ground out of sight. A part of it chipped off In the sky and burst into green fire. All of a sudden loads of meteors began to fall from the sky and hit the ground. One hit right in front of me. Everyone that lived there began to run away from the meteors. We noticed that there was a bomb attached to them so it was going to explode the village. We all ran inside a large building at the top of a hill to escape. All of a sudden an elderly lady was there and I had to try to save her. She couldn’t walk so I dragged her by her legs to safety. 27



- Meteors - Green fire - Fallen buildings - A village - A large hill - Grass - Fire

- An unknown elderly lady - Villagers



- Green - Brown - White - Black

- An unrecognised Village - A large grass hill - Inside a huge building

INTERPRETATION: I can still recall this dream in great detail. It was extremely vivid and real. I felt as though that I was really experiencing the horror of a meteor shower. The village looked very historic, there were large stone pillars and detailed architecture. I am unsure exactly what time period the dream was set in. The colours SLEEP ENVIRONMENT were very saturated in the - I fell asleep at 4am dream which is pretty rare. - Suffering with insomnia There was a large hill that myself and lots of other people fled up. I remember feeling so tired as I got to the top. I was sceptical about whether meteor showers could cause such destruction, or if it has ever happened. EMOTIONS I found an article on ‘’ which - Worried discussed the possibility. I read - Scared that; ‘On many occasions, - Paranoid space rocks have exploded over populated areas and sent thousands of meteorites raining down.’ This confirmed to me that there is a great possibility that the dream may have been fragments of a past life. 28


‘To dream of a meteor represents a potential problem with the ability to devastate goals, plans, relationships, or your sense of stability.’ -


THE DREAM: I had several unrelated dreams. I firstly dreamt that there was an old man who was trying to kill me and another girl who was at my house. I tried to hide from him all over my house, under my duvet etc. The man was wearing light beige trousers and a cream shirt. I never saw his face, just the back of him. When he was in the garden, me and the girl jumped over the back gate to get away from him. He had already killed some people inside the house by then. I then dreamt that I was at an airport, and mum was the pilot of the plane. It was a small plane with only me, my sister and my mum in it. We passed Paris as we took off, because I remember seeing the top of the Eiffel Tower.


I dreamt that I was in Australia for a uni trip. I remember that Jamie’s mum was there too. We walked through a safari. There were elephants and monkeys, I remember feeling a bit uneasy. A girl asked me to look after some earrings for her as they were her sisters and she didn’t want to lose them. After the safari, I went into the bathroom. I caught up with the girl, and she asked for the earrings back, but one of the diamonds was missing. I told her I didn’t know where it was. It wasn’t a real diamond. I went into a shopping centre to try and find a replacement. I spoke to some shop assistants. They couldn’t replace it in time. I left. We were then packing to leave in our room. The last dream I had was that my family and I were on a beach, we were each dropped out of a plane and had to swim back to shore. As I approached the sand, I found a message in a bottle. I opened it and it was a booklet that said I had found the treasure and I can claim several thousands of pounds.

SYMBOLS - Plants - A plane - Eiffel Tower - Elephants - Monkeys - Beach - Sand and water - Message in a bottle - Diamonds LOCATIONS - My house - My garden - An airport - A plane - A Safari in Australia - A bathroom - A shopping centre - The ocean - A beach

PEOPLE - Mum - Sister - Jamies mum - An unknown girl - Shop assistants - Dad - Family friends - My Gran

COLOURS - Beige - White - Brown - Green - Black - Grey - Yellow - Silver - Blue



- I fell asleep at 3am - Suffering with insomnia - Listened to a meditation

- Worried - Scared - Paranoid - Responsible - Guilt - Unhappy - Let down

I remember there was a 4 in the figure. I was sceptical if it was real but dad said it was. We all went home and Jamie’s mum invited us all over for a party at her house, my gran was there too, as well as Karen and her family (family friends) I didn’t want to go because I didn’t drink alcohol and I thought it would be boring. Jamie went straight from work but he was coming straight back home at 5pm.


The majority of people dream several times a night. Although you may not think so, it is usually just that you can not recall them. On this particular night, I managed to recall four separate dreams. It appears that I am becoming a pro at dream recall! The emotions that I felt throughout all of the dreams were quite negative. I felt scared, worried, and guilty. It is interesting that I had dreamt of the Eiffel Tower again, this is a common symbol within my dreams. I think the fact that in the final dream, I was given some responsibility and failed, reflects the failure that I have made within my waking life. Due to my anxiety, I have taken a step back from my business. I feel as though I have failed.


According to, ‘Lost diamonds in a dream mean that in real life you will experience great shame, as well as a strong need of something’. This is obviously not a good sign. Perhaps this continues to tie into my anxiety disorder. It is interesting how my mum was the pilot of the plane in the second dream. Perhaps this symbolises the strong influence that she has in my life. Within the final dream, a plane was present as well.

Even though I was happy to have found a message in a bottle that would lead me to a large amount of money, my happiness was soon distinguished when I figured out it wasn’t real. I am unsure why my brain is fighting my subconscious from feeling joy. I don’t know why the majority of my dreams are so negative. If I had to guess, I would say that it is due to my poor mental health. I rarely dream about money, but on this night, diamonds as well as monetary winnings were present in my dreams. I interpret this to surround the desire to save up as much money, as soon as possible to purchase a house. 34


‘Lost diamonds in a dream mean that in real life you will experience great shame, as well as a strong need of something’. -


Over several years, around ages 5-10, I experienced a reoccurring nightmare. In the dream, I was a young child, and I was drowning. I wasn’t trying to gasp for air or struggling, but it was as though I was peacefully sinking with the knowledge that I was drowning. I assume that I was in a bath, because within the dream, I saw bath toys that I perceived to be ‘dead’. One of the bath toys was a red starfish, I explained to my mum after I woke up, that I thought they were from a children’s TV show.




