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Saturday 13th November 2021

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HELLO OCTOBER It’s my birthday month and the big 5-0 for me!!! But I am feeling fitter and younger than ever and it’s thanks to my fabulous fitness trainer, Georgina Bell. Her classes are exceptional and I plan my entire day around her classes. Follow her on Facebook - Georgina Bell Fitness Trainer & Les Mills Instructor.

It’s important to be consistent to see results, not just in weightloss and fitness but in all aspects of your life. Take this magazine, for example. Launched a magazine abroad at the start of the pandemic, who could have predicted that?! But despite this challenge, we have consistently printed every month and now we’re expanding into Limassol which is incredibly exciting. I mean, if we survived and thrived during the last 18 months, can

you imagine what we can achieve in the coming year? This is why my franchises are perfect for those at a crossroad in their career, perhaps you’ve been made redundant or want to change your life after the pandemic. I can certainly help you with freedom to live the life you deserve. I see businesses all around embracing this optimism and to celebrate this, Lifestyle magazine is offering exceptional annual advertising rates to help grow your business. Did you know that more people are turning away from social media to advertise? Especially after the recent internet blip when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down. How many times do you have to swipe across an advert standing in the way of what you really want to read? That advertiser doesn’t stand a chance of being memorable,

their advert will resonate for just 3 seconds compared to an advert in print which will stick around in your brain for 56 seconds. Print media is far from dead, it is thriving, and it’s been around a few thousand years longer than the internet. Can you honestly remember the last online advert you saw? Compared to, say, a billboard you drove past or an advert in a magazine you read? I love October, the dark nights and spooky shadows. Which means it’s time for Farmaggedon! Last time I went I was so scared I cried. Really!!! So much fun. So good to see life returning to normal. Get ready for the Liverpool lifestyle Awards in association with Love Shakes and Cakes next month. And of course, Liverpool Fashion Week. Stay stylish,



Sensitive Balm is a deeply nourishing, organic and natural face and body balm that can be used any time of day, suitable for all skin types for children and adults. A therapeutic blend of organic unrefined Shea butter, jojoba, calendula and virgin avocado.


Buddha Balm

Eczema, Psoriasis, Fine Line & Wrinkles, Uneven Skin Tone, Acne, Dry Dehydrated Skin, Scars, Rosacea Blemishes & Sagging Skin

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Why not come and meet the team in Birmingham at "A Place in the Sun Live"


Talented featherweight Nick Ball closing in on a British title shot


iverpool boxer, Nick Ball is now ranked in the top 10 of the British 130lbs category and has has declared his intentions to challenge for the vacant British featherweight title .. The 24-year-old unbeaten prospect, is signed to Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren and is a three-time national amateur champion, with 13 wins, six knockouts, two unbeaten opponents scalped, and an eightround contest completed in his last fight. So he is keen to chase after major titles and bigger fights despite not being in the ring for a year. He said, “I was due to fight but my opponent got Covid, hopefully I’ll have some news soon, it is frustrating, but that’s boxing isn’t it? Stuff like that happens, just got to keep going, you can’t feel sorry for yourself.” His last performance gained him lots of new

followers with his fanfriendly style, yet he hasn’t been back on a Queensberry Promotions show since, which has been disappointing for fight fans eager to follow the prospect’s development. “My style is TV friendly so it needs to change soon because that’s what I need to be doing – staying active, and that’s when you’ll the see the best of me when the opponents come to fight and then you can see what I’m about.” Despite the lengthy layoff, Nick remains as motivated as ever, “I’m self-motivated. When you

sign up for this sport, that’s what you’ve got to do, without question, just got to keep training and take each day as it comes and put your all into each day and when you do get your opportunity then you’re gonna be ready for it. “In our gym, someone’s always got a fight date, so we’re always in training, and the sparring in our gym you’re not getting any better sparring, in my opinion. You’ve got Peter McGrail, an outstanding amateur who has just turned professional now; Brad Strand; Andrew Cain; Jack McKinlay... all fighters like that, so it’s outstanding.” Nick is fortunate to be a full-time pro where many at his level have to work full days elsewhere to make ends meet. “Sponsors are a massive help and my family as well, to be honest; my mum and dad and my brother they help me out a lot, I wouldn't be where I am today without them, I appreciate the support off them; they just keep me going throughout. They could easily stop and get fed up because I'm not fighting but they've stuck with me so I can’t thank them enough.” 7


FARMAGGEDON IS BACK! If you can hear the screaming, you know you’re still alive... Now in its 15th season, Farmaggedon is an awardwinning interactive horror experience.

Entrance times: In 2021 we will have four entry slots 7pm, 7:30pm, 8:15pm and 8:45pm.

The whole park is themed with roaming zombies and creatures of the night.

ATTRACTIONS FARMAGGEDON FEAR GOROUND Relive your youth, as your life flashes before your eyes!

The park contains interactive scare attractions, a brilliantly themed zombie paintball experience and a whole host of gruesome entertainments from live bands to magicians and specialist performers. NEW FOR 2021 In 2021 Farmaggedon evolves and has made a series of major changes to its operation.

SCARY-OKE ‘Whoa, you’re half way there. Woah-oh, you haven’t got a prayer’!

Age restriction: To attend Farmaggedon all visitors must be 16 years of age and over.

Get ready to sing your heart out, literally. An undead DJ will play the hits.

Proof of ID will be required for all those who are lucky enough to look under 21.

You’ve got to sing along to survive! Group-Karaoke with a scary twist!

No Entry for those under 16 years of age. Due to the nature of this year’s event, Farmaggedon deems the attraction not suitable for anyone under the age of 16, even when accompanied by a responsible adult.

MAZE OF DEATH Dare you enter this labyrinth of torments?

Proof of ID will be required. PASS accredited photographic ID proof of age cards are available to all ages and are readily available in the UK. 8

Farmaggedon introduces funfair rides to keep the thrills coming in between scares. The Fear Go-Round is in the pay per ride zone and costs £4 per ride.

