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Plan Design Studio: Earth

1:50 Amaya de Silva - 583889 Tutor: Rob Chittleborough

Adobe A mixture of sand, clay and water. Moulded into bricks. Has impressive thermal characteristics. High load bearing proerties, high compressive strength. The mud-like properties of the adobe will allow the otheriwse quite exposed area to keep cool. The glass roof will also mean significant exposure to the heat and the sun, considering the height of the mound, the adobe is known to act as a temperature regulator. It is also significantly impressive in its soundproofing qualities, permitting a silence for the users of strucure.

Section Design Studio: Earth

Double Glazed Glass Insulated glazing, to reduce heat transfer from the outisde to the inside of the structure. It will still allow sunlight to stream into the inside of the structure, and provide natural light.


Amaya de Silva - 583889 Tutor: Rob Chittleborough

Week 4 exercise  

Design Studio: Earth

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