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The Best Easter Egg hunts


Bernadette McDonald, of BMD:Law Tell us about your legal school? We’ve

opened the Liverpool School of Legal Education because the whole way we train solicitors has changed. The law degree and LPC has gone, so paralegals can now qualify and there’s a Solicitor’s Qualification exam so it’s more hands on with two years of experience as opposed to seven years of qualifications. This has given us a bit more of an opportunity to be innovative. We’ve trial runned the school with the courts to see what works and what doesn’t, so we’ll be taking people from school leaving age and turning them into paralegals with 12 week courses, we’re supporting people who are already working as paralegals in law firms going for a SQA contract because they won’t be given any training, it’s just for them to acquire experience. Acquiring experience is easy but recognising 2

what you’re learning from a formal point of view and document it, that is different, so we’ll be offering courses to support that. We have a mixture of online and in person courses based at our premises here and of course using the law firm here as a way of getting practical experience so it blends the both. And to ensure I have enough work to give them I am very excited too do something that I’ve waited to do for years which is pro bono business clinics for small businesses who don’t want to waste their money on law firms in the beginning because they need all their resources. So we’ll be using the students to give them advice, supervised of course, for all new businesses. This means a lot as I want to give back to the business community.

I am taking the best of law and best of business to combine it to improve the future of legal professions. I’ve invested quite heavily in the tech, so it’s not just lectures, there’s a lot of videos and handouts and interactive learning, quizzes, to mix it up to keep people engaged. I wrote all the courses, spending the last few months taking the design of business philosophy how we design law firms itself and integrate them into a very legal way of thinking. So I have taken a lot of different concepts and places and put them all together for a very bespoke course.

T: 0151 722 8004 E: W:

Well the sun has been shining down on us and hopefully it will return soon! April is a time for blossom and growth, it is also my daughter’s 20th birthday. My goodness how time flies! It is also my 13th anniversary of printing Lifestyle magazine. Happy birthday to us!! Now that normality is resuming we can hopefully look forward to the start of a successful summer season for everyone. Thank you as always, you lovely readers, for choosing to read Lifestyle magazine and thank you to our supportive advertisers, for trusting

the no.1 magazine for Merseyside. Every month when we are out and about delivering the copies, there’s always someone waiting to pick it out of our hands eager to read, which is very encouraging. We have spent a fabulous month networking and been fortunate to meet new people. Which is one of the reasons I hold awards, to meet other inspiring entrepreneurs running their own businesses. I am looking forward to the Star Positive Awards at the end of the month and thank you to Lisa Stewart for stepping up

Mobile hairdressing by Melissa Harper Contact via Instagram @MHHairdressing

with her Star Luxury Tanning business to sponsor. Read her motivational story inside. Empowered women empower women. Wishing you a Happy Easter and a month of abundance and joy!,

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Based in Aintree and Speke we offer a friendly and professional experience, loved and appreciated by clients and students nationally. The training we provide is second to none. In fact Alex won Best Aesthetics Practitioner in 2020 and 2021! Amongst other awards for her training! At the clinic we aim to enhance your own natural beauty. We welcome you for a consultation or an informal chat to discuss your goals. For all training requirements do not hesitate to contact us for any advice at all. We take pride in watching our students grow a successful business and we offer continued support throughout their journey.

Visit: Call: 07506578303 • Email: Instagram -

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Let me introduce myself...


y name is Lisa Stewart, aged 41 and I am a "mumtrepreneur" from Glasgow, Scotland. An only child and seperated from my mum at the young age of 14, I have lived a tough life without maternal guidance. I have fought my way through life dealing with Mental Health issues, Anxiety Disorder and childhood trauma that caused me to believe I was never going to be good enough to be a success. But I also had a burning ambition to prove that wasn't true. As I grew older, I found great success within the Sales Industry but, although I was succeeding in my field, something was missing. I wasn't making a real difference to anyone. After losing a cherished Uncle to skin cancer and supporting many friends (male and female) who had been diagnosed with Melanoma and other forms of skin cancer, mostly due to the effects of using sunbeds, I wanted to make a difference in the world of skin cancer awareness and prevention. My career experience until that time had been primarily in the Sales and Marketing industry. I studied in Beauty and became Qualified in Professional Spray Tanning, Anatomy and Physiology then went on to spend time with some of the best Chemists and Product Developers in the Tanning Industry, working on the perfect formulas that would soon become one of the most loved tanning brands in the UK. My goal was to develop a range of self-tanning products that would eliminate the typical pet hates found when using fake tan. These included issues such as; the scent of fake tan being associated with old biscuits; the mess it makes and the stains it left on clothing and bedding; the uneven and patchy way the products faded off on the skin as the days past

and, of course, the orangey coloured tones of the final results, not normally associated with a natural tan. After months of development, we finally created the STAR Luxury Tanning range. My ultimate mission is to educate sunbed users that there is a safe and natural-looking alternative to using a dangerous sunbed and exposing your skin to highly dangerous UV rays. The brand name was chosen and created by myself. I wanted my new range to be looked at as the "Star of Tanning Brands" but also, to underline what the brand stands for, using the letters S.T.A.R. to form the slogan, "Safe Tanning Avoids Risks". I launched the Star Luxury Scents range in October of 2019 and the products were instantly loved by Pageant girls, Brides and Dancers all over the UK. As the Star brand grew in popularity, it became the most requested tanning brand for UK Pageant girls and I now have the incredible opportunity of travelling around the UK, attending various Pageant events and spray-tanning the contestants, friends and family to be flawlessly tanned on stage and in the audience. Over the years, I have been invited to some incredible events and met