Evil lurks behind every corner...hesitation is your enemy... one wrong turn could mean the end. Only the chosen escape! AXE-THROWING A key skill in any zombie apocalypse, being able to chuck an axe on target may be the only thing which stands between you and certain death. Test your skills

in our Axe-throwing booth. This experience won’t cost you an arm and a leg, only £5 for 10 throws. BATTLE OF THE BANDS Locals bands from around the North-West will compete for the Farmaggedon Battle of the Bands crown. We’re not looking for the X-Factor, we’re looking for bands who can thrill an audience! Farmaggedon 2019 House Band Seas of Neptune return to launch the event, with 15 other bands getting ready to face battle. One band must conquer all. Your favourite interactive horror houses return… The Beast of Terror is the original mausoleum of mayhem has been constantly reinvented by Mark Edwards and his team for the delights and terrors of visitors. Now the haunted house is a mansion of trapped demonic souls, featuring a labyrinth of corridors, crypts, caverns and many of your worst nightmares. Visitors are advised to stick together, keep heading forward and maybe, just maybe they will make their way through our labyrinth and live to tell the tale. Contagion is a different experience altogether, preying on all 6 senses, flaunting phobias and leaving visitors a shadow of their former self. Where vicious clowns take centre stage leaving many clinging to their loved ones for help! Enter The Meat Locker and become prey to Malachi Throne’s evil whim. An evil

spirt who’s hunger for flesh knows no bounds. When visitors enter the Meat Locker they will be processed, some will be chosen, in the end everyone squeals – in the land of the pigs, the butcher is King. All hail Malachi. Zombie Outlaw Paintball - if it moves and it’s dead, aim for the head! Visitors are encouraged to add Zombie Outlaw, the interactive paintball experience to their night of terror. Brave visitors lock and load their paintball machines and travel around

on a specially designed vehicle, like Zombie safari. Only participants have paintball machines, the zombies will not fire paintballs back at visitors. Visitors will also be granted the chance to visit Freak Street, the House of Rock and The Zombie Arms – our onsite bar returns for 2021, where evil spirts are served in a glass! A challenge 25 scheme is in operation. Mark Edwards commented “At Farmaggedon, we are constantly evolving to

improve what we offer to our visitors. The team and I can’t wait to unleash hell on our willing victims in 2021. Farmaggedon continues to grow from strength to strength, and we are all very proud of what we have achieved over these last 15 seasons. All of us at Farmaggedon are dedicated to giving our audiences the very best terrifying night out, we are so excited to be back and we will continue to provide your nightmares for a long time to come.”

Book tickets from 9


It’s the ultimate autumnal recipe pumpkin soup….It’s super creamy (thanks mostly to the pumpkin, with a little help from coconut milk yet healthy, too. It’s easy to make and the leftovers taste even better the next day!


4 tablespoons olive oil, divided

One 4-pound sugar pie pumpkin

1 large yellow onion, chopped

4 large or 6 medium garlic cloves, pressed or minced

½ teaspoon sea salt

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

1/8 teaspoon cloves

Tiny dash of cayenne pepper (optional, if you like spice)

Freshly ground black pepper

4 cups (32 ounces) vegetable broth

½ cup full fat coconut milk

2 tablespoons maple syrup or honeyPreheat oven to 425 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Carefully halve the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds


reheat oven to 425 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper for easy cleanup. Carefully halve the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds. Slice each pumpkin halve in half to make quarters. Brush or rub 1 tablespoon olive oil over the flesh of the pumpkin and place the quarters, cut sides down, onto the baking sheet. Roast for 35 minutes or longer, until the orange flesh is easily pierced through with a fork. Heat the remaining 3 tablespoons olive oil in a pot over medium heat. Once the oil is shimmering, add onion, garlic and salt to the skillet. Stir to combine. Cook, stirring occasionally, until onion is translucent, about 8 to 10 minutes. Peel the pumpkin skin off

the pumpkins and discard the skin. Add the pumpkin flesh, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cayenne pepper and a few twists of freshly ground black pepper. Use your stirring spoon to break up the pumpkin a bit. Pour in the broth. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for about 15 minutes, to give the flavours time to fuse. While the soup is cooking, toast the pepitas in a medium skillet over medium-low heat, stirring frequently, until fragrant, golden and making little popping noises. You want them to be nice and toasty, but not burnt. Stir in the coconut milk and maple syrup. Remove the soup from heat and let it cool slightly. Ladle the soup into bowls. Sprinkle pepitas over the soup and serve. Let leftover soup cool completely before transferring it to a proper storage container and refrigerating it for up to 4 days. Or freeze for up to 3 months.

A SERIOUS ITALIAN EXPERIENCE Located in the heart of Liverpool our restaurant is easy to get to and suitable for all the family.

0151 724 5169

193-195 Rose Lane, Liverpool, L18 5EA 11


Review by Claire Whittle



estled amongst many restaurants on Telegraph Road, Heswall is Blind Pig. Blind Pig is a little gem of a bar and definitely the local place to go to for pre and post dinner drinks or even an evening out enjoying fantastic cocktails or amazing gins. The cocktail bonus is 2 for 1 every day between 4 and 8 and not to be missed (booking recommended). The choice of Gins is exceptional, currently Blind Pig boasts over 100 varieties ranging from well known brands to locally sourced. For those seeking alternatives there’s a good selection of beers and spirits. Blind Pig evokes nostalgia of a by gone era during the prohibition Blind Pig was an illicit establishment or speak easy. While there we tasted 3 different gins. Gravity Gin pear and berries Served with Double Dutch cranberry tonic.

