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LARKINS Jackie Rose from The Treatment Rooms

Don’t forget to put your clocks forward on 28th March



m I glad to see spring is finally here!

And while the weather is warming up, so are our plans to come out of lockdown. In the meantime we can remain positive. While events are taking shape later in the year (good news for Creamfields and Leeds Festival, and the Liverpool International Tennis Tournament). Our intentions for the Liverpool Lifestyle Awards to take place in May have been thwarted as venue hiring won’t be open. BUT we have moved the date to 13 November at our usual place, The Liner Hotel. We’re expecting this to be a sell-out and tickets will go on sale 1st May.

We’re delighted to be continuing working with award winning landscape designer Pip Probert from Bromborough, who is appearing in BBC2’s Your Garden Made Perfect starting this month. Read her gardening column inside. Sadly some of us are a bit stuck for Mother’s Day plans this month, some of us can’t spend it with our children but thank goodness for FaceTime now. And there’s no excuse to miss out on sending a little something to show how much you appreciate your mum. See our online gift guide inside. As usual Lifestyle magazine features good advice from our

e r ’ we g n i r i h


community members, life coach Emma Privilege shares her positivity inside. We’re getting through this pandemic, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep going, we’re nearly there Have a wonderful month, and don’t forget to put your clocks forward on the 28th!


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ANNOUNCE OFFICE RELOCATION Birchwood-based Digital Agency, Blue Whale Media, has recently relocated its office to allow for further growth of the digital and creative team. Blue Whale Media is a professional Marketing agency that is synonymous with visionary design and superior website functionality. They are a family-run digital agency with 20 employees and three office dogs based in Birchwood, Warrington. The company has taken the experience of the pandemic and changed things to enhance their staff’s work-life balance by adding a break-out room and reducing it down to four days a week, allowing them more time for R&R which has made them stronger as a team and enhanced their creative ability. They moved to the new office in February to ensure the new office space reflects the innovative capabilities of Blue Whale Media and the working culture to 6

create a great place to work. The office facility features a technologyenabled conference room and individual offices where teams can collaborate on solutions with colleagues, customers and directors. The new office will accommodate the design agency’s expert and apprentice team resulting in increased efficiency for their staff. Operations Director, Stephanie said: “The move is a great step forward for the agency, it allows the staff more space and equipment to enhance their creativity whilst maintaining a productive work environment. “Clients are already seeing the benefit with more collaborative designs coming out of the team” Despite the size of the agency a range of new initiatives were introduced following the move and the new office Blue Whale Media is creating a healthier working environment for their staff by providing

healthy snacks such as a fruit box and healthy food alternatives. They also have a mental health advisor who provides support to all staff to help them fulfil their role and support anyone with mental health worries. Blue Whale Media is also celebrating its tenth year in business this year. The digital design agency was first established ten years ago by Stephanie, Operations Director and Gary, Managing Director and they are both very proud of what the team and business have accomplished over the last 10 years. With 20 employees in total, including a full design team, marketing and management team, as well as three office dogs. Over the last decade, Blue Whale Media has blossomed into a fullyfledged Marketing Agency with clients based all over the country who count on our professionalism. Media contact for Blue Whale Media: Rachel Foy | 01925552050 r.foy@bluewhalemedia.co.uk


5 STEPS TO CREATING A PLANTED BORDER THIS SPRING With award winning Landscape Gardener Pip Probert


his spring, one of the most popular landscaping design features is to add a planted border to your lawn. It can add so much interest to a plain lawn. Continuity of plant specimens links the scheme together. Plant lush tree ferns along shaded driveways or woodlands paths. The ideal plants for this are Fountain Grass, Boxwoods, Lavender, Hostas and Mophead Hydrangea. Lawn edging adds a dramatic ending to your garden and you don’t need a big space to do it. Discrete, flexible metal edging will compliment any lawn or path and give your flower bed borders more impact.

invading your borders. You’ll need to create a trench of at least 4cm deep so the you can still mow the lawn without sifting up the soil. 4. Place your plants in pots before you plant them, to ensure you’re happy with the way your border looks.

Pip Probert appears on How to Make your Garden Perfect. Thursday 8pm on BBC2

subtlety or bold colours and ornamental grasses for a bright contrasting border? Use Evergreen plants so your border has year-long interest, form and structure.

5. Decide how your border will look. Will you choose complimentary colours for

To contact Pip call 07734 157 976 Email: info@outerspaces.org.uk Visit www.outerspaces.org.uk

Here are 5 simple steps: 1. Plan your border and take into account how much will be in the sun or the shade. 2. Remove the grass with a spade or turf cutter. 3. Make clear, defined edges with an edging knife to prevent the lawn from 8

International Award Winning Garden Design & Landscaping RHS Multi Award Winners Marshalls Register - Marshalls Approved Installers


Boost your mood with these indoor plants


pring is here and it’s the perfect time for new growth. Add pots to your windowsills to create good vibes. According to NASA, indoor plants can remove up to 87% of toxins in the surrounding air and water, in just 24 hours of entering a home! It’s also been found that houseplants can supress your sympathetic nervous system, which essentially means they can lower your blood pressure and help you to feel calmer. Plus, with green, leafy plants found to help with fatigue, headaches, coughs and dry throats; there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests houseplants

really can boost your mood and improve your wellbeing! • Aloe vera The gel from aloe vera can help to soothe acne, burns and dry skin; helping you both physically and mentally. ... • Lavender • Snake plant • Peace lily • Monstera plant • English ivy • Venus fly trap • Peacock plant





