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JANUARY 2022 • w w w . l i f e s t y l e l i v i n g c y p r u s . c o m




GIUSEPPE MINERVINI Your monthly round up of what’s happening around the island






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HELLO JANUARY AND WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR! 2022! If you’re into spirituality like me, then you may know something about angel numbers. The number 222 is a sign of good things to come. Again, the number 222 can be seen as a reminder that you are on the right path and doing the right things in life. This number is also a sign of positivity, good luck, and joy. Isn’t that a good enough reason to welcome the new month with optimism and happiness? January is a time for making resolutions but don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t stick to them. You have 365

of the year to make a change, not just this month. Lifestyle magazine is making big strides with more distribution points reaching more readers. I’m really excited about this issue and beyond. Last month when I was delivering the magazines, people were taking it out of my hand as I was putting the copies on the stand! It’s only going to get bigger and better and I would love you to be part of it, so if you have any news or community events taking place, please get in touch so they can be featured in the magazine.

As always this month is packed with exciting features of inspirational people around the island, I love meeting people and hearing their stories, it’s what makes life so interesting, doesn’t it. Talking of which, keep loving your lifestyle,

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16. Cricketer Minhas Khan

18. Astrophotographer Demetris 24. The Ginnolier


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Lifestyle chats to illustration artist Giuseppe Minervini How did you become an artist? I believe that


you become an artist when you realize that you have the constant need to express your creativity, to the point that this becomes the priority among your life choices. I remember having always drawn and wanted to share my creations with others. But only later I have chosen to make my inclinations into a job. In the south of Italy, being an artisti is still not considered a safe life. I was young and I was attending a technical institute, it was clearly the wrong school, but then I decided to take the most natural path for me, and I remained consistent on this decision.

What skills does it requires? First of all

sensitivity, then a sense of observation, curiosity and then clearly a good dose of fun, because this is the

What projects have you worked on? I have

worked on various types of projects, mainly related to comics, starting to publish various works in Italy since 2007, but also children's books, illustrations, storyboards for animation videos. I feel lucky to be very flexible in my work so I was able to vary the style to adapt to different projects, while maintaining my own identity.

What has been your biggest challenge?

best way to be motivated and devote yourself to constant growth and learning that requires commitment if you want to reach good levels.

The first time I tackled the creation of a comic book of over 60 pages, I was faced with a great challenge. There is a lot of work to organize in various phases, all of which are important. From the design of the characters and scenarios, to the transposition of the scripts into storyboards, the choice of narration times and shots and then the elaboration of the final pages. Sometimes it almost seems to have a film crew in your head, and it is also normal

Tell us about what you’re working on now? Now I'm working

each input can be useful for acquiring elements that can be used in the creative process. Ideas often come at times when you least expect them and you can't ignore them, but it is important to develop and use them if possible.

What excites you about a project?

I am inspired by the people, the variety of individuals, the diversity of places people live and the stories. Listening to stories is the greatest inspiration for someone who wants to tell stories.

for various unexpected events to occur during processing, so you must always be ready to find solutions and solve problems.

on the second Assholios book with Sterkoti productions. In the meantime, I also deal with painting and I am active in the Berlin art scene.

I am excited by all the processing stages of a project, building all the elements to make a story work and then seeing the finished product. It is a long journey so when it comes to the final result it is very rewarding. Clearly I like to work on projects in which I have a great component of creative freedom and I can provide my contribution with personal initiatives and ideas.

As an artist do you ever switch off creatively? Let's say

that the phase of deep creative concentration must be managed very carefully because it can require a lot of energy. Though this is a job that never really switch off. Each component of life,

What inspires you?

Did your talent help you through the pandemic? The

pandemic is certainly a particular situation that we will remember for a long time. I found myself taking note of the events, because despite their tragic nature, I believe a lot can be learned from this great interlude of collective difficulty. Then clearly those who are able to use a talent, like writing, painting, drawing or music, can use this as a safe refuge in difficult times.

What is your ambition? My ambition

is to continue on my path, I like to achieve personal improvements from year to year and I am willing to keep on. One wish I have would be one day to develop some personal illustrated literature projects.