12 12

This is a local gin made in New Brighton, the company produces 3 gins, rum and a beer which is

due for release called Wirral Squirrel. John Tony’s Gin Served with Indian Tonic Water. John Tony was a barber during the Prohibition. His recipe was lost over time. Until one day a bottle was found floating in a river containing that very recipe which was then reverse engineered to recreate the Gin everyone drinks now.

the gin was dispensed to the patron on the street. Blind Pig have a sister bar in West Kirby offering a function room and the same 2 for 1 cocktail deal. I’m so glad I found Blind Pig, I felt so comfortable drinking there and the staff really know how to make you feel welcome plus it’s worth going just for the decor which is so nostalgic and perfect for those Instagram photos..

Langleys old Tom Gin Served with Elderflower tonic. Old Tom style is slightly sweeter traditional London gin. Appearing in the 19th century name comes from a shaped sign used discreetly advertise the sale of gin which heavily taxed. A coin was placed a handle shaped a cats paw and


the cat to was on like

168 Telegraph Rd, Heswall, Wirral CH60 0AH

Call 0151 792 6335

01942 896 566


E xq U I SI t E l y I N d I a N You'll find us nestled in the leafy suburbs of Woolton Village. We are a hidden treasure situated between Sainsburys entrance and Lloyd's Bank on Woolton Street.

OPENING HOURS Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

17.30-23.00 17.30-23.00 17.30-23.00 17.30-23.00 17.30-00.00 17.30-00.00 17.30-23.00

HOl dI Bar, Restaurant & lounge 5b Woolton Street, Woolton Village, Liverpool L25 5NH. Tel: 0151 428 9894




LTHOUGH THE majority of men are still not confident talking about their health, new research reveals that men are actually more open than women when it comes to talking about their existing medical conditions. A survey of 2,006 adults by medical ID charity MedicAlert, has revealed that 40% of men are open with others about their conditions, compared to only 25% of women. In addition, the research found that men actually feel less worried, uncomfortable, or stressed when talking about new or pre-existing conditions than women, showing that positive change is happening, and some feel more comfortable speaking up. Whilst this is great news, it does mean that 60% of men with underlying conditions are still struggling to open up to others about their conditions. The research reveals 24% don’t like to explain their condition to every person they meet, while 16% don’t discuss their health as they want to ease the burden on friends and family.

It’s clear from the research that many of us still struggle for varying reasons. 14 14

However, hopefully more and more men - and women - will realise that they’re not alone and can find confidence in the fact that their peers will be open to what they have to say, with many having trodden the path of sharing already. It’s critical that people are being encouraged to be open about their underlying conditions, as this could help save their life in an emergency. Unfortunately, whether an individual has or hasn’t shared their details with those closest to them may not be enough - if they are with unfamiliar people, alone or in an emergency, such as a car crash, they may be unable to speak for themselves when it matters most. Something more people are doing is wearing a medical ID which communicates their vital medical information to emergency responders, helping to save their life. “No matter how confident you are speaking to others about your condition, you never know what may happen in an accident - you may be all alone, not able to speak due to being unconscious or in shock, or even not able to speak the local language.

I am always telling friends who have allergies or illnesses to get a medical ID - everyone should be protecting themselves, just in case,” said Ian Fleming of MedicAlert Kirsten Giles, CEO at MedicAlert added “Historically, men have been perceived as less likely to talk about anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. It is great that we are now seeing men becoming comfortable with being open about their medical needs. However, in an emergency, you can’t always talk for yourself. “At MedicAlert, we’re seeing more men joining the charity, protecting themselves with our medical IDs and service. Having previously been encouraged by the women in their lives, we are now seeing them initiate the process themselves. “We encourage every man - and woman - who lives with a condition that would make them vulnerable in an emergency to take proactive steps to protect themselves.” For more information please visit: https://www.

MINDFULNESS, POSITIVE HEALING Learn how to live your best life with no limits & MEDITATION MINDFULNESS, RETREATS IN CYPRUS Angel card readings POSITIVE3-6 HEALING Transcendence meditation OCTOBER Reiki & MEDITATION 2020 RETREATS INReflexology CYPRUS Positive mindset and goal setting





In association with Email for details



The award winning skincare specialist

Claire Whittle Profhilo Filler Treatments Medik8 skin facials and pees Comcit Elite - Crystal Clear skincare treating ageing and drying skin Chopstick Facial Full skincare and beauty specialist with 30 years experience



How your fridge temperature can help save the planet For food’s sake – stay cool!


he ultimate heartbreak: going to put milk in your tea and finding it’s gone off.

For a nation of tea (and coffee!) lovers, there’s nothing worse than having your brew ruined by sour milk. And it might shock you to hear that, in our homes, we waste the equivalent of 3.1 million glasses of milk every single day! The main reason? We simply don’t use it in time. Luckily, there is a quick and easy thing we can all do to keep our milk fresher for a little longer, as well as all our other chilled foods. All you need to do is chill the fridge out! Food survives at under 5. When was the last time you checked your fridge temperature? It’s not number one on most people’s to-do lists, but it can prevent food from being wasted – saving you money as well! Less than half of UK adults know the best temperature to keep the fridge at, so at Love Food Hate Waste we’re on a mission to help you all keep your cool. Millions of UK fridges are set too warm for all of our fresh foods. Dialling down to below 5⁰C means your food stays safe and fresher for longer, giving you more time to enjoy your milk, veggies, yoghurts, apples, smoothies, cream cakes, and tomatoes. One of the main reasons why we waste food is because we don’t use it in time. Making this small but simple change can extend the life of your food by stopping it spoiling too quickly!


Many of us also keep some foods at room temperature, when they will actually last longer in the fridge. Apples and tomatoes are key examples – these both last longer when they are nice and chilled! Just remember to bring your tomatoes out a few minutes before eating to enjoy them at their best. Our food storage A–Z has plenty of information on where’s best for all your different foods. Not sure how to check or adjust your fridge thermometer? You’re in luck – we can help! Our handy Chill The Fridge Out tool can show you how to master your fridge temperature in seconds.

to our research, it’s actually still a good move, so long as all your fruits and veggies are stored correctly. The reduction in food waste and emissions from chilling your fridge out – and perfecting your food storage game! – more than offsets any increase in energy and emissions. Saving money and doing your bit for the planet – win-win! Relevant stats: •

UK homes waste the equivalent of 3.1 million glasses of milk every day.

