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The Honor Society of Jesuit Colleges and Universities

We encourage you to learn more and take action with us…so that we all answer God’s call expressed through the world’s cry. -FATHER GENERAL ARTURO SOSA, SJ


In the feature on the Universal

Each issue will include your

Apostolic Preferences, Father

favorite features from the news-

General Sosa invites us to “Learn

letter: student chapter news and

more and take action with us!”

alumni club happenings, as well

The Preferences will guide the

as a new column called, What

work of all Jesuit apostolates

the Jesuits are Thinking Now, an

for the next ten years and will

update from Rome by Michael

strongly influence A∑N’s vision

Garanzini, SJ, the Secretary

and mission. The Preference

General for Higher Education

Showing the Way to God urges us

for the Society of Jesus. In

to the Spiritual Exercises and

addition to the magazine, look

to discernment, as did Stephen

for the A∑N e-newsletter in

Sundborg, SJ, in his keynote at

August, January, and May, which

the 2018 Triennial Conference;

will bring you more timely news,

we share his message as well as

events, and member stories.

discernment resources. I hope you enjoy the magazine


elcome to the premiere issue of the Alpha Sigma Nu magazine, which will

arrive in your mailboxes each October. The articles in this first issue suggest our motivation for moving from the newsletter to the magazine format. We are the Jesuit honor society, representing an increasingly international and more active network of Jesuit educated members and potential collaborators on Jesuit mission. There are important stories and worthwhile resources to share in this longer format.

In this first year of my board

and find yourself returning to it

presidency, my greatest wonder

often to read the articles in full,

has been seeing members living

reference the resources shared,

the A∑N values in such diverse

and to be inspired to “learn more

and faith-filled ways. Every issue

and take action.”

of the magazine will feature member ‘voices.’ This issue

Tom Nolan (Saint Louis ’01)

highlights youthful voices in step

President of the A∑N

with the Preference Journeying

Board of Directors

with Youth, beginning with Marie Therese Kane on her immersion experience and climate change and José Aranda Álvarez on his international experience of membership. Saint Louis University A∑N adviser Christopher Collins, SJ, also adds his voice on the Preferences and the university.


In this issue 05

Adviser Steve Spahn, SJ, taking part in the induction




of new members at Loyola University Maryland. Photo by Larry Canner




The Honor Society of Jesuit Colleges and Univers ities

We encourage you to learn more and take action wit h us…so that we all answer God’s call expressed thro ugh the world’s cry. -FATHER GENERAL ARTURO



Issue 01 / 2019

Contents The Universal Apostolic Preferences The Preferences, presented by Father General Arturo Sosa, SJ, were discerned over two years with all 16,000 Jesuits. Learn how you can live the A∑N tenet of Loyalty moved by the Preferences.


04 A TRI-CONTINENTAL EXPERIENCE OF ALPHA SIGMA NU One member’s experience of A∑N at Loyola Andalucia, Marquette, and Sogang





Visiting A∑N’s first

The forté of Jesuit education

international chapter was a

can serve you at any age, with

tutorial in the diversity of

each important life choice

11 ON THE GROUND: Q&A How the Apostolic Preferences guide A∑N and university missions

16 PROPHETS OF A FUTURE NOT OUR OWN A young member’s call to action on

the universal Jesuit network

climate change after an eye-opening immersion in India

14 CHAPTER NOTES News and updates from AΣN’s student chapters


19 BOOK AWARD In this 40th and final

A regular column with

year of the Alpha Sigma Nu

updates from Rome by

Book Award, AΣN recognizes

the Secretary for Higher

outstanding scholarship

Education for the

in Professional Studies

Society of Jesus

ISSUE 01 /



A Tri-Continental Experience of Alpha Sigma Nu JOSÉ ARANDA ÁLVAREZ (Loyola Andalucia ’16)

It was May 2016 when I first

had any idea of the culture of

heard of A∑N. I received an

this country. However, thanks

e-mail explaining that I had

to A∑N, I was able to get

been selected to something

involved in the chapter. This

called an ‘honor society,’ a

changed my whole experience

concept that I was learning

there. It was in Korea where I

for the first time in my life.

understood the power of the

As a first-generation student of

organization’s online Member

Universidad Loyola Andalusia

Directory. At the same time,

(Spain), this organization was

it was very beautiful to see that

totally different than anything

even when the activities held by

I encountered before. Little

this chapter were very different

did I know then how important

from what I saw in the U.S.,

A∑N would be for my

we all shared the same ideals

upcoming future.

that A∑N bears.

