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Collegiate Corner Longwood College

Rushees 'walk' to AEA Formal rush was very busy for AI路 pha Chapter. The skit once again was "Arnie's Soda Alley ," a '50s theme and a tradition in Alpha Chapter for 12 years. The week ended Sunday with "Walk," the most exciting moment of rush . All rushees dress in white and line up in front of Stubbs, the dormitory that houses all nine of Longwood's sororities. The sorority members take places along the walkway from Stubbs to the student union building. As each girl's name is called, she "walks" or runs to the sorority that she has chosen. This is an extremely exciting moment, for it is the first time each sorority sees which girls have chosen to accept their bids. Alpha's wait eagerly for their new pledges and carry noise makers, beat on pots and pans and wear anything red . Cecilia Cummins

Central Missouri St. University

New rush theme This year, the Zeta Zeta Chapter changed its rush theme party from "Over the Rainbow with AEA" to "Alpha 's Disneyland Adventure. " Lisa George, rush chairman , came up with this idea and executed everything from beginning to end . She had each area of a room r\present a section of Disneyland. c,路,e corner was "It's a Small World," decorated with different Cabbage Patch Kids that represented different regions of the world . Other areas were a game room and a mural of Disney movie characters. The skit was about a girl confused by rush. This girl falls asleep and has dreams about Disneyland characters, who give the rushee advice. At the end of the skit , the girl decides that Alpha Sigma Alpha is the place for her. Theresa Earles

Pittsburg State University

'Anchors' net rushees The one night that really seemed to leave a lasting impression during fall rush for the Eta Eta Chapter was the "Anchors Away" theme party. 14

Alpha Chapter pledges display their pride in pledging AEA by wearing their "letters."

The decorations consisted of a plank leading up to the doorway &nd posts connected by ropes giving it an ocean-side, rustic look. As the rushees entered the room, they also entered the ship named the Alpha Sig Lady. Fishnet, shells and lifesavers covered the walls , while the tables were accented with candles and seashells. The skit used songs adapted from 'The Love Boat," "Gilligan's Island" and "Popeye The Sailor Man. " The liveliness and humor of the skit were enjoyed by everyone. Michelle Bixby

Temple University

A message to Alpha No one likes to be a senior faced with rooming with two total strangers . Fortunately, everything went smoothly. It wasn 't long before I learned that one of my roommates had friends at Longwood College. This really interested me, since this is where Alpha Sigma Alpha had its beginning . When my roommate decided to visit her friends at Longwood, Kappa Kappa Chapter decided to send a letter to the Alpha Chapter at Longwood. When my roommate returned , she reported that she had hand delivered the letter as requested and that the girl she had given the letter to had

been ecstatic! The description of the girl's enthusiasm made me and the chapter feel great. We all shared in the bond of Alpha Sigma Alpha between chapters. Deborah Heide/baugh

Northwest Missouri St. University

Rush a preppy event The Phi Phis have had a very busy fall this year. After a fun-filled and rewarding rush , homecoming activities began. After the Panhellenic tea Saturday morning , first round parties started. Rush co-chairman Lora Schordock and Paula Dykema did an excel lent job creating several new party themes for this year's formal rush. For the "Country Club" party everyone decked out in preppie attire and put on a poolside skit. For the "USAAEA" theme party everyone dressed as individuals from all parts of the world to show the rushees the diversity in the chapter. Without even a moment's hesitation, homecoming preparation began . The overall theme was TV Guide, and the Alphas joined in by presenting a skit called the "Bionic Bearcat. " Ten members dressed as clowns, including Alf, Charlie Brown and David Letterman, and marched next to the float, which had a "Wheel of Fortune" theme and the slogan "Bearcats Spin To Win! " Lisa Moore


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Asa phoenix vol 72 no 2 winter 1988  

Asa phoenix vol 72 no 2 winter 1988