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GEORGIA STAVROU - GINA.S ART Your monthly round up of what’s happening around the island




SEPTEMBER 2021 • w w w . l i f e s t y l e l i v i n g c y p r u s . c o m







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HELLO SEPTEMBER How are we in September already!!! Autumn is around the corner but thankfully we’re still fortunate to enjoy the high temperatures in our beautiful country. Cyprus is opening up, we’re excited to shop at the new mall in Larnaca amongst things and I am noticing more events and parties popping up which is exciting. Be sure to send in your photos so we can feature them on our pages. This month I’m delighted to talk to the talented artist that is Georgia Stavrou, her paintings are incredible! Check out her interview inside. And I was able to pin down my workout trainer, Georgina Bell who has taken a break over the last few months so she had time to chat about her passion for Les Mills before

she starts her classes this month. Take it from me, she transforms people, not just physically but emotionally too. I may be biased but I would say she is the best trainer on the island. I plan my entire day around her scheduled classes. I am planning my holistic Lifestyle Retreat which is extremely popular and takes place later on in the year. Cyprus is the perfect setting for this, where I bring a group of people over to stay, to sample the scenery and the culture, we have meditations and workshops with top business mentors. I started this two years ago and it changed my life so much so that I moved here! One thing I learned is that you should never stand still, we’re

always growing and that obstacles are put in our way to challenge us. Basically, it’s time to stop worrying, we’ve survived a global pandemic and we’re doing ok. If you’re not going to worry about it in a year, don’t spend a minute worrying about it now. Happy autumn to you, may you be blessed with health, wealth and prosperity as always Stay stylish,

CALL NOW on 24 824 080 Email: Visit: Opposite The Palm Beach Hotel On The Larnaca - Dhekelia Road

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CONTENTS 37. Darren Lawrenson 37. Darren Lawrenson 43. 6. Rosa Salazar  34. Coping with 34. Hen Party Capital Coping with 43. Hen Party Capital 8. Artist Anxiety Georgia Stavrou Anxiety 12. Comedian Jack Barry 48. Craig Phillips 12. Furry 48. VetsCraig Phillips 37. Darren Lawrenson Darren Lawrenson 37. 16. The Wonderful World of 55. 16. Property Business News Disney On Ice comes to Liverpool 55. Business News 43. Hen Party Capital 12 43. Hen Party Capital 18. Recipe 56. Editor’s Last 22. Asa Murphy King of Swing Word  56. Editor’s Last 20. Fitness Georgina Bell 48.with Craig Phillips 48. Craig Phillips Word







22. Mall in Larnaca 24. Claire Simmo

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Secure Corporate and Domestic Storage in Cyprus


hange is bound to happen. Renovation, relocation, remodelling. All these rank as one of the most stressful life events. Your life and work are disrupted as you make adjustments and changes to your daily routine. Additionally, organising, packing and keeping track of your belongings is a hassle. Then, once you move, you have to figure out where to put all your items. Luckily, you can take away some of that stress by storing your possessions


at Peter Morton Removals storage facilities! At PMR, one of the core values is to make customers life as stress-free as possible. Renovation, Relocation and Remodelling, do not have to be stressful life events. Due to increased demand a few years ago, Peter Morton made a considerable investment and sourced a dedicated, massive storage facility on a 7,500 square meter site. Right now, it is ranked as the largest and safest storage facility in Cyprus. At PMR, the storage crates are made of wood and are 250 cubic ft each in size. The storage facilities are approved by BAR (British Association of Removers) and all crates are manufactured and imported from the UK. It’s easy to store items anywhere, but our warehouse is both convenient and protected. Considering

your belongings’ safety ahead of time will save you the stress of having to replace something later or potentially losing something irreplaceable, expensive or dear to your heart. Additionally, the warehouse itself and all goods that are in the store are fully insured! With the recent increase in Cyprus crime rates, storing valuable goods at home doesn’t seem like a safe option any longer. Unlike houses, storage facilities offer more security to stored items. At Peter Morton Removals, the whole facility is covered by a state-of-the-art security system monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Three freerunning guard dogs also patrol the premises. It is, therefore, wiser to store valuable items in a