Just months after, I was honored

When the summer arrived,

to be inducted into A∑N at

I applied for a Seelos Grant

Marquette University, where

that A∑N offers for attending

I was studying abroad. Being so

the National Jesuit Student

close to the A∑N Central Office,

Leadership Conference which

also at Marquette, gave me the

was hosted by Georgetown

chance to get closer to the

University. This week at George-

society and understand its

town, with student leaders from a

worldwide character and

variety of campus organizations

mission. From the start, I

all around the U.S., would later

quickly fell in love with the

be very helpful as I arrived back

Jesuit ideals that A∑N

at Loyola Andalusia’s campus.

promotes, and I was excited

Since the A∑N chapter at

to learn more about it.

Loyola Andalusia had only been running for one year, I decided

After the U.S., I got to go to

to join the Executive Team to

Sogang University (Seoul, Rep.

try to give back all I received

of Korea) for another study

from A∑N. During that academic

abroad experience. In Korea,

year, I was happy to share with

I got to fully see the beauty of this organization. As a


during my tri-continental

foreigner in such a different

experience with A∑N and to

culture it was not easy to

in some way do my bit in laying

get along with Korean

the foundation of the first

students; I was only

European chapter of the

there for a few months,

Jesuit honor society, inspired

I did not speak their

by its American and Asian

language, and I barely


the chapter everything I learned



Sogang Visiting Alpha Sigma Nu’s Oldest International Chapter KATE GAERTNER (Marquette ’04) Executive Director of Alpha Sigma Nu

What a privilege it was to be the first Alpha Sigma Nu representative to visit Sogang University! AΣN’s first international chapter, the Sogang chapter was established in 1975. I feel that it was a perfect moment to visit Sogang to both connect and learn. ISSUE 01 /


A∑N has been encouraged to

(Sogang ’04) is particularly

welcome international chapters.

interested in strengthening

From the International

the Jesuit skill set of chapter

Association of Jesuit Universities,

members: self-examination,

we are called to strengthen the

reflection, and discernment.

network of those Jesuit-educated to serve as collaborators with the

Father Kim organized a

Jesuits. Father General Arturo

productive and fruitful agenda

Sosa, as you will read in the

for my visit. On my first day in

Apostolic Preferences article,

Seoul, I met with the Chairman

believers, those in Korea who

tells us that globalization gives

of the Foundation, Moon-Soo

identify as non-affiliated are

us the tools to unite as a

Park, SJ; University President,

universal body pursuing the

Jong Gou Park, SJ, (Sogang

Jesuit mission.

’17); Executive Vice-President,

“Unlike many in the United States who identify as unchurched

more likely to say they have

External Affairs, Kyung-Hwan

no spiritual belief. So how

My Sogang visit was a tutorial

Kim, PhD (Sogang ’83);

do a Jesuit university and

in the diversity of this universal

Executive Vice-President,

body and the importance of

Academic Affairs, Kyun Kim,

appreciating the culture when

PhD (Sogang ’18); and Vice

getting to know a university

President for Campus Ministry,

Cura personalis…caring for

and chapter.

Chihun Kim, SJ. We discussed

the whole person.”

More than 45% of South Koreans

of the president and vice-

practice no religion, about 22%

presidents to the chapter and

are Buddhists, and 28% are

the chapter’s role in strengthening

Christians with 11% identifying

Jesuit identity.

an A ∑ N chapter respond?

the importance of the support

Catholic and 18% identifying Protestant. The Catholic

Father Kim treated me to

population at Sogang is 25%.

my first Korean buffet as he

Unlike many in the United States

invited faculty who were A∑N

who identify as unchurched

members to gather for lunch.

believers, those in Korea who

I especially enjoyed speaking

identify as non-affiliated are

with Hyunjung Kim, PhD

more likely to say they have

(Sogang ’04) as we discussed

no spiritual belief. So how do

what her A∑N induction meant

a Jesuit university and an A∑N

to her and her time at Purdue

chapter respond? Cura personalis…

University where she earned

caring for the whole person.

her PhD.

The Sogang chapter is active AΣN Executive Director Kate Gaertner and Adviser Yonghae Kim, SJ, with new Sogang inductees



in service projects and offers

That evening, Father Kim and

retreat programs focused on

I met with the A∑N chapter

reflection and decision-making.

officers to discuss their plans

A∑N Adviser and Director of

for 2019-2020. The distance and

the Ignatius Center for Human

time difference between Sogang

Development Yonghae Kim, SJ

and A∑N’s other chapters make

Religious Affiliation in South Korea



connecting their leaders to the

other in their connection to each

Kate Gaertner and

A∑N student leader community

other, to Sogang, and to their

Adviser Yonghae Kim, SJ,

challenging; we discussed ways

Jesuit education.

at dinner with AΣN alumni


to include them more effectively Attending inductions is my

students at Jesuit universities,

favorite role as Executive

these students think interna-

Meeting with Sogang A∑N

Director; the Sogang induction

tionally, and the opportunity

alumni was another highlight of

was such a special experience.

of connecting with other Jesuit

my trip. Father Kim invited a

I truly felt the power of Alpha

educated students from across

group of young alumni to dinner

Sigma Nu to connect members

the world gave them a sense of

(another delicious Korean buffet!).

across cultures and oceans as the

the Alpha Sigma Nu mission

This group is an informal A∑N

new inductees made the A∑N

and reach.

alumni club, supporting each

pledge that unites us all. Moon-

other through the years of

Soo Park, SJ, the Chairman of the

We celebrated with, of course,

establishing careers and families.