290,000 tonnes of milk are wasted in homes every year – mostly because it’s not used in time.

Millions of UK fridges are at least 2C too warm, milk will last three days longer if kept at 4C.

Lowering your fridge temperature to 4C is estimated to save 70,000 tonnes of food from being wasted – this is worth £160m, and generates roughly 270,000 tonnes of C02 emissions annually.

4.5 million tonnes of edible food is wasted every year in UK homes. (We generate 6.6 million tonnes of food waste.)

Only 48% of UK adults know that apples will last longer in the fridge than at room temperature, and only 45% know that their fridge should be kept to under 5C.

Good for your pocket and the planet. Checking and changing your fridge temperature to below 5°C – and storing everything in the fridge that should be in there – could stop up to 70,000 tonnes of food from ending up in the bin every year. But it’s not just the food you’ll be saving. Those 70,000 tonnes of food are worth £160 million, meaning every household has money to save by chilling the fridge out! On top of that, saving all this food from the bin would stop roughly 270,000 tonnes of C02e being emitted every year. So, by keeping an eye on your fridge temperature, you’re really taking action against climate change. Globally, wasting food creates six times more greenhouse gas emissions than aviation, so wasting less by keeping your fridge cool is a big positive act for the planet. But, does running your fridge at a lower temperature have an impact on energy use, which could be just as bad for the planet? According

Snippet: Keeping your fridge at under 5C: •

Prevents food going in the bin – food stays safe and fresher for longer!

Saves money by helping you waste less food.

Is an easy thing we can all do to prevent climate change.

Not sure how? Love Food Hate Waste can help you check and change your fridge temperature.

award winning event management company

WE CAN AssisT AND support you with our AWARD WINNING event management SERVICE WITH THE knowledge, expertise and experience in providing the best events big or small of any type and working with you and your budget.

We offer a video production service providing a professional, quality video for all purposes whether it is to capture a moment or promote a business.

Contact us about you Events & Videos


Best Event Management Company 2021 - North West 07539 792471


It is time to grow and expand. Feel your humanness. Come up against your edge. This is a powerful time of manifestation, and your energy is called to more industrious efforts. Focus on self-propelled ideas such as creative projects or business or passionate hobbies.


You will show versatility. Combine that with your inner strength and you have a recipe for success. If any situations or predicaments present themselves you will be ready take them head on. Now is the time to tap into your romantic side and swoon that special someone that has caught your eye.


This will prove to be a stressful time for you. Everything and everyone will be getting on your last nerve. Find an emotional outlet this month and work on your breathing techniques. Small pleasures and little distractions will be a big help to you. This is a time of calm and composure.


You are grappling with emotions and have a tendency toward retreat. You find yourself wilting under the pressure of daily demands. You are thinking too much to move rhythmically with the beat of the Universe right now. Stop forcing, stop fearing and just start flowing.


This is good time to use your inherent persistence and set your own path. This will be 20

good time to tend to goals or projects that require patience. Be tenacious, set goals and work toward them. Tap into your resources, especially friends and specialized groups.

VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 22 SEPTEMBER) This can be a

difficult time for you, as your emotions tend to get very involved in your thoughts. Remain objective with yourself, as this will lessen the feelings of anxiety. Feel secure in your ability to make major decisions, but do not rush yourself into anything.

LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 22 OCTOBER) Your vision and

perspective are becoming clear. Keep yourself in a space of openness, acceptance and gratitude.. This is the perfect time to reach out to a group, or organization that supports your interest. Embrace yourself in your present state because you are finding equilibrium.

SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 21 NOVEMBER) Be open to your

intuition and listen as it gently guides you. If you are daring enough to go down the road less travelled, embrace your mystical energy and use it to your benefit. Hold up the mirror of self-reflection and self-love. See the powerful being you are.

SAGITTARIUS (22 NOVEMBER -21 DECEMBER) Now is the time to hone your abilities and skills. This month holds new beginnings and selfdiscovery. This is the perfect time to move to the next level with your interest. Move forward with a mindfulness

MANISH’S ZODIAC PREDICTIONS MANISH KUMAT ARORA EMAIL: manish@ of all people and sense the invisible thread that connects all beings together.

CAPRICORN (22 DECEMBER – 19 JANUARY) You are stuck in

cage of mental blocks. Do not give in to anguish and mental fatigue. You can cut away the grime and the baggage. Take a time out. Don’t make excuses just start making plans. Everything else can wait as you regain your sanity.

AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY – 18 FEBRUARY) There is wisdom

in looking for the footsteps of those before you. Pull in the unfettered energy of optimism and change. New projects will be presented to you. An abundance of ideas will flood your consciousness. You should get through month with most discomfort averted.

PISCES (19 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH) You will be

recognized for your growing magnetism. The sharp and focused energy is at your disposal. Tap into inner fire and channel that into something special. The right people will wander into your path. Your task is to pay attention and use this potential for your highest good.

Registered Nursing team Alex Alexander and Angela Lacy have combined their knowledge and expertise together and launched this Nurse Led Medical spa and Training Academy. We also offer private medical consultation and prescription services as well as complimentary mental health support. Lacy Alexander Skin’s ethos is to provide confidence to clients and also to those who have a desire to start or grow their business in aesthetics and skincare. Offering a friendly professional encounter loved and appreciated by clients and students nationally. The training is second to none. In fact Lacy Alexander Skin have won several awards for their standards of excellence in training and treatments. At Lacy Alexander Skin we aim to enhance your own natural beauty. Alex, Angela and the team welcome you for a consultation or an informal chat to discuss your goals. For all training requirements do not hesitate to contact us for shop and advice. We take pride in watching our students grow a successful business and we offer continued support throughout their journey.