Welcoming Lifestyle columnist and Liverpool Live Radio presenter CLAUDINE HOPE bringing you the latest entertainment news Thirty years in the show business has been an amazing adventure that has taken me across the world performing, acting on television and being in musicals in the West End. Presenting the showbiz gossip and news on the new up and coming Radio station “Liverpool Live Radio” is a blast. It is the fastest growing commercial radio station in Merseyside, reaching out to thousands of business owners and people at home daily. I absolutely love talking about all things show business on “Roy Basnett’s Mid Morning Show” and every Sunday evening I am one of the three presenters along with Clare Campbell and Amy Johnson with our new fun show called “The Boss Birds”. 12

Roy Basnett and I recently got to interview actor David Easter who has graced our screens on Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Family Affairs and Brookside to name a few. David opened up to us about his alcohol and drug battle, sexual abuse as child and his suicide attempt. He is now Patron of the Kenward Trust, the rehab that helped him through his recovery. I respect David for his honesty and wish him love and luck for his future. I am thrilled to be able to mention a new movie coming to our screens later this year!. Directed by Steve Lawson, “Saltwater: The Battle For Ramree Island” will premiere in the US in June this year and later

in the UK. I’ve already been talking to one of the stars of the movie Glenn Salvage who has given me the low down about the movie inspired by actual events during World War 2 off the coast of Burma. A group of soldiers find themselves in dense swampland infested with deadly saltwater Crocodiles! Sounds terrifying!! I will report more on this movie and an interview with one of the stars Glenn Salvage closer to the premier. Listen to Liverpool live radio at: liverpoolliveradio.com

INSTAGRAM ME: claudine_hope_

Until next month....

Claudine xx


Record month for fostering enquiries in Liverpool

New Foster Carers: Chris and Amanda will be sharing their fostering story at an upcoming webinar on the 18th Feb.

Liverpool City Council’s fostering service has received a record number of enquiries so far this year – believed to be as a result of changes in people’s circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


ore than 100 expressions of interest in looking after a child were received in January alone. It is thought it is as a result of more people working flexibly, such as from home, which means they are now able to consider supporting a young person. More foster carers are always needed as there are over 1,500 young people in care in the city. The council holds regular online webinars, during which people can find out more first-hand from foster carers. Chris and Amanda became foster carers for Liverpool in March 2020, initially part-time to fit around work commitments, and care for a 14-year-old boy.

Thanks to an increase in flexible working due to the pandemic, the young person has been able to stay with them and they hope he will remain with them long-term. Chris and Amanda said: “We were unsure at first if we could foster, because of working full-time and even our age. We were aware it was a bit unusual, but we were really well supported through the application process and now we tell people it’s the most rewarding thing we’ve done. It’s definitely worth looking into”. Liverpool City Council fostering service is 100 per cent not-for-profit. The more foster carers that come forward, the more children can be supported in their local community.

A wide range of support and benefits are provided including: • A dedicated fostering social worker • Access to support services • Financial support and allowances • Ongoing training • Free council tax • Lifestyles fitness membership for the family • Access to a holiday home

To find out more about fostering with Liverpool, please visit www.fostering. liverpool.gov.uk or call 0151 515 0000


Melanie Blake


A real life ‘Samantha’ from Sex and the City, Melanie Blake’s own incredible life story reads like the plot of an outrageous novel itself. From a working-class background, Blake pulled herself out of a life of poverty and food banks as a teen by working as an extra on various film and TV sets and as a runner on Top of the Pops. After declaring bankruptcy in her 20s, now 44, Blake has re-invented herself to become one of the UK’s most successful business women. She is a self-made multimillionaire, property mogul, and bestselling author. With her 2021 novel Ruthless Women charting at no.4 on the Sunday Times Bestseller Lists after only 3 days on sale. Melanie Blake has gone from being a TV extra to becoming one of the most powerful celebrity agents in the UK and an awardwinning business woman. And alongside Jaqueline Gold CBE, the CEO of Ann Summers, Melanie Blake is one of the UK’s most vocal champions of women in business. As one as the UK’s most successful agents, managers and publicists for British actresses, Melanie Blake has represented some of the most famous faces on British television and international screens. Where her debut novel, the No. 1 bestseller The Thunder Girls, was inspired by the early years of her career spent working in the music industry where