Sogang foundation, addressed

another delicious Korean buffet!

South Korea’s work culture is

the inductees and formally

hierarchical, demanding long

declared them A∑N members.

work hours, especially from its

In my address to the inductees,

younger professionals. Again,

I encouraged their embrace of

cura personalis is at work as they,

their Jesuit education and the

and Father Kim, encourage each

A∑N values. As with many

in the coming year.




ISSUE 01 /





APOSTOLIC PREFERENCES A New Framework for Living Loyalty



he Universal Apostolic Preferences,

presented by Father General Arturo Sosa, SJ, were discerned over two years with all 16,000 Jesuits, with diverse missions and from different cultures,

The Preferences

participating along with Jesuit

can show A∑N members

mission partners. Pope Francis

the path to living the tenet

confirmed the Preferences in a

of Loyalty moved by the

meeting with Fr. Sosa, endorsing

Preferences. At the end of the

them as a guide for the Society

description of each Preference,

of Jesus’s apostolic work for the

members can find some

next ten years.

suggestions for what to do.

In the Alpha Sigma Nu

Alpha Sigma Nu is grateful to

Induction Ritual, Loyalty is

the Jesuit Curia for sharing the

defined in part: Membership is

description and images of the

a lifelong vocation …You will

Universal Apostolic Preferences.

become collaborators with the

Find the full descriptions, action

Society of Jesus in the service

steps, videos, and resources at

of faith and the promotion of

justice, with a special care for

Inspire others by sharing this

the marginalized and the poor.

site with your friends.

When wisdom comes into your heart and knowledge is a delight to you, then prudence will be there to watch over you, and discernment be your guardian. PROVERBS 2:10-11

Journeying with youth in the creation of a hope-filled future

Wisdom is brilliant, she never fades. By those who love her, she is readily seen, by those who seek her, she is readily found WISDOM 6:12

REALITY Youth is a time for fundamental decisions and the beginning of fulfilling our dreams. And yet, young people today face enormous challenges: the uncertainty of relationship in a

Showing the way to God

digital era, diminishing opportunities for work, the growth of political violence, discrimination, degradation of the

through the spiritual exercises and discernment

environment. All of this makes it difficult for them to find a




road where they can build supportive personal and family relations based on solid spiritual and financial foundations.

We are constantly being

1 Young people have so many

bombarded with images and

possibilities in this digital age

options and there is almost

which unites them as never

no space to find our true self

before. We want to walk

or to let God find us. We often

with them, discerning these

don’t know or drown out our

possibilities and finding God

own desires, our passions and

in the depths of reality. 2 We

a sense of our true vocation. Without the wisdom of the Spirit we can easily have a sense

Learn more about discernment and the Spiritual Exercises.

want our apostolic works and houses to be spaces open to youthful creativity in which

that we are not in charge of

the encounter with the God of

our own destiny, puppets at

life is fostered. 3 We commit

the mercy of the moment.

to promoting a healthy and


Reflect on the relationship with your children. Think how it could be better. Try to implement the conclusions.

safe environment for children

OUR RESPONSE 1 We want to help people find Jesus Christ and to live His way. 2 We want to accompany people

and young people so that they Take part in a Jesuit retreat and find a spiritual director through the Jesuits’ website in your country.

Jesus Christ and to feel them-

universities and those who work

and political spheres. 3 We want

in parishes to help in the faith

to promote in-depth study of the

to secularism. 

to help young people to know

Support responsible sex-education agenda.

5 We ask our schools, our

in the social, economic, cultural

to offer a deeper alternative

as human beings. 4 We want

selves loved, saved and forgiven.

as they discern complex choices 

Spiritual Exercises. 4 We want

can develop their full potential

Pray using the resources shared in our websites and smartphone apps.

development of young people and creatively adapt the Spiritual Exercises. 

Learn more about the youth-related problems, challenges and reality.