storage unit rather than in the garage or basement of our houses. Peter Morton Removals domestic storage crates are all individually numbered. They are loaded on to purposebuilt vehicles and brought to your house, ready to be loaded by the PMR team. Upon loading of each crate, with a full inventory, the doors will be secured. On arrival of the PMR vehicle back at a secure warehouse, your numbered crate will be placed back in its specific row by a forklift. This means your goods are not handled anymore from when collected. The redelivery process works exactly the same but in

reverse. Every crate that arrives at the warehouse is logged on to the computer system. You can access your domestic storage crates at any time by appointment with the office.

of where they going and what conditions they will be stored in. We welcome potential customers to come and view our facility, so you can see for yourself and be confident in your decision to use us.

At PMR, we always suggest to our clients that they come and look at the storage facility. If you want to store your goods, you need to be very sure For more information, please visit their website or give them a call on 26923588 - Paphos office or 25722180 - Limassol office. 7


Pretty as her pictures, artist Georgia Stavrou


When did you first start painting? My

name is Georgia and I am a self-taught painter. I remember myself painting from a very young age. My first inspiration was participating in a school painting competition. Later I took some courses at the training centres of the Ministry of Education and some distance learning. Along the way, my love of painting fell by the wayside for several years due to the responsibilities of raising children. I started again strongly last year in August 2020.

What inspires you to paint? I am inspired

gels, glosses, fine glitters, gold/silver leaves to create that explosion of gorgeous colour and sparkle that I love. My paintings create strong emotions, which is why those who see them describe feeling a complete 'explosion' of emotions and mental pleasure. How long does it take to finish a piece? The completion time of a project depends on many factors such as the size of the painting, the materials to be used and their composition, the difficulty of rendering the subject, motivation, etc.

by various images that may surround me, the beautiful smells of flowers and nature as well as by loud music. The subjects I experiment with are classical. Representationreproduction of reality such as landscape composition, sea, portraits and whatever else catches my interest. The search does not stop, working I evolve. My artworks are a part of myself. I imagine that, all creators are bound to our works.

Do you sell privately and where can people go to purchase? The one who chooses my paintings, first and foremost, must be driven by an inner need. The assumption in my thinking is that the artwork speaks to him because it is a deposit of my soul. One can contact me and see the paintings in my space as well as through social networks. At this moment also as we speak two of my paintings are in a group exhibition at 3 Angels Modern Art Gallery in Larnaca.

Do you have a particular style? I paint on high quality canvas and enjoy using different types of paint but I predominately use acrylics, inks, texture,

Why do you paint? Painting for me is a journey. A flight to a parallel universe, to another dimension. When I paint I don't feel

the world around me. I get lost in the shapes, colours, brushes and canvases accompanied by loud music. I am in a state of emotional attachment to the work to the extent that after two or three hours I have to stop to let it all go. Can anyone be an artist? Everyone has potential. However most people doubt their artistic abilities and skills and they believe that they aren’t good at art at all. Everyone needs practice on their art skills. You might even gain knowledge on the way. ‘’Practice makes perfect’’. All you need is time and effort. You don’t have to be the best, instead, do something that is enjoyable to you and your viewers. Do you have any dreams to follow with your art? What I definitely want to do is to paint non-stop. To try and experiment with techniques and materials. I definitely want to do more exhibitions and see the beautiful reactions of people to my paintings. I’m not concerned with recognition. Phone: +357 99313908

Email: www:live-in-color-with-gina-s-art. FB: Live in Color with GiNa.s Art Instagram: TikTok:



Test traffic cameras will be operational by mid-October


fter 15 years of technical and legal setbacks, Cyprus is set to reintroduce traffic cameras in a test capacity in October, even though legislation for their operation has not yet been passed by the House. The project costing €34 million in three phases will see the company install 90 fixed cameras at 30 locations, to monitor red light and stop sign violations, as well as for speeding. Another 20 mobile units will be deployed by the police during targeted campaigns or in rural areas. Authorities are proceeding full-speed ahead with installing the system even though the legislation has still not been passed by the House. Haris Evripidou deputy head and spokesman for traffic police headquarters in Nicosia told the Cyprus Mail going ahead with the installation was a contractual obligation. “There is a contract with Conduent State and Local Solutions Inc. A term of the contract demands that the company must be fully prepared for the implementation of the system,” he said. “For this reason, the testing of the system that will be carried out has absolute legal coverage even though the bill has not yet passed the House. The cameras must be operational by October 25, 2021,” he added.


