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Tree of Life Centre

Soulla Andreou-Kyriakides

Beach style Jewellery designer

Sara Afkhami

Mobile +357 96945328 Tel: +357 24360006


FREE VALUATION AND PROPERTY CHECK CALL SARAH ON 99034473 OR KIRSTY ON 99068009 Email: ISLAND HOMES The Company you can trust! Islandhomes Cyprus


Vasilas Furniture Single and Double mattresses, Pillows for the perfect sleep

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HELLO JUNE How are we already half way through the year?!

magazine and hope they flourish.

Life is certainly getting busier as more businesses thankfully open up and restrictions are lifted. The pandemic has helped us to review our personal values and what we want from life – it has also challenged us in many ways, and hopefully it has made us more grateful for everything we have already got in our lives.

With the beaches filling up it is the perfect time to look at your summer outfits and we’ve teamed up with Cyprus swimwear brand Habana who ship all over Cyprus. And no better way to team up your outfit with the gorgeous handmade jewellery by designer Sara Afkhami.

As always, Lifestyle magazine strives to help you live the lifestyle you love and it is certainly helped by the gorgeous weather. We are delighted to welcome so many new businesses to the

Give yourself time out to sip a frappe and read all your favourite features in the magazine, from horoscopes to recipe ideas to our popular columnists with music and entertainment specialist Drew Andreou and holistic healer Ekaterina. If you have a story

idea or want to feature in the magazine then please do get in touch. Email: Wishing you a joyous June, stay safe in the sunshine, slap on the sunscreen and of course, stay stylish,

CALL NOW on 24 824 080 Email: Visit: Opposite The Palm Beach Hotel On The Larnaca - Dhekelia Road

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6. Rosa Salazar  37. Darren Lawrenson 37. Darren Lawrenson 12.43. Comedian Jack Barry 34. Coping with 34. Hen Party Capital Coping with 43. Hen Party Capital 9. Jewellery designer Sara Afkhami Anxiety Anxiety Craig Phillips 16.48. The Wonderful World of 48. Craig Phillips 12. TreeDisney of Life Centre On Ice comes to Liverpool 37. Darren Lawrenson Darren Lawrenson 37. 55. Business News 23. Horoscopes 55. Business News 43. Hen Party Capital 43. Hen Party Capital 22.56. Asa Murphy King of Swing Editor’s Last 25. Fashion - beach style Word  56. Editor’s Last 48. Craig Phillips Craig Phillips 48. 28. Recipe 24.Word  Claire Simmo





55. 55. Business News Business News 30. Wellbeing with Ekaterina

26. Sheridan Smith

32. Music56. 56. Editor’s Last Editor’s Last Word  Word

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BLACKISLE BLACK Call: 99 540911 Stadiou 2 5380 Deryneia



Meet Dr Panagiotis Tsoukka DVM, MRCVS, owner of Furry Friends Veterinary Clinic


opened the practice on 11th January 2021. Prior to this I had spent two years in the UK. Then I wanted to come back to Cyprus as the pandemic hit and I was sick of the weather in the UK. I started doing some home visits last year some home visits but it was always my plan to open a practice and now I have one.

think Cyprus is ready for it, in the UK animal hospitals are open 24 hours and prices are 10 - 15 x more than here. But the quality of service is a lot higher; imagine a 24 hour hospital with 10 nurses round the clock looking after animals, it is going to be exceptional. And it is my dream to open something similar here.

There are two vets in here, myself and Panagiota Mousikou.

Here are Furry Friends we have all the equipment to treat our animals. We have a state of the art x-ray machine and an ultra sound. All our equipment is brand new, we are working to the highest gold standard.