some amazing people, including some of the most well-respected skin experts in Harley Street, London who, within 3 months of our launch, had tried & tested our products on their customers and given the Star Luxury Tanning Brand multiple industry recommendations, due to how gentle the products were on sensitive skin and how well patient scars, skin spots and areas of melanin deficiency (vitiligo) were covered up and hidden, raising their confidence levels. By March 2020, only 5 months into our expansion plans, we were forced to close our doors due to the Covid Pandemic. I continued to promote and sell our DIY Tanning products, using an online store on my website, aiming to provide those looking to pamper themselves at home with luxury products at an affordable price. Those months of stress and so much negativity were definitely tough to deal with but I have a "no quit" attitude and I believe in my mission, myself and in my products, so much

more than to give up at the first hurdle. By May 24th 2021, lockdown had been lifted in Scotland and it was time to relaunch. However, only a week later, I experienced the worse trauma I could ever go through. This may be triggering for some readers so I feel it only fair to warn you all in advance.

am currently looking for Salon and Mobile stockists in various postcode areas around the UK and Northern Ireland. I have also recently launched in Dubai and will be launching in the US in July. I have always believed in supporting

Tragically, I found my children's father 2 days after he had hung himself, on 31st May 2021. This resulted in me struggling from PTSD and severe Anxiety, which I still suffer from to this day. Having to explain to our young children what had happened, that he was now in Heaven, was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever had to do in my entire life. I didnt have the mental strength to handle the day to day running of a business and so I had to step back for a short time. But I had to show my daughters how to be strong and how to move forward in a positive way. I had to be the role model they could look up to and for them to be able to believe in my ability to keep them safe and secure without their Daddy. They were my motivation to carry on, to not quit and to continue to build my tanning empire. I had so many requests for my

products from areas all around the UK so I decided to launch an Accredited Training Academy, to train and develop students into new Star Luxury Tanning stockists and to teach Qualified Sprayers the techniques used to get the optimal results from the Star Luxury Tanning products. I

local, UK based businesses, especially those that have been created by people who aren't motivated purely by profit and who have a genuine passion and goal to make a difference in the world. This is the reason I developed the #StarFamily concept; a supportive group of like-minded individuals who are all committed to skin cancer awareness and helping to reduce the skin cancer rates caused by sunbeds by promoting a healthy and safe Spray-tanning service. #StarFamily members are loyal to the Star Luxury Tanning brand and, in return, I offer them complimentary advertising, promotion, postcode exclusivity, direct contact and support with myself and free client referrals. I am proud to be the only tanning brand owner who knows every one of her customers personally. Anyone who chooses to support my brand

over another competitor means the absolute world to me as I couldn't grow the business or achieve my mission without them. Loyalty means everything to me and every one of my customers are special to me. They all have a personal connection with me because they are so much more than just dollar signs to me. Star Luxury Tanning products are made with natural, organic and vegan friendly ingredients. We never test on animals and never will. Our DHA is Eco-Certified Organic and our products are scented with natural oils. They are therefore ideal for those with sensitive skin and skin irritations and perfectly safe for children and pregnant ladies to use. We have 4 shades, suited to every skintone, including the darkest of skintones to give that naturallooking, glossy, glowing finish to the skin. I am currently looking for more Salon Owners and Mobile Beauticians to join our #StarFamily by using our Professional Spray-tanning Solutions and by selling our retail products. I am also looking for Beauty Students who would like to learn everything about introducing Professional Spraytanning to their Qualifications, using the Star Luxury Tanning brand. I have some amazing new products being launched over the summer months and I can't wait to see how far we grow this next year. To join us or to find out more, email me directly at info@startanning. or browse our website for product information and prices at



St. Joseph’s Hospice is challenging you in 2022

Anyone looking for a challenge in 2022 should consider supporting St. Joseph’s Hospice in Thornton.


he hospice, whose charitable income dropped by a massive 53% in 2020 due to the pandemic, has launched the fundraising initiative to help it move forward post-pandemic so that it can continue to care for local people in the future who are approaching the end of their lives. Four incredible challenges have been launched by the hospice and supporters are being invited to choose which one they would like to take on in 2022. You might choose to abseil 150ft down Liverpool Cathedral, one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Alternatively, how about doing a tandem skydive from 11,000ft over the Lancashire countryside? If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, why not take on the Strictly St. Joseph’s challenge and learn to dance with a professional? If cycling is more your thing, St. Joseph’s Hospice has just been announced


as one of the charity partners for this year’s Liverpool to Chester Bike Ride. The whole family can get involved and there are various routes and distances available for all abilities, including a short 5-mile tunnel route. Zoë Furnivall, fundraiser at St. Joseph’s Hospice, said: “The pandemic has had a massive impact on our ability to generate income for the hospice over the last two years but we also know that so many people are desperate to get out and about and do something really exciting this year.

“These are four fabulous challenges which will really help you to make your mark on 2022 and have a really exciting life experience to look forward to and fundraise for. There is something here for everyone so take your pick and give us a call to sign up.” All the dates and details of the four challenges are available at www. To register your 2022 challenge, contact the hospice’s fundraising team on uk or call 0151 932 6044.

A SERIOUS ITALIAN EXPERIENCE Located in the heart of Liverpool our restaurant is easy to get to and suitable for all the family.

0151 724 5169

193-195 Rose Lane, Liverpool, L18 5EA 11


Spring Therapy For The Mind, Body and Soul


arch time always feels like the beginning of Spring, bringing with it a new vibe of hope, happiness and some sunshine. At this time it’s a great idea to declutter and clear a space in your life and your home. Clutter clearing creates renewed energy within our homes, helping us to feel whole in mind, body and spirit. In our everyday lives there is a need to harness the positive energy of the things and objects we surround ourselves with. Creating a home environment with a wonderful feel and presence we love to be in.

