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THE MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO by Chuck Colson - Breakpoint


s anyone who listens regularly to BreakPoint might guess, I am distressed -- aghast, in fact -- over the controversy about building a mosque at ground zero. Earlier this week, the proposed New York City mosque at ground zero cleared its final hurdle. Nothing seems to stand in the way of its construction. I am appalled that peace-loving Muslims would want to do this on what is, for most Americans, hallowed ground. I am even more appalled that the mayor of New York is in favor of the idea. It would be like the Japanese building a Shinto shrine at Pearl Harbor! At a speech in front of the statue of liberty, Mayor Bloomberg made the case for the mosque on the grounds of tolerance. But tolerance isn’t the issue here. And certainly not tolerance as Bloomberg means it. Tolerance used to mean listening respectfully to others’ opinions, even when you disagree. Tolerance as Bloomberg understands it, means “I won’t say no to you for anything you want, and you don’t say no to me for anything I want.”—The ultimate expression of political correctness, and the most certain formula for moral chaos. But the construction of the mosque at ground zero is not about tolerance. And it isn’t about religious liberty. This is about prudence: the good sense to do what is right. That’s one of the four classic, cardinal virtues given to the West. Let me give you an example. It isn’t a violation of tolerance or religious liberty

when a local zoning commission tells a church, or a synagogue, that it cannot build a sanctuary in a residential neighborhood. Parking issues, traffic, could adversely affect the neighborhood. So, local government can make the prudent decision to tell the church to build somewhere else.

"But the construction of the mosque at ground zero is not about tolerance. And it isn’t about religious liberty. This is about prudence" So it would not be an act of intolerance to deny the construction of a mosque at a certain location—particularly one, ground zero, where the mosque will serve as a daily reminder to New Yorkers of the terrorists, who, motivated by their Islamo-fascist beliefs, killed 3,000 innocent people in the name of Islam. Go build the mosque somewhere else. Earlier this week in the Wall Street Journal, columnist Bill McGurn wrote about a marvelous example of prudence in a similar situation during the early 1990s. Catholic nuns had moved onto an abandoned building at Auschwitz—the site of the Nazi death camp—to pray for peace and the victims of the Holocaust.

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The Jewish community was quite outraged. Although the nuns had the legal right to be at Auschwitz, Pope John Paul II intervened. Recognizing Jewish sensitivities, he ordered the nuns to move somewhere else to carry on their work. And they did. Because I believe that the vast majority of Muslims are peace loving citizens who do not support terrorism, I can’t imagine why they would want to tempt us to think otherwise by building a mosque at the site where their coreligionists perpetrated the most barbaric acts of modern times. I f t h e y — a n d M a y o r Bloomberg—don’t have the prudence to respect the sensibilities of others, then Congress ought to step in. With the upcoming elections, I’m sure your congressman will be all ears to your concerns. I understand the dilemma of religious freedom in this case. But as Bill McGurn pointed out, “having the right to do something doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.” The Pope understood that at Auschwitz, and the Muslim community ought to understand it at ground zero.

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Peter the Leader: Pre and Post Holy Ghost Peter's life is full of insecurity and fear UNTIL his transformation, by the power of the Holy Spirit, filled him full of authority, confidence and boldness!

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THE AMBASSADOR ? The Ambassador is a free, monthly publication promoting unity and revival among the local Yuba-Sutter area Bible-believing churches. ? The Ambassador has a circulation of 6,000 and is distributed in local churches and businesses in the community. ? The purpose of The Ambassador is to pursue the great commission of Christ by making disciples and to encourage, inform, challenge and connect the local body of Christ. ? We believe in the inspiration and authority of the Bible as the written word of God. We believe that God exists as One, in three distinct persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that the atoning work of Christ (His death) on the cross and His resurrection is the ONLY means of salvation and the only way to Eternal Life in Heaven. ? We welcome editorial content from anyone wishing to promote the mission of The Ambassador. All articles and advertisement content is subject to the approval of the editor.Views expressed in The Ambassador do not necessarily reflect those of our sponsors or advertisers

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The Voice of the Christian Community, serving Yuba, Sutter, and Butte Counties



Equipped for Battle Back to the Basics: by Chaplain Christian Biscotti

Our worldview is how we see and understand life. Worldview defines the “why” and “what” and “where” of our existence that Collins and Porras call “core ideology”. The two most basic worldviews espoused by the majority of earth’s citizens are Theism vs. Humanism. In a theistic worldview, God is central in the universe, whereas in a humanistic worldview, man is central in the universe. To illustrate how important worldviews are, just look at the nations of the United States of America and Israel, compared to the Former Soviet Union, China, North Korea and Cuba. Billions of people are affected daily by the worldview embraced by their governments, which either hold their people in ideological captivity, or set them free to fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose. Prosperity, vision,


freedom, creativity are fruit of a theistic worldview evidenced in the U.S. and Israel. In contrast, bondage, mediocrity, futility and violence are the fruit of nations who have embraced a humanistic and secular worldview. What’s the big idea of worldviews? They affect absolutely everything, especially vision and values! If the worldview is humanistic, (self-focused), it will birth values that are negative to humanity, culture and organizations. If the worldview is theistic (other-focused), it will birth values that are beneficial to humanity. Every person, no matter their race, creed, religion or location, will operate from a worldview that will affect absolutely every area of their lives. If the root is good, the fruit will be life giving, vibrant and abundant.