Evripidou said both the company and police have already started training the staff, and all of the necessary equipment has arrived in Cyprus, he said. Dedicated operators will be responsible for handling and operating the new cameras, and experts were in Cyprus last month to kick-start the process. “All procedures are on schedule, and it is expected that the pilot phase of the system will be ready soon. The equipment concerns 90 fixed and 20 mobile cameras,” Evripidou added. Evripidou said that in some areas, such as Famagusta, there would only be mobile cameras. “I consider mobile cameras as more effective because they force drivers to be careful everywhere [they go]. The area of Famagusta is ‘empty’ for about six months in a year as tourist arrivals are low in the winter. Permanent cameras are not necessary since the policy is to place them within the cities where fatal accidents happen,” said Evripidou. As an EU member, Cyprus has one of the worst road accident death rates per population in Europe. Thus, it has adopted the European target of 50 per cent reduction in road fatalities and a 50 per cent reduction in serious injuries by 2030. The overall plan consists of 158 specific actions including, among others, the introduction

of a photo-enforcement system to better identify motorists violating rules and the improvement of the lighting system in urban centres, where most accidents take place. A traffic-cams network was set up in 2006 but was quickly discarded. The cameras had numerous problems, including failure to store photographs, and extensive bureaucracy that in some cases resulted in fining a person twice for the same violation while letting others go unpunished. The cameras were disabled in 2007 and in 2008 it was announced that new cameras would be put up by 2010. In 2011 the Tender Review Board challenged the specifications outlined in the process and cancelled the government’s plan for the fifth time. Failing to find a way of effectively setting up the system, the government decided to outsource the venture to a private firm. The company that has been chosen will install the cameras and be responsible for their functionality over those five years. Commenting on the many years of delays, Evripidou said: “From the first moment, we were in favour of the system. Some problems with the legislation and the bureaucracy forced the suspension of the project. One issue that still exists is that the old cameras have not been removed. I believe this will happen soon,” he said. “Despite the reduction or stability that Cyprus has shown in car accidents in recent years, the truth is that if the camera system had been implemented, an even greater reduction would probably have been recorded,” he added.

Love Cyprus,

Love Life

We offer services bespoke to our clients needs, so whether you are looking to buy or rent a property in Cyprus or need help with relocation, we are on hand to help. In association with our external partners, we can offer all kinds of relocation services, from help through immigration, to pet passports and help changing driving licenses. Hassle free.

Our office is based in Pernera and we work across the Famagusta and Larnaca districts. Email: Tel: 00357 99188554


Meet Dr Panagiotis Tsoukka DVM, MRCVS, owner of Furry Friends Veterinary Clinic


wner of Furry Vets, Panagiotis Tsoukkas has always loved challenges and veterinary medicine is one of them. Since he was a kid he dreamed of getting involved in the field of veterinary medicine, the dream became a vision, and now... we are here! Having a permanent adrenaline and of course love for what he does, treats each animal as part of Furry Friends family!


Panagiotis graduated as a Veterinary Medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicines in Budapest. Then with his resolve to reach high and gain the necessary experience, he decided to move to England, where he initially worked at a first-opinion Veterinary Clinic in Leeds, and then worked at a first and second-opinion Veterinarian Hospital (Rutland House Veterinary Hospital, St‘ Helen’s, Liverpool). During his work in Liverpool, he specialized in all kinds of soft tissue surgery and

of course any emergency room (emergency room). He worked in collaboration with specialist dermatologists, cardiologists, licensed soft molecule surgeons and orthopedics, diagnostic radiologists, pathologists, with whom he managed to gain vast experience in the field of Veterinary Medicine.