Call today: 07506 578 303

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NEWS Tickets now available for immersive attraction which takes St George’s Hall visitors back to the 1850s A brand-new immersive visitor experience at St George’s Hall in Liverpool is now open


rom 8 October, The History Whisperer is the focal point of the new St George’s Hall Experience using the latest technology to plunge audiences into a world where the past meets the present and history comes alive. It brings to life Liverpool in the 1850s and illustrates how the building represented two very different sides to the city – from the opulence of the Great Hall and Concert Room so loved by Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens to the destitution of people in the building’s prison cells awaiting sentencing in its court room. The attraction tells the story through the eyes of a child called Livie, who finds herself all alone after her father is transported to the other side of the world after completing work on the construction of St George’s Hall, while her brother is in one of the building’s prison cells awaiting his fate.


For a limited period, tickets for the new attraction will cost just £1 per person – as the city’s way of giving something back to the people of Liverpool following the pandemic.

Behind the new addition is a team of the country’s leading tech organisations: Gazooky Studios – a BAFTA and Prix Europa awardwinning storytelling and world class XR technology company. Immersive Interactive – specialists in mesmerising touch-wall interactivity Music in Mind – an industryleader when it comes to creating rousing, witty and deeply moving music and sound effects. The creators behind the experience have drawn on their international experience and accolades. They boast many international awards, from BAFTAs to Prix Europas and the Venice Biennale. Gazooky Studios has worked with the BBC, BFI, Columbia Sony, Microsoft, Netflix, and many other world-class partners, and have been part of several world-first experiences including Kansas Sealife AR experience, Covent Garden AR shopping experience and London Bridge Station Hub. The music has been specially composed and performed by globally respected musicians

from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. The consortium has spent the last few months devising and installing the attraction, after Liverpool City Council secured £250,000 from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport as part of the government’s Culture Recovery Fund. TICKET INFORMATION Tickets are available to book at https://www. events/the-st-georges-hallexperience-the-historywhisperer/ at a cost of £1 per visitor from Friday 8 October for a limited period only. The venue will be open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am until 4pm (last admission at 3.15pm) Tickets are limited to 15 people per time slot. The attraction is not suitable for children under the age of six. More information about access is available at https:// www.stgeorgeshallliverpool.



at Martin Mere Wetland Centre

Sat 16 – Sun 17 Oct

Guest speakers

Exhibitors Ringing demonstrations

Photography workshops...

...and much more #NWBWF Book tickets and see schedule at Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) registered charity in England & Wales, no. 1030884 and Scotland, no. SC039410

WMM_bird_fair_A5_postcard_202107.indd 1

08/09/2021 16:28

Have a great day out at the North West Bird Watching Festival at WWT Martin Mere WWT Martin Mere’s annual extravaganza and the only bird fair in 2021, the North West Bird Watching Festival, returns this October and it’s an event not to be missed. Join us in Lancashire on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October to hear from a wide range of guest speakers, speak to optic experts, discover waterfowl and bird ringing, browse exhibitors selling books, birdwatching holidays and enjoy the spectacle of the autumn migration. Open from 8am, the event is timed to watch the

spectacle of thousands of pink-footed geese leave the roost before heading for breakfast in Mere Side Café. The centre is open until 7pm on the Saturday to watch up to 30,000 pink-footed geese return to the roost, making this a full day out to enjoy from dawn till dusk with amazing photographic opportunities. There’ll be a range of talks on throughout each day, with topics including Dan Rouse's Brilliant and Bizarre birds, from dream to reality: the creation of Gorse Hill Nature

Reserve and 75 years of conservation from WWT. WWT Martin Mere is open for this event from 9.30am to 6pm and parking is free of charge. Situated off the A59, it is signposted from the M61, M58 and M6. The Centre is also accessible via the Southport to Manchester and the Liverpool to Preston line by train from Burscough Rail Stations. Visit the web site http:// martinmere/ to find out what’s on all year round at Martin Mere and the other eight centres.




howcase Cinemas is gifting customers a winter treat this month, with a day full of Christmas movies to boost that festive spirit. Landing on Saturday October 23rd, this treemendous present means Christmas lovers can enjoy all their festive favourites two months before the big da. 1946 classic It’s a Wonderful Life starring legendary actor James Stewart will be sure to have you running down the street yelling


“Merry Christmas”, or perhaps Tom Hanks in Polar Express will have you yearning for Hot Chocolate. Guests can also watch Will Ferrell playing one of Santa’s helpers lost in the big city in the hilarious Elf or see Kevin McAllister dealing with half-witted thieves in Home Alone. Each film will be available for just £5 a ticket, a steal even the Grinch would be proud of, with guests able to watch all four classics throughout the day. The

occasion is sure to Claus such a stir, yule not want to miss out. Mark Barlow, UK General Manager for Showcase Cinemas, said: “It’s been a tough time for everyone these past 18 months, so Showcase Cinemas wants to bring some early festive fun so everyone can start to get into the Christmas spirit. To book go to: https://www. showcasecinemas.

MERSEYSIDE’S ONLY CHRISTMAS TREE FARM! CHOOSE AND CUT FRESH FROM THE FIELD! Rainfords - Catchdale Moss Farm Eccleston, St Helens Merseyside WA10 5QG

Tel: 01744 885098

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ADDS ADDITIONAL STADIUM DATES TO THE FIRST LEG OF HIS 2022 ‘+ - = ÷ x TOUR’ (PRONOUNCED ‘THE MATHEMATICS TOUR’) DUE TO PHENOMENAL DEMAND Extra dates added across the UK, Ireland, central Europe & Scandinavia (new additions highlighted below) General sale for new dates starts @ 9am tomorrow, Tuesday 28th September via Ed is to play 5 x shows at London’s Wembley stadium. Due to phenomenal fan demand, Ed Sheeran has added several more dates to his 2022 ‘+ - = ÷ x tour’ (pronounced ‘the mathematics tour’), which are on sale. Further shows have been added in the UK, Ireland, central Europe and Scandinavia, with the new additions highlighted below. Ed’s upcoming ‘+ - = ÷ x tour’ will see Ed return to stadiums for the first time since his record-breaking ‘divide tour’: taking place from 2017-2019, it officially became the most-attended and highest-grossing tour, ever, by the time of its completion. On next years’ dates, fans will 26

get to see Ed perform an array of tracks off his upcoming album, ‘=’, live for the first time, and they will also experience a new production set-up with Ed’s staging in the round, surrounded by the crowd in each stadium. Ed’s highly anticipated new album ‘=’ will be released on 29th October through Asylum/Atlantic. On Friday,