When do you decide you’re happy with a project? I always

try to do everything possible to make a quality contribution to the project I am working on. Clearly perfection does not exist, but for example, as regards a comic book, I am happy when the reading of the story is fluid, pleasant and enjoyable to the eye.

What are your new year’s resolutions? For

the new year I would like to complete the second book of Assholios and carry out the projects I am already working on, but I also have the hope that the global situation will come back to normal, allowing all people who work in the cultural and entertainment fields to participate in various events around the world without problems.

Email: Instagram: @minervinig

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Meet Dr Panagiotis Tsoukka DVM, MRCVS, owner of Furry Friends Veterinary Clinic


wner of Furry Vets, Panagiotis Tsoukkas has always loved challenges and veterinary medicine is one of them. Since he was a kid he dreamed of getting involved in the field of veterinary medicine, the dream became a vision, and now... we are here! Having a permanent adrenaline and of course love for what he does, treats each animal as part of Furry Friends family! Panagiotis graduated as a Veterinary Medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicines in Budapest. Then with his resolve to reach high and gain the necessary experience, he decided to move to England, where he initially worked at a first-opinion Veterinary Clinic in Leeds, and then worked at a first and second-opinion Veterinarian Hospital (Rutland House Veterinary Hospital, St‘ Helen’s, Liverpool). During his work in Liverpool, he specialized in all kinds of soft tissue surgery and


of course any emergency room (emergency room). He worked in collaboration with specialist dermatologists, cardiologists, licensed soft molecule surgeons and orthopedics, diagnostic radiologists, pathologists, with whom he managed to gain vast experience in the field of Veterinary Medicine.

- Soft molecule surgery - Pet Grooming - Other services The purpose remains the same... to provide exceptional care to patients at all times. And of course, always here for you and your pets!

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s humans age, numerous things become inevitable. Our hair will grey. Our bones will weaken. Dinners will be eaten earlier. And our hearing abilities won’t be what they once were. In case seeing-it-withyour-own-eyes isn’t enough to convince you that this future holds true, statistics like today’s hearing fact should. Research shows that more than twothirds of adults 70 and older have clinically meaningful hearing loss — meaning your odds of having hearing loss if you’re past 70 are better than not having hearing loss. While these changes to our body are normal and natural — tradeoffs to living a long, fulfilling life — that doesn’t mean we can’t prolong their

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MINHAS KHAN, of the Cyprus

cricket team (right hand batsman shirt no 54) talks about his passion for the sport and representing the country


How long have you lived in Cyprus and what do you love about the country? I came to Cyprus in 2017 to study and I then I decided to stay here. Because I am in love with this island, it’s really a beautiful country with beautiful weather, atmosphere, I like the culture here, like the people around, love their tradition of course I live in Ayia napa from the beginning I have met so many international people from different countries around the world. How did you get into cricket? I got into cricket from my childhood in Pakistan. I used to play field hockey along with cricket and when I came to Cyprus I choose cricket and I got in touch with the Cyprus Cricket Association and the rest is history! When did you decide to become professional? When I was 18 years old I was following one of my best cricket player, Shahid Afridi, all rounder of Pakistan. He was the best player and my idol and he inspired me to play like him. What do you love about cricket? It makes feel great inside the field, I love the passion for the sport and making friends. I would never get bored playing this game. What are the plans for the team in the next year? For next year the Cyprus cricket clubs will represent the Cyprus cricket in ECL (European cricket league) 2022 on 7-11 of March in Spain and also we will be representing Cyprus National team in June 2022. What achievements are you most proud of? Achievements 2021: Two times European cricket T10 league champions 2021,1 time 40 overs cup Of CCA 2021,1 time T10 European cricket series Silver medal 2021, 1 time T20 cup silver 2021 and also I made this year the most highest individual score record in T10 ECS 2021 (97 runs not out of 35 balls).