- Soft molecule surgery - Pet Grooming - Other services The purpose remains the same... to provide exceptional care to patients at all times. And of course, always here for you and your pets!

Today the Furry Friends Veterinary Clinic offers the following: - Radiology - Dentistry - Hematology - Biochemicals - Hormonal - Ultrasound

For more details call 23 744494


VETERINARY CLINIC • DENTAL CARE Pet grooming facilities in our friendly workspace by our high skilled and certified professionals!

+357 23 744494 • 249 Protaras Avenue 5291 Paralimni, Cyprus •



IMPROVE YOUR HEARING AND HELP YOUR BRAIN FUNCTION with Economou Hearing One thing experts do Years of research by treating hearing loss institutions like Johns seem to agree on is “sooner rather than today’slike hearing — Hopkins Ohio by institutions later…before Years of and research Johnsfact Hopkins and Ohio Statethese brain that the longer you leave State University (among structural take University (among others) have proven that hearing loss causeschanges changes to losslinked untreated, others) have place.” our brains —proven changes that hearing have been to cognitive decline and the more likely those that hearing loss even dementia. If you’ve got hearing brain changes will be causes changes to losscan andprevent want tothese While the jury is still out onpermanent, whether treating hearing loss or at least our brains — changes proactive brain changes, studies have shown that — for people be with hearing about loss — the very challenging to fix. that have been linked potential brain health use of hearing aids reduces memory loss and is associated with a delayed to cognitive decline and In the 2018 issues, we can help. diagnosis of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. even dementia. Stanford Medicine Simply call at 77772627 One thing experts do seem to agree on is today’s hearing fact — that hearing the publication Listening, While the jury is still and book a free longer you leave hearing loss untreated, the more likely those brain changes Stanford’s clinical out on whether treating test with one of our will be permanent, or at least very challenging to fix. hearing loss can prevent instructor of hearing healthcare

otolaryngology, Yona these professionals in your In the brain 2018 changes, Stanford Medicine publication Listening, Stanford’s clinical Vaisbuch, MD, explains, studies have shown area who testthose your instructor of otolaryngology, Yona Vaisbuch, MD, explains, “Withcan time, “With time, thosewhy we need that —changes for people hearing andhearing consult loss with brain will with not be reversible. That’s to treat changes not Hopkins hearing — the usewhilebrain you about treatment as soon loss as possible,” Dr. Frank Lin will of Johns recommends berather reversible. of hearing aids reduces available to you. treating hearing loss “sooner than That’s later…beforeoptions these brain structural why we need to treat memory loss changes takeand place.” hearing asproactive soon is associated with If you’ve got hearing loss and wantloss to be about potential brain health possible,” while and Dr. book a free hearing test a delayed issues, wediagnosis can help.of Simplyascall at 77772627 Frank Linprofessionals of Johns dementia with one ofand our hearing healthcare in your area who can test Hopkins recommends Alzheimer’s your hearingDisease. and consult with you about treatment options available to you.







ELEFTHERIAS 83, DERYNEIA, 5380 (above citizens advice office)

Free Retinal Photography with every eye test Personalised and complete high quality service. Advanced eye examination by UK Qualified Optometrist. Tests using the latest high-tech instrumentation to detect the presence of common eye conditions such as: Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration. As well as general health conditons like: Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol. Orthokeratology & Myopia control. Full Contact Lens Fitting Service. Visual Field Testing. Huge selection of designer optical frames & sunglasses. In House Glazing - Same day service when possible. MAKIS ELEFTHERIOU OPTICIANS

SHOP 1: 74, 1st April Av, Paralimni (opposite Xenion High School) - Tel: 23821124 SHOP 2: Protaras, next to Constantinos Hotel - Tel: 23831294 Email:

Vist our new wesbite for more information

PROPERTY Rob Johnson owner of RJ Overseas Property Tell us about your background? Having

been in the residential & real estate industry for over 35 years we have a wealth of experience which led to us establishing our family business 12 years ago in the UK. We have provided professional consultancy services on all aspects of the housebuilding sector, including Project Management, Construction, Purchasing and Investment. Following us purchasing our own “Forever Home” in Cyprus over 10 years ago, we began offering clients and investors a high level of service in purchasing overseas, this ultimately led to us establishing a Cyprus office several years ago, and we are now only one of a few Licensed Real Estate Agents who can provide clients with a comprehensive service in both the UK & Cyprus, which sets us apart from others.