I wasn’t expecting to be that busy when we opened, but we have 500 clients. Clients and not animals because already we treat about 800 pets. We are doing a great job so far. So far so good. We do operations, soft tissue surgery, emergency surgeries, we have a lot of cats neutered and dogs castrated. Not all is off peak surgeries, we accept all cases. We are lucky in Cyprus that vets bills are not as expensive as in the UK and so pet insurance is not necessary. I don’t 6

We are very passionate about what we do. I personally will never be defeated in my life, always trying my best and I work long hours I will do everything to save a patient, I have slept 5-7 days in the clinic to ensure a patient doesn’t die. I wanted to become a vet because I love the challenge. There are not a lot of vets in the area

and it isn’t just my love for animals, it is a profession, you need to be the best that you can be. It is a difficult and hard job. We never turn down a patient and already people come from as far away as Nicosia and Larnaca, we have a very good name. For more details call 23 744494


VETERINARY CLINIC • DENTAL CARE Pet grooming facilities in our friendly workspace by our high skilled and certified professionals!

+357 23 744494 • 249 Protaras Avenue 5291 Paralimni, Cyprus •





UK business woman suffering from chronic bipolar who watched her business fold under the pandemic has launched a new business to motivate others never to give up. Award winning beauty therapist and skin specialist Claire Whittle was forced to close her salon, CJ in the City, during lockdown. Whilst at home she developed Papillon Beauty, developing an exclusive range of false lashes that can safely be reapplied 30 times as well as fragrant cuticle oils. Claire, 45, whose condition often forces her to stay in bed for days on end, refused to let the pandemic defeat her and kept her mind busy developing the new beauty products which sell online.


Claire said, “I have always spoken out about my mental health because

it if can just help one other person then I feel I have helped someone. I have a wonderfully supportive family and friends network but it can still be very lonely when you have mental health issues. I needed to keep my mind active and strong because it is so easy to hide under the duvet and forget the world. But my passion has always been beauty and it

was devastating watching the salon close and see my income nosedive. I had the choice to despair but I dig deep and thought, no, I am going to fight this.” Papillon Beauty has a growing instagram following and works with influencers such as… Melissa Jacques.

Claire will be in Eastern Cyprus in June & July for an exclusive pop-up beauty clinic specialising in anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.

Book through



Lifestyle meets jewellery designer Sara Afkhami Sara, 39, is originally from Iran but has lived in Cyprus for seven years with her husband and nine year old daughter. Tell us about your business I make hand made earrings. I used to have a shop but now I go on the beach. Do you have a specific style? No, I am very open minded about my designs, I am influenced by nature and love the outdoors. Is there a specific way you make your earrings? I work from morning until night making them, I learnt the craft myself, from you tube videos and brought all my tools form Iran and make them here myself. I also am trained in leather making and started with bags and I sat on the beach and sod many products. I saw the tourists likes the jewellery and suddenly I was thinking that it would be better to make earrings and sell those instead.

What is so special about your jewellery? If I make one paid of earrings, I make just one, they’re all bespoke and unique, so no one else will have the same pair unless, of course, they ask for a specific design they have seen. I love it, I have lots of customers who love it. They come back on holiday in the summer and come to me specifically for more! Follow Sara on facebook https://www.facebook. com/somayeh.afkhami.1



Like in all the best circles of friends, at The Girlfriends’ Circle we commit to gather extraordinary women. We are the ultimate Community in Cyprus for making new friends and networking.

Become a member now and enjoy a range of exclusive advantages:

* Discounted prices on the events. * You can be the host or co-host of our events. * You can become our supplier offering the contents for the goody bags, or food and drinks for our events, or any other product or service that you can provide. * For some specific events, you will have a discounted pass for your plus-one. * Through our channels we will promote your business and inform all the members and followers about it. * And much more that you will discover in the near future.

Looking forward to welcoming in our Community!