After looking at your answers identify where you want to start the process of clearing in your home? I would suggest that on day one, you only spend 20 minutes of your day decluttering. Switch off your phone, no social media and no interruptions or distractions. Set a timer so you have this time to declutter a small space. Promise yourself you can do just 20 minutes.

How does the bedroom you sleep in feel?

Find a drawer or a small space in a cupboard and just clear it out. If you don’t like an ornament, picture or any item, its energy affects you negatively, so throw it out!. Give clothes you don’t like to charity. Clear the space so you breathe easily again and the space leaves you feeling peaceful.

Do you love any rooms in your home and the things in that room?

Keep to the rhythm of 20 minutes every day for a couple of weeks

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your home and your life. When you walk into your home how do you feel? Do you feel peaceful and happy? Do you feel messy and cluttered?


Do you have things in your home that you don’t even like?

or a month. You will find that you don’t get over whelmed as you are only clearing a small space. You will see and feel the change within you and in your home. Your family and friends will notice the change too. Spring is definitely the time for us all to look at our living space and create an environment we love. Wishing you all a wonderful spring. Tracy Edwards xx Intuitive Living Coach Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Leader Psychic Medium. Energy Practitioner. Reiki Master

Tel. 078555 29169

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E xq U I SI t E l y I N d I a N You'll find us nestled in the leafy suburbs of Woolton Village. We are a hidden treasure situated between Sainsburys entrance and Lloyd's Bank on Woolton Street.

OPENING HOURS Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

17.30-23.00 17.30-23.00 17.30-23.00 17.30-23.00 17.30-00.00 17.30-00.00 17.30-23.00

HOl dI Bar, Restaurant & lounge 5b Woolton Street, Woolton Village, Liverpool L25 5NH. Tel: 0151 428 9894


The classic Blood Brothers returns to the stage this year


iki Evans, returns to the iconic role of Mrs Johnstone, after first joining the show in London’s West End and received standing ovations for her powerful and poignant ballads, while Sean Jones returns as Mickey Johnstone, a role which he has previously made his own, to critical acclaim. Written by award-winning playwright Willy Russell, few musicals have been received with such acclaim as the multi-award-winning Blood Brothers. Considered ‘one of the best musicals ever written’ (Sunday Times), Bill Kenwright’s production surpassed 10,000 performances in London’s West End, one of only three musicals ever to achieve that milestone. It has been affectionately christened the ‘Standing Ovation Musical’, as inevitably it “brings the audience cheering to its feet and roaring its approval” (Daily Mail). This epic tale of Liverpool life started as a play, performed at a Liverpool comprehensive school in 1981, before 14

opening at the Liverpool Playhouse in 1983. The musical has since triumphed across the globe, completing sell out seasons in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, and scooping up four awards for Best Musical in London and seven Tony Award nominations on Broadway. Blood Brothers tells the captivating and moving tale of twins separated at birth, who grow up on the opposite sides of the tracks, only to meet again with tragic consequences. When Mrs Johnstone, a young mother, is deserted by her husband and left to her own devices to provide for seven hungry children she takes a job as a housekeeper in order to make ends meet. It is not long before her brittle

world crashes around her when she discovers herself to be pregnant yet again - this time with twins! In a moment of weakness and desperation, she enters a secret pact with her employer which leads inexorably to the show’s shattering climax. Niki Evans first rose to fame in 2007 when she reached the semi-final of series 4 of The X Factor UK mentored by Louis Walsh. After her debut solo single ‘Love Me No More’ in 2008, she went on to play the iconic role Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre between 20082009 and in 2010 where she received rave reviews from critics. Tickets are on-sale now at liverpool

Originating from Liverpool’s Oldest Independent family Funeral Service Let us offer you a helping hand. We know that losing a loved one is a very difficult time for families, this is why we at Richard and Shannon Jenkins Family funeral directors are here so we can help you as much as possible offering you all our services and conducting them with genuine compassion.


Funeral Costing | Vehicles | Coffins | Repatriation | Flowers Visit our website for further services Richard and Shannon Jenkins Funeral Directors 3 Allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 1LG

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Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt

Combine a visit to your favourite National Trust site with the family favourite Easter events, getting your hands on a Cadbury chocolate treat as a reward for your hard work! At just £3 a ticket (plus garden admission if you are not a National


Trust member), the event is a firm favourite with over 2.1K Instagram hashtag uses. Your booklet will contain the clues you need to find the prize, encouraging you to explore the countryside surroundings and maybe even get a little muddy in the process.

In true Easter style, enjoy a day of fun on the farm surrounded by all the newborn animals. You will never run short of things to do at The BIG Sheep thanks to the jam packed schedule, keeping even the most fidgety of children entertained. From sheep racing and tractor rides to lamb feeding and running duck shows, the action packed day out will also double up as an educational visit. A ticket to the Easter Eggstravaganza Festival will cost £14.95 for adults and £6 for children, being a great place for photo opportunities so you can join in on the 8.9K other Instagram posts.

Miniature Audley End Railway

Easter Adventure Quest at Scarborough Castle

Take your little explorers on a trip to Scarborough Castle for an Easter quest, costing £5.20 per child and £8.90 per adult. The North Yorkshire spot is a great day out all year round but the Easter weekend is decked out with dragon eggs and quest boards as explorers aim to locate the hatched dragon! With a chocolate treat and certificate on offer for those who are successful, the family day out is one to remember and is clearly a big hit in the area, with 14.5K Instagram posts using the hashtag.