Tell us about the personal service you guarantee? Our

approach has always been personal and professional to the individual client, this is also reflected throughout the RJ team, most of whom have been with us for several years and understand the importance of trust, professionalism, and honesty. We do on many occasions meet with clients in the UK before they even arrive in Cyprus, again 16

from a personal aspect this allows both us and the client to establish an early relationship which can only assist as we go through the process. Many clients will have a million and one questions not necessarily property related, again through our well-established associates and partners we are able to respond and give people piece of mind to any information they require. As owners of the company, we always make ourselves readily available to each and every client.

Has Brexit changed the property market for you? Since the UKs

withdrawal from the EU on 31st December 2020, we have been in fluxed with many questions from UK based clients covering aspects such as Immigration, Mortgages, Taxation, Pensions as well as questions regarding purchasing property and what if any impact Brexit will have on their wish to buy that holiday home, investment, or relocation/ retirement. I have visited many clients in the UK to discuss their personal requirements on a “one to one “personal basis to give them piece of mind and that the dream of owning a home in the sun can still be achieved with the right and unbiased professional advice. As we have received so many various questions, we have complied a

“What happens after Brexit “information pack which clients have found useful and provides an indication on the above issues. A copy can be requested by emailing:

As we go into autumn do you see any sign of sales slowing down? We

had an increase in enquiries during 2020, but the last quarter saw many UK clients delaying the decision to either purchase or view properties leading up to Brexit. This coupled with the pandemic and the impact on flights and travel saw the market slow which impacted on the Real Estate sector globally. Since the start of 2021 we have seen an increase in enquiries, and we have assisted clients with arranged video viewings and online meetings to answer their questions. From February onwards and throughout the summer months we have seen a 60/70% increase in enquiries and with the ease on travel restrictions many clients are now confirming pre-arranged viewing trips with us, through to the end of 2021 which is highly encouraging. Taking in to account the current climate and the impact over the last 18 months we see the market demand continuing to rise through in to 2022. To cater for client demand we have restructured our team to increase our personal approach, professionally led by our Senior Sales Manager Sue Hough based at our Protaras offices.


Seafood curry with steamed greens BY PAUL WATTERS • 4 potatoes • 2 onions • 1 clove of garlic(crushed) • 1 red pepper • 1/2 bunch of coriander • 1 teaspoon of dried ginger • 1 teaspoon of dried coriander • 1 teaspoon of chilli powder • 1 teaspoon of turmeric • 2 tablespoons of curry powder. • 1 pint of chicken stock • 1 can of coconut milk Method First off all you need to get the potatoes ready, wash and peel and roughly dice par boil for 5 minutes and drain and rinse under cold water. While the potatoes are cooking get on with the curry sauce peel and dice or slice the onion and red pepper with the garlic Cook for a few minutes adding in spices turn down heat to slightly above simmer allow to cook for a few minutes to allow spices cook out add in chicken stock, bring to the boil add


allow to reduce for 5 minutes add in coconut milk bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes add potatoes and allow to rest for a few minutes. Seafood mix Most supermarket’s have a seafood counter so ask the fishmonger to prepare a llb of mixed seafood and tell them what you want to have in it. To cook the seafood bring your curry sauce gently to the boil season with salt and pepper and for a additional taste I use a little bit of sweet chilli sauce but that my preference. While the

sauce is coming to the boil bring a small pot of a little water to the boil with a little salt add in desired greens and cook for 3 4 minutes. Whilst cooking add your seafood to the curry sauce and gently cook for a few minutes add a little chopped coriander check season again and serve in a bowl with picked coriander as a garnish. Drain off the veg and drizzle a little sesame oil if you want and black pepper this can also be served with rice. Enjoy! For further food ideas please contact me on or on my Facebook page simple tasty healthy by Paul Watters.