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Pro-Football Player Says Faith Led to Retirement After 1 Year By Josh Kimball - Christian Post Reporter

NFL running back Glen Coffee has decided to end his professional football career after having played only one season. And the decision wasn’t the result of an injury, an arrest, or any sort of scandal. It was because of his faith. “I found Christ in college. It changed my views on everything,” Coffee, 23, told a reporter with the Sacramento Bee the morning after announcing his decision. “But I still was a football player because it was expected of me, it was something I did all my life.” Though Coffee was advised not to speak with the media, he decided to do so Saturday, feeling that the reasoning behind his decision needed to be known especially amid speculation. "His (Christ’s) will, I felt, wasn't football,” he explained simply. And though Coffee believes that everything – including football – should be done to glorify Christ, the running back said Christ had told him “a long time ago to walk away from the game.” "It's giving in to his will, man,” he told the Press Register. Selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round of the 2009 NFL Draft, Coffee had been competing for the No. 2 spot behind Pro Bowl running back Frank Gore before announcing suddenly on Friday his decision to retire. Before joining the 49ers, Coffee was a starter for the University of Alabama and was named to the Associated Press AllSEC first team.

After the 2008 season, Coffee decided to forgo his senior year and declared himself eligible for the 2009 NFL Draft. Now, with his latest announcement, Coffee says he’s going to return to the University of Alabama to get an undergraduate degree in consumer affairs. He also plans to get a master's as well. "It's simple. I'm going back to school," told the reporter from the Bee. Mike Singletary, head coach of the 49ers, said Friday that he respected Coffee’s decision and did not try to convince him to stay. “I appreciate his honesty and I appreciate him not coming out here and going through the motions,” said Singletary, who is himself a man of faith. Coffee’s announcement was made just days before the 49ers' first preseason game of the year and less than a month before the regular season was set to begin. Singletary suggested Friday that running back Anthony Dixon was most likely to fill in Coffee's spot. Veteran Michael Robinson is also in the running.

INSPIRATION Mary and Joseph Go Shopping By Paula McBride "Rabbi, we are Mr. and Mrs. bar Jacob. We have a young son who is ready to start school. Can you tell us about the program you have here? Perhaps you can start with your philosophy of education and your mission statement." "Ah, yes, Mrs. and and Mrs. bar Jacob." "You can call us Mary and Joseph, Rabbi," Mary said with a gentle smile. "Very well," the Rabbi answered. "Here at Nazareth Synagogue and Bet Midrash, we believe that the world is poised on the breath of school children. We also believe that the essence of all training is the fear of the Lord. Study is the highest form of worship; in fact, it is a means of showing oneself approved unto God. We also believe that your child's character is built at home. Our mission statement is: Train children in the fear of the Lord because that is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 1:7." " Ve r y g o o d , s i r , " M a r y acknowledged. "How about your studentteacher ratio?" The rabbi stroked his flowing white beard as he answered. "We try to keep it at twenty-five to one. If there are more students, we have an aide, usually an older student. At fifty students, we hire another teacher." "You must have well-behaved children," Joseph commented. "How about your curriculum?" "Well, we start the young ones at age five or six or seven. The precious little ones are taught that the holy scriptures are a delicacy. We actually put honey on their tablets so they develop a sweet taste for their studies. They are taught from the book of Leviticus for ritual purity and how to approach God by sacrifice. Then they

move on to the book of Psalms to learn the nature of God. At age ten, your son will move on to study the words of the Oral Law. At the age of thirteen, exceptional students can go on to Bet Midrash. The others go home and learn a trade. "I understand my boy may have to leave home for Bet Midrash," Mary commented. "Can you tell us more about that?" "It's a rigorous program. Students eat and sleep at the school. They study day and night every day, even Sabbath and holidays. They can leave school to marry. The most brilliant might go on to be the disciple of a great rabbi." "Thank you for your time, Rabbi. You have given us much to think about. We'll be in contact soon," Joseph said, bowing in respect to the esteemed teacher. "May the Lord bless you and keep you both," the rabbi said sincerely. "Remember our library is open to anyone wishing to study. Come when you can." The ending to this fanciful story is that Mary and Joseph probably did enroll young Jesus because we see Him in Scripture at age 12 amazing the most learned scholars of Jerusalem. Reflecting on what school may have been like for Jesus deepens my gratefulness that He willingly left heaven and took up residence on earth for me. This new school year, let's commit ourselves to value study as a way of worshipping God and of showing ourselves approved to Him. Let's teach our children that God's Word is a delicacy, sweeter than honey. The ancient rabbis had it right: the world is poised on the breath of school children. Let's love them well and pray for them unceasingly.