Pesky Bunnies Easter Eggs-pedition Head to Norfolk and make your way into the depths of the woods to immerse yourself into the family friendly Easter experience.

Start by designing your own bunny ears to wear before completing the look with some face paint, gearing yourself up for the puzzling park trail as you use your clue sheet to find the hidden chocolate eggs. Once you’ve found all 6, you will be able to reveal the bunnies’ favourite chocolate flavour and earn your badge. The experience costs £21.50 each and tickets are available between the 2nd - 19th April so you can make the most of the school holidays!

Miniature Audley End Railway is a hidden gem in the Essex countryside, being the perfect spot for a family day out as it offers something for everybody. With 26.4K Instagram followers, including Mrs Hinch, this Easter is bound to be one to remember as they host their annual Easter Special. For £17 per adult and £8.50 per child, visit the Easter bunny in their woodland home and complete the activity booklet to find the hidden eggs and springtime animals. The train ride is also included in the ticket, taking you around the woods and introducing you to the Easter bunny who has special gifts ready for each child.


Utopia Cosmetics

Advanced Cosmetic Injector • Training Academy Registered for 11 years


t Utopia Cosmetics, we run one of the most wellestablished aesthetic academies in Liverpool. From our aesthetics training academy, we offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for medical and non medical backgrounds. Come into our Liverpool clinic and training academy to find out more about how we can help you to become the best cosmetic injector in your area. We offer 48 treatments here at utopia cosmetics with a full range from non-surgical rhinoplasty to Profhilo injections and non-surgical eyelid lifts. Everything we offer is delivered by our team of experts who also

train other professionals, so you know that when you come to Utopia Cosmetics, you’re in the right hands. We’ll give you the best treatments available and ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our results, so be sure to book an appointment with us today.

Aesthetic Training Course We offer a range of training courses for medical and non medical students, ranging from the beginner to the seasoned professional. Whatever level you’re at, our team can help you, from getting established to refining your talents, and we’ll deliver the same exceptional service to you regardless of where you’re at. Come into our Liverpool aesthetics training academy to find out more about our range of services and to begin the process today. We look forward to working with you.

At Utopia Cosmetics, we run one of the most well-established aesthetic academies in Liverpool. From our aesthetics training academy, we offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for medics and no medics. Come into our Liverpool aesthetics clinic and training academy to find out how we can help you to be the best cosmetic injector in your area.

Aesthetics Training Academy Georgia House, 2 York Street, Liverpool, L1 5BN Utopia Cosmetics Liverpool - 07936 783 817 -




hen we look at diagnosis of illness in Traditional East Asian Medicine, a practitioner has to look at every aspect of the patient such as their complexion, temperature of the body, their lifestyle, symptoms, conditions, sleeping pattern, pain on palpation, diet, hereditary factors, their pulse, the ear, eyes and most importantly, the tongue. The Tongue in TEAM, has many connections in the body, both to the meridian channels and the internal organs. It is important during a consultation as it can present strong visual indicators of a person's overall harmony or disharmony. The tongue has a special relationship with the Heart, as the Heart opens to the tongue as a function. The normal tongue in Traditional Eastern Asian Medicine has a pinkish body with a thin white coating. A pale tongue body indicates Deficient blood, or Qi (Energy) or Yang or Excess Cold. A white tongue can become overly moist because the deficient Yang Qi (Energy) fails to transform and transport the fluids around the body, and an excess cold tongue


can present a thick, white coating, which is moist and slippery. It is pale because it obstructs the circulation of Yang Qi (Energy). An overly red tongue body indicates

Excess Heat plus a yellow coat with Damp Heat. A purple tongue indicates that Qi (Energy) or blood are not moving harmoniously and are Stagnant. Cracks in a red tongue indicate Deficient Yin or Heat injuring the fluids.

One symptom of “Heat in the Heart”, is ulcers on the tongue, especially around the tip area, that is the area related to the heart. Heat in the heart can be caused by either emotional or physical stress, or lack of Yin, meaning internal fluid not transforming and transporting between the Yin organs, Heart, Spleen, Liver, Kidneys & Lungs, once we have nourishment, we can help bring balance to the Yin organs. Correct food for the (Spleen), a sufficient amount of fresh oxygen for the (Lungs), balanced emotions for the (Heart), enough water for the (Kidneys) and natural foods / fewer western drugs and chemicals for the (Liver), can help contribute to a smoother blood flow, which can help symptoms such as hypertension, insomnia, menopause, flushes, headaches, migraines, rosacea plus more. Thank you for reading our article and we look forward to you reading more information on health and well-being next month xxx


HOROSCOPES ARIES (21 MARCH–19 APRIL) This is a time to work towards the transformation of your working conditions. You may need to put in the extra effort to shift yourself up the ladder. Something may come to light with your nearest and dearest, bringing a testing emotional climate.

TAURUS (20 APRIL – 20 MAY) This month marks the beginning of a cycle of new romance or the renewal of love. There will be parties, gatherings, creativity, children and interesting people all around you. Spiritual or creative changes in you may alter the way you live your life at home.


Changing your attitudes at a deep level will move you into a new frame of mind and life. You will be able to see and understand yourselves in a new and different way if you bring your legendary insight to bear on yourself.


There are rewards for the sustained efforts you make in either doing what’s required or in setting new directions. New love may be found in the far climes or in a new environment. You will have the best of partners and friends if you put yourself out there.


The call to adventure will be strong. The more you broaden your horizons, the more you can benefit on your road in life. The singles among you may find that travel or study may lead you to the one you’re looking for.

VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 22 SEPTEMBER) Adding a few

cultural strings to your bow by

stepping beyond the confines with which you’re familiar will boost your confidence. Useful ideas and methods will be there at need and you can have the advice of experienced professionals as you navigate the road ahead.

LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 22 OCTOBER) You may be

launching yourself into a new line of work or business. While friends will be there to support you, you may have to rely on your own efforts or endeavours to succeed. Discussion, reevaluation and insight are important keys in regards to close personal partnership.

SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 21 NOVEMBER) This is a good

period to restructure your financial operations. If you put your money into what’s worthwhile and cut back on frivolous expenses, you can do well. Your knowledge of methods or techniques of communication will be to your advantage in the long term.



Refresh and reinvigorate your relationship with loved ones.


good period to mix business with pleasure in that you can make strong advances through socializing and social contacts. Some may find new romance through professional encounters. Someone new or unusual may be the hallmark of the good things that await you.

immerse yourself in creative projects or spiritual activities or you may develop a project in secret for a time. Solitude may serve a need for deeper considerations. Issues of love or money that have troubled you in the past may flare up again, requiring further attention.


PISCES (19 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH) Matters of career or

through a period of revision with regard to your hopes and wishes. Joint ventures may become a consuming interest. In relationship, if you’ve been heavily involved in the past then, you’ll march to a different drummer for awhile.

professional status may come to an unexpected hitch or change. A cycle of dealings with authority or taking authority may come to an end. You may be drawn into a new and enticing partnership that gives both warmth and depth. 21



Lifestyle meets high-flier and founder of Liverpool’s Gourmet Coffee, Andrew Fernandez, now the Inflight Manager with British Airways How long have you worked in the travel industry? I started my travel career when I was just 18 when I started working for a company called Servisair. They were a ground handling agent at Manchester Airport. I would check all the customers onto their holiday flights then go to the gates and board the flights. This gave me so much confidence dealing with the public and fed my love for aviation. I had always dreamt of being cabin crew from a really early age. My dad would take me to Manchester Airport on the weekends so I could watch all the planes take off and land. The innocence of a child visualising was so powerful looking back now. I do believe in visualisation and the power of the mind. When I was sitting at my check in desk I would see all the cabin crew looking so glam in their uniform all pulling their trolley bags that I used to think it was me and that one day I would be wearing the uniform. So after 2 seasons at the airport I applied to British Airways Cabin Crew in March 1993 as I was 19 and had reached to minimum age. I did my application and test and sent a picture of myself and just waiting patiently. Within 2 weeks I had a phone call asking me to come to London for a group exercise, English and maths test. This was all done in Heathrow so I flew down on the then “British Airways Super Shuttle”. It was a Boeing 757 will 8 cabin crew onboard. I really felt like I was already part of BA it was a weird feeling. It just felt right. I passed my group exercise and tests and was invited back

down to Heathrow for my 2-1 interview. I can remember sitting looking at the interviewers thinking please give me the job haha. I remember being on shift at Manchester Airport when I got the call to say I had been successful. I can remember everything about the call and how I reacted. I was so excited and happy I just couldn’t believe it. Fast forward 28 years and I am living my best life. I travel the world in my dream job with the company I aspired to work for. BA has been and still is my life I could never see myself doing any other job. Tell us about your career path? I had always had a passion for planes since a small age. I also wanted to help people and make sure they had a great time on-board as I am a naturally positive happy person. I started in September 1993 with BA as long haul cabin crew at London Gatwick. We were actually called the Beach Fleet as the majority of the flights I did where too the Caribbean, Florida and the Indian Ocean. I had never been on a long haul aircraft or travelled past Spain and now I was flying on the Boeing 747 and DC10 to Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia and Mauritius. I just couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this at 19. It was all such a whirlwind of emotions for me as I had visualised doing this from such a young age that I felt at home and part of a huge caring family.

At the age of 28 I became one of the youngest cabin crew at Heathrow Longhaul to be promoted to “ Purser “. The Purser was the person responsible for the cabin service in First, Business and World Traveller I was also second in charge of the flight. I have also been part of a specially selected team of cabin crew that looks after the Royal Family and the Prime Minister flying them personally round the world. I have also been fortunate to be selected to be apart of our New Uniform reveal team. British Airways will be revealing its new Ozwald Boteng designer uniform later this year and I will be one of the first to wear it. And now you’ve been promoted, what does this mean? I’m responsible and accountable for the safety and security of 22 cabin crew on-board the Airbus A380 which is the biggest commercial passenger aircraft in the world. What’s it like working for such a huge airline? British Airways is not just a job it’s a lifestyle. I have spent the last 28 years of my life working for British Airways that

I can honestly say it never feels just like a Job. I feel very proud to wear our uniform and I always want to uphold our professional image and reputation. British Airways has been my life and I am very lucky to be apart of such a huge organisation. Where do you fly to the most? I fly 70% of the time to the USA and Canada where we stay minimum of 24 hours or up to 3 days depending on the destination and frequency of flights. What is your favourite journey? My heart and soul is Thailand! I love the culture, food and the people. I try to go away on holiday at least once a year to one of the Islands. My last holiday was to Phi Phi Island with my partner Paul. We both love just getting on a scooter and travelling around the island stopping off at beaches, restaurants and just living in the moment of this beautiful country. Is there anywhere in he world you haven’t been to? I have always wanted to go to Bali! It’s on my To Go To List. Bali is very spiritual which is what is pulling me to go. I love doing yoga, in fact I went to Thailand for 4 weeks in 2014 to do my yoga teacher training which was just life changing for me. Yoga is my happy space and place to let go of my stress. Since 2014 yoga has played an important part of my mental well-being which is so important as mental health effects so many of us now. Is it always good to come back to Liverpool? OMG YES!! Liverpool is my home it’s where I was born and bred. As soon as I get off the train at Lime Street I can feel the excitement running through my body as there is no place like home. I love getting into my own bed with fresh clean bedding after being awake for over 24 hours haha…. Now I sound old! Haha. Is there any ambition you wish to fulfil? I have always wanted to do some TV work. Actually it almost came true. Myself and Amanda Moss were cast for a new prime time reality tv show based in Liverpool. It was by Lime Pictures and we had to