she went from working on Top of the Pops, to selling out arenas across the UK and worked with everyone from The Spice Girls to Madonna, her follow up novel Ruthless Women is heavily influenced by the last 15 years Melanie has spent representing more female TV actresses than any other agent in her genre. Her TV clients past and present include Patsy Kensit, Beverley Callard, Michelle Collins, Stephanie Beacham, Emily Lloyd, Denise Welch, Jennie McAlpine, Claire King, Gaynor Faye, Laila Morse, Daniella Westbrook, Sherrie Hewson, Amanda Barrie, Gillian Taylforth, Coleen Nolan and Nadia Sawalha, to name just a few. Nicknamed the Queen of Soaps, there is no one better placed to write a novel based around a continuing drama and its leading ladies. Over 25 million people in the UK watch soaps every week and now they’ll get a true glimpse of what really goes on behind the scenes of TV’s most popular shows, and examples of the desperate trade-offs their beloved leading ladies go through to survive the very game they are in. For the first time, Melanie Blake reveals her biggest secret, that her career started as an extra on the set of Coronation Street and EastEnders. It was there she began clawing her way from the bottom of the ‘Soap Opera ladder’ to the very top, going on to represent the leading ladies of the very

shows she was hired to stand in the background of. Melanie is passionate about championing women and challenging the double standards set for women by the media and the entertainment industry in the UK. As an agent Melanie has continuously fought for her female clients who have been sacked because of their age, or because of what they look like, or because a TV producer has told them they need to get plastic surgery, or because the director wasn’t sexually attracted to them – terrible things. Keen to expose what goes on in the TV industry, Melanie has used many of these horror stories in her new novel Ruthless Women. As well as writing Ruthless Women, which Blake wrote during lockdown 2020, she has written the forward for Jackie Collins novel Drop Dead Beautiful which is being re-issued by Simon & Schuster in November 2021 while her own novel Ruthless Women publishes on 18th February 2021. In summer 2021 Melanie Blake will go on a Jackie Collins author tour alongside Sunday Times Bestselling authors, Jill Mansell, Milly Robinson and Joan Collins’ daughter and author Tara Arkle. It’s a one in a million story, by a uniquely determined woman. Ruthless Women by Melanie Blake is published by Head of Zeus, is out now. 15




ake your WORKOUT to the next level and check out our NEW RANGES that are constantly dropping at KOSMOS GYMWEAR LTD. Supplying quality, figure hugging, tummy control & sculpted ranges for all shapes and sizes, allowing you to feel comfortable and well supported throughout your daily exercise or routine. New release of menswear has recently been added to our collection, with high performance clothing that will allow you to push yourself to your limits, whilst catering for all types of gym enthusiast, from casual to slim fit for a more modern look. KOSMOS GYMWEAR LTD was founded in July 2020. Our clothing brand specialises in ‘Making yourself feel beautiful’ whilst training to achieve your personal fitness goals.


We offer our customers the best and new collections of active wear at very competitive prices. We ensure to bring you these collections that drop on a regular basis, to ensure you look and feel your best each day. As seen on the cabins on ITV2. Check out our website and social media pages to see our collaborations and customer/celebrity reviews.

Sofia mayers

“ Kinda feel like a catfish I wish my bum looked this peachy all the time ”

Ashleigh ridding

“Gymwear from kosmos certainly makes these at home workouts a lot better! So comfy and flattering, good bye lockdown laziness”

@kosmosgymwear www.kosmosgymwearpparel.com


The Emma, perfectly matched with the Apricot Hand-Tied (from £50)


lowers are a fab way to say ‘thank you mum’ when words just aren’t enough, but with so much choice, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily Interflora is on hand to match-your mum with the perfect bouquet. Whether she’s stylish like VB, or strong and independent like Adele – you’ll find the perfect bunch for every mum in the Interflora collection.

Hand-crafted and handdelivered by a local artisan florist, they’re the first thing she’ll see when she opens the door. Order yours online at https:// www.interflora.co.uk/ category/mothers-day18 flowers/

The Candice, perfectly matched with the Beaming Brights Hatbox (£35) Interflora’s Beaming Brights Hatbox is perfect for those #mumfluencers out there; the ones who are bold, a lover of all things bright, and not afraid to share her opinion (especially on social media) – just like Candice Brathwaite. If this is your mum to a tee, then she’ll love the pop of colour provided by this mix of zingy asclepia, scented lisianthus and purple clematis.

The Victoria, perfectly matched with the Plush Orchid Hatbox (£55) If your mum has been your style icon since you were five years old, letting you play dress up in her wardrobe without complaint and taking you on shopping sprees worthy of Victoria Beckham, then the Plush Orchid Hatbox is perfect for her – a super luxe mix of two-tone roses, exotic cymbidium orchids and dancing clematis, presented in the chicest of hatboxes.

The Nadiya, perfectly matched with the Mother’s Day Pink Basket (£38) There’s always one – the mum who can literally do it all, and without a single complaint too. She’s the one who worked hard 9-5, never once forgot your school fancy dress day, and somehow still had time for spontaneous baking at the weekend. And she’s perfectly matched with the Mother’s Day Pink Basket, a long-lasting arrangement featuring pink rose plants, a pink kalanchoe and pteris enisformis, planted in a white wash picnic planter – because, just like Nadiya Hussain, she’s a busy mum who doesn’t need to be snipping stems too!