Sheeran secured his 13th consecutive week at No.1 on the UK’s Official Singles Chart with his latest single ‘Shivers’. Sheeran recently landed a new milestone in the UK becoming the first British Solo Artist to claim 52 weeks – a full year – at No.1 on the Official UK Singles Chart, with only Elvis Presley and The Beatles achieving more overall weeks at the top.


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iverpool is one of the best cities in the UK and there are a few universities dotted around. Chances are that if you’re reading this, yo’re a fresher and want to learn all about your new surroundings. Well, have no fear as here we’ve put together a guide to the very best places that you should try out whilst you’re here in one of England’s cultural centres. It is student central in this city, so there will be no shortages of people for you to meet. There are so many things to do here if you’re a fan of football, The Beatles, galleries and museums, Liverpool has it all. Freshers week is always a time to look forward to here and these venues will be eager to let you in.


Here are the best places in Liverpool to dance and drink, click on the links for more information… Hangar 34 Location: 34 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 OBS Hangar 34 is one of the latest venues to be introduced to Liverpool. Making use of the full space found in a converted warehouse, you can find hangar 34 in the middle of the Baltic Triangle. In terms of clubbing events, they’ve got a lot of events coming up that will be taking full usage of the venues space with DJS such as Ben Nicky taking to the stage. There’s no doubt that full capacity events here are going to be absolutely massive and the raves will go long into the early hours of the morning.

Electrik Warehouse Location: 16 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4AQ Electrik Warehouse, formerly known as The Krazyhouse is a four-room nightclub that has a huge student following. Which is no surprise given the events that it holds throughout the week. Take the Thursday night where they’re taken over by Shit Indie Disco on one floor, giving you tunes by The Arctic Monkeys and other such indie heroes. The Thursday also gives you Throwback Thursday’s which is full of 00’s nostalgia and Disco Inferno gives you dance classics from the funk, soul and disco eras so expect to hear ‘September’ by Earth, Wind and Fire at least once. This is an absolute haven for students and expect it to be packed out for the whole of Freshers week.

Invisible Wind Factory Location: 3 Regent Road, Liverpool, L3 7DS Invisible Wind Factory is one of the best multi-purpose event spaces in Liverpool and is perfect for all kinds of musical events. Here you’ll see bands tearing up the stage, DJ’s delivering euphoric sets and the most memorable club nights. They’ve always got some huge names coming up in their calendar, especially DJ names who are known across the world. They bring the very best over to Liverpool in this incredibly boisterous venue and deliver some truly unforgettable nights. 24 Kitchen Street Location: 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool, L1 0AN 24 Kitchen Street is one of the most eclectic venues in Liverpool. Welcoming all sorts of arts and entertainment from spoken word poetry to art exhibitions and club nights. It's a place where there's always something happening. It's got a special place in the hearts of all those who are creative and it prides itself on the face that it can cater to pretty much anyone. When you're not engaging in a mosh pit, you'll be throwing your hands up in the air to all the greatest club classics both new and old. Arts Club Location: 90 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4BH Arts Club is one of Liverpool’s cultural hubs that is situated inside a building that in the

1800’s was the Royal Institute of Arts and Science. Which makes it quite the unique palace to put on some brilliant live music. You can catch some of the best upcoming alternative artists here, who may one day be dominating festival headline slots. If you’re up for a potentially sweaty night, dancing away with complete strangers then Arts Club is the place for you. Camp and Furnace Location: 67 Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BY Camp and Furnace is located right at the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle and consists of a range of warehouse and studio spaces, making it ideal for multipurpose usage. Here you’ll find gigs, club nights, food festivals and much more. It perfectly mixes the industrial and the rustic, making it one of Liverpool’s more unique venues. It’s already put on some huge name and with a capacity that ranges from 500-200- you’ll find nights with some of your favourite DJs and smaller, more intimate club nights. District Location: 61 Jordan Street, Liverpool, L1 0BW Another venue found in the Baltic Triangle, what District brings is the most intimate feeling. With a capacity of 275, the club nights here can almost feel like an invitation to a private club and makes for a great atmosphere. They put on all kinds of nights from dedicated Taylor Swift events to huge tech-no

line-ups and even the odd 90’s throwback event. There’s usually an event that can be found to suit your taste. You can even combine a club night with a gig beforehand as they fit all sorts of great events into District. Blackstone Street Warehouse Location: Blackstone Street, Liverpool, L5 9TL Blackstone Street Warehouse is absolutely huge with a capacity of 10’000 but don’t be intimidated by size of it. This venue is still capable of delivering the very best clubbing experiences and it’s a place reserved for those truly iconic names. These are events that are very much solidifying Liverpool on the map, they have a huge calendar of events coming up that you won't want to miss out on. Meraki Location: Dickson Street, Liverpool, L3 7EB Meraki is an intimate music, arts and wellbeing space. With two distinct areas, the garden located at the back of the club can hold up to 500 people and the club itself indoors which holds a more intimate crowd 300. This means that a range of events can take place at Meraki, outdoors there can be summer parties amidst an oasis of plants and a lovely green space. The venue used to be a taxi garage and that’s where you’ll find the converted club room, which is centred around a DIY ethos and encourages you to be fully immersed in sound. 29