live in a new private street near Southport and be filled 24/7. It was a reality/scripted soap based on the real lives of 8 families. We had so much fun filming for 2 months but unfortunately it was not commissioned and nothing came of it. It was great experience though I loved it. You’re always so positive, what is the secret of this? I have always been a very upbeat sort of person. I am always smiling and I like to make sure everyone around me is happy. I have had my fair share of ups and downs though and life has not always been kind to me. I have suffered with my own mental health when I lost all 3 of my grand parents in the same year and my mum was diagnosed with cancer. I was very close to my Nan as she was like a mum to me as my mum had to go to work so my Nan looked after me, taking me to school plus we lived with her. So when she passed it was hard. Then when my mum was told she had cancer mentally it just takes its toll on you. Life can be hard and when you are in it sometimes you can not see a way out. I had to really dig deep and with the support of my amazing partner Paul I have come out of it a stronger more emotionally resistant person. It made me grow as a person and on a spiritual level. Life is too short to be held back in the past. Live for today… live in the moment. Do you miss the coffee shop? Gourmet was my life for 9 years. It was like my child, I fed and nurchered it from nothing into a profitable business. It was a rollercoaster of emotions each day but what I never got bored of was my gorgeous very loyal customers. They supported me when things got hard financially all the way through to me being approached by a Canadian Coffee Chain to sell my business. It was very much bitter sweet for me as the business was tough to run as well as doing my flying job so when I sold it the pressure went but I was then left with a huge void in my life. I would for I would say 2 years walk

pass the coffee shop after selling feeling emotional as someone else was looking after my baby. But everything happens for a reason I am extremely proud of myself for achieving another dream of mine which was too own my own business. How did you cope during the pandemic? I was furloughed for 2 years. I tried to stay as positive as possible but it was hard. I initially started working as an Uber driver just to get me out of the house and to earn some money. I then moved to Amazon deliveries which was a challenge as I had too be at the depot in Kirkby at 6am each day to load over 300 parcels into my van which had to be delivered in 8 hours. My BA cabin crew training really helped me with my vaccinator role and after 6 months of Amazon I applied to be an NHS vaccinator of the Covid 19 vaccine. This was such a rewarding role which allowed me to really up skill myself and gave me a sense of pride as I felt like I was helping the country get back to some sort of normality. I was trained to administer the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines along with cold chain management. Each day was such a joy as I would initially see mainly the elderly and most vulnerable patients coming to the vaccination centre. They were so appreciative and thankful for what we were doing. Many of the elderly were living alone so for them it was an opportunity to see real people and to have a conversation. I would really take my time with each patient chatting to them and really making them feel special. It was very humbling and made me realise how lucky I was to be in a loving relationship and to not take things for granted. After a year of vaccinating my skills and experience where recognised and I was promoted to the Assistant Operations Manager of the Chester Racecouse Vaccination Centre where we vaccinated over 3000 patients a day. I feel very proud of myself for what I have achieved and it just goes to show that whatever life throws at you if you are positive and focused you can make it through the dark times. Life is for living.



Watch Your Step in Merseyside to help the RSPB protect ground nesting birds this spring •

Over half of England’s most threatened breeding species nest on or near the ground*

The pandemic has made the public more aware of nature in their local area. 41% of people asked said they’ve spotted wildlife they had never noticed before near their homes between 2020 and 2021

As breeding season starts in Merseyside, the RSPB says watching your step can help protect rare breeding wildlife


eople have been noticing nature much more during lockdowns, as garden birds and other wildlife have helped lift spirits and connect us to the world outside. A recent survey commissioned by the RSPB showed that 41% of participants reported seeing wildlife near their homes that they had never noticed before between 2020 and 2021. Almost half of the UK population have said they have tried to attract nature to their gardens but the RSPB is keen to highlight that many of our threatened species don’t use gardens and nest boxes when raising young. Over half of England’s most threatened breeding species nest on or near to the ground, including curlew, little tern, nightjar and lapwing. “If you ask a child where bird’s nest, they are likely say a tree, hedge or nest box. It’s an image we’ve all grown up with but for some of our most threatened species it’s simply not true. Almost every natural habitat in the English countryside can


be home to ground nesting birds and these threatened species are under increasing pressure due habitat loss, predators and climate change. Yet we can all help protect them from disturbance by simply following the Countryside Code and keeping to footpaths.” Sara Humphrey, Communications Manager. Around Merseyside, coastal areas, including saltmarshes and beaches are often home to ground nesting birds too. Little tern and ringed plover often nest near the tide's edge on shingle beaches and birds like oystercatcher and redshank create small nests hidden in the short undergrowth on marshes. As vulnerable chicks are easy prey for predators, dogs running through nesting sites can be very stressful for breeding birds. By sticking to paths, watching out for signage or alarm calls and keeping dogs on leads in these habitats, you can help give chicks the best chance of survival.