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Mom to Mom

Your Body- Your Temple

by Jo Lynne Keough - Yuba City

Beauty Matters

Faith in Action By Dan Duran 1 Corinthians 6:19-20- Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body. Have you ever heard the expression, “Pay it forward”? In 2000, a movie starring Kevin Spacey was made by the same name. In the movie, a 12-year-old boy, Trevor, troubled by his mother's alcoholism and fears of his abusive but absent father, is caught up by an intriguing assignment from his new social studies teacher. The assignment: think of something to change the world and put it into action. Trevor conjures the notion of paying a favor not back, but forward--repaying good deeds not with payback, but with new good deeds done to three new people. When I think of spreading the word of God- the gift of salvation and eternal life, I think of “Paying it forward.” Perhaps if I can help lead someone down the path of salvation, they in turn will lead another, who will lead another, ad infinitum. If I don’t take that initial leap of faith and share my passion with what may be a total stranger, the payment never begins… If we are to care for our body, God’s temple, can’t we also take we have learned during that journey and pay it forward? It doesn’t end there

though. It takes more than just talking about healthy choices-we must act! That means purchasing and preparing healthy foods for our family, friends, and guests. Making the time to exercise and inviting others to join us. It can even be as simple as forwarding an email containing healthy tips to everyone in our address book. Last but not least, we must lead by example. “Walk the walk if you talk the talk.” Does that sound familiar? How can we proclaim to be Christians as we lie to our neighbors and steal from our employers? If we are truly passionate about helping another with their health, we must do the same. I have had a large number of parents contact me asking my advice on how to help their children lose weight. My first answer is, “buy only healthy food for your house.” Many times the conversations end there. Why? Because the parents are not willing to, “Walk the talk.” If you read this column and learn something about making a healthier food or exercise choice, pay it forward! Share in good health as you would share in the word of the Lord. Dan (and his wife, Jennifer) are the owners of Duran Health Solutions Inc. and Curves. Dan is a Certified Personal Trainer and Transitions Lifestyle Coach. He may be reached at

Beauty matters to God. He could have made the earth a plain, functional place but instead He filled it with incredible beauty. Isaiah 6:3 declares “the whole earth is full of his glory.” My family recently visited the island of Maui in Hawaii. Everywhere we went, we saw evidence that beauty matters to God: lush plants, golden beaches, towering volcanoes, sparkling turquoise waves, and especially the show-stopping sunsets. I couldn’t believe the intense colors filling the western sky. I was captivated. I wanted to sing out to God. Actually I did erupt in song once, glad that the waves drowned out my voice so I wouldn’t spoil the sunset for others nearby. Beauty has a powerful effect on us. As the authors of the book Captivating describe, “It captures you. You want to sit down and just drink it in.” Beauty

nourishes our soul and creates feelings of peace and joy in us. It’s too bad that in Christian women’s circles, feminine beauty is often scorned as a worldly idea. “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” we say. While it’s true that we should be concerned with more than our outward appearance, true beauty involves both spiritual and physical beauty. Some of the godliest women I know have a beauty that shines through their eyes. As they speak, it radiates beyond wrinkles or gray hair and captivates me. When our hearts are in tune with God, I don’t think we can help but be beautiful in some way. Okay, so maybe I’m no showstopping beauty that inspires people to break out in song when I walk by. But as a woman I bear the image of God in my feminine beauty. So do you. Your form, your voice, your heart is beautiful. Woman was designed as the finishing touch of creation. I encourage you to find modest ways to let your beauty shine. God designed the beauty of the earth to give glory to himself. Your beauty can give glory to God as well.

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Kid’s Corner “What do you like most in God's creation?”

Sara Comarsh, age 13: I like the ocean. It's really pretty. There are a lot of really cool creatures in the ocean. It makes me feel happy when I'm at the ocean.

LIVE IN CONCERT Hannah Fisher, age 11 & Bailey Biscotti, age 9: We like trees. They help give oxygen. They give you fruit. It's amazing how the roots grow.

Abigail Fisher, age 11 (picture 2517): I like birds. God gives us something really pretty to look at. They help us plant tress. When I see them, I feel awed by God.