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For the full menu visit after sales service

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Meet the inspiration that

is Georgina Bell by Amanda Moss



f you’re in Cyprus and you’re into fitness then one woman’s name will be synonymous with you - Georgina Bell. She is the top Les Mills instructor working from Rythmos Gym in Deryenia. The prestigious instructor is responsible for transforming the bodies of many people, including my own, not to mention introducing passion and fun to fitness that makes her classes an essential part of her members’ weekly calendar. Georgina, who lives in Cape Greko, started out as an instructor over eight years ago and runs classes from early morning to late evening to fit around everyone’s work schedules. She specialises in Body Combat, Body Pump, Circuit Training, TRX and CX. The classes are for all levels and there are options for everyone, from beginners to those who are more used to strenuous workouts. “I think the best thing about the Les Mills program is that it for literally everyone!” Georgina says. “Advanced, hardcore types can muscle build and shred in the exact same class with beginners looking to lose kilos and just have some fun. It is

a science based system carefully designed for safe, long lasting results.” She added, “Fitness is all about knowing your own body’s maximum limits, with my classes there’s a lot of repetition so smaller weights are better than overloading and causing injury. I work in a very relaxed environment and my members’ welfare is paramount to me. I do push everyone because otherwise I wouldn’t be doing my job properly, but I also know when people need to take it easy.” Her classes offer more than just fitness, they’re a huge support and social network for like minded people. When asked about what she loves about her members Georgina says, “That’s an easy question summed up in one word: diversity! When I look at my groups before we start a workout it’s so motivating to see men and women of all ages, nationalities and fitness levels. There’s a unique and very uplifting energy that’s created as we train together, and

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the encouragement the members give to one another is just indescribable. She added, “People think that they can spend hours in the gym working out but this is actually on 20% of the result. A healthy balanced diet is key for good results.” Her classes open from September. She is keen to point out that at the studio all equipment and workout spaces are cleaned between classes. Everyone brings their own mat, towel and works out in socially distanced spaces. All members have to wear masks entering and exiting the studio, and safe passes are required by everyone attending. Georgina says, “I always say if you feel unwell AT ALL for everyone’s sake stay home. Our members LOVE how careful we are. We are a more than a team, we are a fitness family who respect each other’s wellbeing and I would like to thank everyone for contributing to a clean exercise environment!”

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Metropolis Mall - The shops are finally open


etropolis Mall is set to open this month after several postponements. Brief has already sent a relevant letter to stakeholders, which speaks of the impending operation of the shopping centre. The Metropolis Mall with its operation will offer hundreds of jobs, while it even posts on its website that it is looking for staff for the following stores, whether it is the main staff or the auxiliary, and invites those interested to send their CV to the company. With whom they wish to work in order to schedule an interview. The positions concern shopkeepers, cooks for his restaurants, cashiers, waiters, store managers, sales managers, cleaners, make-up artist, hairdressers etc. Some companies that will operate in Metropolis Mall: Kiabi, La Maison, Intersport, Mango, Stradivarius, Shoebox, POW the Shop, The Mall Kiosk, Aldente, TGI


Fridays, Alati Piperaki, Mc' Donalds, Zorbas, Players Arians Family Entertainment, Public, Call it Spring, Fix 2 Go, Inglot, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Istorm, Grand Optical, Kiss Boutique, EPIC, Dust & Cream, Tezenis, Crocodile Tskairis Mallas, Kiko Milano, Swarovski, Intimissimi, Calzedonia, MAC, You and Me Jewlerry, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Aldo,Ioannou Shoes, Prive Sports, Scechers, Hairspray, Women' s secret and Sprinfield It is worth mentioning that Metropolis Mall belongs to the South African Acsion Group.