Demetris Psomas,

astrophysicist and keen astrophotographer from Limassol, talks about his hobby which is out of this world! and galaxies and even You’re an astrophysicist, can you explain what this is? ​ y degree is actually M in Physics. However, the university I studied at (University of Southampton) has a great astronomy research program and therefore I followed many astromodules. But returning to the question, an astrophysicist is an individual who studies the physics of the universe. That includes any phenomena related to the birth, life and death of stars, formation of planets, solar systems

more mysterious celestial bodies which scratch the brains of scientists on Earth.

When did you first take interest in this topic I guess I wanted

to be an astronaut when I was in primary school :) But maths and physics looked like the kind of path I would eventually follow since I was better at them than the rest of the classes. Although I finished my studies back in 2011, my interest in astrophotography grew during 2020. I watched some online videos of astrophotographers and I

got addicted too fast and soon after I purchased my equipment.

Tell us about your studies in the UK

Well, one thing’s for sure... Only crazy people study physics :) It’s exciting, wonderful but really hard. Harder than someone could anticipate. But hey, it’s physics after all. During my studies I followed modules like galaxies, solar system physics, photons in astrophysics, stellar evolution, etc. During those years I saw for the very first time Saturn through the university’s telescope.

How did you acquire your first telescope?


My first telescope, which is a visual telescope, I bought around November - December 2019. With that piece of equipment, I observed the moon and its craters, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and some more distant celestial

objects like the Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy and the Pleiades open star cluster. Three or four months later I became obsessed with astrophotography and therefore I moved to a different and more specialized equipment set.

What is the process of taking a photo? This could be a long answer, but let’s keep it simple. A camera is attached to the telescope which is connected to a piece of hardware like a computer or a tablet. There are certain programs that help locating the desired target and then a sequence of taking pictures commences. Normally when taking a picture, say with a phone or a camera, the shutter speed of the camera is quite fast. However, in astrophotography longer exposures are needed in order to capture more light and hence more details of the celestial target. Therefore, shutter speeds of a few minutes are usually used - that is the camera captures the light for many minutes before finally taking the picture. Having said that, an astrophotographer tries to capture as many pictures as possible before using them in a software to stack them all together and get a final

picture of the astro-target. Then the picture goes through post processing to bring out as much detail as possible and voila! You have a picture for which an individual worked for hours or days to finalize.

Is there a best place in Cyprus to shoot the night sky? As a general rule you try to find a place really away from any light source. Most astrophotographers like myself take the pictures from their backyard. For the best results possible, one could have a photo session in the mountains away from villages. The darkest place to visit in Cyprus I guess would be to the east of Polis Chrysochous, near Kampos of Tsakistras.

What do you love about astrophotography?

Well, let me tell you... anything about the procedure of astrophotography is frustrating (hahaha). Always something comes up which will not work, you stay awake all night, in the cold, swearing at the weather, the equipment, you could say it is a hobby for mazochists

(hahaha). BUT... when you are done with your picture, you look at it, you are mesmerized by it and you want more! So, I guess the final result is what keeps the astrophotographers on their toes.

Would you ever like to go into space?

Although the answer should be YES straight away, space actually terrifies me. Cold, quiet, no control whatsoever. But I would love to have a conversation with an alien if I get the chance :)

What fascinates you about astrophysics?

Astrophysics, astrophotography, anything with an “astro” involved is immediately fascinating. The mysteries, the unknown, the vast scale of wonders that shows how little and insignificant we are on this little planet... it really opens the mind to new perspectives and it sometimes can have an impact on our daily lives. That, and you know it’s cool :)




INNER MAGIC FOR A SPARKLING JANUARY 2022 With Tracy Edwards who splits her time between Cyprus and the UK


ur New Years resolutions usually include a long list of things we need to change about ourselves. We constantly want to change our bodies, our health and our self image. Sometimes we just have to be kind to ourselves. In a post pandemic world this can be harder than ever with the anxiety and stress of modern living. Let’s look at how you can be more sparkly and feel joy inside just being you, just as you are. Get a pen and paper and answer the following questions. Look at what makes you happy and write them down? What do you love to do - that you don’t always have the time to do? Who makes you happy when you spend time with them? Where would you love to live and why aren’t you? What would you like to do that you haven’t tried? What was the most successful part of 2021 for you and why?


