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Albuquerque fun facts ■

New Mexico is home to the highest percentage of people with PhD’s per capita than any other state. This is largely due to the fact that hundreds of highly educated scientists and engineers moved into the state when Los Alamos and Albuquerque built several laboratories after World War II.

The American International Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque is home to the largest collection of live rattlesnakes in the world.

Five dormant volcanos mark Albuquerque's west side. They were formed about 190,000 years ago, but smoke was seen rising from them as recently as 1881. The volcanos are still in the cooling stage; when it snows in Albuquerque, the snow melts first in the area of the volcanos because of the residual heat. Albuquerque is home to several wineries. New Mexico is the oldest wine-producing region in the country. The first grapevines were brought to the state in 1629. New Mexico's sun-soaked soil and cool high-desert nights create an ideal climate for making wine. The state now has 19 wineries, producing almost 350,000 gallons of wine each year. Visit for details.

The New Mexico state question is "Red or Green?" This refers to red or green chile when ordering New Mexican food. Chile is featured in every meal from breakfast through dinner in New Mexico and it is the number one cash crop in the state. New Mexico grows more chiles than any other state, with more than 120,000 tons of chile being produced annually.



FALL 2007


Continued from page 5 You will never run out of exciting adventures with your sisters as you fill your time between convention events. Consider inviting the family to stay a few extra days with you in this southwest haven where adventure, shopping and history combine to make this 300-year-old city one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country. There will be tour options for you to choose from or you can plan an adventure of your own. Turquoise is New Mexico’s gem stone, so you may choose to purchase the beautiful jewelry from the street vendors in Old Town or learn more about it at one of the city’s many museums that show you how the Native American and Hispanic cultures thrive together in this historic place. For the extremists, you may choose to hike or rent a mountain bike to explore the nearby Sandia Mountains. Float or whitewater raft down the Rio Grande River or spend a day shopping on the legendary Route 66. The Albuquerque Marriott is located just 15 minutes from the airport and within walking distance of two of the largest shopping malls in the state. Public transportation can be reached just outside the front doors, and it will take you anywhere in the city. Make plans now to hitch up the wagon and head out West to join your Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters for a “Rio” Grande Adventure!


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The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Fall 2007  

Volume 93: Number 4

The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Fall 2007  

Volume 93: Number 4