ISSUE 01 /


Walking with the excluded,

the poor, the outcasts of the world, those whose dignity has been violated, in a mission of reconciliation and justice

Caring for our common

home for the protection and renewal of God’s Creation

REALITY We see the gap between rich and poor widen across the world and we hear weekly reports of hundreds perishing as they try to reach a new home. Political leaders have kindled hatred and erected walls between rich and poor, young


and old, those at home and those who have to migrate. The reality

Creation today is crying out as never before, laboring to be set free (Romans 8). Today’s environmental crisis is impacting

of children who have been abused, physically or sexually, is also painfully and personally present to us.

in a particular way on the poor and vulnerable. Action is needed urgently by Christians and by all people of good will. Whole nations and peoples need an ecological conversion if we are


to be honest custodians of this wonderful planet. We can still

1 We desire, first and foremost, a conversion in our own hearts,

change the course of history.

that makes us alive and sensitive to the suffering Christ in our midst. 2 Our Social Centers and universities, working



together and with others, want to engage in a profound study of the world’s economic and social problems. 3 Our work in

1 At this vital time in our world’s

education at all levels will make people aware of the burning

history, the Society of Jesus

need for reconciliation, of the many who are estranged,

commits itself to answer this

vulnerable, alienated. 4 We commit to promoting a healthy

call of our Creator over the

and safe environment for children and young people and to stand

next ten years. 2 Our centers of higher learning want to identify areas where they can make a difference and contribute to a

Take responsibility – recycle trash, don’t waste energy & water, buy ecofriendly products.

against abuse of all kinds. 5 In all our work, we want to unite people where they are separated, to heal them where they are wounded. We want to work collaboratively in this field hospital of our world, witnessing to a faith that promotes reconciliation based on justice.

change of mind and heart. 3 Our social centers will study root causes, collaborating with the Higher Education sector and with others who share our


Support proecological agenda.

concerns. 4 Schools can make sure that new generations are made aware and can integrate this issue with their faith. 5 Spiritual and pastoral centers, parishes and chaplaincies can work together to highlight awareness of God’s call in this area.



Learn more about ecological issues at

Become a volunteer of Jesuit Refugee Service in your country.

Look around you. Is there anyone you could support in your family, parish, or neighborhood?

Vote for politicians, who represent pro-humanitarian and human rights agenda.


On the Ground How the Apostolic Preferences Guide the Alpha Sigma Nu and University Missions

Q: As an adviser, how do you see the SLU A∑N chapter responding to this call from the Father General? �: I think these Apostolic Preferences might be worth reflecting upon for chapter leadership of A∑N to help set agendas in coming years for initiatives on campus. For example,


perhaps some A∑N members might reach out to campus ministers to see how they could help enhance and deepen some of the offerings around faith development and spirituality. They might take the opportunity to learn more about the

Q: What was your first reaction when you read the

Spiritual Exercises, and more importantly, experience them!

Universal Apostolic Preferences? 

Furthermore, for the preference related to care for our common

�: I was struck by how consistent they were with the way

home, A∑N members might find faculty teaching both about

the Society’s mission in recent decades has unfolded. Certainly,

environmental challenges from a natural science perspective

the primacy of providing care for the spiritual lives of those we

and those who teach from a social science and humanities

serve by offering forms of the Spiritual Exercises was prominent

perspective to encourage some collaboration across disciplines

and not surprising. Focusing on youth especially was a bit of a

that consider environmental challenges in light of their impact,

new development as was the emphasis on the environment. Still,

especially on the poor. That is what Laudato Si is all about.

the education that is motivated by the promotion of faith and the justice that is required in that promotion remains essential.

Q: Father General Sosa hopes that the Preferences will “capture our imaginations and awaken our

Q: How will the Apostolic Preferences guide your work

desires.” What are your hopes for their impact

as assistant to the president of mission and identity at

across the Society of Jesus?

Saint Louis University?

�: Our own Apostolic Preferences in the Society are clearly,

�: Tying the focus on faith development and the emphasis on

of course, echoing the urging of Pope Francis. It’s clear in his

young people is obviously right in the sweet spot for university

approach that the urgency around environmental concerns are

mission. As our culture gets more and more secularized, and as

intensified because of the plight of the poor who suffer most

many young people are experiencing great levels of anxiety and

from environmental degradation. Getting educated and activated

stress, perhaps in part because of the diminishment of faith, it

on these matters is a call to do justice in our world, because

is more urgent than ever that we find ways in the context

creation and the human persons who populate creation are all

of university communities to integrate the life of the mind, the

gifts of God, meriting reverence and care and concern. I think

pathways for professional development, and the grounding of

there is a unique opportunity to bridge the natural and social

the whole of this education in an experience of the love,

sciences through a philosophical and theological lens here. Who

goodness and beauty of God. 

better than Alpha Sigma Nu leadership to drive that integration?!