- Bath Toys - Red starfish toy - Dirt - Water

- I was alone

I was looking at the lifeless, floating bath toys and I made the connection that that’ll soon be me. The water was really filthy. There were bits of dirt floating around and the water was grey. The view that I had, was looking up towards the surface of the water as I sunk. This makes me think that perhaps I wasn’t in a bath, because the water was so dirty and deep, as though it was a river. I could see about two feet of water above me. I never saw the sides of what could have been a bath tub, instead I just saw masses of water around me.

When I was a child, I thought COLOURS that the dream was ‘just a nightmare’. I didn’t - Red communicate with my - Grey parents, that I thought that this could have actually happened to me, or that it was real. My parents do remember the dream, and they recall me being scared when I woke up from it. Having read ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr SLEEP ENVIRONMENT Brian Weiss, as well as ‘Past - My childhood bed lives, Present Dreams’ by Denise Linn, I am now able - I had early nights to interpret my childhood reoccuring dream from a different perspective.

LOCATIONS - A bath? - A River?

EMOTIONS - Peaceful - Tired

It is possible that the dream may have had a connection to a past life; perhaps I was drowned as a child in the bath? Perhaps I was killed, and dumped in a river?. As heavy hitting, and far fetched as it may seem, I have come across several cases where children have shared similar experiences. One of the most influential documentaries that I have seen on the subject is ‘Surviving Death’, directed by Ricki Stern. The final episode; ‘Reincarnation’, delved into specific cases of recalled past lives in children though reoccuring childhood nightmares. 38

Several children have connected their reoccuring dreams to a tragic death in one of their past lives. There is no reason to dismiss that I could have experienced the same thing. Often, past lives are recalled within people who have something to resolve, a fear to overcome, or some sort of Khama to balance. I have always been scared of the ocean and large bodies of water, so perhaps this fear is connected to the reoccurring dream?. I haven’t experienced the dream in my adult life, which is often common. Past lives tend to fade over time, and are most vivid during young childhood.


“Dreams tell us many an unpleasant biologiclal truth about ourselves and only free minds can thrive on such a diet. Self-deception is a plant which withers fast in the pellucid atmosphere of dream investigation.” - Sigmund Freud, Dream Psychology: Psychoanalysis for beginners 40

THE DREAM: I dreamt that I was pregnant with triplets. I gave birth to 2 boys and one girl. The hospital kept them and I wasn’t able to see them. I went home and felt unbelievably upset. I had a strong urge to be with my babies. An old friend picked me up in her car and took me to my secondary school to pick up some old A level work (she didn’t even go to this school!). I bumped into my old maths teacher from year 7 at the school gate. He congratulated me on having the babies. I tried to persuade my friend to take me to the hospital so I could see my babies, but she said no. I don’t know why I couldn’t see them. My mum was in the living room with me and she was trying to console me. I felt an unbelievable sense of loss during the entire dream. When I woke up, I was convinced that I had been separated from my children. 41



- Tissues - Blankets - Pregnancy - Triplets - Babies - Secondary school

- Mum - Nan - An old school friend



- Brown - Red - Yellow

- My living room - The hospital - My secondary school gates - My friend’s car



- Lucid dream meditation - Calm - Tired

- Stressed - Worried - Upset

DREAM INTERPRETATION: I think that I have been dreaming about babies and childbirth because several friends and family have recently given birth, or become pregnant. I have recently been contemplating having children of my own, and also discussing the likelihood that I’ll be able to have children due to my health issues. I do have a desire to have children in the near future and coming to terms with the fact that it may not be possible has been difficult. I think that the separation from my babies in this dream is a manifestation of this thought process. I think that I gave birth to triplets in the dream, because I had been researching IVF and becoming pregnant with multiple embryos is pretty common with this method. 42

‘Usually baby dreams are a really positive sign that represent growth or development, either with you personally or with something you’re working on’ -



“Our body is just a vehicle for us while we’re here. It is our soul and our spirit that last forever.” - Brian L. Weiss, Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives



I am so thankful for being able to produce this body of research, surrounding the dream world. It has welcomed a completely new belief system into my life, and has had a truly profound impact on me. Perhaps it is what’s called a ‘spiritual awakening?!’. At the beginning of the project, I was an extremely sceptical individual who solely relied on scientific explanation. This dream research has tested my core beliefs and morphed them into more spiritual and profound notions. I see the world differently now; I see the signs, and I see the messages. This is not exclusively within my dreams, but within my waking life also. If there is something that you take away from this book, I hope that it will be to always welcome curiosity, and to ask questions. The purpose of this book was never to convince, because as I have hopefully demonstrated through this very research, enlightenment and beliefs can only be formed by you. I encourage you to take a peek inside your dreams, and see what you can find, you never know what you might see! I am not a scientist, a religious figure, or a spiritual guru; but I am an unbelievably curious individual!



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Before researching and interpreting my dreams over a series of months, I would never have described myself as a spiritual person. The dreams that I experienced after immersing myself into dream research sparked a deep curiosity... have there been signs and messages within my dreams that I had been missing throughout my entire life? Perhaps there was meaning to my childhood reoccurring nightmare after all? Through immersing myself in research and case studies from a variety of scholars, psychiatrists, and hypnotherapists such as Carl Jung, Denise Linn, and Dr. Brain Weiss; I have managed collate enough evidence to support a link between the dreams we experience, and a spiritual connection supporting reincarnation.