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Can't read this email properly? Mentoring for Innovation, Integration and Leadership

The North West Mentoring Scheme is part of an overall regional strategy to develop leadership capacity at all levels in the North West of England. Find out how we can help you develop:

Leadership and Management in the NHS Dear Colleague,

At the North West Mentoring Scheme we understand the changes taking place in the public sector as a whole and the importance of excellent leadership and management in this. The King's Fund commission stated in its white paper earlier this year that "NHS organisations need to own the requirement to improve management and develop leaders...(and) to move beyond the outdated model of heroic leadership to recognise the value of leadership that is shared, distributed and adaptive." The Future of Leadership and Management in the NHS, The King's Fund, 2011. As an experienced scheme we can help you:

Provide an established and successful Mentoring Scheme:

"Coaching and Mentoring are learning relationships, which help people to take The scheme is one of the largest public sector organisations in charge of their own the UK and currently has a membership of over 2500, making it a development and release unique service within the country. their potential."

Commissioned by the North West Leadership Academy, the Mentoring Scheme is supported by all NHS Trusts from across the region offering a practical and cost effective solution to professional development within any organisation with much of our service provided at no cost for NHS staff. A key feature of the scheme is the bespoke online matching system which supports members by allowing them to set clear mentoring objectives and self manage their mentoring relationships at a time convenient to them. We continue to enjoy significant growth in our membership which has helped The North West Mentoring Scheme become a forefront leader in the mentoring field.

In Partnership:

We work in partnership and have developed strong relationships with a number of public and private sector organisations offering our expertise in this field. As many public sector organisations are working more as partners, the Scheme offers cross-sector and specialism mentoring relationships that support this agenda. We can help and support your internal and wider mentoring needs, together with delivering tailored training for your organisation. We also offer a number of local and regional development events to support the personal and career development of our members.

Through Support:

Connor & Pokora 2007

"The NW Mentoring Scheme provides structure, learning and ongoing support to build on previous skills and knowledge, to make the mentor/ mentee relationship as productive as possible. Some of the tools used and skills learned are applicable to every day working, and I would recommend the mentor training and development to anyone who has responsibility for staff."

Mike Leaf, Acting Director of Public The Mentoring Scheme supports the delivery of regional and Health, local priorities by supporting internal leadership programmes with North Lancashire NHS

a tailor-made service to suit your needs. Our team combines a wide range of knowledge and experience, and has a great synergy that works extremely well in providing a successful and unique regional mentoring service.

Promote Good Leaders and Managers:

We encourage and promote our mentors to facilitate real change and growth with their mentees, whilst mentees have the opportunity, with support, to take responsibility for their own development. We provide our loyal and committed members with professional and reputable learning programmes and networking opportunities to encourage their continuous professional development and training as mentors. If you would like more information about how the NW Mentoring Scheme can help your organisation and/or complement your in house development programmes, please contact:

Rob Booth, Scheme Manager 0161 772 3608

We look forward to hearing from you! Please visit our website to get all the latest news about the


"Without their expertise, skill and knowledge I would not have been able to introduce 'Mentoring' to the world of Local Government." John Gallagher, Principal Policy Officer, Halton Borough Council.

"There are times when we are all knocked down, when we think we have reached the limit of our capabilities. Mentoring helps us to explore if this really is the case, and build the resilience to bounce back." Aidan Kehoe Chief Executive Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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2011 Leadership & Management in the NHS  

The North West Mentoring Scheme is part of an overall regional strategy to develop leadership capacity at all levels in the North West of En...

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