Do you have our visit card? It’s worth 10% discount on the membership or an event (redeemable once)



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BUSINESS Lifestyle chats to Soulla Andreou-Kyriakides, owner of Tree Of Life Centre in Larnaca What is the Tree of Life? The TOL is a symbol of growth, development and strength. Just as a seed grows firm roots into the ground, which represent stability, it branches up and outwards representing beauty, balance and freedom. This is our interpretation of our centre. A place where one can strive for knowledge and wisdom at a personal level. How did you find the building and what renovations needed doing? The building itself has been our family home for many years. Built in the late 1950's by an Austrian diplomat, it stands majestic with unique beauty in the centre of Larnaca. Ever since it came to the possession of my family, the house has undergone through many stages of internal renovations so as to accommodate and facilitate more people. The external face of the house, however has kept its original form. The spacious rooms are central-heated and air12 condtioned, and the

original fireplace in the lobby spreads warmth during winter gatherings. The large covered veranda and the garden with the fish pond and fountain offer a hideout beautifully hidden from the passer by. The high cypress tree fence gives the feeling of being in the countryside as well as privacy. Who goes there? People from all walks of life gather together to experience growth and self development. There is no discrimination of any kind, no barriers nor judgement. It is were you find connection with oneself and social interaction in all its glory

within a harmonious atmosphere. When did you open? The TREE OF LIFE has been in the service of the community for the past 4 years. What do you offer? The rooms are offered for rental and the events that have taken place include: Conferences, Book launch, presentations, different types of workshops, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Book and Reiki clubs, Gyrokinesis, Laughter Wellness, Burlesque, Breathing and relaxation, Belly dancing, Theatrical presentations, Improvisation/ acting,

Numerology, Painting, Crochet, Drumming, Poetry, Philosophy, Self Awareness, Self Development and many more. How did you cope during lockdown? As with the rest of the country, we closed our doors to the public during lockdown periods. We have however, carried our bonding with our people through Zoom classes on a weekly basis. It was hard at the beginning not to have the personal and physical interaction between us, but at least we kept in touch. Zoom classes was a way to overcome isolation and loneliness. How did you adapted with pandemic? The veranda, yard and garden have been introduced for small groups and events. The pond and fountain are an added soothing feature in the learning experience. Gardening, aquaponics, hydroponics and pottery have been introduced to the list and will be carried outs, outside for safety and social distancing. Also, jewellery making, mandala and painting are being introduced to keep the mind in a positive creative mode. What have you achieved this year? It's not clear

how we proceed this year with the on-going restrictions, and what we wish to achieve in the months to come. Hopefully by September all will be back to normal and we can offer the TREE OF LIFE for the recreation of the Mind, Body and Spirit as we have done in the past. One thing I can surely say we achieved so far during these troubled times, is to ensure regular contact with our people, empowering them through social media and encouraging them to keep practising what they have learned. What is the dream? Whatever the circumstances, the dream is to offer life changing events to bring the community together in trust and hope for future development and strength.

Tel: +357 95 711801 Marcou Dracou 9 6011 Larnaca, Cyprus E: W: @treeoflifelearningcentre 13

Dermaplaning • Eyebrow Tinting Nails • Facials and all beauty treatments at Marrakesh Spa 27 Makarios Avenue III 5330 Agia Napa, Cyprus

95502659 - WhatsApp and Viber


Introducing Livio Edge AI by Starkey Hearing Technologies! The first Custom, Rechargeable Hearing Aid with Bluetooth connectivity. Now, with a Made for face masks mode.


asks muffle speech and block important lipreading cues, both key to hearing conversations. Livio Edge AI hearing aids make it easier to hear — even if the person you're talking to is six feet away. Our custom devices won't get tangled or pulled off when wearing or removing face masks. Edge Mode for masks delivers an on-demand boost for speech audibility with just a tap of your hearing aids. They automatically optimize for social distancing, background noise, and other face mask challenges. Our proprietary Edge Mode technology uses artificial intelligence to boost clarity any time you need it. Just tap your hearing aids and Edge Mode instantly scans the environment, optimizing for masks, social distancing and background noise to help make it easier to hear. The perfect solution for masks.

If you want hearing aids that don't fall off every time you wear or remove your mask, custom rechargeable Livio Edge AI hearing aids are the answer: • They sit inside your ear so they won't interfere with your mask. • Edge Mode technology helps

solve communication challenges with hearing loss, social distancing and face masks. They're the only wireless custom rechargeable hearing aids available.