If your mum deserves a touch of luxury and relaxation this year, one of ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s NEW body care gift sets will make the perfect present this Mother’s Day. Available in ARRAN’s bestselling fragrances, Glenashdale, an uplifting blend of grapefruit and vetiver, and Glen Rosa, a soothing blend of fig and ylang ylang. These beautifully packaged sets come with a 300ml bath and shower gel and 200ml body lotion and are guaranteed to impress. Body care gift sets are available for only £28.00, browse now: https://arran.com/collections/body-care-gift-sets

Treat your Mum to the Scents of Arran this Mother’s Day Celebrate the most important person in your life this Mother's Day with the beautiful, evocative scents of ARRAN Sense of Scotland – www.arran.com. From the stunning signature scent, After the Rain to the refreshing Glenashdale citrus fragrance inspired by the Isle of Arran's very own Glenashdale falls.


Notes of citrus fruits are paired with musky florals and earthier tones of sandalwood, creating a multidimensional aroma that will last all day. A luxury made fragrance with an affordable price tag, the stunning After the Rain Perfume will make any mum feel treasured. The After the Rain 100ml Eau De Toilette is £40.00. Browse ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s fragrance range now: https://arran.com/collections/fragrance/ products/after-the-rain-eau-de-toilette

For three decades, the family run business has been creating vibrant, evocative scents which are proudly made on and inspired by the Isle of Arran's breath-taking scenery. From candles and fragrances to luxurious gift sets, there’s a gift to spoil the mother figure in your life this Mother’s Day.

Make it personal with a BUILD A GIFT Create your personalised gift: https://arran.com/ collections/builda-bundle


Bring an uplifting mood into any room in the home with the Bergamot and Geranium candle. This fragrance contains tender notes of green bergamot and citrus, intertwined with the natural warmth of geranium, packaged in an Arran Home candle tin. There are two sizes available, the travel-size 8cl is £9.00 and the full-sized 35cl is £30.00. Buy now: https://arran.com/collections/candles





he wellness industry has faced at least as many challenges as other industries during Covid-19, if not more. First there was lockdown and then most wellness businesses had to wait longer into the relaxation of restrictions before being able to reopen. And, when they could open their doors again, these businesses had to do a lot more to prepare than many others, to ensure they were operating safely. Many are likely to have taken a further hit financially following both lockdowns, as the amount of space they have in which to perform treatments will have been reduced by social-distancing measures. It’s been hard for consumers, too; people have had to forgo the treatments they used to undertake regularly in order to feel, well… well. The wellness/beauty industry has adapted in three main ways since the beginning of the pandemic and the industry will need


to continue to embrace these adaptations to move forward and thrive. BEING FLEXIBLE Users are still eager to access beauty and wellness services. This means we all need to be flexible. The wellness industry has adapted quickly to help consumers and it will need to continue to do so. It had a massive learning curve forced upon it. Physios and osteopaths, for example, have been able to offer advice over the phone, video and via email to help clients keep fit and mobile. Counselling has also adapted offering remote sessions, including text for people who don’t want to be overheard by other household members. When we finally head into a post-Covid world, I believe flexibility is one of the things that will help these businesses prosper. Therapists will have changed their mindsets on the way they work; they will be more responsive to the needs

and requirements of their clients, more willing to give advice over the phone or via video call between formal treatments and better prepared to visit people at home. Clients will continue to want and expect the flexibility they have become accustomed to and providers are aware that being adaptable is important. EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY Online communication and working together has blossomed over the last year and this will continue post-Covid to the benefit of consumers and practitioners alike. You can now provide personalised workouts via Zoom, as a counsellor you can speak to clients on video call, beauty therapists can provide online tutorials or one-toone advice sessions on

things such as maintaining your hair extensions, grooming your own brows and looking after skin, to name but a few. Of course, many consumers will be desperate to go back to their favourite salon, class or therapist as we emerge from the end of the Covid tunnel but think of the opportunities of continuing to offer online wellness support. The demand is there. Much as people will probably still want to work from home some days of the week, and continue to socialise online sometimes, people are going to want to access wellness services remotely. So, it’s a win-win. I also think people will rely much more on technology when researching and booking treatments, reading reviews of providers online, rather than relying on word-ofmouth, and using the internet or apps to book a variety of treatment quickly and easily. If you don’t already have a digital booking system, now is the time to invest in one. These systems help save time and money for both therapists and consumers, making everyone’s life easier. FOCUS ON HYGEINE Even when the vaccine has been fully implemented, I believe that people will

continue to be far more conscious of hygiene. Where treatments are happening inperson – which, of course, many really do have to – hygiene will stay at the top of the agenda. Wellness providers will definitely need to have hygiene and social distancing as a priority, even following widespread vaccination, as values have shifted and people are going to be naturally more cautious. This, in turn, will provide peace of mind for customers who are currently keeping their distance and keeping contact to a minimum. Customers will expect to see hygiene standards raised and therapists will have to rise to the occasion with clear labelling and policies to show how they are maintaining hygiene. After all, we are all now hyper-aware of the importance of looking after each other!

Overall, wellness has a very bright future ahead. People are more aware than ever that they need to look after themselves and they are going to be making the most of the new look wellness industry to make them feel good. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Isla Knight is the founder of JustUWellness. JustU is a booking service, accessed online or via the JustU App, that gives you the power to book a wide range of wellness treatments with the click of a button. JustU links users with professional salons and lifestyle providers. Facebook: www.facebook.com/ JustUWellness2019 21


St Joseph Hospice invites supporters to take on abseil challenge


n Saturday 17th July, a team of hospice supporters will abseil 150ft down the great west door of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral to raise valuable funds for the hospice. One of this year’s participants will be Angela Lund from Fazakerley who has signed up to pay tribute to her dad Albie Smart. Albie passed away at the hospice in 2019 and Angela wants to take on the challenge to say thank you to all the hospice staff who looked after him and her whole family during what was a very difficult time. Angela said: “Since my dad died, we have all been locked away in our homes staring at the same four walls so I felt this would be the perfect way emerge from lockdown and take me out of my comfort zone.”