Uplands and moors are also vital homes to ground nesting birds including curlew, dunlin and golden plover. The hen harrier, one of the UK's most threatened birds of prey, also nests at ground level in some upland areas. As birds nesting on the ground are at higher risk from predators; the nests and eggs they contain are often extremely well camouflaged, making them very hard to see and avoid. “A skylark egg can be as small as 17mm, that’s around the width of a 5p piece. And when those eggs hatch, chicks can be just as well camouflaged and vulnerable. When scared, a chick’s instinct is often to stay quiet and avoid detection, so if you see an adult bird calling out in distress or trying to catch your attention, back away carefully to help protect nests from harm.” Mike Shurmer, Head of Species for RSPB England. The RSPB’s conservation scientists have developed methods to help protect nesting birds from environmental threats including climate change, wildfire and sea level rise, which can be delivered through managing landscapes for wildlife. They have seen fantastic results for species including roseate tern and stone curlew, but to protect ground nesting birds across the countryside, everyone can play a part by watching where they step. To find out more, search #WatchYourStep on twitter or Facebook. Visit



Croxteth Country Park 3 miles (4.5 km) This 500 acre country park in Liverpool has a number of fine cycling and walking paths. The park includes a 16th century hall, wildflower meadow, walled garden and nature reserve. The Liverpool Loop Line and the Trans Pennine Trail pass the western side of the park. Eastham Country Park 1 miles (2 km) This park is located on the Wirral bank of the River Mersey, profferring fantastic views across the estuary. Eastham consists of 100 acres of broadleaf woodland with surfaced walking paths and a cycle track. The park has a visitor centre, tea garden and two riverside pubs.


The Wirral Circular Trail, passes the park. You could pick this up and head north to visit the wonderful model village of Port Sunlight with its Grade I listed buildings and lovely riverside park.

Canal 126 miles (203 km) Enjoy waterside cycling and walking along Britain’s longest single canal. It runs for 126 miles across the Pennines, passing many villages, towns and cities with a fascinating heritage and industrial history. There are also pretty locks, viaducts and some wonderful countryside to enjoy. Highlights on the route include the impressive 5 rise locks at Bingley, Wigan Pier and the lovely Foulridge Reservoir in Colne. Near Burscough you’ll pass the wonderful Martin Mere Nature Reserve where you

can look out for otters, flamingos, beavers and thousands of water loving birds. Liverpool City Walk 10 miles (16 km) This long circular walk through the centre of Liverpool visits the city’s most famous sights. You’ll visit the waterfront, Albert Dock,Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool Festival Gardens, Sefton Park and Princes Park on this 10 mile trail. Liverpool Loop Line 10 miles (16 km) This traffic free cycle ride follows National Cycle Route 62 and a disused railway line from Halewood to Aintree. The flat surfaced path is a great ride for beginners, families or anyone looking for a leisurely ride. It’s also suitable for walkers in the mood for a nice easy stroll. The path is lined with attractive woodland

and bluebells in the spring months. The route starts in Halewood close to the train station. You then head through Gateacre, Knotty Ash and West Derby before finishing in Aintree near the famous racecourse. Highlights on the route include the lovely Croxteth Country Park which is well worth a small detour at West Derby. Liverpool to Neston 26 miles (42 km) Follow National Cycle route 56 on this interesting and varied ride. You start in Sefton Park and head

towards the river where a riverside path takes you past Albert Dock to the Seacombe Ferry. Here you cross the Mersey and join another off road section taking you past New Brighton, Wallasey and into Birkenhead. The route continues through the Wirral on a mixture of quiet roads and traffic free paths before finishing at Neston railway. Wirral Country Park 2 miles (2.5 km) Enjoy fabulous views of the Wirral Peninsula in this delightful coastal country park. The park is the first

designated country park in Britain, opening in 1973. You can climb the 60 feet high, boulderclay cliffs where there are splendid views of the Dee Estuary. There are excellent facilities with Picnic Areas, Visitor Centre, Shop, Information staff, Cafe, BBQ area and a Bird Hide. The Wirral Way walking and cycling trail also runs through the park. You can follow the trail to the lovely village of Parkgate where there are great views across the marshes of the Dee Estuary and large variety of wildfowl and waders to look out for.


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Summer Berries


Dundee Cake

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Double the Trouble! ETSU DOUBLE YUZU GIN


ne doesn’t often associate Japan with gin, however, following their move into the whisky market they started producing around 1870 but the first commercial distillation was 1924 upon the opening of the Yamazaki distillery - they are now following on again from the Scottish lead and gin has seen a rapid uptake in gin production. There are many reasons, not least being the upsurge in gin popularity, however, practicalities also figure highly, as gin can be produced much more quickly and cheaply. Whereas spirits such as whisky, require time in the barrel, gin doesn't, making it that much quicker to produce and eliminating a few steps. So, whether the spirit rests in oak for just a couple of years, or ultimately forms part of a twelve, fifteen, or eighteen year-old bottling, the financial returns in the whisky industry are far from quick in their arrival.

Unlike the other two Etsu gins, Etsu have their Double Yuzu created at the Akita distillery on Honshu Island. Translating to word ‘pleasure,’ Etsu is named after the prefecture it is based in, on the coast of the Sea of Japan, and extends eastwards across the island towards the Ōu Mountains. And it’s from these mountains and the botanicals found thereon, that the gin finds its fresh and light flavours. Pleasure is the name of the game Including the mountain fresh water and Japanese citrus fruit - Yuzu, this gin includes juniper, liquorice root, angelica, coriander and matcha, giving the gin a strong citrus aroma. As this is a double yuzu gin, unsurprisingly this is a predominant flavour profile as well, with hints of lemon also to be found. Due to the citrus flavours, it also finishes fresh and light with a touch of zing. It has to be one of the most sophisticated gins that


Stanna Wieclawska Kyriakou

has passed my lips: think of a zingy citrus tart with the floral fragrance of the Yuzu fruit, followed by a spicy sansho peppery finish and floral/herb overtones, and you’re there. This gin drinks well as a refreshing longer drink, so it works great with tonic or a pink grapefruit soda.