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SPECIAL OFFERS EVERY MONTH T: 23 744511 M: 99 862798 E: | |

EMK Basics 2016

Sotiras Ave, Paralimni 5286 (opposite Lito Clinic)

QualityTherm SINCE 1990

Stay Cool This Summer... Air Conditioning Supply & Installation Full House or One Off Units Air Conditioning Maintenance, Servicing & Re-gassing Supply & Installation of Pressure Pumps

Don’t Be A Fool, Stay Cool Don’t Fear, Quality Therm Are Here Air Conditioners. Pressure Pumps. Central Heating

Tel: 99 59 56 56 Email: Andreas Epiphaniou PO BOX 36149.5386. Dherynia

Cleaning for everyone. We love the job you hate

Deep sofa cleaning

Antiviral Sanitisation

Office cleaning, domestic house cleaning, Holiday Rental cleaning, Floor cleaning, Trash treatment, Window cleaning and Boat cleaning. Visit our website for more information and services.

WeClean4u Cleaning Services in Limassol Try out now and call for cleaning help

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1st Class Homes


ighthome owner and managing director Andreas Hadjigeorgiou is from Famagusta district. This family business includes Andreas three sons all dedicated to your service. Andreas has been developing new properties in the Famagusta district for over 20 years. We specialise in new builds and individual plot and builds. This is by far the best way to obtain the dream home of your choice. Designed individually just for you, with your ideas and your choices for all finishes. including the kitchen, the bathroom, room colours etc. Built to the latest high standards and fully insulated to give you a low running cost comfortable home. Build time twelve months from start to finish. After the initial deposit, you pay in stage payments as the building progresses. So no risk as you are only ever paying for what is actually built. The final payment is made once the property is


finished and your happy with everything. We also offer a large selection of resale apartments and villas across the Island via our agency company. First Class Homes. First Class Homes has been trading in Cyprus for 20 years. It is a licensed real estate agency with offices across the Island. First Class Homes offers a full range of properties, with over 15,000 properties listed in our portfolio and more

than half a billion worth of sales over the last twenty years. You can rest assured you are in safe professional hands. We believe It is all about giving our clients a great experience while keeping high professionalism and giving a personal touch. Whilst purchasing your dream home in Cyprus!


Ayia Napa 5330





Tel: 00357 23725553 Mob: 97673896 E: WWW.1STCLASS-HOMES.COM 19




tunning international architectural services from concept design to planning and construction.

We inject excitement and enrichment into all the projects we develop, with an eye for detailed style and extravagance. We deliver a unique aesthetic that employs impeccable design using quality materials in creative and unconventional ways. Let us bring your vision to life and make your dream come alive.






The major international cruise lines plan to set sail for Cyprus this summer


oyal Caribbean, Celestyal, Seabourn, Azamara and Celebrity are all making a dynamic return to Cyprus from early July 2021, with cruises going strong until October 2021. They will all be sailing to Limassol where DP World Limassol’s state-of-theart Passenger Terminal will be ready to welcome and accommodate the largest cruise ships in the world. Cruise passengers will have the opportunity to take part in local excursions, including to rural villages and heritage sites, thereby rejuvenating the local economy and tourism sector. 22

Royal Caribbean’s decision to make Limassol its homeport for the first time ever is an incredibly important feat for Cyprus and a great indicator that Cyprus is considered a top cruising destination for 2021. Royal Caribbean will be carrying cruise itineraries to the Greek isles this summer – calling at Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Piraeus – with Jewel of the Seas able to carry more than 2000 passengers. The health protocols implemented by Cyprus are highly respected on a global level. Cyprus’ effective crew change

system has been praised by the international shipping community with a high quality of service and state-of-theart infrastructure have all contributed to this success. Moreover, Cyprus’ stakeholders, including DP World Limassol, are hard at work to promote the safe conduct of cruise tourism and successfully seize the opportunity of the widespread reshuffling happening in the cruising industry because of the pandemic, with a view to establishing the Limassol port as a major cruise hub in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Your magnetism revolves around mysterious fascination rather than outgoing charm. Intensity appeals in your relationships. This can also be a time in which you discover untapped resources or talents. It is a good time to work out money problems or other issues of sharing with a partner.