With a destination restaurant and a panoramic 18th floor bar. And reveals its #StayCurious curated experience with local collaborations, including, A Slower Space and dot-art


iverpool’s brand-new INNSiDE by Meliá hotel, INNSiDE Liverpool has officially opened in the heart of the city’s commercial district. The 207-room lifestyle hotel offers an eclectic home-from-home feel for guests to explore Liverpool’s city centre. Repurposing the former Echo and Daily Post building, INNSiDE Liverpool has given a new lease of life to one of the city’s most iconic structures and brings together a destination restaurant & bar with Gino D’Acampo Old Hall Street and panoramic 360 Sky Bar, expansive conference & event space, stateof-the-art fitness gym, and upscale modern rooms suites under one roof. All rooms are designed to adapt to the dynamic lifestyles of its guests, featuring high-speed Wi-Fi and in-room mini fridges. INNSiDE Liverpool upgraded rooms include 25 Studio Rooms, 26 Townhouse Suites and one standout Condo Suite featuring separate bedroom, living space and dining area. In keeping with INNSiDE’s philosophy ‘Stay Curious’, aiming to accommodate guests’ every need with considered comforts and inspired lifestyle experiences that are enriched with music, art, culture, all curated locally, INNSiDE Liverpool has collaborated with local lifestyle & plant store concept A Slower Space, creating a green-inspired takeover of the entrance area of the Old Hall Street hotel. INNSiDE Liverpool x A Slower Space collaboration features an impressive floral concept store at the entrance to the hotel, and a stunning living wall, providing the perfect backdrop for staycation photo moments. With the flagship store located on the iconic Penny Lane, this is A Slower Space’s second Liverpool location. A creation of husbandand-wife duo, Mike and Michelle,


A Slower Space brings a touch of the outside INNSiDE with a beautiful collection of fresh and dried flowers, with new bouquet designs created daily, and all available to buy onsite. The emphasis here is on seasonal flowers that feel lush and a little wild. Sitting alongside the flowers is a carefully curated selection of plants, gifts and homewares. Featuring brands from France, Copenhagen, Stockholm as well as UK based independents - many of which are made and designed in Liverpool. All the products are sourced with love and care by Michelle and Mike to delight the customer and support the maker – a brand ethos that is close to home for INNSiDE. INNSiDE Liverpool has also partnered with independent local art gallery, dot-art; a reflection of the hotel’s commitment to local art; with a showcase of collections from local artists across the hotel’s suites and public spaces. dot-art is a social enterprise with artists at its heart. They champion art as an integral part of everyday life, by selling and exhibiting locally sourced, affordable art and running art classes, working with schools and community groups. Together INNSiDE Liverpool and dot-art have curated a collection

of local artists’ works including David Gilligan, Kirsten Todd, John Petch and Bexy, showcased in the bedrooms for guests to enjoy and to purchase, if they wish. dot-art will also be managing an exciting new exhibition space within the hotel, located on the impressive events floor and designed to showcase local talent. Portraits by Kirsten Todd will be the first show, now launched. For those that keep wellness at the top of their list when travelling, INNSiDE Liverpool is also home to a stylish fitness hub, complete with stateof-the-art gym equipment and Wexer technology, available for guest use 24-hours a day. With an unparalleled virtual class library that brings the world’s leading fitness brands and ambassadors direct to INNSiDE Liverpool, Wexer gymtech offers hundreds of classes, from cardio and conditioning to mind & body, all from top instructors. Gino D’Acampo Old Hall Street bring a further touch of style to the city, with an extensive menu of classic Italian dishes and premium drinks in a chic and contemporary setting. Further raising the bar for drinking and dining in Liverpool is Gino’s new 360 Sky Bar on the 18th floor of the hotel with unrivalled panoramic views of the city and beyond, set to be one of the city’s most desirable locations, with local resident DJ’s further elevating the atmosphere from day to night. For those looking to spend the night, lead in double room rates start from £109 (room only) and from £129 (bed & breakfast). INNSiDE Liverpool is also offering a special opening rate of 45% off best available rate for Meliá Rewards members, or 30% off for non-members, which is valid for bookings until 2 December 2021. Instagram: @innside_by_melia_uk Twitter: @innsideuk #StayCurious

T: 0151 722 8004 E: W:



Managing Mental Health: 5 Tips to Master Your Anxiety Naturally World Mental Health Day Sunday 10th October 2021

1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem every year, and with the lasting effects of the pandemic driving a national and global mental health crisis, fear and anxiety are common emotional responses. Anxiety symptoms can occur when nerve cells in the brain become over stimulated. It is the body’s natural response to fear or stress, but if it becomes extreme or persistent and interferes with everyday life, it can prevent you from doing things you enjoy. Commenting on common symptoms and treatments for anxiety, GP and Media Medic Dr Sarah Jarvis says: “Some people feel an uncontrollable sense of dread or recurring worries about the future. Some have difficulty concentrating or an inability to relax. Others feel tense and have difficulty sleeping. Whatever your symptoms may be, there is a general feeling of tension, nervousness, panic, and worry that cause you to feel anxious. “In my General Practice, I recognise that anxiety affects people in different ways, and that not all experiences or symptoms warrant prescription medication. As such, I welcome a range of treatment and support options, including pharmaceutical quality lavender oil capsules and other nonprescription options such 32

as mindfulness and talking therapies.” More than 15 clinical trials show that a daily lavender oil capsule can be as effective as commonly used anti-anxiety medication, including the benzodiazepine lorazepam prescribed in general anxiety disorders[ii],[iii], without the risk of sedation, dependency or withdrawal. In response to increasing levels of anxiety brought on by the global pandemic, Olivia, aged 28 years old from Brighton, sought a natural remedy to relieve her symptoms in the form of pharmaceutical quality lavender oil capsules. Olivia comments: Although you cannot make your fears and anxieties just ‘go away,’ there are simple and effective ways to manage them and restore a sense of calm. Many are essential ingredients for a healthy lifestyle, and adopting them can improve your overall emotional and physical wellbeing: Recognise and acknowledge your feelings. Face your feelings about fear and the transition you are going through, especially when the change is imposed and beyond your control. Simply writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you understand them more clearly. Keeping a journal can also help you gain control of your anxiety and improve your mental health.