Angela’s whole family have been supporters of the hospice since the 1980s when Albie used to visit a good friend at the hospice. Ever since, they have held raffles and social events and sold Christmas and Easter toys to raise money. When the hospice launched its lottery in 2001, Albie became its first lottery canvasser, which he continued for 15 years. Over the years, Albie raised over an incredible £50,000 for the hospice. Angela continued: “We were so relieved that dad manage to spend his final days at the hospice. He was only there for a few days but the love and care we all received at that time was incredible and so I want to take on this challenge to say thank you. It will be tough but it will all be worth it when I reach the bottom and we can all

raise a glass to my dad to celebrate.” Places for the Liverpool Cathedral Abseil are very limited so early booking is advised. Registration costs £60 and the minimum sponsorship required is £150. To register, please contact the fundraising team on 0151 932 6044 or email events@jospice. org.uk. To show your support to Angela, you can donate through her Just Giving page - www.justgiving. com/fundraising/angelalund62


Liverpool to mark one year since the first Covid lockdown

Plans are being put in place for Liverpool to mark one of the most unforgettable years in history.


n Tuesday 23 March, the city will stage an emotive event - Liverpool Together - exactly one year on since the start of the first lockdown in England. Working in partnership with BBC Radio Merseyside, Liverpool City Council’s award winning Culture Liverpool team is curating the event which will reflect on the last year - as well as looking to the future celebrating the resilience and solidarity of the city. Streamed and broadcast online, poetry, readings, films and first-person accounts will reflect on those who lost their lives to Covid-19, highlight the challenges faced by every community during the pandemic and shine a light on the incredible spirit people have shown in dealing with thisunprecedented adversity.

Full details of the event, and others taking place across the Liverpool City Region, will be announced in the coming weeks. Acting Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Wendy Simon, said: “This past year has been one of extraordinary loss and change. “Every single person in the city, and in the world, has been impacted by the pandemic. The 23 March is such a pivotal milestone, we want to host an event which recognises just how hard life has been over the past 12 months, whilst also highlighting some of the incredible things which people from across our city have done. “It’s a moment for us all, to not only come together to reflect, but also to look forward to our next, shared chapter. We can build

back better – and fairer – this city is the ultimate comeback kid and I have no doubt that brighter times are ahead.” BBC Radio Merseyside’s Managing Editor, Andrew Bowman, said: “We’re proud to be working with Liverpool City Council so that our listeners across Merseyside and beyond will be able to listen to this special programme. “It’s been a year like no other, we’ve followed the Covid story on the radio but also had the most inspirational stories about how our communities have pulled together to help people through this awful time. Liverpool Together is a chance for the whole city to remember and to look forward.”


Lifestyle meets Jackie Rose, owner of The Treatment Rooms How did you get into beauty and what experience do you have? At first I wanted to train as a Physiotherapist specializing in Sports Massage, so whilst doing work experience at a physio practice before going off to university I discovered that it was Sports Therapists that actually did the hands on massage on the sports fields not the physios so I switched to Sports Therapy and the physios suggested I look to do a Beauty Therapist course also as beauty always had jobs in massage. I had to study all aspects of beauty and make up then realized that I was arty and I had a flair for makeup. I quickly discovered that I was a good therapist and beauty became my passion. I qualified back in 1993 so I have a lot of experience. I worked for a couple of very reputable companies for nearly 8 years and then took the plunge when an opportunity arose to set up on my own.


Tell us about The Treatment Rooms I set up The Treatment Rooms in January 2000, a new millennium and a new business. 21 years have flown by, during those years I had three salons in Aintree, Runcorn and one in Crosby next door to where we are to date, we bought our current premises in 2007 and completely redid the whole

building. The Treatment Rooms has existed as ‘8’ days a week which has been our trademark, sadly with covid, things are changing and we’re probably not going to be open ‘8’ days a week because the pathway of people booking appointments has changed mainly because more people are working from home now and like to slot their appointments in between their working day therefore less need for late night appointment times or Sundays. What changes have been made to the salon during lockdown? We did all the covid secure changes during the first lockdown last year as we had to remove all the soft furnishings, take curtains down, lift rugs and carpets and put away all the cushions we then had our salon hard surfaces sprayed with Electrostatic anti virus solution every four weeks. We put screens on all our nail stations, reception desk, we removed the waiting area, removed manicure and pedicure stations. We implemented pre screen covid consult forms that clients have to fill in before they attend their appointments at the salon and do temp checks whilst providing track and trace when they arrive.