You’re feeling brave, independent, and eager to begin new projects. There is much initiative now, with personal involvement in new ventures or undertakings. You are striving for independence and freedom of movement in everyday affairs. The key now is not overstating yourself.


You may enjoy key opportunity periods that boost your self-confidence, and do wonders for your ego and your relationships, particularly if your relationships or your own confidence in the way you present yourself to others is in need of healing. New financial initiatives are best avoided however.

CANCER (21 JUNE – 22 JULY) This is a time when you let loose your softer, receptive side. Romantic matters, as well as pleasure-seeking activities, come to the fore now. You are more likely to pay closer attention to your physical appearance and mannerisms, aiming to improve and enhance your attractiveness.

LEO (23 JULY – 22 AUGUST) This is an especially introspective cycle during

which you have the chance to truly uncover your personal strengths and talents. On a more practical level, you may be dealing with joint finances and shared resources now more than usual. It’s time to carve your own path in life.


presence and you project confidence. You are in the position to make an impression on others, and to assert your personal influence beyond its normal boundaries. Spontaneity of expression is what this transit is about. A renewed feeling of confidence is with you now.

LIBRA (23 SEPTEMBER – 22 OCTOBER) Your disposition is

more intellectual than usual now, and self-expression comes easy. You are sharper than usual--more observant, and more inclined to “live in the head”. Relationships with siblings, neighbours, classmates, and casual friends may become more prominent in your life now.

SCORPIO (23 OCTOBER – 21 NOVEMBER) Enthusiasm and

confidence are with you now, and it’s easy to tap into your more unique qualities and talents in order to go after what we want. This is a time to do what you can to build trust in your family life and a strong foundation within yourself.


do something self-expressive, fun, and creative. You could feel an overwhelming need to pour your heart out to a lover, or a romantic affair reaches some sort of epiphany. There

MANISH’S ZODIAC PREDICTIONS MANISH KUMAT ARORA EMAIL: manish@ could be a whirlwind of activity surrounding your child or children.

CAPRICORN (22 DECEMBER – 19 JANUARY) Your focus is on

making contacts and reaching out to others in both social and professional sense. It’s a time to turn inner restlessness into fruitful contact with others. The flowing, expressive, and spontaneous energy surrounding you attracts like-minded and hearted people.

AQUARIUS (20 JANUARY – 18 FEBRUARY) This month, your

focus is on balancing time between your career and your social agenda. You might draw upon your executive ability now. It’s a busy month for business and work; at the same time, socialising and romance also figure prominently. Love matters are mostly easy and amiable.

PISCES (19 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH) This is time to plant

a creative seed--you are inspired with a new project or plan. This is a strong time for romance. Negotiations run smoothly, charm works, and a positive connection can be made with a person of a markedly different background than you. 23




Join the adventure on Instagram wild.isle.projects

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“Our restaurant, our life’’

Our dream was to one day create good service for tourists that would make their holidays here in Cyprus, even more special. This dream came true in 1989, where we established a small family business in Ayia Napa, a restaurant, as I (Theo) am a trained chef and my brother (Peter) is a trained waiter. Since then we have tried our best to provide as much satisfaction as possible to our customers.

There’s a reason why Flames Restaurant is listed as one of Trip Avisor’s top ten restaurants in Ayia Napa. Dedicated to providing an excellent service, its winning mix of friendly staff, a great atmosphere and delicious food has delighted diners since it was established 1989. If traditional Cypriot dishes are what your after, Flames is the place to go. You’ll find House Specialities, Steak, Grills, Fish, Pasta Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes on the Menu. Not to mention its fabulous Wine list and homemade desserts - all chosen to complement your meal perfectly.