ISSUE 01 /



The Forté of Jesuit Education Alpha Sigma Nu inductees face big decisions involving the next steps after graduation: What career to pursue? Shall I volunteer for a year? Should I accept a job offer? How will I maintain my relationships? However, the challenge of decision-making does not end there. Vinita Hampton Wright, in her article Discernment at Different Stages of Life for, describes how every stage of life brings decisions that need discernment: When we’re young—in late

Into middle adulthood—late

childhood and the teen years—

30s into the 50s—discernment

much discernment has

gets even trickier because by

to do with recognizing right

now we likely have multiple

from wrong

and appropriate attachments  

In the years of young adulthood,

And in our later years, we must

we face—sometimes quite

discern how best to use the

suddenly—major decisions that

energies and resources we have

can have great impact on the rest of life



Anticipating the Universal Apostolic Preferences, Stephen Sundborg, SJ (Seattle ’99), President of Seattle University, urged the delegates at Alpha Sigma Nu’s 2018 Triennial Conference to a renewed commitment to helping members discern life choices:

“Discernment requires quieting, removing all distractions and noises, gradually learning how to be present to oneself...”

RESOURCE HUB Use as an online resource, and search your Jesuit Province’s website for more regional resources.

"Discernment is more than and different from decisionmaking. The latter is required for 90% of issues we face in life and a Jesuit education is renowned for graduating students who are good

Alpha Sigma Nu, as a Jesuit honor

decision-makers. You could almost

society, must discern and find its own

say it is the forté of our education—

future by finding the ways to help its

great decision-making, informed

members to discern their life choices.

deliberation leading to action,

Doing so is one way for A∑N to

practiced good judgement. But

evolve with the emerging priorities

discernment is more, is for the other

of our day of what 'Jesuit' means."

10%, and that 10% is the critical part of making life choices that shape

Father Sundborg issued a

who and what our alumni become.

challenge to Alpha Sigma Nu.

Discernment requires quieting,

At the same time, Father Sosa

removing all distractions and noises,

is telling us that the Universal

gradually learning how to be present

Apostolic Preferences are vital

to oneself, coming into a freedom

orientations that should inspire

from the voices all around, learning

all ministries, including A∑N.

to hear and listen to one’s own voice, one’s own deepest self and truth

As a Jesuit and Ignatian resource

where our deepest desires can guide

hub for members, A∑N is

us in unexpected ways and where we

committed to helping members

believe the Spirit of God dwells and

live the Society’s values

moves and speaks and calls within

throughout their lives. Wherever

us. This is what discernment, rather

you may be in your life’s journey,

than ordinary decision-making, is.

these discernment resources are

It only is applied to good things, good

only a trip to the bookstore or

choices, and it only should be used for

a Google search away. Whether

seeking guidance in the biggest choices

you prefer a quick reference or

of our lives. There is nothing I more

an extended retreat to help you

desire in graduates of our schools—

make that next important life

and nothing more a sign of it being

choice, there are resources to

truly a Jesuit education—than that

guide you.

they have the capacity to discern their life choices.



Discernment in a Nutshell

‘Ignatian Discernment’

Joseph Tetlow, SJ

on YouTube:

The Ignatian Framework

Discernment in the

for Making Decisions

Jesuit Tradition

Jim Manney

Kevin O’Brien, SJ (Georgetown ’87)

How Ignatian Spirituality Gives Us a

What is Discernment

Way to Discern God’s Will

Jim Manney



David Fleming, SJ

What’s Your Decision? How to Make Choices with Confidence and Clarity

Full listing of Ignatian and Jesuit retreat houses:

J. Michael Sparough, SJ

(Detroit Mercy ’72)


The Ignatian Adventure:

Find an Ignatian

Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Daily Life

Kevin O’Brien, SJ

spiritual director: how-to-find-aspiritual-director/

(Georgetown ’87) Always Discerning: An Ignatian Spirituality for the New Millennium Joseph Tetlow, SJ

ISSUE 01 /


Thank You! We are grateful for these Chapter Advisers and their decades of service as exemplary bearers of the Alpha Sigma Nu tenets.

Chapter Notes

Frank Haig, SJ

(Wheeling Jesuit `��) Loyola University Maryland

Thank you for 20 years of service and the legacy you left with the establishment of the AΣN Haig Fund Grant for student chapter programming.

Charles Kovich, PhD

(Rockhurst `��) Rockhurst University

Thank you for over 30 years of leading the Rockhurst student chapter and serving adeptly as AΣN parliamentarian.

Michael Steltenkamp, SJ

(Wheeling Jesuit `��) Wheeling Jesuit University

Thank you for over 20 years as Adviser. The Daily Bread Run is the most long-running, noteworthy, and impactful service project in AΣN history – a wonderful example of faith doing justice!