Make it a kind list of all the things you really love or want to do. All the good things. There is no right or wrong answer. Your just looking at you, as you are the most important person reading this page! Look at your list and what makes you happy and what you have written. These are the things you love and they are important to you or you wouldn’t of written them down. How many of your ‘what makes me happy’ do you do every day? Or Every week?

Look through your list and congratulate your self on what you do every day, that makes you happy. Can you do more of what you love. Just acknowledge your list and work on the rest that you know are important to you. If you do what you love, you love what you do. If you love what you do, you really are loving you and leading your best life. We are who we are and when we love who we are, life sparkles and you sparkle. Have a magical and sparkly 2022.

Intuitive Living Coach • Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Leader • Psychic Medium. Energist. Reiki Master

ECO-FRIENDLY Lidl Cyprus is committed to sustainable actions and is consistently taking key steps towards climate protection. It aims to contribute towards curbing the increase of the average global temperature to 1.5°C, as provided for in the Paris Agreement.


n August 2020, the Schwarz Group joined the ‘Science Based Targets’ initiative on behalf of the entire group, which supports businesses in defining. As one of the largest food chains in the field of retail and under the umbrella of the Schwarz Group, Lidl Cyprus significantly contributes towards climate protection Further, as part of the Schwarz Group and within the framework of its climate strategy, Lidl Cyprus has set specific goals and measures that initially aim to avoid, reduce and, where there is no other option, to compensate for CO2 emissions arising from its operations and supply chain. By 2030, Lidl aims to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent in comparison to 2019, in

all countries in which it is active. In addition, by the end of 2022, Lidl Cyprus aims to use 100 per cent green energy at all its facilities By doing so, it will become a climate neutral company in 2022. (Climate neutral for direct and indirect emissions, through certified compensation projects) Most of Lidl ‘s carbon footprint is attributed to production of its goods, i.e. to the early stages of the value chain. The company therefore wants its suppliers – i.e. those responsible for 75 per cent of emissions related to products – to commit to setting their own climate targets by 2026, based on the methodology of the ‘Science Based Targets’ initiative. In order to achieve its ambitious goals, Lidl

Cyprus has developed a comprehensive action plan as part of its climate strategy, which have to do with the direct emissions generated within the company and influenced by it, as well as indirect emissions resulting from the energy consumption the company supplies from external providers. Also covered are emissions related to the company’s business activity throughout the supply chain, as well as at other stages of the production chain. Lidl Cyprus has already started the implementation of various measures to reduce its carbon footprint, beginning with analysing the main sources of its emissions. Because, on the road to a better tomorrow, climate protection for Lidl Cyprus is a priority. Learn more about the company’s climate strategy and goals at 21


Secure Corporate and Domestic Storage in Cyprus


hange is bound to happen. Renovation, relocation, remodelling. All these rank as one of the most stressful life events. Your life and work are disrupted as you make adjustments and changes to your daily routine. Additionally, organising, packing and keeping track of your belongings is a hassle. Then, once you move, you have to figure out where to put all your items. Luckily, you can take away some of that stress by storing your possessions


at Peter Morton Removals storage facilities! At PMR, one of the core values is to make customers life as stress-free as possible. Renovation, Relocation and Remodelling, do not have to be stressful life events. Due to increased demand a few years ago, Peter Morton made a considerable investment and sourced a dedicated, massive storage facility on a 7,500 square meter site. Right now, it is ranked as the largest and safest storage facility in Cyprus. At PMR, the storage crates are made of wood and are 250 cubic ft each in size. The storage facilities are approved by BAR (British Association of Removers) and all crates are manufactured and imported from the UK. It’s easy to store items anywhere, but our warehouse is both convenient and protected. Considering