T: 00357-23722774 - 00357-99637122 / 99523460

E: | Flames restaurant and bar


Flames Restaurant and Bar


00357-99637122 / 99523460

Flames Restaurant and Bar



Don’t forget the umami veggies this BBQ Season Yondu’s top tips for making the perfect vegetables this summer


BQ season is upon us and as swathes of sausages and burgers make their way to the grill, the humble vegetable is often forgotten. Whether it's for the veggie/vegan of the group or simply just a delicious side dish, overlooking the greens is a mistake. Veggie Kebabs - any vegetable that can be cut into big chunks and skewered is a firm candidate to a kebab. Be creative and combine different colors, textures and flavors in each skewer. There’s just one golden rule: “Sturdies with sturdies and softies with softies”. You don’t want to bite a raw potato next to a totally dehydrated courgette.

Yondu‌ ‌marinade‌ ‌for‌ ‌grilled‌ ‌veggies‌ Total time: 10 min Serves 2 Yondu effect: Replaces soy sauce and/or salt Recipe benefits: Easy, fat-free and clean flavour profile.


Ingredients: 3 Tbsp. Yondu 2 tsp apple cider vinegar (or another mild vinegar) ½ tsp ground black pepper ½ tsp dry thyme 1 clove of garlic, finely minced 500g your favourite vegetables to grill In a bowl, combine all the marinade ingredients. Prepare your vegetables for the grill by washing, peeling and cutting to your desired size.

this over your vegetables when serving. Notes/tips: Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the marinade to help vegetables get golden brown if you want. You can add a teaspoon of sugar too, but we found veggies are naturally sweet enough and Yondu will enhance their sweetness!

Drizzle the marinade over your vegetables and gently toss in a tray. Leave for 5 minutes before grilling. Grill your vegetables, reserving the remaining marinade in the tray. Drizzle Visit for cooking inspiration.

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Celebrating diversity for your social


ellness is multi faceted. To obtain this gift of living well, the majority of aspects of human life must be in harmony. One of these keys to happiness is your social wellbeing. By nature humans are social creatures. Even the most introverted of us crave for love and connection. Our ancestors assured their survival by living in tribes. Today we continue to strive for vaster scales of centralized governance. This unity we believe carries power and stability. This global way of living has changed the very nature of society. Although the world has been becoming more united in governance, have people been able to unite into a one big tribe? This of course is a very subjective question. Everyone experiences life uniquely. On the whole data shows that people’s wellbeing, especially mental health is on the fall. The recent isolation has been a big issue, but loneliness while been surrounded by a city full of people started far


before the pandemic. By nature humans have been conditioned to fear differences. Been different could have meant exile from the tribe and surtain death. Foreign lands were mysterious and dangerous. Foreign travellers where not to be trusted. So is it any surprise that in this modern world diversity is still something that many have difficulty to appreciate or even understand. Living in a diverse community, but having ancestral programming to find safety in sameness can be very lonely and even stressful. My Wellness tip for you today is to create a new program in your brain. Celebrate diversity! Celebrate your own unique nature! Celebrate that you are now free to be part of a new kind of world! Tell yourself how wonderful it is that you can experience the best of many world cultures in one place, creating a new

Ekaterina Sophia in Larnaca Join Ekaterina for meditations at The Tree of Life in Larnaca, Thursdays 6pm

kind of tribe. Understand that every way of been has a shadow aspect to it, but you have knowledge, literally at your fingertips, to avoid unpleasant situations. Let’s birth consciously a state of unity while celebrating diversity and helping to create a community that supports social wellbeing of all who are part of it. With joy, Ekaterina Sophia




I am labelling June, the Month of Music, solely because of the fantastic news that LIVE EVENTS ARE BACK!! I’ve waited so long to say that, I’m too scared to say it out loud in case I may jinx it!! It has been a long 15 months since live venues have been shut down due to the Pandemic…. clubs have looked lost and lonely without audiences, without the bands performing on the stages and without the music vibrations. A void was left within us when Live music was snatched from us, like a thief in the night and deprived us of the magic that filled our hearts and minds…..but they are back, the door may only be opening halfway but we are still walking through. I’m looking forward to the first event when music lovers can be reunited and the musicians will be able to look out onto the audience and do what they love the 32 most.