Focus on your breathing. When anxiety levels rise our breathing speeds up and our breaths become shallow, keeping the body in a cycle of stress. Try taking slow deep breaths; calmly inhaling for four seconds through your nose; holding your breath for seven seconds; and exhaling through your mouth for a count of eight. Restore your daily routine. Don’t let uncertainty or anxiety derail your healthy routines. Make efforts to eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. Remind yourself that it might take time for the stressful situation to resolve and be patient with yourself in the meantime. Try a traditional herbal remedy, such as Kalms Lavender. Lavender oil has a longstanding association with relieving symptoms of mild anxiety, such as stress and nervousness. Over 15 clinical trials have shown that a daily capsule of uniquely prepared lavender oil can relieve the symptoms of anxiety in just one to two weeks[iv]. Benefits are comparable to commonly used anti-anxiety medications without problems such as sedation, addiction or interaction with other medications[v][vi]. Seek support. It's normal to feel a bit worried, scared or helpless during uncertain times. Remember: it is OK to share your concerns with others you trust – and doing so may help them too. If you cannot speak to someone you know or if doing so has not helped, there are plenty of helplines you can try instead. The anxiety-relieving effects of uniquely prepared, pharmaceutical quality lavender oil are available only in Kalms Lavender One-A-Day Capsules.


Lifestyle columnist and Liverpool Live Radio presenter CLAUDINE HOPE H e l l o! I had a VIP invitation to the re-opening party of The Empire Theatre in Liverpool and the press night for The Beauty And The Beast. As I entered the party I was given a long stem red rose, a glass of bubbly and delicious red velvet cupcakes. I had my photograph taken against the beautiful rose backdrop created by the Dutch Flower Shop who transformed the Empire Theatre into a Disney rose spectacular. After mingling it was time to take our seats to watch the musical. Disney delivered a magical show full of stunning lighting effects, stage sets which were flown in and out of scenes and big colourful show numbers such as “Be Our Guest” which put the icing on the cake for me.

The show is everything you expect from Disney. The Beauty And The Beast which runs at The Empire theatre until the 16th October. I am thrilled to be asked to host a Christmas shopping event for Vacient Cosmetics. The Liverpool company owned by business partners Rachel Clarke and Maria Symes have created products that are perfect to wear in the sun, at work, at the gym, doing sports and socialising. Wow can you believe it, a makeup you can wear whilst working out that won’t melt and run off your face! Vacient Cosmetics created a natural clean, paraben free, noncomedogenic, sweat resistant, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free makeup that gives just the right coverage. The Event takes place on 18th November 2021 at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, 6 Sir Thomas Street, Liverpool L1

6BR. You will enjoy Cocktails & Canapes whilst shopping some of Liverpool city’s most wonderful brands. Celebrity Make up artist Carla Lawson will be showing her favorite vacient looks. Tickets are £40 at www. I look forward to seeing you there. My lovely friend Amanda Moss and owner of this wonderful magazine, Lifestyle, popped into Liverpool Live radio recently for a chat and a catch up with all her events and PR she is managing. It was so good to see her and I cannot wait for the Lifestyle awards. Catch me on the Liverpool Live Radio, Thursdays 11am on Roy Basnett’s Mid Morning show Instagram: @claudine_hope_ Until Next Month Babes!

Claudine xx



Churchill Recovery Solutions Ltd


hurchill Recovery Solutions Ltd offer a professional and comprehensive range of pre-legal debt recovery services and trace investigations. Whether it’s one instruction or multiple, we will provide bespoke collection and investigation services. We have a highly professional experienced team of debt negotiators who are fully committed to the success of our operation with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Our aim is to ensure we deliver the service you require, whilst protecting your brand reputation. Our cost-effective collection strategies are designed to maximize collections performance to either compliment or replace your current collections function. As part of this strategy we are able to offer and overflow telephony capacity with dedicated phone lines dedicated to your brand. Our business strategy is to provide you with a service that you want, that reacts immediately with dedicated account managers as single points of contact, that starts the


process within 24 hours of the instruction being received, a service that is fast, efficient and effective.

offering a straight-forward transparent service, with no hidden costs or charges.

Our Services:

CRS works in partnership with a network of accredited agents throughout the UK, working in accordance with the legislation relevant to the tasks in which they are engaged.

• Utility Services • Nationwide Network of Field Agents • Trace & Collect • Doorstep Collections • Litigation • UK Call Centre • Pre-legal Recoveries • Financial Credit Reporting Churchill Recovery Solutions Limited is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading and works for both public and private sector markets

At CRS you’ll find a flexible plain-speaking approach with specialist departments for debt recovery and investigation requirements. We understand the need to trace and collect outstanding debts quickly and our range of modern intelligence gathering services are tailored to individual client needs.

Our Services Utility Services Nationwide Network of Field Agents Trace & Collect Doorstep Collections Litigation UK Call Centre Pre-legal Recoveries Financial Credit Reporting

Call today on

0333 320 0748

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Suite 5a, Stanley Grange Business Village, Ormskirk Road, Knowsley Village, Merseyside L34 4AR

Liverpool’s legendary party venue has 2 locations to choose from. There's Duke Street in the city centre and Aigburth Road in Cressington. Expect the best of Greek and Mediterranean food with an expanded menu and that fab party atmosphere with Greek dancers, belly dancers and DJs til midnight at weekends. Whatever your preference, Christakis makes the ideal venue for a weekend fun-filled party or a delicious Greek meal during the week.

0151 363 1800 | 07539 155032

136-138 Duke St • Liverpool • L1 5BB 544-548 Aigburth Rd • Cressington • Liverpool • L19 3QG