your belongings’ safety ahead of time will save you the stress of having to replace something later or potentially losing something irreplaceable, expensive or dear to your heart. Additionally, the warehouse itself and all goods that are in the store are fully insured! With the recent increase in Cyprus crime rates, storing valuable goods at home doesn’t seem like a safe option any longer. Unlike houses, storage facilities offer more security to stored items. At Peter Morton Removals, the whole facility is covered by a state-of-the-art security system monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Three freerunning guard dogs also patrol the premises. It is, therefore, wiser to store valuable items in a

storage unit rather than in the garage or basement of our houses. Peter Morton Removals domestic storage crates are all individually numbered. They are loaded on to purposebuilt vehicles and brought to your house, ready to be loaded by the PMR team. Upon loading of each crate, with a full inventory, the doors will be secured. On arrival of the PMR vehicle back at a secure warehouse, your numbered crate will be placed back in its specific row by a forklift. This means your goods are not handled anymore from when collected. The redelivery process works exactly the same but in

reverse. Every crate that arrives at the warehouse is logged on to the computer system. You can access your domestic storage crates at any time by appointment with the office.

of where they going and what conditions they will be stored in. We welcome potential customers to come and view our facility, so you can see for yourself and be confident in your decision to use us.

At PMR, we always suggest to our clients that they come and look at the storage facility. If you want to store your goods, you need to be very sure For more information, please visit their website or give them a call on 26923588 - Paphos office or 25722180 - Limassol office.


Lifestyle raises a toast to drinks expert



in has soared in popularity in recent years, with Brits purchasing 47 million bottles in 2017 almost doubling to 83 million bottles in 2020. But what actually is gin, and what do all of those different styles mean? Simply put, it's a flavoured alcohol, with juniper as the predominant botanical. The legal EU definition of gin means that it must be a juniper-dominated spirit, with an agricultural origin and a 37.5% ABV. But what about the different types?


This is the highest-quality gin you can produce, as it must comprise of all natural ingredients, be made with high-quality alcohol and only contain 0.01g of sugar per litre of alcohol. It also has to be distilled with botanicals to get the flavour, and you can’t add any artificial flavourings or additives after distillation.


London Dry Gin and regular distilled gin is essentially made in the same way, except for one big difference: distilled gin can have any flavourings added to it after the distillation process. 24


There are several gins that have to be made in a specific location, for example Mahón Gin from Menorca and Vilnius Gin from Lithuania. Cyprus gins are aiming for a similar distinction from Mediterranean gin.


Despite the name, sloe gin isn’t actually a gin, but a liqueur.


Navy Strength is a higher proof gin than standard gin. It averages at around 57%. Which is the strength at which gunpowder can still be fired if it gets soaked with gin.


Old Tom is one of the original, classical styles of gin. It tends to be sweeter, as they used to add a large amount of sugar or honey to disguise the bad-quality of the gin produced. Hence why it’s always better to drink Old Tom Gins with soda water as the sugar in the tonic water can often overpower the sweeter style of the gin. In the next edition we will start reviewing gins, starting with the brand new, limited edition Black Smokers Cyprus Gin.

Chin chin! The Ginnolier - a professional gin taster, offering gin tasting experiences across the island. Email: TheGinnolier |




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ife is for living, loving and enjoying. It’s for embarking on new adventures, travelling and making lots of memories. It’s for spending as much time as possible, or as much time as you want to spend, with your ageing family members and loved ones while you still can. Life is about lifelong learning. Being curious and learning from everyone and everything you experience on your journey. It is as much about giving, as it is about, what you can get. And we should all be striving to leave the world in a better place than it was before we arrived. However, as scary as it sounds. The truth is, the harder we continue to work, the less time we’ll actually get to spend on this earth. Yet despite this… many of us seem to have barely evolved since the industrial revolution, in terms of our attitude and mindset towards work. You only need to look around, to see that most of the seriously successful and wealthy in the world, have so much more in their lives, than eat, sleep, work, repeat! However, on the other hand, some of the poorest among us are working 3 jobs, with


barely enough time or energy, to eat and sleep; and they are struggling to make ends meet. Bless their hearts. They’re working themselves into the ground and leaving no time to be able to think… let alone start a form of recurring revenue or passive income.

All day everyday around the globe, people like you and me are proving beyond our wildest dreams, just how effective and successful this strategy really is.