Wednesday Sept. 22 - 7 pm

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Cole Edwards, age 6: I like plants. They're pretty. My favorite plant is watermelon because it tastes good!

Roah McCloud, age 11: I like stars. They are millions and billions of miles away. Our galaxy is one of the smallest ones. Stars make me feel quite tiny compared to God, yet He loves me so much.

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legendary P.T. Barnum, “The Greatest Showman on Earth” and can only be experienced at The Greatest Show On Earth, Barnum’s living legacy! Step right up and see The Flying Caceres attempt to complete the elusive quadruple somersault on the flying trapeze; a feat that hasn’t been mastered in over three decades. Enjoy the wondrous ability of the Mighty Meetal, the strongest man in the world, as he lifts over 1,200 pounds. And savor the stupendous skills of the hand balancers featuring Duo Fusion, a married pair of performers with a twist; the wife does the heavy lifting. Barnum’s FUNundrum! provides hours of thrilling entertainment that is fun for the whole family for about the price of a movie ticket. Ringling Bros. offers the greatest value in family entertainment. cont. on pg. 12 - CIRCUS

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Recommended Reading by Deena Peterson

"Stumbling Souls"

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This is one of those books I most likely would have overlooked if not for a few things. The cover is cool, but not attention-grabbing for me. And when I glanced at the back cover blurp, I thought to myself, "Really? A Christian guy takes in a homeless guy? A homosexual homeless guy? An HIV positive homeless guy? Is he NUTS?" Turns out, yup, he was And I want to be like him. Like Chris Plekenpol, author of "Stumbling Souls: Is Love Enough". What a guy God is molding him to be! To begin with, Chris is an excellent writer. Reading his true story, I felt like I was there, in his Bible study group, sitting in his car with James and listening to them talk...I was there. Chris is also an honest writer. He does always come out smelling like a rose, looking like a 'mighty warrior of the faith'. Instead, he comes across as real. Someone I could have a real, honest conversation with about anything...especially my struggles. When Chris took a leap of faith and asked James to eat with him and his friends, he had no idea the long journey God was about to take him on. He had thoughts of helping James be changed by Jesus...I think more often than not, Chris was changed by Jesus. The back of the book asks this question: "What does it look like when believers dare to radically love those who are the hardest to love but most desperate to be loved?" It looks like "Stumbling Souls", holding one hand out to Jesus and holding on to someone who needs Jesus with the other. So much on living out our faith, reaching the disenfranchised in our society, and sharing the love of Christ unconditionally is packed in this book. I've had my fill of books that blast the church for not helping the poor and glossing over the need for sharing the gospel. This book has both hands wide open:

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help in one and Jesus in the other. And that's the way the church needs to--no-MUST do it. Let's be real, and let's be Jesus with skin on, how about it, church?? God just LOVES bringing me challenging books, and His timing is always perfect. I was supposed to have this reviewed several weeks ago, but I don't think my heart was tender enough until now. I have been on my own journey of loving someone in desperate need of love... ...and it has been hard. I can relate to Chris, although he's had more challenges in his situation. And the book doesn't end the way you might think or hope. It ends the way God wants it to end. Isn't that the best? So, I'm giving "Stumbling Souls: Is Love Enough" the Golden Bookmark for Powerful and Honest Writing, and voting it "Best Christian Non-fiction Testimonial of 2010" (hard to put this one into a category, but that's kind of what it is). My thanks to Audra for her patience and for sending me the book. "Stumbling Souls: Is Love Enough" is published by Biblica Publishing and is available at bookstores everywhere Happy Reading! Happy Reading! Deena Peterson An Independent Reviewer Totally Dependent Upon Jesus!

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John H. Bronson Position: Pastor Church: Oroville Evangelical Free Church Denomination: Evangelical Free Church of America Years in current position: 10 Years in ministry: 34 Family: One wife, four sons, one daughter, all Christians actively serving Life Verse/passage: Romans 8:31-39 from my father Favorite book (other than the Bible): Lord of the Rings Trilogy Inspiring Person/Role Model: John Calvin Human/Embarrasing Moment: Ended a wedding service by introducing the couple with the bride’s family name Something you may not know about me: (an unusual experience, talent or interest of mine): My hobby is landscape gardening Message to the Community: The glory of God is found through self-sacrificing love, not through self-love pursuing self-fulfillment. In late spring of this year the format of the evening service was changed in order to address what the elders of the church believe is amongst the most pressing issues facing the church. Designating the evening sessions as “Issues in Faith and Life” the objective is to inform and motivate Christians regarding the need for the church to engage the social issues of its community on the one hand, and the increasing hostility to Christians and Christianity of the law and many communities in our nation. This hostility has become most pointed from the gavel of judicial activists and threatens not only the free speech of Christians but also the freedom of religion, both of which are fundamental to the Constitution as part of the Bill of Rights. Many resources are available for these purposes. We have shown portions of “Speechless: Silencing the Christians” produced by the American Family Association, some of “Social Gospel”, a DVD series, a joint production of The Heritage Foundation, World Magazine and Compass Cinema, and have on hand “Fully Equipped: Are You Ready” by the Pacific Justice Institute. The objective is to motivate individuals from the congregation to become active in defense of Christian freedoms and addressing the issues of our day from a biblical world view both locally and at the regional, state and national levels.

