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pledge class. The pledge dance they organized, " Pennies from Heaven," gave us an evening to remember. This year the Alpha Gams were happy to host Pennsylvania State Day. The day's activities included a luncheon, business meeting, workship, and song fest. All in all, the day gave us a good opportunity to exchange ideas a nd songs, but m ore than that, it gave us all a chance to become closer as sisters. Everyone who was there is now eagerly awaiting next year's State Day. Then it was time to buckle down to some real work! With University Weekend rapidly approaching, it was time to begin practi ce for Greek Sing. With the excellent guida nce of Lin Risiliti, we prepared our selections, "College Days" and a Gershwin M edl ey. Our nightly practices paid off. F ollowing Greek Sing, we were selected by a campus poll as having given the most outstanding performance and were asked to sing at the Swing Out activities as a farewell to th e seniors. Finally, several received honors for a variety of reasons, including brains, beauty, and leadership! Three of our members fall into this first category by being initiated into honorary fraternities. Carol Kirk joined Delta Phi Delta, honorary a rt fraternity ; Lynn Fisher was initiated into Kappa Delta Pi, educational honorary ; J udy Davis joined Kappa Omicron Phi , honorary home economics fraternity. Entering into the second categor y, beauty, two of the sisters were nominated for frat ernity swee thearts. Polly Sinkus and Elaine Edwards were both nominees for "Dream Girl" of Delta Sigma Phi. As for leadership, the Alpha G ams are ce rtainly doing their share of the work in campus activities. A prime exa mpl e of this is Barbara Musgrave, who was a recipient of a "Little Indian" Award . T en of th ese awa rd s a re given annually by the college to seni ors who have been outsta nding in campus activities. Also, next year three of our members will be serving as offi cers of th e Wom en's Collegia te Associa tion . Marilyn J erich was elected president ; K a thy N apolitan, vicep resident; and D onna Baum , treasurer. The W .C.A. is the women's supervising body a nd a ll th e women vote in this elec tion . It was a busy year for th e Alph a Sigs, b ut we' re still a nxiously awaiting next year- that includes both the work a nd th e fu n, tha t's in store for us !- SA NDRA MI NOR

T he M other Patroness T ea was held on May 23 in the m ee ting room of the First Congrega tional Church, Greeley, Colorad o. Many mothers of the members were present a t the tea . After the ceremony, the members entertained the m oth ers by singing one of our songfest songs. Carolyn Oberg hand led arrangem ents for the tea a nd chapl ain Betty Parks took care of the ce remony. Many awards we re p resented to th e Al pha Sigs throughout spring qu a rter. M embe rs tapp ed into Gold K ey we re K a thy Ehrha rt and Leslie Cummings, a nd new m embers of Chandelle a re G ayle Fia la, Sharon R eeves, and Ca rol Sawyers. Next year's Spurs will include C arol Bissel, D ebbie Elliot, J an Ferguson, M ary M acMillian, Char Miller, Mitzie Dawe, a nd J ean Schaffer. Sha ron R eeves received a Pa nhellenic scholarship and Judy Hiet was elected representa tive-a t-large . Cindy Aldri ch will reign as Blue K ey Swee theart next year, Gayle Fiala was a fin a list for the Miss CSC contest, and Sidney Kirkl ey for Miss Cache L a Poudre. Next year's porn porn girls will include Gayle Fiala and C arol Genera, and M yrna M agnie a nd Betty Pa rks will be on A WS Council. Within the soro rity, an outsta nding member of each class was selected by cabinet. They a re se nior Sidney Kirkley, junior Kathy Ehrhart, sophomore Kathy H etzler, and freshman Char Miller. During the summer, members of Beta Beta will be making plans for fa ll rush, homecoming house deco ra tions and a big 50th annive rsary celebra tion.LI NDA SHIRA SAKI

Beta Beta Colorado State College Greeley, Colorado Songfest, dinner dance, mountain party, a nd th e M other Patroness T ea were the four m ain acti vities of Beta Beta during spring qua rter . W e p erformed at the annual Gree k Songfest dressed in chartreuse with navy blue trimming. Our competition song was " Catch a Falling Sta r" directed by K a thy Ehrhart. This year's dinner d ance was held at Aspen L odge, Estes Park. It was a secluded and peacefu l spot nea r the R ocky M ountain National Park . T wo weeks before this big even t, the winter pledges sponsored a d a nce with a live band , which wa s held in th e Panora ma L oun ge of our student ce nter . The m ounta in party was held a t the priva te ranch of Sidney Kirkley. L oretta C ross was in cha rge of the pa rty. Hiking, hay rack ridin g, card playin g, singing, a nd just pla in relaxing were some of the thin gs we did . H ere the pledges a nd th e seniors each put on a skit. G uests included a lumnae adviser Mrs. Grace K ay, faculty a dvise r Mrs. Gayle Stuttler, and alumna Barbara M oore.

FALL 1966

Beta Betas enjoy themselves on a 路pic nic .

Epsilon Epsilon Kansas State Teach ers College Emporia , Kansas Epsilon Epsilon has ha d a wonderful sp ring semester. T o sta rt th e activities, our four candid a tes re prese nted in the Miss Emporia Pagea nt were : Dia na Bauma nn, T a u K a ppa Epsilon ; K athy Hungate, Theta Xi ; K a ren Ba rnes, Alphas; a nd Judi Yonall y, M en' s D orm. Greek Week was held M a rch 16-1 9. J a na Williams was our cand id ate for Greek Wee k Q uee n. At th e G reek games, some of which we re pie-eating con tests a nd wheel-


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Asa phoenix vol 52 no 1 fall 1966  

Asa phoenix vol 52 no 1 fall 1966