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Collegiate Corner and created the chapter's banner and float. The banner won $50 for first prize in the banner competition . The float consisted of a spaceship wrapped in aluminum foil with colored lights around the middle. Members wore AEA letters and rode on the float. Saturday's homecoming parade was followed by a tea in the lounge for parents and alumnae. The football team ended the day with a victory .

Christine Kuchinski

pledges attended study sessions in order to keep GPAs high . The ceremony that the pledges performed for the members at the holiday party in December provided the pledges with an opportunity to fulfill their spiritual aim . Taiigates , pumpkin carving, a blind date party and an elaborate Founders' Day celebration were just a few of the events that not only provided members of Delta Iota with exciting and rewarding experiences but fulfilled the four aims of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Michelle Gilbert

University of Delaware

New aims for pledging Lisa Martin was Gamma Psi 's homecoming queen candidate.

Edinboro University

Come as you are rush Gamma Psi Chapter's most successful rush event this fall was a theme party called "Come As You Are ." This theme helped break any tension the rushees may of had upon entering a room filled with strangers . The room was decorated in a col orful array of Alpha Sigma Alpha items ranging from jackets to pictures to paddles. The rushees were relaxed as they talked with members and other rushees. Appetizers were served as refreshments. The highlight of the evening was the favors each rushee received , a mirror that incorporated the theme of the party.

With the close of a very successful rush week , the Delta Iota Chapter began putting i.t s newly revised pledge program into action . The new pledge class began by journeying to a nearby park for a retreat and spent the afternoon getting to know one another and finding out more details about their upcoming pledge period. Along with attending the traditional weekly pledge meetings and interview parties, the new members socialized with other Greeks at the numerous social events planned for the semester. A s their first philan路 thropic project, the pledges participated in the chapter's walk -a-thon for Special Olympics, combining exercise and a worthy cause. To fulfill th eir intellectual aim, members and

University of Southern Indiana

Mansfield University

UFO floats to homecoming



Retreat for rush

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Following the homecoming theme of " Those Amaz ing Flying Machines, " Delta Epsilon Chapter developed a float featuring a spaceship that resembled an unidentified flying object. This year, the chapter had four members on the homecoming court. Representing Alpha Sigma Alpha was Debbie Salvitti , while Lisa May, Carolyn McKelvey and Allison Moyer represented other campus organizations . Christine Kuchinski, a newly initiated member , designed


Delta Iota chapter members Suzanne Pike, Sue O'Leary and Judi McCullough look glamorous for the chapter's Hollywood Premier rush party.

Delta Kappa members Liz Fravel and Lori Damn enjoy the great outdoors during the chapter 's summer rush retreat.

In the middle of July , Delta Kappa Chapter went to Land Between the Lake in Kentucky for a rush retreat. To start off the camping trip , members had a fun-filled day in the sun , boating , swimming, and working on tans. After all the activities, members ate and then got down to work on brushing up on rushing skills. New dances, songs and cheers were learned for fall formal rush . Near the end of the evening, Sisterhood Chairman Tracey Rough had a special ceremony . Everyone wrote down five of their favorite things. Each person picked a list and read it out loud . Everyone tried to figure out who the list was describ ing.

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Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 72 no 2 winter 1988  

Asa phoenix vol 72 no 2 winter 1988