The Ambassador is NOW in Butte County! “The Voice of the Yuba/Sutter/Butte Community” Truth Biblical perspective on issues Honoring Christ! Family Values Offering Hope & Encouragement Independent/ Non-denominational

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POLITICS/CULTURE More Americans Lose Faith That Obama Is Christian

Appeals Court Slams Mall That Arrested Youth Pastor

By Kathleen Gilbert - LifeSiteNews (

Roseville Galleria Ordered To Change Policy

Despite White House assurances and Barack Obama's personal insistence that he is a practicing Christian, according to a recent poll more Americans are growing skeptical that the U.S. president actually practices the faith he claims. A survey by the Pew Research Center found that nearly one in five Americans (18 percent) believe Obama to be a Muslim, and only one in three (34 percent) believe the president's claim that he is a Christian - a number that peaked at just over half in October 2008. Forty-three percent were unsure. Even among Democrats, the number believing Obama to be a Christian has dropped 9 points since last year. The Pew poll was conducted even before President Obama gave his controversial endorsement to a proposed Islamic community center and mosque that religious leaders intend to build near Ground Zero, the site of Islamic terrorist attacks that destroyed New York's World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Obama announced his support during a White House dinner celebrating the start of the Islamic Ramadan fast. Another poll by TIME magazine found that 47 percent believe Obama is a Christian, and almost one in four (24 percent) believe he is Muslim. Twentyfour percent declined to respond or were unsure, and 5% said he was neither

Christian nor Muslim. Barack Obama, whose father and stepfather were both Muslim, attended Muslim and Christian schools in Indonesia before his claimed conversion to Christianity as an adult. White House Faith adviser Joshua DuBois told the Washington Post that Obama is "diligent and personally committed to his own Christian faith," and blamed "misinformation campaigns" for spreading the contrary notion. "There's certainly folks who are intent on spreading falsehoods about the president and his values and beliefs," he said, claiming that Obama's faith plays an "important part" in his day-to-day life. While the Post's coverage took it as given that Americans are "wrongly" skeptical of the president's faith - and prompted by "Internet-spread rumors and falsehoods" - there has been little other than Obama's personal assurances and speech rhetoric to back up his claim of adhering to the faith. As Tim Graham of notes, "The number of Sunday church services Obama has attended since the Inauguration doesn't get beyond counting on one hand." The Obamas have even failed to observe Christmas by attending church since the 2008 election. continued on pg. 12 - OBAMA

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The California Court of Appeal has issued a ruling sharply criticizing a shopping mall that arrested a youth pastor for sharing his faith. The unanimous decision in favor of the youth pastor was written by Justice Cantil-Sakauye, who was recently nominated to be the next Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. The youth pastor was represented by attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute. The case arose after a youth pastor, Matthew Snatchko, was arrested at the Roseville Galleria Mall in 2007 for striking up a casual conversation with two other shoppers about faith. Although Snatchko had first obtained the shoppers’ permission to broach the subject, a nearby store employee disapproved and called mall security guards, who arrested Snatchko. Criminal charges were later dropped, but attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute filed suit to challenge the mall’s tight restrictions on speech. Under the mall’s rules, shoppers are not allowed to engage in conversations about potentially controversial topics like religion or politics, unless they already know the person they are talking to.

Another mall rule bans the wearing of any clothing with religious or political messages. The August ruling by the 3rd District Court of Appeal in Sacramento struck down the mall rules as unconstitutionally vague and restrictive of free speech. The court also awarded costs on appeal to Snatchko and indicated that he would be able to collect damages and attorney’s fees. The case now heads back to the trial court for implementation of the appellate court’s decision. PJI President Brad Dacus commented, “We are very pleased with this landmark ruling by the California Court of Appeal that vindicates the right to engage in casual conversations about faith without fear of being arrested. This is a great victory for free speech and common sense.” PJI affiliate attorney Timothy Smith, of the Sacramento firm McKinley & Smith, served pro bono as Snatchko’s lead counsel in the trial court and presented oral argument to the Court of Appeal.