The founder of the group is Kyriakos Anastasiadis of Greek origin. The group specializes in shopping centre management with nine more in South Africa. It is investing for the first time in Cyprus and the construction cost of Metropolis Mall will amount to approximately 80-90 million euros. What will one find in Metropolis Mall It will have 135 shops, 6 restaurants, 8 fast food and 3 cafes. The food corner will also have terraces and outside there will be green spaces. It will also have a playground, a children’s park and a bike path.

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ESS A LIFESTYLE OF WELLN The Power of Giving and Receiving


ife is an endless combination of ongoing cycles, seamlessly merging into one another to create the greater whole. Mastering the flow of these cycles can and will change your life. The most known cycle to all is the ‘circle of life’. Much like the Lion King opening song tells us, we all move in this circle finding our way: ‘It’s the circle of life And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through faith and love ‘Til we find our place On the path unwinding In the circle The circle of life’ The circle implies something never ending, with no beginning and no end. This is a deep truth known to our ancestors, energy always lives on. Modern science has come to the same conclusion, energy simply changes its form, but the amount of energy in the universe stays the same. The circle of life is filled with numerous cycles of energy transitions or


rather transformations. The cycle of giving and receiving is the one we will look at today. The first and most important rule of this cycle that I have discovered is that you can not give from an empty chalice. Self care, nourishment and inner harmony are essential to being in a place to give from an overflowing chalice. Giving from an abuntandant place is key. The second observation I have discovered is that the giving and receiving is a continuous flow. This flow comes to you and from you in all directions. You can often receive from a completely different place than you were focusing your attention to and sometimes it’s a harmonious balance that becomes evident over time (like in relationships). Your generosity when shown in a pure way will return tenfold in synchronistic ways. Never underestimate the power of a smile directed at a stranger, it might be what

Ekaterina Sophia in Larnaca

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they need to live through that day. Lastly, I have understood that hoarding slows down or even stops the flow of receiving. Of course it’s good to save for a rainy day. The key is to do the saving from a place of abundance as opposed to a place of lack. Lack mindset can manifest in more forms than just money. Lack of love, joy, health and opportunities is a disease attacking mindsets daily. In conclusion, a combination of self care, abundance mindset and giving from the heart (no expectation) is a formural I have utilised so far. Try it out and see what discoveries you will make! With joy, Ekaterina Sophia

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This is a time for streamlining your life, getting organised, and solving problems in practical ways. You benefit from a sense of stability as well as positive feedback from superiors. You are also more credible and reliable, which others appreciate. Romance blossoms nicely this month.


This is a time when you are more willing to take personal risks. There may be unexpected events that free you from confining situations or past conditioning patterns. You are more inspired this month, and your personality fairly bubbles with bursts of enthusiasm.


You would be able to bring more imagination to bear on your goals and ambitions now. It could be an excellent period promising much success in terms of love and relationships, provided you are willing to work on it. Long distance travel is also indicated with your beloved.


You are learning to rely on yourself and to take care of things that have undermined your confidence in yourself and in your life. You might find your ideals taking a more spiritual turn, thus involving you more in community and religious projects.


The urge for adventure and new experiences that introduce you to new cultures, beliefs, or feelings is likely very strong. Fortunate events occur as a direct result of your

willingness to entertain the unusual and to think outside of the box.


opportunities to expand your horizons, such as through travel, adventure, or learning can arise and jolt you out of your routine. Many of you will be strengthening relationships and, while it’s not necessarily easy going, you’ll reap the rewards later.

LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 22 OCTOBER) Major changes

in the structure of your close personal relationships, and in your attitude towards them, are in store. You are more able to get in touch with your subconscious mind, and confronting your fears can be quite pleasurable during this period.

SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 21 NOVEMBER) This is a time

for streamlining your life, getting organised, and solving problems in practical ways. Your deep awareness of keeping track of your health and taking better care of yourself and your own needs will help you harness some of your active energy.


can bring closure or reevaluation to issues you have been dealing with regarding learning, communication and personal projects. Love is working in your favour from but does encounter some questions. More opportunities for, and less restrictions on, leisure time are in store for you.



goals may be watered down as you focus more on personal affairs. Some of you might be leaning towards a more spiritual, creative, or artistic career. Superficial areas of your life will be removed or transformed, and you are freer to express your authentic self.

AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY – 18 FEBRUARY) Your long-term

goals and wishes tend to be broad or ahead of the times just now. You may particularly enjoy dreaming up ideas for the future. You may discover new interests and desires that help you to rid yourself of attachments that no longer serve you well.

PISCES (19 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH) Connections that

further your career goals are made this month, and partnerships, social life, and career are all tied to one another. This is a favourable time for love and romance. You will develop new friendship which will be very rewarding and helpful.


ROCKING SEPTEMBER IS HERE!! Two bands that deserve more exposure and recognition are this month’s mentions, The Ladderman from Larnaca, Cyprus and V*A*S*E from Michigan, USA.

THE LADDERMAN Larnaca is small in size, but in music terms its massive! It boasts lots of talented musicians including The Ladderman, a four-piece local Rock group which was formed in 2011 and celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. The band has released two albums, NOT A SIX in 2016 and ANYTHING GOES in 2019. Highly respected in and around Cyprus….the band is definitely leaving a mark on the Cyprus music scene.


The biggest influences that define the bands direction and material include SoundGarden, Tool, The Beatles, King Crimson, Queens of the Stone Age and Alice In Chains’ deep and dark grunge vibes. Andreas Matheou, vocalist of the band describes their music as “a mixture of 70’s and 90’s Rock with a

strong Blues influence….a genre I would say is Alternative Progressive Rock.” The Ladderman played a SOLD OUT show last month at Savino Live which catapulted their popularity even higher! Their full of energy performance, quirkiness and electric vibes experienced during the show were uplifting, invigoration and powerful. The band successfully maintained the crowd’s attention throughout the entire gig, captivating them and sending them to higher level of music consciousness. Songs from four minutes long to even a nine-minute stretch, boasted complex and deep guitar rhythms, good melodies, solid bass and strong distinctive vocals. Psychedelic and

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stoner elements entwined with all these factors received applause and ended the show with two encores. ANYTHING GOES is an amazing Rock album and one of the best to come out of Cyprus. If you like this genre of music (or don’t know that you do), I recommend it …… and then get to The Ladderman’s next gig!

V*A*S*E …… pronounced VOZ! A fairly new band that has emerged on the Grunge - Progressive Rock scene is this five-member group from Michigan. Formed in 2018 – 19, the band began touring locally in the U.S. promoting their music and presence, when the pandemic hit in 2020 and halted their progress of recording their album. V*A*S*E continued to maintain a positive mindset by continuing to be active during this time and stay in touch with fans on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Christian Thibodeau on vocals, commented, “Hopefully the music scene has a strong energy when everything turns back on” and it certainly appears that the energy is more heightened and in demand than before. Their music has influences from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, including Black Sabbath, The Ramones, The Feelies, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age, coming together and creating their music which can be described as Progressive Rock, Grunge and Protopunk. Their songs have deep sounded tunes and strong lyrics,

Christian’s sultry looks and natural Grunge gravelly voice and the bands tight sound, easily attracts you to V*A*S*E. The band’s master vision was to be different to other bands and to appeal to Grunge fans of the present day. “We play what we like to hear and share this with the fans” …sounds like a mantra and lyrics to a good song! I really like their sound and approach which leaves me wanting more than just the few released songs…. They are down to earth music lovers, not afraid to experiment and let themselves go and this is reflected in their work. Whoever gets to see them perform Live, should expect them to crowd surf and stimulate mosh pits! These guys are pure example of the modern Grunge scene.

With the help of a crowdfund campaign the band, who are extremely grateful and appreciative of this modern way of raising funds, are recording their debut EP. To date, they have recorded three songs The Rite, Good as Dead and Johnny Be Joan. I am looking forward to the completed EP and my own signed copy. If the three already released songs are anything to go by, then the next songs will only make their EP a top seller! Check the band out….. Listen to the songs and get V*A*S*E*D!!



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