But perhaps they would stop working as hard, if, they were even aware of the IMPORTANCE of NOT exchanging time for money.

So it’s not just my opinion or a theory. It’s not a new methodology or a strategy that needs beta testing.

The problem is, many successful people seem determined to keep ‘their strategies’ as some sort of secret. Either that or they make it sound so bloody complicated, you think you need a PHD to execute. It’s NOT complicated in the slightest. It’s very simple and literally ANYBODY can do it. So, it’s been proven time and time again, that working less and leveraging your income, is THE SECRET. It’s the secret, to achieving a life that most people are working their backsides off to get. But it’s a catch 22 because they’ll never get there if they continue working all the hours god sends. Everybody NEEDS to know THE TRUTH. We need to work smarter NOT harder or longer.

It is THE ONLY WAY to become financially free and build generational wealth. It’s how to guarantee you can live a life that you love and spend much more time with your children, grandchildren, and/or loved ones. It’s the way to make sure you stick around for as long as possible and pass on all your learnings and wisdom to future generations. And it is a way for you to give back and pay it forward. A way for you to leave a legacy, that you and your family for generations to come, can be really proud of. Happy New Year to All and Wishing You tons of courage, confidence, health & happiness for 2022 Truth & Transparency Always, Berny xo




You will be very resourceful, optimistic, willing to make new friends, to travel with them, to change something about your life. Singles will fascinate all around them with their allure, while the coupled up captivate their sweeties anew. You are in the position to inspire others through what you create this month.


This is an excellent time to work on monetary planning and strategy. You’ll be focused on joint financial situations and intimate relationships, all of which will work out quite well. However, examine all of your agreements with collaborators and clients carefully to make sure you’re on the right track.


You’ll be in an excellent shape and you’ll have the opportunity to make much money. But pay attention, because it could be a period of extremes, with unexpected benefits and loss. Also carefully watch the sentimental factor and its influence on your professional life!


You’ll be inspired to suggest new avenues of business to your team and colleagues. You’ll have remarkable powers of persuasion so don’t worry much about getting your way in meetings. This month brings new suitors for singles and a possible change in status for those already attached.

LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUGUST) You have experienced, and will continue to do so, a

subtle yearning to belong with a friend or a group who shares your own ideals. A trip could bring you love or more passion in your relationship, if you already have a life partner.

VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 22 SEPTEMBER) You’ll be

more willing to study, more persevering and more patient. The financial situation will improve due to the serious and inspired way you manage your profession. Try to be more tactful, more careful about the way you communicate and about the ingenious ideas you come up with.



the position to inspire others through what you create this month. An exciting job LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 22 offer, reward, recognition, or OCTOBER) You’ll feel unusually promotion is very possible. assertive and will score An opportunity to expand on major points as you surprise a worldly level arrives now. people with your insights and Widening your social circle is suggestions. However, finances indicated. will be almost impossible to AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY – 18 predict, though the odds are FEBRUARY) You will have the ever so slightly in your favour. It’s a favourable period for hard tendency to become rigid and uncommunicative and study. to set infeasible goals. You SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 21 could be less creative so NOVEMBER) You’ll be very restrict yourself to routines. popular, lively and diplomatic. You should also avoid studies You’ll go out with friends, that require elaborateness you’ll have fun, play and travel Love will help you overcome more often. Listening closely some obstacles from the to your beloved nets you lots sentimental point of view. of pertinent information, and after the first week you gain an PISCES (19 FEBRUARY – 20 understanding that’s invaluable MARCH) Your eagerness to please will be mirrored by for your love life. your enthusiasm for your SAGITTARIUS (22 NOVEMBER profession. Your home -21 DECEMBER) You will be full life should be especially of energy and able to work well integrated with your very hard and make physical professional life. Toward the effort. You may begin to take end of December, you may on more responsibilities on wish to withdraw a bit and the job or in another servicerecalibrate your thinking oriented capacity. You’ll be about your career path. there for your friends, ready to help them anytime. 29