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God Will Give You All You Need! By Dave Kugelman - Marysville Do you like that headline? I do. Is it true? Sort of. I actually left off a significant part of the verse. Let me give it to you in its entirety. Matthew 6:33 “God will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.” Did you catch that nasty little two letter word? - If! God giving us everything we need is contingent on us making the Kingdom of God our primary agenda. Now pause for a moment and score yourself on meeting the requirements of that verse. Matthew 6:33 was one of the first verses that I put to memory after I accepted Jesus Christ. I memorized it because I sincerely wanted to put God first in my life. But when I am honest with myself, there are many days when my prayers are all about me and my concerns. What about you? I believe it is time that all of us who call ourselves Christians take a look at our relationship with Jesus Christ. He saves us and delivers us from a variety of life dominating issues. True. But then what? Does He save us simply to offer us

BUSINESS ALLIANCE self improvement strategies to make our lives better? No! He saves us so that we can partner with Him to impact the world for Jesus Christ. But we constantly get sidetracked and totally pre-occupied with our own junk. The solution is clear. All of us need to ask the Holy Spirit to give help us become Matthew 6:33 believers. From there, everything else will fall into place, guaranteed! The CBA meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Bonanza Inn Convention Center. The format is a buffet luncheon with a featured speaker. The balance of the Tuesdays we meet at various businesses in the Yuba Sutter region. Recently, we discovered a great location to pray- the mall food court (yes, CBA’ers do like to eat!). We are visible to the public and even had one man come up to us in a wheel chair and ask for prayer. What a blessing that was! Now that I have convinced you to be a part of what God is doing through the CBA, contact Seth Halpern at to be included in our weekly email blasts.

CRAFTSMEN FOR CHRIST 20TH ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT River Oaks Golf Course / North Valley Calvary Chapel September 25, at 10am at the golf course This is the only fund raiser that Craftsmen for Christ does all year. If you would like to support by golfing or volunteering, please call 530-822-7910.

BETH MOORE SIMULCAST- Living Proof Live HopePoint Nazarene Church Sat. Sept 18th 9:30 – 3:30 Advance tickets - $20, includes a boxed lunch & drinks. Tickets available at Crosspointe Christian Books & Gifts,Hope Point Nazarene Church office or online at For more information, please call 671-1130

RODNEY DRUM BENEFIT DINNER Hallwood Community Church of the Nazarene 2825 Hwy 20, Marysville Sat. Sept 25th, 6-8pm Rodney Drumm was involved in a serious motorcycle accident several weeks ago. His friend Jesse a student at the prestigious Culinary Academy in San Francisco is hosting a benefit dinner to help pay for medical costs. Menu items include tri-tip and bbq chicken. Cost is $20.00 adults $10.00 children.

HOPE RESTORED TOUR CONCERT Big Daddy Weave & Aaron Shust Church of Glad Tidings Wed. Sept 22, 7pm Tickets $12 (Gen. Admission)/ $25 (Gold Circle). Contact 671-3160 for tix & info

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COMMUNITY A Woman's Friend 2010 Fall Benefit Banquet featuring The President of Focus on the Family…Jim Daly Jim Daly’s personal journey from orphan to head of an international Christian organization dedicated to helping families thrive is a powerful story. “I am living proof,” he wrote in his 2007 autobiography, Finding Home, “that no matter how torn up the road has already been, or how pothole infested it may look ahead, nothing—nothing—is impossible for God.” Daly was hand-picked by Focus on the Family founder, Dr. James Dobson to assume the presidency of Focus on the Family in 2005 after 16 years with the ministry. Tickets are already being sold! Purchase your table of 10 ($300), or individual tickets ($30 each), to hear Jim Daly on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds. For more information, call A Woman's Friend at 741-9136. Don’t miss this rare and exciting opportunity to hear the President of Focus on the Family…Jim Daly!

CIRCUS (cont. from pg. 8)

OBAMA (cont. from pg. 10)

Be sure to arrive early to take part in several exciting interactive elements before the show event starts! Opening 90 minutes before each performance, all ticket holders are invited to tour the Animal Open House to get up-close with our amazing animals. Then one hour before show time, families can step onto the arena floor to meet the performers, learn circus skills and see an amazing elephant that paints at the All Access PreShow. Both fun-filled activities are FREE with a purchased ticket!