What can clients look forward to when we reopen? Its such a relief to have a date to reopen and to plan to spend some time with other people actually being a home-schooling parent is really not for me, hats off to all teachers! I hope when the clients all come back that they are going to be as excited to see us as we are to see them. We have missed all our clients so much and we cannot wait to get back to doing what we are good at and looking after people. What are your most popular treatments? The Treatment Rooms is renowned for our waxing, for both men and women’s intimate waxing. We’re the ‘fastest waxers in the west’ and thorough. Our pedicures are much more detailed than just soaking and painting. Our facials and body treatments both use Germaine de Capuccini products which give fantastic results and massages are very popular. What makes our salon so special? Simply put ‘The People’ are therapists are very experienced and we work great as a team the environment is always complimented on how comfortable and relaxed it makes our clients feel. We also have a joint treatment rooms so friends or couples can have their facial or massage treatment in the same room rather than being treated separately.

The Treatment Rooms • Call 0151 932 1828 54 Mersey View, Brighton-le-Sands, Crosby, L22 6QB

TREATMENTS Facials, Semi Permanent Anti-Ageing, Body Treatments, Hand and Nail Treatments, Toe and Foot Treatments, Make-Up, Eye Treatments, Waxing, Wax Packages, Electrolysis, Naturasun Spray Tanning, Massage Treatments, Holistic Treatments, Men's Treatments, Male Waxing, Man Power Pack, Private Practice Physiotherapy Service

The Treatment Rooms - Beauty Salon in Crosby 54 Mersey View, Brighton-le-Sands, Crosby, L22 6QB

Gift Vouchers Available

Excluding Holistic treatments and Semi Permanent Anti-Ageing treatments

Call 0151 932 1828



Liverpool Hospitals Never Events Review by Bilal Qasim Following the announcement that two Liverpool hospitals are under review for patient safety because of a series of medical mistakes known as ‘never events’, Fletchers’ Bilal Qasim, Senior Solicitor discusses what never events are, and what support is available for victims.


he Care Quality Commission (CQC) has called for immediate action within The Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Aintree University Hospital, respectively, following what the health watchdog refers to as ‘serious patient safety incidents which are preventable when guidelines are followed. In response, the hospitals' Trust has acknowledged the decision and stated it will take immediate action and follow its own journey to improving standards of safety. Despite two inspections carried out by the CQC last Autumn, the details of the never events in question are yet to be disclosed. What has been disclosed by the CQC, however, are several concerns relating to patient safety and


healthcare professionalism. These include:

Staffing shortages

Some services within Aintree University Hospital did not always have enough nursing staff with the right level of experience. Also, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital saw occasions where staff were unable to ‘meet the basic care needs or provide emotional support to minimise distress’

Risk assessments and care Risk assessment

paperwork was not always completed for each patient to safely manage and mitigate the risks. Examples were highlighted where staff had not taken action to benefit vulnerable patients at risk of deterioration. Furthermore, although medial staff kept records of patient treatment, these weren’t always up-to-date or securely stored.

What is a never event? A ‘never event’ is

a substandard treatment which goes entirely against the duty of care of a health professional. Never events are defined as the “kind of mistake that should never happen” in the field of medical treatment. Ultimately, it must be understood that the majority of never events are serious, traumatic, adverse events that are totally avoidable. The total eradication of never events is an impossible task, as unfortunately errors are always going to happen. However, this does not mean that no action is to be taken. Quite the contrary, it is critically important that these never events are identified and investigated to enhance training and development and to ensure they do not re-occur.

It must not be forgotten that these are incidents which would not occur if the healthcare provider had followed correct safety guidelines or clinical procedures in accepted practice. By holding medical practitioners accountable for these impermissible errors, we help to ensure the level of service delivered by the health care providers to the public, is that of a reasonable and expected standard, which is of paramount importance.

Examples of never events • Incorrect site surgery claims: where patients have had the wrong area of the body operated on. • Incorrect implant or prosthesis claims; when for example, during knee replacement surgery, the wrong size implant is used. • The retrieval of objects post operation; such as swabs, needles, instruments and guidewires which have not been accounted for during surgery and remain in the patient’s body. • Incorrect administration of medication: such as wrong dosage or

administering the completely wrong medication. • Providing medication by the wrong route; this can occur with procedures including intravenous chemotherapy by the intrathecal route, oral/enteral medication or feed/ flush by any parenteral route, intravenous administration of an epidural medication that was not intended to be administered by the intravenous route. • Risk assessment errors: resulting in patients falling when they should be under 1 to 1 supervision. • Incorrect blood transfusions: resulting in ABO compatibility reactions due to failure to perform compatibility testing.

Legal advice for victims of a never event

If you have experienced a never event, either from one of the two Merseyside hospitals, or elsewhere, it can understandably feel difficult for patients to come forward, especially during current times. However, when standards fall short of what is acceptable, there must

accountability of the failing; in order to ensure that lessons are learnt, never events do not increase, and we do not see an unfortunate decline in the level of health care provided to the public. My advice would be that if you are unsure as to whether you have been the subject of a never event, or received care you felt was substandard, to discuss your concerns with an experienced, legal professional who can advise you further. Please bear in mind that, by speaking out, you are not only raising awareness, but reducing the likelihood of these same mistakes happening to someone else. Between 1st April 2018 and 31st January 2019, at least 451 serious incidents which were categorised as Never Events by the NHS. This means that there were 451 occasions when patients were injured as a result of serious failings by those caring for them.