(Boston College ’18)

(Loyola Andalucia ’17)

s A∑N’s student board members,

community. There was a continuous flow of

we chair the Chapter President

learning from each other on conference calls

Committee, ensuring that our student

and great brainstorming.

leaders are inspired and supported in leading their chapters, planning induc-

As we reviewed the end of year chapter

tions, and designing programs reflecting

reports, we were struck by the programs

the A∑N values. This past year, as we

that match up with the Preferences and

worked with the chapter presidents,

want to share with you the ways our

we started to feel a great sense of

chapters were already at work in 2018-19:

Showing the way to God through the spiritual exercises and discernment

Journeying with youth in the creation of a hope-filled future Campion and Loyola Maryland led programs targeting homeless youth.

Our chapters are sharing the Examen,

Other chapters focused their service on children and

the practice of gratitude,

youth in a variety of ways (Fairfield, Fordham, Le Moyne,

and discernment skills

Marquette, Wheeling Jesuit, and Xavier).

(Boston College, Fordham, Loyola Maryland, Loyola New Orleans, Saint Joseph’s, and Spring Hill). Chapters are strengthening connections to the Jesuit community and having conversations on faith (Fairfield, Georgetown, Gonzaga, John Carroll, and

Walking with the excluded, the poor, the outcasts of the world, those whose dignity has been violated, in a mission of reconciliation and justice

University of Scranton). Many chapters addressed hunger and homelessness in their service efforts (Fairfield, Fordham, Georgetown, Le Moyne, Loyola Marymount, Regis U, and Wheeling Jesuit). Seattle U’s chapter focused on refugees, collecting and delivering Christmas gifts to local refugees, while Loyola Andalucia raised funds to provide employment training for refugees.

Our chapters collaborate with other student organizations to make an impact on their campuses and community. They have learned that by sharing with others, more powerful events can be created. Some examples include Loyola Maryland with the York Road community and Loyola Andalucía with the Regional Center of Blood Transfusion. Looking to 2019-20, we are excited to meet the new A∑N officers at the upcoming leadership summits and on our

Caring for our common home for the protection and renewal of God’s Creation

monthly conference calls. Each call features a topic that intersects with the Jesuit ideals, such as immigration, service, or discernment for life after college. We will continue to engage the presidents in these meaningful conversations. We both have been amazed and motivated by their commitment to

Loyola Andalucia led the way for their

A∑N. The presidents’ conference calls and this fall’s leadership

campus in providing non-toxic water bottles

summits provide spaces for students and A∑N leaders to think

and advocating for recycling bins

collaboratively, share ideas and perspectives, and build a community to further the Alpha Sigma Nu mission.

ISSUE 01 /



Prophets of a Future Not Our Own MARIE THERESE KANE (Holy Cross ’17)

our shared faith and Jesuit education, we

dismissed school early because there was

come from different worlds. Our country

no water; their natural water source dried

was responsible for this headline, and yet,

up a few years ago, forcing it to rely on

the decision would disproportionately

biweekly, unreliable shipments.

impact Loyola Xavier students. The U.S.

In 2017, I traveled to Bangalore, India, for a month-long academic immersion through College of the Holy Cross. Exploring “Social Justice in Context,” my peers and I dove into issues of development, globalization, gender, caste, and religious diversity. One weekend, we traveled to Manvi, a rural village, to visit Loyola Xavier School, which educates students who face discrimination as members of the Dalit caste. Dalits, or “untouchables,” sit on the lowest rung of the Hindu caste system. At Loyola Xavier, we participated in the morning assembly, during which students read aloud the daily news headlines. This is where I heard the headline from June 1, 2017: “United States withdraws from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.” The announcement struck me; it interrupted a moment of kinship between Loyola Xavier and Holy Cross students with a reminder that, despite



is the largest greenhouse gas emitter on

Climate change can be subtle in its

the planet, responsible for 27 percent of

interruptions; its everyday tragedies do

global historical emissions, while India,

not always make the headlines. As an

despite being the fourth largest emitter

international studies major at a Jesuit,

today, is responsible for only three per-

liberal arts college, however, I fought

cent of historic emissions.

the urge to view the unsettling scenes as isolated phenomena, unfortunate

The announcement’s drama was

parts of what it means to be poor or

magnified as we observed the

Indian. These events are emblematic

inconvenience and insecurity of a

of larger climate trends and call us

climate-changed world during our trip.

to pay attention and act now in

Manvi was in its third year of an extreme

ways we have not before.

drought, which had made food, water, and employment scarce. Temperatures spiked to 106 degrees as we drove through the village. Our windows framed scenes that continue to haunt me—bridges reaching across empty valleys where rivers used to flow, miles of dusty, barren soil, and a few scattered women bowed over farming tools, trying to till life out of the scorched earth. Father Arun Luis, SJ, the principal of Loyola Xavier, shared that many students asked to stay at school over their last summer break so that they would have food to eat. Scenes did not improve in Bangalore, where we watched as Catholic school teachers

The Call to Act While many Jesuit schools have begun to address climate change through dialogue and on-campus mitigation efforts, its urgency demands a conversion that is distinctive to our Jesuit identity. By educating the Dalit children in India, the Jesuits take a radical stance against an

unjust social structure. In the U.S., we have similar unjust systems, namely, an economic model which relies on the extraction of fossil fuels to drive economic growth at any cost. Pope Francis tells us that to address the climate crisis, we must move beyond technological solutions and confront our unsustainable overconsumption of our planet’s


the intensive use of fossil fuels.”