Obama's campaign image as a devout Christian helped sway key Christian leaders to support the candidate, lending credence that the president would practice the conservative values he seemed to preach. Yet the president's policies have proven to be quite the opposite, as Obama has consistently pushed an extreme proabortion and anti-family legislative agenda. The federal health care legislation, for which the White House collaborated closely with Planned Parenthood to secure expanded taxpayer funding of abortion, ranks among the top pro-abortion accomplishments of the Obama administration. Obama has also pushed for greater taxpayer funding of abortion overseas through several venues, and is a strong proponent of embryonic stem-cell research. In addition, a constant theme for the administration has been pandering to the homosexualist lobby, disavowing the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, the ban on open homosexuals in the military, and bans on homosexual adoption, while pushing for homosexual employment nondiscrimination laws as well as homosexual "hate crimes" legislation. While failing to celebrate publicly the National Day of Prayer at the White House, Obama has regularly feted homosexual leaders for "gay rights" landmarks, such as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month and the Stonewall Riots. Despite his erstwhile billing as a moderate on the political spectrum, President Obama bragged to reporters Monday night that his administration has

Performance Schedules Sacramento’s ARCO Arena: Thursday, September 9th 7:00 p.m. Friday, September 10th 11:00 a.m., 7:00 p.m. Saturday, September 11th 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. Sunday, September 12th 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. Ticket Prices: $14, $17, $23, $38(VIP), $60 (Front Row) and $90 (Circus Celebrity) Opening Night tickets available for 50% off (not valid on VIP or premium seating) All seats reserved and available at, ARCO Arena Box Office or call 800-745-3000 For more information on The Greatest Show On Earth visit

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pushed through "the most progressive legislative agenda... not just in one generation, maybe two, maybe three." While the TIME poll found a nearly even split between Americans rating Obama's job performance, Rasmussen Reports' Daily Presidential Tracking Poll has found nearly twice as much strong disapproval of the president as strong approval among U.S. voters over several months. Currently, according to Rasmussen, 26 percent of voters strongly approve of Obama's performance as president, while 44 percent disapprove. 81906.html

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Neighborhood Comedy Garage Review By Valerie L. Strawmier

It’s dark. It’s dusty. There’s a canoe hanging over our heads help up by the familiar tan ropes seen in many garages. Just in front of the first line of fold-up chairs, there is a wooden stage complete with speakers and microphone standing ready. Where are we? We h a v e j u s t e n t e r e d t h e Neighborhood Comedy Garage of Marysville, California--the only place in town where down-home entertainment meets the public stage in a way that is completely family –friendly and the “price of admission is a bean dip casserole.” Todd & Tamera Sturgis have begun a local neighborhood Christian entertainment program that would make America a better place if it spread across the country. People in garages everywhere could be turning their griptextured floors into floor stages for both fledgling and experienced comics. Any comic is free to perform as long as they keep in mind the cardinal rule: “Keep It Clean!” For families low on funds and still looking for a night on the town, getting together with neighbors can be a way to combine social life with the security of knowing who lives beside you. Since the material is guaranteed to be ageappropriate for all groups, it is also an activity that allows couples to bring their children along for the fun. From putting together a potluck menu to providing a place for comics to gather, the Sturgis couple has managed to develop a winning combination that keeps people coming back. A Christian couple started this event, and Christian families continue to support it, as it an excellent avenue for not only enjoying kid-safe comedy, but also to reach out to those around their neighborhoods. Spreading the gospel to others is always the goal, and this approach is especially edifying in its own special way. People of all ages and levels of society come together on equal planes to laugh until the tears flow. Following several rounds of comedic laughter and various performances such as “Stupid Pet Tricks,” music rings through the garage

COMMUNITY SAVING BABIES Life Chain Sunday, Oct. 3rd, 2:00 - 3:30pm The Yuba Sutter Life Chain Committee would like to invite everyone who VALUES LIFE to stand with thousands of pro-lifers throughout the USA and Canada to be a light in a darkened world as you help put an end to abortion through prayer!

Bring your whole family! Water, lawn chairs, umbrellas and strollers are welcome and encouraged! Rain or shine!

Signs proclaim ranging from the Beatles to Johnny Cash. Gerry Mains, known as “The Human Jukebox,” changes songs as quickly as breathing. Extremely talented in both playing and singing, Gerry moves from the Beach Boys to Garth Brooks with no more effort than stringing his guitar in a fluid motion. Once the comic run has ended, the chairs are pulled away and the garage becomes a mini-dance floor. Couples and children alike join in the fun and try all their moves in time to the crooning notes of the local celebrity. Guests are free to request whichever songs they prefer and if they’re brave enough, welcomed onto the stage to sing for the audience and practice their karaoke skills. Whether you are looking for something local to support, or you just want to spend an evening out without spending a lot of money, this is an excellent alternative to the entertainment options already established in town. Few occasions allow us to get to know other people anymore in a safe environment, and there is nothing like food and fun to break the ice. The ticket price is right for this group with a very reasonable admission cost of “FREE.” Our next event is planned for Sept. 24, 2010, with the location to be determined. For more information on how you can join the act or enjoy the fun, you may call Todd Sturgis at (530) 2166490 or find us on Facebook at the Neighborhood Comedy Garage page. Join the underground American entertainment movement today and enjoy a few laughs at your local Neighborhood Comedy Garage!