The full list can be found on the NHS England website: https://www.england. nhs.uk/patient-safety/ never-events-data/



Inroducing one of the hotly-tipped bands of 2020 – Larkins


he fast rising Larkins can now reveal details of their rest of their UK tour which commences shortly in Manchester. From The Smiths to The Stone Roses and Oasis, the Manchester music scene has made a huge impact on global music culture. Blending anthemic indie and synth-heavy alt-pop, Larkins are being tipped to follow in those legendary footsteps and elevate themselves towards arena status. Their tour will see them take the next step towards fulfilling their world class potential.

The announcement comes as Larkins complete a huge UK and Ireland tour that 28

has spanned 30 shows. Numerous nights have sold-out as the band have reached a landmark of 8000 ticket sales. Other live highlights of the year have included festival sets at Reading, Leeds and SXSW, and a tour as guest to Love Fame Tragedy, a new project from The Wombats’ frontman Murph. Larkins’ previous releases in 2019 - the ‘TV Dream’ EP and the ‘Not Enough Love’ single - have already amassed 5 million plays. That huge potential has been further underlined with support from Radio 1 (Jack Saunders), Beats 1 (Zane Lowe), BBC Introducing and Radio X.

“A sound located between Tears For Fears, The Wombats and The 1975.” - Sunday Times Culture “Larkins make massive tunes with huge choruses.” - Dork “Manchester’s next arena act.” - Manchester Evening News “Anthemic choruses and heartfelt lyricisms.” - The Line of Best Fit

Larkins formed after Josh Noble (vocals) and Dom Want (guitar/synth) started making music together at school, but things really progressed in college. The duo would write song ideas together in their English class, before sneaking into the studio after hours to bring those songs to life. Their sound was broadened when Henry Beach (bass/synth) and Joe Gaskell (drums) were added to the line-up. LISTEN TO THE CURRENT SINGLE ‘MAKE YOU BETTER’: https://www.larkins.lnk.to/ MakeYouBetter


You’ll focus on your personality and appearance. You may be in the mood to start a diet or quit a bad habit. You’ll want to tend to money matters. Keep an open mind, and don’t hesitate to explore unconventional possibilities.


You’re a hot number and a perfect package this month, so suitors will flock — or if you’re coupled up, you can take your relationship down a sweet garden path. If you’ve set your sights on a new job or even a promotion, it should come to you.


You’re able to finally let something go — and embrace something new. This month finds you with lots to be thankful for in the realm of romance, and the month holds gifts for your heart, provided you’re not afraid to actively snoop around for them.


You’ll be able to reach your goals more easily, though, so it will be well worth your time and energy to put everything else aside. Further you’ll be far more interested in taking care of your health and appearance and you’ll do a great job of it.


You’ll be focused on finance and intimate relationships. With your natural grace, you can express your feelings and come out feeling better and stronger. Your relationship or a potential one will benefit as well, with some sweet results to be found toward the end of the month.

VIRGO (23 AUGUST – 22 SEPTEMBER) You’ll be inspired

to suggest new avenues of business. You may be thinking of making a major career move — one that’s entirely possible. You may also be making your way along a whole new relationship path. Your home life should be especially well integrated with your professional life.

LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 22 OCTOBER) You’ll start to see

the fruits of your efforts pay off, and you’ll need to keep from getting a swollen ego. Pay attention to budget issues and make sure you’ve wrapped up any office squabbles. Singletons amp up their love lives by getting a little deeper.

SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 21 NOVEMBER) You’ll start to

stretch out and explore your new territory. The middle of month will bring you a new opportunity that will be exciting, but not completely unexpected. Jump on it, no matter how happy you are — the ride will be exhausting but fulfilling.


on getting closer to someone you’ve only been thinking of casually for some time now. It’s time to put intimacy on the front burner. The fabulousness is practically over-whelming, as you’re showered with attention and dishing it right back out to someone wonderful.


will infuse you with increased confidence in the unique way you express yourself to the

MANISH’S ZODIAC PREDICTIONS MANISH KUMAT ARORA EMAIL: manish@ manishastrologer.com world. Greater satisfaction from your job is likely. Expect a pursuit of pleasure that touches the soul, and do what you can to derive true satisfaction from your connections.

AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY – 18 FEBRUARY) You project a

more grounded image to others, and while you may not jump ahead in leaps and bounds, you are sure to enjoy some quiet recognition for your efforts. New opportunities for expressing your creative self present themselves, and they are tangible, practical ones.

PISCES (19 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH) You focus

on developing your selfconfidence and the image you project to others. Your trademark perseverance in some matter of the heart can pay off. You may also wish to tackle bad habits, addictions, or negative attitudes that may have been undermining your confidence. 29


DARREN LAWRENSON The Happiness of Pursuit

TOP PERFORMANCE COACH AND BUSINESS CONSULTANCY LEADER. I am a business owner and director of Dasala Ltd a performance coaching and business consultancy business. I work across all sectors with a focus on leadership and senior management with a mind to always help individuals and teams to perform at their best. I speak across the UK and Europe as a keynote speaker to audiences of managers and leaders from business.

Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur Sprinkling a bit of Latin into conversation is impressive, don’t you think? Especially if someone has to ask what it means or better still if they have to Google it. This little beauty is my favourite “Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur” ... I won’t make you Google it to find out what it means .. it translates to “whatever is said in Latin appears profound”. Yes, using Latin is pretty much just showing off ... it’s the antithesis of good communication. The language we use to get our message across is hugely important. I’ve sat in front of many presentations over the years and the ones that had the most impact always used everyday language. If you have ever have to do a presentation

or speak in public just think of Catchphrase. Yes, that TV gem from the eighties. It was Roy Walker back in my day and I think it’s Stephen Mulhern that hosts Catchphrase today ... the “say what you see” tag line has endured. The best way to communicate is in a simple, straightforward manner. Do you ‘Touch base’ with people? Or maybe you ‘Reach out’. These are the two most hated forms of office jargon according to a survey of employees conducted by Glassdoor. These are fairly tame examples but they are slightly irritating. But what about the dreaded acronym ... IMHO is a favourite of mine ... and by favourite I mean most

Email: darren@dasala.co.uk or follow me on 30

hated! For the those not familiar with IMHO it means In My Humble Opinion. But the H in this acronym is always redundant because when people are offering their opinion (often unsolicited) it is rarely with humility. Communication is your most essential business tool and if you get it right your reputation will go up ... conversely if you get it wrong your reputation may go down ... so always be as straightforward as you can ... and avoid showing off at all costs. If you want to find out methods and strategies to help your own personal development please email me at darren@dasala.co.uk or follow me on twitter.


Winner Best New Creative PR company 2019 - Global Brands If you go to a restaurant you let someone else do the cooking even though you may have an idea of the recipe, you know the chef will do a better job.

It’s the same with PR


Draw in new customers and sustains existing one

Keep you ahead of your competition

Create a stronger brand presence

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"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations"

T: 97827636 amanda@amandamosspr.uk www.amandamosspr.uk 31

GLAMPING Cyprus hopes to tap a new niche market for tourists with luxury camping, or glamping, for which legislation is being drafted, deputy tourism minister Savvas Perdios has announced


e spoke of a new era in tourism because of growing interest in spending time in nature and said Cyprus could compete well, both as regards camping as we know it, and the new market – glamping. “The opinions of various bodies will be sought in the final stages of preparation, and then a bill will be submitted to the law office so that it can be implemented in 2022,” he said. Perdios said he had briefed MPs on the National Tourism Strategy, adding that this year’s plan comprises three pillars: advertising and marketing; upgrading of infrastructure focusing on specific forms of tourism; and improvement of the competitiveness of urban and mountain areas. Under a Council of Ministers decision, as of March 1, passengers from 56 countries will be able to visit Cyprus without being quarantined for 14 days, unless they test positive for Covid-19 upon their arrival.

Responding to a question, Perdios said it is too early for estimates about tourism as all countries are experiencing the second or third wave of the pandemic and it will be difficult for someone to travel today or in March. “There is a hesitancy among our partners abroad to say what programme they expect to follow this year,” he said, adding that there should be a clearer picture in the next few weeks. Asked about the possibility of a health passport for those who have been vaccinated for the coronavirus, he said this was an idea that was being discussed with opinion divided among supporters and opponents. Committee chairman Andreas Kyprianou welcomed the new strategic plan which he said was focused on making Cyprus more

than just a sun and sea destination focused on hotel tourism. Changes in the island’s tourism product will instead turn attention to the mountains, nature trails, traditional products and wine routes among others. This will not only increase tourism flows but help combat rural depopulation, he said. Greens MP Charalambos Theopemptou said it was important that tourism revenue benefited all areas of Cyprus. And he said the party had submitted proposals on regulations for

camping sites. “I am very concerned about the creation of large, luxury camping sites. I am not voicing opposition, but we need to very careful,” he said. Camping in the forest is carried out in cooperation with the forestry department, so it was important to be careful as regards their presence in the forest, the number of people they will cater

for and the activities that they will include. “We do not want to see camping sites that are

damaging to nature and the forest, and run counter to protection of the environment,” he said.


RDS 2021




ncreased credibility. A business award win, short-listing or nomination can act as a 3rd party endorsement for your business. A win can give a seal of approval to your activities and is a sign of quality for potential customers, so can form part of your sales pitch. It can also help with relationships with suppliers. Just being short-listed can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers. Make sure you maximise PR

exposure and update your marketing materials with the award logo including business cards, website, literature, email and sales material. We provide finalists and winners with rosettes to add to your branding. Awards celebrate hard work and success and are great PR opportunities. It’s fantastic to be recognised so it’s important to make sure that people know what your business has achieved. Winning a business award can open doors to getting contracts,

finding new supply channels and breaking into new markets. The Liverpool Lifestyle awards is one of the most talked about business event6 of the year and trends locally on social media. It is one the best ways to raise your business profile and drive customers to you.

Profile for Lifestyle Events Ltd

Liverpool Lifestyle March 2021  

The award winning Lifestyle magazine for the North West, supporting small businesses and inspiring everyone to love the life they live

Liverpool Lifestyle March 2021  

The award winning Lifestyle magazine for the North West, supporting small businesses and inspiring everyone to love the life they live


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