Loyola Xavier School is a model of how we can leverage

Fordham's chapter is consistently outstanding, however, this year,

resources, “aggravated by a model of development based on

our institutions’ moral and political power to address the structural causes of climate change - a problem as sprawling as our network, as entangled in culture, ethics, and politics as our mission. We can start with fossil fuel divestment, which involves releasing investments in fossil fuel industries as part of a global movement to shift resources from an extractive energy system. While a few Jesuit schools have achieved partial divestment commitments, including Georgetown, campaigns in the Catholic Divestment Network are organizing for full divestment and reinvestment in responsible funds. Institutions can also endorse carbon-pricing legislation, which puts a price on carbon emissions to account for their negative externalities (think: crop loss in Manvi), incentivizing the transition to a clean energy economy. In 2017, Fordham became the first

Chapter President Morgan Menzzasalma (Fordham ’18), along with executive board members Brighid Morgan (Fordham ’18), Andrew Hof (Fordham ’18), Kaetlyn Conner (Fordham ’18), and Adviser Michael Trerotola (Fordham ’16) organized and executed an ambitious and innovative calendar of programs. The selection committee was particularly impressed by the way Morgan and the team shared lessons and energy from the Triennial Conference with the chapter membership. Starting with information sessions and weaving into programs throughout the year, the team emphasized what makes A∑N unique among honor societies, shared how to connect with the worldwide alumni network, incorporated reflection into each chapter program, and chose topics that highlighted themes from the Triennial speeches.

Jesuit school to endorse carbon pricing.

On top of 17 service projects — ranging from homeless outreach,

The fact that some Jesuit students do not have food because

numerous events to connect directly to the Jesuit community.

of climate change, while other Jesuit schools continue to take small steps towards sustainability is embarrassing and unacceptable given the mission of Jesuit higher education. Every year on our campuses, we honor the Jesuit Martyrs who were murdered at the University of Central America in El Salvador for witnessing to the Gospel in a moment of political uncertainty, violence, and fear. What will it take for us to recognize that we, too, are being called to be prophets of our time? You can read the full article, first published in Conversations Magazine at

to blood drives, to early literacy advocacy — the chapter also held Chapter members visited with retired Jesuits, had dinner with scholastics, held Jesuits on Tap events, and once again hosted Father McShane's Bucket List — an exclusive program for A∑N members with the university president to discuss what they should put on their 'to do' list before graduation. New opportunities this year included an Executive Leadership Series, where A∑N members were invited to attend a networking event with Fordham's influential alumni, and Jesuit trivia with the Manresa Scholars program to introduce high achieving freshman to A∑N ’s mission. To cap off the student chapter experience, they hosted the Senior Toast, an event for graduating seniors to reflect on their time at Fordham, get resources for staying connected to their Jesuit roots, and be inspired by remarks from University

Honorable Mention goes to

President Father McShane.

Fairfield University’s chapter for outstanding efforts to rebuild their chapter, increase awareness of AΣN, and set the chapter up for future success. ISSUE 01 / 17

UPDATES UPDATE exchange across Jesuit institu-

without succumbing to

tions that will give students an

isolationism and xenophobia.

opportunity to explore another institution’s efforts to “live the mission.” The agreement will allow two students from each participating institution to spend a semester at a “sister” institution in courses and internships giving them a close look at how the institution advances the mission of serving the poor. The program should be ready for implementation by fall 2020 or spring 2021.


MICHAEL GARANZINI, SJ (Saint Louis ’71) Secretary of Higher Education for the Society of Jesus


efforts to deal productively with climate change and the challenges of stewardship of the planet. Several Jesuit universities, led by Loyola Chicago’s Institute for Environmental Sustainability, will be promoting community -based research at their next summit in March of 2020. Research that is focused on addressing local challenges — be it water, crops, air quality,

Jesuit business education will

mineral poisoning, etc., —

be getting a sharp, critical eye.

is more likely to attract local

A task force of 10 business

collaborators, involve students

school deans from around the

and immerse the student and

Jesuit world are examining how

faculty member in real-world

business school curricula and

challenges in the community.

programs can come more in

It all looks very promising for

line with what “Laudato

this new organization.