“Abortion Kills children,” “Adoption – the Loving Option,” “Jesus Forgives 7 Heals,” “Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation,” “Abortion Hurts Women,” “El Aborto Mata Ninos,” “Life – the first inalienable Right” & “Pray to End Abortion.” LIFE CHAIN is a peaceful and prayerful public witness of pro-life individuals standing for 90 minutes praying for our nation and for an end to abortion. It is a visual statement of solidarity by the Christian community that abortion kills children and that the Church supports the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. The LIFE CHAINS are located at the following locations: Yuba City – Colusa Ave from the 10th St Bridge to Lassen Rd. Marysville –E Street from the E Street Bridge to the 10th Street Bridge. Linda – N. Beale Road across from Wal-Mart. Olivehurst – Olivehurst Ave from 5th to 7th Ave.

If you need any more information or signs contact Harry Wilkinson at (530) 743-8717



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OPINIONS Apathy & Tolerance By Jon Skillman

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. The devil has many tools he uses to build evil. And unfortunately, we stand at the ready to just hand them over to him. One of his all time favorite tools is the level of apathy, which he uses to measure our resistance to sin. When our indifference rises to the plane of our integrity he knows we are ethically weak and lethargic in character. The apostle James put it this way: “Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” James 4:17. Apathy, therefore, lays a foundation from which evil can rise. With the foundation of apathy laid, satan ( I refuse to dignify his name with a capital ) calls for the hammer of tolerance, which we hand him with no regard as to what he will be hammering on. Now the hammer of tolerance is neither evil nor good, it is what is being driving home that makes that determination. But lately that sneaky little evildoer has been trying to hammer what is not acceptable into that which is… A morally square peg into a round hole… in essence, he is trying to call evil good. Tolerance is defined as: having a fair and objective attitude towards other ideas and opinions… That sounds pretty benign, doesn’t it? However, nowhere in the definition of tolerance does it suggest

we must embrace those ideas and opinions. The key word in the definition is “objective”, meaning: thought based on fact not speculation or bias. Hey that sounds pretty good too. But unfortunately, we are not being asked to think in terms of fact. N-o-o, we are being told to accept ideas and opinions based on ideology. And, if our fair and objective attitude differs from the ideology… we just might be labeled as intolerant. Now in today’s lingo, being branded intolerant is akin to being called a bigot, or a host of other nasty names. Progressives love to smugly hurl names and cast forth righteous indignation. This is where character and integrity normally come in. But remember, character and integrity are awash in apathy. It’s just easier to lie on this couch of complacency and not worry about such things. Why stand up for what you believe in. I mean who needs the aggravation? Besides, what’s the big whoop if The Ten Commandments are removed from the courthouse? And, who cares if two men get married? Let somebody else worry about it. Hey, hand me that remote will ya. And knock off all that hammering! I’m trying to watch American Idol. “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.” Psalms 12:8.

I read The Ambassador Newspaper because I like the book reviews and the articles make me think and give me something to share with the people in my life. ~Debbie Gaylord




One Minute Disciples By Seth Halpern

Seth Halpern - Editor

There are a number of books in the stores with titles such as “The One Minute Bible” and “Devotions for Busy People”. I’ve owned several of them in my quest for easy, quick and convenient Christianity. In an age where we rarely have extended face to face time with anyone (including our spouses and children), we “cultivate” relationships through texting, Internet Messaging, and Facebook. Although I use those vehicles (except for textingmy fingers are too fat!), they are great for a quick connection but not establishing and developing relationships. I would probably text as well, but I could drive to someone’s home and tell them what I need to say faster than I can text “How r u” Anyway, it seems that many of us believers think that we can just tweet God our prayers and be done with it. The busyness of our lives and the lack of “spare” time has created a culture that doesn’t cultivate relationships. Jesus said “take up your cross and follow me” I’m pretty sure that he meant for His disciples (that means you and me) to leave the busyness of our lives and prioritize Him. Can we truly “follow” anyone when we’re

preoccupied and distracted with other things? I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it in the future: We need to spend significant time in God’s Word and His Presence or we will not have a relationship with Him that is any deeper than our relationship with many of our Facebook ‘friends”. The times (and there haven’t been enough) when I’ve stopped what I’m doing and truly study His Word (not simply have a quick “devotion”), refer to crossreferences and sit quietly in His presence, I have been full, satiated, and immersed in the goodness and grace of the Lord. So, you may ask, why don’t I do this more often? It’s funny how we often don’t do what is healthy and even wonderful, because the world, the flesh, and the devil are at our doorstep, beckoning with yet another distraction. Our souls will be full when we make the choice to discipline ourselves and chew on His Word. If by the title here you were hoping for some formula, I’m sorry to inform you but there are no One Minute Disciples. By the way, those books I mentioned at the beginning, I never got a chance to read them!

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