I have a feeling that we will appreciate music events more now and support local musicians, who have been out of jobs and unable to perform. We asked to ‘bring back live music’ now that it is coming back, lets show this support and keep venues open and musicians in business.

Savino Live in Larnaca, the great Live music venue where all musicians, local and abroad, want to perform…..I always say that it’s the Cyprus equivalent to New York’s CBGB or L.A.’s Whisky a Go Go….the ambiance and the darkness of the place give it a true and authentic Rock vibe,

Music expert Drew Andreou, who organises Cyprus Rocks, gives her insight into the music scene around Cyprus. If you want to be included email

nothing fancy with the decor, just real Rock ’n’ Roll, with state of the art sound and lighting and a great sized stage that musicians make the most of. Savino Live will reopen its doors in June and this year celebrates its 11th year of hosting events, with local and international artists from Rock, Metal, Folk, Jazz, Acoustic to DJ and stand up comedy nights. Savino Live is THE place to perform at….just ask the musicians who have played there and always want to come back! Find Savino Live on Facebook & Instagram to be informed of all upcoming events.

that exceeded all their expectations.

YOU’VE TASTED HONEY…..NOW ITS TIME TO HEAR HONEY……DIRTY HONEY!! If the return of Live Events is not enough to get excited about, there is more!! I have been looking forward to writing about this band, which catapulted into my life a year ago. I find myself mentioning them often and constantly listening to their music, ever since I heard their song FIRE AWAY on a Spotify playlist. I instantly had to shazam it and find out which band had stopped me in my tracks and woke up this passion in me. The quartet based in L.A. have risen to a Rock status in supersonic time. Their self titled Debut album, Dirty Honey, was released on April 23rd and reached the number 2 spot of the Hard Rock Album charts, number 4 on the Independent album charts and number 5 on the Rock Album charts and what makes this even more amazing, is that it was without the support of a major label, an achievement

Dirty Honey’s music is bluesy, melodic and is classic fresh rock with elements and influences including Aerosmith, ACDC, Guns N Roses, Rolling Stones and more. The 8 track album has a Live sound with deep soul and groove, it is raw, has stagger, strut, and gives pure feel good vibes. The gravelly vocals and the bluesy guitar baselines and dynamic riffs and hooks are so powerful, you find yourself captivated. Each catchy song ignites and inspires and the music videos are full of swagger, grit and passion. So what special something has Dirty Honey got that has helped push them to the top of their game?? One word of many that comes to mind, is AUTHENTICITY, their music is true to their own personalities and spirit and this comes out in each song. Formed in 2017, 2019 was the breakout year for them when they burst onto the music scene, then the pandemic hit and grounded them, as it did to most bands. They used the time lost touring, by concentrating more on the details of their music and

polishing up their songs. Being active on social media, allowed them to stay in touch with their enthusiastic fans and build up a bigger audience, ready for their reemergence. No time was lost in announcing an upcoming tour this year including supporting The Black Crowes. Impressed? Well there’s more! Their song When I’m Gone became the first song, by an unsigned artist to reach number 1 on the billboard mainstream Rock chart. They have opened for major artists already including The Who, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Slash, Alter Bridge and have played at major US rock festivals. Their escalated climb is a whirlwind with great results! I think one of the factors that make this band work so well together are their individual characters, combined, producing this new refreshing Rock reminiscent of the earlier Classic Rock sounds. Dirty Honey are going to the top, they have the WOW factor and are going to be HUGE! Check out this new refreshing band ….but be prepared to be Honeyfied!! DirtyHoneyMusic



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