repeatedly said a common approach is needed to avoid further disruption for the travel industry. However, they have introduced diverging rules. France set a seven-month limit on the day the


uropean Union countries are expected to agree to limit to nine months the duration of COVID-19 certificates for travel within the EU. In addition all incoming travellers from outside the bloc will require a PCR test, a step prompted by a lack of firm information so far on the risks posed by the Omicron coronavirus variant. The EU introduced COVID-19 passes in July to allow travel for people who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, have recovered from the disease or have a negative PCR test. But as evidence increased about the waning protection from vaccines, last month the European Commission proposed a nine-month validity limit for COVID-19 passes


from the time a person has received two doses (or one in the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). If applied, such a limit would mean that EU citizens wanting to travel freely – without tests or quarantine – next summer across the bloc would need a booster shot. There is general support for the nine-month limit, but some countries, especially in eastern Europe, were concerned about this denting the travel industry and free movement of people. EU governments have

Commission proposed it should be nine months. The French rule is to apply from Jan. 15, whereas the Commission has proposed a January 10 start. A spokesman for the French Embassy at the EU had no immediate comment on the issue. In Cyprus, the certificate is to last seven months, whereas in Greece it would expire after six months for older people. EU officials said both countries were willing to change to a common EU limit.


Meet Lifestyle’s new beauty columnist Emma Lampkin


fter the busy festive period, the New Year can be the ideal time for a fresh start, and a chance to begin the year with a healthy mindset and to get your shit together!

It doesn’t have to be a huge change, even just 15 mins per day for a short walk is ideal, and it’s likely that you’ll feel better as a result, both physically and mentally.

You may already have some ideas for New Year’s resolutions; you may be planning on joining a gym; spending more time with loved ones, looking for a new job or a change of career, or even just cutting back on the amount of junk food that you eat, or you may not even have a resolution.

Now don’t get me wrong, getting that motivation is hard, staying away from the fridge is harder, but

But in this issue of Lifestyle we are focusing on getting your mind, body, and soul into a much better place! Most of us are aware that exercise boosts the ‘happy chemicals’ in our brain, known as endorphins, which ultimately improve our mood and sense of wellbeing.

even if you cut down and start slow it’s still a great achievement. As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and neither will be getting healthier, it takes time, dedication and motivation to name a few- it’s hard work

absolutely but it’s only going to benefit YOU! There are of course other things to factor into getting yourself in a healthier mindset such as getting at least 8 hours sleep a night, practicing self care, and keeping your mental health healthy, and again like the last issue I absolutely preach self care and looking after yourselves and in the words of RuPaul “If you can't love yourself how in the hell are you going to love somebody else”? So let this be your motivation, new year new mindset, time to get focused, get set, and get that glow up you deserve. So until next month,

Emma Xoxo

@ emmalampkin 31


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Alcoholics Anonymous 97798043 (8am-9pm) Aeronautical and maritime incidents 1441

Ministry of Interior: (Immigrations, Land & Surveys, Town Planning & Housing, Press & Information, Asylum, Civil Registry & Migration)

British High Commission 22861100

Social Insurance & Benefits

Cyprus Samaritans 77777267 (6pm-10pm)

Vat, Legislation, Cyprus & the EU

Cancer Support Line 97760989 (9am-1pm Mon-Fri)

Road Transport Department:

Directory Enquiries 11892

Ministry of Health

Drug Helpline 1410

Tourism & Travel

Electricity faults 1800

Forest fire reports 1407

Cyprus Tourism Association:

Pafos Airport 77778833

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Larnaca Airport 77778833 Poison control 1401

Embassies in Cyprus:

Cyprus Kidney Association 24652044

Sport & Leisure

Pregnancy advice and counselling 99859562

FAMAGUSTA REGION Private doctor on call 0901433 Paralimni hospital 23200000 Police HQ 23803030

24hr pharmacy 90901413

Water supply faults 23740022 (8am-8pm Mon-Fri) St John’s, Derynia 99854741

Christ Church, Ayia Napa 99376551


Private doctor on call 90901432

General hospital Larnaca 24828768 Immigration office 24864242 24hr pharmacy 90901414 Larnaca Port 24804034