TheGinnolier |

The_Ginnolier 29


Algorithm & Blues


f I learned anything about the music industry from working in record shops as a young man, it was that the only thing guaranteed to sell any kind of music is publicity. Talent, originality, artistic merit and even good old Percy Filth himself, sex, are all rendered useless as selling points if nobody ever hears the music or sees the artist perform it. Simon Cowell exploited this basic principle ruthlessly, eventually playing it out to its predictable endgame with The X Factor. Since 2018 we have had TikTok, a social media music and video app designed specifically to make uploaded content ‘go viral’. Since the app itself went viral, exploding in popularity worldwide during the global lockdown of the pandemic crisis, a viral hit on TikTok can be the modern equivalent of appearing on prime time Saturday evening TV in the 70s or 80s, or performing the theme song to a major Hollywood blockbuster in the 90s or 00s. There are many well documented examples of new and particularly old recordings enjoying quite staggering sales and

streaming boosts from just one random viral TikTok video. The best example of this was probably Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ back in October 2020 and how innocently that all came about. Such is the extent of the phenomenon that every major record label has since invested heavily in monitoring and trying to exploit the power of TikTok and its beguiling and often unfathomable algorithm.

TikTok if you take the time to look for it, because, as with all forms of socialising; you will only get out of it what you are prepared to put into it.

I got into TikTok as @myfunkyweddingdj during lockdown, to try and drive online traffic towards my then brand new website, which I had the misfortune to launch during the same week in which the wedding industry shut down completely for 16 months. I gradually discovered that although the app is famously popular among the younger generation, it is very far from exclusive to it and the whole world and the whole world of music can be found on 31


April is Stress Awareness Month


earning to cope with our stress and finding healthy ways to deal with these situations can go a long way in living a healthy and positive life. What does stress mean to you? We all experience stress – yet we may experience it in very different ways. Because of this, there is no single definition for stress, but the most common explanation is a physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension. Stress is a reaction to a situation where a person feels anxious or threatened. Learning healthy ways to cope and getting the proper care and support can help reduce stressful feelings and symptoms. Common reactions to a stressful event can include: • Disbelief, shock and numbness • Feeling sad, frustrated and helpless • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions • Headaches, back pains and stomach problems • Smoking or the use of alcohol or drugs

Affecting more than just your mind. Long-term stress can prove to be more than just a mental issue. From headaches to stomach disorders to depression – even very serious issues like stroke and heart disease can come as a result of stress. When you are placed in a stressful situation, specific stress hormones rush into your bloodstream leading to an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels. Learn to overcome issues you cannot change

Sometimes the stress in our lives is not something we have the power to change. Try to: • Recognize when you don’t have control, and let it go. • Avoid getting anxious about situations that you cannot change. • Take control of your reactions and focus your mind on something that makes you feel calm and in control. • Develop a vision for healthy living, wellness, and personal growth, and set realistic goals to help you realize your vision.

The honorary UK awards night celebrating positivity in life

Hosted by Darren Lawrenson

Nominations have now been casted, it is now time for you to vote for who you think deserves to win.

VOTING NOW OPEN Saturday 30th April 2022

£100 per person


3 Course Meal Awards Motivational Speaking

Email - for tickets, max per table is 10 - for sponsorships, available upon request - FREE CAR PARKING








o many times when I approach businesses to help them grow, I get the response that they’re either too busy so “don’t need to advertise” or too quiet and will advertise when things pick up. If you’re busy you can’t be complacent and expect your customers to come back, you have to give them a reason to return. What if there’s a slump in the economy? Advertising brings you loyalty. And if you’re quiet then you need to advertise to ensure you’re the first choice for customers to come to. This is the thing about business. Consistent advertising ensures greater business success. End of. If it didn’t work you wouldn’t see repetition of adverts on the TV, radio and of course in magazines and newspapers. Think advertising doesn’t work ? Tell that to McDonalds, Coca Cola and the endless brands that are etched in your mind as ones to choose.

Need new trainers? You’re bound to choose a brand like Under Armour or Nike or Adidas rather than an unbranded one. Why? Because advertising has persuaded you that these are the brands to trust for quality and delivering what they’re supposed to. One-off adverts don’t work, people need reminding. Advertising gives your business brand loyalty and promotes a positive image, giving you greater exposure for you to target your customers. You may have a restaurant that isn’t busy. But you need to advertise regardless, for when your potential customer is looking for somewhere to go out for dinner, you’ll be the first choice they remember. Advertising makes sure that the consumer knows that when they are in need, your business will be there to help them. A continuous amount of

consumers visiting your business is the first step to increase your sales. The more consumers you have, the more business you will have. Advertising creates business now and in the future. And advertising encourages repeat business, for once you have got your customers, they’re bound to come back if you’re providing a great service and product. Ultimately, advertising makes your company money – It works. Advertising attracts customers to your business and increases your sales. When consumers see strong and positive advertisements they are more willing to buy and ready to choose your business. Invest in advertising for your business and you will watch it grow and succeed. Advertising is about creating the desire for your customers. Which is why people love Lifestyle! Talk to me about a bespoke advertising package to help grow your business. I can make you famous. Call 97827636 and for UK version say - Call 079162232469.

Leave your emotional baggage at the airport

Spend 4 nights in a traditional Cypriot village, close to the mountains and the beach


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