Si” called an “economy of inclusion” as opposed to an economy that wastes, destroys

n his speech to the

the political and social trans-

International Association

formation of their respective

of Jesuit Universities (IAJU) last

societies, he noted, is an urgent

July, the Superior General of the

need in today’s world of populist

Jesuits, Fr. Arturo Sosa, called

and ideologically driven political

on Jesuit universities to become

leaders. These concerns are at

places where the Jesuit mission

the heart of a revival of

of reconciliation was evident.

Jesuit education.

He urged that research and curricular initiatives prepare a new generation of global leaders with the skills needed to combat global problems. Care for the planet, support for the refugee and migrant, and advocacy for the economic well-being of all are part of the character and mission of our institutions. Helping form global citizens engaged with


We’re also expanding our


In the 12 months following this inaugural meeting, the IAJU Board has launched several programs that hope to advance the goals of collaboration between and among institutions. Here are a few of the projects in development.

the environment and dehumanizes. Rethinking business education is the aim of the “New Paradigm Project.” Jesuit universities have

We need to hear from young people who are able to articulate the deepest

produced a fair share of the

desires and hungers

world’s civic leaders. A new

of this generation.

study group is forming to examine how Jesuit universities are preparing a new generation

A strong link between IAJU and AΣN could

of civic and political leaders.

go a long way to

With liberal democracy under

assisting higher

attack and the critical need for leaders who think globally as well as locally, the task force is asking how we can better prepare the next generation of citizen leaders who ask the

MAGIS-Exchange for students:

right questions and take up the

This is a program of student

challenges we face globally

education institutions in these new apostolic priorities. Give us your feedback at


Alpha Sigma Nu

Book Award In this 40th year of the Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award, A∑N recognizes

excellence in scholarly writing from Jesuit universities displayed over


the award’s 40-year history. Since 1979, 138 books have received the

David L. Sloss, Professor of Law,


honor, including works from faculty of 22 Jesuit institutions.

Santa Clara University

L. Mickey Fenzel, Professor and

As the Jesuit honor society has evolved, student chapters have become

This book provides the

more active, and A∑N leaders have become more mission-focused. 

first detailed history of the

The society looks to new opportunities to engage alumni in the Jesuit

Constitution's treaty supremacy

This work attests to the

mission. To that end, this 40th celebration of the Book Award will be

rule. Traditional supremacy

innovative and successful

its final year. With the continued evolution of A∑N, you can anticipate

rule provided that all treaties

educational alternatives designed

new programming that stewards our resources for the direct benefit of

supersede conflicting state laws.

and implemented by Catholic

our members and their lifelong commitment to Ignatian values.

Before 1945, treaty supremacy

religious groups to improve

and self-execution were

educational, career, and life

independent doctrines. In 1945,

outcomes for urban children,

the U.S. ratified the UN Charter,

adolescents, and adults at risk.

obligating nations to promote

These efforts have helped thousands

human rights "for all without

of urban citizens break away from

distinction as to race." In 1950,

the chains of poverty and poor

a CA court applied these human

academic preparation to succeed

rights provisions and traditional

in high school and beyond. This

treaty supremacy rule to invalidate

volume examines the contributions

a state law discriminating

of networks of schools, such

against Japanese nationals.

as NativityMiguel, Cristo Rey

The implications were shocking.

schools and Fe y Alegría, as well

The death of treaty supremacy

as more local initiatives, to teach

has significant implications for

educators, planners, funders, and

U.S. foreign policy and compliance

others who are inclined to invest

with its treaty obligations.

in effective urban education.

the outstanding scholarship represented by this year’s winners in the category of Professional Studies and celebrates the tradition of

Chair of Pastoral Counseling,

THE OTHER AIR FORCE: U.S. EFFORTS TO RESHAPE MIDDLE EASTERN MEDIA SINCE 9/11 Matthew Sienkiewicz, Chair of Communication and Professor of Communication and International Studies, Boston College As it seeks to win the hearts and minds of the Muslim world, the U.S. has poured millions of dollars into local television and radio programming. However, as this fascinating new book shows, the Middle Eastern media producers who rely on these funds are hardly puppets on an American string, but instead contribute their own political and artistic agendas. This book reveals the remarkable creative output that can emerge even from the world’s tensest conflict zones.

Loyola University Maryland

HUMANISTIC MANAGEMENT: PROTECTING DIGNITY – PROMOTING WELL-BEING Michael Pirson, Professor of Business, Fordham University In a world facing multiple crises, our foundational institutions are failing to offer effective solutions. Drawing on the emerging consilience of knowledge, Michael Pirson debunks the fundamental yet outdated assumptions of human nature that guide twentieth-century management theory and practice—as captured in the 'economistic' paradigm—and instead provides an urgently needed conceptual and practical 'humanistic' framework, based on the protection of human dignity and the promotion of well-being.

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