Larnaca town police 99376551

Cyprus Climbing & Mountaineering Federation nature-3/climbing Cyprus Golf Federation: Cyprus Dive Centre Association:

Cyprus Tennis Federation: Cyprus Cricket Association:

Cyprus Football Association: Cyprus Cycling Federation:

Cyprus Equestrian Federation: Cyprus Athletics Federation:

Cyprus Rugby Federation: www.cyprus-rugby-com Cyprus Basketball Federation: Cyprus Hockey Association: Cyprus Motorsport Federation:

MUSIC HAPPY NEW MUSIC YEAR...2022!! Over the past month, well-known local pop Rock band MINUS ONE, gave us a musical treat with their tribute to the legendary and iconic, QUEEN! The band took their show to different venues around the island and performed several nights of QUEEN classics to the delight of all who attended, ending with shouts of encore and ‘we want more!’ The sold-out events were proof that Freddie and the music of Queen will continue to be celebrated and passed on to generations to follow. The music of Queen is timeless. The hour and a half show included the most classic of Queen’s songs including Don’t Stop Me Now, We Are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust, We Will Rock You and the acclaimed Bohemian Rhapsody, which the band made their own with longer instrumentals and dynamic vocals. The audience participation was overwhelming and powerful, becoming one with the show and singing the lyrics in unison, highlighting the rapport between themselves and the band. Front man, Andreas adopted Freddie’s energy, charisma and spirit who looked the part, dressed in the iconic yellow military- style cropped jacket and holding the trademark microphone stand, succeeding in creating the renowned Queen kind of magic! The show ended with the much loved, You Don’t Fool Me, with the band coming together at the front of the stage, singing and dancing for the show's

finale, celebrating the end of a magnificent night. Overall, a great performance with a band who displayed great musicianship, lots of feel-good vibes and inspired me to play more Queen music!! They promised to ROCK US ….and THEY DID!! From classic Queen to modern City of Thieves! London Rockers, City of Thieves are back with a vengeance with new songs and a fiery passion ready to Rock the music scene. Their upcoming EP ‘Contagious’ (appropriate title for these times) is set to be released in March 2022. Their third single titled Make ‘Em Pay was released on 17th December, and if this is a sample of what the EP is about then we should expect a dynamic release. The British hard Rock trio from the heart of London are ready to bring some edge to the music world. They are a wellestablished band since 2015, and the high energy and intensity to their music and infectious vibes contribute to their way of drawing you into their web of sound. Their influences are a combination of modern and classic Rock including Blackstone Cherry, ACDC, Aerosmith and some hints of Shinedown, but their sound is very much their own. Jamie, Ben and Will are a tight knit unit who know exactly what they want and which direction they want their music to go. Their musical accomplishments can be described as a journey of doing what they love and believe in. Their last album, Beast Reality, was released in 2018 and made

Music expert Drew Andreou, who organises Cyprus Rocks, gives her insight into the music scene around Cyprus. If you want to be included email quite a stir in the UK Rock world. They have a unified sound of loud, raw British Rock with songs brimming with strong, passionate lyrics and heavy meaning, both fierce and dynamic. Jamie’s gritty, gravelly voice gives us powerful vocals complimented by his effortless bass playing, Ben’s strong and intense guitar techniques and Will’s impressive drumming skills and beats. The band have a loyal following and during lockdown, held Live streaming sessions on YouTube where they were able to interact with their fans, share lots of untold stories and discussions about the history of the band. Twelve unreleased songs were heard for the first time at these sessions, put on a CD, titled OPEN IN CASE OF APOCALYPSE was gifted to the fans. (Of course, I own a copy!) It’s fair to say that City of Thieves definitely rocked the lockdown! It’s known that the band have a tendency to create a positive buzz wherever they go, whether it’s a small venue or a festival, even when they came to Cyprus in 2019 and performed at Savino Live, this energy was felt. The trio were a pleasure to liaise with and hang out with pre and post gig and I look forward to their return to ‘buzz up’ this city again!!



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